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ACCOUNT NUMBER 028 802 8001 7 DATE MAILED Sep 20, 2018 Page 1 of 2

SERVICE FOR 24 Hour Service

YAGMUR ERSAYIN 1-800-427-2200 English
136 S CORONADO ST 1-800-342-4545 Español
LOS ANGELES CA 90057-1408 1-800-252-0259 TTY H

Account Summary DATE DUE Oct 10, 2018

Amount of Last Bill $19.42
Payment Received - .00 AMOUNT DUE $36.53
Current Charges + 17.11
Total Amount Due $36.53
Gas Usage History (Total Therms used)

Current Charges 20


Rate: GR - Residential Climate Zone: 1 Baseline Allowance: 14 Therms
Meter Number: 15436910 (Next scheduled read date Oct 19 2018) Cycle: 15 4

Current Previous 0
Billing Period Days Reading - Reading = Difference x Billing Factor = Total Therms 17 18
Sep 17 Aug 18 Sep 18
08/20/18 - 09/18/18 29 0214 0204 10 1.034 10
Total Therms used 0 11 10
Daily average Therms .0 .3 .3
GAS CHARGES Amount($) Days in billing cycle 0 32 29
Customer Charge 29 Days x $.16438 4.77
Gas Service (Details below) 10 Therms
Therms used 10
Rate/Therm $.98200
Charge $9.82 = 9.82
Total Gas Charges $14.59
State Regulatory Fee 10 Therms x $.00166 .02
Public Purpose Surcharge 10 Therms x $.09402 .94
Los Angeles City Users Tax $15.55 x 10.00% 1.56
Total Taxes and Fees on Gas Charges $2.52
Total Current Charges $17.11

SoCalGas' gas commodity cost per therm for your

billing period:
Sep. . . . . . . . .$.36500 Aug. . . . . . . . .$.57159


CY 15 2435 1560 P
Save Paper & ACCOUNT NUMBER DATE DUE Oct 10, 2018
028 802 8001 7
Please enter amount enclosed.

Write account number on check and
make payable to SoCalGas.

LOS ANGELES CA 90057-1408 SoCalGas

80 0288028001 00003653 70 0288028001 0000171178

ACCOUNT NUMBER 028 802 8001 7 DATE MAILED Sep 20, 2018 Page 2 of 2
DATE DUE AMOUNT DUE 1-800-427-2200 English
Oct 10, 2018 $36.53 1-800-342-4545 Español
1-800-252-0259 TTY

appears that the dispute is over matters such as quality of service,
level of rates, pending applications for rate increase, etc., which do Other Important Phone Numbers
Policies and Notices not relate directly to the question of the accuracy of the bill.
For the following, call
Electronic Check Processing - When you pay your bill by check,
you authorize us to electronically process your payment. If your If you do not make such a deposit with the commission within 15 Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm:
check is processed electronically, your checking account may be days after SoCalGas notifies you of your right to do so, Cantonese 1-800-427-1420
debited on the same day we receive the check. Your check will not SoCalGas may discontinue your service for non-payment.
be returned by your bank, however, the transaction will appear on Korean 1-800-427-0471
your bank statement. If you do not wish to participate in this Billing Term Definitions Mandarin 1-800-427-1429
program, please have your account number ready and Baseline - Amount of gas billed at the lowest residential rate.
call 1-877-272-3303. Vietnamese 1-800-427-0478
Billing Factor - Adjusts for differences in elevation, delivery
Closing your Gas Service - We require two (2) working days and pressure and the heating content of gas.
Self Service Options available 24
access to the meter to close your gas service. hours a day, 7 days a week . . . . . . . 1-800-772-5050
Climate Zone - Weather zone in which a customer lives. Colder For information regarding payment arrangements, office
Information about Deposits zones receive more baseline allowance. locations, account balance, billing recap, duplicate bill
Amount of Deposit - The amount of deposit required to establish
Customer Charge - Charge to recover costs of gas delivery and CARE applications for income qualified customers.
or re-establish service credit is twice the estimated average
including reading meters, preparing bills, and processing payments.
periodic bill. To locate underground cables &
Gas Commodity Charge - Cost of gas purchased by SoCalGas on gas pipes, please call DigAlert,
Return of Deposit/Interest on Deposit - This deposit, together behalf of its customers.
with any interest due, less the amount of any unpaid bills, will
Monday-Friday, 6am-7pm . . . . . . 8-1-1
Payment Due Date - Payment due date shown on the front bottom
normally be returned either on discontinuance of service or after
the deposit has been held for twelve (12) consecutive months, portion of the bill is for current charges only; it does not stop Payment Options $
during which time continuous gas service has been received and collection activity on an unpaid previous balance.
Online: It's fast, easy and free. Just register or sign into
all bills for such service have been paid in accordance with the Public Purpose Surcharge - Charge to fund Public Purpose My Account at
rules in effect and filed with the Public Utilities Commission of Programs such as California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE),
Home banking: If you pay bills online through your
the State of California. No Interest will be paid if the service is Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESAP), energy efficiency and
bank, check with them, to see if you can receive your
temporarily or permanently discontinued for non-payment of bills. research and development. CARE customers pay a reduced bill online.
surcharge which excludes CARE program costs.
Public Utilities Commission Notice - Should you question the Direct Debit: Have your payment automatically
amount of this bill, please request an explanation by calling the Rate - Identifies the rate schedule used to calculate your bill. You deducted from your account. For more information, call
telephone number at the top of your bill. If you thereafter believe you may review these rate schedules at a local office of SoCalGas or at 1-800-427-2200 or visit
have been billed incorrectly, the amount of the bill should be
Pay by Phone: Call 1-800-427-2700 to enroll or, if
deposited with the California Public Utilities Commission, State State Regulatory Fee - A fee used to fund the California Public already enrolled, call to authorize a payment from your
Office Building, 505 Van Ness Avenue, Room 2003, San Francisco, Utilities Commission. Each customer's fee is determined by the checking account.
CA 94102, phone: 800-649-7570, e-mail: consumer- number of therms used., to avoid discontinuance of service. Make By Mail: Mail your check or money order, along with
Therms - Standard unit of measuring heat energy. the payment stub at the bottom of your bill, in the
remittance payable to the California Public Utilities Commission, and
attach the bill and the statement supporting your belief that the bill is Utility Users' Tax - Tax charged by some cities and counties enclosed envelope to SoCalGas, PO Box C, Monterey
not correct. The Commission will review the basis of the billed based on the amount of the current monthly gas bill. These cities Park, CA 91756
amount and make disbursement in accordance with its findings. and counties require SoCalGas to collect this Utilities Users' Tax for ATM/Debit/Credit Card or Electronic Check: You can
However, the Commission will not accept the deposits when it them. use most major ATM/debit cards, VISA and MasterCard
credit cards, or the Electronic Check thru BillMatrix. A
convenience fee is charged. Contact BillMatrix at
1-800-232-6629 or visit
In Person: Pay in person at one of our conveniently
located payment locations. To find the nearest location
and hours of operation, call 1-800-427-2200 or visit

SoCalGas Payment Locations

Authorize Payment Agencies - Call the Self Service Options number 1-800-772-5050 for the addresses of
payment agencies in your area.
Drop Box Location
Company Offices
Alhambra, 333 E. Main St. Suite J Hollywood, 1811 Hillhurst Ave. Riverside, 7000 Indiana Ave. #105 Burbank, Public Service Department, 164 W. Magnolia
Anaheim, 716 S. State College Blvd. Huntington Park, 5916 Pacific Blvd. San Bernardino,
Banning, 60 E. Ramsey St. #A Indio, 45123 Towne Ave. 1136 N. Mount Vernon Ave. #305
Commerce, 5708 E. Whittier Blvd. Inglewood, 3530 W. Century Blvd. Ste. 102 San Fernando, 444 S. Brand Blvd. Ste.101
Compton, 700 N. Long Beach Blvd. Lancaster, 2065 W. Avenue K San Luis Obispo, 2240 Emily St. Suite 140
Corona, 341 S. Lincoln Ave. #A Lompoc, 128 S. "H" St. San Pedro, 1851 N. Gaffey St. Suite A
Covina, 932 N. Citrus Ave. Los Angeles, 3739 Crenshaw Blvd. #C Santa Ana, 738 S. Harbor Blvd.
Delano, 1227 Jefferson St. Los Angeles, 4619 S. Central Ave. Santa Barbara, 134 E. Victoria St.
Dinuba, 239 E. Tulare St. Los Angeles, 2522 N. Daly St. Santa Fe Spring, 11516 Telegraph Rd.
El Centro, 1111 W. Main St. Ontario, 962 N. Mountain Ave. Santa Maria, 550 E. Betteravia Rd. Suite B
El Monte, 11912 Valley Blvd., Suite B Oxnard, 1640 E. Gonzales Rd. South Gate, 3530 Tweedy Blvd.
Fontana, 9781 Sierra Ave. #C Palm Springs, 211 N. Sunrise Way Van Nuys, 6550 Van Nuys Blvd.
Glendale, 919 S. Central Ave. #B Pasadena, 1214 E. Green St. #102 Visalia, 1305 E. Noble Ave.
Hanford, 321 N. Douty St., Suite B Pomona, 196 E. 3rd St. Watts, 1665 E. 103rd St.
Hemet, 527 N. San Jacinto St. Porterville, 59 W. Thurman Ave. Wilmington, 929 N. Avalon Blvd.

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