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Phosphate rock is a raw material for the

manufacture of phosphoric acid,
1. Oxidation of SO2 to SO3 is favoured by low phosphorous, superphosphates.
temperature and high pressure. 26. Mineral oils (e.g. petroleum oils) are preferred
2. Gun powder, which is an explosive comprises of over fatty oils (e.g. mustard oil, ghee, tallow,
charcoal, sulphur and salt petre palm oil, olive oil etc.) as a lubricant due to its
3. Starting raw material for the manufacture of alum poor oxidation stability and high gum forming
is bauxite tendency, greater tendency of decomposition
4. Salt cake is chemically represented by Na2SO4 at elevated temperature, hydrolysis tendency
5. Paper pulp produced by kraft/sulphate process is in presence of water.
strong fibrous. 27. Esterification reaction produces soap, is
6. Claude process of gas liquefaction employs reversible, is a reaction between an alcohol and
adiabatic expansion against a piston or in a an organic acid.
turbine. 28. In sulphate pulp manufacture, the pressure and
7. The main use of HCl is in the drilling of petroleum temperature in the digestor is 10 atm.170-180°C
wells and pickling of steel sheets. 29. Zeolite removes both temporary as well as
8. The gasification reaction represented by, C + permanent hardness of water by precipitating
H2O = CO + H2, is a/an __________ reaction. calcium and magnesium present in water as
Endothermic insoluble zeolites. Used zeolite is regenerated by
9. Viscose rayon is chemically regenerated flushing with the solution of sodium chloride
cellulose acetate 30. Solvay process is used for the manufacture of
10. All enzymes are made of proteins sodium carbonate by ammonia soda process.
11. The combustion reaction, C + O2 = CO2, is 31. Polycaprolactum is commercially known as
exothermic nylon-6
12. Styrene is produced from ethyl benzene by the 32. Frasch process is for mining Sulphur
process of dehydrogenation 33. Very fine suspended and colloidal impurities are
13. Gelatine which is a nitrogenous organic protein is removed from water by a process called
obtained by the hydrolysis of collagen coagulation
14. Sucrose content in the raw juice extracted from 34. Pitch (a product of coal tar distillation) is always
sugar cane is about __________ percent. 15 - 20 mixed with creosote oil, when it is to be burnt in a
15. Fusel oil is a/an mixture of higher molecular burner, because it reduces viscosity and imparts
weight alcohols (a by-product obtained during fluidity for its transportation through pipelines at
production of alcohol from molasses). economic pressure drop.
16. Styrene-butadiene-rubber (SBR) as compared to 35. Which is the main reducing agent during
natural rubber has poor tensil strength,poor production of iron from iron ore in a blast furnace
resistance to oxidation. ? CO
17. Co-efficient of thermal expansion of glass is 36. The drug used in contraceptives is mestranol
decreased by the addition of __________ during 37. Raw materials used for producing __________
its manufacture. ZnO cement does not contain iron oxide. White
18. The catalyst used in the manufacture of DDT 38. In the Lurgi coal gasifier large quantity of coal
(from chloral and chlorobenzene) is oleum can be processed.
19. Haemoglobin is a/an protein 39. Calgon used in water treatment is chemically
20. Epoxy resin is a good adhesive. sodium hexametaphosphate
21. Concentration of NaOH solution produced by 40. Which oil is preferred for paint manufacture ?
mercury electrolytic cell is about __________ Drying oil
percent. 50 41. Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) is a synthetic
22. Which of the following is the most adverse factor polymer.
challenging the choice of mercury electrolytic cell 42. Ethylene oxide is produced by oxidation of
process for the production of caustic soda? ethylene in presence of AgO catalyst at 5 atm &
Pollution of water stream by mercury. 275°C
23. Esterification reaction produces soap 43. Cumene is the starting material for the
24. Sulphur addition in soap is done to cure pimples production of phenol and acetone
& dandruff. 44. The type of high refractive index glass used in
optical instruments is __________ glass. Flint
45. Oxidation of ortho-xylene in presence of 69. Sudden temperature fluctuation does not affect
__________ catalyst is done to produce phthalic pyrex glass, because of its low co-efficient of
anhydride on commercial scale. Vanadium expansion
46. Most commonly used rubber vulcanising agent is 70. Most easily and cheaply available fibrous raw
Sulphur material for paper manufacture available in India
47. Terylene is a polyester is bamboo. The yield of pulp produced from
48. Free alkali in a toilet soap is __________ that in fibrous raw material by mechanical process is
a laundary shop. less than about __________ percent. < 10
49. Dehydrogenation of isopropanol produces 71. Ostwald's process is used for the commercial
acetone production of nitric acid by the catalytic
50. Concentration of hydrogen peroxide is vaccum oxidation of ammonia.
crystallization. 72. Sulphuric acid solution having a specific gravity
51. Helium is produced on commercial scale from of 1.20 at room temperature is used mainly for
natural gas the car battery solution
52. Fermentation of molasses to produce ethyl 73. The catalyst used in the production of elemental
alcohol is done at __________ °C.20 – 30 sulphur from H2S (by oxidation-reduction) is
53. The catalyst used in the manufacture of DDT is alumina
20% oleum. 74. Zeolite used in water softening process (cation
54. Most widely and commonly used coagulant for exchange) is regenerated by washing with
the removal of suspended impurities in water is brine
alum 75. The catalyst used in shift converter is nickel
55. ZnO is used as a catalyst in fat splitting. 76. Which of the following is a detergent ? Alkyl
56. Heating of __________ to 120°C, produces benzene sulphonate
plaster of paris. Gypsum 77. Drinking (potable) water treatment does not
57. Which of the following has sodium bicarbonate involve softening
as its main constituent ? Baking powder 78. Phenol formaldehyde resin is used as an
58. Ordinary glass is not a/an material with sharp adhesive in making laminates
definite melting point. 79. Catalyst used in the manufacture of sulphuric
59. In premitive days, __________ was being acid by chamber & contact processes are
manufactured by Leblanc Process. soda ash respectively oxides of nitrogen & V2O5 on a
60. The only commercial Fischer-Tropsch plant for porous carrier.
producing liquid hydrocarbon fuel from coal is 80. DDT stands for dichloro-diphenyl-
located at SASOL (in South Africa). trichloroethane.
61. Lurgi coal gasifier is a pressurised __________ 81. Phosphoric acid is prepared from rock
bed reactor. Moving phosphate
62. Oils are partially hydrogenated (not fully) to 82. Metallic soap (e.g. aluminium or calcium salts of
manufacture vanaspati, because fully saturated fatty acids) can be used as a lubricant.
solidified oils cause cholesterol build up and 83. Which of the following processes does not
blood clotting. produce Cl2 as a co-product during the
63. Paper grade bamboo contains about manufacture of caustic soda. Lime-soda
__________ percent cellulose. 5 process
64. Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is added in 84. Bleaching action of bleaching powder is due to
detergents to act as a/an anti soil redeposition its __________ properties. Oxidizing
agent 85. Saponification number of an oil or fat gives an
65. Vulcanisation of rubber converts its plasticity idea about its molecular weight. is inversely
into elasticity. proportional to its molecular weight. detects
66. Raw materials for 'Solvay Process' for its adulteration.
manufacture of the soda ash are salt, limestone 86. The purpose of tanning in leather industry is to
and coke or gas. stiffen the leather.
67. Chloral is used in the manufacture of DDT 87. Hydrogenation of edible vegetable oils, is an
68. Bromine is used in the preparation of fire exothermic reaction. is an exothermic reaction.
extinguishing compounds. fire proofing agents. increases their melting point. is done in
dyes and antiknock compounds. presence of nickel catalyst.
88. Phenol is mainly used to produce phenol
89. Main constituent of dolomite is MgCO3 114. The most stable allotropic form of phosphorous is
90. Conversion of CO to CO2 by steam in presence the __________ phosphorous. black
of a catalyst is called recuperator 115. Starting material for the production of styrene
91. Bromides contained in hot mother liquor is butadiene rubber (SBR) is ethyl alcohol, ethylene
treated with __________ during manufacture of 116. Which of the following processes can remove both
bromine from sea water. Cl2 temporary as well as permanent hardness of water
92. Resistance to fusion of the refractory under a ? Distillation
steady rising temperature condition is called 117. Rancidity of the fatty oil can be reduced by its
refractoriness hydrogenation
93. Portland cement consists mainly of CaO & SiO2 118. Platinum catalyst used in the earlier days of
94. The amount of benzene present in pure benzol is sulphuric acid manufacture by contact process
about __________ percent. 70 suffers from the drawback like high cost, fragile
95. Cumene (isopropyl benzene) is made by nature, easy poisoning tendency
propylene alkylation of benzene. 119. Tackiness\ of rubber decreases after its
96. Mannheim furnace is used in the manufacture of vulcanisation.
hydrochloric acid. 120. Boiling of water containing temporary hardness
97. Thermosetting materials are cross-linked produces CO2
molecules. 121. Starting material for the commercial production of
98. Iodine value of an oil or fat is the number of ethyl alcohol in India is molasses
grams of iodine taken up by 100 gm of oil or 122. Phenol formaldehyde employs condensation
fat, a measure of its unsaturation. helpful in polymerisation.
findings its adulteration & its suitability for 123. Shrinkage volume in cement setting depend upon
making soap the water to cement ratio, ambient temperature
99. Nickel is not used as a catalyst in the Ostwald's fluctuation, drying period.
process of HNO3 manufacture. 124. Bisphenol A is produced by the condensation of
100. Wrought iron is the purest form of iron. acetone with phenol.
101. Enamels give good glossy finish 125. In Kraft process of paper manufacture, white
102. Black liquor is converted into white liquor by cooking liquor consists of caustic soda sodium
evaporation and burning the concentrate followed sulphide & sodium carbonate.
by causticisation of products. 126. Presence of carbonaceous matter in the sewage
103. Alcohol is produced by the hydrolysis of an ether causes reduction in its dissolved oxygen content
104. Polymerisation product of C2F4 (carbon thereby endangering the life of aquatic creatures.
tetraflouride) is called P.T.F.E (poly chloro tetra reduces sulphate ions to sulphides causing
flouro ethylene). It is also called Teflon obnoxious smell.
105. Solvent used for extraction of oil is hexane 127. A mineral is termed as 'ore', if a metal can be
106. Liquor poisoning generally occurs due to the economically extracted from it.
presence of __________ in it. methyl alcohol 128. In the manufacture of H2SO4, vanadium catalyst
107. Neoprene is chemically known as as compared to platinum catalyst gives higher
polychloroprene conversion efficiency. has a longer life and is
108. Molecular weights of polymers are in the range of not poisoned by arsenic, handles lower
102 - 107 SO2 content gas (7 -10% SO2), thus increasing
109. Sulphur removal by heating of pyrite ore in the capital cost of the plant.
presence of air is called its roasting 129. Oleum produces fumes of SO3
110. Deacon's method is used for the manufacture of 130. 20% oleum means that in 100 kg oleum, there are
chlorine 20 kg of SO3 and 80kg of H2SO4.
111. Laboratory glass wares which reacts with 131. The major use of butadiene is in the manufacture
hydroflouric acid, are made of the __________ of synthetic rubber.
glass. Borosilicate 132. Which of the following paper does not require a
112. Prussian blue is chemically represented by filler during manufacture ? Blotting paper
Fe4 [Fe (CN6)3] 133. Industrial production of chloroform requires
113. Transportation of 35% oleum during winter suffers acetone and calcium hypochlorite
from the problem of freezing, which can be 134. Styrene (a monomer for the production of
overcome by the addition of small quantity of nitric polystyrene) is commercially produced by catalytic
acid dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene.
135. Hydrogenation of oil takes place in a/an 159. Hollander beater used during paper pulp
__________ reactor. trickle bed manufacture does not facilitate the __________ of
136. Thermosetting plastic materials can not be fibre. Strengthening
melted after forming. 160. The biochemical treatment applied to sewage
137. Favourable conditions for the liquefaction of effluents is a process of oxidation
gases in general are high pressure & low 161. Yellow glycerine is made into white, using
temperature. activated carbon
138. In the manufacture of sulphuric acid from 162. Very dilute solutions are generally used in
elemental sulphur, the following sequence of fermentation reactions for which the optimum
major operations is followed : furnace → temperature range is __________ °C. 30 to 50
converter → absorber 163. Brackish water which contains mostly dissolved
139. __________ nature of hypo (sodium salt, can be purified by the __________ process.
thiosulphate) makes it useful in photography. reverse osmosis
Complex forming 164. Gypsum is chemically calcium sulphate
140. Galena is an ore of lead. 165. Phthalic anhydride is produced by the oxidation
141. Which of the following is an yellow pigment ? of benzene
Lead chromates 166. Zeigler process produces high density
142. The noble gas which occurs most abundantly in polyethylene.
the atmosphere is argon 167. Carbon content of pitch (residue of coal tar
143. Production of alcohol by fermentation of distillation) is around __________ percent. 94
molasses is an __________ process. Aerobic 168. Sodium salt of higher molecular weight fatty acid
144. Main constituents of portland cement are is termed as the __________ soap. Soft
calcium aluminate and silicates 169. Synthetic glycerine is produced from propylene
145. Sulphuric acid is mainly used in the __________ 170. Viscosity index improver (like polystrene or
industry. Fertilizer polyisobutylene) is added to lubricant to reduce
146. Alcohol percentage in molasses may be around the variation in its viscosity with temperature.
40 171. Sea weeds are an important source of iodine
147. Main use of hydrazine is as a rocket fuel 172. Polythene is a/an __________ polymerisation
148. Main use of liquid nitrogen is in refrigerative product. Addition
cooling. 173. Catalytic oxidation-dehydrogenation of methyl
149. Comparing sulphate process with sulphite alcohol produces formaldehyde.
process, we find that __________ in the later. 174. Styrene is produced from ethyl benzene by the
both temperature & pressure in the former is process of dehydrogenation
more than that 175. Acetone is produced by catalytic
150. Which of the following is a disacchride? Sucrose dehydrogenation of isopropanol
151. Phenol formaldehyde is produced using 176. Bromine content in sea water may be around
polycondensation reaction. __________ ppm. 70
152. Raw materials required for the manufacture of 177. Argon is the third largest constituent of air
__________ is acetylene and hydrochloric acid. (followed by N2 & O2). Its percentage by volume
vinyl chloride in air is 0.94
153. In industrial nomenclature, alcohol means 178. Poly tetraflouro ethylene (P.T.F.E.) is known as
ethanol Teflon
154. Which of the following is the purest form of water 179. Bakelite is same as thermosetting phenol-
out of the following? Rain water formaldehyde.
155. Use of water having dissolved oxygen in boilers 180. Styrene is produced by the dehydrogenation of
promotes corrosion ethyl benzene
156. Unsaturated oils compared to saturated oils have 181. Which of the following is used as a coagulant in
lower melting point & higher reactivity to water treatment ? Ferrous sulphate
oxygen. 182. Groundwood paper is used in the manufacture
157. With increase in temperature, the equilibrium of newsprint paper.
constant at constant pressure (Kp) for oxidation of 183. Hydrodenation of vegetable oils is a/an
sulphur dioxide decreases __________ reaction. Exothermic
158. Electrodeposition of metals i.e. electroplating is 184. Permanent hardness of water is due to the
never done on refractories presence of calcium & magnesium sulphates &
185. Concentration of sulphide ores is done usually by 208. Pure rectified spirit contains about __________
froth floatation percent alcohol. 95
186. Viscose rayon utilises H2SO4, NaOH and 209. Oxygen is separated by distillation from air after
CS2 during its manufacture its liquefaction. The boiling point of oxygen is
187. Nylon 6-6 is manufactured from hexamethylene about __________ °C. -183
diamine and adipic acid. 210. Titanium dioxide is a/an __________ colour
188. Chemical name of Grignard reagent is ethyl pigment. White
magnesium chloride. 211. Cellulose percentage in bamboo fiblre is about
189. Which of the following processes is absent in 50
glass manufacturing process ? Sintering 212. Essential oils are usually obtained using
190. Dacron (or terylene) fibres as compared to leaching
nylon'fibres have better heat & acid resistant 213. Impurities present in brine is normally removed
properties. poorer resistance to alkalis. poorer by treatment with NH3 and CO2., lime and soda
dyeability. ash. lime, ammonia and carbon.
191. Low purity oxygen is used for chemical 214. Hydrogenation of oil/fat improve its resistance to
oxidation processes. rancid oxidation. raise its melting point.
192. Which of the following contains least amount of 215. Solvay process compared to modified solvay
N2 ? Coke oven gas process can use low grade brine. has less
193. Calcination of limestone is not done in a corrosion problems. involves higher
__________ kiln for producing lime. fixed bed investment in NH3 recovery units than that for
194. Saponification value/number of an oil or fat is a crystallisation units for NH4Cl.
measure of its average molecular weight. 216. Builders are added in soap to act as cleaning
195. Ethyl alcohol can be produced from waste power booster
sulphite substrate of paper mills. by 217. H2S is scrubbed from refinery gases by
esterification and hydroloysis of ethylene. absorption using ethanol amine
from molasses. 218. Chlorine gas is produced by the electrolysis of
196. Exothermic condensation reaction of brine (NaCl solution with solid NaCl make up) in
monochlorobenzene with chloral in presence of mercury electrolytic cell. Which of the following is
20% oleum as catalyst produces DDT. The the anodic reaction? Oxidation of Cl- ions
reaction temperature is maintained at 219. Zeolite is a/an naturally occuring clay which is
__________ °C. 15-30 capable of exchanging cations.
197. Cement mainly contains CaO, SiO2, Al2O3 220. Type of glass used in optical work is the
198. Coke used for the production of calcium carbide __________ glass. Lead
should have low ash content, low ignition 221. Organic pigments are used as colouring
temperature, high electrical resistivity. materials in the soap manufacture.
199. Sucrose is a disaccharide consisting of glucose 222. Glass is a super cooled liquid
and fructose 223. Analgesic drugs are pain relievers
200. Function of sodium thiosulphate (hypo) in 224. Purity of oxygen used for blowing in steel making
development of photographic film/plate is to L.D. converter is 99.5%. The boiling point of
remove unexposed silver halide oxygen is about __________ °C. -183
201. High temperature carbonisation of coal takes 225. Commonly used glass is known as the
place at __________ °C. 1100 __________ glass. soda
202. White phosphorous is stored under water, 226. The basic constituent of vegetable oils is
because its kindling temperature in dry air is very triglyceride
low. 227. The most economical pulp for the production of
203. Charcoal, Sulphur, Potassium nitrate are newsprint would be the __________ pulp.
constituent of gun powder. Groundwood
204. Rotary kiln is involved in the production of 228. Which of the following is the second major
cement, and lime from limestone component of cement ? SiO2
205. Vanillin is a type of flavor 229. Mercury electrolytic cells are preferred over
206. Temporary hardness of water can be removed by diaphragm electrolytic cell (for production of
boiling. caustic soda), as it as larger production
207. More than 100 percent of __________ is present capacity per unit cell., consumes less power
in oleum. H2SO4 per ton of Cl2 produced. produces high purity
(70%) caustic soda directly.
230. Chromates are used as corrosion inhibitor for 254. Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) is the starting raw
iron & steel in aqueous solutions. material for the manufacture of perchloroethylene
231. L.D. converter is used in the production of steel 255. Salt is added in the kettle during soap
232. In the Solvay process, the product from the manufacture to separate soap from lye.
calciner is light soda ash 256. Manufacture of phthalic anhydride uses
233. Commercially ethylene is produced from naphtha __________ as a catalyst. V2O5
by hydrocracking. Poly Vinyl Chloride (P.V.C.) is a 257. Which of the following is not a product of coal tar
__________ material. Thermoplastic distillation ? Anthracene
234. Pig iron is produced by blast furnaces in India 258. Chrome tanning and vegetable tanning are
using mostly the iron ore named hematite done for light & heavy leather respectively.
235. The difference between saponification value and 259. Catalyst used during the manufacture of
acid value is called ester value. 'Vanaspati Ghee' is nickel
236. Fourdrinier machine is used in the manufacture 260. Iron ore hametite is concentrated using gravity
of paper separation.
237. Pencillin is made employing __________ 261. Refractory bricks burnt at very high temperature
fermentation process. aerobic batch have got greater resistance to corrosion by slags.
238. Nylon 66 is so named because the average 262. Nitrile rubber is produced by the polymerisation
degree of polymerisation of the polymer is of acrylonitrile and butadiene.
1966. 263. Carbon disulphide is mainly used in the
239. Wet chlorine gas produced during electrolysis of production of viscose rayon.
brine is dehydrated by spraying 66° Be 264. 99.5% purity oxygen is used in cutting and
H2SO4 counter current to the flow of the gas. welding by oxy-acetylene flame. hospitals for
medicinal purposes. gas masks and artificial
240. CaSO4 . H2O is known as plaster of Paris breathing apparatus.
241. Hydration of quicklime produces slaked lime. 265. Permanent hardness of water can be removed
242. Main product in calcium carbide-water reaction is by boiling it with Na2CO3.
C2H2 266. Sizing material is incorporated in paper to impart
243. Which of the following fuel gases contains resistance to penetration by liquids.
maximum amount of carbon monoxide ? L.D. 267. Which of the following, when pyrolysed,
converter gas produces perchloro-ethylene ? Carbon
244. Which of the following is an additional step in the tetrachloride
manufacture of paper from bagasse as compared 268. Which is the most efficient absorbant for SO3 out
to that from bamboo ? Depithing of the following ? 98%H2SO4
245. Percentage of glycerene present in the spent lye 269. Coal tar is used as a binding material for coal
obtained during soap manufacture is about 5 briquettes, fuel in rotary kiln., binder in making
246. Concentration of NaOH solution produced by carbon electrodes.
diaphragm electrolytic cell is about __________ 270. The purpose of adding Na2CO3 to water of low
percent. 10 alkalinity is to permit the use of alum as a
247. Commercial production of Vanaspati is done by coagulant.
__________ of edible vegetable oils. 271. Potassium is kept & transported under kerosene
Hydrogenation oil
248. Which catalyst is used in the manufacture of 272. The metallic aluminium is obtained from pure
ethylene oxide by oxidation of ethylene ? AgO alumina in the presence of fused cryolite by
249. Phenolic antiseptics are added in the electrolytic reduction.
__________ soap. Medicated 273. Bakelite is chemically known as phenol
250. A mixture of chlorine & sodium bromide acts as formaldehyde
a/an fire retardant 274. Which of the following is a co-product during the
251. Celluloid is chemically cellulose nitrate manufacture of caustic soda by electrolysis of
252. Double Contact Double Absorption (DCDA) brine ? H2
process is the most recent process for the 275. Phthalic anhydride is made by the oxidation of
manufacture of sulphuric acid naphthalene.
253. Which of the following is an explosive ? 276. RDX (an explosive), which is more sensitive but
Nitroglycerene, Trintrotoluene (TNT), Cellulose less toxic than TNT, is chemically cyclo
nitrate, trimethylene trinitramine.
277. High acid value of an oil or fat is an indication of 298. 'Synthesis gas' meant for the synthesis of
storage under improper conditions. organic compound is a variable mixture of CO &
278. Liquefaction of gases can not be done by H2
merely compressing it beyond critical pressure. 299. Litharge is lead oxide
279. Tricalcium silicate is the major constituent of the 300. Coagulant is used __________ filtration. Before
Portland cement. 301. 10% oleum comprises of 10% free SO3
280. Catalytic oxidation of naphthalene produces 302. Use of chlorine in the treatment of sewage helps
phthalic anhydride in grease separation.
281. Parathion and Malathion are pesticides. 303. The major constituents of glass are sand, lime
282. Transparent soaps (e.g. Pears) are usually soft and soda ash
soap (made from coconut oil) in which cane sugar 304. Oils and fats are converted to soap in a process
& alcohol are added and finally washed with called saponification
methylated spirit to achieve transparency. 305. Glycerine can be obtained from fat
283. Dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene produces 306. Thorium is mainly used for the manufacture of
styrene gas mantles.
284. Reaction of ethylene glycol and dimethyl 307. During the absorption of HCl gas in water (to
terephthalate (DMT) produces dacron produce liquid HCl), the gas is kept above dew
285. Lindane is BHC (Benzene Hexa Chloride) point to avoid corrosion.
containing 99% γ-isomer. 308. Good quality of edible salt is obtained from brine
286. Solvay process is not used for the manufacture by the process of vacuum evaporation
of potassium carbonate, because of the reason 309. Electric bulbs are made of __________ glass.
that potassium bicarbonate is soluble in Flint
ammonium chloride and potassium chloride 310. Which of the following is used as a binding
solution. material in soap to improve soap texture ? Borax
287. Which of the following is a bleaching agent 311. An alkali metal salt of palmitic acid is known as
added in the detergents to facilitate removal of metallic soap
stains caused due to blood, tea etc? Sodium 312. Washing soda is chemically represented by
borate Na2CO3.10H2O
288. In the production of soda ash by Solvay process, 313. Magnesium and calcium __________ cause
the by-product is CaCl2 temporary hardness of water. Bicarbonates
289. he ideal pulp for the manufacture of paper should 314. Which form of sulphur is the most stable at room
have high __________ content. Cellulose temperature ? Rhombic
290. At very high concentration of enzymes, the rate 315. Vegetable oils and fats basically differ in their
of fermentation chemical reaction is __________ physical state
the concentration of reactants. independent of 316. Oil is a/an mixture of glycerides of fatty acids.
291. Which of the following is a constituent of 317. Which of the following is a constituent of coffee ?
vinegar? Around 10% alcohol. Around 1% acetic Caffeine
acid 318. Which of the following is the main constituent of
292. During the manufacture of sulphuric acid, the the mother liquor produced in salt industry ?
temperature of molten sulphur is not increased Bromine
beyond 160°C, as its viscosity is not reduced 319. Silicon carbide is a/an abrasive
on further heating (hence pressure drop on 320. Oxygen is produced by fractionation of air using
pumping it, cannot be further reduced). __________ process. Linde's/Claude's
293. Kopper-Totzek coal gasifier can give ammonia 321. Carborundum consists mainly of silicon carbide
synthesis gas (H2 + N2). 322. Wax is a mixture of esters of polyhydric alcohols
294. Addition of calcium oxide to water produces excepting glycerine.
exothermic heat, hissing sound, slaked lime 323. Catalyst used in the hydrogenation of oil is
295. Sodium bisulphite is used for __________ water. nickel
Deaeration, dechlorination 324. Triple superphosphate is manufactured by
296. Dense soda ash used in the manufacture of reacting phosphate rock with phosphoric acid.
glass, is chemically represented by Na2CO3.H2O 325. Use of hydrated lime in water treatment before
297. Reverse osmosis is normally used for the filtration, reduces the bacterial load on filters,
desalination of brackish water to produce after filtration, combats the corrosive-ness of
potable (drinking) water. water due to the presence of O2 & CO2., is to
adjust the pH value.
326. Higher vicosity index of a lubricating oil denotes 351. Economics of 'Solvay Process' depends upon
less changes in fluidity of oil with temperature. the efficiency of ammonia recovery and size of
327. Le-Blanc process is a primitive process for the the plant
manufacture of soda ash 352. Bakelite is a thermosetting plastic.
328. How much temperature is maintained during 353. Na2CO3 is called soda ash
quicklime manufacture in the calcination zone of 354. Flux addition during smelting of ore is done to
the vertical shaft kiln? 1000°C remove impurities/gangue.
329. Cement setting under water employs a/an 355. Hydrazine is used in water treatment for the
__________ process. Hydration removal of dissolved oxygen
330. Plasticisers are added in lacquers to remove 356. Direct conversion of chemical energy into
film brittleness and to improve adhereness. electrical energy is done in a
331. Washing of coal is done to remove the inherent fuel cell.
impurities. remove the adhering impurities. 357. Soap cannot be used with hard water, because
332. Systemic insecticides are absorbed throughout they form insoluble calcium soaps which
the plant. precipitate.
333. Dry ice (solidified CO2) is used for the storage & 358. The most reactive allotropic form of phosphorus
shipment of frozen foods and ice-creams. is __________ phosphorus. Yellow
334. In nylon-66, the first and second numbers (i.e., 6) 359. Plasticisers are added to synthetic plastics to
respectively designate the number of carbon impart flexibility. improve workability during
atoms present in the diamine and the dibasic fabrication. develop new improved properties not
acid. present in the original resins.
335. Chemical formula of BHC, which is an insecticide 360. Rosin soap is added during paper manufacture
is C6Cl6 to impart resistance to penetration by liquids.
336. The product obtained on mixing calcium oxide 361. Hydrogen gas is produced commercially (for
with water is called slaked lime nitrogeneous fertiliser manufacture) by
337. The major constituent of black liquor generated electrolysis of water. steam reforming of
during paper manufacture is sodium. carbonate naphtha. its cryogenic separation from coke
338. Exothermic neutralisation reaction between oven gas.
caustic soda and dodecylbenzene sulphonic acid 362. Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is added in
produces sodium dodecylbenzene sulphate, detergents to prevent redeposition of soil on
which is a/an detergent cleaned surface.
339. Coke oven gas consists mainly of H2, & CH4 363. Which of the following impurities in feed water for
340. Lithopaneis ZnS (white pigment) high pressure boiler is the most detrimental?
341. What products do we get on electrolysis of Silica
saturated brine using steel cathode and graphite 364. Which glass is usually used in optical work?
anode in an electrolytic cell? Cl2, H2 & NaOH Photo-sensitive glass
solution. 365. The most popular and common detergent i.e.,
342. Linoleic acid is the main constituent of cotton alkyl benzene sulfonate (ABS) is a/an
seed oil. __________ detergent. Anionic
343. Chemical formula of 'salt cake' is Na2SO4 366. Reaction of calcium carbide with water produces
344. Temperature during hydrogenation of oil should a gas, which is used as an illuminant.for metal
not be more than 200°C, otherwise it will result cutting/welding.
in pyrolysis of oil. sintering of porous catalyst. 367. Low intensity explosives are also called
hydrogen embrittlement. propellants, whereas high intensity explosive are
345. Nicotine is a volatile alkaloid.obtained by called detonators.
treating by-products of the tobacco processing 368. Gun powder comprises of 75% salt petre, 15%
industry. charcoal and 10% sulphur.
346. Na2CO3.10H2O is called washing soda 369. Lead azide is a popular military explosive.
347. Reaction of an alcohol with organic acid is called 370. Hydrocynic acid (HCN) is used as an
the __________ reaction. Esterification insecticide for citrus fruits
348. Ethanol amine is produced using ammonia and 371. Molecular weight of plastics ranges from 20000
ethylene oxide to 250000
349. Oleic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid. 372. Acrylonitrile is mainly used in the __________
350. CO & H2 are the constituents of producer gas, industry. Dyeing
water gas, coke oven gas 373. Aeration of water is effective in CO2 removal.
374. Presence of H2S in raw water (to be chlorinated) 398. Kraft method of pulp manufacture can process
results in the increased dosage of chlorine to all types of fibrous raw materials.
provide a disinfecting residual in the water. 399. Digestion time for bagasse is less than that for
375. Contact process of sulphuric acid manufacture wood base materials.
yields acid of higher concentration than 400. Both temperature and pressure in the digestor is
chamber process. less in case of the sulphite method as compared
376. Maleic anhydride is produced by catalytic to that in the sulphate method.
oxidation of benzene 401. Isopropyl benzene produced by alkylation of
377. Catalyst used in the oxidation of benzene to benzene with propylene is known as cumene
produce maleic anhydride is V2O5 402. Consider the production of ammonia from
378. Widely used method for the conditioning of boiler methene and air as raw materials. The catalyst
feed water is the hot-lime soda process used are: (i) __________ for steam reforming of
379. Blue colour is imparted to glass by the addition of methane and (ii) __________ for ammonia
CaO synthesis. i - Ni/Al2O3; ii - Fe/Al2O3
380. In the manufacture of viscose rayon, the raw 403. For the hydrogenation of oils __________ (A)
material used industrially is fine teak wood __________ is commonly used as catalyst and
381. Bordeaux mixture is a/an inorganic fungicide __________ (B) __________ is a catalyst poison.
382. Silicone is a/an inorganic polymer (A) nickel (B) sulphur
383. Nickel is not used as a catalyst in the 404. Main constituents of natural rubber is
__________ reaction. shift conversion polyisoprene
384. Roasting of metals remove arsenic & sulphur. 405. Highly porous refractory bricks are
385. BHC (Benzene hexachloride) is made by the Fermentator temperature during production of
chlorination of benzene which is an addition alcohol from molasses is around __________ °C.
reaction. 30
386. Calcareous & argillaceous materials are used in 406. Which of the following coals has the highest
the manufacture of cement calorific value ? Anthracite
387. Azoic dyes are mostly applied on cotton fabrics. 407. Hard glass which is used for making laboratory
388. Commercial production of calcium carbide glass wares is a mixture of sodium borosilicate
requires limestone and __________ as raw and aluminium borosilicate.
materials. Sand 408. Glass is decolorised during its manufac-ture by
389. Nitroglycerene absorbed in wood flour, sodium adding antimony oxide, mangnese dioxide or
nitrate or ammonium nitrate is commercially used arsenic oxide.
as a controlled explosive called dynamite. The 409. Cooking liquor in case of sulphite process is
raw material used for its manufacture are sodium sulphite and sodium bisulphite.
glycerene, nitric acid and sulphuric acid 410. Vegetable oils contain large quantity of
390. The process involved in converting rubber into a glycerides of unsaturated acids. When the
thin sheet or coating it on fabric is called vegetable oils contain high amount of saturated
calendaring fatty acids, it is termed as __________ oil. non-
391. Detergent is produced by the sulphonation of drying
dodecyl benzene, which is an __________ 411. Fats as compared to oils have less unsaturated
reaction. Exothermic and irreversible glycerides of fatty acids.
392. Alcohol content in freshly prepared natural and 412. Thermal pyrolysis of ethylene dichloride
fortified wine may be respectively around produces vinyl chloride
__________ percent. 7-14 and 14-30 413. The main component of pyrex glass is lead
393. Setting of plaster of paris is accompanied with 414. Alum [Al2(SO4)3] is used as a coagulant in water
hydration treatment to remove colour, turbidity, bacteria
394. Platinum is a versatile catalyst for many 415. Roasting is an ore concentrating metallurgical
processes in chemical industries. It is highly prone process involving a chemical change.
to be poisoned by the presence of arsenic 416. Basic oxide is absent in __________ glass.
395. Sodium chloride content in sea water is about Quartz
__________ gms/litre. 25 417. Graphite is a/an electrical insulator. allotrope of
396. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is made by employing carbon.
emulsion polymerisation. 418. Nylon-6 is a polyamide
397. Bleaching of paper pulp is done with chlorine or 419. Enzymes are proteins with high molecular weight
chlorine dioxide (around 10, 000). derived from living
organisms. catalyst for temperature sensitive 444. Gaseous fuels require less percentage of
reactions. excess air for combustion as compared to liquid
420. In an integrated steel plant, NH3 present in coke fuels.
oven gas is normally recovered as (NH4)2SO4 445. Hydrolysis of sugar is called inversion
421. Flexible foam (for mattresses) is usually made of 446. Sulphuric acid completely saturated with sulphur
polyurethanes trioxide is called concentrated sulphuric acid.
422. Glycerine is a by-product of the __________ 447. Fish contains about __________ percent oil. 20
industry. Soap 448. The main aim behind cooling the digested chip at
423. One of the steps during refining of cane sugar the bottom portion of the digestor by injecting cold
consists of addition of hydrated lime to the sugar black liquor is to avoid mechanical weakening
syrup followed by carbonation of the resulting of fibre.
solution. The purpose of this step is to adjust the 449. Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is known as
pH of the syrup. Perspex
424. The end bleaching agent used to move last 450. Coloured glass is obtained by mixing of colored
traces of colour bodies from the pulp is chlorine salts. Addition of __________ oxide is done to
dioxide (ClO2) impart greenish blue color to the glass. Copper
425. Which allotrope of sulphur is insoluble in carbon 451. Percentage of alcohol in beer may be around
disulphide ? Plastic Sulphur __________ percent. 2-8
426. Lubricating greases are a mixture of mineral 452. Which of the following may be viewed as a
oil, soap and additives. catalyst in the manufacture of soda ash by Solvay
427. Metallic soap is __________ salt of fatty acids. process ? NH3
aluminium or calcium 453. Commercial production of soda ash by Solvay
428. Cation exchanger is regenerated usually with process requires limestone, __________ as raw
H2SO4 materials. brine and coal
429. Sodium bi-carbonate is obtained as a by- 454. Naphthalene is removed from coke oven gas by
product in the manufacture of sodium hydroxide scrubbing with wash oil.
using brine. 455. Extraction of __________ employs an electrolytic
430. Fat splitting catalyst is ZnO process. Aluminium
431. Phthalic anhydride is used as plasticizer 456. Fire clay is __________ refractory material. an
432. Penicillin is separated from fermented broth by acidic
extraction with amyl or butyl acetate. 457. An oil is converted into fat by its hydrogenation
433. Bleaching powder (chemically known as calcium 458. Production of one ton of cement requires about
chloro hypochlorite) is commercially produced by __________ tons of limestone. 1.2
the action of chlorine on slaked lime 459. soft potassium soaps (potassium salt of fatty
434. Which of the following is an unsaturated fatty acid) with free stearic acid to give lather a lasting
acid ? Oleic acid property.
435. Silica/quartz is used as a flux in the smelting of
copper ore like chalcopyrite.
436. Phenol formaldehyde is produced by
condensation polymerisation. It is also known as
437. CaCl(OCl) is the chemical formula of bleaching
438. Which is the most suitable dye for synthetic
fibres ? Acid dye
439. Cold rubber (SBR) is superior as compared to
hot rubber (SBR).
440. Polymerisation temperature can modify the
properties of SBR.
441. Production of cold SBR employs lower pressure
as compared to that of hot SBR.
442. Strongly caking coal should not be used in the
Lurgi gasifier.
443. Water gas is called blue gas because of the color
of the flame, when it is burnt.