Lovell 1 Kristin Lovell Dr. Lane English 102-30 Paper #5 17 Apr. 2007 Gay Marriages: An Unholy Matrimony?

With the familiar words, “‘In sickness and in health, ‘til death do us part’ millions of people each year are married, a public affirmation of a private bond that both society and the newlyweds hope will endure” (Stoddard 29). Yet, many men and women who choose to involve themselves in same-sex marriages and get denied every year when trying to pledge their lifelong devotions to one another. States such as Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, California, Maine, and Hawaii already allow the marriage or “civil union” of the same sex. And as the years progress and opinions are changed, an increasing number of states will and should be allowing the marriage between two individuals of the same sex. Although many Americans have become more accepting toward homosexuality over the past few decades, it is still an extremely controversial issue in the United States. The struggle for gay and lesbian rights in the United States is multifaceted issue based on not only the feelings of the couple and society, but also on religious beliefs, and politics. Homosexuality is a common practice in this century creating many controversial feelings from both the society and also the homosexuals themselves. When it comes to supporting the gay community, many people are torn between their traditional beliefs from older generations and their own personal beliefs. Williams believes that, “Most people in the contemporary United States believe that each person has the right to control his or her own

colleague or family member who is gay. Being around or knowing someone that is homosexual also tends to lead a person to favor same-sex marriages other than those who are not around someone who is gay. Similarly. More people are in opposition of the homosexuality in the southern part of the country. Feelings are also very different towards the question if a person was born gay or became gay. “Americans with college degrees are divided almost evenly over the issue of gay marriage (49% oppose. The younger age group tends to be more liberal towards their views on same-sex marriages because it is commonplace in this time period. Several individuals who are in their late teens and early twenties are more supportive of same-sex marriages in opposition to the older generation and their views. those people were shunned from society or homosexuals just denied their feelings in fear of being ostracized. compared with just 21% of those who think it is just the way that some people prefer to live. even if that person chooses something unnatural with it” (Williams xxii). when if you found out someone was homosexual. 49% of those who think homosexuality . 44% favor) while those without oppose the idea by well over two-to-one (63% to 27%)” (Doherty 2). A recent poll said that. A recent survey showed that. Personal contact with homosexuality also shapes people’s views on this issue. In contrast to earlier times. Education is also a key factor in people’s different feelings on gay marriages. “overall most people (55%) who think homosexuality is something people are born with favor gay marriage. A person who was raised in the country is more likely to disagree with same-sex marriages than someone who was raised in a city atmosphere where it is more common to see a homosexual couple.Lovell 2 body. Feelings can instantly change about homosexuality when a friend. Another issue that may cause a person to be more liberal with the idea of gay marriages and change someone’s feelings is their location and where they were brought up.

religion is also one of the many struggles that gay and lesbian couples have to deal with in every day life. “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. Even though some individuals get uncomfortable when mentioning religion. They are also being discriminated against by strangers and other individuals within our society. If Christians are truly Christians. People came to America for the opportunity of freedom of religion and denying homosexuals from worshipping the way they choose is denying their rights as an American citizen. most homosexuals are actually Christians themselves. Although many modern Christians are against same-sex marriages. many of them do not practice what is preached. but they all do not practice what they are taught” (Roste 2). making them have many double standards about homosexuality. Homosexuals are under constant scrutiny from their family and friends. they would be welcoming all into the church instead of judging or shunning them simply for who . Along with the feelings involved with homosexuality. it is an abomination” (Leviticus 18:22). to have characteristics of Jesus. Actually. which is simply a collection of stories that is told from someone’s point of view. This discomfort should not be in a homosexual’s life and they should be able to express the way they feel without being constantly judged from the society. This is a famous line from the Bible that goes against the idea of homosexuality. “Religion influences a large part of our society in that Christians are taught from a very young age to be forgiving and accepting. it is a main basis for many Americans and their beliefs on controversial issues such as gay marriage. Stories in the Bible are not anything but made up tales. The education of Christians that homosexuality is bad or considered “wrong” is based on what we read in the Bible.Lovell 3 cannot be changed favor gay marriage. compared with 19% of those who think it can” (Doherty 2).

Vader commented. and it would not have been a big deal. “You spend half your time defending your gayness to Catholics. It is not our rightful place to step in and play that role (Pro 1). After Ash Wednesday a local newspaper interviewed the lesbian couple and took pictures of them with ash on their foreheads. was wed in 2006 in Canada and has been happier than ever as a couple living in Gillette.Lovell 4 they choose to make a partnership with. Leah Vader and Lynne Huskinson. they had received a notice from their parish saying they had been banned from receiving Communion because of the article. “If any of you is without sin. The article entitled Pro adds further insight to our understanding of same-sex marriages: How can we condemn a person who believes in the same God as at least eightyfive percent (if not more) of the people in this country believe in. Homosexual couples should have the same rights as everyone else whether it is in a religious aspect or not. As citizens of this nation. Wyoming as an example. He even said. homosexuals should be permitted to marry and attend religious sermons because it would be a violation of religious freedom to not allow . but since no one is perfect then who are we to step in and play God. Jesus would have loved everyone equally because he knew that everyone was not perfect. The priest had said later that if it did not reach the newspaper than no one would have known about the situation. and the other half of your time defending your Catholicism to gays” (Miller A6). This kind of discrimination against same-sex couples should not be happening in the United States. let him be the first to throw a stone at her. a lesbian couple.” Let’s let the one who is perfect pass judgment upon the rest. Using Gillette. Soon after the newspaper article was published.

Lovell 5 them. it also guarantees the freedom of speech. Stoddard acknowledges that. “equality. The First Amendment allows individuals to exercise their freedoms and the right to marry a member of the same sex falls under the category with freedom of religion. is ‘one of the basic civil rights of man’ (and presumably. but is not only limited to the freedom of religion. Marriage is a basic human right that belongs to each and every individual. As . but because of their sexual orientation. No government should be able to prohibit anyone from legally declaring his or her love. not to the state. The freedom to marry. “Both Democrats and Independents (39% each) are twice as likely as Republicans (18%) to approve of gay marriage. is ‘essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness’” (Stoddard 30). America has been based off the fundamental principles of freedom which includes. not only because of their race. and assembly. said the Court. not the government’s preference” (Doherty 1). the Supreme Court declared in 1967. the press. Doherty demonstrates the political party’s views that. liberty. of woman as well). and justice for all. This was once an extremely controversial issue in the United States and now is humdrum during this time period and happens daily. The laws that prohibit homosexuals to marry are similar to the laws that once abolished by the Supreme Court in 1967 for interracial marriages. Homosexuals are denied their basic rights every day. whether you are homosexual or not. The decision whether or not to be married should be the individual’s choice. “Marriage. color or religion is outlawed by our nation’s constitution. color or choice of religion. Discrimination against a particular group of people because of race. By not letting same-sex couples get married is a form of minority discrimination.” is not being carried out while prohibiting the rights of this specific group of people. The government should not be allowed to be in the position to arrange marriages and decide who marries who. Our nation’s famous words.

This is a major benefit for our society. We are a country who prides itself on being open and not discriminating toward other cultures and ethnic groups and should carry through with that idea. and for some unsettling. like my partner and me” (L. disability rights and every other march of marginalized Americans into the mainstream” (The Road to…1). I believe they should allow two women or men to engage in marriage if they are truly in love. 1). “The idea of marriage between two people of the same sex is still very new. It is an emotional rollercoaster. Who draws the line at gay people and for what reason? A large number of homosexual individuals are more fitting to marry. because many same-sex couples adopt children and give them a much better environment to live in instead of leaving them in orphanages. Civil law permits marriage between divorced. and I hope one day people will understand. And as for the government. imprisoned.Lovell 6 discussed in The New York Times. They want the pension and life insurance of a spouse . and insane people. L. In a personal interview. imprisoned. and create a strong family atmosphere as opposed to an individual who maybe was divorced. The lesbian couple has adopted two children from China that would have been killed if they were left there. racial integration. they do not allow the marriage of same-sex couples. gave her view on gay marriages. however. Jasper explains that. but we have been down this road before. and even the world. Adopting children that would have been killed is only one of the benefits of allowing gay marriages to occur in the United States. “Although I am not married myself but wish to be one day. being in a lesbian relationship in the United States is a very hard thing to deal with. This debate follows the same narrative arc as women's liberation. or insane. Homosexuality is a complex issue that should be solved. “Same-sex couples only want what is given to the rest of the country. adopt a child.

The issue of same-sex marriages is a controversial one.Lovell 7 when they die. and should change once more for the homosexuals of our country. homosexuals are discriminated against for their affiliation with other members of the same sex. This discrimination should not be allowed any longer. Gay marriages should be legalized in t he United States of America. Society is not affected at all by any means so why should society or anyone else for that matter dictate whether or not homosexuals should be allowed to marry each other. Gay marriage is a commitment between two individuals and that is where the line should be drawn. On a daily basis. they want the tax breaks and they want to be able to openly show their love for each other without living “in sin”” (Jasper 3-4). As an American citizen. If two people of the same sex are in love and committed to each other than they should be allowed to join each other in holy matrimony. Homosexuals should not have decisions made for them or be treated any differently then anyone else. Gay marriages do not hurt or affect anyone outside of the marriage. we are entitled the right to exercise our freedoms. Marriage has gone through many changes throughout the times. It is a violation of constitutional rights by disallowing individuals of the same sex to marry. . but an issue that does not harm or affect the members of society but actually make it better.

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