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The Color of the Waters

Chapter I
The Legend "Impossible! This can't be real!" I said to myself, as for the first time I flew over Sands Island and contemplated the reverberating turquoise-green hues of that tropical lagoon inside the Manoa Volcano crater. Those unbelievable colors seemed to be the product of some delirious Fauvist painter's overflowing imagination and not of Mother Nature. Standing astonished on the shore of the lagoon some time later, I considered the fact that a photograph of the scene would be disloyal, an abomination, because the fulminant spell of that explosion of dislocated tints could only be experienced in person through a startled retina, live and direct. I felt that I had arrived in a sort of intimate paradise, one that had been somehow dreamed or portended, and, with the passage of time, I would learn that my presentiment was on target, very much on target. The good-natured Chief Musco, my respected friend from the Paho Tribe, by dint of our ongoing conversations that began with my first visit to the reservation, succeeded in casting keen glances into my soul. Apparently he did not disapprove of such intangible evidence, and he and his tribe finally decided to offer me their friendship, affection and confidence, a privilege rarely granted a white person. One night he dared relate to me the secret legend of his tribe, the one meant to reveal the origin of the lagoon's extraordinary chromatic gamut. After dinner in his home not far from the volcano, in the rear, most private corner of his hut-it consisted of four pillars and a straw roof-and while seated next to smoldering logs that painted his noble face with shifting orange light, he asked that I never reveal the legend that he was about to tell me. Naturally, I agreed. He said that those prodigious turquoise tones reflected the brilliance and color of the fascinating eyes of a beautiful princess, a divinity, the inhabitant of a Temple submerged at the bottom of the volcano crater, trapped there as the victim of a millennial spell predating, not only the arrival of the white man in those islands, but also that of the Paho. He affirmed that the islands were the rocky, vegetal remnant of a resplendent prior civilization now vanished, lost in the initial ages, the witness to unfathomable constellations. The legend says that on the day when the Designated One-the man who has been anointed by the atemporal oracles-appears upon the shore of the lagoon, the princess will be liberated and again become human. She will then make him forever happy, thanks to her unconditional love, limitless wisdom, and sublime beauty. Then, and only then, will those waters lose their magic color. In his youth, Catú, Musco's grandfather, had the portentous privilege of contemplating her personally, as have many others throughout generations immemorial. According to the charming story, each century one or two mortals have had the great fortune to enjoy a fleeting glimpse of her startling beauty, even to speak with her; but since none of them was the Chosen One, none ever saw her again.


Never. gazing reverently at the summit of the volcano. with auguries.For all of those men. and I do not like returning to my previous year's rental. is searching for the suitable house. international show business folks. his dazzled eyes had beheld the goddess and that he had even taken hold of her silky hand. It was located on the outskirts of a small. When he was a young man full of life. moreover. I mean. And I cannot claim to understand what mysterious displacements of consciousness their inextricable liquid concoctions and ritual potions might produce in them. more wretched than fortunate. When I arrived that year I went directly to Jeff's real estate office. I simply listened respectfully. and this was one of them. because almost no one wants to rent cottages in winter. I had that habit. the Paho. and ancient sorcery. One of my preliminary pleasures. since on the island it is always spring or summer-because when it is not high season there are fewer visitors. An extraordinary people. but their psychic make-up is very different from our own. which is why they never lie. "You old son of a gun! So you're finally showing your face around here! Jeff found a dream of a cottage for you! We didn't want to show it to anyone else because we knew that fate had reserved it for you. because of that captivating lagoon. The fact is that. and their accompanying entourage of 4 . although it costs me the price of two or three nights' lodging in a hotel. They live alongside the spirits of their archaic ancestors. I prefer to take my vacations in winter-in winter on the continent." he said. far from the island's big vacation centers frequented by the jet set. golden carpet over all the beach surrounding the island and giving it its name-many years ago I chose Sands as my definitive vacation refuge. Catú later swore to me. soft. or. I always stay in one of the many little towns that encircle it. and you have your choice of cottages. whatever the origin of its bewitching tonalities-in addition to the generous sun and that famous sand spreading its warm. rather. Nevertheless. before even saying "hello. signs. of course. while mentally considering other explanations. a different one on each visit. however. He was away from the island but his associate appeared to have been waiting for me. almost shouting. the magic encounter proved fatal because the curse upon that place decreed that those who profaned the beauty of the Lady of the Waters would be punished for the rest of their days with a love wound inflicted upon their souls. When he saw me walk through the door. and prices are significantly more economical." Musco revealed. but as a scientist. almost hidden fishing village near the beach. I have always loved legends. did I consider the deed as an invention because the Paho are honorable people. I loved the wooden cottage surrounded on all four sides by impenetrable vegetation. you can take a walk without running into anyone. you do not have to stand in line anywhere." dignified and honest. and a very pretty one at that. I would much rather see the place before making my reservations. "real folks. "No mortal can have the privilege of contemplating the goddess's charms without paying the price of dying a little. mythical and poetic stories." «And also. I have the habit of disregarding their pertinence in the dimension of the concrete.» I thought to myself because I knew how Jeff and his staff conducted business: the truth wasn't exactly their specialty of the house.

hotdog and beer stands. finally. I drive my car towards the lagoon with the turquoise waters. windsurfing boards. every winter I free my mind by leaving everything behind and going to the island. No evidence. on the other hand. celebrity gawkers and fans. From the car I go directly to the lagoon. and considers me nuts. Despite the fact that I work in university classrooms teaching intricate and sometimes schizoid theoretical physics postulates. following by a short nap. or a seahorse. then I run for half an hour along the rough sand of the humid seaside. the place is a disaster that leads me to malignantly wish for a sudden. and I am simply transformed into one more creature of the landscape. When I am with someone else. Since I am a strong young man who is an aficionado of physical activity. illusory theater wrongly called civilization is dematerialized. and arriving at the interior of the crater. just as the perpetrators of many other unsolved crimes that have occurred on the island from time to time have never been apprehended. that I am submerging myself in the dimension of the True. preferably with the native cuisine. the enormous extinct volcano by means of the road that encircles it. But I never take anyone to my sacred havens. and then dive from a rock that serves as a natural diving board. by a plague apt to devastate the enchantment and peace of the island. and I begin to feel that I am reconciled with life. guiltily make of it. Later I dedicate myself to a difficult art that I still have not mastered very well: scaling palm trees. that I am undergoing a rebirth. without trying to touch bottom-it is said that the lagoon is bottomless-and then I stretch out on the shore to rest. but this has never been proven. later leaving a little before dusk. in other words. and exams. a palm tree. So sue me already. I swim from side to side at least four times. Because of this. jet-skis. expensive restaurants. the character I play in the fragile. I need only catch a glimpse of the volcano from the airplane. every morning I go to the beach to take a long swim. He calls me crazy. no. a use I. There. as if I were a seagull. who always partake of drugs and alcohol. in winter it is my unpolluted private paradise.reporters. I'm not referring to the bearded fifty-year-olds on Harley-Davidsons who are even sometimes nice guys. 5 . too. contemplate its hues for a while. Maybe I am. strident music-in short. shows and all that junk. Then I go to eat lunch in the cottage or in some simple restaurant. no guilty party. The disappearance of the previous chief of the Paho-Musco's father and Catú's son-has been blamed on them. and that's why he came closer and closer to the bull's-eye in locating the best house for me. there is no set routine: I simply let myself be taken around to discotheques. they were of my generation. young men on the latest model all-terrain motorcycles. and. Places invaded. Einstein. in my soul. prophylactic lava eruption… But. saying that everything is right at hand in the downtown area of the city. Only one thing in existence made you wish even more that you were far away from there: an intimidating gang of vicious specimens on motorcycles. Very seldom have I encountered other people there. my daily routine on the island is always the same-healthy although not very social. They are for me alone. or Max Planck. with metal piercings and tattoos all over their bodies. Jeff knew very well what I liked. I'm closer to the Paho and the fishermen than to Hollywood. classrooms. which must be as near the sea as possible and the furthest from any town or city. After ascending the Manoa. I leave the car in an esplanade that repeated usage has turned into a profane vehicular parking lot. packed beaches. If I'm alone. as an indispensable exorcism of the asphyxiating osmosis of theories. but in summer it's full of people. and then glide underwater a little. my most precious daily reward.

which was as still as a mirror in that irreal twilight in the shelter of the crater. A moonbeam completely illuminated her perfect smile. I turned around to look. leaving her smooth. taking advantage of the fact that in the tropical latitudes. slender model facing the cameras. with an almost imperceptible inclination of her head. the transition between dusk and darkness occurs with unusual speed. very harmoniously.. I heard the distant murmur of a feminine voice behind me. Her most spectacular feature. then I could contemplate her in all her astonishing beauty. simply perceiving. that fabulous. her large. she stopped and. sir. which clearly betrayed my need for some sort of explanation. I waited until the firmament was sprinkled with stars. The person was a well-proportioned woman with a slender. I looked at my watch. It is enough to slow down our thinking and savor with our entire being the gift that is offered each instant right before our eyes. looking at my face. Modulating her captivating voice. She was wearing a simple garment of white cloth. since the sky there is frequently misty and dotted with clouds. She walked in a very special way. extradimensional being from the Chief 6 ." She spoke with a slight. I saw the moon emerge behind the rim of the volcano. "Charmed to meet you. When even the smooth lilac of the setting sun was tinted with dark blue." Nevertheless. svelte body. while placing her hands upon her chest in a sort of exotic greeting. turquoise-colored. light sandals with leather ties that interlaced to above her ankles. Before getting up. I call this psychological exercise "dying to the past and being born to the present. white shoulders and arms exposed to view and offering a suggestion of her firm breasts. How simple the secret of life appears to me in moments like this. This seemed strange to me since no one had been there when I arrived. it looked as if it had been drawn with a compass. On this occasion fate rewarded me with the clearest sky that I had ever seen in Sands. I had not heard any automobile noise. Yes. All we need do is forget the past and the future. tied at her back. Each star that came out resembled a spotlight reflected in the lagoon. that she could be the princess from the lagoon. Her light. from my incessant reasoning. to completely enjoy this simple but extraordinary experience. was her eyes. high. deliberate. pleasing accent. she smiled slightly. An idea as dangerous as a panther in the night occurred to me. Round and brilliant. It tinted all the surroundings of the waters with silver and azure. naturalness and grace. very beautiful eyes that were. that covered her from bust to above the knees. Singing softly. without thinking about anything. When she had arrived in front of me. liked to ascend the Manoa on foot or by bicycle. It was only the Manoa and me. feminine cadence reminded me of a tall. slightly wavy hair. and my car was the only one in the parking lot. just the two of us. Seated on my towel on a rock. I had just enough time to make a pending engagement.. duplicating itself on the tranquil surface.That afternoon I finished my swim especially tired. Then I had an inspiration: why not contemplate the stars from inside the crater? I had never done that before and it seemed like a great idea. she declared. I always lack sufficient separation from my automatic mental activity. Her long. like a child who opens his eyes for the first time and sees. someone was approached alongside the lagoon. very black. straight shoulders. but one who was advancing much more slowly than usual and with enchanting equilibrium. almondshaped. But then I recalled that some people. perhaps the most supernatural. and long. less contaminated than I. very shapely legs culminated in a pair of fine.

as I've already said. not so easily. this is why I am unsusceptible to love at first sight. my relationships proceed as we gradually get to know each other and share. irremediable. all of her was entrancing-her fine. I developed the muscle that gives you the strength to resist seduction and temptation. Faithful to the death. I think this is due to the fact that. one had to apply the scalpel of the coldest analysis before making any sort of commitment. I offered her my towel to sit on. I know myself. Although not mine. mystic ritual. sticking out my belly like a fat man. a perfect. But. I remembered all this at that moment. I wasn't the sort of person who mixed the fantastic with reality. Because of this I have no fear of being easily bewitched and do not play the seducer. When confronted with love. "The pleasure is all mine. and charming around beautiful women. completely unable to avoid caressing her with my eyes and defenseless against my scarcely controllable. I could not. with much rational evaluation along the way. When I was a child I had shown a certain romantic predisposition that had made me think of a soul-mate type of love. I thought. therefore. hopeless. at least. sort of a playful protector. I like to act awkward at first. a professional secret). after years of struggling against my long resistance. "That's not necessary. I need to make a note on the margin. but. this inspires their confidence and affection. of course. Thanks to this way of thinking. the most impressive spectacle in the world. tall and elegant figure. I am usually a guy who is self-assured. so shifting and dangerous a terrain. But when I gave myself it was total. I liked to believe that somewhere there existed someone whom I unfailingly had to meet. while continuing to stare at her. Thanks a lot. a conscious choice made forever with an absolute prohibition against thinking of any other woman. entertaining. not with this one. or was unable to recall with whom I had fallen in love. this happened to Musco's grandfather and to countless others…» Suddenly I realized that in my head I was mixing the local mythology with reality. lifelong. and continued standing alongside me. much to the contrary.» But that adorable stranger was also capable of irreversibly captivating any masculine heart. and talking to them as if I were a guy who's kind of crazy and naïve. But as I grew up I had to face reality and consider these fantasies impractical. the way she moved. and I rectified my thoughts: «With the woman of the legend. my affections are never fleeting. I was incapable of thinking clearly. however: I 7 . her notable shape. and. eternal love. which turned her slightest gesture into the expression of a sacred. I had fallen in love only once in my entire life. «How easy it would be for any mortal whatsoever to fall in love with her in a manner that was definitive. and now all that remained were neurons for her. or did not want to. thanks to a covenant of souls conceived before this lifetime." I said respectfully. carrying everything away. as often occurs with dreamers. moreover. especially. strangely enough. and. growing tendency to idolize her. since at one time I made an ironclad promise of honor. That's how I am." she said. to think about her other attractions because her eyes were not her only feature capable of bewitching any mere mortal. rather. I preferred.Musco's legend. of course. rather. concentrating upon the contemplation of the reflection of the moon and the stars in the still water. although. or. something I repressed with difficulty. I mean. so that I can win them over more easily (shhhh. The overwhelming enchantment of that lady had produced a windstorm in my memory.

But this time I looked like an idiot. the heat and the touch of her skin were causing me major devastation. This was even worse.. Surely she was accustomed to provoking this sort of masculine reaction." she said to me. meanwhile. my prestige is involved. recovering my total self-control. above all. although agreeable and pleasing energy. inundating them with a warm. "Sit down here next to me so that we can enjoy this spectacle together. and I had not even cast a glance at it. sweet. powerful. She intertwined her fingers at the nape of her neck. I made myself comfortable beside that woman without taking my eyes off her for a moment. remained standing and observed only her. little by little I was growing accustomed to the situation. "Come on. then rested her body upon her heels. unknown. I put on the brakes to recover my self-control. relinquished the way to her. my healthy pride. 8 . my self-worth. Something like that… But. half-enchanted. If only looking at her had left me half crazy. taking my hand and leading me towards the highest rocks of the crater. I felt like an idiot for never having thought of climbing those rocks to see the landscape by night. as if it were a thin silver thread stringing together brilliant beads. I. and. but the nocturnal view was much superior." she then remarked with a friendly smile. In the moonlight the beach was bathed in clear foam for as far as the eye could see. I know how to control my passions. holding her torso erect. not only because her figure was delicious when seen from the back (her neckline dipped almost to her waist). but also because she gave off a delicate. I tried to let myself be docilely led off. While this unfamiliar lady contemplated the landscape and I contemplated her. and only then I understood that my behavior was really absurd because the view from that place must have been fabulous. «This lady is so lucky. and began to contemplate the panorama without paying any attention to me.» When we had reached the summit. with a smile. unable to articulate a single word.» I thought to myself. much more impressive.. truly proper man. let's look at the sea and the sky. I was paralyzed. extending her slender. You could see all the little towns around the great island illuminating the night like a necklace of nocturnal fireflies. with the excuse that I wanted to let her go ahead of me on the path towards the summit. I had only been interested in looking at her… The panorama visible from there was truly spectacular. I don't fool around with love. I courteously retired my hand from hers and. and. I'm an honest. tightening all the cells of my body. from whence it would be possible to enjoy a spectacular nocturnal panorama of the entire island. but when I became aware of what was happening to me. delicately elevated her well-shaped chest. I had only done it by day.never abuse this method. fine hand towards the space next to her. as I've already said. She understood the situation. she gracefully kneeled on a flat rock. «that she met up with a real gentleman and not your run-of-the-mill jerk. disturbing perfume that made me want to embrace her once and for all and kiss her to death.

while remembering something that caused him to release the chancellor's shoulders. ten times superior to the Zotán's forces. The monarch refused to accept this. protects the Druvi wisemen and the Crystals…" "I regret to inform Your Majesty that no Druvi was left alive in the Temple… The division hath fallen under the command of Zotán. the death warrant of his beloved country had already been signed. the sovereign seized his chancellor by the shoulders. Recall that he did not have to face justice because of Your Majesty's 9 . No monarch. Entered it he hath with all his military forces. the Major General? What hath happened to him? Speak!" "I am sorry. a man who always remained calm. How then can my soul not be prepared to hear the worst?" "Permit me to humbly contradict thee. "Never have I seen thee so disconsolate. Already Zotán hath overtaken the Temple. The latter understood that his leader was beginning to reconsider and helped him to recall. and the Druvi are incorruptible…" "The Druvi wisemen were. taking advantage of his high degree of influence with the people and the armies as thy brother. my good chancellor. the monarch. Be it perchance that Zotán and his armies are attacking the Temple of the Crystals? Be it that? Please speak out." Disoriented with anger. Then. my faithful servant. Your Highness." The king. with a heavy heart this unhappy mortal must reveal the unfortunate. unfortunate news. I would much rather die one thousand times over than have to plunge thy generous heart into anguish. according to the inscrutable designs of the God Jove. he gave the servant of Balam command of the division. Majesty. beloved King and friend of so many years. worshiper of Balam.Chapter II Balam and Jove The chancellor considered how difficult it was to inform someone of a loved one's death. I prithee!" The second-highest dignitary in the kingdom hierarchy lowered his head and replied. rend their vestments. that the kingdom was about to succumb inexorably and that the entire continent was in danger of sinking to the bottom of the sea. "Oh. "Thou liest! Draco… He would never do such a thing!" he shouted. shaking him forcefully. was incommensurably worse since he had to tell his friend. "One thousand times worse. Your Highness. The most eminent prophets of the Court." The chancellor's tormented face and the way he averted his gaze towards the white marble floor clearly told the king that. Nothing but destruction and death foresee the oracles. The black horned owl sings its death auguries each night before the Temple. Your Highness. fateful news to thee. "But. This. what sayest thou? That is impossible! A well-armed division. bear in mind that when thy brother was a youth he showed an inclination towards Balam and that he was arrested for participating in black magic ceremonies. "Your Majesty. This can only mean the very worse. the god of evil…" "But this cannot be! Not without treason. could possibly be prepared for such disgraceful. the Druvi wisemen." "Speak out. but Draco…" "My brother. he thought. but the Major General permitted Zotán to enter the Temple of the Crystals without a struggle. raised his almost gigantic body from the throne and affectionately took his chancellor by the arm. loving his kingdom as much as Your Majesty doth.

and this was the job of the Lineage of the Druvi. the seer. each one in its place." "Pardon my lack of respect. noble sir and dear friend.protective influence… He. but serving the throne. his injured pride did not like the Druvi suspicion cast upon his own blood." Once again collapsing on his throne. in charge. that his own nepotism had led him to put strategic places under the command of his own kin. After that come the other hierarchies. that it was only my younger brother's period of youthful rebellion. After a long time the gigantic monarch opened his eyes and said. everyone except thou. the king lowered his head and. who refused to believe it…" The kingdom's chief authority sunk heavily into his throne and began to ponder the situation. the chancellor was right. the distressed king got up and walked in circles with nervous strides. the civil servant of the power. the artists and intellectuals. He preferred to see it as a Druvi maneuver to gain power. in accord with a perfect order. always was. especially one who is the king's brother?" "A general whose soul the Druvi wisemen knew very well…" With somber doubts appearing on his face. The chancellor prayed to Jove that the crowned head would be filled with clarity. "I know not what to tell thee… It is possible. the Temple of the Crystals. Your Highness. yes. in a position that is only the concern of a member of the Military Lineage? Thou hast offended both the Druvi and the Military lineages. And we all knew it. the one who can see the furthest. It is possible… I resisted placing Draco under the supervision of a Druvi youth… Family pride. upon the Major General's capacity to guard the kingdom's most strategic point. "What a fool!" he shouted furiously. the Military Lineage. Remember they suggested that Your Highness appoint the enlightened young Druvi. closing his eyes. the warrior of honor. Suddenly it was obvious to him. but the king had never believed that his brother could possibly betray him. and Your Majesty turned a deaf ear…" The king did remember and protested. the one who has contact with that which is hidden in the heavens. the depository of the greatest cosmic energy. like Your Majesty and me? And why put family pride before the good of the entire kingdom and cosmic labor? And why place a Noble. nevertheless… Yes. the king's counselor. but always listening to the wise Druvi. with royal authority over him. that which. Then comes the man of arms. thus violating the cosmic Hierarchy Law that the Ancestors had bequeathed to them: at the head. each one with its function. the reflection of a Superior Order. and the latter. as Draco's counselor and guard. is a servant of Balam. too. Next comes the king. the wiseman. a need for attention…" "That was not so. awards good fortune to the kingdom since the latter 10 . remembering. called Khan-Ur. the workers. "But Khan-Ur was but a mere beardless youth at the time! And who hath ever heard of a Druvi controlling a major general. the Lineage of the Nobles. if it is respected. He understood that his suspicions of the Druvi had been a reflection of his own pettiness. the merchants. pressing his long. the artisans. like Your Majesty's brother. always obeying the king. thick fingers to his temples while still keeping his eyes closed. to the heavens. and the rest. who listens to the wiseman. Do not forget the advice of the Druvi wisemen when Your Majesty turned control of the division over to Draco. he who takes up the sword in defense of the sacred. the peasants. the great pressure he had applied to be named Major General. He remembered Draco's naked ambition for power. "I thought everyone believed as I did. but who is the king to doubt the counsel of the wisemen? Is not a Druvi more enlightened than a Noble. began to ponder bitterly.

the definitive launch of that humanity. recalling that he. he said with distress. but I am also that man. in that distant future the armies of Balam shall once more succeed in impeding the saving Great Leap. until a new opportunity arises in the Spring of the Man of the Pitcher. The blame is mine. his voice breaking. Because of this. with a higher understanding coming from a more transcendent consciousness. the Celestial Founders. concluded. The king continued. Who knoweth if. beloved friend. endeavoring to imagine such a distant." "Those who are able to survive must endure great pain." Then the monarch." "It pains me to say this is so. And if this order is disturbed. my chancellor. he asked. A little later. in spite of the tragedy that we will have to face. but that one man is each one of us because each part of the whole reflects the totality. In some way each of us has permitted this to happen. And the conclusion is very clear: our race is unprepared to make the Great Leap into the Kingdom of Light. Your Majesty. the order of the heavens. perhaps the whole world. uncertain future. "The millennial civilizing labor initiated by the Ancestors. "Whom blamest thou for the frightening misfortune. but with the tranquility of resignation. hath been in vain." "This is all so unjust. and now we shall all suffer the consequences. "The impure barbarian cannot seize such colossal. leaving us without His protection." "Wise words. they are a relief to my conscience. as will the descendants of their descendants. an evil that is internal rather than external because Balam and Jove struggle within each of us. twelve or thirteen thousand springs from now. in a manner capable of awakening me from my error. "Then there is a single guilty person: our entire people. Balam hath won. my noble sir. Your Highness. "I'm a fool a thousand times over!" the king thundered once again. today converted into gods by the fervor of the people. we receive only what we deserve. and in some way. as are the Druvi and the Military. but I feared thee. I could have helped thee to see the reason behind the advice thou wert ignoring. the dark king of hatred. if some are indeed able to survive. again." He rose to his feet. the god of destruction." "So. my dear king. misfortune follows. the young Khan-Ur and those closest to me.functions in harmony with the flow of Life. our good God is abandoning us. A single man's error was enough to cause it to fail. towards the meeting with the Celestial Kingdom of the Ancestors of the Stars… Who knoweth?" The king meditated for an instant with his eyes closed. adducing impurities that only existed in he himself. and also all the people because none of them. Much later." "Nothing is unjust. as art thou. an extension of our own. I blame myself. "As Your Majesty's closest friend. had doubted the wiseman and bypassed the warrior. friend of my soul. Here the great opportunity of the Spring of the Lion succumbs under the sudden attack by the terrestrial forces of evil. we have allowed him to force us to yield." The chancellor began to feel relieved: the blame was not his alone. to fall into destruction. divine power without causing the entire continent. that man is my own brother. with bitterness in his soul. Before Jove we are therefore unworthy to continue any further. victims of their fear. my dear friend?" "Naturally. putting a hand on his old friend's shoulder." the chancellor replied. pressured me in the manner that they should have. yes. For innumerable generations will they suffer since this world is now at the mercy of Balam. he had lost the protection of the heavens. Due to our errors and lack of courage. 11 . One man is to blame for the fall. His powerful bearing reminded the chancellor of those statues of the galactic ancestors.

the king's brother. and delicate gestures revealed her royal blood and upbringing. The young woman made no attempt to learn the details. the legions of Balam. "Princess El-Anya is on her way. The charge required to unleash the irradiation of the Light upon the planet was not achieved. His eyes grew damp. She had extremely black eyes. all the impurity and all the low-frequency beings that inspire the evil actions of men would have been eliminated. "Seer is Seer. dear friend. and Warrior is Warrior. What purpose would that serve? The defeat of the forces of Light signified the end of the continent and the ascendancy of Balam over what remained. I understand that thy almost-paternal love for my daughter rocks thy heart due to the destiny awaiting her."Please have my daughter come to me. dignity. Her posture. He could not avoid shedding two tears that rolled down his tanned. beloved father?" The king emotionally took his daughter's hand and. my adored daughter. manly face when he embraced his only descendant. What hath happened. tenderly caressed and kissed her black. who. would now be forever separated from him. Had it been. my dear friend. she decided. she. She remembered him constantly saying. had the greatest sway over the monarch's heart." The fate that had befallen her was a just one. After a moment. perfumed hair. and very light skin. his face relaxed. noble. as his beloved only daughter. "It is my fault. let the stone fall to his chest and said. "There is hardly any time left. to a spot between his eyes. as hath been decreed from other spheres. In vain had the Druvi wisemen spent years and years charging those gigantic crystal condensers with highest-vibration mental energies. Noble is Noble. the same young Druvi who had been suggested to oversee her uncle Draco." said the monarch. pulling her to his chest. disheartened because the defeat also signified that she must now face a fate perhaps worse than that of those who would perish beneath the waters. "I have received the chancellor's urgent. from a door behind the throne a beautiful young woman entered in a state of agitation. not by the relief of death but by something perhaps even worse. Your Highness. due to her lack of courage. "The poor little thing… No…" "Our lineage is good. when perhaps under those skies 12 . and never shall they mix. and I deserve my punishment…" She felt she was to blame for the misfortune since she had not pressured the king to obey the wisemen's counsel. silky eyelashes. his heart breaking. but she is cut from the same bolt and will know how to bear her destiny with fortitude and dignity. her fate was in the hands of the perverse but powerful witch. compassionate but solid. The fruit of the love he shared with his late wife. which was suspended from a chain around his neck. Her encounter with her beloved. Call her. She heard that prophetic name like someone receiving a death sentence and understood that everything there was coming to an end. just like her." The chancellor felt his throat closing. desperate summons. She hugged her father." A short time later. would have to wait until the dawn of the Spring of the Man of the Pitcher. to hie thee to the island of the sorceress Cirana…" The young woman's face blanched as white as the columns in the Royal Temple. that this time the Great Leap would not be possible. the handsome young man from the Druvi Lineage. therefore. The monarch had not approved of this mixture of lineages. I prithee!" The chancellor lifted a pearly oval stone. closed them and frowned in concentration. oh. She had not done so because she was afraid to reveal to her progenitor her love for Khan-Ur. "She will aid thee to fulfill thy atemporal fate. father. and that. millenniums later. he opened his eyes.

" the princess added. my precious daughter. to flee. "The crystals' sacred. my dear El-Anya. even though my heart is cleft with pain. 13 . distressed." "That is certain. lamps. Souls that love each other meet again. my daughter. "This is also certain. "By Tritons and Anfitram! Those barbarians have just penetrated the Sanctuary of the Temple of the Sacred Crystals!" Nervously. but. perhaps. "It's not forever. Hie thee quickly since. how weakly wisdom enters the soul when life submits it to torment…" "Nevertheless. I must inform my people that the final hour hath arrived. but we are mere humans. she threw herself into his arms. our hearts are so tender…" Another mild earthquake shook the Temple. that they must heed the most ignominious. my daughter. loving energy is converted into destructive forces at the least contact with impure minds. Hie thee with the chancellor. crystals and sculptures to tremble and provoking the king's wrath." "It is a bitter. and there shall we be united once again. so many senseless divisions. the chancellor intervened. it is just at that time that we have the most need to appeal to wisdom.there would not be such opposition to love. aggrieved to the death as. whom he was seeing for the last time. "Tender towards our beloved ones. he embraced his daughter." he stated. I can hardly endure the fatal wound of losing thee forever…" Overcome with emotion. A slight earthquake shook the place. to abandon everything. my daughter. causing candelabra. my dear father. Illusory eons here. "Another lacerating affliction is tormenting me. but the blink of an eye in the other plane. without dying myself. as I must take thee to Cirana. Bid thy father farewell. There's barely enough time." said the young woman while she kissed her father's hand. mortal moment. wanting somehow to console him and also relieve her own bitter pain. slanderous command that any sovereign could give: to escape immediately. "but so hard towards those who are not…" The monarch made no comment upon this.

" She appeared content. and white beach surrounding the island of Sands." She turned to look at me. "Yes. She came there on nights of the full moon because. "Excuse me." "It's better to show what you really are." "I don't understand very well…" "Close your eyes. instead of a fictitious label." 14 .» I thought to myself. It can only be felt. they say. of course. I didn't hear your answer." "That which I really am has no sounds. "Right now?" I asked. Then she said. "What answer?" "What you really are. Many a jet-set diva. while she turned to look at me somewhat intensely." I was in agreement but… "And how can you show what you really are?" "Like this. She was strange. You didn't tell me." I thought that she was joking and I considered laughing to please her." «Oh. Lucas. "What's your name?" I asked." That's what I did. luminous nocturnal spectacle of the towns. and in me was born something like the desire to protect her or make her happier.Chapter III The Lady of the Waters We spent a long time in silence on the summit of the Manoa. and that's what names are." "Then I didn't feel it. "OK." she said. comes here to 'get high' in the crater. "No. but she was serious. you have to stop thinking. Yes. She turned towards me and observed me attentively. but I didn't 'see' it. although in her beautiful face I detected the slight trace of some hidden or distant pain. She appeared to be having a good time with me." "It can't be seen with the eyes. "The name is not the real being. "On certain nights of the full moon I come up here to look. oh. but I have already shown it to you. disappointed. Then she continued observing the landscape without saying anything else to me. "To be able to feel it. I was only thinking how pretty she was. right now. Of course." Once again she bathed me in the light of her turquoise gaze. contemplating the colossal. Watch out. very different." she stated. What else?" "Concentrate on me. it seemed obvious to me that she was unhappy despite her beauty. "Why only on nights of the full moon?" "Because there is a full moon. "Excuse me. cities. of course not. but we need to be able to identify ourselves somehow. This looks like one of those cases. Later I understood that her reply had made perfect sense." I felt disoriented. those are the only nights when you can enjoy the full moon. and very interesting.

therefore. «If she only knew. "Without my physical image. "And how can I think about you without imagining your face?" She looked at me as if I were a stupid child. and I did not see the lack of logic in my reasoning because she could have figured out that I was going to compare her with love." she said in clarification. try to concentrate upon what I am. one that I must seek within myself by concentrating upon her. and for me." "Why?" "Because you're crazy. I began to feel very nervous but finally decided to put her to the test. I opened my eyes to protest. I placed her image before me. without thinking about anything. And now what?" "What you're feeling that I am. she could pretend to read his mind. Simply this." she suddenly declared." which can only be enjoyed completely when you don't think about anything 15 . wouldn't I still be the same?" I observed her while trying to imagine that this had really happened." "Then. "You're right. Yes. it would always have the same result because every guy would think of her as someone capable of inspiring the greatest love. then covering her mouth with her hand." Once again I closed my eyes and did what she had asked-I went beyond her appearance-and she was transformed before me into a simple light. She laughed softly." she said with a smile. That adorable figure only made me want to embrace her. leaving me chilled. «What an interesting woman. "If my eyes. "What was I thinking that you don't know?" "What you felt that I am for you. I preferred to think that if she played this "little game" with any other man. I understood that she was referring to a reality previous to any sort of reasoning. "I do know." "What is it you know?" "What you were thinking I don't know. "That is what I truly am for you. "I do know. beyond sounds and images. beyond sounds." Her words surprised me. her beauty continued to shine through. but not that I was going to think. Once again something that I would have called illogical before made perfect sense to me now. nose and mouth were to be erased. Had she read my mind? "What did you say?" I said." Rebelliously. into an ineffable source of energy that for me represented love. without thinking about anything.» I thought."Done." Perhaps she was referring to that exercise that I call "die to the past and be born to the present. "What are you laughing at?" "You." she said. I'm sure that you'd continue being the same. «If she only knew." "And why am I crazy?" "Because you're not able to calm down your mind and live in reality.» It would not have been possible to respond "I do know" so securely without having read my mind.» I thought. is what I really am. even without a face. but at that moment I didn't see that. protect her and love her forever. to an identity more transcendental that any label formed with letters and sounds. That explanation left me satisfied.

her psyche proved to be completely coherent. or the other thing. say anything. to clichés. just to see if she would say that I had thought no such thing.and simply savor that which life is offering you at that very moment." "Of course. but I didn't want to. glad to make fun of me once again." to our way of relating to strangers. Then she once again immersed herself in her contemplation. but I was already an artist in this field." I lied." Again she was suggesting that she had read my mind and that she really was the princess of the lagoon. That adorable woman immediately got down to basics. «Could she really be the extradimensional princess of the lagoon?» "Yes. only without binding itself to our stock phrases. Besides everything else. almost as a reproach. "Only those who have earned the confidence of the noble Paho people know of the secret legend. what?" I wanted to test her again. which is much more indirect and evasive than hers." «This woman has mental coordinates of a different sort!!!» I thought. very seriously. when I analyzed her well. she didn't waste half a word or beat around the bush… Then the same black-panther-in-the-night idea began to circle me again. which was contagious. and you know that very well. I was shaken but soon found an excuse." Once again she laughed. What did you mean by that 'yes'?" "That I am who you think I am. I was a scientist. I could have almost sworn that she liked me… "But now that you mention it… It's true: anyone would have thought that. now that… "You can't. I couldn't." There was great tenderness. she had a sense of humor… "Now let's stop joking. Like me. I was almost certain that she was a model or a movie or TV actress." she said. Even though she at first appeared illogical. she could not say that I'm incapable of leaving my mental activity. We resort to common ground. I had to acknowledge to myself that she was right. She doesn't. a sort of childishness. "Yes. but now you are. I had passed hours on end doing just that. Once again I had to accept that she was right. "Well… anyone in this situation would be thinking that you are this. alarmed. I can't do it now but that doesn't mean that I'm always crazy. instead of simply living in the reality of the moment… "That's all right. you would say that anyone would think that because it's a very well-known story and because we're here next to the lagoon… You're really crazy. that. "I live. I swallowed hard. I had acquired so much practice. "Yes. "What do you do for living?" I asked. sir!" And she began to laugh. or could not. "And if I had told you that you were thinking that I am the princess of the lagoon. but I didn't want to accept this." Then." My hair stood up on end. to our "protocols." she commented. It had to all be a coincidence. like everybody else…" "Not like everybody else. in her way of speaking to me." "Not always." "I thought that maybe you were a ghost. That could be calculated. "You're crazy. she added." 16 . I came up with thousands of mental arguments to pat myself on the back about what an expert I was at living in the reality of the moment.

sure now that she had read my dirty mind. A little later. she had disappeared. «Of course!» I thought. only induced my adoration. The wound hurt me even more. if they succeeded in making me fall in love with this beauty. 17 . instead I felt desolate. Since there was no other explanation. burning fire in my heart intensified. the not-so-generous idea occurred to me that she and the Paho were plotting against me. And no human being could dematerialize like that… When I was confronted with that incontestable evidence. that through some unfathomable plan had decided to offer me a glimpse of its most intimate. later they would try to take everything away from me including my soul…. and. definitive love. Her silky black hair. Her body had a supernatural glow. but resounding. I did not feel afraid. a beauty and perfection of form that left me breathless. to forgive me. I quickly focused my vision. as in the case of prejudices. I only wanted to see her again. coherent explanation… And naturally I found one because there is always a lifesaving interpretation when the mind tries to avoid accepting some reality that could challenge its false sense of security. and that was the coup de grâce. I wanted to ask the noble Paho for forgiveness. and flung herself into an impeccable vertical high dive. reaching the most intimate. to ask for the forgiveness of the mystery of Life. and if possible. without causing a splash. contrasting with the snowy whiteness of her thighs and lower torso provoked a dazzling shortness of breath in me and was the indelible final blow. walked towards the rim. the fountain of my life and my love. fueled by the disgraceful sensation of having offended and lost an inexplicable. rare treasures. The vision of her dark. her body displayed the impressionably perfect curve below her lower back and disappeared into the mystery of the waters without making the least sound. but there was no place to hide. above the high-dive rock. she had vanished in the blink of an eye… I looked everywhere for her. No matter how absurd. a slight brilliance near the lagoon. to ask myself. sacred nucleus of my being. She disdainfully stopped gazing at me. a logical. From a distance she looked me straight in the eye. the lacerating. the narrow-minded will always choose the deceitful interpretation or the deformation of the truth. which remained as still as a mirror. «First the indigenous people prepared my thinking by telling me the invented 'legend' and then they made her appear before me. illogical or dishonest it may be. setting into relief her shoulders and framing her breasts. which fell softly to the rock at her feet. My shame hurt like a dagger incarnate while I swept my gaze across the place. resplendent and straight like a spectral sculpture in the moonlight. beg her pardon for my crude suspicions. With a smooth movement of her arm she untied the knot at her back holding her dress. but she was gone. earthly. fruitlessly seeking her. converted into a simple cloak. silky pubis. I could then contemplate her in all her radiant. my honor.Of course! I felt as if a circle were closing around me. There she was. Extended in the air. I sought an excuse. without agitating the surface of the lagoon.» I turned towards the lovely woman to suggest this with some sort of diplomatic phrase. white nudity. I did not flee from that apparition. Looking towards the ground. and before this divine gift I had acted like a swine that steps all over the precious pearls offered to it. and she was simply gone. I also wanted to ask the sacred aspect of existence to forgive me. as did the impressive curve running from her very slender waist to her perfect hips. Her clear pupils harbored sadness and something resembling reproach. out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement.

The light scent brought her beloved presence to me. as if that piece of cloth were a vital extension of the woman herself. just like me. I did not see her again. one hour. Thousands of times I kissed the divine cloth. delicious lunar mirage. who came to offer us entrance into paradise. I asked for her pardon. damned men when confronted with that prophetic. doubting her honesty. making me almost crazy with love and pain. It still smelled of that blessed perfume. With distressed steps I climbed towards it. but through stupidity. Only her garment had remained on the rock. rather. two. leaving it damp. and I didn't care because I considered myself deserving of the punishment. had acted coarsely and rudely. I took it in my hands reverently. One more soul condemned to sadness until death. I was not the Chosen Man. with my flesh and with my bones. we lost. Yet another mortal had received the dubious privilege. I begged her. Reaching it. 18 .I waited fruitlessly for her to reappear. I waited for eons. fifteen. he deserves to be perpetually condemned to the most wounding pain that a human being can suffer-the memory of the divine angel of love. and whoever is capable of such baseness naturally does not deserve to be awarded the love of a goddess. twenty. my blood and my spirit. I believe that my misery even made me happy because it was a way to compensate for my offense against Life. but. three-I don't really know how long-but she never returned. my soul. either. I sat down and spread out the celestial cloth with all the love that my being could pour upon it. ten. according to the prophetic curse. feeling like the dirtiest of mortals. because we were not at its height. calling out to her. just as had happened to the age-old chain of anointed. I had to hide my face and my weeping in that precious perfumed treasure. Minutes and minutes passed. Unable to contain my repentant tears. I implored her. Maybe they. invoking her with my mind. because we did not deserve it.

may perhaps finally help future humanity to make the Great Leap. All this could in some way serve those who survive us. Grasping the stone that she wore hanging from her neck. which had so exhilarated her in the past. hills. the princess looked at her." Grasping a torch of radiant energy in her hand. he could not refrain from calling her "My Beloved Lady. luxurious capital. he had loved the princess deeply. if they do not hasten. the sum total of the knowledge and powers that I will obtain in exchange for remaining under a spell for millenniums. cities. they reaffirmed their vows of eternal love. momentarily losing its light. and then the worst will come. "I knew it! I knew it! The god Balam's power over the weak Jove must always triumph!" she exclaimed when she saw the princess arrive. and. altitude and power. a love that illusory death cannot extinguish. now broke her heart since this beloved city was condemned to destruction. That could be the legacy of our civilization. grieving eyes contemplated for one last time the illuminated. The captivating spectacle. Let us trust then that the good God Jove will protect us and that we shall arrive at Cirana's island with no problems. the witch Cirana waited triumphantly near the rock that was the door to her cave on a mountain slope of her remote island. towns and mountains. Haughtily.Chapter IV The Sorceress Crying disconsolately inside the green and silver bubble of energy that slipped through the night skies. Ever since he had first seen the tiny newborn in her cradle. "These criminals are emitting profane mental energy in the Sanctuary of the Crystals! Our continent's entire system of radiant energy is about to explode. her beautiful. He responded immediately. he did not love her as if she were his daughter." "All that. everything must sink to the bottom of the sea: lakes.our civilization that is here drawing to a close.. a love that transcends space and time. Pos-Idinya. With warm emotion. as it could be the only form of relaying to future ages our history. Thou knowest that if the delicate system should collapse. and this was why she was permitted to concentrate before the crystals to help charge them with psychic energy of elevated vibrating frequency. From on high. Thy mission. our stellar origin. she placed it upon her temple to transmit her thoughts and affection to her beloved Khan-Ur. intending thus to transmit the force that would help her endure the sudden reversal of fortune. And if no one succeeds in escaping. If we do not arrive soon. but as one would love a goddess. few will manage to escape. therefore.. trying to overcome the repugnance inspired by 19 . in the night of the centuries our culture and sacred knowledge shall remain forever buried. With no need to say a word. They took leave of each other. and as a goddess he revered her. The lights of Pos-Idinya blinked a couple times there below. my dear chancellor. valleys. is of the utmost importance. our struggles. and simultaneously the bubble staggered in the air. we could fall. feeling that it was a mere "until we meet again" and not a final farewell. and our great failure." The Druvi wisemen had made it known that the newborn princess had come from superior planes of existence with a mission to accomplish. perhaps even more so. the chancellor pressed the aggrieved princess's hand. They added that she was as Druvi as they themselves. thus our Ancestors' millennial purpose and that of my own soul shall be fulfilled. El-Anya cast a last glance at the beloved land of her birth.

whilst thou must remain in solitary sadness under the waters for millenniums and millenniums like one trapped within a frightful dream. His designs defy human comprehension. and the sacred Knowledge that descended from the stars. the potion of damnation is awaiting thee. once again beginning to laugh stridently. and only thou canst accomplish the marvels that I need to fulfill Jove's will. that I am here. I shall then rule in the heart and body of the handsome youth Khan-Ur. replied. but thy ignorance is execrable. that same old song of the losers. in that new Khan-Ur at the dawn of the Spring of the Man of the Pitcher. "By the design of Jove.. by the hand of our Ancestors. and since Zotán and his hordes think only of destruction and baseness. It is through my own will. of the weak… Better that they loseth the only thing that is important in life: POWER! All of us who are devotees of Balam. here I am. The inferior cannot touch the superior without destroying and without being destroyed. saliva-filled laugh into the face of the beautiful young woman. then spit on the ground with a mordant. Cirana. to Balam's will I relinquish thee. so that thou might then benefit from thy beauty and youth." "Dross of batrachians! Who knoweth what is superior and what is inferior?" "The superior is that which is found closer to Love.the being whose infernal face expressed only baseness and evil. Cirana.." declared El-Anya. With my beauty and youth. thy piece of nonsense? Come. and when the cosmic cycles have been fulfilled." "Insolent! Zotán is a great wiseman! He can bring only good. thanks to those crystals in the hands of Zotán's people. will become immortal. Lord of all that is in existence. filling me with Light and capacities that not even thou hast. who could do nothing had his power not come from Jove. Thanks to the power of the Crystals we shall all forever enjoy splendiferous banquets and grandiose orgies. something I do not see as possible. Whilst thou shalt be twisting in the underwater infernos. Cirana. sardonic and disgustedly." The witch launched a pestiferous. only this can be produced. because thy power is majestic." "What knowest thou. when the time of the curse has run out. El- 20 . greatest love in Khan-Ur." she sneered. let us descend. but remember that only Jove is God. in fulfillment of His Sacred Plans that thy tiny mistaken head cannot comprehend. "And perchance thinkest thou that Balam will permit this to happen?" she asked. "We were not as high as Jove wanted us to be. Then. who also sighs for me. and not through the will of Balam. thy youth and beauty I must absorb and then enjoy. for the definitive triumph of Jove over Balam all over the face of the earth." A bloodcurdling peal of laughter punctuated her words. and. in exchange. my Knowledge must serve for the good of the future. I can neither ignore. But the witch. defiant sneer on her abominable face. nor can I explain this. perfectly attuned to that of Jove. laughing perfidiously. for him I must be wise and beautiful like no other. the Lord of Power." "Thy power is immense. and this is why our God conceded the victory to Balam. The crystals materialize whatever is thought in the Sanctuary. Making a new effort to overcome her repugnance and sustained by Jove's force. Mine will be the honey of the vigor and comeliness of the one who now provokes thy sighs. must germinate little by little in my soul during my centurieslong solitude. and that Balam is His simple servant. "Time is an illusion. and why I must now come to thee vanquished. including Balam." "If clumsy Zotán's hordes have left anything standing in this world. "Love. and then. I must find the truest. Cirana." "Dross of batrachians! Were Jove more powerful than Balam thou wouldst not be arriving in defeat here at my door.

to the everyday world. the sorceress added.Anya could finally say. shall be enjoying Khan-Ur. rather. Strangely enough. I would idolize it as if it were the materialization of her soul. she would be alone. with the most elevated." The next day. Hie. The damage that thou dost. my idol. lying Jove. which was boiling with bubbles and whirling rubble. Such is the Law. with a start. an undeserved trophy-the princess's cloak. but finally. forever beautiful." "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. filled with contempt and disdain. I remembered that pending engagement. everything to do with Jove. while making a thousand and one conjectures about my unexpected absence. supernatural love. strengthened by Balam's maleficent power. My soul was bleeding. it hath. my point of contact with the divinity. I folded the cloak carefully. Right about now. myriad exhausted birds searched above the agitated. This time she had not accompanied me in the search for a cottage to rent. including Balam's and thy own. "Nothing hath this to do with Balam. and nothing leaveth traces of nothing since Power hath no memory. She preferred to wait a couple days so she could attend the concert that a famous British pop star was going to give in another city-I don't remember his name because I don't understand anything about these matters-and then she would travel to the island to meet me. and chilling every soul that heard it. shaking the rocky canyons and narrow passages. my altar. The vibration of the car returned me to my civilized frame of mind. that sorceress who had made the love of my life vanish from my consciousness. put it on the passenger seat and turned on the motor. while I." The mocking. the accounts must be settled. including those on the neighboring islands. A true disaster. since the princess's appearance I had completely forgotten that I had had just enough time to get to the airport to pick up… my beloved wife! "Barbara!" I exclaimed with anguish. worried and sad. she would have had to take a taxi to the hotel. amplified. I felt annoyed with that woman with the turquoise-colored eyes. There is no other Law except Power! Whosoever doth possess it can do with it whatever he or she wants. Chapter V The Divine Cloak Overcome by my pathetic thoughts. The bill may delay falling due. «How could I have completely forgotten my dear companion like that? How could 21 . Then. who determines all power. for some nonexistent place upon which to rest their debilitated wings. Then. I decided to return to the car. spilled out. it would be my sacred fetish. inevitably. but the mercy of the Universe had granted me a consolation. at dawn. I had forgotten all about it! Tired of her fruitless wait for me at the island airport and unaware of the location of the cottage I had rented. horrendous peal of laugher. The princess had to plug her ears so as not to succumb. then! Let us go! Hie thee below! In a few minutes thou shalt be just one more soul in pain floating in a cold limbo. thou need suffer someday in thy own flesh. nowmuddy waters of the infinite Ocean Sea. "Carrion of bats! That same stupid story serves only for the eternal comfort of the poor idiots who believe in the weak.

coming back to reality. could completely erase the image and memory of my adored wife from my heart? Not to mention that I was at the point of falling in love with that other woman!»… "At the point?" I asked myself aloud." I told myself when I remembered that that strange lady had left a profound love wound in the most vital. and when I woke up it was already night. Lucas. while leaving "the other devotion. it's not what you think. would I? Don't you think that would be absurd?" 22 . I got mad at myself when I woke up and saw the time… You know how much I adore you…" "Hummm!" This "hummm" meant that she was beginning to give in. "You smell of a woman!" I almost lost control of the car as I imagined the scene. and I fell asleep on top of it. then I wouldn't have brought this garment with me. she would become furious. You're the most important thing in the world to me. a fatal." I imagined trying to put my arms around her and her immediate rejection of the gesture. It just so happens that someone had forgotten a perfumed cloak on the sand by the lagoon. I took her in my arms and gave her a kiss on the neck. that I must keep secret to the grave. bathe. It's an expensive piece of clothing. I thought." the most profound. and that would irreversibly tarnish my love for my wife… This was terribly unjust to poor Barbara. surely demanding. Lucas. you know that I'm a respectable man and that I'm not going to cheat on you. "How could you have fallen asleep. so definitive and important in my life. I imagined approaching her again and that this time she would not reject me completely. knowing that I would have to wait for you at the airport like an idiot? You're very inconsiderate. sweetheart. or I would have to take the bull by the horns and enter her hotel room with the blessed piece of fabric plus the perfume on my skin. "You smell of a woman! A woman!" Either I would go home. promising myself that I would love her and show her a lifetime's worth of affection. "Where the devil have you been? Do you know how much I spent on the hotel and the taxi? One hun-dred twen-ty dollars!" "I'm very sorry. Barbara. I know her. See. I thought. look how logical this is. here it is. Forgive me. Besides. hidden crypt of impossible dreams. If it had been an affair. At that point. "You're trapped. and you know it. very inconsiderate." "I don't believe that for a minute!" "But. real one. I didn't even know that I had fallen asleep. I couldn't just leave it there on the ground. buried in the repository of that which was born from the unspeakable. she would yell. after determining that no harm had befallen me. On the way to the hotel where we usually stayed. lacerating injury that would torture me for the rest of my days. But I swam more than usual and after lying down to rest. have entirely disappeared under that spell? Was my affection for her so weak? Is it possible that a feminine presence. darling.her presence. I would then have to cook up the following story: "Barbara. When she saw me walk into her room. at the germinal cultivation of the most imprudent longings. no matter how extrahuman it might be. while tenderly looking at the divine cloak next to me and unable to stop caressing it. and hide the dress there. It could happen to anyone. sacred area of my being. Do you know how much I mean to you? Nothing!" "That's not the way it is. I fell asleep at the volcano. I pictured the scene. Barbara was sniffing me like a furious bloodhound.

Only my friend the native could help me. This would certainly take me more time.She would say. It doesn't belong to us." She screamed and threw the garment at me. scrubbing myself profusely with soap. denying it to the death? That might work. "And are you going to go to the police and get messed up in this?" "No. Maybe she's at the bottom of the lagoon. At this point it hardly mattered if I should happen to arrive an hour or two later. or even earlier. One flush and that's the end of it…" Confronted with the very idea of committing such an abominable. "Hummm" and would begin to think about that precious. knowing Barbara. I turned the car around and drove to the cottage. "Too dangerous!" Before going to the hotel. Besides it belonged to the goddess. "This garment must be worth a fortune… I'll keep it for myself. and I finally sealed the whole thing with adhesive tape. 23 . to him alone could I entrust that sacred cloak with no need to relate the entire story and no fear that he would open his mouth about it to anyone. The magic perfume had penetrated all the bags. impregnating my car with that fragrance. "How beautiful!" she would then say. taking it in her hands. but I would prefer to die rather than commit such an act. I searched the kitchen of the well-equipped cabin and found a roll of thick plastic bags. which I then enclosed in another and another and another." "Of course not. I would first have to take a bath and then put my treasure out of Barbara's reach. I bathed. on second thought… How could someone possibly have left it there? What did that woman wear on her way back to civilization? It would be impossible to forget this on the beach! While driving I imagined all these unpleasant possibilities. opened all the windows and got out to put the package in the trunk. I couldn't let Barbara take possession of it. We're going to burn it at home and dispose of the ashes in the bathroom. "But. fragrant piece of cloth. I smelled the bundle. She would want to destroy the cloak. Once I was there. realized that by now she would be sleeping soundly and would remain in that state until late morning. I exclaimed inside the car. the blessed aroma reached my nostrils with great intensity. couldn't let her wear it for even an instant. What could I do? Explain the truth to Barbara? Impossible. This cloak symbolized the most sacred. what are you saying? You're crazy! I have to turn this over to the police. elevated experience of my entire life. But. stuck the cloak into one of them. uncalled-for sacrilege. but I looked at the clock and. I stopped." The thought of this imaginary-but-altogether-possible conversation gave me a chill. "Good observation… Maybe its owner didn't make it back to civilization. relieved. When I was on the way to the reservation with the hermetically protected cloak beside me. therefore. smelling it and hugging it to her breast. but … that perfume from an extradimensional origin clung to my skin… Could smelling like that perfume for the rest of my life also be part of the punishment? I felt shattered. Hide the cloth and plead ignorance of the source of the perfume. Just imagine if its owner should see you wearing it someday! The professor's wife using something that was stolen!" "I think you're right. not now. but where could I find a permanent hiding place for the garment? "Musco!" I exclaimed.

moved once again to note this noble people's strange capacity to surround with a halo of love. opening the gate. I'm sorry. At the back of the enclosure. he looked at me. the situation with Barbara was going to be even more difficult. but for the Paho this is an act of aggression that only white people are capable of committing. He pointed towards his own face. He went to Pautí Island. "I can't tell you. he signaled me with his hand. deep. The dogs began barking. After arriving at the wooden and wire entrance gate. Catú. On the contrary. holding a lantern. which was watched over by the tribal totems at its sides. he extinguished the lantern. he isn't. as he sometimes did. He could have illuminated my face with his lantern. I could make out several men still gathered around a bonfire. Catú." I got out of the automobile to greet him. Stopping. At first I didn't know what to say. "In this house I was conceived. I was hoping that Chief Musco had not gone to one of the neighboring islands. then. "Is Chief Musco here?" I asked. "Wounds that are shared hurt less. "Do you see this line?" "Yes." He had a presentiment and lit the lantern. he conducted me down a path that was different from those that I had seen before. The look on his face was one of great pride. I am." replied the older man. I got out of the car.praying that the bewitching." It was not a question. I honked the horn. For a few moments we silently looked at each other. If it did. When I embraced him. "What kind of perfume is that. I did so and sorrowfully verified that a sad furrow was in the process of forming on my cheek. And the car rental agency might even demand some sort of compensation from me." he then said. the better to see me by moonlight. I thanked him emotionally. He was inviting me to converse. but that they respect you when you do not wish to talk about something. vertical wrinkle on his cheek and said to me. "Are you Lucas?" It was then that I recognized Musco's grandfather and remembered that he bore the same love wound on his soul as I did.'" He handed me the lantern and indicated that I should look at my face in one of my car's side mirrors." "It is a facial reflection of the love wound left on my soul by my encounter with… 'her. behind some thickets. "You're right. sticking my head out the window. "Yes. Thus I could alleviate my pains a little and learn something more about the princess while I heard about his own encounter with her. persistent emanation would not leave the car forever perfumed. as you must do with that affectionate. frightened. His expression became illuminated. indicated a long. Walking in front of my car. We arrived at a humble hut. and an ancient figure slowly came forward. Hello. it was a demand for information. warm people. as he did me the great honor of inviting me to enter. but then I understood that accepting his invitation would be the most appropriate response. Catú. And I was very aware that you cannot lie to these people." he told me with a big smile on his face." he said. gazing at me as he tried to identify me. pointing towards my face-an act that only a very good reason could justify-and saw something there. It was clear to me that he was taking me somewhere more private so that the rest of the tribe would not interrupt us. respect and 24 . "No. and that someone at the reservation would still be awake at that hour." "Let's go inside to talk.

and that tree. is in the company of our ancestors in the islands of eternity. as you well know. If the head is unwell. And in exchange for the greedy profanation. so many struggles. because whatsoever is not born from love. that harbored the furtive romance of the ancestors. dirty. a dilapidated vehicle. A sad chief would bring grief to his tribe. a rock. this is why it sees everything as disposable. where everything that once happened continues to exercise its vital influence over the present in an indelible manner. he said to me. me neither. believing then that these were "Indian matters. After the friendship ceremony. All that has been touched by love's caress remains eternally alive because love is eternity and life itself. contaminating scraps." Catú responded. rituals." I did not want to say anything but thought how different everything would be if our government leaders were elected according to these criteria… But. a place. a tree. You can never be happy. and that flowery pathway. and those rocks. the post that was coming to me. everything. Musco's father. just like that bend in the road that witnessed the grandfather's grandfather pass by. Because of the sadness of my soul. it leaves only residues. this is why whatever now lovingly surrounds or ever surrounded them inspires their veneration and care. rubble. "What about you?" "No. I was never happy either. dreams of love. Our civilization. At that point I remembered how. like this one. and a people who love can sense this clearly. I. Nor did I want it. the same scent that now impregnates you. because it learned of so many stories. who today. and forever discards whatever has imperishable value: hard work imbued with the soul's illusions. sacredness. sadly looking at the ground. local traditions. and your face exhibits the love wound. and that stream. dignity. "And what does sadness have to do with the fact of not being able to be the chief?" "Everything. transcending time and death. death. It is sacred because it is filled with thousands of manifestations of love. with plastic claws and chrome-plated steel teeth." A spark of light burned in his eyes as he saw that I was finally agreeing to admit to 25 ." had not paid enough attention to his story. I once smelled her startling perfume. as if it were a nuclear brain stuffed with microchips and dollars. like a hut. The chief is the soul of his people. on the other hand. And now I was dying to know the details… "No… I didn't kiss her. because it saw so many gatherings of the beloved people. Once I understood that this was because they live in greater measure than we do in a sort of atemporality. we sat face to face upon a fox skin in the weak light of a kerosene lamp. is born and shall forever remain in the cold pavilion of death. so much pain and happiness. they are the way they are because they are savages… "Did you kiss her?" I asked him. Without a preamble. well. where nothing dies forever. A dishonest chief would bring dishonor to his people. A cowardly chief would bring humiliation and weakness to his clan. it devours. an old pot. crushes. faith. history. and why it is respectfully invited to integrate into their present. I feel sorry for you. is not moved by the eternal but by the transitory. the entire body is unwell. the tribe named my son. And thus. An old pot is sacred because it held the ancestors' nourishment. when he had earlier volunteered to tell me about his magical adventure. garbage.dignity things that are so insignificant for us. as Chief Seattle suggested. "She can only appear on nights of the full moon. This is why I was not permitted to become chief of the tribe.

" I stated respectfully and submissively. remembering. "I. I waited to summon up valor and clarity before speaking. Lucas. "Yes. "She walked from the shore towards the water. He was visibly moved. The love wound had been transformed into the source of my happiness. but. out of love… and. I think that in a few hours it will abandon your body. had doubts. If not. Lucas. He had not seen her nude! Nor had he received her garment. a link of love? "And did her aroma cling to you?" "I don't remember. above all. When I had recovered. the dark crease of sadness had disappeared.. I want to ask your forgiveness for having doubted your people. this time with relief and joy.my supernatural encounter." "You doubted her. Catú. my heart was jumping for joy. The Chosen One has not yet appeared. Lucas. "Did you offend her in some way?" He looked even sadder." I considered that gift undeserved." Those words made me remember my offense. not looking at him. that night and many others. "We mortals are not at the height of the gods. "That night I also cried repentantly. Lucas. drawing nearer to grasp my shoulders while he looked at me intensely.. but I don't believe so." he responded. I believed that you could have all made an accord… and that was also when she disappeared. although I never imagined that this time it would be a white man… You are special. Once again my eyes grew misty. and I never saw her again. I was able to ask him. "You are forgiven. On the one hand I was happy. "We knew that soon someone would see her." "And what about the encounters other men had with her?" "The immemorial accounts give very similar descriptions of them. Then she disappeared from my side…" This was the time for me to confess. that which caused me to lose her confidence…and her love. Perhaps he who will not doubt her? The legend says that when he arrives he will have the good fortune of contemplating her nude. My heart skipped a beat. This is why you gained the confidence of our people and of the princess. He inhaled smoke from his pipe and responded. either she or the Universe must have wanted me to be the Chosen One. She read my mind directly and saw my clumsy doubts. My face in the mirror looked perfectly smooth now. gazing at an indistinct speck in the air. I thought that she might have been a foreigner who wanted to deceive me. and he will receive her garment as proof her eternal love…" As I was returning to the road that circumvents the island. what was that like?" Catú inhaled a puff of smoke. Those tears of shame have washed away your offense to the Paho people." "And the last time you saw her. A shadow of guilt had abandoned my soul. Then I wept out of grief. Lucas. Despite my doubts. Not even a glance of farewell… Could that have been a special gift for me? Could that persistent perfume be a sign. The last thing these eyes contemplated was the fabric of her precious garment sinking with her. out of shame. the signs were indicating this. He took some time to respond. Lucas. I thought ill of her and of the Paho. I faced a terrible drama: I was a 26 . on the other hand. I remained silent. too." I asserted. Never. now knowing something about the principles of honor held by the Lady of the Lagoon. then I must have been close to being that person. and this honest confession reaffirms the affection and confidence we feel for you.

the hotel and Barbara." I said. timely problem was robbing me of my peace of mind: it was imperative that I find a place to hide that precious. Neither in the lagoon.married man who loved his wife. there is no magic color. marvelously black. but I could only trust that some Hand would be guiding these events… And another very concrete. she bent over a little so that her face was very close to mine. and burning.. enchantedly contemplating her and enjoying that profound gaze that appeared to radiate some sort of supernatural love. the way to my cottage. I'm a human being now.. Yes. putting the package into it. and finally explained. This did not seem at all unusual to me since on the island young people were out enjoying themselves all night. the most captivating. She had long black hair. As I looked at her more closely I made a paralyzing discovery. She stuck out her thumb. and I did not dare hurt him. I did not know if I should turn right. I stammered. "What. black like the color of her eyes. Perhaps it would have pained him to know that I received a privilege he did not. anyone could have a copy of that key. registering in a hotel and… No. the way to the airport. appeared near my car window. I am no longer the prisoner of the volcano.. something every man would give his soul to obtain: the eternal love of the princess of the lagoon. I thought about going to the airport to leave it in a coin-operated locker but this seemed too risky to me. bathing me in the light of her gaze. but black. cheerful smile. Drawing near the window of my car. the main city. I stopped to meditate for a moment. A fair-skinned young woman. short beach blouse." I was struck mute for a long time..." She did not open her mouth but only smiled. contemplating me with a fixed gaze. your eyes?" She remained serene. Her startling beauty almost took my breath away. perfumed treasure. But where? Out of delicacy I did not tell Catú the end of my story. "I'd gladly give you a ride. and a wide. finest. nor in me. When I arrived at the principal road." 27 . smiling. "If there is no spell. an orange snug-fitting. When I was able to speak again.. I considered buying a small suitcase. and wisest woman on the planet. about the color of. the classic request for a ride. and canvas sneakers. "The spell has ended. I now could possibly receive a privilege any man would dream of. "but the only problem is that I don't know whether to go to the right or to the left. For this same reason I could not leave that cloak in his custody because its aroma would have immediately told him what was hidden beneath the plastic. or turn left. often spending all their money. wearing white shorts. This young woman looked like the princess of the lagoon! Except that her eyes were not turquoise-colored. too complicated. but… What about my wife? I was not religious.

observing me tenderly. «She's aware of everything I'm thinking!…» She smiled. had come to put something in place. as well as happy. "Now you are human… but you still know what I'm thinking…" She smiled. "It hurt me. since. "It's not as easy for me as before. I felt something very similar.Chapter VI Contact with Life As she got into the car. "That special being I was awaiting has arrived: it's you. meditated for an instant and then explained. I think because. she was now a mere mortal. that shadow of sadness was gone. closed the door. She was the same. As I gradually was becoming accustomed to the miracle taking place there and succeeded in calming down a little and thinking more clearly. so pleasingly near me in my automobile. what would a real kiss be like?» I thought. all that was clear to me was that the extraordinary woman at my side. I was only lucid enough to ask one. Not like before. even though my ideas were dancing vertiginously out of control. and gave me a spontaneous kiss on the check. but my head. "Now I have no reason to be unhappy… on the contrary. As I was sitting behind the steering wheel." "Why not?" She moved closer to me. and this was impeding me from thinking clearly-so many questions. then declared. but at the same time something had changed: now she radiated much greater joy. and above all." Her words made me very nervous and. "There's no harm in it." she remarked. indicating to me that she was also very emotional. and I posed it with all the humility and gratitude I could muster. sensually closing her eyes. and she continued. but I'm not aware of everything now. Barbara." I blushed. moved close to me. very happy. I found it strange that she could still practice her telepathic arts with me. just like my emotions and my nerves. not knowing either what to do or where to go. the princess of the lagoon. and even my instincts were spinning like an out-of-control carousel. I would have wanted to ask her a couple million questions.'" she said with a chuckle. "The glory. above all. "What made me deserve the benediction of your pardon?" She appeared to be remembering. So many emotions were coming at me in one fell swoop. I felt that in some way I had also been awaiting her arrival for eons. That simple. but I hid this. that's true. at the same time. to seal something. I had no doubt that she had read my mind. «If an infantile little kiss from her has such an effect on me. she sat down. and that she always must have been there. innocent kiss had the virtue of transporting me much higher than the contact with her warm hand had done hours earlier. as she had affirmed. at my side." I understood the insinuation. "A young body… of warm flesh… and a heart filled with love… This is a battleground that makes me… lose my concentration. Her breathing was somewhat agitated. to finalize one step and begin another. but I could not refrain from pardoning you for anything. the true one and 28 . but you were thinking about a kiss from me in a form so… 'strident. my emotions. not now." she declared.

Now she's is very well. but I do know that she had dinner. She took me by the hand. with Barbara and with me. with you. I was a married man. giving me a look that only said. definitive." «She knows my name. further back." I almost jumped out of my skin. Little by little everything will become clear to you. at least. Luc. perhaps the igneous remnant of a bequest of gardens of Eden. Surely this was a skill of extradimensional beings. "If you want. Everything's fine with the Universe. "Don't feel guilty. and you will also understand that there was not and is not anything dishonest anywhere. Calm down. then of heart and soul." That seemed almost criminal to me." She smiled at me kindly. which is for us. Luc. too! She knows everything!» "I don't know everything. But there was a seed of dishonesty. of deception. cold. trying to console me. Each thing will occupy the place where it belongs. Don't worry about her tonight. And I let myself be carried along by the flow of life without putting up so much resistance and harboring so many doubts. Don't worry about her. Her intrusion into my thought processes took me by surprise. very happy." I was in no condition to doubt anything that she told me and did not want to ask how she had found out our names and all the details of my wife's arrival. Remembering that. or how she knew that Barbara was happy." she said with an affection tone of voice and an optimistic expression on her face. love. please. that everything would little by little become clearer. "It's going to be hard for me to get used to this kind of telepathic eavesdropping. dear Luc.no other. That's why I'm doing it. solitary journey?" Even though this phrase rocked something pleasantly in me. and went to bed." I thought about that for a while. I did not see the relationship. In those elevated planes everything was fine with me. part of me wanted to become angry with the young woman of the mysteries. my understanding immersed in shadows. and more love" and then everything in me began to calm down… I'm lying: everything began to catch fire in my heart under the influence of those burning eyes that seemed to gaze at me with absolute. or." "That's what I thought. I'll eliminate it completely. "I'm very glad. if not of body. I have nothing to hide-from you. "But there's also my wife!" I exclaimed with desperation as I remembered her. But I preferred to believe that it was the truth. "Love. Lucas. Much to the contrary. but in these lower planes I felt guilty and very confused and told her this." 29 . had a few drinks. "No. in our relationship. everlasting love. And if you examine my ideas. they must be able to do and know anything. you'll be able to understand me better and help me more. "Isn't it dishonest to deceive?" "Is it dishonest that the bird finally arrives at its warm nest after a long. of before the Creator Word. "Happy?" "Very happy. that Barbara would be fine and that there was nothing bad anywhere because the ex-Lady of the Waters must have known perfectly well what she was doing. But I could not sustain my forced trace of resentment against her because she turned towards me. "Barbara is fine. and Barbara's. blaming her for my involuntary infidelity.

I looked at the stars. her face only inches from mine. ashamed and moved. I was startled: I knew the 30 . faithful married man. trying to console every injury to her heart that. she said in a divinely sensual matter. intimately united in some dimension of our souls." she said.We remained silent for a long time. Turning my back to the car. and me an ordinary mortal. The lights of an oncoming car shown on me and brought me back to reality. "Forgive me for my brutal rejection. holding each other. Or like an imbecile. her plea seemed all out of proportion to me. got into the car. or caresses. How could she ask me to forgive her for my bestial rejection of her love and her spontaneous offering of herself to me? She. perfumed breath. with every minute that passed. When our spirits were again calm. I only knew that I could not withstand such a great torrent of energy. No. the most pleasurable thing in existence. When I was calmer. I asked. only explained. Try to understand me. That image of her broke my heart in two. and I felt her burning. now so like my own. each and every one of them had the electrical power of an explosive lightning bolt. her agitated breathing. Occasionally it seemed to me that nothing more was needed: just to be sitting there. She was in her seat. kisses. although not measured in words. but you still don't know that. Encountering that loving gaze. making me feel like a cad. She began to kiss me repeatedly on the face. looking at me with eyes that clamored for understanding. I know things that I didn't remember that you don't know yet. This is why my passion must have almost seemed like a rape attempt to you… Forgive me. I pulled back a few inches to observe her face closely. I returned. Luc… Pardon me for being so clumsy. I understood that my reasons were also powerful. made our injured hearts grow lighter and fill with pleasing consolation. Looking me in the eye intensely and with a provocative smile on her moist lips. "No. This was all that was important. so extraordinarily overwhelming for me. of forces inciting me to abandon things so sacred. even though a part of my being was crazy with longing to do it. For a long time we stayed there. From that other dimension I could see very much before and after this moment. looking down and crying. The scene was becoming sadder and sadder to me. devastating image of her nude body shining in the moonlight came to my mind. and closed the door. sweet. please." I said to her. please. I went over. on the other hand. The mere fact that we were intimately united. I know that everything will achieve its natural order at the proper time. I hugged her with all my might. I loved more and more. But. who was almost a goddess. I could only manage to open the car door and flee a few steps like a coward. but together. commitment and giving yourself to someone. "All right… Now what?" Suddenly she positioned herself in front of me. tender rain of kisses. I should not and could not open myself to her with all my being. or like a chaste. When it grew distant. Why not? Because of Barbara. an incessant. That hurricane of love was going to kill me! In a desperate effort to avoid succumbing to those affectionate but killing urgencies. To me. Because of this. Don't ask me which. and her disturbing female aroma. "How about if we kiss?" At that moment the terrible. I took her hand between my own and caressed it. From a certain point of view. She did not want to or could not look at me. I breathed deeply. like fidelity.

was the supreme quintessence of the Universe." forgetting something very important: that we are not all equal. while not perfect. armaments. for and because of others who are not as I am-the dishonest. choose to pretend that we're "like everyone else" and wind up really being so. precedential realities. padlocks. with my overwhelming certainty. security systems and guard dogs. like a "sensible" person. we always have been and would be eternally united. overflowing in a mutual. but so long forgotten… That love was not a recent one! My recognition made the princess visibly happier. from a sort of immanent truth. I do not need others to keep 31 . those who are more dimwitted. am decent. because this world is full of police. I recognized her and neither her eye color nor her facial features had the least importance to me. who is thus a species of demon deserving of no more than to be subjected to vigilance… It is useless to speak of miraculous loves and magical destinies. very dear to me. vulgar and lacking in imagination. These were primordial. those who through the dubious weight of absolute majority succeeded in imposing upon me their own lack of light. insensitive.owner of those eyes very well! She was a being very proximate to my soul. that in this world other beings exist. laws. then. on the other side of entire existences that are fleeting moments. I don't know." Yes. I acted like everyone else. who while not perfect. At times I felt my hair stand on end. Not subordinated to the subjective. she prodded me to remember. that this was Paradise. the All. people like me. They are the people who have conditioned us to accept this "reality. She was that half of me that." wich is a sort of "tyranny of mediocrity. She was that other "I" that accompanied me when I was a child because. the sensible. those who definitely condition us and impose upon us that which we accept as "the reality. as I was "maturing" little by little I began to kill off. decent people. Nirvana and the Tao. until finally in my soul I closed the luminous window of possible miracles. or assaulting. or perhaps an absolute majority-who do not dare express ourselves from the bottom of our souls. Which is to say. in forgotten coordinates of the consciousness. The being made manifest in those eyes caressed me from the root of what is. It was not a matter of pigmentation or physical form but rather a full recognition of profound feelings of the heart. beyond the illusion called life or death. from the sacred nucleus of existence. alien conception of what is "reality. Heaven. vulgar. essential. It has all been put in place. imagination. Her face acquired the light of joy while the force of her gaze continued to penetrate my spirit to its most recondite sources. to recall. and for fractions of a second I believed I understood that this meeting of souls. I gave up. documents. to transfer over into the swampy terrain of doubt. they were disassociated from the relativities of earthly." saying that the greatest danger to human beings is the human being. I do not know how many of us there are-perhaps a small minority. Without taking her piercing gaze off me. despite the fact that I am not a religious man. all I know is that I. and lacking in imagination. Therefore. But if everybody were as I am. none of this would be necessary because I am an honest person. For some moments it became clear to me that. and hope as the tyrannical. And I accepted this "reality. armies. changing affairs. the normal. without seeing that what we call sensibility is nothing more than the fear of being different from those in this world who are more dimwitted." A gray "reality" that I accepted as the only one. I gave it life. honorable. or swindling. definitive and total gaze. surrendering under attack by the wingless minds surrounding me. Good. are at least incapable of robbing.

sensibility. And. as decent persons. therefore. the police and the security bars on windows are for other people. of being somehow clean." which transports to us this despicable. I am also accepting a complete belief system that conditions my reality. This is not for me either. as ladies and gentlemen. and which we foolishly accept. whose vivifying lights and multicolored wings fall. in hypocritical form we camouflage as bombastic masks. deserve to be under suspicion. our rejection of elevated possibilities therefore eliminates any luminous alternative from our lives. Thus I do not deserve the "reality" of the delinquent. not for me. But the swan and the rat coexist in us. the sensation of not seeing anything contemptible in myself. for example. neither from the sky nor from hidden cameras. the swan on the heights does not doubt. mutilated faith. 32 . the reality that says a human being is vermin. vulgar. like genocidal martyrs. I deserve neither the severe gaze of the bank. vulgar. I do not. since I am a man of honor. A system that says. Why do it? The rats will say that this is impossible and they will be right: it is not possible for rats… In order to deserve a little knowledge about the most elevated heights and possibilities of existence. that absence of remorse." maturity… when this is no more than betraying the self. And this is why we deserve the castrating consequences of this acceptance. because that which we believe or sense from that illuminated zone is our source of the greatest interior happiness. our interior swan. nor that of the neighbor or the pedestrian frightened of me in the solitary night. and unimaginative individuals in this world. common sense. the miraculous. as if I were a potential delinquent. even if no one is watching me because I am always watching myself. is out of the reach of human vermin (including me). whether real or potential. without realizing it. Better. and not mention near the sewer what is going on in those radiant heights. Nor do I deserve their suspicions about me. or supermarket guard. doubt." but rather some "realities" for rats and others for swans. insensitive and unimaginative individuals in the world are those who once and for all condition and impose that which we accept as "reality. because I am not. pragmatism. that they do not exist. I would not sell for all the junk in the world. This is why in our lives day by day and minute by minute we condemn to death." Because of this. but for others. therefore. is gratifying to me because I do no harm to anyone. they would have to begin abandoning the sewer. Thus it is that the most dimwitted. Knowing the summits. knocked down by the cruel scourges called cowardliness to believe in ourselves. for us to be "sensible" is to accept "the reality" of the most dimwitted. and. fallacious vision of the possible and impossible held by those-and they deserve it-beings who are not decent. is impossible. that to believe in this type of "manias" is plainly. is that which we most authentically deserve and definitively are. And thus we exchange the Kingdom for the miserable pottage of lentils of "being like everyone else. I should not have accepted it because upon doing so. and remember that there is no single "reality. that we choose forever. And since only that which we accept as possible becomes possible for us. "feet on the ground.guard over me. shopping center. I am neither going to attack anyone nor carry off something that does not belong to me. And that pleasant sensation. therefore. realism. that which we truly are. Every sewer rat doubts the existence of the snowy summits. simply madness. the butterflies of our most beautiful dreams. that the elevated. healthy precaution.

Without opening her eyes. Once again. meanwhile. And we really are." Her words seemed irreverent to me. unable to avoid feeling devastatingly unhappy once again. transcendent kiss of my existence. a kiss that was not to be. If we are capable of looking at ourselves from a more eternal plane while the cutting edge of fate eats away at us. too. do not lose it. the better to weigh the situation from a distance. always smiles and merriment. Luc? In spite of the pain. be it sweet or bitter. she understood and. we are. and said to me. I held her close to me. And nothing could ever come between us. my wife… My wife? Which of them was my wife? I did not know. I had exiled her from the zone of my supreme realities. as if in meditation. or could be. Placing her hand on her chin and mouth. documents and police. of commitment or noncommitment. "Know something. or must be. that once again was not to be. But also in pain. "Not only when life offers us a reward of caresses and joy do we experience it in all its plenitude. only we are not aware of it because we believe that happiness is only sugar. could only watch her. just as I was hers. But now I was offering no resistance to that sweet typhoon of caresses. my entire being giddy with the most absolute. all awaiting the atemporally deferred. strident alarm that never ceases. this is a joyful moment. disturbing. of what one must do or not do. the memory of Barbara. Then she explained. do not forget it. like an unexpected. or have to be happy. yes. a tridimensional call made me descend from absolute planes towards this reality of clocks. But before I could reach the yearned for.Chapter VII The Beach under the Moon With overflowing. resigned herself as she closed her lips in frustration. appearing to stretch her impartiality to the breaking point. somewhat alleviating human anxieties and tenderness that had been under control for millenniums. savor it. happiness is 33 . not without first painfully and shamefully noting her half-open lips and her closed eyes. Luc. that yet again could not be. in the encounter or in waiting for the encounter. None of this had the least weight when compared to the fury of voracious desire. or antedating my concepts of good and evil. Luc. and very soon. little by little. I. sanctified by love. How could she ask me to savor and enjoy that painful moment? This torture was happiness? When my heart was drowning in the deepest. Luc. noble weeping. when we win but also when we lose. of just and unjust. I caressed her face with my cheeks while she kissed me thoroughly and obsessively. her eyes still closed. there. she bowed her head. dignified and desperate satisfaction of the sacred first nuptial kiss. now she was with me and was mine. but happiness is always present each time we can intensely savor existence. cunningly detaining my advance. but the night of the soul was coming to a close. deserved. and I simply found my lips approaching hers. uncontainable lucidity. burning paradise of her mouth. I pulled away fiercely. Happiness is contact with the miracle of Life. this tiny segment of our lives is very beautiful. A century of confusion and heartbreak seemed to pass before she wisely took my hand without turning. with my heart in flames I found myself dragged along by a atavistic or celestial force. gloomiest pain? She pondered. but driven by that same uncertainty. enjoy it. whether through fitting laughter or authentic. also when the yearned-for prize of comfort and solace has not yet arrived. her gaze still lost in her interior light. Treasure it in your soul. superior to.

uneasy or serene. everything has changed. of course. left. so beautiful. she looked as carefree as a little girl. disappeared. Her words seemed almost absurd to me. But she did. "It's so much fun to ride in a car. something has changed. especially now that I recognized it. Except…" "You can experience a stronger contact with existence. so unrepeatable. and still you want to return?" "It's not the same. She turned towards me with a joyful look on her face. "Would you take me to the volcano?" I returned to this world. I want to say good-bye. Pain turned sweet when we could relish it like this. that moment had the intensity and flavor of an almostbrutal contact with life. a surname and a head full of the incessant buzzing of disordered thoughts." She was right." "Hmmmmm… Interesting. I valued in all its transcendence that so-apparently-unpleasant situation that life extended to us." "Yes. she had kept all her freshness of soul. "Being human is something extraordinary!" she laughed. yes. that I did not oppose it." "Is it?" "Absolutely." 34 . Time passed.when we are fully alive and conscious. like you were. but only on the condition that you are capable of paying attention. while at the same time scarcely realizing that it existed. each interior sensation that it provoked in her. a being capable of dominating occult powers. and only when we are fully alive and conscious can we grow." When I started the car. She sat looking at the landscape like someone enjoying each shade of color. Luc!" I began to chuckle but. I lamented the fact that I was so accustomed to the automobile that now I found no magic in it. each image. so far removed from ordinary realities. Affectionately and humbly. that of practicing the art of dying to the past and being born to the present… The two of us were living moments so intense. illusory flash that moves across the script of life with a given name. she asked. crying or laughing. no matter how much it denied the satisfaction of unpostponable longings. someone who pertains to a more elevated level of existence. a history. more than a passing cloud. comprehensive act of waiting. "To the volcano? You've already spent millenniums there. Her request seemed so strange to me. then it stopped being pain. a colossal contact in this case. And there beside me was a former extradimensional being who was happy to have become a simple human being…. "I'm asking myself how you can feel happy to be a normal person now. happiness was also there. Why do you enjoy being human?" "Because life is more intense. but from another point of view. comprehensive and wise joy of existing. we become more human. of course. as always. now we were comforted and tranquil. seeing that almost everyone would like nothing better than to transform him or herself into a spectacular being. we realize that we are more than an unfeeling rock. no matter how painful. giving way to a placid and serene. Therefore. Please. And because of this. and more than a fleeting. of savoring the extraordinary caress of life in the midst of a patient. most people only aspire to become something more than human: an angel in the sky. deep down. At some time or other.

the better to enjoy the caress of the breeze upon her face. There was a great difference between that adorable. warmer. but I'd be glad to be able to clear up so many doubts. like we humans. and this comes from exercising it. drew conclusions and protested. "I was capable of knowing almost everything. on the other hand. She was right. living and it is only like that we truly know. and then trying it again and rectifying your mistake." Suddenly. I was not free. I was a distant reflection of that which I really am. That was a curse. loving woman who arrived. living it. My emotions were minimal. are in some way better than those beings that are more advanced…" "Ah… No. I could not be happy. what was happening to me seemed so unreal: having beside me a beautiful. Mere information is not the source of happiness." "Almost everything!" "Yes. in brief. but neither was I capable of being unhappy.I thought a little. would this make you happy?" "Well. Now. although she was thoroughly beautiful. millennially alone. I was almost a zombie. extradimensional Lady of the Lagoon and this equally adorable. a wise zombie. rather. Luc. The first." "What about now?" "Wow! I'd be so happy to know all that!" "Don't be so sure. was surrounded by a pathetic halo. Luc. with the desire to live… Sometimes too much for me. because I did not have that which is such a luxury for me now: the marvelous liberty of being myself. If we've seen only the map of a place and have never been to the place itself…" "You're right." "Maybe not… What more is needed? "The capacity to put into practice what you know. under the waters?" "Sad. they elapsed as in a pale dream. my reasoning was 35 . so many mysteries…" "Many people would like to know all you know. at least that which is within the reach of human comprehension. telepathy. leaving behind millenniums of solitude under a strange spell… "What was your life like there. "What you're telling me is frightening!" "Why?" "Because you're suggesting that the inferior beings. clairvoyance." "Why not?" "Because I wasn't myself. but. on the other hand I am a human being. such as immortality. The wind made her jet-black hair undulate. while this pretty young woman was much closer to my soul. Luc. It's true that it had some out-of-the-ordinary characteristics. She opened the car window and closed her eyes. I could materialize or dematerialize my body and such things." "Because knowledge alone is not enough for achieving happiness. I was terribly alone. thinking that would make them happy. trying it and failing. lively woman who was accompanying me. her whole being appeared to be submerged in phantasmagoric distant places. and awaiting love. practicing. as if I were waiting for the arrival of my true life. and without freedom there is neither true elevation nor true human condition. But I could not physically leave the interior of the lagoon except on certain nights of the full moon. and that's not how it is. I wasn't in a higher plane of existence. I'm alive… I'm alive!" she exclaimed joyfully. If you had access to the greatest library in the Universe. Perhaps you did not realize that. and only when there were no undesirable humans around. I don't think so.

and I cried with her. if you say that you know almost everything?" "I am referring to learning those things that are not in books. the spectacular beings of the Universe. now covered with petrified mollusks and mud. No more would she walk those cold. hugging her with all my might. It broke my heart to think about it. as if this were the first time that she had traversed the place. but at the same time I felt happy because the nightmare had ended. drinking her tears. like an electronic brain. I immediately perceived that the color of those waters was no longer the same. Only much later I understood that those images that had flooded my mind were absurd. It was a gift to be able to feel it on my skin after so many millennia of watery cold. When we reached the summit of the Manoa. The warm night breeze connected us with real life. like recognizing and respecting the other person's emotions and need for enough time to work things through. that sort of phosphorescent greenish halo that had cloaked it in irreality and mystery. but that way I'm learning. She would never again sit beside those dead fountains. never again those rotting white alabaster columns. now that I am completely happy I can realize that that was … not … life…" Her voice was breaking with emotion. century after century. All that." "How can you learn. carpeted with silent seaweed. I could not grow and was incapable of committing errors. she was gazing emotionally at the waters." For the first time in my life I felt good about being merely human. like the sensation of the wind on your face. and the immense privilege of the beloved being quivering and warm beside me was transformed into a universal benediction." "I'm so very sorry. like managing the soul's necessities within an eager human body. without the little fishes of yesteryear that had enraptured her in her distant childhood. No more would she wander over those formerly lustrous floor tiles. nevertheless. Although the place was illuminated only by moonlight. with you beside me. Luc… I was wrong. welcome you to our world!" We both laughed. It's not easy. this is why. into the glory for me. I had had the sensation of knowing everything 36 . Then I made a joke.precise and my lucidity. it had lost that magic. and I'm growing. Visibly moved." "It's only now. shiny face. Now I make mistakes. I was very unhappy. "We. absolute. Never again would she converse in soliloquy with those fearless statutes of gods and goddesses of oblivion. but this is why it is so beautiful. "That was … very … sa…" And she began to cry disconsolately on my chest while I tried to comfort her by offering her my affection. with the geometrical designs about which she had invented fabulous childish odysseys when she was small. Being human is something fantastic. bathed only in the light of her turquoise eyes. that I was not her. I imagined how sad and difficult to bear that age-old solitude must have been for a poor young woman: solitude. kissing her beautiful. we got out of the car and headed toward the shore of the lagoon. solitary corridors of the beautiful submerged palace. "I believed that I was not unhappy while I was here. never again. solitude. We began to walk around the lagoon on its craggy shores lined with thickets and rocks. but I could not realize this because I knew no other way of life because my emotions had been annulled. as I did a moment ago in this car.

Since I learned them under the waters. embracing me. maybe. We climbed up to that rock where she." she breathed." she said. confusing me greatly with this unusual statement. none of that was easy for a scientist like me to accept. We sat on the volcanic stone." "'Create a history'? Are you suggesting that one creates the history of his or her own life?" "And of his or her own death. I had to try to impose my own concepts of reality upon the unknown magic of life. but to accept that… Unless… "Are you referring to the 'afterlife'?" "I'm referring to eternal life without ending up in the cemetery. "But we humans die!" "Only those who do not know certain secrets die. moreover. I did not decide upon it. beside the person you love. had shed her clothes and then plunged into the waters. we are the same. "Because we are one. mortal no." "Why is it impossible?" "Because that is not in the script of my life. but on the other. I hugged her against my body. but… Do you mean that if a lunatic should turn up and shoot a bullet through your heart. Please excuse the terrible example I'm going to give. and I'm not going to. From some inexplicable dimension of my consciousness it was clear to me that this was so. or I would go crazy." she said. you would not die?" "If I permit this to happen. appraising the moment. "Mortal? Me?" "Well… Didn't we agree that that's what you are now?" "No. when she was the extradimensional princess." That was too much for me. Never again could I doubt her wisdom. "I like you much more now that you're mortal…" She looked thoughtful for a moment and then glanced at me with surprise. I would not permit something like that to happen to me. I wasn't. "How different it is to be here as a human being. and. causing me simultaneously the greatest pleasure and the greatest pain of my life. And at the same time. yes. in this same immortal body. I can't imagine something so impossible. They have all experienced the results of applying their creative powers within the freedom of choice that we divine beings have. My being jumped from one reality to the other with no solution of continuity." "Immortal body? This is not human. of having actually been her. concrete side." I agreed because I was well acquainted with her sentiments and her pathetic experience under those waters." "Are you saying that everyone who has died 'chose' this fate?" "Naturally." 37 . I'd be crazy to create such a frightening history for myself.. Each of them chose every detail of his or her fate.. I was something else on the miraculous island of Sands. No one is going to attack me. that was certain. although that mattered little to me now. I will never die. "I know. There was a good probability that I was the one who was crazy. Human. I don't know.that she had lived through.

"I'm very happy. was feeling ecstatic simply contemplating her. which comes from a language which has disappeared but which was the origin of many others that are spoken today in this world. your name is El-Anya…" She laughed at the way I pronounced it. and walked towards the sea. "Choose the one you like most from all those I mentioned. Another is ElAnya. while both of us remained silent she played with the wind and let her eyes devour everything we came across." 38 . etc. Ilonka. pronouncing a number of names. because it implied a much greater degree of respect than our system since here you must use one name for your entire life." "And which was your language. Eileen. Ilona. too. her answers would do me no good because it was not going be easy for me to understand them. fascinated. Eliana. she supported herself against my chest. and she ran under the full moon towards the gentle surf." "Didn't your parents choose your name?" "No. and I decided to let life flow through channels different than reason and metaphysical replies. Helena. near the sea. and then we got into the car. I'll be. it became clear to me that. "And when I succeed in getting my head straight. to which she thoughtfully agreed. During the ride. She performed a sort of farewell ritual before the waters of the lagoon. some of which sounded very strange to me. standing on the sand. we took off our shoes. She was happily walking between the small waves that caressed the beach. I asked her to give me a few moments of silence to organize my ideas. her arms open as if she wanted to embrace the ocean as she took deep breaths of the marine air. forgetting Barbara. Elena. "But if it's going to sound like that from your lips. When we were closer." "That's right. "Princess. We arrived at a beach far from any of the towns. There. I wanted to call her but then remembered that I still did not even know her name. and simply enjoying these moments. Elina. All these names mean the same thing in different languages. Alina. and no one ever asks whether you like it or not." She walked towards me. I took her hand and caressed her hair. she said. under the moon." "In other words. Don't forget what you felt that I am for you when we first met. "Ileana." A little latter she proposed that we go to the island's beach. but when you achieve a certain clarity of consciousness. "How beautiful!" she exclaimed. but remember that those sounds are not my real being. In that civilization your parents give you a temporary name.Chapter VIII A New Model of Universe Instead of protesting her curious claims. inside the Manoa Volcano crater. I agreed. got out of the car." That seemed fantastic to me. despite having two million questions I wanted to ask her. you must choose the name that best resonates internally for you. Helen. while I. you'd better choose another of those I mentioned because each of these labels corresponds to the name that I myself chose for of its vibratory affinity.

as if they had seen too many cowboy movies. but she escaped. and I continued my pursuit. she turned to me. she told me that we should stand up. "Oh. She lay down beside me. looking serious as the headlights drew closer. she avoided me and laughed like a mocking little girl when she saw my clumsiness. and we played." She walked towards the shore. like a sinister carrousel of blinding yellow and red spotlights and deafening noises. "Elina. I stretched out on the soft sand. and then we helped each other back to our feet. "Come see. I chased after her. When I had her in my arms. The warm breeze would rapidly dry our clothes. LOOK WHAT WE FOUND HERE! TWO LITTLE LOVEBIRDS!" Shouting dissonantly." And she raised her hands to her pants buttons. sending spouts of water towards their flanks and yelling like they were possessed. picked up a branch and drew something in the damp sand.«As if that were possible. smooth body clad in skimpy lingerie. "Now I'm going to kiss you on the mouth!" And she tried to grab me by the back of the neck and forcibly kiss me. fell on the sand and continued to run like delighted kids. That's what we did. while she acted terrified of me. which were only damp. until a half-full 39 . rode their motorcycles in an infernal circle around us. we stayed quiet for a long time. Holding hands. The noise of motors and euphoric shouts ruined the night's magic. Then she let me catch her. This time I was the one who took off running. and I was terrified of succumbing. "Stay calm. savoring that curious name between my lips. the men." I said. Drunken motorcyclists who are high on drugs… But don't be afraid. she said. and we laughed together. "HEY. When I was about to reach for her. "You'll see when I catch you!" I pretended to be a furious ogre. blissful as someone returning to childhood. others. With sensuality evident in her eyes and the tone of her voice. Luc. Then I once again remembered her nudity and could not avoid imagining that wellformed. out of breath and enchanted to be alive. looking at the stars and the moon. don't do it!" She began to laugh. oh!" exclaimed Elina. Standing over me. and we jubilantly fell into the water." Some of them approached across the wet sand." she spoke sharply into my ear. I'm going to take them off and let them dry. And we ran. "No. "What's wrong?" "Problems. Finally we stopped. When they had almost reached us. pretending to be terrified. bright lights began to illuminate the nocturnal beach there at the distant shoreline." A large heart enclosed the names Lucas and Elina. Suddenly. "Besides that is very close to El-Anya." I also joked. and I really tried. or maybe I really was terrified of being unfaithful. "Only if you can catch me!" she said. she looked as tall as a monument. which was shinning perfectly round and clear above us. directly between the shallowest waves. about fourteen of them. "That was a joke!" "Too bad.» I thought to myself. Luc. I like Elina. I tried to embrace her. laughing and beginning to run. "My shorts are wet. which sometimes made one or the other of us fall into the water. saying.

Out of the corner of my eye I observed that Elina had closed her eyes and appeared to be concentrating on something. I had not yet calmed down after all that had happened. Ten or twelve millennia. flapped its wings harder. bloodcurdling noise. and hovered as if it were preparing to attack us again. although I could not avoid ducking my head when the flying horror once again passed over all of us. all the men threw themselves onto the sand to avoid being devoured. 'STOP IT!" "DON'T YOU LIKE BEER. a kind of luminous dragon with a ferocious open gullet and powerful fangs. FELLOWS. That materialized mental creation of mine will drive them to that solitary beach where they killed and then buried the father of your friend Musco. more or less. passing only inches from their heads. HA. at that moment a frightening noise came out of the sea. The monster lined up directly over them and. and try to continue their retreat in the midst of the general chaos. the flying fiend closely pursued them. The noisy beating of its large wings provoked virtual storms of sand and drops of seawater. The men all got to their feet as well as they could and took off on their motorcycles. stay calm. Later. "How did you do that?" "With sufficient prior practice. At that point. powerful. get right back on." "Do you mean to say that that phantom that flew over us didn't really exist?" "Yes. letting their motorcycles fall onto the sand. and then another one struck me on the back. This time the dragon drew a little further away.can of beer hit me on the eyebrow. and then once again nose-dived directly at us. taking me firmly by the arm and concealing a mischievous look on her face. while some of them reached for the zippers on their pants. and began to approach us. flying now at an even greater speed and making ever more frightening noises. "It was a condensation and precipitation of my imagination. "Stay calm. all disappearing into the distance. Meanwhile. I wanted to do the same thing but she stopped me. emitting a sharp." she explained with a smile. come flying directly towards us at a terrible speed. I desperately clinched my fists and yelled with all my might. emitting hair-raising sounds. while leaving the headlights pointing towards us and the motors turned on. and those guys will wind up behind bars. And off they went. the police will arrive and the case will be solved. it does exist. Elina appeared very complacent. heading in the same direction from which they had come. HA!" They stopped. caused several of them to fall off their motorcycles. and I began to take her advice. "LET'S GO! LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" the one who appeared to be the leader of the gang shouted from the ground. hovered in the air for a few seconds. THIS LITTLE LOVEBIRD SAYS THAT HE WANTS TO DRINK PEE-PEE!" "THEN LET'S GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS! HA." Elina assured me. but in the plane where all that is imagined exists. made a wide circle over the sea. The shrieking phantom had left a wake of wind and sand. It moved off. That was when I knew that she herself was the cause of what was happening and was somehow mentally directing that flying monster." 40 . SWEETHEART? WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE PEE-PEE? HEY. As it passed only inches from our heads. whatever it might really be. rising some one hundred yards in distance and altitude. soaking me. I made what I was imagining descend to this plane. All of us looked that way and saw an enormous monster.

" «Intelligence without knowledge: a new concept for me. I'm beginning to think that even if you explain your magical acrobatics and metaphysical schemata to me. looking her in the eye." We sat down on the sand. Even though I was carrying out my private research." "That's true. This was a complete novelty to me since I had always thought that the greater evolution and intelligence. was so intoxicated with his own importance that he generally did not listen attentively whenever one of us. but they won't do you any good. and for that you need not know a million matters. Elina picked up upon what I was thinking and said. Elina. Many prize-winning scientists in this world would be considered a little stupid in a superior system of existence." I understood. rather. "You must teach me how to perform those wonders. would an intelligent person have to be like?" "Different from what you're thinking. It's your boss who is. And so it was with everything. I grasped her hands and. and when he ate he did not savor his food. in spite of his great intelligence. said. For some people too much knowledge tends to be an obstacle to achieving a joyous life. These words alarmed me. even though they confirmed certain intuitions I had. He would immediately get up on his high horse and act like a know-it-all. although one day he might win the Nobel Prize. Then I looked at her with admiration and astonishment. if it were only this. to me the guy wound up appearing stupid himself. What's important in life is to be happy. I don't always understand you. dear Luc. He could not stop thinking and thinking. expressed an opinion. Often it's just the reverse. Someone who's truly intelligent would have to be happy. "You're not a little stupid. making the rest of us feel like idiots. everything has its positive side. It's not necessary either. to make a long story short. and the less human considerations. I finally began to ask myself if intelligence could be only this. since that wasn't the way I was. but practice is another. and. "What. I was very pleased to hear this news. the head of the physics department at my university.» I thought and then asked. with or without great knowledge. But that was not really me because I was the curse's captive. looking down from the Olympus of his intelligence. I did not work at night. except during those millennia. the more spirit of practicality. or at least I thought I did: Elina had a view of existence that was more poetic and emotional than practical. and always was. Luc. I was doing it calmly. the greater the coldness. I believe that inevitably I'll never know a million things that you do. only gulping it down while thinking of other things. not even for an instant. For example." "Don't worry. his subordinates. it was in that state that I learned to do things like these. Theory is one thing. and this was why I was not killing myself to win the Nobel Prize. 41 .Since I knew very well how it pained the Paho that they had never found the body of Catú's son. Luc." "I can explain some techniques to you. and you don't have the millennia of experience that I do. And. However. according to you. "And you want me to believe that you are human?" "I am perfectly human. I had dinner at his house a couple times and could see that he did not play with his children or pay attention to the pretty plants and flowers that his wife had brought into their home. then for me it would be better to be a little stupid but capable of enjoying life. something closer to my own than to that of my colleagues. I had chosen the latter course. a nuclear physicist who had been nominated for the Nobel Prize several times. knowledge. thanks to his little smile halfway between ridicule and smugness." "Do you mean that intelligence can be a problem in achieving happiness?" "I'm not talking about intelligence but. moreover. and I spent my vacations far from the academic environment.

although I was joking because I had now caught on to her ideas and shared them. "What would you think if I told you that the most advanced beings are highly rational and.since I valued authentic things in life. 42 . the Paho. but at the same time she had touched upon a subject that has half the world dying of curiosity… including me." I said. and scaling palm trees. if you are incapable of enjoying the moon on the beach?" She was completely right. dolphins. very kind and affectionate. "This is the road towards wisdom. from the transcendent dimension. for example. Because of that. And now it had apparently turned out to be just the reverse: our scientists should be a little more natural and a little less cerebral to deserve to be considered as truly intelligent. never forgetting that it is the heart that really understands from on high. What good would it do you to understand. with great artistic capacity and sensibility?" "I'd think that you'd have to show me an example to convince me. at the same time. like nature. I felt quite "primitive" in comparison to my university colleagues. above all because I had intuited them from the depths of my being. I focused upon the matter. the mystery of the UFOs. One must live in equilibrium of the heart and the mind.

"Nothing is distant. The mind invents distances. "What distant place in the Universe do they come from?" She sighed deeply and looked towards the sky. like someone entering the subtle domains of her own interior. opened her eyes. a positive. shifting her body over to sit cross-legged in front of me. When you feel afraid. vibrates at a low rate. at least on the theoretical side. in very general. of parallel universes of antimatter and things of this sort. beings who inhabit a superior reality. resentful. if it vibrates a higher rate you will grasp a more elevated segment. or from the prospective of a human being looking at the carpet from on high. It corresponds to a scientific system that someday you will come to know. This. It is similar to looking at the design of a carpet from the prospective of an ant walking within that 'forest' of different-colored threads. "Do you know what a deep-sea fish said when it was told that that other beings exist outside the waters?" "No. envious. "And how is it that the mind vibrates higher or lower?" "Whatever vibrates lower tends towards materiality. or better said. Surely she already knew this. spirituality." It made me think of certain hypotheses of theoretical physics. jealous. immateriality." she stated. Elina!" She gently descended. optimistic attitude. and said." I made myself more comfortable.Chapter IX Some Mysteries "Do you understand the mystery of the UFOs?" "It's no mystery at all. Then she closed her eyes. all your being. Only through elevated vibrations or energies can one overcome forces that bind the inferior. not a metaphor. too." "It said." "Go on!" I said with an incredulous smile. "Who are they?" "Good people. 'Go on!'" We both laughed. She seemed to be amused with me. if you 43 . the magic of love eliminates them…" "That's a beautiful metaphor. and similar emotions. but what interested me was the idea that "nothing is distant. broad strokes." "It's a truth. "Nothing is distant. This has nothing to do with distances. "You could do it. Do you understand?" "Sort of… And what is a mind that vibrates at a higher rate like?" "Happiness." I did not want to mention that hereabouts it does not sound very logical to associate the concept 'love' with a scientific system. just as it does when you feel angry. like that of gravity. love. a superior reality. whatever vibrates at a high rate tends towards subtlety." she explained with a very sweet smile on her face. your mind. and soon her body was slowly rising a few inches over the sand… And floating in the air! "You're levitating. is the difference between high and low vibrations. If your mind vibrates at a low level you will grasp a determined segment of reality. She picked up on my lucubrations and immediately stopped me. greedy. I found this idea highly appealing.

Now the conditions are better. therefore. practically into another Universe.. although it does takes a lot of practice. each person lives the existence that he or she chooses from moment to moment. I grasped the idea that the Universe returns to us that which we have previous sent to it. I did. but it's interesting.elevated your mind's frequency while sustaining the idea of being very light. it puts me in contact with superior 44 . I found indigestible the fact that one "chooses" the happenings in his or her life." "Bah… To me this is not verifiable at the moment. do not attract it. This is where those good people come from. I accepted that possibility to show you what I am capable of doing.. "Then. although not at all easy to digest…" "The realities of the vibratory planes lower than ours are very ugly. But there was no real danger for us in that situation. There's nothing at all extrahuman in this. to reduce dangerous situations for the people of Sands. the one that was normal for me at that time." "Did you choose to fail?" "Yes and no.' Yes OR no?" "Yes. and that's the one we receive. then you can enter into a higher dimension of reality. focus the mind on any frequency whatsoever-all this is a choice because the quality of that which we think or feel. if my mind vibrates at a higher rate. to help to alleviate the pain of the poor Paho. "Vibrate in a determined way. but my superior consciousness was at peace because it knew that in the long run this would transport me to the enjoyment of these magical moments and allow me to attempt to accomplish once again what before I did not succeed in doing. Please continue." Everything she was saying seemed very interesting to me. If you succeed in elevating the frequency of your mind even more." "Surprising. yes. and those of more elevated vibratory planes seem sublime to us. But from my inferior consciousness. thanks to the knowledge and to the capacities that I presently possess. From there. from my divine." "And for millennia you were held prisoner by a sad curse. I tried it and I failed. Because of this. at least for us. nevertheless." I thought." "But you met up with the men on the motorcycles…" "Yes." "I don't understand 'yes and no. is that which we irradiate to the Universe. Because that which is imagined can become real. elevated or low. Then my inferior consciousness became very sad. "Vibrate or choose?" I asked. above all because this tied in with a relatively modern physics postulate saying that the results of certain experiments are conditioned upon the person conducting the experiment. transcendent being. This is why I cannot meet up with a crazy murderer because I would never even imagine such an encounter and. and so that you would know that you must not be afraid when you're with me. But we always have the liberty of choosing the elevated or the low or the everyday one. but it was all so distant from what constituted my daily life… Above all. to me this seemed too difficult to prove. Did you also choose that?" "That happened because I failed a test. no. I am not disposed to vibrate at a lower level: imagining horrors. for example. because my inferior soul needed this step that could carry it towards the perfection that I have now reached. which will return the same to us. according to the way he or she decides to vibrate." "Owing to this. especially the future occurrences. "Maybe because of the vibratory frequency of his or her mind. But I considered that the idea of the mind's vibratory quality as the door towards superior realities an interesting terrain upon which to establish hypotheses of theoretic investigatory work. a little confused. into a more subtle order of things.

If I understand you correctly. they modernize. it can descend to very ugly dimensions of reality." she added. the spirits. in books. Luc. now it is "aliens"…" "'The evolution of terror throughout history. but there always were and there are now persons inclined to vibrate at a very low rate." "You're right. "The reality that we live is the result of the quality of energy that we launch into the Universe. Those of this epoch choose certain films that are very dark. they don the clothing of each era. if the mind is vibrating at a high level it ascends to superior realities and meets elevated beings. painful existences are in that condition because this is what they have launched and are launching towards the Universe. Lucas. "The phantoms change. above all when there is a certain 'intention." "To me this is very novel way of seeing things. but I don't have time to invest in these obscure areas of research. you're saying that only good beings are there above. the demons. "By sensing these realities.realities… Very interesting. laughing." she said with a smile. but if it vibrates at a very low rate. witches. the darkness." "Moreover. There it can come across the monsters it imagines… But they are not exactly extraterrestrials. devils. neither at the movies nor in my own life." I said. Much to the contrary." 45 . man has always feared the invisible. If we launch high frequencies. at the movies and… in their own lives…" "That may be. vampires. but the fact is that I don't like horror films or violent ones. All I know is that under hypnosis many people say things about the matter that are hairraising enough…" "We must not consider everything said under hypnosis as valid. to very disagreeable sub-planes. It's not my field. then what about those extraterrestrial beings who kidnap people and conduct horrible examinations of them? Where do they come from?" "Do you really believe those stories. and it is these that we see pass through our skies…" "In a more elevated dimension there is no one who wants to hurt anyone. Didn't you know that? A being who is intelligent and honest with him or herself should document everything well before treating any rumor as true. to harbor thoughts and feelings that are hardly enlightening. I like those that make me feel good. Before it was ghosts. The beings who live tormented. Luc." "Then what are they?" "Entities from low planes. It's all false. Each culture has disguised this in the fashion of the time. spirits. It is like tuning in a radio or a television. Luc. because this state of mind is exceptionally creative and subject to fantasizing.' whether it is conscious or subconscious. Elina." "I didn't know that. and the beings who inhabit a dimension superior to our own are there because they only launch elevated frequencies towards life. for example. And the serious investigators of the matter already agree with that." "Do they exist?" "A lot of things exist all around us. like choosing high or low frequencies." "Nor so childish. a scientist like you?" "Are you implying that this is a lie?" "From beginning to end." I said. we receive elevated personal experiences and vice versa." "But if that's so. "Then childish fears of the dark must not be so crazy. very fearfully. as I told you before. on television.

"And this is why you chose Sands and a marvelous love as the 'film' for your life… That surprised me. I reflected for a few moments and then decided that perhaps she could be right. I contemplated the beach bathed by the light of the full moon, the stars on high, the imposing Manoa at my back; I listened to the distant murmur of the nocturnal seagulls and of the waves; I inhaled the marine air and then looked at her, so beautiful and resplendent, observing me with an intense gaze and a smile on her lips, as if she were expecting some sort of superior comprehension from me. And I possessed it. It had become clear to me that what I was experiencing was too far from the common for me to continue doubting the magic of things. But… did I deserve those extraordinary experiences because I had "chosen" them? "And why not? Luck, coincidence? This does not exist. All that exists is the reply of the Universe to that which we have previously sent it." "But I don't recall having sent anything very special to the Universe. My life has been ordinary enough. I don't believe I have 'chosen' this and don't feel I deserve it. And I myself discarded the possibility of a special love a long time ago…" "You discarded it from your mind, but not from the depths of your heart…" I mediated on her words for a few moments and said, "Maybe, although I'm not conscious of that." "Neither of that, nor of what you sent to the Universe in your previous life. But you have a 'credit balance.' You know?" "No, but if that's so, well, I'm glad." We got up and, holding hands, began to walk along the shoreline. As we did that, I once again felt that the true love of my life was she and not Barbara. Feeling a tightening in my chest, I could not refrain from telling her "I love you." for the first time. At that moment a very intense light crossed the firmament. "Was that a UFO?" I joked because it was obvious to me that it had been a resplendent, uncommon meteorite. "Neither a UFO nor a meteorite, but rather a 'little greeting'…" "What? From whom?" "From a superior dimension of life," she said with a certain mysterious mischief in her glance. I thought that she was pulling my leg. "Go on… For me that was a meteorite, a very large one, but a meteorite nonetheless. With her index finger she pointed to a spot in the sky and asked, "What about that one?" I looked up and saw nothing there. But a couple seconds later another "meteorite" appeared, even more brilliant than the first and headed in a different direction. I was perplexed. She had pointed it out before it appeared. "You created that, just like the 'dragon,'" I said, believing that I understood what was happening. "No, Lucas. It's not like that." "But you pointed out the second one right before it appeared…" "I felt that it was going to happen. They communicated it to me." "They communicated it to you? Who? How? From where?" Chuckling, she gave a short answer to each of my questions: "Yes. Superior beings. Through vibrations. From a superior dimension…" To me, this was not a laughing matter. "Extraterrestrials?" "No, even higher up…" "Please explain it clearly to me, without mysteries."


"Fine. I've already told you that there are many planes of existence, both high and low, all inhabited by entities." "Yes, I remember." "So, since there are billions of galaxies, stars, and planets, there are also innumerable planes of existence, higher and lower, some visible to us and others not." "So? What about those 'meteors'?" "In these modern times, as I told you before, when some people are fearful, they usually see 'aliens' instead of ghosts or demons. This is because the entities of those low planes of existence adopt the form of that which is feared…" "I understand. And do the entities of the elevated planes adopt the form of that which you would like seeing?" Elina smiled happily. "Of course. In planes of existence much higher than ours-we could call them "divine," "angelic," or however you can best understand the idea-there are no physical forms like here; it is all energy of a very high vibratory level. When the inhabitants of those planes want to show themselves to someone of our world, someone who deserves or needs this, they adopt an appearance that will be pleasing and known to that person, who could associate it to the superior." "Like a meteor?" I asked. "In this case, that's how it was. Others could see the Virgin, Jesus, an angel, etc. This depends a little upon each person's beliefs. And someone who does not fear UFOs could see one… even though it may simply be a light in the sky projected expressly for that person." "That I understand. What's not clear to me is why, from those elevated planes, they sometimes decide to project certain visions to some people." "It has to do with each person's spiritual dimension; it's a mystic phenomenon, something that corresponds to the intimate relationship between someone and the superior planes. Thus has it been throughout history." "Or, in other words, maybe religious matters are not only ignorance and superstition after all…" "Did you really think that?" "I'm a scientist..." "Well, you were mistaken. Behind the variable forms and spiritual systems of the distinct beliefs, there is always 'Something' that establishes a profound relationship with the truly mystical believer, and that sometimes gives him or her important interior or exterior experiences. Sometimes both." "Go on! And yet there's nothing mystical about me…" "You are not religious or a believer, Luc, but you have a transcendent, honest, and respectful vision towards life and its manifestations. And towards love." "That's true, Elina." "This is enough, as they have just made you see." "Does what we saw has some relationship to me?" "Naturally, and with that 'Something' that is behind the mystery of life in very elevated planes." "It's an honor, then… And to what to we owe its appearance?" "I'll tell you later, but for now just consider it a simple 'Hello, kids.'" "But… that doesn't make much sense..." "It doesn't make sense? You don't understand anything! Have you ever met someone really important, Luc?" "Yes, one time the President came to the university to meet us scientists. He shook hands with us."


"And how did you feel?" "I never wanted to wash my hand again!" "And yet someone has just greeted you from a hierarchy infinitely superior to that of a transitory president of a country in this world. And this seems senseless to you… Who could understand you?" "No, it's not that I don't value it, Elina. It's just that I don't see any sense in it. The President came to the university that time to congratulate us for certain scientific achievements of ours. That's why I felt proud. But this galactic or celestial or divine or angelic greeting doesn't fit into any context that I can understand: I haven't done anything meritorious… Maybe that was only for you…" "If it had been only for me, you would not have seen it because that 'Something' can make some see it and others not, even if they are looking towards the same place…" "That's absolutely unscientific! But, all right. I accept it. Thanks to the sky, then, for the deference but I still don't feel proud because I haven't done anything deserving of such a great recompense." "It's not always 'recompense.' Sometimes it's like when a dear friend calls you on the telephone just to say 'hello' because he or she loves you, esteems you and appreciates you, and wants you to let you know that you're in his or her thoughts." "You mean that up there above I'm… appreciated?" "Obviously." "But… why?" Elina began to laugh and would say no more. We continued walking, and I tried to clarify the matter more. "I don't understand. The UFOs don't come from another world, then; they are manifestations of a more elevated plane of existence… of the Divinity…" "Not all meteors are manifestations of more elevated planes of existence. Sometimes they are simply meteors." "Ah, at least you also accept the existence of the material," I said, and she laughed. "How can one of the others be distinguished?" I asked. "By the interior sensation that they produce in you and by their synchronicity." "Synchronicity? 'Syn' means 'same' and "chrono' means 'time.' 'Same time'… I don't understand anything, Elina." "One must pay attention to what is being thought or felt, to what is happening at the moment-at the 'same time'-that one witnesses the superior manifestation. There is always some message that, if the consciousness is attentive, one can succeed in understanding and that can serve him or her as orientation." "And what was happening when that appeared?" She took me by the arm and looked at me coquettishly. "Don't you remember?" "Ah, yes. I had just sensed that you were the true love of my life, and not Barbara…" "And so what did they want to tell you?" I looked her in the eyes, surrendering all my affection to her, and said, "That I was right." And we embraced each other. "So that you won't ever forget," she added. "That's impossible to forget." "The mind fluctuates, Luc… You've spent several years with Barbara and only a few hours with me…" "I won't forget." "The heart does not forget, but sometimes the mind is stronger… Remember that light in the sky when you vacillate. It was to help you in that way that it appeared. " "I will not vacillate. I'll always remember that when it appeared I had just said that I


from there you could enter a yesterday or a tomorrow. just imagine how destructive and harmful they could be if they wanted to…" "I can just imagine. "They do not come from far away. more accurately. she sighed. common meteors. "Not all the lights in the sky are angelic or divine manifestations. "Time and space fuse and disappear in a superior dimension." "I love you. please… The solar systems different from ours. Wait. yet you…" "Well. "And if they have the capacity of arriving here." "And." "But it's true. I prefer to leave them in the field that borders upon mysticism. "You mean to say that alien civilizations capable of coming and doing us damage simply do not exist? I find this a little difficult to accept." "Then UFOs and extraterrestrials also exist. by means of an increase in your vibration you enter a superior dimension. as I laughed at myself. they could have some of sort of evil that is not as brutal or evident as ours…" "And that moon that you seen above could be a camouflaged monster. still. or. all in an instant. "If people only had an idea of the prodigious realities that exist only a tiny step higher than the ordinary mind…" Just the same." I said. and they do not come from other dimensions but from very far… That makes sense to me.." "Don't complicate things for me. are very far away…" "If you observe them from here. but that also is 'present' in that dimension. silly. for now. she said that she would." "You know very well that it's an airplane." We laughed. and we both laughed." she stated." "Second time. they are very 'far' but by means of an elevation of the vibratory frequency they are not 'far away' but right here. And sometimes they are UFOs." "More theoretical physics. and now I'm going to repeat it: I love you. just waiting for a moment of carelessness on our part so that it can devour us.love you. I found it difficult to accept that-the universe being so vast-in all that infinite space there would not be civilizations similar to our own that have achieved a greater level of technological advance than ours. while contemplating the firmament.." "Theoretical physics." "But no more lights are appearing. A little later. they're clearly not like us." "I'm familiar with theories of this type but." "Have you ever seen any trace of extraterrestrial evil in this history of this planet?" I had to admit that I hadn't. There nothing is distant." "Third time. "Cosmic paranoia." she added. If. Sometimes they are airplanes. But. satellites. Luc. there's one. you can enter a distant galaxy or another in the extreme opposite of the Universe. space vehicles proceeding from other worlds. stars or planets. the stars. Would you permit me to use concepts that are more tridimensional?" With an expression on her face that showed she was having a good time with me. while still possessing our own so- 49 . there everything is united. and time passes simultaneously in an eternal present.

and that which vibrates lower is the inferior. that which vibrates higher is the superior. Simple. perhaps not at the universal. the difference between good and evil. coarse or fine?" "The vibratory level. Of course. Perfectly." This implies that since there are bad people here below. he vibrated at a low rate. "Not only are there analogies. but at least what is good or evil for me. violent delinquent is 'below. had a 50 . A prayer or a poem vibrates higher than an insult. She began to laugh." "How is that?" "I've already told you that everything vibrates. She. Luc…" "What do you mean?" "Let's suppose that a diplomat is 'above' and that an uncultured. while for one it is no more than a passing inconvenience." "Therefore. where everything is coarser. a method that could make me easily understand. too. therefore. The same thing happened with that girlfriend I had as a teenager: all she thought about was money-giving no importance to how it was obtained. There is a difference in vibratory grade between an 'above' and a 'below..' Jealousy exists for both of these beings but. for the other it can mean a homicidal obsession.' From the superior. as a way of protesting." My scientific mind went to battle. I understood why my friendship with a guy who was obsessed with sexgiving no importance with whom. which is enough. but right now I need to know who decides what is superior or inferior. this is why I always found myself beset with problems when I was in his company. In a superior system. Concepts like good and evil. there are also grades. absolute level. that which vibrates low does evil. the coarse. "As it is above. I summed it up in a simple sentence: "That which vibrates high does good. Is it clearer to you now?" "Yes. within the context of your way of seeing things it's logical. His sexual appetites were linked with neither his feelings nor his honor. I must add-had caused me many problems in my youth. the fine. everything is finer than in an inferior one. they would have to exist there above as well. I must also add. I felt that Elina had just handed me a key. almost at first glance. nothing damaging can arise. either for you or for humanity. just and unjust. Much to the contrary. One heals and the other hurts.' When the diplomat is jealous." "That is the appropriate or objective way to distinguish between 'superior' and 'inferior. dear Luc. "Isn't that claim a little arbitrary?" "Why?" "Who knows what is superior and what is inferior!" I exclaimed skeptically.called "goodness" or something even worse. long time ago from the lips of a woman who was very powerful but also very ignorant… Her name was Cirana." Her words made me do some serious thinking. And I remembered a hermetic axiom that I once read. because his thoughts and feelings were not elevated. beautiful and ugly have always seemed very relative to me." "You can tell me that story later." "There is a great difference in energetic or vibratory grade between the beings and realities here below and there above. he does not act like the delinquent does when he is jealous.. "What's so funny?" "I heard this same argument a long." "Interesting. so it is below." On the basis of this premise. Do you understand?" "Yes.

healing energies. happiness. ambushed by death. violence. but only Love.low rate of vibration. according to your own schemata. greed. smiling mysteriously and then adding." she replied cheerfully. realities 51 . therefore. this is precisely why persons and places that move at these frequencies must be avoided. that which generates life." "Such a civilization would be totally incapable of arriving here. So it is that if a civilization does not approach the superior dimensions of existence-those corresponding to higher vibratory planes-it will focus only upon realities that correspond to low vibratory levels. love-these come from elevated. competition." "Then. although in their own worlds they are normal people. envy. Luc." "I'm in complete agreement. anguish. Naturally. Then. «Thank you." "You'll see." I recalled my own vision of what this "throw-away society" means. that move within violent. "a civilization that focuses only upon the most material aspects of life and of science remains menaced by danger. let's see if I understand completely: the 'inferior' beings are those that vibrate at a low rate. materialism and such things abound. but it sounds very beautiful to me." "I can't prove that. right?" "Exactly. "Love not only eliminates distances. are the product of. anger. Taking a different path. This is why its science will be more focused upon obtaining a higher destructive or insanely 'productive' capacity than upon reaching higher vibratory planes. kindness." "Since these planes would be the only road for travel across incommensurable distances. on the other hand. like everyone else. optimism. is salvation from death. Of course Elina was right: pain. And. low energies or low mental and emotional vibrations. from arriving here. "Since 'that which vibrates at a low rate does evil. They are therefore harmful and cause danger. fear. She vibrated at a low rate because she considered only the material as worthwhile. or better yet. "But since this world is not very elevated. I had arrived at the same conclusion. Only by this road can one go from one galaxy to another in an instant. spirituality. friendship. And this is nearer to what we call magic or alchemy than it is to more powerful fuels. therefore realities of this type must be sought and frequented because they do good. violence. dishonesty-all these are surrounded by.'" she continued." "A sort of 'spiritual science'?" "That's correct. "You're welcome. It's clear to me because all I need do is to see what's happening right here. nothing would stop a scientifically advanced civilization. my dear Elina. because of this I lived through a disagreeable enough phase of my life when she was around. the evil civilizations can not arrive here. but one with very low vibrations. following my musing.» I thought. it launches things into the Universe that are not very elevated. Luc." "Except that they are capable of vibrating at a very high rate. those who visit us would be something like magicians?" "Something like that. Elina. disrespect towards life. Luc." she said. and if the material is the obscure. And that is where discord." "Why?" "Because the method of transcending incommensurable distances goes hand in hand with very high vibrations and energies. the base. And this is why she harmed me." "As I told you before: Only the magic of love eliminates distances. then there was no space for her to become interested in superior values. and these are related to elevated vibrations. dishonest. Therefore.

"And very soon you will confirm it. or Cartesian." Embracing me. "Correct. And.where there is disrespect for life. I will adopt it as probable. method negates everything that cannot be proven to be true. Elina said. So. although this new model of universe that you are describing is not clear to me. I like it very much. I will consider it as possible." 52 . Those beings are not capable of crossing great distances because the road towards that elevated possibility passes through high energies and vibrations. capable of catapulting one towards a superior dimension where everything is nearby. These energies and vibrations go hand in hand with kindness and love. Is that right?" "That's right." "While the 'Lucas Method' is much less rough and does not categorize something unproven as false. Therefore. His scientific. moreover. I'm going to apply the 'Lucas Method' and not the Cartesian Method to this matter. Nor does it discard it as long as its falsity cannot be proven. Luc." she added. since I cannot prove that everything you're saying is false. etc." "Then. She knew everything about me. René Descartes is sort of the creator of the soul of this 'Throw-Away Society' since the word 'discard' was born from his name and way of evaluating reality.

adorned by the simplicity of that white tunic. But it was very difficult to resist the sweet temptation of her human." "It's more comfortable than these tight shorts. but it was not easy. "I'd like to see you again in that clothing… Would you agree to put it on? I have it in the car. All the better. a fantastic man with whom I have a link of love going back to before this time. but that was all somewhere else. at least during those gentle but intense moments that life was offering us as a gift. "Pardon me. far from these beaches." she said. that's why I'm asking that you control yourself and not tempt me.Chapter X The Lie At a distance. You're not going to see anything that you haven't seen before…" She should not have said that to me." I turned around." "I love you. her half-opened lips. everyday mindset had no explanation for this. I agree. a flock of squawking birds passed over the sea. For me it represented so much… The magic perfume had not disappeared. you're seducing me… because I love you. without even meaning to. rather. "Don't try to seduce me." And I already knew that. When I carried the fabric to her." I humbly requested. but now it seemed less intense and penetrating than before. I had to call upon my reserves of self-control. Once again The Lady of the Lagoon. We were stretched out on the sand. slow-witted mortal like me?" "Please don't offend the love of my life. 53 . This torture is not easy for me. "Please don't play with me. Then I felt a soft kiss on my cheek and knew that she was naked. When I remembered her precious nude body I became very uneasy but said nothing. and the heat of her body that made my own tremble. Nothing more was needed. who is not imperfect and slow witted but. and kissed it. gazing into her eyes intensely while taking her firmly by the shoulders." What more does a human being need to be happy? Once again the toils of our crazed civilization seemed so vain to me. "How can you. precious. although now without those extra-human eyes. half-looking at the landscape. carefully took it out of its wrapping." I went to the car to get the beloved cloak. The truth is that. stretched it out against my chest. speaking seriously enough. Even though my logical." She looked at me mischievously." "I don't want to seduce you. disappearing beyond a far lighthouse on a rocky outpost protruding into the ocean. ardent gaze. "You can look now. I recalled her astonishing apparition before me hours earlier. Elina. possibly love an imperfect. she got to her feet and began to undress. "You're so beautiful. almost as if she were annoyed with me. "It doesn't matter to me if you look. a being from such galactic dimensions. Lucas. I turned my back to her and faced the sea. It's just that it's very difficult for me to understand so much of what you're telling me… especially in the midst of a constant state of seduction. half-contemplating each other's eyes for long intervals.

you once again descended to this world to meet up with me. We held hands and began to walk on the seashore. at a future opportunity." "An impressive story." My mind suddenly got entangled in the strange realities she was relating to me and accepted everything. "I was never there…" She looked at me as if I were a stupid child and asked. You belonged to that race or lineage. In this world we will once again 54 . "Does it seem to you that souls have a three-dimensional origin?" "No. but they were not the majority. we could together make another attempt. although I recall absolutely nothing about that. Today all that remains of it are a few ruins submerged below the sea. in preparation for the day when certain very unpleasant events could occur on this planet. This island is a vestige of that. which we had to help rise to a superior level of existence." "Then. and there we loved each other. you and I grew up. That knowledge is filed away in your being anyway." Calmer now.' but simply another time. so that. There. If we had been successful in our mission. Luc. through our carelessness. This torture is not easy. And just as suddenly it rebelled and returned to this concrete reality. and I need to do that. the great cosmic powers driving our wisemen. or wizardscientists. It occurred millenniums ago. Our love had begun before our arrival in that world. Our mission was to help free that world from negative energies. if we did not succeed. I don't recall having come from there above. And." "It's not 'there above. This became imperative because the power of evil was so great that it was threatening to destroy that civilization. we both laughed. fell into destructive hands." "But I was born in this time and not some other. but I can't find a rational explanation for it. "Only a race of wisemen had that knowledge. in a prior civilization that possessed part of that magic-science we were talking about before. And. "I still maintain that I was born in this time…" She paid no attention to me and continued. obviously we were not successful in that mission…" "That's right. Continue. Please continue. we could have enjoyed our love at that time." "My respects to Plato." "It doesn't matter. thinking that there was a contradiction here." "So it was that I accepted the curse that has just ended." "Which produced a disaster…" "That's what happened." "They had that knowledge but did not have wisdom?" I asked. then you would perish. Luc. That opportunity has arrived and is today. "That civilization was destroyed because. We did not succeed in this mission and witnessed the destruction of that civilization." "From the bottom of my soul I feel this is so. just in time to liberate me from my captivity. at that time. events similar to those that gave origin to the destruction of the civilization to which we had previously arrived. only a few short years ago. "Why do you say that we have a link of love going back to before this time?" "Because we do have one."You're right. then. and here it is: When we were in a superior dimension…" "A superior dimension…" I interrupted her. and I would suffer that curse in exchange for receiving knowledge and power very superior to that which I had before. please…" "…we decided to descend to a place that was not very advanced in wisdom. Do you have an explanation for that?" "I sure do.

she came back towards me. if we use this shortcut…" She once again entered the garden." she said." she said. "It would cost a whole lot to build spaceships capable of traveling so far and the trip would last centuries. once again. and now you know everything and I know nothing. then the magic of love will make us both powerful. It resembled a three-dimensional projection in the beach air. you must try to understand me. violet-colored leaves of a strange bush. wait millenniums in a cold. A vocation for service compels us to help wherever danger and pain exist. extending her hands with the palms forward. "And what is this famous mission of ours all about?" I asked. advancing towards that materialization. "Forgive me. "Do you mean to tell me that now you're in a world of the Pleiades?" Crossing that portal. So what the devil am I doing mixed up in all this?" "You are my other half. and then turning towards me from inside that impossible mirage. finding them. You did not pass through that difficulty. we will help try to. When I have it completely and the alchemic union between us is realized. but little by little everything will become clear to you. and. you spend millenniums under the water. said. sought out the Pleiades in the sky.help prevent those events. but. "I understand… But it is not fair for you because. only halfway. but you can't do this either. there are things that don't square with me. I hugged her tenderly. first of all. "I already know you believe that your love is complete. for the moment." I was stupefied." "But. my dear. I said. Nor that she was keeping me mystified. the only justification for my millenniums spent in solitude and separation…" Understanding that. And when I have your love…" "You know you already have it. were we to use this road. as if materializing out of nothing. While she was caressing the broad. "…everything is much faster and 55 . solitary limbo of seaweed and crumbling statutes." She did not let me protest. She was offended by my choice of words and my disparaging tone of voice. everything you're saying is so new and unknown to me… You doubt my affection… in addition. because it is not known if we will be successful or not." I did not like the fact that she doubted me. Why only you. I had behaved like a beast. but you still lack consciousness of your own part. but. I also know that you do not understand anything about the alchemic union. It is the same 'masochism' as that of the doctor living with someone else's pain…" An excellent example. With just your presence you bring me indispensable vital energies. she called to me. of about two yards in height by one and half in width. like that punishment that you had to withstand. Luc." "It is fair. "This is a dimensional step into a garden on a planet of the Pleiades. "Come on. rather. "Please do not speak like that of our sacred cause. Do you understand?" After hesitating for a long time. Luc. passing through the door. but it's so hard for my poor little head to take in… Does it make sense that you would go to a civilization on the point of self-destruction. continuing. the image of a fabulous garden in full daylight. if we are one? Why didn't I suffer at all while you spent millenniums there? It doesn't seem fair to me that only one of us should receive the worst share. or. annoyed. "A marvelous story. only to then awake in another civilization also threatened with destruction? Too much masochism…" "Thus is our mission. and looked as if it were a door to another world. and we will be able to fulfill our mission. and before our eyes appeared. I immediately understood.

It was worth the price that you did not pay. "And I suspect that you won't be able to vibrate well until you resolve your doubts about Barbara. When I reached at the dimensional step I felt a sort of densely consistent. Elina. So I accept the consequences and want to see her from here." "Just as I showed you another world." I said. make sure that she's all right." she said ironically. coming towards me. Elina. When she is with you in your house. but. She's happy. waiting for me. "It's the same kind of 'violation' that I commit every time I go into our bedroom while she's asleep. but she's not expecting you just at this moment. as if it were a hole in the air through which you could see another 56 ." I said. almost laughing at her extraordinary warnings.' or whatever they're called. But you are free. well. she went there to punish me because she knows that I don't like superfluous expenses. She enjoys luxury… Yes. sleepless. "That's because you're vibrating at a low rate. unexpected jolt of guilt was overtaking me. that she's sleeping peacefully. who for me represented tepid familiarity. Come on. I don't know…" "I congratulate you for your confidence and faith." "How ridiculous. but I can't help feeling sort of sad when I think about Barbara. she's ready for you.simpler. I feel awful…" A subtle." she explained seriously. and if you really want to see her and accept the consequences of your improper intrusion. And with a new movement of her hands. neither did the story about the mission." She moved her hands and before our eyes appeared a sort of small screen with threedimensional images. This startled me and made me step backwards. go ahead and look. Then you won't blame me for anything. laughing. I can show you an image of her room from here. on the level of laws of the soul. towards the simplest things in life. "Well. She's not in the hotel where you think she is…" "Oh. So we're going to clarify the matter before we do anything else. then. Do you agree?" "I'm in complete agreement. I could imagine my wife sad." "I'm not speaking on the level of mundane things. even though it's more expensive. I want to see her. a little amused to see how much consideration there was is those 'planes of the soul." "But she's not really prepared to see you. she made that entrance to the other world dematerialize. please. So it would be a violation of her privacy. For us there's no harm in it." She looked very serious. palms extended. "We're not as refined here. She laughed. growing enthusiastic. Now she's not. There's no need for you to go there…" "Really?" I asked. feeling so alone. "That's electrified!" I exclaimed. so much so that the dimensional step no longer even interested me. nor anything else. "Very well. low-voltage electricity on the entire front of my body." "Mmmmm. "It's not like that. frightened. "I'm sorry. that which my understanding could manage. Luc." "Go on! Things must really be refined up there. I can show her to you. I only wanted to return to Barbara." I said. "I'd like to go see her." I advanced. "But it would be a sort of violation of her privacy on your part…" "Don't be silly." "Yes. When she mentioned Barbara. which she adores. rather. Luc. then she went to the Beach Palace." she said. She's my wife.

Luc. She was right. I turned very pale but defended myself psychically by choosing to believe that Elina was fooling me. She. And if the two of you had come across Jeff as you were leaving the airport. Nevertheless. they produced a close-up on the immaterial screen. this did not matter much to me. As the images passed over a house. that my wife would be incapable of that sort of betrayal. Elina made the screen disappear. that's Jeff's house… He's my real-estate agent and friend. but the following images took another route. She was with him in a cabin in the mountains. "Do you really want to look there?" "What's she doing there? Of course I want to look…" "What you're about to see will hurt you…" I'm not an idiot. "Hey. Luc. He waited until all the other passengers had left the plane. It's a love affair that's been going on for some time now." "That's where she is. It coincided with a significant detail: The day after the supposed concert I had connected to an entertainment website on the Internet and had thought it strange that the event was not even mentioned. Remember the meteor. Then she no longer wanted to go to Europe and started counting the weeks until her return to Sands and-now I was remembering-had 57 . I staggered and had to sit down on the sand. towards a residential neighborhood that I was familiar with. Then a black idea crossed my confused mind: "And what's to guarantee that she's not an evil being trying to fool me?" "Vibratory fluctuations of your mind… Please elevate your thoughts so that you do not forget what's in your heart. That was the only explanation for Barbara's strange conduct beginning two years earlier. I distinguished the hotel zone near that city's beach. with my own eyes. too!' Just as they had planned to do in that eventuality. it's the truth. setting off for the car. when she began to treat me coldly. took me by the shoulders. then?" "Jeff traveled to the continent the same day that you came here to the island. I understood the implication that I would see Barbara in bed with Jeff.place." Looking very serious. Luc. Lucas. That's why she's not doing anything sinful. me. She knows that you're not interested in that sort of thing and never keep informed on the subject. she's with her love and you're with yours. they would have both said. "I don't want to look through here. All that remains to be done is to put everything in its place. All the love that I had earlier felt for her now seemed something distant and blotted out. I want to see reality. Elina added." I refused to accept anything. and looked me straight in the eye. "Believe me." That took me by surprise. and she came out first. The scenes showed an air approach towards the island's principal city. that it could be a trick of that mysterious woman and not real life. Several loose threads were suddenly tied together for me. Luc. what was going on. My only desire was to head towards the city. She is not your true love. I had sufficient lucidity to understand that this was because I had descended to thoughts of low vibratory quality. began to consider the place enchanting right after we met Jeff. but only in that projection. so as to prove it was really a lie." I said." My legs gave way. "There was no such pop concert. who preferred to spend her vacations in Europe and who hated Sands. and I decided to go to Jeff's house to ascertain personally." When I heard those words I remained paralyzed. "Where was she. 'Don't tell me that you were on that plane. nor are you hers. and today they returned together on the same flight…" "That's ridiculous… I would have found out if I'd seen them together at the airport…" "You wouldn't have seen them together. that maybe I would see Barbara in bed with another man.

promising one was just beginning. busy right now…" "As if I care! Let's call him. Barbara had nothing to do in either my cottage or in my life from then on. Now I clearly saw that I did not really love her. and once again I understood that this explanation held the entire truth. one only." Elina reminded me. I was stupid. No. or so you thought. Once I surrendered to the preponderance of evidence. All I have is his number at the office. She closed her eyes with relief and inner satisfaction and rested her head on my chest. but finally I accepted the cruel reality.even spent a couple weeks alone on the island during the past summer. surely she was now with him. no. I knew true love-Elina. while another infinitely more radiant. our place in society. And this was true. Yes. even though. a very false one. Why had I abandoned my objections towards Barbara before giving her my heart? I knew that she was superficial. my own image in my social set. hugged her. your macho interior made it easy for you to be Number One in that relationship. Luc." I thanked her for her understanding and decided to put everything in its place. and asked for her forgiveness for having once again doubted her and my own love. the principal one being that. "the rules of the game. And all that seemed so superficial and false to me. but that was not true love. I was a serious. my face on the sand. Elina could not be lying to me. Luc." "Love to!" Once we were there and I had the phone in my hand. stable scientist with a marriage for life. you could have lost your place of honor as king. that I had a familiar fondness for her. I don't know how long I cried. especially now that." "5420-2287." the "civilized" aspect of matrimony. Luc." said Elina. I respected to the death the commitment. I did not even need to look through that prodigious hole in the air or go to the house. That is why you discarded true love and settled for a more 'realistic' union. um. Elina. Luc. with a more brilliant woman at your side. "That's a good idea. just like my severe.' Not quite. 'Stress'… and all she ever does is visit her women friends and watch movies. Why. Barbara cast no shadow on you. that she was immature and capricious. the institution. of course. Everything added up: Jeff had been away from the island when I was seeking a house to rent. understanding also that I had no reason to censure Barbara because my own immaturity had created that situation. I cried for a long time. On the other hand. "How come you know it?" "Remember. looked Elina directly in the eye. I said. one step in my life. that she was not very intellectual or cultured. A little later. that she frequently lied. with her. claiming stress… "'Alone. I wanted to telephone Jeff and speak to him clearly about the matter. who stayed together but detested each other. I know a lot. someone of your same level. Please come with me to the cottage." 58 . even though he's a little. our families. You were going through a very difficult moment. hidden under my arms. I only loved our matrimonial structure. I was not like those unstable people who marry and separate and marry again." Elina said. then. it lacked the magic and the miracle that true love brings. I stood up. "I don't have his home number. you could manage her. yes. our routines. thanks to the caprices of fate. now more accustomed to the reality that this was the end of one chapter. I deserved it. From then on it was all rational considerations. exemplary parents. had I fallen in love with her? "Because you stopped believing in our future meeting. distractedly looking at the ceiling. "Of course I forgive you.

and pass the lighter to Barbara. because I've also found my true love. "!!!!" "I don't care that you're with Barbara. Jeff will try to deny everything. and she's with me in the cottage right now." I said. "You're right! You're a real genius! Then my theory would work!" "Get ready for the public recognition. "!!!!" "I want the divorce as soon as possible. involving a hypothesis that only I knew. "My… dear Luc… What a… a pleasure to hear your…" "I know that Barbara is there with you. Jeff. and cover your butt. naked. a satellite affair capable of penetrating the roof. Jeff. Luc." "Then I'll do it and tell you what you should say. and that because of some ignored detail did not work well in practice. who's going to smoke." "Who the devil is calling at this hour?" "It's me." "Fine. Give her the lighter… And now you're gotten up." "Whaaat??? Are you nuts??? Better stop hitting the bottle and go to bed. Lucas. "That's amazing!" "And you're mistaken to think that the octave of radiation of the beta integrated field autoscales on the basis of the logarithm of minus two. Jeff. At least until he knows that you have some concrete proof that Barbara's there in his room." "Magnificent. No. under the telephone table… What are you doing? Don't look around. Me. What tangled hair she has! I want you to know that I'm not upset. "He has to believe that you are watching them with a hidden camera. but first I have to get ready for this urgent phone call. suggesting what I should say. Cover up the family jewels. with the cordless phone in your hand." "WHAT?" "Cover your butt. My private detective told me so. His voice broke. "Wait. owing to the quantum compensatory cycles that you didn't take into account. I know that there was no concert and that you two were together in the mountains and returned here today on the same flight. Tell her that she's going to burn the sheet with that cigarette! That's better." She was referring to a scientific investigation that I had been working on for years." He must have turned pale. After that." "What are you suggesting? I have no interest in watching them on one of those screens that you produce. 59 . based upon what she was observing on the screen."To this extreme?" She then recited to me the phone numbers of all my friends and family members. Elina had just made me see my error. "Don't deny it. all my computer passwords and those for access to the areas of my scientific activities. and I couldn't come up with anything in that respect. picking up the receiver." She was right. Lucas." I said. I'm not at the window or in the bathroom. you two can get married. everyone related to my work. It does it alternatively on the basis of the logarithm of minus two and plus two. looking at Elina." Elina began to whisper in my ear. too. It's a new invention that was developed in the institute where I work. You see? I told you. It's on the floor.

" I laughed at the story that I had just concocted. So it'll only be in the hands of the CIA from now on… Ha. They're still white with shock. ELINA?" "YESSS. kids. calm down." Then I took her into my arms and… 60 . "Enjoy it? Who. And enjoy what's left of this beautiful evening. Jeff.AREN'T YOU. There's tissue in the little table. them? They won't be able to get a wink of sleep all night. Then she laughed. next to the red panties and the glass of vodka… Now I won't be able to see you by means of this invention any more because Congress has just outlawed it. "!!!" "That's why I didn't go to wait for Barbara at the airport. "So. ha. But it was the only way to prevent them from expediently denying it to the death and making everything much slower and more difficult. The mascara on Barbara's right eye is running. You know. So I'm not going to answer the door or the phone here. LUUUC. Stop looking all around. No. I want to enjoy my love in tranquility during my vacation. covering her mouth with her hand. there's nothing above the curtain. All very civilized. ha. MY LOVE. And later our lawyers will get busy." she said in an exaggeratedly sensual tone of voice." "!!!" Click. Luc. Good night. I'm not upset with you or with her.

conscientious manner. between life and annihilation. rolling between hope and anxiety. only to lose paradise and go on living. which do not reproduce the essence of the real being or object. On the contrary. disconnected collages of the sad shell of what we live. then. I now understood that it must be freed in a controlled. of someone beside me. as if fearing that opening them quickly would make noise. But if Elina were beside me. I opened my eyes.Chapter XI New Life I woke up and recognized the wooden wall of my cabin. and that's it. Two or three blurred images and sensations. if it had always been just me in my sad. Nor would I be capable of expressing so many sensations so far removed from the commonplace because. I will make only one comment about that celestial night: For the first time in my life I glimpsed what "to make love" really means. empty bed. or even if Barbara were in it. Thus it is with respect to the simplest act-like eating an apple. she were not beside me. The bulk of a body beneath the sheets indicated the presence. Inch by inch I turned my head. And. Focusing upon the reptilian cortex of my brain. Our experiences do not even remain in our memory because it can conserve only deceptive. immobilized between death and paradise. did I then return to heaven: Elina was sleeping next to me. and suicide would be the only road still open to me because you cannot ascend to heaven. slightly wavy hair. as if it were the most elevated. that was not possible. That's when I understood that the story of Adam and Eve was only a fantasy. And there I stayed. between terror and joy. I must not. one always appears to be taking only the first steps. if we think about it. All or nothing. since these-as the princess said-only can construct labels. Gently. I am saying "glimpsed" and not "found out" because Elina taught me that there is an apprenticeship to be traveled together on that road. out of respect to intimacy and because some things must remain private. No in-between. then life was more beautiful that the most unimaginable Eden. Only when I saw that black. for example-and even more so when one is dealing with anything that transcends the territory of the quotidian. and when the incipient perfume of her body came to me. I did not want to move. recalling the extraordinary details of such an irreal. just a dream. My future was hanging by a thread: was the most frightening torture or the most incredible happiness awaiting me? I needed only to roll over and look beside me to find out. Just as the landscape photo does not transmit the aroma of the countryside or the buzzing of the insects. the pulp. My heart began to ache. delicate art in existence. so there I stayed with my eyes closed. Then I remembered having had the most prodigious dream of my entire life. but not the identity. for fear of verifying that it had been only this. I don't believe I need to go into more details about what an alchemic union signifies. I thought. as I had been doing for an indefinite amount of time. our experiences are untranslatable through the poor verbal building-blocks of words. But the other. that which made us 61 . I asked myself who I was and what I was doing there. I had been thinking that a love that has been contained for millenniums could be liberated only through the maddest of passions. If. then life was not worth living. portentous story. because it truly is. so much did I love the memory of my nocturnal fantasy woman. besides.

It offered a selection of dishes that. We were given a table near a large window. delicate angels' or gods' hands because only deities can handle-without blemishing-that which the most elevated love or pain has made divine. elusive cloud of happiness. moreover. I spotted a row of bottles of excellent wine. Yes. in the sublime summits that perishable human memory-lacking wings-cannot attain. 62 . much. I've taken a liking to this color. Behind the bar. divine jewels that the soul has rescued from the fleeting carnal passage so that. we clicked our glasses together in a toast to the happiness of our encounter. at my side. Let memory be unable to misappropriate the most beloved. That was it exactly. She was all that for me. she somehow materialized a dress similar to the one she had been wearing when we met. but this time it was greenish turquoise. After we bathed. very good… tonic. jovial older gentleman whose face bore the traces of the many days of his youth spent fishing. Joy illuminated her gaze when she discovered my own… At dusk… we decided to go out to have dinner. Inhaling her skin's perfume. less rough. sensing my presence. our arms around each other." he said with a mischievous. The two of us exchange a glance. suddenly turned over to look at me. decorated with fishnets. That will remain indelibly stamped upon some metaphysical. This was why I had delayed my visit until… until love arrived." I said. It was an enchanting. although simple." she explained with a smile. I reverently thanked Life for such an imponderable gift. "Despite everything.experience the interior of heaven or hell. cannot reach. I have no idea for how long. we can perhaps caress them once again with respectful. Finally she opened her eyes and. and there it finally was. had the flavor and nobility of the authentic. oars and several barracuda and swordfish heads. Wrapped up in the golden. simply loved. the two of us walked to a nearby fishermen's restaurant located close to the beach. "On your honeymoon?" he asked with a cheerful smile. is not filed away in perishable neurons. Believing that it should be enjoyed in good company. dried seaweed. I looked at her profile in sleep. rustic site. I don't remember whether we talked during dinner or only gazed into each other's eyes with multicolored butterflies of joy fluttering around in the belfries of the soul. much more than beautiful or not beautiful. "For eternity. She looked dazzling. "I suggest a seafood chowder famous for being a very. shark teeth. adored by every fiber of my sensibility. someday living under another. less hardened. "And since eternity. From it one could see the foam from the waves there below and a line of lights reflected in the ocean from a village on the other side of the bay. I contemplated her. We could not help laughing. friendly look. Perhaps he was overtaken by our aura of joy and inflamed emotions. more light and transparent skin. immanent little coffer of our being. intertwining our arms. So much the better. When we were alone. She was so perfect and definitely… loved." she added. and. I had not wanted to go to that restaurant for the first time by myself. The waiter was a ruddy. Elina was fascinated with the place.

I would have considered it the product of pure and simple messianic delirium. "What is our mission?" "To help elevate humanity's vibratory level so that it will be saved from the dangers threatening it and will ascend to a superior level of existence. you feel you possess all the answers.When we had finished eating. 'Of what?' Aren't you at least informed?" "Informed about what?" "Global warming on the planet. nor was she crazy. but a return to the Stone Age… that's possible. the possibility of atomic war. overpopulation. And we're here to help so that it doesn't happen: in other words. Since the matter interested me greatly. so much was still unknown… As it happens. She found my grimace humorous. There had not been much to talk about and even less time and desire to satisfy metaphysical. on the other hand. in which you have no questions since you are too busy drinking the delicious nectar of existence to concern yourself with something so trivial. True life passes through other spheres. since she was a wiseperson. and she had shown me a door through which one could arrive instantaneously in a world of the Pleiades. with a foolish expression on my face. "Let's take a walk on the beach then. the better for her to explain it to me. I understood that she was not joking.or philosophical-type curiosity. "That's all Greek to me. since the previous night I had not been able to recall any of them. my mind having been totally carried away by the euphoria of our encounter. natural disasters on the rise. asking. contamination. everyday being." she proposed. and when. they were all that remained of my original two million because so many things had already become clear to me." Had a titanic folly of this caliber come from the mouth of any other person. "The salvation of what?" She matched my surprise with her own." That was when I remembered that I had more or less half a million questions to ask her. "You can add a concert of seasparkles. and three black guitarists. But it was not like that now and her words reminded me that she had said we would have a mission and that only the ignorant die. "To the salvation of this world!" I looked at her with astonishment. to fulfill our mission. "What do you mean. accompanied by the sound of the warm waves. "Do you really believe that humanity could possibly disappear?" "Humanity… that wouldn't be so easy. bacteriological. and a thousand things more. But so many others still had to be clarified. She began to laugh when she glanced at the images passing through my mind as we were leaving the restaurant. terrorism utilizing chemical. but very much to the contrary. she proposed one last toast. getting to her feet while she extended a hand to me with a look that seemed to promise tropical serenades with the moon shining between the palm trees. intoning bewitching love ballads around a bonfire. I tried to sound more stupid than I am." 63 . a chorus of fireflies. the greenhouse effect." I said. their necks adorned with floral leis. But since she was not an ordinary. the climate going crazy with the consequent dangers to planting and harvesting…" Her words made me more conscious than ever of the dangers threatening us. viral and other weapons.

. Did you by chance say that sex has nothing to do with beauty. "Because beauty is not in things. does not depend upon the transitory." she said." I stopped. you didn't need to see me. rather it is the divine alchemy of energies. on the other hand. while when the energy says 'yes.. And we kissed. I'm going to add three native women dancing the hula. age extends its cloak of wrinkles over the body. cold or fire. Now I understand that for the soul blessed by the caress of love. It sounds very strange but it's certain: we do not fall in love with forms but with a certain type of energy… I imagine that we are speaking of an elevated form of love because there also exists in us an impulse to fall in love with external forms. the simple setting for our love was only the darkness and a little moonlight. a little overcharged. Sex has nothing to do with beauty. and not in our external forms. Elina. she was enjoying each thing that her eyes fell upon. "We make love with the energy of our souls. You're right. but in the eye of the beholder. and fascination disappears. it would have been the same because we do not make love with our bodies. "You're right. "Nevertheless. her glance causing my heart to tremble." "That's true. "My romanticism is too elemental. or did I misunderstand you? " "You understood me perfectly.' and then there is cold. but." "But this is fascination and not love. recalling the toast. Remember… last night?" While we walked across the beach towards the sea. It wasn't necessary. Love itself is not the product of forms." "What?" I looked at her. Love. Luc. then she kissed me. If you had never seen me. even the darkness appears sublime… Last night I could barely see your beauty. "And since eternity. race and age mean little. just the reverse." I said. "I could have sworn that it was your body there that…" She picked up on my jocular tone of voice and interrupted me. Leaving behind the little fishing village. "But you've changed the subject. Love is forever. Sometimes the eye says 'yes' but the energy says 'no." "What you're saying is completely true. After millenniums outside of this world. it simply wasn't necessary…" Her glance set off sparks of light. I looked at her as if to say that her question did not deserve an answer. "Very poetic and true." "I wouldn't call it elemental. The moon was beginning to come out." "But somehow I imagined you… Your memory was in me…" "That has nothing to do with it. and it was sufficient to transport us to paradise…" I declared." When we arrived at the surf. and her joy was very evident. you told me. amused. we walked towards the isolated areas of the beach. Physical form changes. I said. 64 . "Wait a minute. and you yourself gave me the reason to say that: To produce something sublime between us.She made me feel a little like a simpleton because of the artlessness of my images. I didn't see you either. compared with those she was proposing to me. That's where there are affinities or incompatibilities. You began by speaking of beauty and then started talking about the passion of love. Luc. dear Elina. Elina." I added.' external form.

Elina was laughing. And I don't understand how that knowledge can elevate the vibratory level of the world. Could you repeat that?" "The knowledge that I'm referring to is self-knowledge." After thinking a little. "I want to repeat that I don't feel especially qualified for this labor. This time it wasn't there. Luc. one's vibratory rate. Sorry. to knowledge with a capital 'K. "How can we help elevate the vibratory level of the planet?" "First step: helping to spread knowledge. That is only for divine beings. we sat down on the sand. but rather. Because you swallowed that lie. I hung my head. but she looked at me as if she were searching for some sign of understanding on my face. a low opinion of myself. sons and daughters of the Divinity. "Ahem. I was joking!" "Why are you playing jokes on me?" "So that you can see how the lack of self-knowledge can make one's energy level. My energy level had fallen thanks to the power of a lie. looking at me seriously. a little more evolved than the simians. I am not so slow on the uptake and that's why I immediately saw that she was right. "If we're not animals. and. "Divine beings. Done on a grand scale. but animals as much as they are. involving a large amount of people. since all vibration influences the environment. Upset. and what each one should do with his or her life in this time and place in light of what one has discovered that he or she is. this will elevate the planet's vibratory level. We are not permitted to evolve further than where we are now. never can we be anything else. Elina." She looked at me with a radiant smile. why one is and for what one is. That sounded like a witty tongue twister to me. in certain respects." "Self-knowledge gradually helps to elevate each person's vibratory level. of what one really is. of what one really is. "And how can self-knowledge help to elevate everyone's vibratory level?" She made herself comfortable before answering. then what are we?" Her eyes appeared to illuminate the beach while she replied. Then she continued. Then I asked her. And thus we will always be." she said. if more and more people know themselves." This idea made a painful impression on my understanding. this could elevate the vibratory level of the planet. The false information that she had thrown at me was a little psychic bomb.When we were far from the village." "Well. go down. and how to approach more and more that which one truly is." "I'm not referring to that type of knowledge. I said. I laughed. which we are not and never can be. I felt capable of 65 . and what each one should do with his or her life in this time and place in light of what one has discovered that he or she is. why one is and for what one is. magical entities. Don't forget that I'm a college professor. I had somehow thought that we were something more than animals and that some sort of superior destiny would be awaiting us.'" "And what's the difference between knowledge and knowledge with a capital 'K'?" "The knowledge that I'm referring to is self-knowledge. "What's so funny?" "You. "I'm going to confess something to you that the people of this world are not prepared to know because it would greatly harm them." And when I heard that-completely forgetting that I do not believe in anything like "the Divinity"-my being caught fire with some sort of power. gods and goddesses. and how to approach more and more that which one truly is. I'm already doing that. "We terrestrial human beings have an animal origin. We are animals.

concentrating hard and observing the storm with her right hand still raised. the Wave of Light could be generated. a film. of the false." "'Accumulators of psychic energy. suddenly. A book.'" she said. a song and other means of diffusing knowledge could help accelerate matters. it seemed to me that I could call up a storm by merely extending my hand towards the sky." she stated. "This is how knowledge of oneself can elevate energy. If the positive 'charge' is successfully generated. could do nothing other than let out an enormous… "WOW!" And then I slowly applauded three times. Her gaze was transfigured.' We must try to get a great sector of humanity to concentrate upon irradiating positive thoughts at the same time in a form that's constant and regular.'" I said. the sea. until. but doing something of that sort would be the first part of the mission. "We can do that and much more." she said. taking on great authority. And. and the coast. Even so. Luc. our humanity will start a great leap of energy that will permit us to instantaneously form part of a higher reality. radio and satellite television. still unable to look that goddess in the eye. which they are fully able to do. "I'm glad to hear that. Soon we'll see what and how. swirling above the sea at a great speed. And I myself am no expert in the matter… Then. And since the great majority of people are like that. Would you be kind enough to tell me exactly 'how'?" "Today ideas are spread around the world rapidly: by means of the Internet." "And what might the second part be?" "That's not so easy. That was the intention in that past civilization when the sun was in the zodiac sign of Leo. When the charge was sufficient. Ignorance reigns here concerning what we really are.performing miracles. "And since 'that which vibrates at a low rate does evil. Very soon lightning flashes began to surge from within them. out of nothing. with my scientific mentality. "As sons and daughters of the Creator. I thought about a quantum leap.' 'Wave of Light'… All this sounds like science 66 . I. When she happily looked at me. All that is very clear. how can the two of us help people to know themselves?" "Easily." she replied. She continued. and I understood that she was referring to a Biblical quotation that foretold a sudden change in the world. But people don't know this because they don't know themselves. extending her right hand with the palm turned towards the sky. in short. of that which is not. Immediately all the clouds began to dissolve and in a few seconds the firmament had once again become completely clear. "the entire planet is in danger. clouds began to materialize. and. This is exactly why they cannot vibrate at a high rate. I understand. radiance illuminated the sky. At that time the plan was to charge certain large-sized crystals with positive psychic energies and convert the former into accumulators of the latter. It consists in helping to generate a great 'Wave of Light. in surprise. "That will be the beginning of our history and the end of the painful prehistory that we have forever been living. the entire planet is vibrating at a low rate. Then she lowered it and lifted her left one towards on high. The din of thunder filled the island night. like someone who had just done something funny." "Instantaneously?" "'Like a thief in the night. the diffusion of ignorance is always much greater. That is why they are prisoners of the lie. Luc. People don't know that they can do things like what you just imagined. we have authority over the elements.

" I said. "I should have known that the Universe would not permit the arrival of a being as special as you to accomplish tiny things. besides. this is our mission. the pretty idea of twin souls also has the same origin. as if it had all been a fantasy of mine. as you say it should be done now. activated hidden zones of my consciousness. There were then sectors living in the Stone Age while others of us had cosmic knowledge. skeptical. like a dream. no longer exist. then." She continued to dazzle me and disturb at the same time." "You and I are ex-Atlanteans and soul mates at the same time." "'Ours'… Yet only you know all about it.fiction but I'm listening. even though I don't understand why the crystals were resorted to before. playing the role of an arrogant. I'm making a mental note of that. I once read that we are like an iceberg because we can only see a tenth of ourselves. although at this moment. who first mentioned Atlantis. Here we are very different from each other. instead of doing it collectively." "He deserves it. which. Elina." "And now that I think about it. 67 . rather. my soul. That's why you spoke of Plato. Another round of applause for the genial man from Athens. Luc. so much better." "Great things begin as tiny things. shaken with compassion. all of humanity was not in contact before. Now practically all of us are informed about everything that happens in the world. For us it's much easier to get used to horrible histories and possibilities because we are accustomed to them. not in this real life. I don't believe so. it was not so long ago that you were able to see much of my past: scenes from inside the submerged palace and images from my childhood…" She was right. We accept suffering much quicker than happiness because we're much better acquainted with the former. aren't we?" "You know we are. But how hard it is to get used to all of this…" "That's true. And this is precisely the mindset that we must help to change in the world." "Did you forget that we are the same?" "Oh… Yes… In another plane of my consciousness it would seem to me that what you're saying is the truth. They were brought to the planet by our stellar ancestors…" "'Stellar ancestors'… All right." "We're talking about Atlantis." I said. She smiled. and I know so little about you…" "Nevertheless. You're here. Elina. This was perhaps because when I had comprehended her infinite solitude. allowing me to experience realities that were very foreign to my everyday mind. as you already know. as if it were in another dimension. Luc. everything that I saw before seems distant and diffuse to me. Let's just say one-twentieth. "Those crystals were destroyed in that continent's final cataclysm. for monumental things… Even though I don't know if I am qualified to accompany you. Things are much more beautiful than we think. but now I had only a faded memory of what I had earlier seemed to see with great clarity." "Would you believe me if I told you that we only see one-billionth of what we really are?" "What?… Go on! Don't exaggerate. This is why we can try a great simultaneous irradiation of Light-Energies without resorting to the use of those crystals. "And you also seemed to recognize me when you were going to kiss me…" "That's very true." "Unlike now. Please continue. Perfect. Like it or not. but that is far away. Nothing that a good psychoanalyst couldn't dredge up. and now fragments of them lay unusable at the bottom of the sea.

haughty scientist. I returned the kiss. She gave me another kiss on the check. 68 . «I was right.» I reflected with satisfaction." Then she smiled tenderly. glad to remember the amusing way she had said that when we first met beside the lagoon. when I thought that she liked me.fatuous. and I laughed. saying. "You're really crazy. my heart on fire.

So stay calm. When I reached it. Elina walked towards the screen. remembering the Yoga classes I had once taken. with chromatic tonalities tending towards the gamut of violet. Luc. while trying not to think about anything. I stood up but did not dare move forward. a little apprehensive. a day that had a different sort of color. Luc. perhaps the same ones that occasionally arrive in our sky. A little later I once again felt that vibration. Come on. "Well. What startled me the most was the sight of those human beings moving placidly about at the rear of the landscape. "Come on. Getting to her feet. "Come on. less dazzling than ours. a meadow in daylight. fear. It was like a buzzing in all the cells of 69 ." She began to draw me forward. "You have to calm down your mind. extending her hand out to me from a distance. I once again felt that sort of electricity and withdrew." I walked towards the illuminated spot." To her. She was laughing. "Approach me. let's make another attempt to pass over to the Pleiades. I remained seated on the sand.'" she replied with an amused smile. Several distant. white buildings were visible at the back of the image." she repeated. they're people from outside the Earth. It's not really electricity. then they are 'extra-terrestrials. or whatever it was. but that's normal. causing the frame of a dimensional step to materialize there. open automobiles." She crossed the dimensional door and came to my side. she said." she suggested while concentrating and extending her palms towards a point in front of us. are those beings that I'm seeing… extraterrestrials?" I asked. pink and lilac." she said while entering that other world. Let's go. stirring up expectations. For now don't open your eyes. "When we pass through the door you're going to feel a little tingling. After a few minutes. Luc. Near them… swarmed some people dressed in light colors! Others were moving around in some kinds of small. and I let myself be led. BUT I WAS CONTEMPLATING EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS!" "Are those beings… friendly?" "The only unfriendly beings that you will encounter at my side are on your own planet. Yes.Chapter XII The Pleiades "Now that you're more harmonized. "Let's raise your energy level. or incredulity. Try to enter now. all this seemed as normal as sipping a soft drink. What appeared this time was not the garden but. low. frightened. taking my hands. But there no one was paying the least bit of attention to them. Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Have confidence in me. I could also make out a great variety of lights shifting quickly or slowly through the air in the most absolute silence and could tell that these were aerial vehicles." I tried to do this as best I could. when I was more harmonized. "Don't tell me. Don't be afraid of anything. "This time we are observing another planet of a star in the Pleiades. rather. "That's better." she called to me from within that world. We will pass through without hurrying. Just follow me.

it was impregnated with a slight herbal or floral perfume. cannot pass over to this other world. But all of them had a great 70 . many of them blond. with the lightness and delicacy of the virginal. many of which were semihemispherical. Luc. and we began to approach the most crowded sector." That I did not doubt at all. very good. I was not going to take you to a world inhabited by beings too different from us because they might frighten you. Asians. which are unable to withstand such elevated energy. The air had a different sort of freshness. but she impeded me. along with all the intermediate heights. Each breath of air I inhaled somehow seemed to clean my organism. But I neither saw. and emotions. so new to me. and that it was impelling me to feel good. Africans and of certain curious types that I had never seen before. She made the same observation. Luc. despite this abundance of diurnal luminaries. "Take it easy. including the interior ones. indigenous peoples. because that was the most extraordinary place I have ever seen in my life. or black. like someone watching a movie. "Nothing dangerous exists here. Some were much taller. Hair that was blond. from the lagoon." I let her decide how much time was necessary." exclaimed Elina. very surprised when I contemplated those who were nearby. with the latter the most prevalent. As soon as one stopped resisting and giving in to fear. positive and happy. Aztec. but six or seven suns. Not one. gray. Others reminded me of Greek. even though I did not discern any constructions with gigantic characteristics. nor heeded her because my attention was completely focused upon contemplating that world." The physical appearance of those persons was not the least bit different from what can be seen in any major European city: this is to say that they were of every variety. all much smaller than our own and of different colors. Before. Those "people" entered and exited the white buildings. Elina took me by the hand. and there were also some who were very tiny. The gentle pink shades of the sky tinted everything. Everything there had the radiant stamp of realities pertaining to a superior order of existence. I felt that this invigorating energy was cleansing the negative elements from my mind. first because I felt extraordinarily light. I tried to hurry my steps to leave that uncomfortable zone. above all because very soon I understood that the sensation was not unpleasant. it became agreeable. Individuals with the lightest or the darkest skin. was much less dazzling than a terrestrial noon. illuminated that strange day that. Mayan. or Egyptian architecture. giving me a kiss. body. On the contrary.my body. like Elina and I. "Those beings are identical to us!" I exclaimed. Features of Occidentals. causing me to recall the sensation produced by something mentholated. "This air is splendid! For me these are also the first experiences of another world in the physical body. The racial mixes there were very evident because I could see a great number of individuals of both sexes. I looked on high. "You can open your eyes now. Some were tall and slender. I was only able to cast glances at a distance. but just the opposite. "Of course." I had the impression that I had suddenly arrived in heaven. resembling Africans or Asians. but with blue eyes. It's better that you move slowly so that your entire organism can adapt harmoniously to the energy reaccommodation and so that certain of your microorganisms. Luc. all diaphanous and pure. better than ever. everything in this place will do you good because we are in a reality of more elevated energy than the world that witnessed our birth. "Welcome to the Pleiades. and second. brown.

The original race expanded throughout many worlds." I had no have time to ask any questions because. then. Nowhere did I see the typical snugly fitting suit of silvery or gray fabric so common in the "space alien" movies.." explained Elina. "In the downtown area of any terrestrial city you're not going to see anyone in astronaut's clothing either. strange beings appeared who were wearing completely different clothing. and bulky. the galactic colonizers. Almost all of them wore various types of sandals or lightweight slippers of the most diverse styles. joyful eyes! They seemed to penetrate your very soul." A little earlier she had mentioned these ancestors. I could only smile incredulously and reply. but. "Of course not! Almost all of them descended completely or in part from the race of our stellar ancestors. the majority of the people wore clothing made of simple fabric. interior satisfaction. but she read my mind and explained. When they were closer. a tightly fitting suit permits the greatest ease of movement in case of difficulties. Luc." the beautiful blue-eyed lady said in perfect English. I wanted to laugh at our terrestrial fantasies in this respect. Moreover." "Bye-bye to the Missing Link. although I had relegated this idea to the area of those things that could not be proven." "That will never be found because it does not exist. "Is their resemblance to us pure chance?" I asked. leaving the shoulders exposed and ending just above the knees. seeing us. "Thank you so much… but. but the human being is not only an evolved monkey." "Then what is man?" "A descendant of that cosmic race. Luc.physical beauty." I understood that for interplanetary missions those extraterrestrials could indeed dress like that. although many garments were much longer. "Welcome to Shima. I had begun to feel like an idiot in that world. in my beach tee shirt. open at the collar. something more than this. This is 71 . so I had not paid more attention to her. What gazes! What potency in those cordial. a couple heading from the direction of the buildings amiably came over." Elina explained to me. our world. "Like us. they have the capacity of instantaneously absorbing all the knowledge that we possess about our language. "They know everything about us. shorts. She laughed. gaudy plastic zoris. how did you know that we speak English?" Elina clarified the matter for me. they're visitors from other worlds. because they cast a telepathic glance into our interiors. the one of our celestial ancestors." Although I distinguished several types of garment styles and colors. permits life to express its own beauty in its creatures. depending upon the environment. But now that I had all these human varieties right before my eyes-and in a world that was not our own-that tore down all my concepts about evolution. with time acquiring a great variety of physical types. "Which means that Darwin…" "The evolution of the species is a reality. Occasionally. This was comforting to me because. although she had a noticeable foreign accent. "Harmony with life. rather. "Of course. it seemed to me that they were not human like us. I understood that that was the key because no one there appeared dissatisfied or worried. and I got a good look at their eyes.. generally white.

I would have liked to stay there forever. practically crying like a baby over expressions so distant from my life as 'the Love of God. here I am now. even those who have not dominated telepathy. "Below the dark cloud of low energies that surrounds your world and the people inhabiting it." I thought that sounded very beautiful but remembered the great scoundrels… They did not seem even remotely identical to that pair of angelic beings. in something resembling heaven. Elina explained to me that the two of them were normal persons for that world. Elina and I were weeping. comforting me. "This can't be. The Power of Love is with you both. brothers. smiling amiably as they left. Luc." "See you soon. I looked at Elina and said. But I did not need to speak because they immediately picked up my thoughts. but angels. Then they took our hands. God.'" said the man. her voice breaking with emotion. We all had our eyes closed. which made me more emotional." "What personages. and not facing human beings. our eyes still damp." they then said. It was the divine energy that they were irradiating. laughing a little to hide my emotion. gazing at us with great intensity. with a look of an accomplice in his lively. 72 . 'John. The woman squeezed my hands. I had the impression that I was not in a material world. upon hearing these words. "We are very pleased that the two of you have reencountered each other and that the step of darkness and solitude of your souls has come to an end. dear friend. I felt that those powerful. The man seemed to be moved by this and extended one arm towards Elina and the other towards his wife and me." Elina explained. Elina is a good guide for you. and I resorted to a joke to get out of the situation. "It is not like that. "Courage. and that everyone had that same interior power. but. and said." They knew everything about us. then!" I exclaimed. I. Then we all grasped hands. We wish you much success in your mission in that afflicted world. He gently drew us all together and we remained there for some time. as are all who inhabit your world. affection gazes were telling me. something like that. you are identical to us. When we were alone. as if they were irradiating us with something positive." I don't know what happened to me but. The woman embraced me. Behind the transitory shell of your terrestrial personality. and I felt that Heaven. I became so emotional I could not avoid shedding some tears. was embracing me.why they can communicate with any intelligent person in the universe.'" "It wasn't the words. Your mission is to help to clear away that dark cloud so that the Love of God will shine in your world and in each of its dwellers. Everything will go well. elevated energies. "You can move around freely wherever you desire to go. rather. looking into each other's eyes. very black eyes. someone who had so little of the mystic in me. "My poor beloved and I are unaccustomed to such loving." The psychic power of those beings frightened me. "Then you already know that my name is John and I come from the planet Mars…" The two of us laughed. forming a single expression or manifestation of love. who was such a skeptic. shines the Light of the children of the Divinity. while they only smiled amiably.

then he or she is better able to accede to that superior dimension." I had not denied myself access to this "superior dimension. joking. "Oh? Really? And who dared plagiarize me?" I asked. or agnosticism. Once each of them understands that the access to transcendent realities passes through areas that are different from the rational. or sensing the divinity is of divine origin. divine beings. a physical body adapted to the characteristics of the environment to which they wanted to descend. I feel discriminated against by your magnificent statement. without declaring myself an atheist or denying the existence of God." "Then it turns out that I'm a being of divine origin…" "Every creature capable of intuiting. Luc. I have distanced myself from religious considerations as long as I could not prove their reality. Elina. gods who are having the nightmare that they are not God. immaterial beings. why do we resemble the animals so much?" Elina thought for a while before responding. It pertains to that 'nineteen/twentieths' of yourself that you have not yet been able to see. "Atheism." "Because you do not know yourself. she said. I spoke to you of beings superior to the extraterrestrials. but we are all gods who have forgotten their own divinity. But what about the skeptics?" A smile illuminated her gaze. as if to emphasis my lack of information." Those words left me paralyzed. That 'something' that is behind the religions and that 'meteor." I was only postponing it. But the idea of our divine origin was very difficult for me to accept." and. others less. Some people have no shame… What about agnosticism?" "That is nothing more than the product of a transitory system of ideas in which the divine creatures are usually trapped for a time while on the road of their evolution. That which you are sensing is your own superior identity. in life I have done no more than apply my "Lucas Method.'" "Good."I feel closer to my cousin the monkey here…" Elina took me by the arm so that we could go over to one of those buildings." "He coined the term in 1869…" "Then. "Some of us are more. ours and also that of our brothers and sisters walking around here." "We are gods and goddesses. "Because. After a while as a joke I said. sleeping gods. "I'm not feeling especially divine today." "But it looks as though we are much more backward when it comes to the divine quality of these cousins of ours." "This is getting complicated. As we were walking. "I've already explained to you that we are not evolved monkeys. the divine beings needed a material vehicle. then.. in order to descend to the material worlds. conceiving of. Luc. Huxley.'" she remarked clearly. because you are asleep to your superior reality.. which is the name of a philosophical system very similar to the 'Lucas Method. worthy of framing and hanging over the mantel. a body that on the one hand.H." "I'll bring a lawsuit against him. Nevertheless. Therefore. he was able to enter a dimension beyond time and plagiarized me from there. but that in addition received the spark of 73 . Not you. We did not descend from the monkeys but from the gods. "T. but me for sure…". Beings very near those elevated levels of existence are our supreme origin. or skepticism. "But if we descended from gods. "Very impressive." I thought about this statement. Do you remember?" "Of course. is biologically of animal origin.

millenniums ago. This is why we are sons and daughters of the sky and of the earth. and that does us harm. Luc. Millenniums ago they gave us the 74 . "Do the Inquisition. "What need did those divine beings have to become flesh in bodies that were half animal?" "To spiritualize or make divine matter and life. Historic events are motivated by more logical. dead chunks of rock adrift in sidereal space into worlds full of life and light. The divinity and love are the same thing. That seemed tremendously interesting to me. and the bombing of Hiroshima seem logical and coherent to you?" I was struck speechless by the understanding that sometimes human behavior escapes all logic. I learned that there are only vibrations or energies. Luc. a force that only wants to carry the Good and the Light. wherever it may go. to elevate the energetic frequency. these entities vibrate at a very low rate and make everything nearby vibrate low. "So why. This happened when we failed. Evil destroyed us and remained in control of this world. They were our Celestial Ancestors. but you also learned that there are 'entities' with low or high planes… and also that 'that which vibrates at a low rate does evil. when and where was this disconnect produced?" "When the energetically inferior forces took control of our world." "'Evil?' Thanks to you. the same force. but it is not because we have separated ourselves from the knowledge of nature and the divinity that is enclosed within us. Luc. sowing its knowledge.' Well. maybe there were immaterial. and. but rather because we have separated ourselves from it.. then wisdom would rule on it… Don't you think so?" "No. coherent connections…" She smiled as if she were trying to be patient with me and then asked.the divinity. just like those viruses and bacteria that try to invade us and eat us if we let them. converting cold. Were it not. "Because there is 'something' that motivates this behavior…" Perhaps she might be right. It is human groups formed by persons that have the power." "But. 'Man is wolf to man'…" "You're mistaken. If man were also this way. That's why. We did not succeed in generating a Wave of Light that it would be capable of raising the energy level of all our environment. I thought for a while and then asked." "That's evident. our animal side has predominated… I'm saying this because we are beasts. we shall call it 'Evil. from the looks of things. This is why it needs to extend itself and cover the most that it can. or luminous forces behind human actions. elevate the vibratory frequencies of the humanities and the worlds. high or low…" "And so it is. to generalize.. The wolf is in solidarity with the wolf because it is in harmony with nature. not 'entities'…" "And who do you think inspires certain powerful people to behave badly? Can't you manage to see a sort of 'possession' there?" "That's interesting but too esoteric for my taste." "Interesting…" "The divinity entered into a cosmic race that expanded through the stars. dark. We are not bad because we are animals or because we pertain to nature. into gardens. the Nazis. the spirit of those divine beings.'" "All right… Don't tell me that our planet is under the control of those entities. I don't understand how immaterial entities could have power over our world. as a result. our planet would be a paradise.

The superior purpose of our Ancestors was to civilize us. just by looking at those advanced beings around us. "Very good!" And then she whispered in my ear. peace and cooperation-form part of this Confraternity." explained Elina. since I did not want to clash with that place by making noise with my voice. I tried to resort to my "Lucas Method"which had now. But. although without taking them for granted.» she seemed to be telling me with her eyes. prepare us so that we would be on the same level as other cosmic civilizations. Luc. there is brotherhood. I understood that everything she was saying could only be the truth. Many people were milling around the place. and then she gave my hand a warm squeeze because I was taking my first steps in an art reserved for only certain human beings. make us divine. For the most part they did not pay much attention to us but all of them gave us an attentive smile when our eyes met. she smiled because she had understood me. Looking at me. kissing me on the cheek. since I do not know much about philosophy.» she thought. And from then on.'" «Really?» I thought. and I hope that we will also be able to integrate ourselves into it. like that of this planet.» I thought. and they're used to foreign visitors.materials to create a magnificent civilization. called Shima. which left me feeling even better. rather. and I could not believe that I had understood a sentence so long. «Then it turns out that the only jackass in this civilization who doesn't know telepathy is me. «Of course." Yet another series of surprising explanations. "But I can 'listen' to them and I'm telling you that they are very communicative. magical atmosphere." That was when for the first time I tried to direct myself towards Elina in telepathic form. Multicolored illumination gave the hall a very ethereal. which is to say. the same one from which we originated. extremely happy. been called "agnosticism' for me-and leave them in the realm of the possible. by simply thinking. Built upon several levels.» I felt her respond. 'You'll learn. I decided to concentrate all my attention upon trying to "converse" with her only in telepathic form." "What's that?" "All the worlds that have reached a certain level-the level in which there is no more injustice or violence or competition or pain. Luc. "They have no need to do it. That's why I whispered in her ear. "That was what I sent you by telepathy. Soon I observed that no one there was speaking. where." she said to me in a very low voice as we were entering the place. You've already seen that they've perfectly mastered telepathy. it was very similar to my university's large auditorium but with one great difference: the stage was not located at the back but rather in the center of that great. and she immediately exclaimed. We had arrived at the entrance to a building that looked like a temple to me. and which fell into the hands of the forces of Evil and succumbed. "They do not look at the exterior. and no one appeared to notice my clothing.» she transmitted to me. «You'll learn. so that we could enter the Universal Confraternity of Worlds. Luc. "Did you really think that?" «You're advancing very rapidly. We entered a sort of performance hall or ultramodern movie theater that was in halflight. perfectly circular arena. The floor was fully carpeted in different shades of 75 . «For those who desire to study the subject intensely. humanize us.

and this is why the seats are further apart than on Earth. The chairs were located much further from one another than those of our performances halls or movie theaters. Then Elina's response came to me. it's much easier because we are the same. but you'll learn. she told me that she had. forming a single mind or collective aura. in the center. although people don't pay attention to it. Back home you're obliged to sit right next to strangers. a man made his entrance. with their partner or a group of friends or relatives.» I thought enthusiastically. when. they take more care of their 'energetic bodies. explained some things. at a sports event all the supporters of a team are transformed into a single group mind. and then went over to take a seat that stood out near the stage. in a mere instant I learned all the following chain of ideas: «Although they tend towards union and not separation. then they voluntarily mix their auras. This is why they avoid mixing their auras with those of other persons during these very intense moments. like the master of ceremonies?» «With me. asking her if it was true that she had sent me all that "package of information. 76 . leaving only a spotlight above the proscenium. They did not seem strange to me because I like to play around with a sound synthesizer in my free time but the harmony of that astonishing music began to make me emotional in a way that was very new to me. for example. and the auditorium lights went out. But when they already have links of friendship or love with people they know. and not just his or her eternal love. the same color as the seat cushions.blue. above the scenery. or even more than this. It was as if a single telepathic block had a great quantity of information. and I was happy once again to be able to understand what she was thinking. Thus. not wrapped in words but in images. a group mind." «He's going to introduce a woman artist. and I understood this to indicate silent "applause. The auras in them reach about a foot and a half of distance from their bodies.» I understood that I would have to do a lot of practicing before I would be a true telepathist." With a satisfied smile. Once she was there. while at the same time it bothered me that I couldn't pick up the information directly from the master of ceremonies. as I was doing. on the other hand. An elegantly dressed young woman entered.» While we moved a pair of seats together. she concentrated. There below us. Beautiful musical sounds began to fill the space. I looked with surprise at Elina. and on those occasions they prefer to bring their seats closer together. She greeted the audience with a nod. «Why is it that I can receive your thoughts mentally but not those of others. «What a good idea. her long skirt nearly grazing the floor. he greeted various distinct sectors of the auditorium. then expressed something in telepathic form while looking at the public. The audience members raised their hands. especially when they are going to concentrate on a show or an exposition of ideas because they need a great 'energetic purity'-which means 'being oneself'-to receive perfectly what is going to be presented. The same thing happens on Earth. which emitted a clear blue light above the central circle. moving their fingers. With a nod.» Elina transmitted to me. a person who can understand anyone. but couples and friends could sit together by sliding their seats closer on a rail.' their auras.

» Elina transmitted to me.» «Gulp!» We witnessed an entire startling. forms began to appear under the ray of blue light.» Elina "told" me. She advanced towards the precipice and began to fly like a bird. as if asking if I had understood correctly. The emotions I was experiencing made my hair stand on end. and an irreal. consistency and color. mystic story in which the woman ascended through planes. the images and music would disappear» «The music! Don't tell me that this music is also coming directly from her mind!» «Yes. I understood that this was a marvelous "movie" that came directly from the mind of the author. but with their palms cupped to avoid strident sounds. cameramen. «If she were to lose her concentration during these moments.Suddenly. it is. transforming into an illuminated palace located upon a cliff. and came to the public… I also grasped that this "production" would be very cheap with no actors' salaries. I thought that this must be the projection of a hologram created by laser rays. the public burst into euphoric real applause. She answered seriously with a slight nod of her head. each one more subtle and beautiful.» «Wow! How is it possible that…» «Shhhh… Don't make anymore 'mental noises' so that you will not distract the artist. until she merged with the Divinity. these figures acquired their own life and color. and a short time later. but before it comes to us it passes through the auditorium's amplifiers and loudspeakers. 77 . «It's the materialization of the thoughts of the woman who is concentrating in her seat. I had to look over at her. Under the arch of the door was the silhouette of a woman looking out into the distance. assumed form. or scenery preparation… «But with a great investment of time and concentration in rehearsal. At the end of the performance. with the lights on and the artist in the middle of the stage. three-dimensional forms that seemed to be coming together from myriad floating atoms. next to a strange nocturnal sea. but fully defined landscape took on consistency and substance above the stage. dancing through that sky to the rhythm of the music. much to my amazement.

It was enough to "want" to go to such and such place and the automobile picked up your thoughts and obeyed you… "The scientists of this world had already discovered mental waves. "Credit cards." Driving those cars could not be more spectacular. Antigravity…" "I should have known. Elina invited me to get into one of them. "No. feeling like a prehistoric "scientist" once I had recovered from my surprise. The same thing could be done on Earth because the planets also irradiate distinct types of energy. Luc. Luc. incapable of imagining an economic system without money." "The problem is that we scientists have not proven that those energies have any influence upon our world. even though this may not necessarily be so." "Oh. I verified that the daylight had a distinctive greenish color. Later I calculated that only one of those vehicles would have to cost several million dollars. then they constructed instruments capable of registering those waves and of making every type of mechanism function by means of mental instructions. "Money does not exist here." "So how do people acquire something?" 78 . since scientists had not proven their existence. They had neither a steering wheel nor any kind of pedals. but until much later I did not understand the tremendous implications of that which she had called "public use." I said. That was due to the appearance beyond the horizon of a new sun with a bluish tint and the setting of several others. "It's an air cushion. Nothing like that." Elina explained to me." I looked at her in surprise. right?" I asked her. "Wait! What if the owner turns up?" She began to laugh. Owing to this. rather. "Simply fantastic!" I exclaimed with astonishment while we advanced through that green-upholstered world. gliding a few inches from the ground. Luc.Chapter XIII The Driving Force of the Universe I must clarify one fact: After my first inroads in telepathy. and now I cannot remember which parts of our dialogue were verbal and which were telepathic. "Here the colors of daylight are constantly changing!" "That's right. in the past no action was taken against germs because. we increasingly began to utilize that communication system. I will treat almost everything as if it had been spoken." It seemed to me that they were like supermarket carts. "These vehicles are for public use. that you could use them for a while and within certain limits. and the people schedule their activities to take advantage of the different types of energies offered by each celestial configuration. Once we were out in the fresh air. then?" "No." "And by the same token. although mine was a little bitter. they simply did not exist…" Our laughter rang out. Then I understood that we were not rolling but. We came across a parking lot filled with those roofless land vehicles.

Right?" "Yes." That was difficult for me to understand. I simply can't. Remember how we didn't buy tickets to see the performance that we attended? We simply entered the hall. you can. although others were spherical and some larger ones were cylindrical. of course… But what if you faint or if something happens to impede you from thinking clearly?" "The system would pick up on this anomaly and land the vehicle smoothly. Some of us need certain things." "In a spaceship? Do you know how to drive them?" "Of course. equal to me?" "No. she looked at me. and they'd be given to you." That's when it occurred to me that the perfection of that world had reached disproportionately uncommon extremes. launch a ray capable of making you 79 . but directly to paradise. would discover the problem in your aura. "Then you'd just ask for those houses. on the other hand." "What? Is this communism then?" "No. I can't have more than one house or more than is strictly necessary in any sense. Then a preposterous joke came to me: "And the doctors would be watching you through a screen." I had to think a little." "What if I want to keep the same house all my life?" "Then you simply keep it. We are not all equal. Only you would be the owner and master of your house. Here everyone possesses everything there is. I had not gone to another world. you abandon it and move freely into another. That's where the trap is. We arrived in a sort of airport full of "UFOs. for many people. of course. while immediately alerting medical personnel. Luc." "But when I'm not in the beach house. If I want to have a house in the mountains decorated to my taste for my exclusive use. of course. Luc. then the State owns everything here and no one possesses anything…" "You're mistaken."Something like what?" "Like everything-food. lodging. one or two are enough. and others." "Then. "Come on. everything is free. You ask for it and it's handed over to you. Here. Well. Let's take one to fly around the skies of this world. There would have to be a trap there somewhere and I found it. someone else will come and use it. Here the attempt is made to please everyone. As long as it's not already occupied. vehicles shaped like flying saucers. just you and me. medicine…" "All that is free of charge here. if I lived here." "Oh. And when you're tired of it. clothing." "And I could sell it whenever I wanted to?" "Here nothing is bought or sold. "Oh. how could I become the owner of a house?" "I've already told you that it's free. There is no money. There's no scarcity here. everything is like that. everyone would be the owner of my house. " With that reply. soap. Naturally. Here they've calculated five dwellings per person and they're working to make it six… but." which is to say. because they're run just like everything else-by thought. "Do you mean to say that. and from a distance would. because under communism everything is obligatory. I shut up." "And what if I want one house here and another on the beach and another in the mountains?" Amused. other things.

it seemed to me. When I did this. earthquakes. since they are very far from the coordinating brain. The vehicle's security system takes precedence over my mental orders. there was absolutely nothing more to be seen.. We entered the "airport." she replied with a smile. "What about this little car? Can we just leave it abandoned here?" "I 'told' it that." The most difficult step in the art of telepathy." "Of course. moreover." got out of the little car and walked towards the nearest vehicle. She asked me to sit down next to her. they're…" "Extradimensional-ships. all I saw was a circular armchair in the center of the enclosure. but when they go to unstable planets like ours." That gave an unexpected twist to the whole subject of UFOs. more precise knowledge of your own mind. sometimes accidents-often fatal-happen. consistency and texture and a slightly metallic color. a small sphere balanced upon three legs. that's exactly what was happening. "They could pass directly but they would then be exposed to our viruses and to certain energies of our unstable world that would harm them.. Luc. sudden electrical storms. "Do you mean that these beings never have air accidents?" "Never. We stopped in front of the vehicle and a door opened from top to bottom." "Then. and. attentive self-observation. for now I prefer that we stay on this planet. "Is there any danger of colliding with another vehicle?" "None whatsoever. The floor. and it wasn't your idea." And this seemed like a good time to ask why they needed vehicles to go to our world. How is it that our world is 'unstable'?" "It's 'in the rough. the vehicles from these worlds face several types of danger. they are not spaceships. it can return to its parking lot. the door closed and vehicle ascended rapidly." "Even better. "Can you give me some preliminary advice on this matter?" "Constant. The area was full of rectangular windows with rounded corners. Luc. "Then. hurricanes.' and this is why it has huge tempests. and." "Of course.' It has not been 'conditioned. and 80 . After we climbed up and went through the door. would be reaching the point that you could make this distinction.' in a 'savage state. as long as they are here." And. to my astonishment. preventing the accident." she responded and said no more. since we had been able to pass directly to this place with no need for any sort of craft whatsoever.well…" "That's exactly right. there it goes. once we got out. look. walls and ceiling were made of a material with a soft appearance. dear Elina. You need to practice more so that you don't confuse your own ideas with what is sent to you from outside. transforming itself into a staircase when it touched ground. a larger brain located on land coordinates each of these. "Besides. An electronic brain supervises the movements of every craft circulating in this world. tornadoes. the automatic systems would take control. You only picked up upon my telepathic explanation and thought it would be a good joke. Other than this. Their vehicles are practically the equivalent of our submarines. If there should be any danger of colliding into another vehicle or crashing to the ground. this sort of craft was not designed to leave here.

" "It looks as if we're doing everything wrong. or flags and for this very reason there are no more armies. As long as a single child is dying of hunger anywhere in our world. only small human settlements well distributed over all the planet. do you mean to say that. it could be seen. like mountain ranges.' This carried them to a superior level of evolution and. of stability. "I agree completely." From our medium altitude I could make out the group of buildings in which we had seen that telepathic performance." "Surely you are right. therefore. as long as we are harmonized to be well 'tuned. In all directions. insects and viruses. All this seemed so distant from us that I preferred to forget it instead of feeling bad for living in such a 'savage' world. Besides. but. Faced with this devastating truth. If we stopped being so savage. That's why there are no divisions by borders. nature had been "modeled" by the inhabitants of that planet. they do. freeways and concert halls. It isn't healthy to live in the middle of great population density. yes. in spite of our skyscrapers." "Whichever world we come to live in is a reflection of that which we are inside. we will be in prehistory. I said nothing." A new blow to my understanding. our beloved Planet Earth is in its prehistory?" "Naturally." "Not everything." "Then these worlds don't have anything like that?" "Yes. the Earth possesses organisms that are harmful to these beings. That's why the energies of this world don't affect us. It would not be correct.' of course." "What country of this world are we flying over right now?" "Prehistory has been left behind." "Why not?" "What do you think would happen if the powerful people from Earth were able to 81 . "Elina. splashed with multicolored forests and well-tended farm fields. Luc. but it doesn't seem to me that you deserve a world like Earth. As long as man must arm himself against man. Even the pollen from our plants could kill them. right?" I gave her a kiss. we will be in prehistory. it's what we deserve depending upon the quality of our souls. a large part. Then I asked myself why those beings who were so advanced had not taught us how to build a better world. "There are no cities." "Neither do you. One could get a good idea the beauty of that world by imagining an immense golf course decorated with elements of Japanese gardening. "That should not be done. a mission of service. Around there I saw no zones of erosion or unevenness of the terrain. as always. it's not as bad as for others. Then we moved off towards the horizon. I saw our skyscrapers and concert halls transformed into costly banalities." "Why not?" "Because it's very far from nature and also because an excess of human beings upon the same point produces a sort of energetic saturation that is not good for life.strong radiation that is unknown to you but that affects these vehicles. like certain bacteria. but nothing that is noxious for human beings because planets like this one were 'conditioned. just like our very expensive warplanes. But for the two of us. In our case it was a voluntary choice." I declined to offer an opinion. or even large cities. or immense oceans. our world would change.

and arrange everything so that the powerful could not intervene. Besides. the Origin of Life. "The alien beings should intervene and take control of our world and do everything for us?" "Well. This alarmed me because it was going to confirm our atrocious ignorance. the Primordial Force. That's why nothing here is obligatory and everything is free.. but at the same time I was glad that I was about to learn something that very few know. not a principle." "Then they would have to do many disagreeable things on our planet. Elina?" "That which makes you breathe.. they must not do it.. but it would be for our own good. the Fundamental Law of the Universe. a single universal principle." "So what do you think? Would these beings be doing us a favor or doing us great harm if they taught us their secrets? I understood her idea. things like oblige. Do you think that they are disposed to. without outside help. This principle is that which makes you desire to consume oxygen to continue living. Luc?" 82 ." "Fine." I was alarmed and enthusiastic at the same time because she was referring to something like the force that gave origin to the Big Bang and the entire Universe." "That's certain." "Oxygen?" She began to laugh. But why can't they cooperate in solidarity?" "Our humanity cannot receive help in deserving entrance into the Universal Fellowship. and how they are accustomed they are to moving only within realities with very high vibrations. or capable of. in some way. We can't oblige them to remedy our mistakes.. and we scientists completely ignore what the driving force of creation is.. the Fundamental Essence of All that Exists. entering such a minefield as fighting against all the established powers of our world and seizing the dominion of each country on the planet?" "Aren't they?" "And even if they were. that our world is the way it is. of course not. all those we ourselves caused by our lack of respect for a principle. the Superior Proposition that motivated creation. Elina?" "The Basic Principle of the Universe. prohibit. but put yourself in their place. not theirs." "What does this exam consist of?" "Overcoming all the dangers threatening our survival. force. It's our fault. something like that." "What are you talking about.. but the thought occurred to me that those extraterrestrials could. "What is this Principle." "Can't we? No." "What exam?" "That which the Universal Intelligence demands of all humanity who desire to live in conditions like those of Shima. the Mainstay of Happiness. Luc. "Oxygen is an element. Why do you desire to live. You've already seen how affable they are. It must take its exam on its own. take control of our planet.arrive here?" "It's logical that they would try to acquire all this technology to gain power over everyone else. Definitely things that would incur very low vibratory states. impose. This society exists because its inhabitants passed the exam. and she was right. they do not have any obligation to get themselves mixed up in something so disagreeable.

" "Of course. This is why it would make me very happy to receive it. valuation." "Could it be said that public recognition implies people's affection and that this is what motivates you?" I mediated for a few moments and realized this was it exactly. I would regret not having had children. family and friends. Luc. "If you were told that you were going to die in a few minutes. It's nothing more than a primal impulse." "Once again you are right. There's not much to philosophize about there. What else?" "Not seeing my parents. No one wants to die. half-joking." She landed the vehicle on the shore of a beautiful lake so that we could better concentrate upon our conversation.." 83 ." "Affection. "I don't know." Simply put and with no "ego.. "It's true. in the first place. even if there were no money. an instinct. "Well. A reddish sun hid itself behind the waters while a flock of very elongated." "And if you should do a great service anonymously. All we creatures desire to live." "Why?" "Because that would permit me to acquire prestige. Life is made for its self-conservation." "Why?" "I feel very impelled to help my civilization. but it served to take me down a little from my pedestal.. I would regret leaving without having done much for this world. What other regret would you have before dying?" I thought for a while before responding. I had always assumed the impulse towards the conservation of life to be something instinctive but had never asked myself what it consisted of concretely. but my question was. "So. and that I had never noticed this before and that now the search for public recognition did not appear so "dirty" to me because. would this make you just as happy?" Elina had set an astute trap for me. "Imagine that we had not yet met each other." "Affection once again. What else?" "Not having won the Nobel Prize for Physics. That's certain. I recognize an element of vanity in myself. respect.When confronted with this question I realized that I had never thought about it before." she said. what would you regret most?" "Everything! Naturally. it was merely the desire to win people's affection. That's what motivates me." "I know. We got out and sat down on a gently sloping meadow near the shore." "More affection." "Affection again. vibrant blue birds calmly cut through the air towards the horizon." I said with a laugh. I would regret not being able to continue our beautiful love. and winning the Nobel Prize would imply having done a great service to humanity. smiling contentedly and giving me another kiss. it's money this time?" "No. But why?" "A specific answer doesn't seem necessary to me. "To do something wonderful and good so that everyone would love you.. basically. 'What would you regret most?'" "Well. I'd still like to win the Nobel Prize. I'd like it better if everybody would know about it.

We want to live because we love. in the most profound and sacred corner of our souls. the final exam. Owing to this. contemplate a sunrise. and not only for those who are dear to us. Our motivation is love. or if everyone remains with his or her head buried in the sand of minuscule interests. the poor. not even our future. "We are hardened and deformed creatures. exhibiting cruelty unworthy of the divine beings that we essentially are. This is why nothing is important to us-neither life nor death. That is the Principle that our humanity has been violating since it separated itself from nature. we lost contact with the wisdom of nature. enjoy the taste of morning coffee or of whatever we like the most. And now we are beginning to reap what we have sown. dear Luc. satisfied. we dedicate immense resources to death. of all the souls. Love is our most profound identity. We are driven by Love!" "This is the force behind the Big Bang. we have acted against the most valuable. The same thing has happened with thousands and thousands of animal and vegetable species. and people keep looking on with indifference while everything collapses. we are getting what we deserve. believing. not only for other persons. "In spite of all our cruelty."Go on! It's true. which even deforms their essence. We have not respected the love of the otter for its litter abandoned in the den. in which all can happily contribute the best of their talents because we are all at heart equal to you. and only if we do so. Our humanity finds itself put to the test of Love. more or less covered by a cloak of indifference or ignorance. The great motivations in life come from affection." "It's true. then shall we deserve to continue forward as a species worthy of occupying a place in the Cosmos. They act the way they do because they've been terribly beaten and abandoned by us. thus. Luc. race or nationality has never mattered to us. to accomplish something very appreciated. We all desire to do wonderful things for our community so that everyone will like us. This is why. or lakes. gleams. the divinity of Love. We have only been motivated by the money its pelt will bring. to destruction. that the results of what we have generated are not going to touch them. instead of dedicating them to constructing a world that is benign for all. How curious! I've never seen things this way and it's completely true. contaminated and trafficked in all that which exists of the sacred in our world. that was once good. "That which does not pertain to our group. We have not respected rain forests. woods. in attempting to act against it. and finally proceed to integrate the Universal Fellowship. to war. if everything continues as it always has. We have razed it. "We have spent millenniums causing more and more pain because all that injures love is that which causes the greatest pain. and unprotected areas of life. Luc. "Then. All that has interested us is the money produced by our contaminating industries." I realized. 84 . to suffering. punished. prostituted. take a walk around the places we love and such things. "The welfare of those little brothers and sisters that survive under the waters of the seas and rivers has not been important to us. to the most difficult. beaches. If one of them does us harm today. Each delinquent was or could have been a good person. which was the proposition of our Celestial Ancestors. we want to breathe because doing so permits us to live to accomplish things that have to do with love. "We condemn large contingents of our brothers and sisters. We also want to live to be able to take pleasure in that which we like because liking something is loving it in a certain form. sensible part of ourselves. We have violated. a world in which no one suffers from hunger and abandonment. Elina. If we reverse our conduct. the most real and true. of the galaxies and of all of life. If not.

in the Spring of the Man of the Pitcher. we make the Great Leap. "Either the wisdom of Love is instituted once and for all in our world and.then we will not deserve to survive. "This time there are no intermediate alternatives. or it's all over. we are facing our final opportunity. in the Spring of the Lion. Now. all together. The Universe will not permit us to fail once again and still proceed forward. This is the exam to which we are subjected. unlike millenniums ago. Luc." 85 . when we failed.

arrogant and vain. We are all students in the 'Love course. above all after having met the 'students' on this planet we're visiting. This was a reality that she had so majestically demonstrated to me. "It's not like that. art and the stars." She brightened. I recall that Gandhi and Mother Teresa were not especially good looking. and both can belong to whatever social class or nationality or have any sort of physical appearance. history and destiny of humanity from a new. Beauty is something very relative. So much effort for death and pain. surely not as a physical force but rather as the generator of the Intelligence's intention to decree the first explosion. And I did not doubt that it was even the engine for the Big Bang. Elina. existence. almost furious. I'll explain it to you." "Do you mean to say that the educators don't know something so elemental?" "Of course they don't. Elina. like life. No one has ever taught them anything about the matter either. "Yes. cynical and irresponsible to me. while others go out of their way to help him. It's more or less just as you said. we can say 86 . There are brutes walking around thereabouts doing damage to their fellow man. like all of nature.' and this has nothing to do with social class. Seen under that new light. But nothing is being done in that sense. Now it's obvious to me that we are in primary school while they are attending the university. Neither was Einstein…" "To me they were. "Very good. our science seemed obstinate and blind. Educating us to live in accord with the superior values is not included in any curriculum. she took my hands between her own. Which is to say. "Neither in school nor in the university. Elina? Has there been some sort of intentional concealment? Are we talking about a conspiracy here?" "We cannot teach that which we do not know. and so little for life and happiness… "No one anywhere has ever taught me anything about the transcendence of love!" I protested.Chapter XIV Education without Love Her heartfelt words caused me to consider the life. Do you understand?" "Of course. In passing. Life is like a school. degree of beauty or any other type of external consideration. In this school we all look more or less equal on the outside but inside we are a little different. And even though it has nothing to do with religious matters. illuminated perspective. Within this 'primary school' in which we are living there are different 'grades. Elina. others are more advanced. no one else knows about the transcendence of love and only you and I are informed?" Laughing happily.'" "That's right. Some 'students' are in the lowest grades. Luc. dear Luc. educating our children with respect for what is essential in life within and without us. intellectual level. Do you know what the course we all study in the school of life is called?" I thought for a moment and then did not have the least doubt. from the clarity that Love offers." "Then. Can you understand that?" "Yes. And now I understand that this is the only thing that could help us construct a different future for our humanity. which at that moment was transformed for me into the superior sense of all things. and of all that which it would have transported with it. which also is born from an act of love and which is sustained by love. How could we possibly have lived so many millenniums ignoring what is most elementary and basic? How was it possible.

but that doesn't answer my question about why the transcendence of love is so ignored. but. one must be in the highest grades of our 'primary school. On the other hand. and this is why it is not yet being studied on an educational level anywhere and also why it has forever been violated. whatever This might be. I thought that beyond this there would have to be an Origin. The most advanced only desire to act in harmony with the loveforce and because of just this they usually dedicate their lives to helping others. as you've come to understand very well. in order to understand the transcendence of love. I had managed to surmise that. an immutable Origin." Elina had just classified love as if love were the Divinity itself. and I myself made it. nationality or cultural level because he or she knows the same as you do about the things that really matter in this life. take a deep breath and consider you a soul mate from that day forward." "I agree. no matter what your religion. Nevertheless. and I. Luc. compared to the majorities." which. Let's say fourth grade and above. thanks to which my beloved had made me understand the importance of that force." "I understand. social class. 'Did you know that you have to behave yourself?' And then walk away from you thinking that you're half-crazy. one day I began to see that we do not believe in our most beautiful dreams because the majority does not believe in the most elevated possibilities of existence." "Because. a "loving Intelligence.that those who are in the lower grades of that course violate the commandments of love to a greater extent that those who are more advanced. but I could not consider it as if it were God Himself. no matter what their religion or whether they have one. if you'd say the same thing to a sixth grader. would be situated much above relative things. above all." "Yes. Suppose that you were to say to a student of second or third grade.' Luc." "There have always been and will always be human beings who understand the transcendence of love from the depths of their souls. whether as an individual or as all of humanity. or we disappear. Because God Love will not permit us to proceed forward if we do not respect the Giver of Life. 'Do you know that love is the most important thing in existence?' He or she would look at you as if you were giving some boring religious sermon. being fundamentally Intelligence. because of my scientific education. had conflicts in respect to the ideas about religion and God that I had set aside to analyze when I had more time and. either we align ourselves with the superior laws of the Universe-which is the creation of Love-and we flow in harmony with the Spirit that gives it life. love would be the intention or motivation of the Divinity. as if you were saying." "Isn't it obvious to you?" "No. in the Big Bang Theory. and we let ourselves be carried along by the most popular way of thinking." By saying." "And because of just this. placing it at the level of the Divinity had not seemed logical to me. the Supreme Reality of the Universe is still neither sufficiently understood nor respected on our backward planet. "God Love. Only now we have arrived at a critical point: with all the destructive capacity that we have accumulated thanks to our science and economic systems disassociated from the superior values of life. Elina. and our world is set up to give more weight to the majorities. Now I had the latter. they have been a very small number. like hate or love. This is the first condition we must meet in order to continue advancing towards the superior realities of existence. more clarity of thought. "When one is not yet in 'fourth grade' it is common to think that love is not the 87 . This is a grave mistake. the student would probably brighten.

I cannot conceive of a worm or a mineral being God…" "But they are. ourselves." To me these statements seemed very poetic. Only instead of being in primary school. would you accept that this same energy is thought or sentiment?" "Could be… Continue. in you and in me. "Do you remember that we were talking about how there are higher and lower vibrations or energies?" "Of course. And." "That's where you're wrong.' It would be absurd. Every being capable of sheltering Love in its heart is of divine origin because Love is God. very inspiring." "And that much higher. Do you mean to say that animals also are of divine origin?" "Yes. Luc. In reality we live submerged in an infinite ocean of Love. "Is a mineral also God?" She got ready to continue the voyage through those skies of Shima but first asked me. And that's why beings who are both 'advanced' and harmful cannot exist because 'advanced' signifies 'closer to Love' and 'harmful' means 'distant from Love." "Very beautiful. then all is God.Absolute. is light. all is the same thingLove. including a mineral and a little worm. but rather a 'relative thing' that has an opposite called 'hate. since Love is God. All that differentiates things and beings is the vibratory grade of the only energy from which we are all made. let alone God in person. It would be an energy. bird. It does not come to conscious beings. In essence. rather. but an energy nonetheless. What else?" "So it is that a mineral. Love is a Spirit. Hate is not its opposite. There is no more Divinity than Love. that which is manifested in the form of rock.' but this is a mistake." 88 . It is that Divine Breath that makes material and life human and divine." "And you will have also studied that only one substance or energy exists in the Universe. all is the Divinity. it's something concrete: Love is God. on up. All is divine. in these brothers and sisters of this planet. tree. "All beings are more or less capable of sheltering love in their hearts. perhaps of divine order. rain and seas. correct?" "Naturally. but. but we only recognize it as such when it vibrates in the maximum form that is given to us to perceive. Love makes beings more conscious. a beautiful sentiment. and all that exists is Love. So it is in all the confines of the Universe. but that cannot be something real and concrete. at another frequency it is xrays or infrared rays. that same energy is love?" "Interesting. it is an obstacle of rational origin that generally arises because of 'injured love. laughing. agreed?" "I agree. Elina. a worm. although a little hyperbolic. vibrating at a certain frequency. which. a Being. in greater measure. like us. That only energy is Love. every being and every thing because all are the creation of God Love." "And at a very high frequency. they are preparing to enter kindergarten or nursery school at some future time. from the beasts towards their young. Elina.'" "That may be. but I began to ask myself if Elina were not going too far. all is sacred. Luc. Amusing. a star." she stated. lower vibratory level that same energy is matter. we inhale Love and we exhale Love. something that comes to conscious beings. and." "Another beautiful metaphor…" "It is not a metaphor." "And at another. still it does not seem to me that this force could be a Being. Not a conscious being but.

" I understood that on Earth we are very far from those elevated possibilities. her face shining with enthusiasm. "I used to really like visiting this place." she said. So it was that I was made aware that that world is completely automated in respect to the systems of production. but He could have made a more direct intervention…" "Now I'm going to ask you. including agriculture. almost thick. In our world we have not yet been able to achieve this technology." she said as she stood up." Unlike before. but only now will I be able to do it in my physical body. even that of animals. in plain view of some people passing nearby and not paying us the least bit of attention. changing worlds. smiling happily as she took my hand. implying that our technology in some way reflects the inclinations of our psychic nature. and. The system of protein production. "We are antediluvian specimens!" We got out of the vehicle in the "airport" and right there. I immediately sensed that oxygen was much more humid and warm. or the union of the atomic particles.' which is to say.Surely she was right. "Instead of bombarding the atoms with 'anti-love. in spite of the fact that this God did not seem to be very compatible with the lamentable state of my planet. and brightly colored flowers painted that idyllic little corner of the world with the splashes of their cheerful shades. or the division of the atom. "We're going to visit a very pretty world. They do not utilize any type of energy based upon fission. is also very advanced there since the inhabitants are capable of making artificial tissues grow in massive quantities and in the consistencies and flavors that they prefer. inviting me to get into the vehicle. God is intervening through us because Love is God. "What world is that fascinating landscape located in?" "I already told you that it's in a very pretty world. Elina continued to inform me about many things. This is why our world is the way it is. who have liberty but do not respect Love. While we passed through the skies of Shima. they use the energy that emanates from nuclear fusion." but." "Then. 89 . That is clean energy since it does not leave contaminating residues. this time I didn't feel the intensity of the "electricity." "Yes. and this time I gave her a very sonorous kiss. Elina materialized a new dimensional step with the power of her hands. And this is why we have to work. just as she had been with everything else she had said. of course. the people of Earth will have to seek the way to irradiate them with 'love. I exclaimed. The human hand does not have to engage in heavy physical labor because everything is done by means of various types of computerized machinery. what is it that drives us to help our world?" I did not have the slightest doubt. This permits them to feed themselves without needing to take the life of any animal. dear Luc. as we do on Earth. The pool of a stream appeared completely surrounded with vegetation. I decided to accept once again as possible that beautiful vision of hers of a Universe completely governed by God Love because I could not prove that this was not so. Shall we go?" she invited me. but that is something that pertains to the magic-science of which we spoke before. Instead. "It is always easier to destroy than it is to construct. of course. subtle energies. An exquisite waterfall in the background cascaded softly into a large pond of great depth and beauty while sunbeams filtered through large leaves resembling ferns." stated Elina. a little troubled. "Love.' meaning very elevated. seeking their destruction. "That is not the fault of God but of men.

' Lucas. "Are you so scared of a poor little goose?" she joked." I could see no better way of taking revenge upon that know-it-all who showed off all her erudition than taking her forcibly in my arms and throwing the two of us into the water. 90 ." "Africa!" I exclaimed with some degree of fear. Luc. if we go swimming in these beautiful waters. a white goose was placidly swimming… It was then that I understood that she had done the same thing as when we were attacked by the motorcyclists: she had materialized her imagination. "Look at your feet. Luc. I saved myself by raising them rapidly. and it's not like that. Then I tried to flee towards the bank. we haven't moved out of our own. You think that Africa. wide open and about to devour my legs. That's why everyone believes that extraterrestrials must be dangerous invaders. was an idiot. The goose looked at me and shook itself. horrified. Asia and South America are infested with dangerous creatures." I deduced. I looked up through a clearing in the foliage and saw that both the sun and the color of sky were equal in appearance to those on Earth. It's not advisable to look at reality from the prospective of the clichés that movies show us. You have too many stereotypes in your poor little head. Let me go. dear professor. Rubbing my hand." "In some distant solar system?" "No. She was dying laughing while. the piranhas won't eat us?" "No."This must be a tropical region. because the piranhas. pretending to attack her and pulling her turquoise dress off in the middle of the stream. ha. spiders and tigers in the thicket. as usual. which are of the genus Serrasalmus in the family Characidae. I went over to hit it. I protested. "Your imaginary creations are material… They peck!" She looked worried or sorry and came over to caress me. yes…" Nude. But the creature avoided me and gave me a painful REAL peck on the hand and didn't want to let me go… until it disappeared. I got up on the rock. full of teeth. are only found in the watershed of the large rivers in South America. She pretended to be furious with me." Thinking that we must be on some moon of Jupiter. "What are you doing? NO! NO!… Oh. you are overly 'civilized." she added. It also seemed to be laughing at me. "Then. "It's not all so terribly dangerous on our planet as you think. I touched bottom with my feet and looked toward the rock. Greatly annoyed. since I understood that the animal did not really exist. She laughed at me. We're in an exquisite corner of Africa." "But we're in Africa! In the jungle!" "Even though you like the island of Sands. We're in the equatorial zone of this planet. which made me fall into the water. Luc. you troglodyte!" "Tarzan eat white woman!" I said. Those movies and documentaries that only focus upon certain aspects are to blame. and. "That it is. we were resting upon a sun-splashed rock in the middle of the water. Luc. saw an enormous alligator. in the place where the alligator had appeared. "This looks a lot like our planet…" "Because it is. as I began to look for poisonous snakes. I sat up and." she suddenly said with a certain mischievous look in her eyes. its gigantic mouth." I understood that she was completely right and that I. but. remembering that she was threatened by that beast. "You're a savage! Ha. ha. "My vengeance will be terrible.

pardon me. Luc. that you were going to attack it. Alligators are also from South America and not from Africa. I brought it from a distant lagoon. Professor." "That's better… What a fright that alligator gave me…" "That wasn't an alligator. and it's gone back there… I didn't imagine that anything like that was going to happen. Please forgive me…" "I attacked it because I thought that it didn't exist… Know what. laughing. I promise to never do it again. Elina? Your little games are a bit dangerous…" "You're right."Oh." she said. "It looks like you need the same punishment as before…" "I bet you wouldn't dare…" 91 . Luc. The first one was imagination but the goose was a transfer that I made. Crocodilus Niloticus. Mr. it was a crocodile.

" she said while concentrating with her eyes closed. Elina? We'll build a little house above the trees and…" "It would be wonderful." I grew enthusiastic. We came to write a book or make a film or some such thing and then to help generate a Wave of Light so that humanity can make the Great Leap. Luc. I can materialize the food and objects that we need." "And that's all?" "That's all.Chapter XV The Great Leap A fresh breeze obliged us to cover up." "How?" "I can do anything to aid the two of us. "Can you teach me to levitate. "Did it work? Did I elevate some?" "Your weight diminished exactly one-thousandth of a gram… You will have to practice a lot more to elevate the vibrations of your mind." "I told you that you could also do it if you elevate the frequency of your mind while sustaining the idea of being very light. I then thought about the sordid." she interrupted me. difficult endeavors of civilization. Then I contentedly opened my eyes. since we are serving humanity. This is helping it indirectly. I'd think it was absolutely insane. and suddenly I really seemed to be so. For example. I. Luc. if you were not going to be able to apply it later?" "I cannot help humanity directly by resorting to the superior powers my knowledge gives me. "Then why did you spend those millenniums receiving that knowledge. Because a person's free will is sacred. I can do anything that does not. for example?" "But of course. I can transmit what I know to people or teach it to them in written form or in person. and I've already done that. but you're not successful in doing it because you haven't had the necessary practice. on the other hand. thus transforming this world into one like Shima… If anyone other than you were telling me this." I closed my eyes and began to think that I was light." To me that made no sense whatsoever. That would be cheating. liiiiight. But I can help indirectly. We can only resort to those abilities for our own protection. that's right. Luc. "but don't assume that we have come to this precious-but so mistreated-world only to flee from it…" "Oh. just as before. And can't you use your magic so that this world could change all at once?" "I am not permitted to employ any superior power for the task. The idea of staying there forever crossed my mind. "Try to do it. very light. and once again. light. As I looked at the foliage and inhaled the aromas of nature in that stupendous corner of Africa. "Wouldn't it be wonderful to live here like Tarzan and Jane? What do you think. mean interfering in the decisions of others. of course. Then she descended. In short. she gently began to elevate. I can send us anywhere. have a acquired a great capacity to intensify the frequency of my mind while visualizing myself as light. Moreover." "You did? I don't remember it. Humanity must pass the exam without help from on high." "But I was thinking that I was light…" 92 .

" She put such force into her words that I felt inspired and closed my eyes once again." "Well." "And how in the world is that done?" I asked. Let's not fool ourselves: it's not easy." "And isn't obliging the same as ordering?" "No. I prohibited myself from being heavy. Luc. "For the world to change definitely. it's not the same. This time she rose to about 30 feet off the ground. but it can be done. Luc. feeling that the air you are inhaling has a very high vibration. Could you explain it to me a little more thoroughly now?" I asked. ordering it in the interior of your being. A bomb that. achieving the necessary strength. I give up!" "Don't give up. do you know what would happen if great contingents of persons in this world were to unite to meditate or to ask God 'with all thine heart and with all thy soul and with all thy might' for the salvation or the definite elevation of this world?" Just imagining this scene gave me goose bumps. Elina was speaking to me of nothing less than the definite salvation of mankind." "You told me something about that before. it's not necessary that people be capable of accomplishing these feats. laughing. Luc. accepting with all the forces of your soul that you are light. "What's necessary then?" "Something much simpler. Then. After a while I opened my eyes." she explained upon returning to the ground in front of me." "Don't you see. "Then. and to succeed in doing it you must elevate your mental frequency. however. "First. breathing in harmony. which is you yourself. The problem was that you resorted to 'oblige' and 'prohibit."It's not a matter of 'thinking of being light. I did not accept any other idea. How do you think I kept myself occupied during those millenniums under the waters? It's not easy.' and that type of thing causes a descent in energy because in the essence of all that is elevated there is the most complete liberty.' but of really being it. would eliminate all the negatives entities from the face of the Earth. something so that each person in this world will be completely able to participate because each of them can assist in generating the great Wave of Light. Luc. "Now that you know what it means to have a mind irradiating elevated energies." she said." 93 . "The world would be filled with the very highest vibrations… That would be a sort of energy bomb. somewhat disillusioned. this is not for me. "How was it?" "You gained five grams of weight!" she said." I observed. I forcefully obliged myself to be light. "Correct. Let's leave it for some other time because now I don't have the necessary concentration. that's fine. appealing to the authority of your interior universe. those who incite men to evil in all aspects of life…" I meditated upon her words for a long time before offering any opinions because this was not a matter to be taken lightly. and began to levitate once again. This humanity's step into a superior system of life. "That's what we're talking about. but each person must attempt it for him or herself. it must be practiced. Luc? I can teach what must be done.

"And from one moment to the next, 'like a thief in the night,'" I opined. "If the energy is sufficient, yes, Luc. From one moment to the next. This is why I spoke to you about the Great Leap, a sort of sudden quantum leap. And you understood that completely. We're here to help in this labor, and not only you and I, but also a multitude of servers of Love all over the world. They are already working on many fronts, helping to prepare the labor, and have been for some time." "And if the objective is attained, will those in the 'fourth grade' immediately pass to 'sixth'?" "That's right, Luc. It will be a collective leap towards a level of consciousness in harmony with the Love Force." "And what about those who are already in 'sixth grade'?" "They will pass even higher, they'll have more interior strength, they'll work better, and they'll be more joyful." A small flock of goats came to drink water a few yards from us. They were herded by a very tall, slender young man of the black race dressed, as is the custom of his tribe, in garnet-colored fabric. In his hand he carried a long shepherd's staff. From the films I have seen, I recognized that he was a Watusi. Following him and wagging its tale was a yellowish dog. When they saw us, they approached without the least sign of hostility. Much to the contrary. Displaying his very white teeth in a smile, the young man greeted us in his own language, which was unknown to me. Within my head, however, I clearly understood that he was wishing us a good day, that his name was Umbé, that his dog was called Fox, and that he was offering us his help if we needed it. The progress I was making in telepathy delighted me, and I was also moved by the consideration that man showed towards his animal. He had introduced it to us as if it were a person. The dialogue between Elina and the young man was conducted in his language, which she, of course, spoke very well. But I will reproduce the contents in English: "We are very grateful, Umbé. My name is Elina and that of my husband is Lucas." I felt very proud to hear her call me that. Suddenly, while looking at my companion intensely, the man appeared to grow frightened or emotional in a very strange manner. Somehow, it seemed to me, he recognized her. A little later he fell to his knees, bowing towards the ground, and said, "My humble respects to My Lady Asuma, and my thanks to the goddess for deigning to present herself before this imperfect mortal." Then he stood up, but from then on he assumed a submissive attitude towards us and did not dare to look us in the eye, "Why does he consider you a goddess, Elina?" "Because, as I told you, I like this little corner of the world so much that I used to come here often, and, although I couldn't come in my material body, this young man succeeded in seeing me because he has superior psychic faculties. He considers me his goddess; he calls me his Lady Asuma and he has a very special veneration for me. He is the reincarnation of a being who in that previous civilization loved me very much and also called me 'My Lady.' He is the same soul." The youth was truly moved. "Beloved goddess, your eyes are no longer the color of the waters," he was finally able to say to her. I asked myself how Elina was going to get out of this mess, but she simply resorted to telling him the complete truth: "I'm not a goddess now, Umbé. God wanted to convert me into a human being like you. This is why, now, my eyes are not the color of the waters."


This made him visibly happy. "Ah… oh… That's very good, My Lady Asuma… This means that very soon wonderful things will happen because when a god descends to the world, it has to be for something beautiful." She drew close to him and affectionately grasped his hands. Umbé became even more emotional and could not refrain from embracing her. Then he sweetly began to cry. Elina, also visibly moved, only tried to comfort him by caressing him as if he were a child. "You are very good, Umbé." "No, no, beloved Asuma. I am not good. Only God and beings like you are… Many thanks for coming into my life, My Lady Asuma." "You deserve it, Umbé." A little later the tall, slender youth separated from her. He appeared confused. "What about my prayers and benedictions? Who will listen to them now, Asuma?" Once again I asked myself how she would handle this. And once again she told the truth. "I will listen to you, Umbé, because, although I am human, I still have some divine capacities." And suddenly she was transfigured, beginning to glow as if she were brilliant gold, as if she had been transformed into a true divinity, and levitating about eighteen inches above the ground. Once more Umbé fell to his knees. Fox, the dog, did something similar because he stretched out, pointing his front paws towards the resplendent goddess and lowering his head while emitting soft whimpers. I myself felt so enraptured that I would have wanted to bow down before her like the other two, although I didn't know if this would be appropriate for me to do. Fortunately her transfiguration lasted only a few seconds, and Elina then returned to normal. My eyes were damp. "You can stand up, Umbé." The youth did so. So did Fox, who approached her, wagging his tail and intending to lick her feet. Umbé was very happy. "Thank you, My Lady Asuma. Then, I'll continue to put flowers on the altar that I set up in my hut." A small bouquet appeared in Elina's hands. The young man was amazed. "I will carry them with me wherever I go, Umbé. As long as you love me, these flowers will never wilt, and I will always consider you as if you were my beloved son. But all I ask is that, in loving me, you do not forget to love God, who is your Creator and mine as well." With tears in their eyes, they embraced for a long time. All that made my eyes grow moist again and caused my hair to stand on end. When Umbé, Fox and the goats had gone on their way, Elina blew on the flowers that she held in her hands, and they disappeared. "Now they are in a dimension where they will not grow old. When we have our home, I'll bring them back so that they'll perfume our days," she contentedly explained. This seemed perfect to me because I also felt a very special affection for Umbé and also for Fox, despite the short time I had known them. But, in addition, Elina had mentioned something that set my heart on fire: "our home." This was something that did not yet exist; and I only wanted to discover if there could be some way for us to stay forever in that dream spot, which I liked more and more, because the continent, my old job, none of that made any sense to me now, and, with the princess of the waters at my side, Sands Island no longer held the same mysterious enchantment for me as it had


before. It would be better to find a place that did not in any way remind me of Barbara, somewhere new and virginal. "Then, wouldn't it be possible for us to live here, Elina? Can't we do our work from atop that tree?" I pointed towards one that towered above the waterfall and seemed perfect to me… "Ah, no. From here we wouldn't have access to the world and our work must be in the world…" "Yes, we would have access to the world," she said, giving me a look that promised paradise. "Is… is such a marvel possible?" "Close your eyes." Hopefully, I did so. With Elina beside me anything was possible. "Now open them." We had turned up inside a small house made of slender, lustrous reeds. Through the open windows one could make out a splendid verdant forest and, in the far distance, some mountains. The only furnishings were a hanging hammock, a table and some rustic chairs. On the table was a very modern portable computer just like the one I had wanted to buy, something I had not done since it was too expensive; a cellular telephone; and Umbé's flowers in a little vase. "What's this? Where are we?" "Look out the window." When I did so, I confirmed what I had been suspecting, although I had not dared to take it for granted: we were in my dream house. The waterfall contributed its gentle murmur there below. In the distance, I could see Umbé with his staff in his hand, accompanied by his animals and walking between cultivated fields as he headed towards a humble house. It seemed to me that I could see the aura of happiness surrounded him. A little further away I made out other houses and more Watusis working the land. "The present chief of that tribe was my father in his previous life, Luc. Umbé was his chancellor, and now he is some similar. Beings who love each other always desire to be nearby. This is why I also would like to stay here and embrace my father," she said emotionally, which made my hair stand on end. Overcome with happiness, we held each other for a long time. After a while I asked her, "And how will we be able to communicate with the world from here? Does this cellular phone work in this remote forest?" "That's not a cellular phone; it's a satellite phone, professor, and if you link up the computer with this little cable, it will be connected with the entire world and, therefore, to the Internet. So, we'll be able to write up our affairs and maintain contact with publishers and periodicals worldwide. And, we'll spend our free time decorating our home. What do you think?" All that was too much for me. "Am I dreaming?" "No, Luc, and don't think that we'll be isolated here. If we need to buy something…" She extended her hands and, within the house, a dimensional step materialized right in front of us. Images of the downtown areas of different cities appeared there as she named them: "New York, San Francisco, Paris, Mexico City, Sydney… Are you hungry?" I realized that I was. And very much so. "Then tonight I'm inviting you to eat sushi in that pretty Tokyo restaurant that you see there. After that we'll return to our beloved little house here in Africa." I was so happy that I started laughing. All that was simply wondrous. With all my


although he knew that I was married. I must do it. Catú. for example. he called to one of his grandsons. all the time shouting delightedly. "You're very lucky. Tell him that I'm sorry I missed him and that we'll have a long visit the next time I'm here. A smile spread across his features. long time. I hugged her. many years. "So much can change in a single night. I want you tell me the color of the waters…" Surprised. I squeezed Elina in my arms and remembered something. looking at him affectionately." she said. She approached him and kissed him on the face. while her whole soul was reflected in her smile. As soon as we rounded the first bend. I'm also fond of him and I want to give him a present. "I'm very glad to meet you. he remained observing us as we disappeared down the road. Good-bye. she would transport us to the Tokyo restaurant. "Wouldn't you like to go to Sands to say good-bye to Musco's grandfather?" she asked enthusiastically. Lucas." "Good-bye. "Grandpa is smiling! Grandpa is smiling!" That night. "Yes." Very pensively. soon you're going to receive a wonderful gift. "We've been married for a long. "We still haven't gotten married…" She drew back a little to look me in the eye. See you later. although he did not smile because that was something he had not done since his encounter with the lady of the waters. be sure to say hello to Musco for me. but I'll return in the future. so I said. and now it showed the entrance to the reservation.love. Catú. scratching his head as if he found it very puzzling. he had never met her. where dawn was breaking. Because of something unforeseen. the boy did what he was told and took off running. Still smiling. I hope you'll be happy." Then I remembered that right around that time the police would be finding his lost son. Meanwhile the image on the screen was changing. and she gave me thousands of kisses. It always brings us surprises. my dear fellow. As he watched us from a distance. the kiss had brought happiness to his sad soul for the first time in many. I'd like to introduce you to my wife. The energy from that kiss seemed to cause him to light up with something like happiness. Catú appeared to be understanding many things: that. Elina." Elina said. "Please go look at the lagoon in the crater. Lucas. "Didn't you come in the car?" "No. of course! But what if he recognizes you?" "That's not a problem." he observed with sincere satisfaction. "Such is life. fixing his eyes upon her. "I've come to say good-bye. after returning to our little tree house but before going to the hammock. It was then that he understood everything. kids." he said. illuminating them with the glow of joy. We came on foot and we'll return the same way." he added. He rubbed his finger over the wrinkle of sadness on his face and didn't feel it. "Oh. very lucky. taking me towards the step open before us." "Another one? As if that kiss weren't enough…" "Thank you so much. Luc. We clapped our hands at the entrance. this time I won't be able to stay on the island any longer. Since I never took Barbara to my sacred havens. I'll always return. Soon Catú appeared. Well." 97 ." The elderly man trembled when he saw her.

And that she was the love of all my lives. in fact. this was so. The End 98 .Something made me understand that.

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