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Module Title: School Placement 4

LESSON PLAN (2017-2018)

Topic: Plastics and other materials

Student Name: Niall Ó Connaibh
Date: 18/12/17
Duration of Lesson: 40 minutes


The main aims of this lesson are to:

 Continue to introduce the theoretical foundations of the Plastics and other materials widely used in
the woodwork room; ‘Plastics and Other Materials’, (Cross, 2010, p. 128-133)
 Build upon previous knowledge by conducting a recap session in order to answer questions from the
 Revise the chapter of ‘Plastics and other Materials’ up until now (Present day- Last theory class before
Christmas holidays)

 Initiate a Think Pair Share strategy to promote problem solving among the students.


Learning Outcomes (LOs) Assessment of LOs

At the end of this lesson the students will be (Note: each LO has an assessment. Include a variety
enabled to… of types.)
Work effectively within the clear boundaries • Teacher whole-class observation
of classroom rules and routines set out by • Visual inspection
the teacher.
Identify examples of plastics in the  Quick fire questions
Woodwork room.
Apply previous knowledge to answer quick  Quick fire verbal quiz
fire questions during the Set induction of the  ‘Lolli pop stick method’
Define the processes of how plastic is  Lower and Higher order questioning
finished, drilled, bent and formed.  Peer learning/ questioning
 Homework questions (Page 136)
Engage in problem solving by becoming  Think Pair Share
actively involved in a Think Pair Share  Peer learning
Module Title: School Placement 4

strategy used for a recap.  Whole class observation




0-5  The classroom teacher • The pupils enter the O

initiates an orderly and safe woodwork room in an orderly
entry into the woodwork and safe manner.
room. • They leave their school bags
 He takes the roll call on the in a row at the door.
ePortal website. • Pupils answer ‘Present’ to
 Mr. Cunniffe writes the new the Roll being called. L
words of the day and • They await further
Learning intensions in to the instruction from the teacher.
Word Wall and Learning  The pupils observe the
intention space! new words and Learning
intensions of the day.

5-7  The classroom teacher  The pupils become

initiates a brief recap involved in a recap.
during the Set induction.  They answer questions O, CL
 He asks questions related to the previous
related to the previous theory class.
 Key questions asked;

1. Identify an example of
plastic here in the
Woodwork room.
2. What are the
advantages and
disadvantages of
3. Can you classify plastic
into two groups? Name
the two groups.
4. Which group allows
plastic to be reshaped
again and again.

7-30  The new learning of the  The students listen A

day is commenced with attentively to the
the aid of a power point teachers instructions.
 The pupils take down
 The teacher introduces L, G
students to the different the new theory notes of
processes of working the day from the board.
Module Title: School Placement 4

with plastic; Finishing,  One student is selected

Drilling, Bending and at random and become
Forming the plastic. ET, CL
actively engaged in the
 The teacher performs a
practical demonstration
with a cordless drill  The pupil selected,
showing how to drill attempts drilling a piece C&I
plastic successfully. (Fast of plastic with a cordless
speed and slow feed). drill.
 Mr. Cunniffe does this  The student has O, CL
to assist the ‘Visual permission to seek peer
learners’. MA
assistance from the class
 He calls upon one
student to attempt the as to the proper set up
drilling process. of the components.
 The classroom teacher (Waste Wood, Plastic
draws a sketch on the Acrylic and Drill bit).
Blackboard showing the  The class group answer L
forming process of theory question the text
 He instructs the class
group to answer
questions in the text
30-35  Mr. Cunniffe ends the  The class engages in a O
lesson by means of a recap session.
recap session.  The pupils become
 He initiates a problem involved in a Think Pair
solving session for the Share strategy.
remainder of the lesson.  They answers verbal
 He refers back to the question dictated by Mr.
Learning intensions and Cunniffe.
word wall to conclude
the days lesson.

35-40 • The classroom teacher will • The students listen carefully

instruct the pupils to put away to the teachers instructions and
their books and to tidy away any put away their books.
rubbish. • The pupils place any rubbish
• He will ask that all students into the available waste bin and
place their stools on top of the place their stool neatly under
benches. the benches.
• The teacher will organize • The class performs an
and witness an orderly exit from orderly exit, leaving the room
the classroom by all the pupils. row by row.
Module Title: School Placement 4

L= Literacy, N= Numeracy, O= Oracy, G= Graphicacy, SEN= Special Educational Needs, MA=

Mixed Ability, CL= Cooperative Learning, GI = Gender Inclusion, MI = Multicultural Inclusion,
ET = Educational Technology, and C&I= Creativity and Innovation.


Laptop, Power Point Presentations; Notes, Teacher Introduction, Rules & Routines, Physical material,
Soft ball, Logitech Laser pointer, Whiteboard; Word Wall & Learning intensions, Lollipop sticks,
Whiteboard equipment; i.e. pens, wiper and Projector.

2. POST LESSON CRITICAL REFLECTION (bullet points- 3-5 points)



Suggestions for Improvement

Notes for the Preparation of the Next Lesson

Module Title: School Placement 4