Saving money on your trip to Las Vegas is not as daunting as it seems.

With over 40 million visitors a year, Las Vegas hotels, restaurants and attractions want to entice visitors to come and play with them. With careful planning and a little preparation, you can save hundreds of dollars and still enjoy your Las Vegas vacation like those who spent much, much more.

Entertainment® Book
There are $1000s in local savings in every book. To use your Entertainment Book Discounts, just present your coupon to a participating business or present the Entertainment card, and get half off meals, reduced price entrance to attractions shows, discounted rental cars and hotel rooms and much more. You can order a Las Vegas Entertainment Book right over the internet. A small investment with big rewards. Deals

Coupon Books
One place to start your hunt for savings is to contact your hotel. Casinos and hotels give away between 2 and 3 million dollars worth of coupons every day to get you to stay and play at their casinos. There is no reason why you can’t be part of the action. Your concierge will be able to provide you with some of these coupons books, specific to their hotel, as well as some free giveaways and opportunities that are to your advantage. They may include reduced prices at the restaurants, free pulls in the casinos, and discounted tickets to even the biggest shows on the strip.

Coupons and on Travel Worm

Bite Cards
To save on eats, invest in a bite card. These cards, when shown to a participating vendor, offer discounts. You will find that this card will give you discounts on dining, shows, attractions, weddings, spas/salons, shopping, and much more.

When you book your next trip, use to score more deals and savings on your hotels, show tickets, flights, and car rentals. Coupons and deals change weekly, so visit the site often to check out the latest specials.

You simply show your card at participating vendors for the coupon deal. The Bite Card costs $40, but you are sure to find that this simple investment into your Las Vegas vacation will quickly pay off. Discounts for all merchants in The Bite Card network are listed on Simply click on the category of your merchant and see the discounts they offer.

Internet Coupons
With the internet, you can have access to thousands of coupon offerings and deals, right at your fingertips. Spend some time doing searches to find the deals and offers that make sense for your travel plans. Check out some of these sites by clicking on the links. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Las Vegas Leisure Guide Las Vegas 4 Locals Coupons Las Vegas Coupons on E-Bay Las Vegas Insider

Las Vegas Super Saver Vacation Discount Guide
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Striking it rich? Finding Lady Luck? Jackpot? Whatever the reason, Las Vegas is synonymous with casino action! The casinos and gambling halls are unparalleled anywhere on earth and you can find the atmosphere and games to suit any fancy. Whether you want the mammoth casinos or small intimate clubs, you can find the action you want. Here is just a taste of what you can find.

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casinos also have poker rooms for gamblers with a penchant for Texas Hold-em and other Poker Games.


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Almost everyone, at least once, has tuned into the World Series of Poker or other poker shows on TV. But that is not the only tournament held within the bustling streets of Las Vegas. It is not hard to find poker, blackjack, and slot tournaments that even the most basic player can enter and enjoy. Usually, an entrant pays an entry fee into the tournament and everyone starts out with the same amount of chips (or slot credit) Then everyone plays, and as you competitively gamble with your opponents, you try to outplay everyone else If you last the longest, you win.

Slot Machines
By far, the most popular means of gambling involves the fabled “One Armed Bandit” — The Slot Machine. When trying your luck on one the thousands of different types of machines, make sure you are aware of the rules and functions of the machine, since each machine varies from one to another. You can find slots that vary from amounts ranging from a penny a pull, to upwards of $100 a pull. Make sure of the amount you are willing to wager before you sit down to play. Also, remember that the price per pull can be a little deceiving, so pay attention. Some modern 5 reel machines play per line, and not per pull. For example, you may be gambling on a “penny slot”, but that means one penny per pay line. Depending on the amount of pay lines, you really could end up paying as much as $2.00 a pull, instead of a “penny”.

High-Limit Players
If you gamble with large amounts of money at a time, or you consistently gamble at one establishment, you may qualify to be a “high-limit player”, or a “high roller”. As a high limit player, you may receive more perks and comps from the casino as a VIP player in order to attract and keep you in that casino. You might receive anything from front row tickets to the latest Cirque Show to private jet transfers to other casinos owned by the same company in the world.

Table Games
The most popular table games in Las Vegas can be divided into two categories: Chance and Skill. Chance games are usually more exciting and fast paced. Beginner gamblers prefer them because they are easy to learn and master. These are the tables you usually see people gathered around, making lots of noise, and having lots of adrenalineinfused fun. The actual games available vary by casino, but the most established and popular of them are: Craps and American Roulette. Skill games on the casino floor are a little more slow -paced, but they also offer the least amount of house advantage. These can also vary by casino, but may include Blackjack, and Baccarat. With in-

Players Clubs
You don’t however, have to be a “high roller” to receive perks and comps from a casino. Most casinos offer players clubs that allow members to tally points as they gamble or use the other attractions they have in-house. As you rack up points, you can redeem them for a myriad of perks and comps ranging from a free meals, free nights stay, and even those precious show tickets.

If you tire of all the hustle and bustle of the strip, take the road less traveled at these popular outdoor attractions that are sure to amaze and astound you.

Hoover Dam
In 1928, Calvin Coolidge, with the help of, then Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover signed the Boulder Canyon Project that would build a dam that would separate the Colorado River Basin, create much needed energy for the blooming southwest, and provide a means which commerce can thrive through this area. Today, the Hoover Dam provides energy for all of Arizona, Nevada, and most of Southern California. Only 30 minutes from the Strip, a Hoover Dam visit is an easy day trip to break up your Las Vegas visit with something different. If you lack transportation, see if your hotel offers tour buses to the dam as well as other locales. Visitors to the dam can take tours of the inner workings of the dam as well as purchase souvenirs at the gift shop on the Nevada side of the dam.

Red Rock Canyon
Just 20 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area covers over 197,000 acres of desert beauty. 250 million years ago, tectonic movement forced these rocks from their formation beds in the ocean out into open air. The salt and gypsum in the rock literally rusted with contact with the oxygen, thus giving it its red hue. Red Rock Canyon provides many activities for its visitors, including: hiking, biking, rock scrambling, rock climbing, horseback riding and camping. Remember, however, to preserve the area of Red Rock, ATV’s and other motored recreational vehicles are prohibited.

Lake Mead
Lake Mead Recreation Area was created by the erection of Hoover Dam. It is the biggest man made lake and reservoir in the United States. However, because of the droughts that plague the desert here, the Lake is 60 feet below normal level. Now, Lake Mead has a very noticeable white “bathtub ring” that circles the lake. Lake Mead is a good way to cool off from the hot Las Vegas sun. It’s cheap, fun, and exciting. With its beach-like atmosphere, you can swim, boat, water-ski, wake-board, and just enjoy the water.

Mount Charleston Valley of Fire
Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada’s oldest state park, covers an area of over 33,000 acres. Situated just 50 short miles northeast of Las Vegas, it is part of the same formation that made Red Rock Canyon. As the glorious desert sun rises in the morning or sets in the evening, the light shining off the deep red rock makes one feel like the rock glows... as if on fire. Ancient inhabitants, known as the Anasazi, used these rocks as their home. Remnants of their existence still remain in the form of petroglyphs and other rock art. Enjoy camping, hiking, picnicking, rock climbing, and rock scrambling around these historic and geologic wonders as you take a break from the casino floor and enjoy the desert’s natural beauty. Mount Charleston is the highest mountain in Southern Nevada, approximately 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas. It is Nevada's eighth highest mountain peak. Mount Charleston is a year-round getaway for Las Vegas' residents and visitors, featuring a number of hiking trails and a ski area.

Favorite Excursions from Las Vegas
Grand Canyon National Park Bryce Canyon National Park Zion National Park Death Valley Lake Powell

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s Swim

There is not much you can guarantee about the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding casinos. One thing you can guarantee is that if you come in the summer it is going to be hot — really hot. It is not uncommon to walk outside and find yourself engulfed in 115° temperatures. One of the most popular trends in water fun are massive and impressive pool areas that can wow any prospective bather. From swim-up bars and blackjack tables to water-based nightclubs, there is something unique to all of them.

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Euro Bathing
One of the newest trends in bathing in Las Vegas is topless bathing, generically called “Euro.” Only available to the over 21 crowd, there are only a few currently open in the valley. Find them at the Moorea Beach Club at the Mandalay Bay, Green Valley Ranch, The Palms, Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace. Check for costs and hours because they vary. For example, at Moorea Beach Club, women get in free, but men pay thirty dollars each for entry.

Best Pools
In Las Vegas, each hotel takes great pains to make sure that each of their pools reflect the style and theme associated with their hotel. Be sure to check out the one that sounds right for you. Some of the most popular pool areas include:

Best Spas
When you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Strip, and just want to relax, take a day at the spa to relax your nerves and freshen up your body and soul. There are many in the area that offer a full range of services, and can vary depending on the hotel offering them. For example, The Qua at Caesars Palace, features a traditional barber for the men, a tea lounge with many types of tea, and a body art treatment complete with Swarovski crystals.

1. Mandalay Bay Lagoon — At the Mandalay Bay
Lagoon you will find a full Sand and Surf beach as well as a lazy river ride 3/4 of a mile long. Once named the sexiest of hotel pools in Las Vegas, this pool area allows guests to lounge under private bungalows that come with snacks, drinks, and your own private Cabana Boy (or girl). 2. Pools at the Hard Rock — The Hard Rock pulsates your favorite rock music for the greatest pool parties you have ever attended. Risqué in nature, these pool parties, only available to hotel guests and their guests, allow for partiers to have an underwater experience like no other. 3. Bellagio Pools — Beautifully Tuscan designed fountains and rose gardens surround Bellagio’s six beautiful pools. The cabanas here are very pricey, nearly $300, but for the price, expect to find a dressing area, a full sink, a refrigerator with fruit and soft drinks, a television for your use, private attendance, and much, much more.

Las Vegas Wet
Due late 2009 or early 2010, Las Vegas Wet will be the largest indoor water park in North America. Located just off of Highway 215, Las Vegas Wet will feature 350,000 square feet of Las Vegas Water Fun. Among the projected attractions, Las Vegas Wet will include: a pneumatically powered water coaster, FlowRider surfing attraction, family raft ride, lazy river, tube slides, body slides, interactive play structure with dump bucket, children's activity pool, wade-up restaurant, and whirlpool spa. Las Vegas Wet will also feature an indoor snowdome so you can experience your favorite winter sports in the middle of the Las Vegas heat.


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The Adventuredome is an experience like none other. An indoor theme park adjacent to the Circus Circus Hotel, the Adventuredome is complete with carnival rides and an indoor rollercoaster. An afternoon here is sure to please children of all ages. The pride and focus of this exiting adventure is the world’s only double loop, double corkscrew indoor rollercoaster, called the Canyon Blaster. This exiting thrill reaches 55 mph.

Springs Preserve
Las Vegas Springs Preserve consists of over 180 beautiful desert acres dedicated to the preservation of the Las Vegas Valley’s natural habitat. The Springs Preserve includes colorful desert botanical gardens, museum galleries, outdoor concert and event venues, an indoor theater, historic photo gallery and a series of walking trails that meander through a wetland habitat. Located three short miles west from downtown Las Vegas, the springs preserve offers a unique insight into the natural area surrounding Las Vegas. Click Here to learn more by listening to our interview with Allison Copening at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

Lied Discovery Children's Museum
This exiting hands-on learning experience allows children to explore the world of science in a handson kind of way. All of the exhibits allow children to touch and explore —A welcome diversion from stuffy museums that force a child to “look and not touch.” The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum features hands-on exhibits in the arts, sciences and humanities, a Traveling Exhibition Gallery, an Early Childhood Pavilion, and an eight-story Science Tower with 22,000 square feet of exhibit space.

The Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy
In the middle of the Las Vegas Desert, no journey through the heat would be complete without a mirage, and situated inside the Mirage Hotel and Casino is the Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy. Here, kids and adults alike can enjoy watching Royal White Tigers, White Lions, Bengal Tigers, and much more in habitats much like their native ones. The Secret Garden flows into the dolphin habitat which features Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins in four connecting pools with sand bottoms and an artificial reef. Something this cool must only be out of a mirage.

Tournament of Kings
Enjoy The Tournament of Kings, featured at the Excalibur. This dinner show that is sure to please children, teenagers, and adults. Follow King Arthur as he gathers his fellow kings in Europe for a True-to-medieval form tournament to honor his son. Rival Kings represent their country (and their section of the audience) in this no-holdsbarred medieval frenzy. When Mordred, an evil wizard, attacks the tournament, Arthur’s son rallies the kings and battles Mordred to a victorious end.

Manhattan Express Rollercoaster
Hop on one of the yellow cab painted train cars and hold on tight. You start up a breathtaking 203 feet first hill, launching you into overdrive with two awesome drops, accelerating you past the Statue of Liberty at more than 60 miles per hour. Don’t sight see too long, because you are then propelled into an intense vertical loop and immediately into the “Twist and Dive” maneuver. Rolling like a fighter pilot, you invert and hang upside down above the casino, and then swoop through a half loop, skimming casino and back up for more. Faster than a New York cabbie, this ride is so intense; you may want to get your Nathan’s hot dog afterwards.

It is easy to see why the Restaurant Industry easily makes its home in the Las Vegas Valley. Las Vegas, with more tourists than locals at any given time, attracts people from all walks of life. If nothing else, the cuisine here reflects its ever-changing populace.

shops, local hole-in-the-wall favorites, and fast food.

Premiere Restaurants

Some of the world’s premiere chefs and restaurateurs hang ori Las Vegas will become the food capite their hats in Las Vegas. Eat tal of the west coast, if not the Zag You will find that casinos will do anything to s at S United States, as it attracts everyRat urv attract the biggest names in food. Try ed: ey one from the humblest of food art200 Le Cirque at the Bellagio or Alize at 7 ists to the most famous chefs Pica the top of the Palms if you want to from around the globe. taste the experience of fine dining. Aur sso—B e Take a look at Mon Ami Gabi (The Del ole— ellagio M mo Buffets Paris) or Alex (at The Wynn) to exnic anda Bel o l lag perience the world of food as you have io B ’s— V ay Ba y ene Mo uffe The most popular means of never done before. st P tian t opu dining in Las Vegas is, by, lar far, the Buffet. This dining of L Be prepared to open your menu and see as revolution started when Herb Veg high prices. You do not get the experias McDonald put a “Buckaroo” late night Bufence of luxury dining without the luxury of fet inside the El paying for it. Rancho hotel, in 1946. Even though the El RanLocal Favorites cho has long since closed, buffets have Those who live in Las Vegas permanently taken their know where to get good food place in Las Vegas. at reasonable prices. The best way to find that out is to ask Nearly every hotel and them yourself. Ask your concicasino in the valley has one, and they vary in style erge, your housekeepers, and those who work at the and quality just as much as the hotels do. Some casino. If you have friends in the valley, ask them what favorites include the Paris Buffet, The Mandalay Bay they think. Seafood Buffet and the Mirage Buffet.


Cheap Eats
If you look in your wallet and find that your budget is limited, there are many ways to accommodate your hunger with little money to spend. First, stay out of the hotels. Hotels, especially on the strip, find they have a captive audience and raise prices accordingly. Second, ask your concierge for advice. Your concierge may know of cheap places to go, as well as have coupons for you to use. They may even direct you to his or her favorite spot. Third, Take a trip outside the strip. Opt for sandwich

If you look in a restaurant and see that it is busy during the mealtime hours, it may be a good bet and worth the wait to get in.

Famous Chefs
Many world renowned chefs have restaurants on the strip. Wolfgang Puck has five restaurants in Las Vegas, including Spago and Chinois. Test Bobby Flay’s masterpieces at the Mesa Grill. Great seafood is never more than a plate away at Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House. Emeril also owns Delmonico’s Steakhouse and is sure to please even the pickiest of diners.

Bellagio Fountains

The Fountains at Bellagio exquisitely display an iconic light and water show that is uniquely the Bellagio. Fountains gracefully move to the music of some of our favorite songs. Everything from show tunes like “Big Spender” to iconic songs like “Time to Say Goodbye” by Andrea Bocelli, no visit to Las Vegas is complete without seeing at least one eebies of these fountain shows. The fountain nal Fr io show takes place every 30 minutes in the Addit own afternoons and early evenings, and every around T 15 minutes from 8 pm to midnight. picana

portions of some other adjacent streets. This mall boasts a circular canopy high in the sky above the street. The canopy is 90 feet high at the peak, and covers four blocks or approximately 1,500 feet. LED lights line this canopy to give an experience like no other.

Circus Acts at Circus Circus

Botanical Garden – Bellagio

The Bellagio also offers a beautiful conservatory Sun n ’s Tow and Botanical Garden, free —Sam Circus Circus sends these perto everyone. These beauformers out intermittently throughout the tiful inside gardens are day, and they rarely repeat in an afternoon. Enjoying uniquely handcrafted to Bellagio perfection. these circus acts are fun for the whole family. These gardens change with the seasons, and each new garden provides a new and unique adventure Show in the Sky at Rio for all of your senses.

Above the casino and carnival midway, in the Circus n Circus, as well as on the Tro enetia V y— floor expect to find circus Air Pla mers — ton r er e Perfo rlo trapeze acts of high flying — Silv Shopp s Ca ermaid e — Monte expertise as well as Live M nd Loung Gra clowns and other circus ini’s M Houd t — MG ater Show performers on the Habita Lion pede W ground. et Stam s

Sirens of TI at Treasure Island
The Sirens of TI provides onlookers with the ultimate battle of the sexes. The female sirens lure an unaware pirate ship called The Bull and its crew into Sirens Cove where they intend to take the men aboard the pirate ship and play with them, as if toys. The Bull, will not submit easily, and provocatively fire upon the sirens. The Sirens then call upon the power of the ocean and sink The Bull. Once the crew are captured, they ensue an all out battle man against women, pirate against siren. The Pirates eventually submit and a raging party begins aboard the Siren’s ship.

The Show in the Sky performs seven times daily in the Rio's Masquerade Village, featuring state-of-the-art floats that suspend from the ceiling and parade above the casino floor. Each float suspends high above your head as exotic showgirls shower onlookers with Mardi Gras beads.

Fall of Atlantis at Caesar’s Palace
In the center of the Forum Shoppes, King Atlas tries to decide which of his children will rule Atlantis after he dies. In the wake of his decision, his children try to destroy each other for the privilege. Their jealousy instead destroys the city. All accomplished with state-of the art animatronics, the sad tale of Atlantis comes alive in this stunning display of water, light and computer magic.

The Fremont Street Experience
The Fremont Street Experience (FSE) is a pedestrian outdoor mall in Las Vegas. The FSE occupies the westernmost 5 blocks of Fremont Street and

Ever since the neon lights started shining brightly across the Las Vegas Desert, Casinos have offered shows and concerts to entertain their guests. With everything from magic shows to impersonators and musicals, There is sure to be a show that will dazzle you and your family. r

that Never Was (Riviera Hotel and Casino),” Danny Gans (The Mirage), and Frank Marino (Riviera Hotel and Casino) for other great impersonators and tributes to your favorite stars.


rk popular shows on w Yo k, Ne Las Vegas is a “Must Stop” the strip origig Yor Ve New location for most musicians nate from one y at ly’s ana pi c anit nd and comedians touring the company— Zum ! At Bal t the Tro GM Gra M a ee United States. Because of Cirque du Jubil Bergere is at the the exiting nature of Las VeSoleil. These olies orse Par F H gas, most artists, save their high-flying razy egas C Las V best work for the Las Vegas acts of nly” O limelight. Everything from u l ts strength and agility “Ad Best Martina McBride and Toby Keith became so popular, that Las te m ra
to Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen all have held concerts here and will continue to make stops to play the stages of Las Vegas. Since these artists only play here for a few days, check with your concierge about what is playing during your stay. They may even have lists of what plays at the other hotels as well. Vegas features six different shows of this nature. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Mystère—Treasure Island O—Bellagio KÀ—MGM Grand Zumanity—New York, New York Love—The Mirage Le Reve—Wynn Resort*
*made by the creators of “O” but not part of the Cirque du Soleil brand

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Cirque Shows
Some of the most

One of the newest trends in Las Vegas entertainment is the inclusion of Broadway musicals in these hotels’ entertainment repertoire. Avid theater goers will be pleased to find “Forever Plaid” at the Gold Coast, “Phantom of the Opera” at the Venetian, “The Producers” at the Paris, “Spamalot” at the Wynn, and “Mama Mia” at the Mandalay Bay.

Other popular shows in Las Vegas are tribute shows — more commonly called impersonators. One of the more popular tribute shows in Las Vegas is the “Tribute to Frank, Sammy, Joey, and Dean.” This show has impersonators reflect on the days of old Las Vegas where the Rat Pack were kings and reigned supreme over the Las Vegas entertainment industry. This show, located at the Greek Isles, Las Vegas also features a cameo from “Marilyn Monroe.” Also consider: “American Superstars (Stratosphere),” “Barbara and Frank: The Concert

Magic Shows
It seems as if magic and Las Vegas go hand in hand. Just as the bright lights of Las Vegas will amaze you, these magic acts will dazzle you as they use tigers, rocket ships, knives and pretty girls to astound you with daring magic acts that have that unique Las Vegas twist. 1. Lance Burton—Monte Carlo Resort and Casino 2. Penn and Teller—Rio 3. Amazing Johnathan—Sahara

Las Vegas boasts a booming nightlife, to the likes of which you have never seen. Hotels compete with their nightclubs, and will do whatever it takes to maintain the top spot among critics and guests alike. Every one of them is as unique as the next, so we suggest, if time permits, to try them all and see which fits your night life palate best. Here we have taken our three favorites, and reviewed them for you, but there are many in the valley, so ask around if these do not seem to suit your desires. One thing is for sure, you will have a great time kicking up your heels at these nightlife hotspots. Remember that some of these spots don’t even open until 10:00 or 11:00 at night, so do your research so you can show up on time and in perfect Las Vegas Style.

Tangerine—Treasure Island
Tangerine Lounge & Nightclub exudes burlesque. This relatively small club features beautiful bartenders, burlesque dancers, scantily clad waitresses and a litany of other risqué features that make it very popular with the 20somethings. On the Weekends, find a live 3 piece band that plays as these dancers erotically dance on top of the bar. This popular hotspot feels almost retro as the decor and atmosphere at Tangerine match the funky, retro vibe created by the burlesque shows. The club is decorated in white and shades of orange. Fabrics draping the walls glow with orange light at night. Tangerine offers several VIP seating areas with bottle service available. Bottles average about $250-$300.

Situated on the 55th floor of the Palms, this hip nightclub hovers above the bustle of the city below. GHOSTbar allows the guests to take in a 180 degree breathtaking view of the Las Vegas Valley. On the patio, look down at your feet and you will find yourself looking down through a glass floor, down at the pool below, this unique feature allows partiers to experience the ethereal pleasure of floating, as a ghost does, above the bustle below. Drinks average $8-$10 a person, and GHOSTbar offers quick service and some of the tastiest cocktails and appetizers. GHOSTbar is a small, intimate club and immensely popular, so if you wait, you may be waiting outside for a long time. Get there early or buy a nightclub line pass if you don't want to wait.

PURE—Caesar’s Palace
Pure nightclub is a two-story 36,000-square-foot nightclub with three distinct environments including the main room, which is decorated in shades of white, ivory, cream and silver. There are three bars in the main room, a raised VIP area and a dance floor surrounded by oversized bed seating. PURE has an amazing lineup of DJs who represent the best of both coasts, including resident DJs DJ AM, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Hollywood, Mark Ronson and Mix Master Mike. PURE is also a “Must Stop” in Las Vegas for all of our celebrity party girls like Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie Lindsey Lohan, and Britney Spears, so you may want to try your luck and see if you can spot them hanging out here. PURE emphasizes locals’ nightlife with the introduction of PURE Tuesdays. On this night, only locals to Las Vegas are invited to experience PURE as it was meant to be experienced.

Nightlife Hotspots
Zagat 2007 rates: Rumjungle—Mandalay Bay Light—Bellagio Red Square—Mandalay Bay Ghost Bar—Palms House of Blues—Mandalay Bay Top 5 Best Night Life 2007

When gambling no longer interests you, head to the mall! Many casinos have attached malls to suit every shopping hopefuls flight of fancy. Shoppers can find everything from Armani and the highest Couture houses to outlet stores from their favorite retail chains. The trick is getting to it all.

to the streets of Venice. You walk along the canals and hear the gentle voice of Gondoliers singing as their patrons enjoy gondola rides through the grand canal. You can even have a bite to eat in St. Mark’s Square.

Forum Shops—Caesar’s Palace
The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace consists of 634,000 square feet of shopping pleasure.

Street performers entertain along the way. You will find performers doing everything from stilt walking and human Neighborhood Shopping statues to singing and playing renaissance instruments. Locals Shop: Around Christmas, hear local choirs sing Christmas carols to shoppers. Boulevard Mall

This luxury mall simulates ancient Roman streets, complete with fountains, statues, frescoed walls and facades. It also includes a sky-painted ceiling that goes though a 24 hour day and night cycle every hour.

Meadows Mall Galleria Mall in Henderson The District at Green Valley Ranch

Fashion Show Mall

Statues and fountains enhance your shopping experience as they come to life, telling the story of Atlantis several times throughout the day. The forum includes more than 160 shops and haute couture boutiques as well as 13 specialty food shops and restaurants. It is one of the most successful shopping malls in the United States, and recently added 175,000 square feet of store space as well as a circular escalator—one of two in the world.

One of the nation's largest shopping centers and Las Vegas' premier retail destination, Fashion Show Mall offers six flagship department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Dillard's, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Nevada's only Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale's Home along with over 250 extraordinary shops and restaurants. Oftentimes, the center of the mall quickly transforms into a runway where models display the latest trends in fashion design.

Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas—Primm Valley Resort
Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas is located just off interstate 15 at the California state line, in a town called Primm, and is part of the Primm Valley Resort. Even though this mall is far removed from the fast-paced world of Las Vegas, The mall has more than 100 stores and restaurants including Versace Outlet, Polo/Ralph Lauren Factory Store and Last Call from Nieman Marcus.

Canal Shoppes—Venetian
The Canal Shoppes is one of our favorite shopping locales, simply because of the experience. As you walk along this indoor mall, you feel as if you have been transported

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