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FOUNTAIN INN POLICE DEPARTMENT Incident Report geno, RTA cose number ee Soci Teoomosist] 3067 - Criminal Sexual Conduct Y N jee ctrl ° ‘eusines o a) an 3 | 210s Main St Fountaininm SC Bao criosr20%8 | __ +1160 oreeraore | __ 13:00 0 1051 12.00, 5 ‘Viisg Rabecea Suzana ws [wie] 3% | > Co = a & | ransnoy - B |Q mee ae a TE TEE = [Bare Wa ATTA Os Dis Don neem Aaa 8 [picts ere — Cie BR lone Cle ver Ti ence orl ar Dane, fame eRe Oe Dye Oo Tine on Coren fener signe Ove Clee Cl tak rie {cleared 8y Aston Por onan Travies Ames Ves ONS Jivenl Disposition Chane [Ci oe aw arrest 0 Summoned Dated verFlon: Ishow of Force: No |rerrorist Affiliation: Not Terrorist related Hate Group Affiliation: Not Hate Group related Heiss, Rebecca suzanne:Complainant 1, Victim 1 Issn: —_ L STATE: SS 003: TD ‘ounts Melvin Kemp: Subject 1 ubject Types: Suspect pl STATEAUGER: 5 co:: Narrative n_08/11/2018 T met with a complainant in the lobby of the Fountain Inn Police Department in reference to filing a report for sexual assault. T brought complainant/victim ms. Heiss into| [the conference room to conduct the interview, MS. Heiss requested her friend, ws. Clark, sit lin on the interview for support. X agreed and began recording the interview via the conference room recording system. Ms. Heiss began by saying she had previous business ealings with, the subject, wr. Younts, and had scheduled a meeting around nogn on 7/06/2018. The purpose of the meeting, she said, was to get advice for seeking investors for, an app she was creating to be released on mobile devices. she sald the meeting began ‘ith small talk and catching up with each other. The meeting then switched to business and ‘ontinued so for approximately 30 minutes. She Said she then began packing up her things and| jas getting ready to leave when Nr. Younts began making verbal advances toward her. BALLVEIVN He offered to bring vodka over to her house and "see what happens", according to her. Ms leiss said Mr. Younts opened his arms for a hug, and she tried to reciprocate without bringing her body close to his because, by that point, she was very uncomfortable. she said pe forced her body close to his and tried to open mouth Kiss her with his tongue toying to 10 past her lips. Ms. Heiss said he also grabbed her left breast. She said she pulled back lin shock and started to head toward her vehicle, and he followed’her and made remarks about Moving to watch" her leave, Ns. Heiss said after she Teft wr. Younts called and left Unerous voscenaiTs. she than said she and'ws. Clark wrote out a scripe to let im know it 2 3 8 g 3 Saeco Sopncocied [ani _ @adnnGued | Qaveewaunderty | exGewnd tna Gis Bie Tie we] noone Hares hand Over | Elec wand Ove & | son or SkrtnnlGaancs Dl Oa Oo G)NoMonevion _E] Vein Seco Govfoaton C]Exradn owned aiveie NOAA ' |Reporing Officers) Bae TaiaiSta [Approving Officer Date Dasa = [itor onan jeariancve) __czvoonre "CHEWRING RATHANAEL ‘eeriarare er 0036 | a ea a ; ‘Agency 10. FOUNTAIN INN POLICE DEPARTMENT (Case Number 00230100 Supplemental Report 78000006151 Drager a Corepor C0 change C0 ticine Stolen Propery ‘Weldon Type S067 = Coming Sexual Conduct Supplemental Other ‘asiional_ [-] Astral Recovered 98 ° ag68 Report LC Repor C1 detendants CI Propo Peete SY compa PIES TP I @ |B vem - Q\dsmee = wh | Ranaway Beis Se Cigars, [Svan z [PERRO AEST ns Cvs Clow Toon en Oman vw) acon gimme lem rem Cher oe a Domes — [sense Pen OD Or Dum TrArened on Curent Of sponse Ove Cum te cleared 8 Art on Por Ons Tarasise Armed OV02_COW0 weapon Te [tron arast CI Somnonee CT oasoay “lvenle Disposiion (Handled Remased ORG reed To Other Rao jas not okay with the acts he did to her. the next time he called, she said, she stuck to fene script and hung up on him after she was done saying what she had to say. Ir had ws. Heiss begin writing a statenent detailing everything she had explained to me. lwhite she was writing her statement 1 notified the on-call investigator, Detective Peden. T lexplained the situation and he said he would make contact with her the following Monday. He lasked me to provide his e-mail to them so the voicenails and a video of the last lconversation between Ms. Heiss and Mr. Younts via telephone could be sent to him. T went lack into the conference room and concluded the interview after Ms. Heiss finished writin lher statement, and I relayed Detective Peden's instructions. This case is admin closed an |forwarded to xo for further investigation. z z zB g 3 Zz a 3 8 g 3g 4 Seca Baestasaed [ace _@AawinGieews | Garaswaurerie | QesGeneauna 9 ae Ore Gives Gite |B beans BAteias Wd er | eecees ant Oar & | Reson rr ceeapona SeonnceD ofc trae Preecsn VEIN Ones Copraton Exton Died Cv NO ATA |S | Reponing omneoriy Date TaiStart | Aparaving Officer Date Taso 2 ao oon feevaraore ‘crear "CHEWNING, NATHANAEL crane fo arp Cher RO Ps . came