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I. Objectives

A. Identify renewable resources and non-renewable resources.

B. Describe how living things benefit from the environment.
C. Protect and conserve the available natural resources.

II. Subject matter

A. Topic: Earth and Its Natural Resources

B. Materials: Picture of the Earth, Picture Puzzle, Power Point
C. Reference: Science Works
Gregorio L. Jesuitas, pp. 244-247
D. Science Process: Observing, Communicating, Comparing, Classifying
E. Value: Thank God for creating a wonderful environment to live in.

III. Methodology

A. Priming Activity Knowledge

Learning Task 1 – Review of the past lesson.

(Followed by short quiz)

Learning Task 2 – Motivation

(Show a picture of the Earth)

Discussion about the picture.

1. When you look at the Earth from the outer space, what does it looks like?
2. What do you think about the bluish color surface of the earth?
3. How many percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water?
4. As you look closer, what is the other color that you see?
5. What does the green color represent on earth’s surface?
6. How many percent of earth’s covered with land?
7. Is earth also covered with air?
8. What colors represent the air in this picture?
B. Lesson Proper

Learning Task 3 – Activity

Picture Puzzle (by group)

Learning Task 4 – Analysis

1. Where do we find the animals?

2. What is environment?
3. Are all things that we see in our surrounding part of the environment? Why?
4. Can you give examples of living things?
5. What do we call the things in the environment?
6. What are natural resources?
7. How do living things benefit from the environment?

Learning Task 5 – Abstraction

1. What are natural resources?

2. What are the two groups of natural resources?
3. What are renewable resources?
4. Give some examples of renewable resources.
5. What are non-renewable resources?
6. What do we need to do to those renewable resources?
Learning Task 6 – Application

1. Identify what group of resources the pictures being shown on the screen.

IV. Evaluation

Write R on the blank if the material is renewable and N if it is nonrenewable.

_____ 1. Stars

_____ 2. LPG

_____ 3. Kerosene

_____ 4. Vegetable

_____ 5. Trees

V. Assignment

List at least 5 natural resources found in the Philippines.

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