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Ishmail Coleman

1.) The place that is shown in this photo is Purto Seco beach, located in Discovery Bay,
Jamaica. This area is considered a tourism area and Purto Seco Beach is one of the main
beaches located in the area.
2.) The characteristics that makes this a place is that it has specific geographical settings, as
well as physical, social, and cultural settings. This area is known for its tourism culture,
as well as its industrial settings and country based landscape. Due to the area being a
tourism area, there are many job openings within this area that refer to tourism, such as
hotel jobs, resort jobs, beach jobs, and souvenir jobs. This showcases the influence that
the place has on people’s daily lives. Also, this place is also considered a cultural symbol
because it is considered to be the place where Christopher Columbus arrived when he
first came to Jamaica.
3.) This is my favorite place because I have family that reside within this area, so this area
gives me a sense of family/home like feeling. I also like this place because it gives me a
relax type of vibe and is very tourism friendly. I have a lot of childhood memories from
visiting as a child and I still get a sense of nostalgia when I visit. Furthermore, this place
has become a part of my identity more than other parts of the Island because I strongly
identify with the country like and tourism culture that is presented here.