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Patient CRM Date of Birth: 9/13/1962

Age: 55 Gender: Male
Hospital no.: 177765 case no.: 16-32317
Civil Status: Married Nationality: Filipino
Religion: Catholic
Diagnosis: Chronic Kidney Disease
DM (non healing) Foot Right
With fistula in left upper arm and amputated Right-middle finger

All statements are stated by the patient himself.

1) Health perception
 “Being healthy is not being in the hospital and not having a disease unlike me”.
 “I am not healthy, not like before. When i’m at home, I take care of myself. I don’t
do things that are forbidden. I obey doctor’s orders to me except maybe
sometimes like when drinking water if I feel very thirsty.”
2) Nutritional / Metabolic Pattern
 “Before I was diagnosed with CKD, i really like salty foods. But now, I don’t eat
those foods even sweets and sugary foods. I live with my eldest son. He takes
care of me now until he gets his job back as an OFW same thing with my wife
and I will be living alone afterwards. My son prepares my food and reminds me of
things I should be doing. Im not picky, I could eat anything. I don’t have allergies.
Before, my favourite food is Chicken Inasal. We eat 3 times a day sometimes
more than and with fruits when the budget is not too tight.”
3) Elimination Pattern
 “It was 2016 when I was diagnosed with CKD. Before that, I have no problem
urinating until now. I urinate very often. I don’t excrete that much like before,
sometimes it will take 2days before I may have feces.”
 Dryskin
 Edema on both extremiies
4) Activity / Exercise Pattern
 “I used to jog as a part of my exercise until now. I cannot do it anymore because
of my foot. I can’t even walk a long distance thinking that it might get worst.”
5) Sleep- Rest Pattern
 “I don’t sleep that much here in the hospital and even at home since I got sick.
Before, I had minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Now, I just close my eyes and still can
hear what’s happening around me.”
 Patient wakes up easily with a light touch or a sound.
6) Cognitive / Perceptual Pattern
 There’s a decrease sense of touch in the extremities.
 Other senses are functioning well.
7) Self – Perception / Self concept Pattern
 “There is a big change in my body, I can feel a lot of difference having these
diseases. It makes me incomplete but I can get used to it. I only feel like I only
have 40% of my power.”
8) Role / Relationship Pattern
 “A lot of role changed in the house since I got sick. My wife and son who takes
care of me are working abroad as OFW. I only live the house when I’m having
dialysis. I don’t want them to work for me, but what can I do?.”
9) Sexuality / Reproductive Pattern

10) Coping / Stress – Tolerance Pattern

 “Yes of course I admit that I am stressed, because I am sick. I’ve got bills to pay,
medicines to take that costs a lot. But I think it through. I rest so that I would not
think of those problems.”
11) Value / belief Pattern
 “We are devoted catholics. We go to church every Sunday. I don’t blame God for
having this disease. It ‘s only ac challenge. I pray that may family can get through
this challenge together.”