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Supervising Teacher Feedback

Date:5/9/17 Lesson focus: Reading comprehension Lesson no: 2

Do you feel the lesson was successful? (yes/no, why?)
Yes totally, all students engaged, increased understanding of the coding
text. All students working on task and engaged in the learning, a wide
range of strategies used throughout the session, the rest of the class
were focussed and working task which meant minimal distractions to

Critical feedback
Teaching strategies:
Tuning in- quick revision of what the text is and its purpose in a lesson.
Gradual release of responsibility- explicit instruction-shared thinking-
independent practise.

Behaviour management:
Good not to react when they laughed at Jonathan’s answer and ask other
students even though he was correct.
Minimal behaviour management needed as such a small group.

Task management:
Powerpoint presentation meant you were on track and the lesson flowed
effectively. Good time management. Other than that it was well planned
and gave the students the opportunities to work with the new

Do you feel all students were engaged throughout the lesson?

Why/why not?
Yes absolutely, as the lesson was well sequenced and at an appropriate
pace for all students. You moved around and observed where the
students were at and adapted the lesson when and where necessary.
They all had a go at tic-tack-toe and had some great keywords.
Reflecting on the students involved in the study
Were they engaged? Why/why not?
Yes all students were engaged, but became more engaged once they had
to record their thinking onto the anticipation guide, double entry journal
and tic-tac-toe. Both girls were on task.

Were they involving themselves in the session?

Yes totally, they were able to be successful as there was a bit of challenge,
but it was still within their abilities.

Did they appear to understand the learning?

Yes as they were building on prior learning, both girls knew what they
were doing and felt confident. They felt confident sharing too, nice to see
a change in discussion and more contribution as they are usually quiet.
All students were having a go at the task and even Knud began to
engage again once you started on the Tic-Tack-Toe comprehension
strategy like last lesson.
Comment on progress of the students involved in the study
Have you seen any progression during literacy time (learning groups,
writing groups) if so, when?
Much clearer understanding of what the focus reading strategies are and
how to complete the set work + comprehend the text
What is the biggest difference you have seen in the students (across all
curriculum areas or other teaching time)?
What can be done to further support the students involved?
Look at how they can use these in their own writing and check for use in
their writing eg summarising.
What would you change about this lesson (in terms of planning and
Use flipped classroom strategy for them to think about what they need to
be writing.
Try and get them doing the work- rather than just sharing their thinking,
that way they don’t have the option to opt out
Remember to ask them ‘why?’
Focus for next session?
Used flipped classroom strategy
Less teacher direction- more students working
Linking the summarising to writing