What is the biodisc?

The BioDisc is made of technically engineered natural minerals which have been structurally bonded in glass, at molecular level, using high heat fusion methods. This long-lasting natural scalar resonance has the ability to be transferred to and rejuvenate the molecular structures of all liquids. The BioDisc has been evaluated by various institutions and is known to reduce water surface tension value. This in turn makes water more hydratious and improves the transfer of nutrients in and out of the body cells. Water treated with the BioDisc also produces beautiful and good water crystals, an indication of water with high energy levels and good quality. Various test results also reveal that the BioDisc can increase the energy and harmony levels in users who use the disc or drink water treated with it.

Blood Cell Analysis

Blood Cells of 28 year old man Blood Cells of 63 year old man not drinking BioDisc treated water drinking BioDisc treated water

The image is of blood that was The image above is of a quantity of placed on a glass slide immediately the same sample that was placed after being sampled. (Notice the on a BioDisc for 20 minutes prior coining of the cells) to microscopic examination. (Notice the cell separation)

and enhance your immune system. You can also sleep better by placing the disc in the center of the bed. from the very first time you use it! • • Enhances the taste of food and beverages of all kinds. Reduce surface tension value of water (Certified by PSB Laboratory. • Place body lotions & oils on top of The BioDisc and your lotions and oil will become more absorbent. drinking a glass of water which has been placed on top of the BioDisc. The healing possibilities are endless. It means that the water is more hydratious and help improve the body nutrient uptake. or pouring water over the BioDisc can help you detoxify and hydrate all body cells. Feel more alive! Whether drinking or bathing. The BioDisc can make a world of difference in the way you feel. Place in refrigerator.. increase the amount of oxygen in your blood. Singapore). The Bio Disc has been known to: • Harmonize and balance the body’s rhythmus. • Energize and detoxify your drinking water. and all your food and beverages will be preserved and fresh for a longer period. • • Increases oxygenation of the blood • Improves Sleep .Benefits Put simply. or energize yourself by bathing with a BioDisc. dramatically hydrating all body cells while providing a feeling of overall wellness.

• . (Simply run water over the surface of the biodisc or place a glass of water on the the biodisc). Eczema & Scars Smokers (helps body expel the harmful tar) Travellers (Prevents Jetlag) Those looking for younger. Freckles. firmer skin tone Users of facial creams and other cosmetics (better absorption) Horticulturist and Gardners (improve plant growth by 32%) Car Drivers (improve takeoff speed by 25%) How to use the Biodisc Consume water that has been energised with the biodisc resonance.• Detoxifies and hydrates your body cells • Increases nutrient intake • Enhances immune system Who should use the BioDisc The Biodisc has been known to assist the following: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Diabetes High Blood Pressure Sinusitis Headaches & Migraines Water Retention Arthritis Back pain Migraine Kidney Ailments Alzheimers Cancer (Refer Barron Report) Aids Gout or Joint Pains Indigestion Stroke patients Bad Blood circulation & clots Breathing Problems / Asthma Sleeping Disorder or Insomnia Lactose Intolerance Skin and Nappy Rashes Skin Pigmentation.

Example. • Steam the energised water and breath in the water vapour.Hold the Bio Disc 20cm from the affected area and rotate an led torch light anti. • Create a Biodisc spray. Used primarily for pain relief. This is helpful for Minor Burns. • Set up a Healing Life Force Energy Field under your bed. Either place the Biodisc under your Bed. • Simply carry the biodisc on you. it releases the oxygen at the dermis.clockwise for approx. Itches and any Skin Allergies. When it reaches the dermis. Or fill 4 softdrink bottles with energised water and place on the four corners of your bed. Rashes. those suffering from Asthma • Rub facial cream and other cosmetics on biodisc in an anti-clockwise direction before applying to skin. • Care Instructions Fragile and Breakable Do not expose to extreme temperatures (Hot or Cold) Do not place in freezer compartment of refrigerator . The effect of placing the bottles under each corner sets up a gentle positive energy field that your body absorbs during sleep. How? Energise water and place into a spray bottle. Simply spray the water on the affected area. The sprayed water is absorbed into the skin. 10 minutes or till pain subsides. Mild Sun Burn.