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Features of propane gas

DIN 51622 quality

Density in liquid Phase at 15°C in kg/l 0,51

Density of Gas at 0°C 1 bar in kg/Nm³ 2,011
Relation of density to air (air=1) 1,55
Specific liquid volume of at 0°C in l 1,88
1 kg propane gas at 15°C in l 1,96
Volume of 1 kg Gas at 0°C in l 508
(at 1 bar) at 15°C in l 535
at 20°C 7,353
Steam pressure in bar excess pressure at 0°C 3,703
at -10°C 2,424
Boiling-point in °C at 1,013 bar -42
Heat of vaporisation at °C kW/kg 0,1O5
Lower heating value Hu kWh/kg 12,87
0°C 1 bar kWh/m³ 25,99
Wobbe index Wu related to Hu (kWh) 20,79
with air 1925
Flame temperature in°C
with oxygen 2850
Ignition temperature with air °C 510
Ignition limits (explosion limits) with air in Vol. % Gas 2,1-9,5
Combustion speed with air cm/sec 42
per m³ 23,9
Air required for burning in m³
per kg 12,1
per m³ 5,O
Oxygen required in m³
per kg 2,6
Volume of all products of combustion, moist in m³ per m³ Gas 26
Thawing point of the combustion products °C 55
CO2 max. (Vol.%) 13,8


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