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I. Conversation Completion
Complete the conversation with appropriate expressions for questions number 1-5
(10 points)
1. Bobby : “How was your trip to Nias?”
Michael : “... with it. I want to go there again next year.”
a. I’m very pleased
b. I’m really disappointed
c. I’m very displeased
d. I’m not happy
2. Emelly : “How was your visit to the museum?”
Angel : “It was closed when I got there, ... about it.”
a. I’m satisfied
b. I’m happy
c. I’m very disappointed
d. I’m delighted
3. Daniel : “Would you accompany me to the internet?”
Brian : ...
a. I’m disappointed
b. I’m not sure
c. Sure
d. Not at all
4. Amelia : “What do you think is the effective way to reduce global warming?”
Della : “... planting trees is one of the effective ways to reduce global warming”.
a. I don’t know
b. How do you see
c. I’m not sure
d. In my opinion
5. Betty : “What do you think of the book?”
Amellia : “... I really love it.”
a. It’s terrific
b. It’s disappointed
c. It’s horrible
d. It’s displeasing

Complete the conversation with expressions given (10 points)

a. Thank you c. It’s ok e. On wednesday
b. Can I help you? d. Would you like to come?
Secretary : “Johnson Ltd. (6) (B) Can I help you ?”
Mr. Richard : “Hello, this is Mr. Richard from Gamma Industries Ltd. I’d like to have an
Appointment with Mr. John.”
Secretary : “Oh, yes, Mr.Richard. When would you like to come?”
Mr.Richard : “(7) (E)On wednesday, if possible.”
Secretary : “Let me consult Mr.John’s schedule. Yes I think it’ll be all right. What time do
you suggest?”
Mr.Richard : “Suppose we make it 14 p.m. Will it suit you?”
Secretary : “Yes, that’s perfect. (8)(A) Thank you Good-bye.”

a. You’re so kind c. has received

b. Thank you d. receives

A : “Hello! Can I speak to somebody from the Logistics Department, please?”

B : “Secretary”s speaking.”
A : “This is Wilkins from Eastwood Ltd. I’d like to know if Mr.Laurence (9) (C) has
received an invitation to our annual meeting on December 12th ?”
B : “Yes, we have reveived your invitation. (10) (b)Thank you
A : “Thank you. Good-bye.”
B : “Good-bye”

II. Grammar
A. Complete the sentences with the correct form, Gerund or Infinitive, using the
word in brackets (10 points)

11. The main activities of our company are (transporting) goods and (processing) the
required documentation.
12. I’d like to speak to the managers (to supervise) this work.
13. (Transporting) goods is the main activity of our company.
14. They suggested (to travel) by train.
15. I regret (to inform) you that you didn’t pass the test.
16. Lucy told us where (to find) many antique stuff.
17. Herdian is interested in (becoming) a Pilot.
18. In holiday, we decided (to rent) a cottage in Bali.
19. Sandra keeps (talking) about her family’s problems.
20. I can’t bear (to have) so much happiness with my friends.

B. Change from Active to Passive. The underline words are the passive subject (20
21. Importers and exporters regularly use letters of credit to protect themselves.
= the letters of credit is regularly use by Importers and exporters to protect themselves
22. Frequently, trading partners employ a combination of payment method.
= A combination of payment method are frequently employed by trading partners
23. The manager has interviewed some candidates.
=Some candidates have been interviewed by the manager
24. Businessmen must choose a suitable payment method.
= A suitable payment method must be choosen by businessmen.
25. Japan exported millions of cars last year.
= Million of cars were exported by Japan last year.
26. They are building a new ring road round the city.
= A new ring road is being built round the city
27. Now we are negotiating the details of the contract.
= The details of the contract are being negotiated.
28. Yesterday the company sent goods directly to the buyer with a request for payment at the
appropriate time.
= Goods were sent to the buyer by the company with a request for payment at the
appropriate time yesterday
29. The remitting bank has already sent the documents to the importer’s bank
= The documents has been sent to the importer’s bank by the remitting bank
30. The boss had instructed her to type the letter.
= She had been instructed to type the letter by the boss.

C. Complete the following sentences with who, which, whom, whose, when, and
where (10 points)

31. A salesman who makes the customers feel appreciated is likely to be successful.
32. Public goods are commodities which can be provided to everyone as easily as it can be
provided to one person.
33. It is the movement of prices which brings supply and demand into balance.
34. The woman whose ambition is to become a governor is very smart.
35. This is the restaurant where I ate dinner last week.
36. This is the month when they will get married.
37. The main production units of the seaport are cargo handling complexes, which all loading
and unloading operations are carried out.
38. Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf, studied in a university and did very well.
39. The team which you were watching has won three medals.
40. You should complaint to the people whom supplied it.


Answer the following questions based on the reading text below (10 points)
Seaports are important interfaces in the supply chain between sea and land
transportation. Seaports are points of convergence of inland and coastal transportation
systems. Some seaports are primarily focused on cargo and commercial trade, while others
cater to passenger boats like cruise ships; many seaports provide facilities for a mix of uses.
Seaports are responsible for ensuring safe navigation and proper operation within the port
including registration of vessels issue and check-up of ship’s papers, clearance of vessels,
organization of pilotage and towage service, environmental control, etc.

A typical seaport includes equipment and facilities for handling and storing cargo:
water areas, land territories, warehouses and open storage facilities, passenger terminals,
cranes, approach ways for railway and motor transport. Ship building and repair 97
companies are typically located near ports for the convenience of their clients. Seaport
management controls various port operations such as embarking, disembarking and
transferring of passengers and crew, loading/unloading and trans-shipment of cargo to and
from the vessels, storage and warehousing of merchandise on land and stevedoring to and
from vessels, etc.

The main production units of the seaport are cargo handling complexes, where all
loading and unloading operations are carried out. The complexes specialize in handling
specific types of cargoes: general cargo, timber, coal, containers, etc.). Each cargo handling
complex comprises terminals, stevedore gangs, traffic control service, warehouse and open
storage personnel. To facilitate and improve seaport management ports are provided with
information computing centres that are equipped with up-to-date sophisticated computers. As
a result, a lot of problems are solved by computers.

Answer the following questions :

Tell about the above text in brief using your own words!

Seaports are important links and convergence points in the supply chain between sea
and land transportation. Sea ports have several uses such as cargo, commercial trade, and
cruise ships. The seaport has the responsibility to detect safe navigation and proper
operations inside the port, such as ship problems, inspection of ship documents, organization
of pilotage and towage service, environmental control, etc.
A port usually have a facilities and equipment used to handle and store cargo such as
water areas, land areas, warehouses and open storage facilities, passenger terminals,
cranes, connecting bridges for railways and motorized vehicles. Regular manufacturing and
repairs are carried out near the port. Port management works by controlling the various
operations that occur at the port related to cargo transportation and storage, passenger
mobilization and warehousing of goods.
The main production at the port is handling cargo from loading to unloading. This
complex handles various types of cargo (general, wood, coal, etc.). This cargo consists of
terminals, stevedore gangs, traffic control services, warehouse and open storage personnel.
To improve and facilitate the management port, the port provides computational information
centers with sophisticated computers that can solve various problems

Choose ONE topic and write 100-150 words paragraph about the topic! (30 points)

a. Write a telephone conversation about making an appointment.

b. Write a complaint letter due to unsatisfactory delivery order.
c. Write a dialogue about handling complaint

A : Thank you for calling Sun.Co Company, Anna speaking. How can I help you?

B : Hello, this is Isabel Stevens. May I speak with Mark Sloan, please?

A : Please hold, and I’ll put you through to his office

B : I’m sorry, it appears Mr. Sloan is not available at the moment. He may have stepped out
for lunch. Would you like to leave a message?

A : Yes, could you ask him to call me back later? I don’t believe he has my new office
number – it’s 387-2606

B : Of course, Ms. Stevens. I’ll make sure he gets the message

A : Thank you, goodbye.