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A collaborative training by TMUC QAD and TMUC BTEC Department on

BTEC Program Delivery and Assessment Methodologies

S.# Activity Title Presenter Timelines
1. Participants be seated - 9:00 AM
2. Welcome note Mr. Naveed 9:05 AM
3. EDs Message Ms. Safia 9:10 AM
4. Director QA Message Ms. Kholah 9:15 AM
5. Introduction to BTEC and its Processes Ms. Laraib 9:20 AM
6. Training Agenda Ms. Laraib 9:25 AM
Formal Start of Training 9:30 AM
7. BTEC Registration Process and Practices Mr. Shahab 9:30 AM
8. Assignment Writing - Introductions and objectives Mr. Wajid 10:00 AM
9. Purpose, planning and recording of assignments Mr. Wajid 10:10 AM
Activity 1 Unit/ Cross Unit assignment planning
10. Develop assessment activities mapped to learning outcomes & Mr. Wajid 10:30 AM
assessment/grading criteria
o Activity 2 Possible assessment methods
o Activity 3 Integrating assessment
o Activity 4 Assignment drafting
11. Forms of evidence which may be used for assessment Mr. Wajid 11:30 AM
o Activity 5 Capturing assessment evidence
12. How to make external links Mr. Wajid 12:00 PM
o Activity 6 developing external links
13. Use of observation records and witness statements Mr. Wajid 12:30 PM
o Activity 7 Observation and witness testimony documentation
14. Quality Assurance Mr. Wajid 1:00 PM
o Activity 8 Assignment Review
o Final thoughts – Action planning
Lunch Break 1:30 PM
15. Program Delivery and Assessment Mr. Naveed 2:30 PM
16. Setting up Contents for Delivery (Course Contents) Mr. Naveed 2:35 PM
o Activity 9
17. How to give effective formative feedback Mr. Naveed 3:00 PM
o Activity 10
18. How to give effective summative feedback Mr. Naveed 3:30 PM
o Activity 11
19. Using TMUC VLE for Program Delivery and Assessment Mr. Wajid 4:00 PM
20. Departmental Discussion Respective HODs 4:30 PM
Closing 5:30 PM