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br idg e of Ready to Work

o p p or tun i t y Job readiness services

Housing support

Access to mental & physical health care

Case management for immediate needs

Community Table

brid geho u s e



brid geh o us e
Serving Boulder’s Homeless & Working Poor

Dear Bridge House Supporter:

What a year?! In 2012, Bridge House underwent a major surge of growth. We brought optimism and a
fresh perspective to looking at the issues surrounding homelessness and, as a result, are able to see
clear opportunities to have great impact in moving people off the streets.

True to our belief that homelessness need not be permanent, we are strategically investing in
tangible solutions to address the root causes of homelessness. We are looking beyond managing the
challenges of our clients and investing in their futures.

Through the data we now collect at our Resource Center, we have a better understanding of who
our clients are, what they need to be successful, who is most vulnerable, and, most importantly,
who is actively seeking help to improve their circumstance. In 2012, the services we provided such
as employment, sobriety support, and access to stabilizing resources like medication, benefits, and
healthcare, were more available than ever before. Our services have become more organized into
clear pathways leading to higher-levels of self-sufficiency. We have learned that for many clients to be
successful and to have lasting outcomes, our interventions must be more comprehensive.

Building on the highlights of 2012, in 2013 we will invest in more solution-oriented programs like our
Ready to Work employment program and our new Resource Center. 2013 is sure to be another year of
innovation as we have broken ground on our very own commercial kitchen which will allow us to grow
our culinary arts training program, create jobs, and improve the nutrition and quality of the meals we
serve. We are also deepening our case management services for the most chronically homeless.

In 2013, Bridge House will remain optimistic and opportunistic. It is not acceptable that the citizens
of Boulder feel impotent with the growing numbers of people on our street corners and poverty
statistics growing across the County. Our community is too caring and too innovative to accept this
status quo. The spirit of Bridge House will remain one of action, intention and innovation. We take our
responsibility seriously to lead the community toward a more comprehensive and effective system of
homeless services grounded in what works, what is dignified for those we serve, and what is possible.
And, after all, everything is possible in Boulder if we put our minds to it.

Thank you for your support of our work. We look forward to your continued partnership to ensure a
brighter future for the homeless men and women of Boulder.

Warm wishes,

Isabel McDevitt

2 bridge house • 2 0 1 2 A n n u al Re p o r t
c ore bel i efs
b ri dg e hou s e
Bridge House is a consistent source

Bridge House believes in the of support for our clients because we

potential of every human are the only year-round, day services

being. We strive to create program for the homeless and

opportunities for all members working poor in Boulder.

of our community to progress,

no matter their circumstance.
Our experienced and dedicated team
of staff and volunteers allows Bridge
House to have a great impact in a
cost-effective manner.

Beginning with basic needs, culminating with structured

employment, and providing many services in between, Bridge
House’s continuum of services is able to not only guide clients
on their path to stability and independence, but to provide
tangible resources to match their needs. We call this continuum
the Bridge of Opportunity.

Our on-the-ground With our perspective on

knowledge of the challenges the diversity of homeless
homeless men and women With our reputation as a
men and women in our
face gives us the unique community, Bridge House welcoming and open community,
opportunity to collaborate advises the community at Bridge House sees the hardest
with other agencies to large about who homeless to serve and is able to engage
improve service delivery, in people are – not only their them in ways no other agencies
turn, informing resource needs but their hopes, their
allocation and policy. dreams, and their potential.

Where do our funds come from?

Revenues Received in 2012 %
Foundations $185,227 22% Where do our funds come
22% Benefactor $100,000 12%
19% Revenues Received in 201
Individuals $237,356 28%
4% City and Foundations $185,227
County Grants $64,828 22%
8% Benefactor $100,000
12% Board
$27,437 3%
2% Individuals $237,356
Faith Community $21,451 2% City and
3% Ready to Work $166,361 19% County Grants $64,828
8% 12% Board $27,437
2% 2%
Businesses $37,280 4%
28% Interest and Other $19,843 2% Faith Community $21,451
3% Ready to Work $166,361
Total Revenue 8%
$859,783 100% Businesses $37,280
28% Interest and Other $19,843

“I am grateful for Bridge House and the people who selflessly work thereTotal
to Revenue $859,783

help the poor without discrimination.” John

How are program funds spent? 14.7%
Expenses Spent in 2012 %
How are program funds spent? 14.7%
Client Programs
& Services $592,925 74.6% Expenses Spent in 2012 %
“I am grateful for Bridge 74.6%
Administrative $85,265 10.7% Client Programs
House and all the wonderful & Services $592,925 74.6%
Fundraising $116,965 14.7% 74.6%
Administrative $85,265 10.7%
people found within
Total Expenses
$795,155 100% Fundraising $116,965 14.7%
walls.” Kevin Total Expenses $795,155 100%

“Without Bridge House, a lot of people would not get the second
84 clients employed chance that they needed to move out of homelessness.” Tim

“I feel safe at Bridge House and I am grateful for

the family I have created here.” Jennifer
clients housed

4 bridge house • 2 0 1 2 A n n u al Re p o r t
$900,000 Bridge House
Total Contributions

$800, 000

$700,000 263

$600,000 Prescriptions filled


$400,000 $499,849

“Each day I go to Bridge House for a hot

lunch. One day I met Heather and she
helped me get Aid for the Disabled and
2005 $131,529

Needy.” Sara









Bridge House
Case Management Activities
COMMUNITY TABLE Activities 2012 Total
Housing 226

15,000 15,500 Employment 347

Benefits 442
Medical 304
Substance Abuse 570
Mental Health 386
Transportation 562
Pregnancy 2



Domestic Violence 9
ID 204
Legal Assistance 72
Total 2286

“I went to my first Narcotics Anonymous meeting at Bridge House and I have been clean and
sober for one year.” Willow

Servi n g Bo u l de r ’ s H o m e l e ss & W o r k i n g P o o r 5

Dennis Arfmann Ted Howard Meredith Spear

Jade Beaty Jan Jackson William Treadwell
Barbara Bennett Roger King Elizabeth Treister
Linda Caven Tom Nelson Michael Tucker
Amanda Donovan Tara Mohr
George Epp Bobby Pelz Jr.
Danny Hassan Peter Resnick


Executive Director Administrative

Isabel McDevitt Vera Line
Debbie Little-Keene
Program Services
Heather Pauze Development/Community Affairs
Chris Vibrans Emily Messina-Heim
Sarah Steenblock Shane Wyenn
Le’Driedre “DeeDee” Sease
Eric Holloway Community Table Culinary Arts
Steve Tombleson Scott Medina
Shari Leyshon

Ready to Work
Tim Arnold
Chad Carbone Rental Assistance
Dennis Fee

“Bridge House does so much

for the people that goes un-
seen or even unknown. I ap-
preciate everyone at Bridge
House.” Linda

6 bridge house • 2 0 1 2 A n n u al Re p o r t
“Bridge House connects you
28 people have enrolled
with other services found in
11 have found employment
the community where there are
9 have found permanent housing with their income from RTW or mainstream job
more people who can help.”
10 are still working for us
3 graduated and returned to family in other states
4 left the program without employment due to health or other personal reasons
The average length of homelessness for trainees is 36 months

The average length of unemployment prior to RTW is 14 months

Total earned revenue for Ready to Work $46,529

“I was looking for a job for

2 years before I found out
about Ready to Work. Now
I have a job and a home.”

“I am grateful for Bridge House and the people who selflessly work there to help the poor
without discrimination.” Jessie

Servi n g Bo u l de r ’ s H o m e l e ss & W o r k i n g P o o r 7

Michael Kelley Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Kevin & Donna Koepping Mount Calvary Lutheran Church
$20,000 and over Stanley & Lois Kruschwitz Mountain View United Methodist Church
Anonymous Shaun & Sarah Labarre NCAR employees
Barbara & Donald Lea North Boulder Dental Group
Boulder County McDonald Pelz Global Commodities LLC Joe & Melissa Pichette
City of Boulder Louie & Lucy McKee Margot Planchard
Daniels Fund Franklin P Medford III John Price
Daniel & Shannon Hassan Mosaic Architects PC RBC Capital
Jim & Diane Murphy Arthur & Maria Richmond
Denver Foundation Naw Construction LLC Rocky Mountain Wealth Management
Foothills United Way Tom & Cheryl Nelson Rose Community Foundation
John Horner Craig & Heather Neugeboren Anne Ross
Pangaea Foundation Elizabeth Markham & Philip Nicholson Will Rutledge
Pelz Management Inc. Eileen Sammells
Robert & Erna Pelz
Virginia Perry Alfred & Becky Sawatzky
William & Judith Wolpert Michael & Greta Quintana David Schlageter
Anonymous Amanda Sessa
$5,000 - $19,999 Burton and Judy Resnick
Dr. James & Judith Rhoads
Peter & Meredith Spear
Michael Steinberg
Andrea & Peter Resnick Michael Riedeman Patrick & Carol Thacker
Anschutz Family Foundation Philip & Marlys Robertson The Roskind Family Foundation Inc.
Steven & Donna Spearman John Truhlar
A.V. Hunters Trust Inc.
Chris & Kathy Squadra Michael & Sharon Tucker
Charlton & Eleanor Ames St. Andrew Presbyterian Church Jeanne & W.F. Utlaut
Debra Kay Lane St. John’s Episcopal Church Paul & Claire Walker
First National Bank of Omaha SW Generation Operating LLC Maribel Williams
Jenna and Walker Stapleton /Harmes C. Charles Thabault Lee Woods
The Colorado Episcopal Foundation
Fishback Foundation Trust The Community Foundation - Eberspacher Family
Jared Polis Foundation (JPF) Gift Fund Fund $250 - $499
John & Jill Sheldon The Community Foundation - April Fund Mary Addison
Steven Thompson Jacob Alldredge
Lucy & Roger King Anonymous
David & Christina Treadwell
Qualcomm Foundation William & Janet Treadwell Lawrence & Rosemary Arp
Red Empress Foundation Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Claudia Batten
Susan K Allen Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder KC Becker
Richard & Della Van Heyst Susan Becker
SwissRe William & Lee Benjamin
Jeffrey & Susan Wallace
The Christian Foundation Renee Beshures
Wells Fargo
The Community Foundation Grant & Alex Besser
The May & Stanley Smith Trust Boulder Shambhala Meditation Center
$500 - $999 BoulderBoulder
Anonymous Brett Carrey
Anonymous Cartridge World
Anonymous Edward Cepulis
Anonymous Clutter Consign LLC
$1,000 - $4,999 Anonymous G P & J E Commander
Bryce & Adrienne Ambraziunas Timothy & Mary Black Kathaleen Cook
Anonymous MacDonald & Paula Bowyer Janna & Phil Del Prince
Julie Brown & Dennis Arfmann Tim & Heather Bulk Jean DiGiovanna
Peter Bakwin Steve & Amy Carpenter Melissa Richardt & Bob Donchez
Madeleine Morrison & Chuck Bellock Alexander Colhoun Doorways for the Disabled Gift Fund
Michael Chapman & Barbara Bennett Community United Church of Christ Anne Doyle
Black Roofing Inc. Daily Service Foundation Inc. Thomas & Carol Dozier
Boulder Friends Meeting Andrew & Brooke Davison Walter & Mary-Ruth Duncan
Pamela Barsam-Brown & Stanley Brown Madeline Day Tony & Sue Fagan
Campbell Foundation Michael Donovan John Feder
Caplan & Earnest LLC Alex Duncan Michael & Anne Fenerty
Dan & Robin Catlin Kevin & Lisa Durban DD & NL Freeberg
Centennial Bank Paul Eklund Gibbons-White Inc.
Kelley Ryan & Wayne Chavez Merry Beth Evans Tasha Allyn Given
Circle Graphics Inc Flatirons Bank Joan Heard
Colorado State Bank & Trust Foundation Calvin & Melanie Gauss James & Edith Hooton
Michael Connors George & Martha Oetzel Fund Carleton Howard
Linda Davidson Allan & Joan Graham Douglas Hughes
El Pomar Foundation Trudy & Scott Gygi Dr. Mark Jaffee DDS
Kenda Peterson & George Epp Janet Eden-Harris & Paul Harris William & Martha Jones
Michael & Rebecca Fellows Erin Colcannon & Thomas Healy JP Morgan Chase Bank
First Baptist Church of Boulder John Hess Doug & Debbie Keene
First Presbyterian Church Hogan Lovells US Kathleen O’Donnel & Colleen Keller
First Presbyterian Deacon’s Fund John & Mary Humke John & Carolyn Kerschner
Gay & Lesbian Fund of CO Insight Designs Web Solutions LLC Judy Gilligan & David Kline
Ken Goldman Riki & Harry T Jones IV Bob and MJ Koenig
Deborah Hayes Colleen Knopinski Alexandra Lawrence
Jonathan & Elizabeth Hinebauch Paul Lander Brandon & Vera Line
Julie Levine & Knute Holum Gerhard & Ann Langer Lonergan LLC
Hope Boulder Foursquare Church Louis P. Singer Fund Inc. Patrick J Bird & Barbara Long
V. Anderson & L. Houtz Sean Maher David Madison
Implied Capital LP Jim McCutheon & Angela McCormick William & Susan Marine
Janet A Jackson John McDevitt Stan & Ann Martin
John H. T. Wilson Revocable Trust Andy McNutt Robert & Louisa Matthias
John R. Woods Foundation Harold and Pamela Medina III William McCaa Jr

8 bridge house • 2 0 1 2 A n n u al Re p o r t
John & Denise McCorvie William & Sara-Jane Cohen Chris & Jessica Koehler
Ed & Isabel McDevitt Ann Colcord William Kowalski
John & Elizabeth Morris Judith Reid & Richard Collins Richard & Helen Kraft
New Frontier Media Joyce Colson-Quinn Marilyn Krysl
B. N. Nicolaidis James & Claudia Colwell Gregory & Susan Larson
Jay & Christine Orris Common Sense Ministries Living Waters Church Lee Ann Lathrop
David & Elle Page Cornerstone Church of Boulder Valley Kevin & Lauren Lausten
Peak Asset Mgmt LLC David & Christine Correa Burton & Suzanne Lee
Daniel Peters Dan & Sharyn Corson Kathy Leftwich
Krishnamurthy Radhakrishnan Keith & Jeanne Crouch Harry & Gretchen Leland
Norman & Rita Riis Meri & Joseph Cunningham Shari Leyshon
Eladia Rivera Judy Fitzgibbons & Tom Daly Jeffrey & Lois Linsky
Barbara Kinsey Sable Johnny Davi Liquor Mart
Saint Paul United Methodist Church William & Aimee Day Ira & Barbara Litke
Manuel Sanchez Design Network LLC Julianna Lochte
Winnie Sanders Anthony Desimone Ray & Mindy Logan
Timothy & Anne Shanahan Chas Dinwiddie Paul Lonigro
Lu Wen-Ying & Mark Shaw John Donnelly Brian & Catherine Lyle
Howard Silver Emma Jane Dosser Bruce MacKenzie
B Scot Smith Paul and Terri Douglas Michael Maisonpierre
Imogene Smith Jennifer Douglass David & Betsey Martens
Brion & Elizabeth Stapp Betsy Duckett Timothy & Beth Mazzola
Bruce Swinehart Lisa Egger K.J. McCorry
Thomas Tilley Betty Eldridge Hunter & Janet McDaniel
S. Harrington & Elizabeth Treister Bryan Ellis Michael Goss & Virginia McGowan
Brian Volkman Steven Ellis Sue & Steve McGrath
Lorraine Filipek & Stacy Walters Explorers in Faith Michael McMannis
James & Judith Warner Silvine & RS Farnell Matthew & Mary McQueen
Janet Watts Julian & Jennifer Farrior Scott & Shanti Medina
Linda & Paul Whittle First Christian Church Laura Meier
Jodi Williams Soto & Diane Flouris Curtine Metcalf
David Williard Howard Flug Allen & Kathleen Meyer
Rosemary Wrzos LPC Richard Berger & Kitty Flynn Dhori Meyer
Justin Wyman Nan Fogel Janey & Adams Miller III
Lynne Foley Ken Miller
Rolando Garcia Sarah K Mitchell
$100 - $249 Peter & Heidi Garthwaite Susan Mitrovic
Paul Richmond & Joan Acker Richard & Breida Geesaman Nina Molinaro
Lawrence & Annette Anderson Stanley & Lucia Gill Lisa Ann Morzel
Thomas & LaVerne Anderson Mary Ginnane Jacqueline Muller
Thomas & Patricia Angerer Cynthia Hill & Mark Gittes David & Kay Norris
Anonymous Andy & Jennifer Goldman Amanda O’Connor
Anonymous Michael & Anita Gonzales Northern Trust Company
Anonymous Jean Gore Allison Palmer
Anonymous Linda Gore P. E. & Grace Pascoff
Anonymous Jennifer Grassini Paul W Sprunk Associates
Anonymous Doris Gray Michael Pelikan
Anonymous Judith & Gregory Greenan George & Beverly Peters
Anonymous Robert Grossman Barbara & Joseph Pickett
Anonymous Barbara Guthrie Ray & Krissy Pittman
Marcia Geissinger & Neil Ashby Jeanie Hale Pizzeria da Lupo
Sheila Atchley William & Gina Hander Jeannie Schuman & Wayne Plakmeyer
Alvin & Betty Baal Kurt Hans Natalie Rekstad-Lynn
Baadrea & Harold Bagley Jr Kerry Hassler Stephanie Ridgway
Diana Baranauskas Linda & Steve Hawkins Virginia Robbins
Laura & Mark Barnes DDS Paul Heffron Jane Rogers
Frederick Barth Mary Hey Donna Rohde
David Becher Beverly Higgins Rose Transition Home LLC
David & Ruth Becker Dwight & Jo Ann High Rebecca Roser
Michael Behar Douglas Hill Martha Rosner
Gary & Deb Bennett Marty & Ellen Hine Franca Rothman
Larry & Chris Bennett Robert Hobbs Michael Ruby
Stanley Woodard & Joyce Benson Holden Hodgson Edward & Carmen Ruestow
Marc & Karen Bernardi R. David & Suzanne A Hoover Brian Sachs
Dennis & Elizabeth Berry Kevin Brown & Veronica House RL Sassoon
Peter & Suzanne Birkeland Theodore Howard Donald & Elizabeth Saunders
Linda Piper & James Board Brent Hultman Save Home Heat
Frank & Jo Anne Bogart Dyan Renee Hummel Scott Schell
John & Lynn Bollinger David & Janet Hummer Robert & Barbara Schnurr
Boulder Theater Brian & Tucker Humphrey Liz Schoeberlein
Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center Constances Hunter Susan Schweppe
Robert Golten & Joan Brett Jack & Sue Witkin - Charitable Org M. W. Lundy & A. Dixon & Penelope Schwind
Jean Pierre Briant Amanda Jamieson SHELL OIL
Bridges Survivor Trust/Norma Bridges Don Jensen Michael & Carol Simpson
Hollis Brooks Linda Johnson Valorie Simpson
Gerry & Nancy Bunce Lynn & Karon Johnson Britta Singer
Brenda Burnell Wesley Johnson Anne Smith
Minerva Canavan Elise Jones Colonel Stanley Smith
C. S. Carbon Suzanne Jones Jofrid Sodal
Carol Grever Susannah Jordan Al & Mary Spalding
Steve & Cindy Cartwright Timothy & Pamela Kane Kala Spangler
Linda & Douglas Caven George & Kristin Karakehian St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
Cisco Matching Gifts Program Alan & Joanne Kelly Louis Stodieck
Kathleen Clang E.J. Meade & Bridget Klauber Porter & Gail Storey
Richard Sterling Clark Jennifer Knuth R & M Strauch

Servi n g Bo u l de r ’ s H o m e l e ss & W o r k i n g P o o r 9
OUR DONORS (continued)
Stewart & Lynn Strickler Bridge House Client Paula Erez
James & Wilda Swift Bridge House Client Corey Essig
Kesia Szydlowski Bridge House Client Teresa Troester-Falk & Stephen Falk
P. Simonson & P. Talley Bridge House Client Shoshana Fanizza
Shing Tam Mark Biggers William Farrow
TDA Boulder Stanley Jozwiak & Joan Bleacher Doris Fasbender
Daniel & Diane Thornton Boulder Bookstore Jeff & Kiki Feenstra
Nikki Tippins Boulder County Bar Foundation Steve Felten
Martha Townsend Patricia Bowen Debra Follette-Feyh & German Feyh
Thomas & Barbara Trager Constance & George Boyle II First Congregational Church
Sal Tripodi James Brache & Leslie Allen Christopher Fitzgerald
Damon & Melissa Vangelis George & Ann Brandt Margaret Fitzgerald
Emily Verplanck Lawrence Kaptein & Ellen Brock Sandra Jo Fitzgerald
Vinelife Church Diane Brown Robyn Fogelberg
John Volkmar John & Cynthia Buck Jennifer Forman
Gary Waggoner Lynne Buhlig Gail Fraser
Jack & Sophie Walker David Buhs Marjorie Freedman
Judith Waller Richard & Carolyn Bullion Michael & Elizabeth Freedman
Ruth Warkentin Mike & Kimberly Burelson Deborah Gardner
Sandra Weeks Eli & Christine Buzas Carol Ann Garn
Sandy & Anne Weil Mary Jane Byers Wendy & Ritter Gaylord
Claude Weil Corrin Campbell GE Foundation
Dana Weinberger Miriam Campos Jill Gelbspan
Lisa Bryant & Tom Wells Chad Carbone Al & Gail Gerrish
Stephen Whitaker Forrest & Virginia Carhartt Janet Rasmussen & Timothy Gessert
Tonda Wilkinson Christine Carlin James & Helen Gibb
Charles Willhoit James Carr Ann Gibson
Arnold & Millie Williams Arturo & Elisabeth Castro Priscilla Gifford
Jonathan & Hayden Williamson Catapult PR-IR LLC Sandra & John Gilfillan
Linda Wittekind Barbara Caven Jerry & Janet Gilland
Nicky Wolman Neil Chapman Leslie & Merrill Glustrom
Arthur Wouk Douglas & Mary Child Golden West Council
Wright Products Kamla Chopra Jerry & Diane Gollnick
Craig Yager Susan Chrisman Pamela Goodell
Majid Yazdi Jonathan & Lisa Church Eleanor Gradziel
Wendy Zerin MD Sara Church Gordon Gray
Rachel Zylstra David Clair Tracy Greenhalgh
Anthony Clark Carol Grevor
Mary Cobb Jodi Grossman
$1 - $99 Madeline Cohen M Kate Guilford
1111 Productions Philip & Marilyn Cohen Stanley & Elissa Guralnick
303 Architecture Inc. Nora Connor John Halip
Lois Abbott Matthew Conway Don & Phyllis Hancock
Aetna Foundation Inc. Mary Bowles-Cook & Chris Cook Earl C & B K Hancock
Richard & Alma Alber Kenneth & Patricia Cook Brian Hansen
David Alderman Amy Cooper Barbara Hanst
John & Stephanie Aldridge Shelley Copley Robert & Kathryn Harberg
Debbie Ally Charlotte Corbridge Catharine Harris
Alternative Health Clinic Gregory & Katherine Courter John & Elaine Harris
Daniel Amador Sharon Cox Benjamin Hassinger
Ardele Anderson Ruth Ann Craig Bette & Earl Hauseman
Daniel & Lois Anderson Adam Crawley Jacquelyn & H I Hayes
Dee Andrews Patricia Critchfield Mary Huckins & Robb Heaton
Richard & Elaine Andrews Walter & Ruth Crone Brian Hennsen
Anonymous Cross Media Inc. Norris & Teri Hermsmeyer
Anonymous Ruth Dane Delphia Eden Hess
Anonymous Darryl Dargitz Ahmee Hewitt
Anonymous Jonathan & Deborah Davis Susan Hickey
Anonymous Leanne Davis Alan J. Hills
Anonymous Susan Deans Irene Hillson
Anonymous Kimberly Decker Sarah Hillstrom
Anonymous Nora McCray & Thomas Demers Sue Hintz-Siegrist
Anonymous Ruth DeMuth Jean & John Hodges
Rita Anthes Design Evolution Inc. Bill & Glenda Holmes
Kathleen Argenta Kathleen DeWitt Richard Hoops
Dennis & Susan Arnold Gilbert Dickinson Connie Hopkins
Paul & Barbara Arnold Laura Dickinson Rolland & Beatrice Hoverstock
David Askey Stephen Dickson Hughes Construction Co
Elizabeth Aspinwall Deanna Didomenico Robert & Eileen Hunnes
Michael & Patricia Audent Matthew Dolan Jon & Jerrie Hurd
Donald & Dorothy Bachman Amanda & Sean Donovan Anne & Oren Hurst
Donna Barela Dr Marilyn LifeCoach LLC Jasmine Yap & Brian Inderwies
Sherry Bartlett Carol Dreselly Allison Jackson
Gerald & Kendra Bartley Stephen & Karyn Dundorf Nicole Javurek
Lori Batcheller Kenneth & Frances Dutro Elizabeth Jay
Jan Baulsir David Eisenstein Diane & Robert Jenkins
Jean & Richard Bedell, MD El Loro Jewelry & Clog Co William & Laura Jesberg
Robin Berlin Kristiana Elite Beth Johnson
K.A. Bertness James & Jennie Elliott Jeff & Adie Johnson
Bridge House Client Michael Elliott Valerie Johnson
Bridge House Client Dana Engel Margaret Johnston
Bridge House Client Judith & Richard Epstein Carol & Richard Kampf

10 bridge house • 2 0 1 2 A n n u al Re p o r t
Amy Kellum Les & Susan Noe Michael & Susan Stanley
Maud Huey Kenyon Ann Norris Patricia Stepan
Marie Kertzer Sandra Novak Ruth & Susanna Stern Chester
Patrice Kezer Margaret Oakes Dreiman & Clare Stocker
Rashid & Nina Khosravi Officiency Inc. William & Mary Kay Stoehr
Robert & Kathleen Kilcullen Richard & Nancy Olberding Glen & Bonnie Strand
Jo S Kirhenaer Richard & Katherine O’Leary Scot & Judy Strong
Linda Kline Jobelle Fischer Orvis Ailie Swanson
Christopher Knud-Hansen Felice Owens Eric Swanson
Susan Kodish Margaretha Maloney & Robert Janet Taffet
Frances Kornfield Palaich LeVeda Taylor
Judith Koslov Linda & Stephen Pasma Amy Palmer & Alexis Templeton
Peggy Kraft Robert & Kerry Patterson Angela M Tennant
Karel Kriz Paul Fuller Massage Therapy Matthew Appelbaum &
Beth Krodel Kristin Pazulski Katharine Teter
Kula Causes Inc. Margie Penney Textured Life Coaching
Richard & Sandy Kwiat Hillari Hansen & Marsha Perlman Loyd & Barbara Timblin
Beth Laber Diane Clymer & William Perry John Tracy
Yolande Lafontaine George & Joan Peters NhaVinh Tran
Mary Lagerborg Hans & Patricia Peterson Karen Smith & Laurent Tschumy
John Lamb F.& M. Pickrell Useful Media Planet LLC
Andrew Schrader & Lane Landrith Ted & Sophia Piper Susan Usel
Kristina Lane Timothy Plass Michele Verbelyi
Jennifer Douglas & Torbjorn Larsson Victor Pollak Frank & Chris Vibrans
M. Kay Lathrop Diane Yates & Peter Pollock Barbara Vidulich
Kathleen McCormick & Dr. Eloisa Pope Erik Vienneau
Michael Leccese
Howard Leibowitz
Samuel Pottinger
Dan Powers
Lorraine, Jeanne & Mary
Alice Vienneau
“Thank you, Bridge House, you
MM Leitner Fredrick Powers Aaron Vimont
Mr & Mrs C. F. Lemons
Kathleen Leonard
Susan Prodan
Michael Puldy
Joe Vollbrecht
Virginia Wadsworth
look at everyone as having potential
waiting to wake up. Thank you for
Mary Leonard Frankie Rader Kristopher & Shannon Wagner
Gerra & Bradford Lewis Judith & Arlan Ramsay William & Jean Wainwright
Kristin Lewis Architects Gail & Phillip Raznick Mandy Walker
William Light
Stephen Liguore
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Jerald & Sharalyn Warren my monthly bus pass so I can get to
D.F. & E.M. Lilley Mary & James Rianoshek Dorothy & William Watson
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Mary Long
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Jeffry & Carolyn Way
Marc Weaver work.” Mark
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Thomas & Jeanne Lounsbury Alfred Roosevelt Alice Weed-Ziegler
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Kamilla Macar Julie Rothschild Sue Eyler & Andrew Weinheimer
Jerry & Diane Madigan Warren Rovetch James & Anna Wilkinson
John & Anna Mandis Carl Runner David & Elizabeth Williams
Donald Marinelli Joseph Lynn Runyan Dowell & Barbara Williams
Kate Marshall Joan Russell Ellen Willis OUR SPONSORS
Kristen Marshall Laura Russell Michelle Willix
Martha Mason Eric & Brenda Rutherford Mary Ann Wilner
McDonald Pelz Global Commodities, LLC
Peter Mattisson Jamie & Lisa Martin Sabbach Winder Foundation Inc.
Andrew McCullough Sacred Heart of Jesus Church Michelle Winn Centennial Bank
Nancy McGann Arthur & Wendy Saltarelli Molly Winter
Judith McGee Sally Sandoe Sheila & Dan Winters
Giving First
Kathleen McGovern Thomas & Anne Sandoski Brian Wood Jenna and Walker Stapleton/Harmes C.
James & Susan McMaster Nicalous Santi Michael & Linda Wood Fishback Foundation
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Dean McMurry L. Reed Bailey & Carol Saunders Tara Flanagan & Greg Wright CJ Gauss & Merrill Lynch Wealth Managment
Mary G McQuiston J.R. & P.J. Scarritt Sandra Younghans, Attorney at Law
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Susan Montgomery Mary Sellars
Caitlin Moore Elaine Senko Hogan Lovells
Rodrigo & Shari Moraga Sara Senn Insight Designs Web Solutions, LLC
Carol Moremen Kelly & Laura Shannon
James & Margo Moscou Pam Shaver North Boulder Dental Group
Richard Mullin Christopher & Elisabeth Shears RBC Wealth Management
Neale & Marilyn Murray Thomas & Diana Sheldon
Mustard’s Last Stand Anita & Neil Simon Rocky Mountain Wealth Management
Stuart Naegele Tracie Sinclair SWBC Mortgage
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Sue Nagle Katherine Smith Boulder Shambhala Meditation Center
Matt Nagy Constance Holden & TK Smith
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Van Nguyen Carol Smoot
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Susan & Daniel Nicholson Deb Spence
Robert Niederriter Beverly Spotz
Howards Draperies
Eric Niemann Charles & Janice Squier New Frontier Media

Servi n g Bo u l de r ’ s H o m e l e ss & W o r k i n g P o o r 11

At Bridge House, we rely on the generosity of people like you to help us serve the thousands of people
who come through our doors. Please consider Making a Gift, Donating your Time, or Sharing Your
Stuff with Bridge House.


You can make a big difference in the life of a homeless man or woman by providing financial assistance to
our programs. A little goes a long way at Bridge House.
A gift of $1000 - for a Case Manager for one month at the Resource Center.
A gift of $500 - for 2 months of bus passes so Ready to Work trainees are able to get to work on time.
A gift of $200 - for food for one day’s meals for 100 people.
A gift of $100 - Sponsors our afternoon women’s hours.


We have a volunteer opportunity for nearly every schedule and skill level. Some examples of volunteer
jobs include:

• To help with meal preparation, serving and clean up

• To sit with our clients and listen to their stories
• To assist with administrative tasks
• To help organize our outreach events
• To take videos and photos at special events

• Hire a graduate of the program
• Hire the Crew for an exterior clean-up or landscaping job


Our clients need things that many of us take for granted.

Here’s a list of supplies that we can immediately put to good use:

• Hats, gloves, underwear, boots and socks
• Food: Peanut butter, jelly and coffee
• Supplies: Towels, bowls for serving, laundry detergent, sewing kits, office supplies, day planners,
notepads, pens, paper
• First Aid: Multi-vitamins, first aid supplies
• Outdoor supplies: tents, tarps, sleeping bags, back packs and camping pads

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