Minnesota Department of Corrections Electronic Base File Proposal April 20, 2010

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Introduction Conflict of Interest Statement Company Overview Staff Augmentation Project Deliverables System Configuration Project Work Plan a. Project Synopsis b. Overall Design c. Requirements d. Solution Requirements e. Software/Hardware Configuration f. Project Approach i. Organization and Staffing 1. Project Manger 2. Business Analyst 3. Technical Resource ii. Change Management Procedures iii. Project Management iv. Documentation of Progress (Status Reports) 8. Schedule 9. Staff 10. Cost 11. References 12. Required Forms

Ratchet Confidential


MN 55401 Website: www. Founded in 2004. Com pany Overview Ratchet is a technology company that partners with our clients to deliver innovative. Our Consulting Services division is focused on delivering exceptionally qualified consultants client side for staff augmentation.ratchet. Achieving 25% growth year over year.9593 Ratchet’s vendor information can be found on the State of Minnesota’s 902TS Master Contract Vendor Portal: http://www. Ratchet provides both Technology Solutions and Consulting Services. or render Ratchet an unfair advantage. providing project and consulting services in the Twin Cities and nationwide.Introduction This Proposal has been developed and is being offered by: Ratchet 800 Washington Ave N. user experience-driven.306.dietrich@ratchet.mn.oet. expertise and proven track record required to take any development project from concept to reality. Our Technology Solutions team focuses on developing complete complex interactive development projects from conception to implementation. Ratchet is one of the largest interactive development organizations in the Twin Cities.state.4776 Mobile number: 612.com Ratchet is represented by: Barry Dietrich Email address: b. business analysts.html Conflict of Interest Statem ent To the best of our knowledge. Our understanding of the role digital experiences play in maximizing value during customer lifecycles has proven invaluable to clients looking to gain a competitive advantage through highly integrated.460. Ratchet has the staff. We staff and manage each project according to the established Project Plan. flawlessly executed technology implementations. account directors. Understanding our customer’s requirements quickly and Ratchet Confidential 2 .com Phone number: 612. project managers and quality assurance analysts. there exists no relationships nor conflicts of interest which will impair or our ability to provide an objective and unbiased evaluation and delivery of SOW specifications. Ratchet is an independently held interest consisting of a world-class development team that includes presentation.us/mastercontract/itpts/mcp902ts/vendors/344_index. delivering projects on time and on budget. business layer and database experts. solutions. We provide complete Discovery of the project to determine requirements and scope. Suite 301 Minneapolis.

this document represents an estimate for effort and price to complete the development work based on our recommended understanding of scope (above). In order to establish set timelines and schedules. Tasks will be broken into hourly components and multiplied using the bill rates established in Ratchet’s Master Contract. architecture. Included in the released documentation are a release schedule and a list of deliverables the development of which hinges partially upon data that is not fully available at the creation of this estimate. though all appropriate measures will be taken to adhere to the given schedule. Using this method of componentization of tasks. The plan attached to this proposal details exactly how we’ll manage the completion of the project. Ratchet follows a hybrid of the traditional software development lifecycle coupled with an iterative. development. while allowing for expanding and contracting fluctuations in timelines for each deliverable.accurately. further information on the following will be required: • • • Accurate estimates of workload Analysis of technical environment of the DOC has yet to be performed Availability of internal subject matter experts In order to provide accurate cost information. and testing to speed feature implementation and ensure quality throughout each project. Transparency is a critical component to successful partnerships. and provide appropriate resources at the critical junctures in the project plan. professional consultants able to work with customer’s internal team to complete their internal projects –reword. Deliverables Ratchet’s experience delivering technical solutions coupled with capabilities providing consulting services enable a unique ability to analyze scope. agile approach that utilizes continuous discovery. Staff Augm entation Effort In accordance with the prepared SOW released under the 902TS State of Minnesota Master Contract Program. utilizing the hours estimate provided in this SOW. Our standard project methodology consists of 5 phases: D DISCOVERY What needs to be accomplished? Who is the audience? What are the technical implications? What is the desired user experience? What are our top priorities? Ratchet Confidential 3 . Ratchet will be able to provide a accurate estimate of total project cost by using the provided schedule multiplied by the hourly cost of the consultant(s) provided. Changes to scope may incur additional cost and impact the timeline of delivery. Ratchet shall offer appropriate consulting services on an hourly basis. we provide experienced. understand deliverables.

timelines confirmed. user workflows. It's about selecting the best tools for the job. Site maps. development begins. Component specifications are developed. it's about taking the wheel and using it to engineer a scalable and reusable solution. experiences envisioned. DESIGN Integrate with the designer. Ratchet Confidential 4 . Iterate as required.1 D 2 D 3 D DEFINITION This phase creates the roadmap for technical development. Technical twists and turns are tackled. wireframes. Systems architecture is clearly articulated and the impact of decisions clearly identified. At Ratchet. DEVELOPMENT Once the requirements are gathered and scope approved.

The DOC has identified the need for document management that includes replacing paper documents and developing workflows to improve department efficiency related to the offender base file. Identification of electronic storage requirements. and approval steps in the lifecycle. SharePoint provides an environment that easily enables the creation Ratchet Confidential 5 . Identification of equipment needs. The established documentation provides us with an understanding of the deliverables requested for this SOW. if any.4 D 5 • • • • • • System Configuration DELIVERY The work doesn't stop at launch. Ratchet has reviewed the deliverables expected and foresees no difficulties in providing the appropriate staffing resources to develop and produce the above deliverables. review. While it might first appear the two systems share some of the same functionality. they can actually complement each other. Making the decision on which document repository (SharePoint or OnBase) should manage the documents is often not an easy decision. Knowledge transfer and documentation so that DOC can expand EBF after the contract is completed. In addition. Review of a scanning system for documents received from external sources. SharePoint is an excellent repository for managing documents during the creation. the DOC wants to achieve the most value from its SharePoint and OnBase systems. recommendations are provided and modifications are made. Consistent delivery is a collaborative process where performance is constantly measured against site metrics. The DOC has identified OnBase and SharePoint as the primary tools to be utilized for this project with the specific role of each tool to be determined by the organization and/or consultant(s) provided for this SOW. Creation of work flows that replace manual processes for internal documents. Detailed project plan that will describe other milestones and project deliverables.

nor does it specify internal Staff to be assigned for testing. create a more secure handling process and system. there can be resistance on the part of internal staff who feel their position could face elimination or devaluation with the implementation of a more efficient tool or process. and decrease or eliminate the storage of paperbased documentation on offenders within the correctional system by further leveraging technologies which exist currently onsite. Using the SharePoint interface. This type of integration creates a clear delineation on the location of a document throughout its lifecycle. create efficiencies in data input. For the existing paper documents which would need to be scanned and indexed. the DOC can meet their enterprise requirements for managing and retaining a large number of documents in a scalable architecture while providing users with an integrated document management and collaborative environment. A full understanding of the current technical environment of the DOC. a user can access both SharePoint and OnBase from a single integrated interface. the document can be moved from SharePoint into OnBase where it can be managed in a highly secure environment and have records retention policies applied. Project W ork Plan The DOC seeks to streamline the flow of vital data. This would provide the ability to utilize document separator sheets and to batch upload documents into OnBase with the associated metadata. this could affect scope and Ratchet Confidential 6 . This documentation can serve as the basis of training programs designed to assist in the job transition from that associated with a primarily paper-based process to that of a primarily electronic paperless system. As with any change in process. and the technical abilities and requirements of the full time DOC Staff expected to assist with and manage upon completion will also be required during the initial creation phase of Project Plan. Further licensing requirements and costs have not been included in this response and will be handled using the appropriate change management request process. A full understanding of the licenses currently owned by the state will be required.and sharing of documents during the phases in the lifecycle where the document undergoes many changes. an advanced capture application that interfaces with a high-speed scanner would be required. Should significant testing be required. The provided SOW Milestones and Schedule does not inherently include hours for testing. Part of the responsibilities of the Consultant(s) provided by Ratchet includes the tactful gathering and documentation of the flow of information through the system. Coexistence of the products can be accomplished by using integration through the SharePoint interface. and understanding of the current licensing and usage of the SharePoint and OnBase tools. including more efficient handling methods. Once the document has passed from the draft stage to an approved stage. During the business requirements and process requirements phase we will be able to clearly differentiate the role each system will have in the overall delivered solution. By segregating documents in this manner.

attached. breaking the overall projects into granular task list. Accordingly. interviews with Subject Matter Experts. Organization and staffing: 1. Technical Resource: We initially propose using Jeff Flahaven for the Sharepoint technical resource. or a similar document template furnished by DOC. Attached in the appendix shall be found a sample Discovery and Definition plan. A plan of this detail will be created by the Project Manager. and DOC Managing Resources. 2.The timeline and schedule established has been estimated without a full and complete summary of all work to be performed. legal requirements. Business Analyst: For this project we will utilize: 3. Stakeholders. in conjunction with the input of the Business Analyst. next step. produced by the Project Manager weekly or as directed by the DOC Managing Resource. priority. assigned the appropriate owner and due date for resolution. See resume. Project Manager: For this project we will utilize Frank Zobitz. Schedule Ratchet Confidential 7 . after detailed analysis of current documentation. Issues requiring attention or whose severity could affect timelines or budgets will be documented here. and tracked. Attached in the appendix shall be found a sample Status Report. status. This document will be used as a status report and a progress summation. will build a detailed Project Plan. shall document all open items. who. and due date. Unresolved issues shall remain open on the status report until escalated to DOC Managing Resource for resolution. Ratchet’s consultant team will take all appropriate steps to adhere to the established timeline and will follow the appropriate change request process should discrepancies in DOC provided estimates occur. but reserve the right to replace should the Discovery phase show a different or more specific skill set is required. owner. A plan of this nature will be created to produce a more accurate description of work flow during the initial analysis phase of the project. The Project Manager and Business Analyst will produce documentation of this nature to plan the requirements gathering phase. and accomplished Project Manager with experience managing several projects of a similar nature. This report. Attached in the appendix shall be found an Example Discovery & Definition Project Plan.

Activity · Project Steering Committee appointed.12/31/10 The Project Team will do everything possible to adhere to the established timetables. · SharePoint/OnBase developer starts and implements approved document processes · PM. etc. court/agency correspondence. reviewed.9/30/10 · PM. BA and business users document. Additionally. warrant of commit. each proposed consultant exceeds all requirements for the positions established. review. · Statement of work and certification form created and filed with OET for review and approval. processes for scanning/indexing. BA and business users document.) · DOC identifies and hires SharePoint/OnBase developer. He has successfully managed and implemented two major projects of a similar nature. His most recent experience includes administration of OnBase for a paperless documentation and application system for a private university system. He has over 10 years of business process design experience. and security (who. · Business Case document created. and analyzed during the discovery phase of the development effort. Quarter 4 10/1/10 . but does reserve the option to move estimated timetables forwards or backwards in response to information gathered. · Project Team identified · Project Manager (PM) hired and finalizes detailed project plan. 7/1/10 . He is an OnBase Certified Systems & Workflow Administrator. · PM and business users finalize decisions regarding identification of "document types". required electronic routing workflow.g. and approve next prioritized group of document processes. Frank Zobitz: Project Manager Frank is an accomplished Project Manager with 20 years of Project and Technology management experience. His current project involves 2 years experience working with a combination of SharePoint and OnBase to accomplish these tasks. reviews.) · PM. Business Analyst: Karl Madsen Karl Madsen possesses over 10 years of Technical experience in addition to a Masters Degree in Technology Management. release plans. retention of paper Quarter 3 originals. BA and business users make final decisions regarding equipment. both involving creating electronic systems replacing paper based systems. His knowledge of SharePoint specifically will be used to augment the team’s Ratchet Confidential 8 . where. he is fully versed in governmental and other public sector entities. He an OnBase certified Systems Administrator and Workflow Administrator. retrieval "keywords". Staff Qualifications As shown in the attached resumes and profiles. review. · Project Charter created and approved by Project Steering Committee. · Determine additional consulting resources needed to move forward with the project and begin the hiring process. Technical Resource: Jeff Flahaven Jeff Flahaven has over a decade of enterprise level Portal and Storage experience with SharePoint. access rights) Estimated Finish Quarter 1 1/1/2010 – 3/31/2010 Quarter 2 4/1/10 .6/30/10 · Current records scanning process is reviewed. and approve initial prioritized group of document processes (e. prepping for scanning. (Business Analyst (BA) and SharePoint/OnBase Developer.

evaluation of work flow for efficencies. Additionally.000. Ratchet is able to provide at an additional cost.NET C#. The SOW does not have built in time for Quality Assurance Testing.maass@fabcon-usa.  SharePoint/OnBase developer is scheduled for twelve (10) months at 160 hours estimated per month at an established rate of $95/hour. If this is an area where The DOC is seeking assistance. the total estimated cost would be approximately $628. users. approved through the appropriate change management process. As this resource is not required until a later phase.knowledge in OnBase. FabCon Project: FabCost Contact: Stephen Maass Title: Phone: 952. and development and implementation of appropriate system based on requirements.7308 Email: stephen.000. which gives us the final approximate cost of $152. Ratchet provided full Business Analysis on project.882.600. Ratchet’s consultant(s) agree to assist DOC internal staff in application testing. Cost Assuming no deviation from the scheduled hours listed in the SOW.  Business Analyst is scheduled for seventeen (14) months at 160 hours estimated per month at an established rate of $85/hour. workflow. include documentation of work flow. which gives us the final approximate cost of $190. but reserve the right to replace should the Discovery phase show a different skill set is required.com Project Summary: Ratchet developed a web based estimating application written in . Based on the provided schedule. Ready Credit Ratchet Confidential 9 . reporting and bid variance versions of estimates over time. and references are available upon request. Ratchet has salaried internal staff that can assist when internal quality control staff with application testing. roles. which gives us the final approximate cost of $285. We initially propose using Jeff Flahaven for the SharePoint technical resource. According to the given Project Schedule the:  Project Manager is scheduled for seventeen (17) months at 160 hours estimated per month at an established rate of $105/hour. The application is used by their estimators across the country and in India to prepare estimates. Ratchet itemized the effort into monthly cost per resource. The application accounts for configurable materials. References Ratchet works with a wide variety of clients ranging from small to mid-size corporation to Fortune 500 corporations. this would not change the schedule or price. Several examples of Ratchet’s work are included below.400. their advertising agencies and various technology vendors.

NET 3. We built an IPhone Application that communicates with credit card processer for current balance and transaction. hair restoration centers and cosmetology education in over 13.Net 3. Established critical relationships with Stakeholders to understand the needs of the business and produce exceptional quality output.764.3535 Email: leo. Business Analysis. Navistar International is a global holding company whose brand portfolio includes International commercial and military trucks. MaxxForce brand diesel engines. Founded in 1905. and Development as required during differing phases of project managed by an internal Managing Resource.5 which integrated with internal and 3rd party web services.000 locations worldwide. and the IC brand of school and commercial buses. General Mills Contact: Leo Timmons Title: Vice President Phone: 763. a real time transaction web application in SQL Server 2005 and Asp. We built Kiosk Network Posting.5 Customer Service Tool for customer service people to help lookup and manage customer inquires about kiosk issue.com Project Summary: We developed consumer websites in Asp. The largest single health insurance carrier in the United States delivering innovative products and services to approximately 70 million Americans.5. The true inventor of the sports protection category providing leading edge protective products that enhance performance across virtually every category of athletic pursuit.timmons@generalmills. Responded to changes in timeline with the addition of technical resources when needed. We provided the Business Analysts for these projects.Contact: Tim Walsh Title: Phone: 612-466-7365 Email: tim@readycreditcorp.NET 3. Red Wing is an American original offering a portfolio of nine brands of work shoes and boots and high performance sporting footwear. The beauty industry’s global leader with a portfolio of beauty salons. ASP. Ready Credit Corporation is the first company to offer customers instant-access self-service prepaid financial products and services nationwide. Ratchet Confidential 10 .com Project Summary: Provided staff augmentation services including Project Management.

doc d) Location of Service Disclosure http://www.mmd.state.000) http://www.doc e) Certification Regarding Lobbying http://www.doc b) Affidavit of non-collusion http://www.mmd.us/doc/immstatcert.state.mn.admin.mmd. and providing a transparent view to league funds.us/doc/affaction.state.admin.mmd.state.mmd.us/doc/lobbying.LeagueSafe redefines the way fantasy sports participants manage league fees and payouts by offering online payment into an FDIC-insured account. Required Form s Required forms to be returned or additional provisions that must be included in proposal a) Affirmative Action Certificate of Compliance (if over $100.mn.mn.admin.state. For more than 25 years.us/Doc/ForeignOutsourcingDisclosureCertificatio n.mn.admin.admin.mn. The welcoming Caribbean Island nation offering visitors fourteen major tourism destinations and vacation memories to last a lifetime. a pioneering producer of luxury bath and body products and home fragrances sold in upscale specialty retailers around the globe.us/doc/noncollusion.doc Ratchet Confidential 11 .000) http://www.doc c) Immigration Status Certification (if over $50.

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