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EL the Mosaic Goat

By Louise Banks


As we celebrate our 17th anniversary of publishing The mosaic goat (EL) is constructed
The Moonlighter, our hearts are full. The love and from initially shaping a Styrofoam base.
support that we have received over the years has Individually cut stained glass pieces cover the body. The eyes
blessed us, and we thank God, our advertising are painted cabochons, the ears and tail are shaped from
businesses, our contributing writers, and our readers copper.
who let us know that they enjoy our publication. I love creating animals in 3-D form. Each has a unique charming
We hope our efforts will continue to bring joy! character that I try to portray using color and texture. A curved
surface limits size and shape of the mosaic pieces. The smaller
May God’s love fill your heart, and may the soft the pieces, the more interesting it becomes. Much thought,
glow of moonlight illuminate your path. design and time are devoted to each piece.

Eileen and Elayne, Publishers Art has always been a central part of my life. At UWM and the
Corcoran School of Art I studied Drawing & Painting and Graphic
Design. Mosaics came into my life seven years ago after taking
Dates to Remember stained glass classes. I do both two and three dimensional
1 Anniversary of the German Invasion of Poland (1939) pieces. Mosaic art is a continual learning process. The organic
World War II began shapes, color, layering and use of mixed medium give dimension
National Police K9 Day and textures I never found in oil painting. “Painting with glass”
2 VJ Day (1945) has become my passion. I show my work during the Artists’
3 Labor Day Open House Studio Tour in Susquehanna County PA.
7 Ocean Conservancy’s 46th Anniversary
9 Rosh Hashanah
National Grandparents Day
National Pet Memorial Day
National Hug Your Hound Day What if…
10 World Suicide Prevention Day God couldn’t Apples Garden Mums
11 Patriot Day take the time Sweet Corn & Asters
13 National Peanut Day to bless us
15 Responsible Dog Ownership Day today because
International Coastal Cleanup we couldn’t
18 Yom Kippur take the time
21 POW/MIA Recognition Day to thank Him
United Nations Int'l Day of Peace yesterday?
22 Autumnal Equinox
29 World Hunger Day
National Coffee Day
30 Gold Star Mother’s Day

September is Hunger Action Month

Sept. 16-22: Farm Animal Awareness Week
Sept. 23-29: National Dog Week
National Deaf Dog Awareness Week

A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon

without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.
~ Henry Ward Beecher

September 2018 The Moonlighter 2

SENIOR SCENE Excellence…
In quality, service
Tioga Opportunities and value.
Countryside Community Center ♦ MONUMENT DIVISION ♦
9 Sheldon Guile Blvd, Owego 5 WHIG ST. NEWARK VALLEY
Contact info: 607-687-4120 or 1-866-352-3680 642-5535
Visit Our Studio & Display

Dave & Carol Cooley

Creating Your Story in Stone Ryan Lamb

September Schedule

Ever notice? The Roman Numerals

Mon, Sept 3: CLOSED for Labor Day
Suggested meal contribution:
Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30am-12:30pm
$4 age 60+
$6 under age 60
Salad bar offered most days for forty (40) are XL.
Night Dining: $5 age 60+
$7 under age 60


Hosted by Tioga Opportunities, Inc.
Beginning Wed, Sept 19 from 6-7pm (for 8 weeks)
Countryside Community Center (9 Sheldon Guile Blvd, Owego)
TOI is partnering with the Southern Tier Independence
Center to bring this class to Tioga County.
Learn hand shapes, facial expressions, grammar, sentence Hold your loved ones close, and tell them you love them.
structure, family and work signs, and more. Information Then, if tomorrow never comes, you'll have no regrets
about deaf culture, its history, and the community. about today! Happy Grandparents Day!
No cost for the class, but spots are limited. Preference will
be given to older adults.
To reserve your seat, call 687-4120, ext. 331.


Wed, Sept. 19 from 10am-1pm
Tioga Downs Casino Resort (2384 W. River Rd, Nichols)
Free admission – many agencies and businesses
providing information and resources – great door prizes
For questions or more info, call 687-4120, ext. 331.

Wisdom From Seniors

I know what Victoria's Secret is. The secret is that
nobody older than 30 can fit into their stuff.

September 2018 The Moonlighter 9

Writing From My Rocker
By Hazel Goodrich
Normally a very mild-mannered
person, I found myself near
screaming at this machine and
totally frustrated with my lack
of technology in this computer
age! I do believe “it” finally
sensed my close-to-destroying-it mood and
finally settled down. Now I find myself pleading
with it to just hang in there until I get through this!
My move is complete, I have a lovely apartment
and very nice, friendly neighbors. A new
adventure for me, this total independence, but so
far I love it. There is a lot of space to walk
outside and I am close to stores and the
Community Center. I am enjoying the activity
around here…very comforting somehow.
I walk in the early morning; there is a variety of
wildlife here. I see squirrels, rabbits, evidence of
deer and many, many birds. There has also been
a steady supply of rain and I have been caught in
it several times. What’s great about it is behaving
like a little girl again when no one is looking. I’ve
been splashing in the puddles and allowing the
umbrella to tip enough to let that sweet, warm
summer rain fall on my face. The flowers are at
their peak, breathtaking!
I miss my garden but my children are making
sure I get some of the fruits of their labor as they
take over the weeding and harvesting I left
behind. I miss my Spencer church family and
friends, but I am making new friends in a Bible
study in Catatonk. Moves are hard on us older
folks; well, on everyone I guess but for me, the
downsizing has brought some tears. I have found
that it is hard to detach myself from some things
that are really “excess baggage.”
My faith is the constant in my life these days; I
only wish it hadn’t taken me so long to figure that
Cucumbers out. I think the early morning walks are the most
Next time revealing link between me and the wonderful
you’re feeling God that created me. How magnificently He has
dehydrated put this world together! Look around my friends,
and don’t feel enjoy it, take it all in and then share it with some
like drinking water, try who haven’t yet figured it out.
We now offer home delivery service. snacking on a
For more information or to be set up on cucumber; it’s 96 Change your thoughts and you change the
a delivery route call 607 483 5776. percent water. world. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

September 2018 The Moonlighter 10

The question of crates for our pets has been hotly debated
for a very long time. Some see the plastic or wire boxes as
a cruel way to confine pets, while others see them as a safe haven to allow pets a
respite from the activity of a normal household. The truth would seem to lie somewhere
between the two. When puppies or kittens are exposed to a crate at a very young age,
it becomes second nature to stay in one. On the other hand, an adult dog or cat, not
accustomed to a crate, can become frantic when confined in one, and seriously harm
himself trying to escape. This becomes a huge concern when an animal must be
boarded for whatever reason, or when he is recovering from illness or injury, and
activity must be restricted. The last thing a recovering pet needs is hysteria over being
"trapped" in an unfamiliar cage.

While it is widely believed that crates mimic the dens of our pets' wild ancestors, the
truth is that wolves and wild cats, other than to raise offspring, spend little time in
dens. However, your pet does need peace and quiet, especially if there are children in
the household. Hundreds of pets wind up in shelters when there is no break from
active kids, and the exhausted pet snaps at a child.
Invest in a crate which is large enough for your pet to stand up and turn around. Start
at a young age and feed him in the crate to enforce the idea that it is his
"safe place." Plastic or wire crates can also be used to housebreak a puppy. To save
having to purchase larger and larger crates as your puppy grows, look for one with
divider panels which change the available space to accommodate a growing puppy.

While crates are generally associated with puppies and dogs, they also provide a safe
haven for kittens and cats. This can be especially important when there are children in
the home. Tiny kittens can be very fragile and playing children can accidentally step
on a kitten and injure it. Kids need to learn that unlike their stuffed animals, living pets
need down time, and when the new kitty or puppy is in his special place, he should not
be disturbed.

Crates become cruel when used as punishment or when pets are left too long in them.
Never leave your pet in there longer than he can comfortably "hold it" and be sure to
add a comfy blanket. In time you will find that your pet will go in there to rest if the door
is left open.

Remember, teaching your pet that crates are his safe place could one day save his life.

Diana and Sally

Note: To ask questions of Diana and Sally,
please send your questions to
(put ‘pet questions’ in the subject line).

We remember those who died in the tragic
attack at the World Trade Center buildings.
May God bring solace to the hearts of those
who lost loved ones, blessings to those who
served in the rescue and recovery efforts,
and peace to our troubled world.

September 2018 The Moonlighter 11

Millions of egg-laying hens are still
locked in battery cages throughout
California, even though voters were
Kitty Quote told they had outlawed those cages
Many a cat can only be lured years ago. This failure is due to the
in by switching off all the stunningly negligent drafting errors
lights and keeping very still. made by the Humane Society of the
Until the indignant cry of a United States and the inexplicable
cat-locked-out comes at the refusal to correct those errors.
HERO DOG door. ~ Pam Brown
Disgraced CEO, Wayne Pacelle, prior to being ousted in a
major sexual harassment scandal, rekindled his alliance with
Don't let the name fool you; HOT DOGS ARE NOT COOL! United Egg Producers (UEP) and invited it to write a
there was nothing "junior" or In extremely warm weather, replacement measure consistent with the industry’s vision for
small about this dog's effort. don’t leave your dog in the the future. That vision? Tightly packed confinement buildings
As fire tore through a car, even for a moment. providing only one square foot per hen. (Maybe he should be
sleeping family’s household Your car’s temperature heats made to live like that!) If the egg industry’s initiative is enacted,
in the middle of the night, up very quickly, even with the millions of hens will suffer horrific confinement for years to
the 14 month old shihtzu windows open, as shown in come. And just think…emotions of abused animals go into their
mix started barking and did the chart below. meat and their eggs. Do you want to eat these things?
not relent until everyone
(including the family's half-
dozen visiting relatives) was CLOSE CALL
awake and out of the house. Annabelle, an eight-week-old pup, was inside a locked car in a
shopping mall parking lot. The heat index reached 109º, and
the puppy was in obvious need of help. A concerned
passerby phoned the police. When they arrived, they could
hear the dog crying as she desperately tried to find shade
under the rear passenger seats. Police officials made the
decision to break into the car. The sunroof was partially open,
and rescuers were able to insert a tire iron through the gap and
hit the unlock button on the door. Once the door was open, the
puppy was carried away to safety and immediately given water.
Annabelle was severely
DID YOU KNOW… dehydrated and overheated.
Chimpanzees use
tools for a variety What Should You Do?
of tasks, including If you spot a dog in a locked
foraging for tasty car…monitor the dog for
WARD & VAN SCOY, INC. the signs and symptoms of
Owego, NY Berkshire, NY termites. They use
tools for more heat distress, but from a
1-800-676-2712 purposes than distance. Is the dog heavy
any other creature panting? Vomiting? Then it is
except human time to take action. The interior
“THE FEED SPECIALISTS” temperature in the car can rise
to extreme degrees very
FEED ∞ FARM SUPPLIES quickly. When the dog’s body
SEED ∞ FERTILIZER temperature rises like that it
can cause brain damage, and
even death. It doesn’t matter if
SERVING FAMILY FARMS the outside air temperature is
AND BACKYARD HOBBYISTS manageable; the interior of the
SINCE 1925 car can quickly become a
September 2018 The Moonlighter 12
How they kept their drinks cold
in the saloons of the Old West?
In the 19th century, the drinks
were not kept as cold as they
are now. The saloons used to gather ice from
frozen lakes in the winter. The harvest was stored
in ice houses, where the blocks of ice were
insulated with sawdust. This method kept ice for
months. Up until 1880, many saloons built a root
cellar to house their beer. Usually built into the
side of a hill, root cellars could keep beer below
If you wanted cold drinks at home, it was served in
buckets or small pails, and often the kids delivered
it from the saloons. Consumers in the mid-
nineteenth century thought no more of bringing
home “take-out beer” than we would think of
ordering take-out Chinese food.
Flushing the toilet can spread toilet germs up to 20 feet away. It’s a good idea to not bring your coffee into the bathroom!


Several sizes

September 2018 The Moonlighter 19

OUR world, Our home U.S. NATIONAL PARKS –
Linoma Lighthouse Hawaii
It was originally
Linoma Beach, now doing created as part
business under the name of the Hawaii
Linoma Lighthouse, is a National Park
privately owned recreation
along with the volcanoes of Mauna Loa and Kilauea on the
area developed around an
island of Hawaii in 1916. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was
artificial lake in Sarpy County in the eastern part of the state made into a separate national park in 1961. The park area was
of Nebraska, in the Midwestern United States. The site was designated an International Biosphere Reserve in 1980. The
opened in 1924; in 1939, a 100-foot (30 m) lighthouse was name Haleakalā is Hawaiian for "house of the sun." According
added to it. The lighthouse is a conspicuous landmark on U.S. to a local legend, the demigod Maui imprisoned the sun here in
Highway 6 between Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. order to lengthen the day. The Hawaiian National Park
Linoma Beach is listed in the National Register of Historic Language Correction Act of 2000 was proposed to observe the
Places, as a well-preserved example of a once-common but Hawaiian spelling, but it did not become law. The Haleakakā
now vanishing type of roadside architecture. volcano on Maui features a very large crater with numerous
cinder cones, Hosmer’s Grove of alien trees, the Kipahulu
BOREAL CHICKADEE section’s scenic pools of freshwater fish, and the native
Boreal Chickadees usually cache food in the same tree in Hawaiian goose. The park protects the greatest number of
which it is found. They store it in crevices on main branches endangered species within a U.S. National Park.
close to the tree trunk and make sure it is visible from below.
They enjoy insect larvae, beetles, moths, spiders, egg masses,
seeds and tree berries. They will also visit feeders. MYSTERIOUS MONUMENTS THAT BAFFLE SCIENTISTS
Their diet mainly consists of sunflower, safflower, peanuts, Stonehenge
mealworms, tree nuts, suet blends, bark butter and bark butter England
Stonehenge in
England is one of
ORCA WHALES IN TROUBLE the most iconic
The local orca population on the tourist destinations
northwest coast of North America in the world. An
is a dangerously threatened ancient monument that was built sometime between 3000 and
population, since the young 2000 B.C., many people believe that the site holds supernatural
whales are underweight and emaciated. Humans are killing and even magical properties. Pagans celebrate Samhain with a
off their food source, mainly by destroying the spawning festival at the site every year, although locals are petitioning
habitat for Wild Salmon with development. This grieving orca against it (due to the increasing yearly damage to the
mother was seen carrying her deceased baby for at least 17 monument). Researchers are still baffled at how the
days and 1,000 miles, before finally releasing it. She had Stonehenge was actually crafted since the upright stones weigh
been pregnant for 17 months, and moments after giving birth, over 25 tons!
her newborn calf died.
Researchers commonly refer to the mother orca as J-35. LION EXTINCTION WARNING
She's also known as Tahlequah, a name she was given as Lions today are being slaughtered. The population of African
part of the adopt a whale program at The Whale Museum on lions is less than half of what it was just three decades ago and
Washington's San Juan Island. continues to decline. It's horrific. And unless we bring a stop to
If the dangerous Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline is built, it, extinction is inevitable and could happen as early as 2050.
massive oil tankers would be moving daily loads of bitumen
right through the heart of these majestic animal’s territory. The DID YOU KNOW…
noise alone from the tankers is enough to drive the orcas to A four-square-mile patch of rain forest can contain as many as
extinction. 150 different species of butterflies.
September 2018 The Moonlighter 20
By Reva Stratton
Submitted by Nellie Snapp
One evening I sat in the library waiting for my call to dinner. I was
leafing through Child’s Ideals. Next to me a lady was leafing
through Ideals-Memories. Almost at the same time I came across
a picture of an old fashioned ice cream maker, and she found
a picture in her magazine. She had never seen one and knew
nothing of what it was or how it worked. To me it brought many
36 N Main St • Newark Valley, NY
One important winter work on the farm was putting up the ice.
Near the barn was a small building called the ice house. It must
be filled with blocks of ice cut from the neighbor’s pond and
packed in sawdust. It lasted all summer with careful use. After ANNOUNCEMENTS
milking time the cans of milk were put in the tank of water and a CONGRATULATIONS & HAPPY SEPTEMBER
block of ice added. In the morning the milk was taken to a ANNIVERSARY:
creamery in town. It had to be done every day. We did not have
an ice box in the house. We were conservative with the ice, but John’s Fine Foods, Owego, NY (42 years)
we did have the ice cream freezer for special treats. Fabrizio Law Offices, Binghamton & Owego, NY (33
I have no idea when it was invented, but I can remember that my Side Hill Acres Dairy Goat Farm, Candor, NY (32 years)
dad worked in a creamery that made ice cream for restaurants Midway Sales, Lisle, NY (29 years)
before he bought the farm. The outside of the ice cream freezer is Peak Performance Physical Therapy, Owego, NY (18
a large wooden pail with a crank mechanism attached. Inside the years)
wooden pail is a metal pail and inside that a paddle that stirs the Full of Grace Dance Studio, Berkshire, NY (16 years)
custard until it freezes. You fill the metal container two-thirds full One Healthy Life, Newark Valley, NY (16 years)
of custard made with milk, cream, eggs, sugar and flavoring. Then The Red Door, Waverly, NY (7 years)
put the paddle into the custard and cover it with its special cover euPAWria, Owego, NY (5 years)
attached to the mechanism on the wooden bucket. The crank will Lily Style Loft, Owego, NY (4 years)
turn the metal container and turn the paddle. Put a layer of Bill’s Restaurant, Owego, NY (2 years)
crushed ice in the outside bucket and cover it with rock salt. Courtyard Gifts, Owego, NY (1 year)
Continue to layer the ice and rock salt until it is full. Turn the crank Vibrant Lifestyles Wellness Center, Owego, NY (1 year)
until the custard is frozen. You may have to add more ice. Open
the cover, pull out the
paddle and lick off the
delicious ice cream. Put
the cover back on, pack
the wooden bucket with
ice, and your ice cream
is ready for dessert or
In the summer our
church held ice cream Expires September 30, 2018.

socials. Families brought

different flavors. One
night some boys swiped
a freezer, took it out to
the horse sheds and
ate all the ice cream.
When caught they
sheepishly laughed
and paid for it all.
September 2018 The Moonlighter 21
state flags –
in order of statehood
0% off Mosier Glass There is a strict Order of Precedence for
3 Railroad St.
20 & 30& off Gold & Silver flags. State Flags are displayed in order as
Whitney Point, NY 13862 40% off Lighting & Furniture
Open Weds-Sun 10am-5pm they entered the Union.
Mon & Tues by app't. Sale expires 9/30/18 #11 – New York (“The Empire State”)
Admitted to statehood: 1788
We Buy & Sell Quality Antiques & Collectibles Date the flag was adopted: 1901
Antiques, Collectibles, Linens, Buttons/Beads, Lamps, Jewelry,
Tools, Knives, Fishing, Pottery, Glassware, China, Crystal, The New York State Flag
Toys, Dolls, Advertising, Postcards, Furniture

For info or appointment call 607-862-9795

Marlene & Ed Pittsley

The distinctive shape of the blue State Flag of New York

depicts the images of a shield, protected by the outspread
wings of an eagle and supported by two female figures
representing Justitia, the Roman goddess of Justice and Lady
Liberty. It serves as a symbol of honor, heritage and regional
pride and is displayed at state buildings.

Curious Origin - FREELANCE

In the Middle Ages freelances were soldiers
who fought for anyone who would hire them.
They were literally free lances.


By Moody Blue

LAW OFFICES I find it interesting the

number of people that
84 Court Street, Binghamton, New York 13901 don’t like “truthful” facts.
Much of what is referred to as “fake news” is
…. providing quality legal services to not fake at all. People are fooled too easily if
they do not have a strong constitution, and
the Southern Tier since September 1985! then they embrace other people’s beliefs to
claim as their own. They would rather
REAL ESTATE Ù WILLS Ù POWER OF ATTORNEY believe the actual “fake news” than go
ESTATES Ù DIVORCE Ù SPOUSAL SUPPORT deeper and discover the truth.
CUSTODY Ù CHILD SUPPORT Ù BUSINESS LAW Some people won’t read magazines if what
is printed in them is not what they agree
also located at 103 Southside Drive, Owego, NY with. It’s the same with news shows…they
Contact Fabrizio Law Offices at 607-771-1984 only want to hear what they want to hear and will ignore the facts. I guess it must make life
easier for them.
September 2018 The Moonlighter 22
Car care – Your Local Source . . .
For Service, tires and Body Repair


ASE Certified
Foreign & Domestic Repairs
Full Computer Diagnostics
Mon-Fri Inspections
David Getzke Nitrogen Tire Filling Service
615 Newark Valley-Maine Rd. Air Conditioning Service
Newark Valley, NY 13811
(607) 642-5551 (thru September 30th)
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat by app’t Receive up to an $80 Prepaid VISA®
Card by mail with purchase combination
of shocks and struts.

Terenzi’s Body Shop

Quality Repairs and 24 hr. towing

1461 Union Center Maine Hgwy

Endicott, New York 13760 Owner
607-748-8001 Jim Terenzi

M-F 8:00am-5:00pm

car care checklist: A BLAST FROM THE PAST…

Steering and Suspension BURMA SHAVE SIGNS
Inspect system annually, including wheel alignment, shock Drunken drivers If necking while driving
absorbers, struts and chassis parts like ball joints, tie rod ends Enhance their chance Is your sport
and other related components. Replace if leaks, damage and To hiball home Trade in your car
loose mounting hardware are found. Symptoms of worn In an ambulance For a Davenport
suspension include uneven tire wear, excessive bouncing and ~ Burma Shave ~ Burma Shave
unusual noises.
September 2018 The Moonlighter 29
Health & Fitness
What Are the Benefits of Chaga?
The health benefits of Chaga are numerous, many of which
can be attributed to its immune-boosting ingredients and
Ulcers and Gastritis
Due to its immune-boosting properties, chaga has long been
used to support gastrointestinal health in Eastern culture.
Most ulcers are caused by bacteria such as Helicobacter
pylori, so a well-functioning immune system can fight off this
pathogen. Ulcers may be soothed by the use of chaga,
depending on the severity and the patient.
Normalize Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels
Studies have shown that the betulinic acid found in chaga is
able to break down LDL cholesterol–bad cholesterol–in the
~ to be continued

• 5-10 Drops of Essential Oil • 2 Cups Epsom Salt
• 1 Cup of Baking Soda • A natural moisturizer
Add 5-10 drops of essential oil (lavender for example) to 2
cups of Epsom salt. Add the previous mixture to a standard
tub full of water. Ideally, you want the water quite hot as we
are looking to create a nice sweat.
HEALTH TIP - Don't Drink Sugar Calories
Sugary drinks are the most fattening things you can put into Tip: Add 1 cup of baking soda (approximately 6.3 ounces) if:
x Your bath water is not filtered.
your body. Liquid sugar calories don't get registered by the
x You want to neutralize chemicals like chlorine.
brain in the same way as calories from solid foods. So when x You want to increase mineral absorption.
you drink soda, you end up eating more total calories.
Sugary drinks are strongly associated with obesity, type 2 Immerse yourself in the water, all the way up to your neck.
diabetes, heart disease and all sorts of health problems. You want as much of your body underwater as you can.
Close your eyes, do some breathing exercises, and
soak for at least 20 minutes. Once you are done
soaking, rise out of the tub very slowly and
cautiously. You may feel a little dizzy and light-
headed; this will go away as you shower off quickly
in lukewarm water. It is important not to use harsh
soaps or shampoos as your pores are open and will
just absorb the chemicals found in those products.
Because this is a detox bath, after you pat dry your
skin, you may apply a natural moisturizer like body
butter, Shea butter or coconut oil and
some aluminum-free deodorant.
Important! Do not eat immediately before or after
taking a detox bath. Instead hydrate yourself with
filtered water before and after. Allow time after your
bath to rest and rejuvenate.

September 2018 The Moonlighter 30

Health Beat
214 Main Street
Johnson City, NY 13790
Mon-Fri • 9-8 • Sat 10-6 • Sun 10-4
HEALING FOODS FROM THE BIBLE (Part 19) • Quality Vitamins and Supplements
Barley • Organic Groceries and Produce
Barley and wheat were the most important grains grown • Gluten-free Items • Local Meats
throughout the Holy Land. Barley was more popular because it • Bulk organic Coffee
could grow in poorer soil and survive heat and drought better.
Wheat was for the rich. Barley, the tougher, chewier, and less • CBD hemp oil & Essential oils
durable of the two, was for the poor – a universal symbol of available here!
poverty and humility.
Bread was closely associated with Christ, not only because of Personalized Diet Plans
His miracle of the feeding the masses with five barley loaves, with owner Michele L. Moelder C.N.
but because He was born in Bethlehem, which means “house
of bread.” Christ says we should always bless the bread.
The Be Attitudes – Do you have the right attitudes?
Medicinally, barley water was used as a soothing remedy for
stomach disorders, and to relieve nausea. To prepare it, put 2
ounces of barley in a pot with 6 cups of water. Boil it down to
half the amount of water. Strain, sweeten to taste, and drink.
Two thousand years later, this remedy still works. To give an
example, a woman had frequent heartburn and indigestion that
forced her to take antacids. Various medicines her doctor
prescribed had no effect and were a waste of money. She read
about the barley water, so she made it and drank it three times
a day. In a week, her symptoms were gone. X-rays showed that
her ulcer had vanished. Her doctor was so impressed that he
recommends barley water to his ulcer patients.
The hidden message in the story of five barley loaves of bread
being used to feed 5,000 is that barley is an unusual and
important health-giving plant available to everyone.


Fill up on fiber - Eat plenty of soluble fiber – found in oats,
barley, prunes and beans, among other foods. Or take
supplements like Metamucil. Fiber binds with cholesterol in the
intestinal tract and moves it out of your body. When your diet
lacks fiber, up to 94% of the cholesterol is reabsorbed and
recycled in your body, according to the American Heart
Association (AHA). Try to get 25-30 grams of fiber each day.
Women can achieve this by eating 6-11 servings of fruits and
vegetables each day.” (One-half cup equals one serving.)
September 2018 The Moonlighter 31
28 Annual
Catatonk Valley Woodcarvers Show & Sale
Saturday, October 6, 2018 10am - 5pm
Sunday, October 7, 2018 10am - 4pm

Candor Fire Hall

Candor, NY
à Free Admission
à Carving demonstrations
à Food and Beverages available
à Prizes donated by local carvers
ÃÃ Raffle – 50 ornaments with storage box

$1.00 each or
8 for $5.00
Drawing Sunday
October 7, 2018

MEMORIES FROM STUDYING playground and set up for lunch, but I had been told to wait.
AT THE AMES SCHOOL (Part 1) Suddenly I realized I was absolutely alone, in the dark. Nobody
By Anita Alkinburg Shipway was within sight and I couldn't even hear anybody. I had no
idea where they had gone, and Nancy was not coming to me
The school was in Ames New York (the smallest incorporated as promised. I was pretty well panicked. Then, all of a sudden
village in New York State, at that time). That was just the time a head was stuck in the door and Alan Rood called in, "Come
that Centralization was happening in New York State. That on, we're supposed to be out back." I didn't even know there
connected every school to one that had a High School with it. was a place somewhere called "out back" but I was
The country schools all had 8 grades before (no K). One class rescued. The blind admiration I had for my Big Sister was
at a time was skimmed off until most one room schools were sorely diminished that day, but he was one of my heroes
empty. Ours was a two room school and the building and the forever.
land belonged to the village, I think. So, we were a special case
for a while. The one room schools were mostly built on a piece One day Miss Richards went to the blackboard (this one was
of land taken from a farm for the purpose. When the school painted black on a wooden board; the one upstairs was real
building was no longer to be used for a school it was removed slate from a quarry). She wrote in big letters. MRS. COOPER.
from the site and the land went back into the farm. Since we had last seen her, she had gotten married! How
absolutely astounding!
Starting at the very beginning would be the memory of a great When we were there, water came from the nice cold well in the
kindness shown me on my very first day of scary school. My front yard. Someone was responsible for getting water with the
sister, who was upstairs among the big kids, had told me to wait hand pump. When we first started, there was a pail with a
for her at lunchtime at the foot of the stairs and NOT to leave good dipper. Soon it was decided that it was not healthful to
that spot. drink out of the dipper, even if most of us could pour directly
into our mouths without ever touching our mouths to the
When lunch time was declared for us, we got the lunches that dipper. Then we learned to fold a cup from a page of our pad,
we had brought from home and all together walked out of our to hold water as we drank it. The pad paper was unglazed and
downstairs class room and into that little entrance way. I guess quite absorbent, so we had to drink fast.
Miss Richards thought she had led everybody around to the ~ To be continued
September 2018 The Moonlighter 32
By Tama Mann, Owego, NY UNTITLED A message by Rev. Armstrong
By Bruce C Christ
I thought of you today. I was driving on I know these are trying times
a country road and was given a gift, a august's incipient (for all women.)
perfect sampling of the aroma of the wine, the lawn Remember, we are loved by the divine
woods. A back road - green and lush, sheeted yellow with dandelions Know it. God will show it.
with an inviting canopy of trees that encouraged to pour knee-high Know we are the gateway
have witnessed generations of loved their honeyed sunshine to what this earth has on display
ones on their way to Thanksgiving into an essence both (good or bad)
dinner. mindful and embodied, We can change it all.
that singular fermentation Know your power and put out your call
You wander into the woods on a perfect whose taste will smack of to the goddess inside.
day; slices of sunbeam playing hide and summer's sudden downpour We bear children;
seek with swaying proud oaks and whose clarity bids memory know we must show them.
maples. Random and appealing, a ballet to attend like a cloudburst Those who don’t know…we need for you to stand
of wind and light - for you. on the tongue, lightning to and take a righteous oath for God’s plan.
savor like afterglow, or Women, we are the universe.
The air feels just right; aroma is teased an evaporating dram -- Our knowledge has been cursed.
into your midst, and you receive it. You pale as plasma, We are the flowers of the earth.
take a cleansing breath, and then lively as light, -- Our stems grow and give birth.
another. It is a familiar scent. You know a flickering firefly -- Rise. Rise and take your place.
it but if someone asked you would only
Put the smile back on your face.
want to invite them; mere description
Remember, the power of life has been invested
pales; they need to be baptized by it.
in us. We birth nations.
I’M INVISIBLE Never give up.
The lilies are fading, the last from which By Kathy Ostrander
the first heralded the arrival of We are needed in all relations.
summer. Now chicory takes its turn; it I’m invisible to others it seems
knows its mission, to escort the season Drifting along as though in a dream
into its metamorphosis toward autumn. A dream where others can’t see me
But I can see them through the screen

THE MAN WITH AN UMBRELLA Wandering about here and there

By Anita Alkinburg Shipway No one seeing me or seeming to care
Wondering if there is more to this in life
It was pouring rain Like a puzzle piece not fitting quite right
when choir members
Feeling at times like the Unicorn that missed the Ark
began to arrive.
Never finding that missing puzzle part
Some were being dropped off
Trying to fit in but not being heard
by family members
Eventually giving up and not saying a word
who would be
coming back later My voice is a frequency no one can hear
to attend the mass. Along with my body in a time warped mirror
So putting my Invisible Cloak on for another day
Meanwhile Going out in the world to try to find my way
a wall of rain stood
between the car
and the door.
But, within that wall of rain, Look closely and you can see ducks
there stood a QUIET MAN, swimming in what used to be grassy
a man with an umbrella, areas at the Trout Ponds Park in Newark
the man who had decided Valley, following August’s torrential
to carry it
rains. But I suppose if we look on the
bright side, it could be worse…at least
over every choir member coming.
it’s not snow!
September 2018 The Moonlighter 39
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