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han cult Living in streets: bad deal? By Stefan Kertesz ‘A man is dealing cards from been very rough. He was depres- ing to get him to understand, {all deck to 3 billion players seat- sed, resentful, and yet still vague I don't think | understand en- fed at a large round table. Every ly in love with his wife, tirely, but I ean see him and me player gets to play his hand, to He told me he feltjonely,and exchanging places very easily. He ‘win or to lose. Winners, of course, I don’t think it was for lack of could have been born an only. are happy, and if not happy,at companionship, but rather be- _ child to parents who were well: least they're satisfied, ‘cause confronting his tragedy was off, and I eould have grown up in fee and Winners have anasty habit of something he had todo entirely a family with 16 other siblings Tt Student attributing their success simply toby himself, because no one but he would simply depend on the cards ef how well they played and forget, could bring himself to peace with That's what pains me. Living on the importance of the hand they his past. in the upper-middle elas, i's easy futhre, were originally dealt Ho. af all the mon Tmet stands to love track af the initial Tiel Losers. In thote eyes, are simply ‘mind, per- required to br dealt the proper bad players. Never mind that the most cards while sitting at that table think just like the like me. He had only been “out” — with 3 billion others. I wouldn't DQ Wares th losers played poorly, for two weeks. He was still clean have had to be dealt cards for te ‘oF Perhaps they antagonized the and [had no problem imagining dia or some other place am tar beh suck etfig Dealer, and deserved the cards him in a job, way either, Growing up in a poor they got. His feelings of loneliness and home in San Jose might be just as ferent {in any case, losers, well, if they resentment weren't clouded by _ harrowing an experience. 1H ‘eared, they would play a bit more years of living on the road. think if 1 could change one tools,” swiftly Instead, they were fresh enough thing it would be to rekindle that - Today I went to we the people that could understand those feel. idea of “the earde”insomety. Tt ‘unity who were dealt the wrong cards. ‘ings, even claim to have felt them we realized that it was only a mat. I paid vist tothe clientele of the in my own life, though in nowhore ter of chance that we ended up ents San Jose Reseue Mision and the as serous curcumstances. He where we are and someone ele @ they” residents of the Guadalupe River spoke: ‘smoothly, where he is, then we might think af the bed, the kind of people I had al- So this evening Itthink back twice about the people we fre- ways tried to ignore. upon him and imagine him sitting quently ignore. Each one was quite a bit iffer- here in my bedroom listening to" Society ai dovent really tnt from the other. In fact, they thestereo, and me out in the allow forthe people who are dealt were s different as you and me. field, sleeping on a matress. Ican bad vards. We would prefer to see ‘That was surprise No.1. Poor see him going to school, and Ian them (not) dwindle away when people, in my eyes, had always sce myself explaining ry felings what we really need is perhaps to been one toa high schoo! newspaper repor. give them a second chance atthe of “something” in sete ter, while peeling an orange, try didn’t matter what they “some- thing” was, just as long as it was on the other side of the tracks, ‘That isn’t to say didn’t care | Published at all, 1 did “care.” but ina stand offish sort of way. Toertainty March 9, 1984 Wiked to think that eared, but when I had nothing else to think fhout, oF when Twas trying to tm press others with what a noble me Cupertino, aye spirit Iwas, 95014, Sutwerption ate $6 Opinion | |S Tiguess if never quite hit home |C2*. 25 Feature: Michelle Buriat, Kelly Bran tuntil my trip to San Jose that while [have the great luxury of |. \Usicph mwasomC5e, Plots See being able to care at my leisure |(gogy 7as-a306. The banc i oeinted (during Christmastime and other | Specialty Grapher, Mountain View ‘odd moments), these people are ‘The Epitaph is published 12 times suring he schoo! year by the Associa ~ Views expressed in the Epitaph are actually in need all the time, not just when I think of them, Sur- ‘rise No. 2. ~ ‘Tspoke for some time with a jan, age 24. His wife had