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2nd Grade Newsletter

September 24-28, 2018

Upcoming Dates:
September 27: Early Release

Spelling Words- Lesson 6: Double consonants and ck

Dress Spell Class Full
Add Neck Stuck Kick
Rock Black Trick Doll
Will Off Across pocket
Vocabulary Words
Describe Details Explain Main purpose
Ripe Orchards Bins Warehouse

Note from the teacher:

 Students should read at least 20 minutes each night.
 Please check your child’s binder each night and sign/return any necessary documents. 

What we are working on this week:

* Subject to change I-ready lesson 13: Chapter 2, Communities Stemscopes –
Author’s purpose Lessons 11; i- and Resources States of
ready lesson 12 Matter/
Wednesday: Topics: Human Body
Math: Target Skill: Topics: Maps, Hispanic Parts and their
I-ready lesson 12 quiz Author’s Purpose 3-Digit Numbers Heritage functions
Social Studies: Topics:
Community and Grammar: Vocabulary: Vocabulary: States of
Resources Quiz Past tense of Hundreds, tens, Compass, north, Matter/
Thursday: irregular verbs (i- ones, thousand, south, east, west Human body
Math: ready lesson 7) digit, compare, Parts
Chapter 2 Test greater than, less Culture, customs Vocabulary:
than, equal to Solid, liquid,
Friday: gas, property,
ELA matter, brain,
-Spelling & Vocabulary heart, lungs,
Quiz stomach,
-Cold Read Test muscles,