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George decided to ____________ from his step down step down from

position as company chairman.

Don't tell me you've read War and Peace already
The news report ____________ the plight of highlighted
the refugees.
She always fights best when the chips difficult situation
____________ are down.
The Sales Manager spent several months building team building
____________ up his team.
James had, __________, saved the at least
manuscript of his first novel from the
burning house.
The minister made no __________ of any mention mention of
further negotiations.
Activities in the department store were disrupted
____________ by animal rights activists
protesting against the sale of fur coats.
In the early years of the twentieth broke out rebellions break out
century, several rebellions ____________
in the northern parts of the country.
He broke his arm in two places and it was knit broken bones knit=
a long time before the bones would összeforrnak
As the election results came through, the conceded concede defeat
Prime Minister ____________ defeat.
Any athlete who aims to ____________ enhance enhance/improve +
performance by taking drugs is likely to performance
be detected and banned.
The bad weather ____________ longer than carried on = continue
had been expected.
Anyone ____________ ticket has been stolen whose
should contact the airline immediately.
Mary said she wanted to be Prime Minister outdone not to be outdone
when she grew up but Anna, not to be
____________, said she was going to be
You'll be willing to help, ____________ won’t You will…, won’t you?
Let's do our best to help, ____________ shall shall we?
Attendance at the council meeting was very poor poor/low attendance
Before his act, the magician had to plant (secretly)
____________ an assistant in the audience.
Douglas took ____________ of his meeting advantage take advantage of
with the Prime Minister to argue his case.
She got the job ____________ of in the face in the face of = vminek
considerable competition. ellenére
Being alone in the house all day looking thin wear thin
after three young children is enough to
make anyone's patience wear ____________.
The minister assured us that there were ample = sufficient
____________ funds for this project.
William is an authority ____________ on authority on
medieval tapestries.
There are hundreds of endangered species endangered species
____________ in the world.
He always wants to have things his own way have it your (own) way
The consultant outlined the patient’s symptoms symptoms of an illness
____________ and asked the students to
identify the disease.
The police promised him ____________ from immunity immunity from prosecution
prosecution if he co-operated with them
I could tell that John didn’t know there
____________ had been an accident.
He is a man ____________ to the police. known known criminal
Harold would rather we ____________ hold didn’t I’d rather you didn’t so sg
the meeting on Friday.
The police asked the kidnappers to extend to extend a deadline
____________ the deadline by six hours.
Marcus never writes the timetable down. He head do sg in your head
keeps it in his ____________.
Scottish pound notes are not legal tender legal tender
____________ in England.
____________ do his views reflect those of to what = how much
the company as a whole? extent
If only he ____________ help us by talking could
directly to the boss.
Guy was ____________ the conspiracy drawn into draw sb into sg = belevon
because of his friendship with the
____________ no fault of his own, Brian Through through no fault of sb’s
was an hour late for the meeting. own
The forecasters take a gloomy __________ view gloomy view
of the economic future.
Tania was ____________ after the accident incapacitated = munkaképtelen
and had to spend several weeks in bed.
Since he spoke about the subject so getting at
indirectly, it was difficult to see what
he was __________.
Extra blankets will be supplied on request supply on request
____________ had I left the hotel when I Hardly hardly…when
was surrounded by photographers.
____________ we understand his reasons, we Even if
cannot condone his behaviour.
The accused ____________ guilty to all pleaded plead guilty/innocent
Many of his best photographs of the under be under fire =be shot at
conflict were taken when he was actually
____________ fire.
Failure to ____________ with the rules comply comply with the rules
will result in dismissal.
He justified his harsh words on the heat in the heat of the moment =
grounds that they had been made in the when feelings are strong
____________ of the moment.
The old house was unable to withstand the onslaught the onslaught of sg
____________ of severe winter weather and =unpleasant effect that
suffered considerable structural damage. caused damage
The unpaid bills will be ____________ to carried over számlaátvezetés
next month's account.
Householders were told not to use hose- precaution as a precaution against sg
pipes as a(n) ____________ against a
serious water shortage.
Her ability, ____________ with a coupled coupled with
determination to succeed, should make her
very successful.
Helen was very much in ____________ of her awe be/stand in awe of sb =
father. hold sb in awe = to admire
This singer is on the ____________ of a threshold on the threshold of
wonderful career.
The President decided to release a number gesture as a gesture of
of political prisoners as a(n)
____________ of goodwill.
Many people ____________ pleasure in take take pleasure in (doing) sg
looking after their gardens.
The patient’s heart-rate and breathing monitored
must be carefully ____________ during the
James was ____________ from school for bad expelled expelled from school
‘There is no further treatment we can course take/run its course =reach
give,’ said Dr Jekyll. ‘We must let the a natural end
disease take its __________.’
In this district there is a growing divide strong difference between
____________ between those with jobs and
those without.
Sally has an amazing ____________ of jokes repertoire amazing repertoire of sg
that she uses to good effect at parties.
The townspeople formed a ____________ mob lynch a lynch mob
to find and kill the man who killed the
Check the bottles carefully to make sure tampered with
they have not been ____________.
I've got just enough time for a word with short short and snappy
you, as long as you make it ____________
and snappy.
At this time of year farmers ____________ gather bring in, gather, harvest,
their crops and store them for winter. reap + CROP
The children have such ____________ voracious falánk, telhetetlen, mohó
appetites that I have to cook them double
"I don't believe you! You're having me on you’re having me on!
____________!’" said Jack. Ugratsz!
Stephen felt ____________ about changing apprehensive apprehensive of/about =
his job. worried or nervous about sg
His ideas about the future of the company tally tally with = egyezik
did not ____________ with those of the
Don’t tell anyone about this, will you Don’t tell…, will you?
The child showed his ____________ of the disapproval feel/show disapproval of
food by leaving most of it on his plate. sg/sb
The new recruits were put under a lot of pressure put under pressure
'‘We have ____________!'’ said the lift-off = when a rocket or
controller, as the rocket rose into the spacecraft leaves the
air. ground
Mary wanted to give Nigel a present that ordinary out of ordinary = unusual
was a little bit out of the ____________.
____________ attempts were made to reach Strenuous strenuous attempts
those buried beneath the rubble of the
collapsed building.
A ____________for the company said that spokesperson
the matter was being investigated.
The company was dealt a ____________ blow mortal mortal blow/danger/wound
when its chief designer deserted to
another firm.
We couldn’t have afforded to buy the house meet meet/bear the cost (of sg)
if our parents hadn'’t helped us to =pay (for sg)
____________ the cost.
____________ it not for your help, I would Were
never be able to manage.
____________ for Tom’s opposition, we Had it not
would have agreed to the contract. been
Doctors are often ____________ to called out call sb out = ask sb to
accidents in rural areas. help in an emergency
The racing-driver climbed out of the unscathed =not injured or harmed
wreckage completely ____________.
____________ what he says, observe what he Never mind
The police car drove into the car park and pulled up =stop a vehicle
____________ sharply.
'You are not comparing ____________ with like compare like with like
like,'’ said Margaret.
They attempted to ____________ the restore
painting to its original condition.
The tracker stalked the tiger for days but eluded elude =escape from
the animal ____________ capture.
When attacked by his opponents, the hit back =attack, criticize
general ____________ with a strong
justification for his policy.
The soldiers had little to ____________ gain have
from delaying military action. everything/much/little/a
lot/nothing to gain/be
People expect their representatives on the address
council to be ready and willing to
____________ the important local issues.
'‘There is no ____________ of forced sign there is no sign of sb/sg
entry,'’ said Inspector Morse.
The cut on his face needed twelve stitches =öltés
Adam is thought ____________ at sea. to have been
It was a disaster on the ____________ of scale on the scale of
the nuclear accident at Chernobyl.
The High Street in Cambridge is blocked by shed if a lorry sheds its load =
a lorry that has ____________ its load. elhullajtja a rakományát
Mark had to ____________ his pocket money earn earn (pocket) money
by doing jobs around the house.
The defenders ____________ the enemy until held off hold off = távoltart
reinforcements arrived.
The prisoner escaped by ____________ of a means by means of =vmi
rope ladder. segítségével
For a couple of hours after I left the numb zsibbadt, érzéstelenített
dentist’s my jaw was still ____________.
John ____________ it upon himself to took take it upon/on oneself to
ensure that everyone had satisfactory do sg
The rocks in this area have been eroded If rock or soil erodes or
____________ into strange shapes by the is eroded by the weather,
wind and rain. sea, or wind, it cracks and
The cliffs on this part of the coast are eroded breaks so that it is
being ____________ by the sea. gradually destroyed.
Your son has the ____________ of a fine makings have the makings of
He walked from the court a free man, acquitted acquit of a
having been __________ of murder. crime=felmentették
Mrs Archer is known ____________ the to have known to have
finest collection of twentieth century art
in private hands.
Mr Jones gave his sons some money to set set up a business
__________ them up in business.
When both parents went to prison, social into take the children into care
workers took the children ____________ = állami gondozásba ad
All but two of the injured were discharged discharge from hospital
____________ from hospital within twenty-
four hours.
Over the centuries the feet of many worn down wear sg down lekoptat
visitors have ____________ the steps to
the castle.
To get his proposal accepted, the Finance fend off =elhárít
Manager had to ____________ heavy pressure
from colleagues.
I wish the neighbours __________ making so would stop
much noise.
In the dispute with his neighbour, Mr list have a long list of
Smith had a long ____________ of grievances
The entire machine was ____________, taken dismantled dismantle= szétszerel
to another factory and re- assembled
Such a horrible crime created a sense of outrage
____________ among the public.
We need guaranteed financial ____________ backing financial backing=financial
before we can even start the design work. support
General Custer was confident of victory outnumbered
despite being vastly __________ by the
Christopher is prepared to ____________ stake stake sg on sb = to risk sg
his professional reputation on the idea valuable on the result of
that this stone circle originally had an sg
astronomical purpose.
Mrs Nelson's baby is now two weeks overdue = was expected to be born 2
__________. weeks ago
Her training in accountancy provided a basis sound basis
sound ____________ for work in the
financial world.
Sebastian got ____________ for damaging ticked off tick sb off = scold sb =
his bicycle. leszid
In ____________, it was a bad idea to pay retrospect in retrospect
him in cash.
The minister received ____________ a show such
of support that it was impossible to think
he would resign.
Anna sat on the grass ___________ an munching
The troops were positioned in ____________ readiness in readiness for a future
for action. event
The ministry refused to __________ the release officially show, közzétesz
figures to the press.
The banks ____________ the Government’s welcomed
new proposals on credit control.
At the end of the day the shopkeeper takings bevételek
walked to the bank, carrying the day's
____________ in a special bag.
Everyone on the trip was ____________ on intent intent on/upon (doing) sg
getting as much out of it as possible.
____________ we need to complete the All all we need to do
repairs is £2,000.
After eating the apple she threw the core apple core = almacsutka
____________ in the bin.
Since the information was already in the domain sg is in the public domain
public ____________ the newspaper felt
free to publish it.
As they came under heavy fire, the captain fall back to fall back = to retreat
ordered his men to __________.
Steve __________ his chances of passing by threw away This could be the best
spending too much time on the first chance you’ll ever have.
question. Don’t throw it away!
Sally’s remark that she was feeling worn provoked provoke + thought
out ___________thoughts of a holiday.
The down and outs under the railway bridge hurled to hurl= throw sg violently
____________ stones at the rats to keep
them away.
This new instrument is ____________ us a giving okoz
lot of trouble.
__________ comes a time when you have to There there + come + S
make a decision and stick to it.
I don't think that this fashion will catch on =become popular/fashionable
Before you start making the pudding, make ingredients
sure you have all the necessary
____________ ready.
He's very keen, but has he got the stamina course stay the course=végigcsinál
to stay the ____________?
This champion racehorse is one in a million one in a million
I revised my views ____________ comments in the light in the light of=considering
from colleagues. of
Rachel has a highly developed ____________ appreciation műértés
of fine art.
____________ his love of swimming, it's Given taking it into account
hardly surprising he enjoys spending his
holidays by the sea.
There is nothing we can do ____________ other other than
than wait.
He works hard, but ____________ of his at the at the expense of sg
health. expense
The lawyer insisted that his client should
__________ never have been arrested in the
first place.
You have failed to pay the outstanding consequently következésképp
bill and, ____________, we have been
forced to take the matter further.
Mr Nixon refused to answer the questions grounds on the grounds that
on the __________ that the matter was
Continue ____________ the sauce to prevent stirring to stir = kavarni
it sticking to the pan.
John’s observation was a bit wide of the mark wide of the mark =
____________. incorrect / inaccurate

You must refrain ____________ tea or from drinking refrain from (doing) sg
coffee while taking this medicine.
That is a view to which I do not subscribe subscribe to an idea =
____________. support
How voters will react to this latest remains sg remains to be done/seen
political scandal __________ to be seen.
As he read the text aloud, the newscaster stumbled stumble over/at /through
____________ over the words.
After the engine failed, the boat just drifted drift with the current
____________ with the current.
In terms of protocol, the President takes precedence sg takes precedence over sg
____________ over all others in the else
The government decided to ____________ crack to crack down on
down on income tax evasion.
Most people would ____________ at the jump jump at the chance of
chance of working for that company. (doing) sg
The sound of the waves ____________ on the breaking a wave breaks
shore lulled her to sleep.
The two sides are entrenched and any yield = produce a result
meeting between them is unlikely to
____________ a result.
Because of the ice, drivers found their skidded a vehicle skids
cars ____________ on the road. (megcsúszik)
All things ____________, he is the best considered all things considered
president we are likely to get.
Sally regretted ____________ the telling regret doing sg
journalist so much.
Jane’s very modest, always ____________ playing down nem kérkedik vele
her success.
Every worker gets an extra month's salary bonus end-of-year bonus
as an end-of-year __________.
Jack and Christine wondered how the spread rumours spread (terjed)
rumours had begun to __________.
It was difficult for the lecturer to project project your voice
____________ his voice to the back of the
There is more work here than I can cope with to cope with sg =
____________ on my own. megbírkózni
Although he was regarded as being a terms in financial terms
talented actor, his career was not a
success in financial ____________.
Opinion polls are conducted in order to gauge to gauge = felbecsül,
____________ public attitudes and views. felmér
He ____________ his life to the skill of owes owe sg to sb
the surgeons.
The president declared that time was running time is running out
____________ in the search for peace.
Closure of schools took place ____________ in the in the context of
falling numbers of pupils. context of =összefügg
Jane'’s been ____________ a bad patch -– a going through go through a bad/rough
holiday should cheer her up. patch
The scientist’s claim to have visited derising derising laughter=gúnyos
other planets was greeted with nevetés
____________ laughter from his colleagues.
The machine should have switched itself so fail to do so
off but it failed to do ____________.
The helicopter ____________ over the ship hovered
and lowered a doctor onto the deck.
The company doesn'’t have a graphics farms farm sb/sg out =bérbe
section and ____________ out all its vesz/ad
design work.
It was decided that ____________ the we would meet
following Thursday.
This painting stands a good ____________ chance stand a chance of doing sg
of winning the prize.
There was ____________ coverage of the extensive
story on all the television channels.
I'm not surprised people are arguing - end be at the end of ones
they are at the ____________ of their tether
She has not yet got ____________ her over get over an illness
recent illness.
This is a matter of the ____________ utmost
After three weeks the cut on Tom's hand healed
had still not ____________.
You may not have liked her, but did you need
____________ be quite so rude? to
I expect ____________ the course next to complete expect to do sg
It's ____________ he was trying to tell us as if mintha
____________ is understood to be no There
question of a criminal act having taken
You'd rather speak to him yourself, wouldn’t you You would…, wouldn’t you?
He's a tough politician - he knows how to ride out ride out a storm or a
____________ the storm. crisis
(survive a difficult period without
suffering too much)
This book will be a delight to seasoned = tapasztalt, viharedzett
____________ readers of science fiction.
____________ you had to find a new job, Supposing
what would you like to do?
____________ I'm concerned he's the best As far as as far as I know
manager this company has ever had.
Children are always trying to find out how far meddig mehetnek el
____________ they can go with a new
The company is suspected ____________ the of breaking suspect sb of (doing) sg
trade embargo.
In any ____________ period, examples can given a/any given period
be found of new words entering the
After months of getting ____________, the nowhere get/go nowhere =make no
detectives began to feel that they were progress
onto something.
The general was relieved of his command blunders = stupid, careless mistake
after committing one of the worst
____________ in the history of warfare.
I’ve been meaning to ____________ get round to get round to- sort kerít rá
repairing that fence for ages.
After a fall in profits, the company pull out of pull out of an agreement/
decided to ____________ the hotel contest/organisation
(=withdraw from it)
____________ from collecting shells, he Apart apart from
also enjoys looking for fossils.
The dealer ____________ the cards before shuffled shuffle the cards
the game began
She'’s clever enough, but if her course distance go the (full distance)
lasts for six years, there are those who =finish sg
wonder if she’'ll go the ____________.
The politician knew exactly how to call forth call forth= produce a
____________ a response from the audience. reaction
I don'’t need to know the whole story, gist
just give me the ____________.
In this quiz you have the chance to pit pit your wits against sb
____________ your wits against the most
intelligent people in England.
While on holiday Walter and Daisy were up in be/get caught up in sg
caught ____________ a military coup. = be/get involved sg bad
This court deals only with ____________ petty petty crime
He found that the test was child's play child’s play =easy,
____________. gyerekjáték
We decided to ____________ a coin to see toss toss/flip a coin
who would go first.
The training manager told the trainees mastered
that they would have ____________ all the
techniques needed in selling by the end of
the course.
More than thirty people ____________ gave give evidence = tanúzás
evidence to the court during the four-week
Our company has holidays that ____________ cater cater for
for all tastes.
He was awarded a medal in ____________ of recognition in recognition of
his services to the Queen,
It is very appropriate that the prize should
____________ go to such a young architect.
The two trains came ____________ ten within
metres of collision.
I didn'’t learn very much ____________ my durning
time at that college.
A considerable ____________ of folklore body body of sg=large amount of
has built up regarding the magical sg
properties of sites such as Stonehenge.
The King showed his mercy by ____________ sparing spare sb’s life=not kill sb
the rebels’' lives.
Michael was the __________ force behind driving driving force
the company's rapid expansion.
He bought the cottage ____________ with a view azzal a szándékkal, hogy
renovating it and then selling at a large to
Don'’t look so worried! You should take pinch take sg with a pinch of
the boss’'s remarks with a ____________ of salt
salt. =fenntartással fogad
The lawyer claimed that the tests had been so
carried out by experienced scientists but
this is not necessarily ____________.
Do not ____________ the driver while the distract elvonja a figyelmét
bus is in motion.
At the party conference, the Prime won gain/get/receive/secure/win
Minister ____________ backing for his new + BACKING
Many actors go through a ____________ when phase go through a phase
their lack of work makes them question
their vocation.
Casinos ensure there is a healthy margin árkülönbözet, haszon
____________ between what they take from
gamblers and what they pay out.
The teacher is only too ____________ with familiar familiar with
the difficulties caused by disruptive
Tom trains hard, is talented and eager to short in short = egyszóval,
win - he is, in ___________, the perfect röviden
The ____________ of the pudding is in the proof the proof of the pudding
This type of cheese is very hard to come hard to come by=difficult
____________ by. to find
The soldiers walked cautiously through the apparently látszólagosan
__________ deserted streets.
At the scene of the disaster the Prince grieving gyászoló
said some comforting words to the
__________ relatives.
In the ____________ climate, it is current present/current/prevailing
difficult to anticipate what the political + CLIMATE
reaction will be.
'Relax,’' said Harry. '‘We’re ____________ over to be over the worst
the worst.'’
It's obvious from the car he drives that booming =improving, succeeding
John's business is ____________. steadily
Schoolchildren are gifted at ____________ coining coining nicknames
nicknames for their teachers.
Can you take __________ of the shop while charge take charge of = take
Mr Bentall is away? control of
After years of working together, the inextricably inextricably linked with
partners found themselves ____________
Farmers decided to ____________ outside picket (nem sztrájkolókat)
the Ministry of Agriculture in protest munkahelytől távol tart
against the cut in subsidies.
He was told that students over the age of grant student grant, anyagi
twenty-six were not entitled to a támogatás
government ____________ to help with their
After their catastrophic defeat the remnants
____________ of the army made their way
back to their mountain strongholds.
Most of the victims died because they inhaled
____________ poisonous fumes.
Twenty people were arrested during the whom
demonstration, of ____________ four were
charged with obstruction.

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