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Sprout Bean

Sprout Bean was snuggled in his comfy, peaceful pod When a beam of light appeared and this seemed quite odd A wonderful ray he had never seen before A pure yellow white light he could now not ignore

He wiggled free, stood and then slowly moves to the distant door The flash of color receded and he wanted to see more The front door opened very wide and Sprout could see the Earth and Sky He had never gone out before, but he decided to step out and give it a try

All of outside was as bright as the flash and so very wide Nothing like the lovely, comfy, cozy cool spaces inside It was a long and scary climb down to the waiting ground It was a new vision so he could not know what would be found

The hardest choice was to get going but the first step was taken The rest of the journey was easy unless he was mistaken But a grip and a hold and the stalk helped him along with a slide Made by the silvery hairs and shiny, smooth skin the shaft provides


At the end of the ride he stumbled but he did not fall Sprout got his footing and looked up to a big yellow ball It flew over head but did not fall, and it was beautiful He looked towards a field of flowers so pretty and full

A voice from below Sprout’s feet sounded very close and caring A voice from the sky came down and said, “This one we are sharing” “I am Father Sun”, “I am Mother Earth” as the low went high “I am Sprout Bean, nice to meet you wherever you are hiding”

“We do not ever hide. We surround and give all life” “I am the bright Sun and this is your mother, my wife” “I am the Earth and we are all together, we are one. “We are pleased you peaked out and now your travels have begun”

“We will watch, but not push, your path as you explore changing lands and it started with an opened door. There are many siblings out there to meet and greet. They will answer your questions, so this you must complete”

Sprout Bean began to stroll down the long winding path On all sides life grew and bloomed along the open pass Some plants were tall and others wide with colorful leaves


Sprout saw the path was getting narrower at the trees

The stroll came to a place of rushing, roaring and growing sounds A path that shines and changes with rippling and sinking mounds Sprout walked to the edge and felt a cool flowing that wouldn’t stop He knew that this was what makes him grow and looked at every drop

It was the willful water, a river of creating direction The riverbanks sung along with the river in pure unison Another voice was heard and it was quiet and soft but it bellowed A greeting was then said, “Hello I am the Weeping Willow”

“I am Sprout. Happy to meet you. Why do you sound so sad?” “Oh my young one, I weep tears of joy and truly I’m glad. The beauty of this day is so great, I must sound aloud. It is my nature to be this way and I am very proud”

“Well goodbye Willow. I am glad you are not filled with sorrow. I must be on my way and will journey unto tomorrow” Sprout went downstream and saw the dragonflies reflecting like gems Diving to the water not one at a time but all of them


Sprout smiled and waved but the Dragonflies had not seen him there He walked along the edge of the water without a care Another sound sung loudly from a nearby big, round log A large green animal jumped and said, “I am Phyllis the frog.”

“Hello young one. Where are you from? I live where it is wet, but if it doesn’t have water I have not been there yet. I love meeting new friends so today I’m in a good mood But excuse me a second for my next favorite thing food.

Phyllis sat still on the round log. Her eyes forward to the sky All was quiet on the river but then came a dragonfly The agile insect then disappeared in a quiet attack Sprout was scared but knew this was a journey, and no looking back

Sprout said, “Goodbye” and moved to a new path in a young forest The shade of the afternoon grew and Sprout needed a long rest He began to sit and heard “Stop! Wait! I am below your feet. I am your sister Seed and I’m glad we have a chance to meet”

“I am Sprout Bean and have walked the path on which the Sun did shine The Earth led the way all the time. I didn’t know you were a sister of mine


“Sister, don’t forget me,” sang a voice but Sprout did not know from where it came “I am your brother Berry above you and we may not look alike but we are all the same

“These are our siblings the Sapling that line the young forest’s floor and all of our relatives in this kingdom we equally cherish and adore. From Elm and Oak, and fern and flower, we are all in this race. The Sun our source of strength, and mother Earth the embrace.

“I thank you for accepting me into this wonderful family tree. I am sorry that so soon I should have to say ‘hello’ and then leave My path seems to lead me out of this wonderful wood Back out into the fields and to the place where I first stood

Goodbye my friends and family and I hope you all grow up strong But my direction follows my heart to where I know to belong” Out into the open field Sprout Bean had begun to explore As the steady march forward went on a sound hit him in his core

A noise, an annoying noise, called out as the spot became a form It rode the distant horizon of gray clouds of a far off strong storm “My word you are lovely,” the caw from the form as it became a big blackbird


“I am Carthage, the blue eyed Crow. Not second generation of blue eyes but third

“We blue eyed crows are kind and helpful but are known for our brilliant beautiful gaze and if you care to look and see, you will remember these lovely eyes for the rest of your days. Sprout did not know this Carthage the Crow. He was a animal and was not all that sure. But he walked over because of curiosity and gets a good look at these blue eyes so pure.

Carthage said, “Indeed they are as jewels and darker than the deepest sea.” Sprout was close and his wings wrapped around him and said, “Now you cannot flee” The sharp yellow beak was an inch away and Sprout was too scared to scream Then a howl of hot wind came from above and safely set Sprout Bean free

Sprout was lifted by the wind faster and faster, higher and higher he went The gray storm clouds got closer and he didn’t know where he would be sent Around and around, up and then down there was no sky there was no ground He felt some drops of water and cold hail falling right into an earthen mound


The dirt was moist and the life in the water caused a change He was filled with hope and a new feeling that was strange He was firmly on the ground and thought about what happened to him And felt so lucky to see so much but the light was now growing dim

“Life is a circle, all are important even the blue-eyed crows. I have come to understand what I need to do, now I really know. We family of this Earth are all connected, animal and everyone. We look to the soil for stability and for our dreams to the Sun.

One cannot be without the other, friend, sister, brother, father and mother. I am back on my familiar field with only one more thing to discover A nice new place to plant myself and set down some deep roots” The water changed Sprout and he began to become a green shoot.

So back into the warm loving soil that he had always known Where the next generation’s joyous dreams will be forever sewn From paths of red clay and rapid rivers, from family to family Father Sun and Mother Earth smile and do their natural duty.

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