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Metalbilt® Steel Roller Shutters

Factories, warehouses, industrial buildings, car parks, shop fronts or for any opening that must be securely
and reliably closed.

• Curtains are constructed from individually roll formed • Fixed, sliding and hinged mullions and wicket gate
replaceable interlocking slats for additional strength options are available
• Shutters can be supplied with windlocked guides to • An extensive range of powder coating colours
help retain the curtain in excessive wind conditions (including Colorsteel equivalents) or Zincalume
and for increased security screen options available
• Operation by motorising gearbox drive, manual hand • Shutters are custom made to fit the size of
chain or spring balance opening and structure of building
• Branches in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Over 55 years of manufacturing experience and continuous refinement.
Service and repairs, 24 hours a day, on all makes of commercial doors.

4. Helically wound HEIGHT OF HEADROOM 1 SIDEROOM 2 INSIDE INSIDE INSIDE counterbalance springs are contained OPENING PROJECTION PROJECTION PROJECTION within the barrel for ease of opening and STANDARD WINDLOCK MOTOR 3 BARREL MANUAL GUIDES GUIDES increased safety. HEADROOM Ventilation slots optional.Metalbilt® Steel Roller Shutter . each having an effective width of 100mm. D driving an enclosed worm gearbox with chain reduction to the shutter barrel.5 600 310 180 350 310 630 430 N/A required. Wellington Auckland Christchurch Postal Address Postal Address Postal Address PO Box 71169 Rosebank PO Box 6033 Upper Riccarton PO Box 38933 Wellington Mail Centre Auckland 1348 New Zealand Christchurch 8442 New Zealand Lower Hutt 5045 New Zealand Street Address Street Address Street Address 26 Timothy Place Avondale 25 Baigent Way Middleton 33 Marsden Street Melling Auckland 1026 New Zealand Christchurch 8024 New Zealand Lower Hutt 5010 New Zealand 10/2013 Phone 09 828 1167 Phone 03 338 2600 Phone 04 568 2933 Fax 09 828 6358 Email mbilt. Spring balanced operation is Note 1: Extra headroom required for mullion doors Note 2: Doors over 45m² require greater sideroom available on smaller sized shutters. BARREL Shutter barrels are fabricated from galvanised steel tube with a minimum diameter of 165mm and of sufficient wall STEEL ROLLER SHUTTER CLEARANCES thickness to ensure that nominal (for fixing layout drawings refer to the Metalbilt Website) deflection does not exceed safe working conditions. STANDARD GUIDE DETAIL Single phase is available.7mm pitch N/A roller chain connected to a spring as- 4. Special motorising options and barrel mounting methods are available on 35 120 155 WINDLOCKED GUIDE DETAIL We reserve the right to alter specification without notice and without incurring Fax 04 568 7337 Email mbilt.auck@rcrtom.0 .6. Note 3: Additional projection may be required with non standard motorising For max sizes refer to the Steel Roller Shutter Selection Chart (Available on the Metalbilt website) GUIDE DETAILS ELECTRICAL OPERATION 50 The compact motorising units are pow- E ered by a 3 phase 0.chch@rcrtom.0m MAX) 50mm and fitted with formed bell mouths to accept the shutter 30 Assemblies are supplied complete with 75 reversing starter and limit www.Specifications MOTOR SIDE INTERCHANGEABLE MANUAL SIDE & CURTAIN NON-DRIVE SIDE Assembled from roll formed. Windlock guides have a depth of 95mm and are DAYLIGHT HEIGHT recommended for wider openings or where wider windloading/security is (7. Standard speed of operation is 110 approximately 185mm per second.5 . The slats can be replaced individually if damaged. A 315 BOTTOM BAR Fitted to the lower edge of the curtain is 180 an extruded aluminium bottom bar with a 240 Neoprene weather Fax 03 338 4386 Email mbilt. Door controller that accept signals from a range of electronic and electrical equipment are also For high cycle or very large doors high rated motors can 95 be supplied. metalbilt. Manually operated doors 5. 4.5m MAX) required.4. Doors over 6m high operate at a reduced rate.0 .0 465 215 145 260 190 600 385 sisted barrel. GUIDES AREA FOR Constructed from roll-formed galvanised GUIDE FIXING DAYLIGHT WIDTH 450 215 145 260 190 600 370 N/A driving steel sprockets and 12.0 . Contact us for details of your nearest Metalbilt® representative. Standard guides have a depth of (8.37kW electric motor. HANDCHAIN Motor Non-Drive Motor Non-Drive & Manual & Manual (m) A B C B C D E E MANUAL OPERATION 0 . galvanised B C steel interlocked .0 475 215 145 260 190 600 400 N/A can easily be motorised at a later date if 6.7.0 450 215 145 260 190 600 360 430 Manual operation is by hand chain.