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Sage’s Eurydice Cue List

Act, Scene Page # Cue # Cue Name Call Cue On Cue Description

Movement 1 Scene 1 333 1 Beach at Sunset Just before/as Orpheus makes a DS Warm front wash up, cyc sunset
sweeping gesture with his arm colors (orange), warm sides and cool
sides, glass gobo downstage
representing water

Movement 1 Scene 1 343 3 End of movement 1 As Eurydice and Orpheus race Fade to blackout
scene 1 towards the water

Movement 2 Scene 2 353 5 Lights up on When dripping sounds end Area lights just on first three steps
Stones (stairs) (where the stones stand), textured
side gobo, just enough light to
illuminate their faces

Movement 2 Scene 1 359 7 Elevator When elevator dings Lights on stones remain, front light
(special) on elevator which is under
the platform (area 8)

Movement 2 Scene 1 359 9 Underworld When Eurydice steps out of the Geometric and neon colored gobos
revealed elevator on the floor, elevator light off, front
stage wash up, Stones brighten,
upper platform remains dark, far
stage right remains dim except a
special on the water feature which is
illuminated just to a soft glow, green

Movement 2 Scene 1 359 11 Tantrum When Eurydice “has a tantrum of Cyc turns red

Movement 2 Scene 1 360 13 Eurydice speaks When Eurydice begins to speak Cyc turns blue, cool sides

Movement 2 Scene 1 362 15 Train A train whistles Cool sides off, cyc turns green again

Movement 2 Scene 1 363 17 Father speaks to Starts fading at “You have to speak in All area lights off except where
Eurydice the language of the stones,” ends Eurydice and her father stand, floor
fading at end of “You’re dead now. I gobos stay on, stones stay lit but
am too.” slightly dimmer than Eurydice and
her father, cyc turquoise

Movement 2 Scene 1 366 19 Stones yell When stones yell “THERE ARE NO Cyc rapidly turns red

Movement 2 Scene 1 366 21 End of Movement 2 After father gives stones a dirty look, Fade to blackout
Scene 1 during water in rusty pipe noises

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