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- Each year, I go over this rubric with

my students before grading them

with it.
- When I complete my graphic
organizers with them, I refer to how
they can achieve each part in this
- Then, I give feedback on notebooks
to students through the rubrics.
- I always give them an opportunity to
update their notebooks to earn
higher graphic organizer grades too.
- By looking through the notes portion,
this is a great opportunity for
Graphic Organizer Rubric
Name:__________________ #_______ Date:_________
1. The graphic organizer is neat and easy to read. ____/1
2. There are very few spelling and grammar mistakes. ______/1

4 3 2 0
The graphic The graphic The graphic The graphic
organizer uses at organizer uses 1 organizer uses organizer does not
least 2 examples example from the examples from the use examples from
from the text to text to prove each text inconsistently the text to prove
prove each section. section. and not in each what the students
section. are saying.

4 3 2 0
The information the The information the The information the The information is
student put into the student placed into student placed into not accurate and is
graphic organizer the graphic the graphic not organized in a
is completely organizer is organizer is way that is helpful
accurate and completely somewhat to the student. The
organized accurate but not accurate. student did not
correctly. organized properly
correctly. OR The comprehend the
information is task or the text.
organized correctly
but not completely

Notes: Total:__________/10