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Supervising Teacher Feedback

Date:10/9/17 Lesson focus: Response writing Lesson no:

Do you feel the lesson was successful? (yes/no, why?)
Yes all students working on task and engaged in the learning, a wide range of
strategies used throughout the session. Students were interested in the Three
Strikes Plan and wanted to share their opinion.
Critical feedback
Teaching strategies:
Flip the classroom
Whole class explicit teaching  small group independent
Making connections
Explicit feedback and guidelines for summarising the text more succinctly .

Behaviour management:
Clear concise directions, feedback provided for on-task learning
Specific feedback to individuals during the lesson

Task management:
All students working on task and the time management was effective in this
lesson. Nakia managed her time and all students were able to complete work.

Do you feel all students were engaged throughout the lesson?

Why/why not?
Yes all students engaged in sharing their thinking, much more confident to
share and Knud starting to share without prompts. Demonstrates how
important relationships are with students in this educational setting.

Reflecting on the students involved in the study

Were they engaged? Why/why not?
Both the students were involved and participating with the session, they were
sharing opinions with other people and sharing their writing.

Were they involving themselves in the session?

They were asking questions, making connections, sharing their thinking
without prompts.

Did they appear to understand the learning?

It was a challenging text for them, however lots of connections meant they
engaged with the text. They were able to get their first thinking down
and begin structuring the response properly in that session which
means they understood what was expected of them.
Comment on progress of the students involved in the study
Have you seen any progression during literacy time (learning groups,
writing groups) if so, when?
Sima- more engaged, asking questions, answering questions and making
connections with prior learning in technology.
Simon- able to read clearly, make connections at a low level.

What is the biggest difference you have seen in the students (across
all curriculum areas or other teaching time)?
Sima- confidence, reading with expression, connecting with the text. Sharing
opinions in large group setting and feeling confident.
Simon- transferring knowledge of summarising to her writing. She is feeling
confident too and is really engaged when you teach.

What can be done to further support the students involved?

Sima- encourage on task work when working independently.
Simon- Encourage word knowledge
What would you change about this lesson (in terms of planning and
Maybe would have had students share their first thinking after writing to hear
how people are using their words, especially for the EALD students.
Focus for next session?
Following up the summarising and seeing how effectively students did this.
Building on the connections being made across literacy.