A new day

Author: Bella Carlie Cullen (Sam)

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Chapter 1
That night, all Edward and I did was read our favorite books. I was in his lap the whole time, reading Wuthering Heights, and I didn’t know how many times I had read that book. Edward couldn’t understand why I read that book so much, but I didn’t care. Edward was reading one of his favorite novels, and Renesmee was asleep in her bed. I was the one who usually read to her at night, but when Edward and I went to put her to sleep the night before, he wanted to read to her. I complied and got him a book of poems that I hadn’t read to her yet-Renesmee didn’t like repetition, she didn’t have the patience for it, and she didn’t get that from Edward.

"What?" I was always confused when he did that." he replied. I felt like I was missing an inside joke. He must have heard me coming because when I entered the doorway he looked up and smiled my favorite smile.He read to her until she was asleep. He was looking at her with a peculiar expression.” The only difference is. I went to stand in her open doorway to check on them. is that I don’t have to wait for her to start talking to know what she's . "She looks exactly like you when I used to watch you sleep. Whenever he looked up at me and smiled. He had the book on her nightstand. and he was in the rocking chair by her bed where I usually sat. and after fifteen minutes. and I was wondering why that was.

leaned down to kiss the top of Renesmee's cheek." He smiled and laughed a little at the end." He got up. but that wasn’t his most special talent. "You look at her like she’s the most interesting being in the world. Ha. but it's very close. "She is only the second most interesting person in the world. got our two favorite books. You still hold the lead for the most interesting person in my book. He grabbed my hand." I confessed in awe. He had a talent for doing that.dreaming about. ha. and crossed the room to meet me. in fact. and pulled . for seeing the best in people. And it always frustrated him that he couldn’t read my mind as well as everyone else's. he couldn’t read my mind at all.

Bella? The suspense is killing me.me into his lap on the small couch in our cabin. "I was just remembering last night. and I realized that Renesmee would be waking up soon." he begged. until Edward pulled my face around to meet his. so that it was only around him. Sometimes I did honestly forget that he couldn’t read my mind-unless I tried really hard and pushed my shield all the way out from me.. It was dawn now. What was she dreaming about?" I was so curious about his . "Please. You know it's not fair..when you put Renesmee to bed. I didn’t think that it looked like I was staring out into space.

. She was really happy. Renesmee now looked old enough to pass for seventeen." he trailed off. I’m a little curious and worried.. but that was all I could figure out. She and Jacob had spent the entire day yesterday together.expression the night before. Then understanding hit. "I don’t know." he sounded suspicious now. But I still want to talk to him about it. . All at once." I told him.. he looked confused. "Why are you worried? Jacob's responsible with Renesmee. "She was dreaming about her day with Jacob yesterday. I was feeling the same suspicion Edward did. I fell back against his chest and growled.

and I knew that Renesmee was up. She answered Edward then." she said nervously. "How did you sleep NessRenesmee?" Edward asked. and looked at Edward and me both lounging on the couch. hey dad. . It was like she knew she was going to be dive bombed with questions from the both of us."I see your point." I agreed. We looked at each other and he had a suspicious look in his golden eyes. We both turned back to her and she looked wary. but she still wanted us to read to her?our daughter was so strange. "Hey mom. She came into the living room. Then I heard the faint creak of the floorboard. and I probably had the same look in mine. She gave him a dirty look-she hated being called Nessie anymore.

"Okay. "What about him?" she asked. "What did you two do yesterday?" he asked before I could. I disagreed." I continued. Ever since Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee the day she was bornand the day I had become a vampire-they were inseparable. .e. "You didn’t get home until 11:00. was too much like him. i. "About Jacob. Edward always said she was like me because she could see past both our pretences. but we want to talk to you. "No." I answered before Edward could give her crap about the dirty looks." "Do I have a curfew now?" she asked. Am I in trouble?" she asked suspiciously.

and I could always tell when she meant what she was saying." "Okay. "Yes. go ahead. I just had a really good time. I always had a special bond with my daughter." Edward said. We went to the ocean. Not only did she look like a teenager." I told her. that’s all."Answer the question Renesmee. but she also acted like . "Fine. and spent the day on the beach." "Is that all you did?" I asked before Edward could. But I always had Edward for backup if I was wrong. "Can I get dressed and go hunting now?" she asked impatiently. "Yeah." I said. She went back to her room right away.

You know that . I just want to have a talk with him. "He told her that he loved her. so I waited until I was sure Renesmee was in her room.one. "He means it in a serious way." he replied in a serious tone. It's like the way we love each other. I wanted to make sure Edward and I were alone now. do you?" I trust him." " "Why?" I asked him. what is she hiding?" I asked when I was sure Renesmee couldn’t hear. It's not just a love like friendship relationship anymore. "What's wrong with that?" I asked. "Renesmee's practically an adult. "Okay." "You don’t trust him.

" he said. "You and her are my entire world. I'll talk to Jacob." "You know Jacob's not like other werewolves. but she's the second most important being to me." "I thought I was going to talk to him?" "If you talk to him. He's careful." ." "Yes. and then we will have the whole pack over here." "I wasn't going to hurt him. and I don't want to get in a fight with Paul right now.Jacob is always absolutely careful with her. then he may not come back." he agreed. "I’m just worried about her." "Fine." "You’re right.

"What? What's wrong?" I asked when I saw how worried his eyes looked." Then he leaned his head down to kiss me." "Thank you. He no longer had to pull away so quickly. but if he starts it. So it surprised me when he pulled away after a few seconds." he said. . "There's a werewolf outside. I'll let you talk to him."Yeah. he didn't have to be careful with me at all. "Who is it?" I asked confused. he didn't have to be careful of how tight he held me. then where would we be?" "Okay. I loved the fact that he didn't have to be careful with me anymore. especially because they never looked like that often.

she was on her bed. When I got to her doorway. and saw Edward nod at me." he warned me. After he slid out of the door. and I was headed toward Renesmee's room. I looked back in the direction of the front door. and out the window. The wolf was changing and taking . I opened Renesmee's door and slid in. we were both headed in separate directions. and he been his head to kiss me quickly. "Okay. I don't recognize who the mind is. staring at her window. When I was in her room. but be careful. After he did that." I told him." "I'm going to go get Renesmee. I saw a red-brown wolf morphing. We were both crouched on the floor now. Edward was headed toward the front door. I followed her gaze."It's not someone from the pack.

the shape of something different. Then, in a split second, Jacob was standing outside her window, putting on what looked like a pair of basketball shorts. After he finished with that, he was climbing through her window. "Bells, what's going on?" "Jacob, there's another werewolf here. And he's not from the pack," I explained. As I explained this to him, I watched his brown eyes turn black with anger, but, hidden inside, I could also see the terror for me, the terror for Edward, and most of all, the terror for Renesmee. That was also the same terror that Edward and I were facing, the terror for Renesmee.

Chapter 2

Jacob was still frozen in place after I told him that there was another wolf in the area. He stood there, staring back and forth between me and Renesmee. If there were any flies in the room, they would be flying into his mouth. "Where is dad?" Renesmee asked. "He...went to go see who the new wolf was," I answered. As I thought about all the near-death experiences that I had, and all the dangerous times that Edward had to save me, and although they were blurry and poorly remembered, I also thought of all the times when I could have been separated from Edward forever, and it was still hard to think about. It was hard to realize that this could be the last time I had with him. Although it wasn't easy to kill our kind, werewolves could easily do it. They were unstable, and unpredictable. I had firsthand account memories. As I thought all of this, I couldn’t let Edward go off on his own, not without me. "Look after Renesmee!" I screamed at Jacob as I ran toward the front door. I got out the door in a matter of seconds, and I was frantic to look for Edward. It was a bright morning in the beautiful forest of Forks, Washington. It was raining-I could smell it-but the thick trees prevented me from feeling any of the rain. I heard someone or something running in my direction. I spun around-ready to confront anything that wanted to get passed me. After I turned around, Jacob and Renesmee were running toward me. "Mom!" Renesmee screamed. "Jacob, get her away from here! Take her to La Push, I have to find Edward," I yelled at him. "I'm not leaving you and Edward, Bella," Jacob said. "I'll take her so that Carlisle and Esme can look after her, but I'm going with you to look for Edward."

"Fine, go take her to Carlisle; I'm looking for Edward though." After I said that, Jacob and Renesmee started in the direction of the rest of the Cullen's house. I made sure they were to the house before I turned and started looking for Edward. I picked up a scent of an unfamiliar werewolf, and started north. I ran for a few miles, seeing everything and missing not one detail of the forest. I could see every stick, every leaf, every mushroom, and every piece of grass. I really missed nothing. "Bella?" a very familiar voice called from the shadows. I turned around and there was Edward, jumping down from a tree. "Oh my gosh Edward, you had me terrified," I said, running up to him after he stood up strait again after coming down. He embraced me in a tight hug that would have crushed a human, and I was glad that he didn't have to be careful with me anymore. I stood on my tip-toes to be able to reach his mouth to kiss him. Making it easier for me, he bent his head down to kiss me back. I was worried about him, and I had some questions that needed answers, so I pulled away. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Are you hurt, did you find out who that other wolf was what happened?" He chuckled slightly, probably because he thought it was funny how I was always freaking out about him. "I'm fine. I was following the scent of the wolf, but it went up passed the mountains, probably to Seattle or maybe Canada. How are you? Is Renesmee okay?" he said. "I'm fine. Jacob came over, and he took Renesmee to Carlisle and Esme, she's fine. She was just worried about you, but she's okay," I told him. "Is Jacob okay?" he asked. I still wasn't used to Jacob and Edward being friends, but I didn't mind. Ever since Renesmee was born-and Jacob had

I want to talk to Alice and Carlisle.imprinted on her-Jacob stopped being "in love" with me. and my best friend. who could easily calm people down. After that-and after the Volturi had decided to let all of us liveEdward and Jacob had been good friends. I also heard my half vampire-half human daughter whining and complaining. and werewolf-turned to look at us. Jacob's fine. I want to know where my parents are. Even when we ran to the river. In that way. or make people excited. Edward and I had started to walk forward to enter the house. vampire and a half. "Yeah. Jasper had a very special gift. Edward opened the door." We started running in the direction of the big white house that I knew would be in the clearing. we jumped at the same time and landed together. I saw All the vampires." I said. We both entered the Cullen's living room. When we got to the clearing." "Okay. I saw the big white house. "They are both right outside the house. "I don't want to calm down. Edward's favorite sister was also my favorite. I could also smell the one werewolf. and that really made me want to take a few steps back. I guessed she probably saw me and Edward coming toward the house. I had to agree with Edward that she was more like me than him at times. but I was used to it." she was saying. I could see inside the big white house through its big front window. and I could hear and smell the six vampires conversing in it. Her special gift was seeing people's futures. Edward grabbed my hand mid-sprint and we ran like that the rest of the way. I guessed she was probably talking to Jasper. "Let's go. pulling me along behind him. . and my daughter turn their heads to look at me and Edward." I heard Alice say. the one werewolf. and all eight peoplewell vampires. At that time.

"What was she doing here?" Esme asked." Alice said. and she didn't like her assignment. Sometimes Jasper's peculiar gift could be . "I know." Jasper reassured me. but she doesn't like doing it. Bella. but they are also putting everyone else I love in danger too." Edward nearly growled. and was very careful not to get anywhere near La Push. "No one is ever going to hurt you. and she was looking for Bella."Edward." he said. "Then what is it Alice? Was I born being on everybody's hit list?" I asked in a sarcastic tone." Edward answered." Edward explained. so I was able to find out who she was and what she was doing here. "She?" Jacob asked before I could. "Her name was Marina. She knows what she's doing. "Why is it that everyone is drawn to my bad luck?" I questioned. "I got closer to her. Bella. and I instantly felt calmer. Why can't they just stop at me?" "No one is in any danger Bella. She knew I could read minds. "Why was she looking for me?" "She was hired by someone to find you and find out more about you. what is going on?" Carlisle asked. but that is about all the information I got. "It's not your fault. but not only are these people putting me in danger. She also knew about the Quileute wolves. There was another werewolf in the area. "I don't know. and she wasn't a member of either pack." "Me?" I asked.

And according to Edward. and he liked making fun of me. although I didn't need to-I did it out of habit to keep up the human charade that the Cullen’s had taught me after I became a vampire-Edward came to stand next to me. Emmet. Edward. I also never got used to people always taking risks for me. He was also my favorite brother. but if we catch the scent of her. Every face looked back at me with a pledge to keep what I hold dear with us. always impatient when it came to things with action. I was. . I really needed to stop being so hysterical. Although I didn't need that much protection anymoremostly because I was pretty much indestructible-everyone still protected me like I was the most important person ever. but I wasn't. was that when I was a newborn. but sometimes-like now-I was grateful he used it on me. or anyone else with her or associated with her. we'll come her first. I leaned my head against his hip and he wrapped his left arm around me. These were the ones who I spent all my time with. I was able to beat him at arm wrestling because I was stronger than he was. He never got over losing to me. "What are we going to do about it?" Emmet asked. After I sat down. I went and sat down in the reclining chair that was across from the one that Rosalie was sitting in. I looked at all of the faces of the people/vampires and werewolf that I loved. Jacob. and Jasper were all standing. and next to the couch that Esme and Renesmee were sitting on. The only thing he didn't like about me now. and Emmet. and I will go out and find out what this is all about." Edward said.rather irritating. Jasper. but he still liked me. as well as Edward's. I suppose I should be since was always in different near death experiences that always involved Edward and his family. Emmet liked me because when I was human I was always falling over something and I brought on allot of action. I hated putting my family at risk because of my bad luck that never seemed to turn off. "We'll go on as if everything is normal. He thought I was a crack-up. Carlisle.

leaning against his chest. I .Chapter 3 I was sitting on the couch with Edward. We were still at the Cullen's house and I was done freaking out about the other werewolf being in the area.

surrounded by Rosalie." he replied. Alice. . I really wished I could smell through doors and buildings. I was glad that Jacob didn't see me in that way anymore. "Sam. I didn't mind the fact that she was in the spot that I was in before I had her. He walked to the front door to open it. and when he did. what is this about?" Edward asked. and Quil. and she was the center of Jacob's world. I had to tell Edward that we needed to back off of their relationship. and Edward. "Outside with Paul. but it happened so fast. It was then when I noticed who the guests were that made everybody so tense. The way she oriented herself around him." Carlisle said. if not more. and set his book aside. Although we were on good terms with the Quileute wolf pack. "Where is she?" Edward asked. All he had to do was see into the person's mind and he knew their name at the least. All I knew was that I was on my feet. Emmet. there was a knock at the door. I would soon find out. Esme. the rest of the Cullen’s were still tense about being around them. asleep. because I wouldn't hear a heartbeat if it was." he said. Just then. Embry. Although it had only been a few months. the way she always wanted to be with him. including me and Edward. I looked to my right and saw Renesmee in Jacob's lap. "I'll get it. Jasper. everyone was on their feet. "We found the wolf wandering around near your side of the treaty. I was distracted by the sound of running feet as they approached the house more. I wasn't exactly sure how it happened.heard a group coming through the forest and I was sure that Edward knew who it was. He got up from the opposite recliner that Jacob and Renesmee were in. It solved allot of problems. I knew it wasn't a vampire. It reminded me so much of Edward and me. Jacob was already hers.

. "She said she was sent to find out more about you and the rest of the vampires here. but it wasn't as bad as it had once been. So he was a little resentful when I welcomed Edward back with no hesitations at all. He usually did that. Sam found me in the woods and thought I would never be able to forgive Edward for what he did. confused and irritated that I couldn't be asking her these questions myself. He was standing next to Sam next to Leah. because we have been patrolling the area for other vampires not like you. "You mean you had contact with her before this?" I asked. She came back because she was more curious about why we were in similar territories. she became a little curious herself. "The first time she came here she crossed our scent. Sam still looked at me like a traitor."Did you find out what she wants?" I asked. But after Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee." Seth answered before Sam could. "Me? What does she want with me?" I asked. Next to me. But when she came into contact with us. I had to smile to myself because he sometimes forgot that I was as indestructible as he was. She's actually demanding to talk to you. but when it came to her little brother being in the presence of vampires. Edward let a low growl escape. Bella." he continued. "She won't tell us anything. Leah hated being around us. and since Edward and I were the parents." he answered me. "Be my guest." "Can we talk to her?" I asked. I knew exactly why he thought I was a traitor. Sam and the pack had a little more respect than before. she got over her person prejudice and was on guard for him. also looking up at Edward in case he would give me an answer. He was upset because when Edward left me the September before last.

The last wolf was white with grey spots. "Hey Bella!" Embry said. "I'm only here for my brother. I took a half step closer to her. and Edward put his hand on my shoulder to restrain me. otherwise I wouldn't be anywhere near you crypt. Sam. in fact. Paul. "Hey Embry. Embry and Quil. She said it like it was obvious and like I was missing something." he answered me. There were three of them in their wolf form and one in his human form. ignoring Leah completely now. his hand on my waist. "Where is she?" I asked Sam. Seth elbowed her in the side. but after it happened they got over it. Is this her?" I asked as I pointed to the white wolf. In fact." she said with a sneer." I snapped back. "You know Leah. This must have been the wolf that was wandering around our house yesterday. I guess the look in my eyes must have been terrifying because Leah took a step back behind Sam and Seth. . like Quil and Seth were cool with me being a vampire. Leah never liked me. Next to her. although he was younger. I walked pass the three werewolves with Edward at my side. and now for being one. a chocolate brown colored wolf. Seth had no problem with me or any of the Cullen’s. and the two of them proved that vampires and werewolves could be friends. "Out front with Paul. Embry. The one in his human form was Embry. a silver and grey colored wolf. and Paul. and bigger than her. you don't have to be here. you can leave if you want. They still talked to me. I got outside and the smell of werewolves was worse. she loathed the very core of me for hanging out with vampires."She wants to ask you some questions. He especially liked Edward. The three in their wolf form was Quil." Leah said. Jared. and Leah were not so cool with it.

"Any luck?'' I asked. "A vampire. I knew exactly what vampire or vampires would be interested in learning about me and my family." "Oh. "My name's Marina and I was sent to find out more about you and your family." I said to her." Edward said. Was this werewolf from somewhere in Europe? Did she go anywhere near Italy? But why would the Volturi trust a werewolf when Caius had them hunted into near extinction in Europe and . I'm going to have to be a translator. "So. maybe she'll listen to you. "Hello." I walked passed Embry and to where Paul and Quil were dealing with the unknown wolf. I looked into her brown-yellow eyes. I heard you wanted to talk to me. We know she's werewolf. okay. why did you want to talk to me. and that's how she plans on communicating. Right now Paul and Quil are trying to figure it out. "Who sent you?" I asked." Edward translated. "She knows I can read minds. "Can I give it a try?" I asked. "I'm Bella Cullen." I asked the wolf in front of me." he said. "Sure. trying to figure out why she was here."Yeah. But I didn't know vampire and werewolf alliances existed anywhere else. "Nope. Sorry." A flash of black cloaks and crimson-red eyes flashed through my mind. but we can't read her mind when we're in our wolf form. while I'm trying to get her to phase back." he replied." I told him." "Okay.

"Volterra. The both stood tall and hurried to put their knee length shorts back on before someone noticed. lets give Marina some privacy for a minute.Asia? They didn't classify werewolves like the Quileute’s as werewolves. Paul and Quil phased back to their human forms. The Volturi. After the three wolves and vampire had gone into the house. v-collar blouse. or an actual werewolf? "What color eyes did this vampire have?" I asked." he said. They classified them as shape-shifters. He was gone for maybe a second when he returned with a pair of blue jeans and a yellow. . "Red. but asks if it could be just you and her together for privacy. Can you get some clothes from Esme or Alice?" I asked Edward." "Okay. and then he kissed the top of my head and turned to walk toward the house." Edward translated as he turned to stare at me. "Paul. "Could you please phase back? This is going somewhere. Quil." I told her." As Edward said this. done translating. "Where did you come from?" I asked. and it's important. Was this wolf front of me a shape-shifter. "I'll call you in a minute. Italy. "I'll call you when she's done changing. I turned back to the she-wolf in front of me. Embry." I said. After they finished redressing. "Thanks. "Sure." I told her." Edward said. I guessed that he had the same thought that had popped into my mind. they followed Edward back into the house. Is this going somewhere?" Edward translated. "Of course. "She's going to phase." Edward replied.

She and Phil adopted me a few months ago. "Hi Isabella. We're alone." she said. Alice." "Renee died. She was going to come here with me and tell you over the weekend. she sat back on her hind quarters and started to stand up. and even Rosalie were standing around us. I was starting to miss my mom." she said. I couldn't believe it. "And my mom would have told me if she had another child. and she didn't know how to tell you. checking me out. Everyone I knew only called me Bella. then wouldn't Phil. "What?!" I asked. I was the ground for maybe half of a second when there was a pair of arms around me and vampires surrounding me. I handed her the clothes I had in my hands. Esme. Renesmee was sitting beside me with Jacob next to her. I had to ." I said. She was hit by a car. Who was this person in front of me? Did my mother die giving birth to this person? And if she did."Okay. She died a few days ago. tell me? "That's why I came here. After she told me all of this. I have some clothes for you. After she was on two legs. Jasper. I fell to the ground. Surely my mother couldn't be dead. and she didn't make it." she said with a smile. "I'm your sister. her new husband. you can phase. Edward was holding me while Carlisle was crouched in front of me." she confessed. Emmet. her voice a beautiful soprano. But she was coming to pick me up from school and she got hit by a car." I told her. and now she wasn't here. "How did you know my full name was Isabella?" I asked her. My real name is Lilly. I was i shock. "I'm an only child. After I said this. She put the clothes on and pulled her shoulder-length blond hair back into a pony tail at the back of her neck.

Chapter 4 It felt like a whole was punched through my chest. I knew I had to be there for Phil. She showed up. as I refused . I really wanted to. We spent the day at the Cullen's house and Jacob was there for me too.be there for Phil and my dad. but I had to deal with myself first. and decided to call Phil and Charlie in the morning. and my new "sister". I didn't want her. but not for this person behind Carlisle. and my world came crashing down. like I knew it always would. I spent the rest of the day with him and Renesmee. I didn’t know her. And now Renee was dead. and it was what Edward suggested. Although I knew I couldn't cry. Lilly was outside.

We watched my favorite movies." I growled back. When the faint light from the sun came through the clouds. and every time they started a new game Renesmee showed me that she planned to win. All I could do was smile at her. "She's your new family. "Hello?" he asked. Bella. It was 7:00 in the morning here in Washington. time to call Phil. "Are you sure you want to worry about this now Bella? You don't have to call now. Alice thought that I was being too hard on her." He didn't say anything after that. Phil picked up on the third ring. .k. The rest of the day went back quickly and I was in a state of depression-if vampires could be depressed. Tired. and then laugh every time Jacob beat her. I knew it would be an o.to let her in." he said. After that. I have to support Phil. "I have to call Edward. "Phil? It's Bella. and that I should accept her. "I'm okay. so it would be about 9:00 in the morning in Florida. but Sam wanted to make sure that someone was keeping an eye on Lilly. I was confused when Edward's hand stopped me from picking it up. he just took his hand off of mine. How are you?" I replied. Sam and the rest of the pack were welcome to come inside. I reached for my cell phone. Edward had given her a look that screamed "leave Bella alone"." she had said. Did you want to talk to Renee?" he asked. and let me proceed. I lounged against Edward's chest while I watched Jacob and Renesmee play cards. "What?" I asked him. I dialed their home phone number and waited while the phone rang. "You have to accept her sooner or later." "I don't have to accept her at all.

"Yeah. But the fifth I had seen before and I knew him. and Seth. Phil. then who really was this werewolf outside the door? "You mean. She wasn't my sister. now tell me the truth. Quil." I told them. I just got up." "Never mind. That werewolf lied to me. She took a step back and cringed from me. it was Jared. She's making coffee right now. I knew they could hear me over the phone. Was it true? Was Renee still alive? If she was still alive. not angry. Maybe not now. "Can you get her to phase? I want to have a talk. I didn't say anything to Edward or anyone else." "Bye.I almost dropped the phone. but she would be. and walked toward the door to see who this she-wolf really was. Probably to keep me restrained if he thought I was going to end up committing a murder. Embry. I could recognize four of them: Leah. I walked down the steps and toward the Paul and Sam. She dressed quickly in the clothes I had given her yesterday and looked at me with fear in her eyes. she's there?" I asked. As soon as I stood up. I didn't know what was happening." Sam answered. but I didn't add that part into what I said. More like a scream. "What?" she asked. I was happy that I could look scary to someone. No. but the white wolf suddenly sat back and stood up strait. "I know you're not my sister." I hissed. she was dead. "We can try." I was angry. Next to Sam and Paul were five other wolves beside the white one. everyone else was on their feet too. I was furious. Bella. Edward was right behind me. Bye. who were in their human form. with one hand on my waist. . I'll call her later.

Including you. but I was told I had to do this or else they would kill me. "Which one?" Edward asked before I could. I would rather be anywhere but here right now." she confessed. to make sure that Renesmee wasn't out of control like the vampire children were like a long time ago. They all looked at me like I had gone . "I think they call themselves the Volturi. I knew your husband could read minds because the blond told me. "Some blond in a dark cloak. "I don't know. ask for Alec. "Marina. She didn't give me her name. Renesmee and Jacob still were." she answered. "Fine. She also told me all of the other talents the rest of your family has. she just said when I report back." "What?" I asked. Some vampire group with red eyes." Edward and I looked at each other. Jane. Was she acting on Aro's orders this time." I told her. where Carlisle. Or did Aro have her send someone to check up on us. We knew who had hired her." she confessed." I ran back into the house."Look. but it was one vampire in particular that told me to do this. Preferably in your human form. I don't want to have to use my husband as a translator to be able to talk to somebody. Esme. or was she doing this on her own? Did she want revenge? Revenge because she never got to unleash her malicious talent on any of the vampires in my family the last time we met. "What is your real name?" I asked her. "Who threatened you?" I growled. Especially me. "Stay here for now.

I went and sat on the couch beside her and pulled Edward along with me." I said. the Volturi make laws for vampires?" she asked. your mom was human. what's wrong with her?" "She doesn't particularly like us. I was able to shield my mind. She belongs to a group of vampires that make sure we are not exposed to the humans. that you would rather die. but I don't know if it was on Aro's orders this time. She hunts humans. "Jane sent her. "She's a vampire." I told them." Alice answered.crazy. They could hear the conversation that had just gone on outside. "Yes. The Volturi. "I guess when I was human. She can make you feel like you are in so much pain." I explained. Alice sees the future and . Jasper. That we don't kill conspicuously. she has a special gift. When she tried to do that. she just makes you think that she's hurting you. "So." I said. "Like Alice. Every word of it. but she's not like us." Edward answered. "Why didn't it work?" Renesmee was really interested now. She doesn't live like the way Carlisle taught us to live. "It's not like Alice or Jasper. not animals. your mother and I. She doesn't actually hurt you." I said. "So. "What are the rules?" "That our kind remains a secret." "So why doesn't she like you?" "She tried to do that to Bella once and it never worked. "Who's Jane?" Renesmee asked. sort of like that.

Marina turned around and phased back to her wolf form and ran into the trees." I said. "We might have to make a visit to Italy. "Bella?" I turned around to see who called me." she promised." I explained. "That's probably what they want. I turned around and started to walk back into the house. but Jane works inside the mind. "Okay. "I won't tell them that you are still here." Jacob said. I walked out the door and stood on the porch. "You can go back to Italy." "So what are we going to do?" Alice asked. "But you can. and saw Seth with one foot on the bottom step. Marina was standing at the bottom of the stairs and looking up at me.Jasper really does calm you down." I said as I got up off the couch and went outside to tell Marina. "Thank you." Edward finished.'' Carlisle said. "That would probably be the best thing to do." I started. Then we could go about our regular business and see what happens. Do we send Marina back to the Volturi?" I wondered out loud. But tell the Volturi that the Cullen’s moved and that you have no insight. "Do I have to come back?" she asked "No--. .

"See-ya. "See you in the morning Bella. "Bye Seth. "Let's go home. Renesmee needs some sleep. "Sure. We walked out the door and Jacob followed with Renesmee. . Thanks Bells." he said. "Do you guys want to come to a party at Charlie's? He told me to invite you and Edward and to bring Renesmee. "I'll do it."Yeah?" I asked.'' he explained. I'll call him about it later. Although I wasn't too thrilled about him imprinting on Renesmee when she was born." she said. He just squeezed my hand and smiled my favorite crooked smile." I said. I'll see you in the morning." Edward said next to me." he said as he smiled my smile. We went back into the house and found Renesmee asleep on the couch with her head in Jacob's lap. or do you want Edward to?" I asked him. Bye Edward. I was glad Jacob and I could have a simple relationship now. When we got to the house." I said. Jacob got up off the couch with Renesmee in his arms. I went over to Jacob and whispered to him." I told her. "Do you want to carry her home. As I went over to Alice to say goodbye for the day. but we didn't walk at a normal walking pace. I walked away and grabbed Edward's hand. Jacob took Renesmee into her room and kissed her forehead. I was okay with it now. "Bye Alice. We didn't run back to the cottage.

" I reminded him. "I could never be jealous.'' I said. He stopped in the doorway of our room and turned around. Edward took my hand and started walking toward the direction of our room. Edward clapped him on the shoulder. nothing was better than Edward kissing me. He bent his head down to mine and pressed his lips to mine. I knew where he was going with this. There was never any moment that I was happier. not hard. but Jacob's shoulder flexed a little." he said. “‘Night guys." he said. so don't worry about that. "Thanks Jacob. and don't be jealous. Jacob walked out the door after he said this. "No problem Bella. "See you guys later. I punched his shoulder.When he walked out of her room." he replied. "Goodnight Jacob." he snickered. In the whole world. . He wrapped his arms around me and then I was on my back on the bed. I'll always be here for her.

and the different types of fabric that Alice had put . silk.Chapter 5 It was dawn now. So we would take Renesmee with us whenever we would go to see Charlie and of course Jacob would come. but because he knew that Edward made me happy. He helped me memorize the different scents of cotton. Charlie was nicer. So Edward and I got dressed in the oversized closet that Alice had designed for us-but mainly me-when Esme restored this cottage for my last birthday. fleece. and Edward reminded me that we had to get dressed to go see Charlie. We saw him once a week so that he could be with Renesmee. Charlie wasn't completely happy with Edward being my husband. denim.

Remember." I said as I bowed my head in shame. He found his and my favorite v-neck. She let out a quiet moan. dark blue blouse. He often commented how lovely I looked when I was wearing it. He tossed a pair of blue jeans with holes in the knees to me and continued to find me a shirt. ." I said." he said. all I could do was smile." Edward just smiled and chuckled. I'm glad she doesn't know that you're the one who's been picking out my clothes for me.in this mad-house-closet. but I wasn't completely used to everything. After we both got dressedand after I got a new bra after breaking the hooks on the first one-I went to go wake Renesmee. "Thanks. Then I would be calling her in for both of us. "Yes. we're going to see Charlie today. "She can complain about not being able to use my closet later. "I'm glad Alice went overboard with your clothes and not mine." I confessed. "I still can't work my way around this. I sat on the end of her bed and put my hand on her shoulder. He sniffed the air and went to my dresser and pulled something out of the middle drawer. I walked into her room and found her sleeping peacfully with her hair a tangled mess around her head. When he tossed that garment to me. "Why the sudden cold?" she asked sleepily. "Would you like me to help?" Edward chuckled." I murmured. Edward just chuckled as kissed the top of my head and went passed his small section of clothes to my over-sized section. "Is Jacob coming?" she asked. "It's time to wake up.

Can you get me something to wear?" "Sure. "Yes. since that was when Renesmee stopped growing. just by being there. "We have to move. I walked over to Edward and he put his arm around me. long sleeve shirt. "Which ones?'' she asked. I picked out a pair of black jeans and a blue. Jake always comes. People are wondering what happened to you two." Carlisle said very seriously." "Wear your black boots. "Wear your boots. but stopped last month. Carlisle was there talking to Edward. Edward and I loved to spoil her and Alice and Rosalie loved to beautify her. although she didn't need the make-up. I walked out of her room to give her privacy."Yes. we have to talk.”Alice stocked me with ten pairs of boots and several different pairs of sneakers. I turned around and saw that she was looking at her shoe rack. She always pleased anyone she was around. "Are the humans starting to be suspicious?" I asked. She grabbed her pair of boots while I laid out her clothes on her queen size canopy bed." Edward answered. When I walked into the living room. "About what?" I asked. I went to her closet that Alice stocked monthly. trying to decide which pair of designer shoes to wear." I suggested. "Bella." "I'm up. because they see you around with Charlie and they don't . or let Rosalie give her makeovers." I was happy that she still liked it when she let me and Alice pick out her clothes." I smiled at her.

It was unfair." "Okay. "Okay. we can tell Charlie later when we see him. "I know. Edward pulled out of the garage and headed toward the highway. I hoped I wouldn't have to say goodbye to him permanently. Edward and I headed to the garage." Edward said. Telling him that I would visit. It felt like we were crossing the line. I also knew that this was . "We can't choose for them. But how do we tell Jacob?" "That's what we were talking about. that was what Edward was saying when you came in. making him choose between the tribe and Renesmee. I gazed outside the window. but I didn't care right now. at least I hoped that I would be able to promise him that-for the both of us. I walked back to Renesmee's room to get her ready to go." "What do we do?" I wondered out loud. We can't ask Jacob to leave the pack because of Renesmee-." I agreed. She had gotten dressed and finished brushing her hair when I walked into her room. thinking of what I would say to Charlie. and we need to relocate." Carlisle began. He was more than welcome to come along with us. "I'm not leaving her here. but Renesmee. She's getting too big. "I was thinking we let Jake and Renesmee decide. I also pictured talking to Jake alone. and we have to let them work it out. if he choose Renesmee over the pack.believe the story about Renesmee. but what choice did Edward and I have? We couldn't risk exposure. We took the Volvo because my Ferrari wouldn't fit all three of us." I cut in." he explained. that was just too painful. I knew it pissed Edward off when I did that. saying that we would see each other again someday. I pictured saying goodbye to him. and surely Jacob knew that. The four of us ran back to the Cullen’s house.

Edward?" he asked politely. I didn't want her to have to say goodbye to Jacob." I said to Charlie. The party moved along easily. Charlie.painful for Renesmee. "It's great to see you Bells!" he said. I knew he was watching me. After he got done hugging me. "I'm good. Edward pulled into the driveway of Charlie's and I was relieved. they were too attached. "How's my Nessie?" he asked. but I guessed he didn't ask because of Renesmee. "Good. We walked up the front steps and Charlie opened the door and hugged Renesmee first." she squealed. but Leah was bitter about everything. We got out of the car and I could see a glimmer of light flash from the living room. Sue Clearwater and Old Quil Ateara. "How are you." Edward replied. "Dad. and Renesmee spent her time hanging out with Jacob and the pack. they couldn't live without each other. except for Leah. and moved to shake hands with Edward. . Everyone in the pack adored her. shocked. "We have to move. He let go of her and moved on to me. and everyone left except for Jacob." I answered. Like me and Edward. "It's great to see you too Dad. We moved on into the living room and found the wolf pack crowded around Charlie's living room. When the party winded down. Edward and I decided to talk about moving. I could also spot Billy Black. thank you." "What?" Charlie asked. This was going to be harder than I thought.

"Is it true?'' Jacob asked. but we're not making the choices for you. I'll still be able to visit on the holidays and of course we'll bring Renesmee. When did you two decide this?" he asked. But we have to move. Bella. we'll still visit on the holidays. Dad." Edward answered.. "Keep in touch though." I said. "I hate making you choose between Renesmee and the pack. and Renesmee. "Okay.. and I have to move. "You just said that you guys would be able to visit. "I can't believe it." he suggested. "I'm really going to miss you Bells. and she could stay with Charlie. we don't want to risk exposure." I trailed off. "We both decided it was time to start college.. and we can't put it off any longer. and you too Edward. He started retreating immediately. Edward and I already missed our first semester at Dartmouth." he said."Edward." Charlie admitted. we have to." I said to Jacob after we walked away from Charlie. that's out of the question." I gave Jacob the deadliest look ever." "Of course. I'll talk to the pack. We've waited long enough. "I'm so sorry Jake. We were both whispering. Renesmee." "Like Bella said." "Okay. I get it." ." "Then have Nessie stay here. I hate doing this to you and Renesmee. "Are you guys really moving?" "Jake. and we have to catch up. and see each other.

" I admitted. Jacob was standing with his arms over his chest. "I know. It was all painful and not good. He held me for a few minutes before Emmet walked into the garage. "It will be okay." I got out of the car and he stood up. I wrapped my arms around him and he embraced me. He opened the door." he assured me. Edward waited until Renesmee was in the house before he came over to the passenger side of the car. "Bella. Jacob kissed Renesmee on the top of her head and punched Edward playfully on the shoulder. "Hey guys. . When we got back to the Cullen’s house. I was the wimpiest vampire ever. We walked into the house and into the living room. I stared wordlessly out the windshield. by the doorway. If I could cry. It was all too much for me. I was the first one out of the door."I know it's not your fault Bells. He walked back out of the garage and we followed him. We got in the car. Jacob's here. are you okay?" he asked me." "I know. I would be breaking down right now. I was the last one to get out of the car. I'll talk to Sam about it." he said. and kneeled down next to me." Edward added. I guessed he had news from the pack. "It's just a lot to take in. There." I gave Jacob a hug and said my final goodbyes to Charlie." "Okay Jake. it's just hard right now. and I didn't look back as we drove away from the house where I lived when I was seventeen. "I know." "We are sorry Jacob.

'' Jacob answered..Chapter 6 Jacob stood there with a serious expression on his face. but I didn't think he would like the temperature of my rock-hard skin too much.. "Jacob. . I'm so sorry about this." I trailed off. I wanted to go over and give him a hug. "What's the news?" Alice asked. "I'm not in the pack anymore. not knowing what else to say..

Not Dartmouth." Carlisle answered. and I can go to Dartmouth. "Rosalie."It's not your fault Bella." I told him. "Maybe you're right. she could be Edward's niece." Alice suggested.. "Where are we moving to?" I asked." Edward told me. I could always start now. and Jacob could go to a community college. and plenty of trees." he said. Renesmee could start high school. I had forgotten I had been accepted into Dartmouth University. Actually the pack chose for me. I chose Renesmee. thinking about the rest of the Cullen’s. "We can move back up to Alaska. There was plenty of forest in Massachusetts. and Jasper can go back to high school with Renesmee. "Maybe it would be a good time to start Dartmouth. Although I missed the first year. Alice. "When do we move?" Edward asked as he pulled me to his side. "Tomorrow. but you gave the choice. and as a cover story. There's Dartmouth. Why not? Renesmee could start high school. but I'm with you guys. "Let’s go to Massachusetts. "I haven't figured that out yet. and animals to hunt. . Edward. Jacob could go to college." I trailed off. "Okay. but maybe a little community college nearby. Emmett." Carlisle added." I sighed.." Carlisle said. That was the original story here in Forks.

" I told him." Jacob said."Oh no. . I am tired of the curriculum. "What are you thinking?" "I thought I was the one who always asked what you were thinking?" he asked. "Meet me in the garage. I wrapped my arms around him." "Do it for Renesmee. and I want to go to college. do want to come with me?" I said. "We leave tomorrow morning. "I'll say goodbye to Charlie and everyone then. "What kind of car do you think would be right for Renesmee?" he asked. "She wants something fast. only because I'm going to be watching Renesmee. Renesmee. "It's settled. and he buried his face in my hair." Rosalie said. "Can we take your Ferrari?" she asked. "Sure." Carlisle said. it was one of the five sports cars we didn't want ruined. "What are you thinking?" I asked again." Emmett said. It wasn't her we were worried about. We had been teaching Renesmee how to drive." "Fine. only using Emmett’s jeep because we were afraid of her crashing the other cars." Rosalie said. Let's go. "I've seen that look. "I am not going back to high school. and everything else. A camaro?" I suggested." As Renesmee skipped off to the garage. I walked over to Edward." I agreed. I would rather get a job. "Someone needs to watch her.

there are consequences. the humans may start to be suspicious."Okay. And if I tell you. "I wish he didn't. but thinking about that time still hurt me. I'll take Alice with me.'' I replied with no emotion." I warned her. Renesmee was already in the front seat. and I pulled out of the garage swiftly and smoothly. When I got to my car. why do we have to move?" she asked. People already are. While she's with you. Edward never would or could leave me again. "Who told you about that?" I asked. "Momma. Renesmee broke the silence. That one caught me off guard. Why." he said. "Is that why daddy left you when you were human?" she asked. Out of all the memories that became a blur after I became a vampire. "See you later. "If we stay here for too long. I climbed in the car and started the engine. was he not supposed to tell me?" she wondered." "Why? What happened?" Renesmee was always full of questions. . but also added some of his favorites. If we don't. "It's a long story. I never told her about the time that Edward had left me when I was human. I know Edward didn't tell her about that time either. you can't blame your dad for it. It was a more sensitive topic to him than it was for me. It roared. and we have to keep the existence of our kind a secret. He composed some of the songs himself. listening to the MP3 player Edward had gotten her last Christmas." I said as I was headed for the garage. As I drove on the freeway. my own personal dark ages haunted me. "Jacob.

and I felt the same burning feeling in my throat. and my muscles coiled to spring. He was only doing what he thought was best for me. Bella?" Charlie asked behind me. I told her about Edward hearing I went cliff-diving and how he thought I was dead. She seemed very calm through the whole story. I told her about when Edward left and how I was a total train-reek. "Yes. I finished explaining it to her in about ten seconds. I pushed the feeling away. Charlie opened the door and Renesmee was the first one he hugged." I said. the excesses flow of venom. I walked past Charlie into the living room. "No." I told her. and how Edward got us out of trouble with the Volturi. "Well that plan didn't work out so well. "How did I come into the picture?" she asked. She only stared out the windshield with an emotionless expression on her face. . "Hey Nessie!" he said." she commented. I looked passed everything into the kitchen. he turned me into a vampire. I didn't want to leave this place. We're at Charlie's. He came back and after we got married and you came into the picture." We got out of the car and walked up the path to the front door. and how Jacob was the only person I could really be around. I could see slight shadows moving behind the curtain they were headed toward the front door. "What's up. "So daddy left you because he thought it wasn't safe for you to be around vampires?" she asked." I told her about my eighteenth birthday."Okay. He was right behind me. Charlie was the only one Renesmee didn't mind calling her Nessie. and about the time Jasper had tried to kill me. and how Alice and I raced to Italy to save him from killing himself. "An even longer story and it's too late.

I just didn't want it to come. Emmett. or building one. and all we have to do is move. Of course I'll keep in touch. you too Nessie. In a decade or so. "Bye. and Jasper will be acting as sophomores and you will start out as a freshman. "I love you too. dad." "Bye. you're the world's greatest dad. we would be back here. I drove towards the Cullen house that would be empty after tomorrow. I imagined that the werewolves would miss Jacob. and Esme will probably be remodeling some house. We would come back. Edward and I will be going to college. "We have to go Charlie. I could only imagine what Esme would do with the new land.but I had to for the sake of my family and my existence. I'm starting college at Dartmouth next fall. you better keep in touch." I told her. Bells. I promise we will visit and I'll call you." "I love you too. As we walked to the car. We'll visit as often as we can-although college might slow us down a bit-but we'll still visit. but would have a bonfire party to honor the vampire-free area." I explained. I really wished vampires could cry. I love you. and we need to get things settled over there." he said. I'm moving tomorrow." Charlie hugged us both before we got out the door. Carlisle will get a placement at a hospital. I'll miss you. I love you. Bella. "I guess I should have seen this coming. It would make living forever easier. dad. then I would be amazed that she could make an exact one like it. I wondered if she would build another house for me and . "You are going to go through high school. Edward already has a house set up." he said. Rosalie. Its okay. If the new house was anything like the one we had now. "What am I going to during all of this?" Renesmee asked. small tears welling up in his eyes.

"I'm sorry. Emmett and Rosalie went hunting. I walked toward the house. and I could tell by the smell that it was Jacob. When I got into the house. "Carlisle. Esme was sitting on the couch." Jacob teased. Jasper. not letting up my glare. I pulled away from Edward to turn around and glare at him. "Oohh." "It's okay. "Sure. Where is everyone?" I asked." he replied. and he spin around to face me. and Renesmee followed behind me. Alice was dancing around with an arm full of flowers. the playing cut off. going to the different vases in the room. "Easier than I expected." I said. I walked toward Edward and just before I was about to sit on the bench next to him. . I pulled into the garage and Emmett's jeep was gone." I told Jacob. "Why?" Jacob asked innocently. I had to have a talk with Jacob before we did anything else. the front door opened. I was thinking you and I could take Renesmee later. Edward was at his piano.Edward." he said. "You're in trouble. playing my lullaby." I told him. After about two seconds. Jacob and Renesmee would have their own room in the house. "How did it go?" he asked me as he grabbed my waist and pulled me toward him. and I stretched on my tip-toes to kiss him. or if the two of us would have a room in the house. so scary Bells. sketching a design of a house. "Hey guys. "What?" Edward asked. Edward stood up.

because it looked like Edward was about ready to rip his head off of his body. I was putting my favorite book. "Sit down Jake." Jacob said. I wanted to make sure he didn't tell Renesmee stuff like that anymore. Chapter 7 We gave Jacob a talk about telling Renesmee about the times that Edward and I tried to forget." I told him. Renesmee was packing her favorite clothes and CDs. into the box labeled Bella's books."You told Renesmee about the time Edward left?" I asked him to jogg his memory. Wuthering Heights. I was prepared for what I would say. Edward was in our bedroom getting the few clothes I liked into a box. "I'm in trouble. He understood and promised to leave it to us to tell her about all the fights and unpleasant times. It was a good thing he admitted he was wrong. He walked over to the recliner and slumped into the seat. I knew that the pack would resent us forever. but they would have to give it up since we lived longer than they did. Jacob was at his house in La Push saying goodbye to his pack and his dad. when Renesmee walked into the living room. I turned around before she said anything. I knew he was packing the blue . I spent the night packing my most favorite books while Edward packed his. I looked up to see him glaring at Jacob as well. Edward went still beside me. Renesmee looked at him with apologetic eyes.

or your dad's?" I asked. But he would never leave you Renesmee." "That's right. "Yes?" "What was it like when Daddy left you?" "I told you what it was like. I almost went crazy. and that was when Sam told him we couldn't see each other anymore. "I'm going in my own. You're his whole world.blouse I had that he regularly commented on whenever I wore it. we leave at daybreak. "Now go finish packing. honey. it's even worse on him." she said. he got you a car. Are you going in my car." "He never really left me. you are the thing that keeps him hear. but he came back. "Momma?" she asked after I turned to face her. He told me I had a surprise in the garage and when I got there." "So he will never leave me?" she asked hesitantly." "He left you." "What if Jacob ever left me?" her eyes went to the floor and I could hear Edward stop moving in the other room. there was my silver Camaro. so I tried to forget it. You are too important to him. Don't bring it up when he's around though. I only put up with him back then because he was-is-my best friend. "He would never do that. Do you like it?" "I love it mom. not ever. He could leave me." "Okay. with a pretty . "No.

"You don't want to leave. This was going to be the hard part for me. holding the box in his hands. Bella. "I promise. I turned back around to finish placing my other books into the box. surprisingly." It wasn't a question. I just hoped that he could make the volturi never come find us." "I know you won't. I love it here. just a statement of the fact." she said with a smile. I will never let anything ever happen to you or Renesmee. but we'll be back.red bow. "It will be okay." he walked over to me and set the box down to pull my face up to his. I just don't want to leave here. "What?" I asked. Leaving the place that I'd never thought I could love. "Not particularly. I turned around to get the box of clothes that I still wanted from Edward. I promise. That seemed to be the activating curse when I came to the safe little own of Forks. my bad luck . or he could make my bad luck disappear. Washington." I admitted. but he was already there." "We'll come back." "Okay. After I finished packing mine and Edward's favorite books and CDs." She turned around and went back to her room to finish packing. but he was right. Maybe since I was going to be somewhere else. that nothing would go wrong anymore. maybe a century. Alice was leaning next to it with the keys in her hand. "I'm glad you like it. the sun came up. hanging my head. and looking at me with the same look I never understood." I knew Edward would make sure everything was ok. after a few decades.

I heard running in the distance." I said. "Edward. Carlisle said it's time to start moving out. I promise. I got to her room and she was sitting on her bed." she said. so I'll call Jacob while you get to your car with your stuff. It was the locket that Edward and I had given her for her first Christmas. I walked away from Edward to go tell Renesmee to hurry up. "I'll miss this place. "It's time to go though." I confessed." I smiled at myself as I repeated the same last six words that Edward said to me. "We can come back. Everything will be okay. but I didn't look up to see which of my brothers or sisters it was that was coming our way. "Just wondering if my bad luck will follow me wherever I go. Bella. content. It was Alice." she said. Or did it intensify when I started hanging out with vampires and werewolves? "Please tell me what you're thinking about?" he said impatiently. There was a knock at the door just then. and she was out the door." I looked up to see who came in the door." . Edward just replied. and instead of letting me go to answer the door. suitcase on the floor. "Thanks Alice. "Come in. looking at a picture in a locket. We will come back. I went over to her.would go away." she said in her high chipper voice. "Don't worry about it Bella. "See you guys back at the house." I just sighed and laid my head against his chest.

Alice. "Jake. I got to the back and took the keys to my Ferrari off the hook and tossed the keys to Edward's Volvo to him. so I didn't know . Carlisle and Esme were in his Mercedes. but it was just a peck. and he laughed at it. As we were running toward the house. I dialed the number and put the phone to my ear. I made a face. we're ready to go. We would probably have to stop to hunt somewhere. so get over here. "Okay. I grabbed the box of books and CDs and headed out the door. we could probably be there in about three days. and she looked like she was 17 or 18. It was probably like a week long drive with any normal persons driving. and Renesmee was in her camaro. Rosalie. "On my way Bells. "Hello?" he asked." She got up and left the room. I wondered how long it would take us to get to Connecticut. I'll go put my things in my car. Emmett was in his jeep. since she looked dead on Edward. it's me. He leaned down to kiss me. I went back into the living room and Edward was at the door waiting for me. he was my Jacob. me. We got in our cars and pulled around to the front. Carlisle's car was the first to pull out. I looked out my side windows and Jacob was sitting next to Renesmee in her car. I grabbed the cell phone out of my pocket to call Jacob. but with the speed we go. Alice was in her porche with Jasper. so Edward and I went to the back to get our cars." I told him. and I had to smile back. He picked up on the first ring. He saw me looking at him and smiled. He smiled my smile. Rosalie was in her red convertible with the top up. Renesmee.It always felt weird acting like a parent to Renesmee. He smiled at me and came over. They were all ready to go. and behind him followed Emmett. but with Charlie's curls. Since we all drove so fast." I hung up the phone and we were at the house. and Edward followed behind me.

. anything other than driving across the country. I picked up my cell hone and dialed speed dial number two. I had never let it get this bad. only when I was mad at him or when I was in trouble.how long it would take us. I almost killed the innocent and scared-looking human next to me. so I didn't call often. Chapter 8 This was a time when I wish I could sleep. I had to call Edward and tell him I had to hunt. After I filled my car up at the last gas station we were at. it felt like this was excruciatingly boring. I didn't call him often. Even though I never got tired. The burning hurt so bad now. "Bella?" Edward asked in a confused voice. I wish I could sleep just so that I would be able to do something else. We sped down the highway and I watched as Forks disappeared behind me. Which reminded me.

I wished I could sleep."Hi Edward. "A little. it was Alice this time..D." "Thanks. "In a few hours. when do we get to hunt?" she asked. I could wait that long. I looked at the caller I." "I love you too. it was Renesmee and I answered the phone." "Okay. Then the phone buzzed on the set next to me.D." she said and hung up. I tossed the phone onto the seat where I got it.. .. when is the next stop for hunting?" I asked. is it bad?" he asked. just a few hours." "Anytime. I looked at the caller I. I love you. Once again.. what about you?" "It's getting there. but I didn't like admitting any weakness I had. but I can manage. Can you hold on for a few hours?" "Yeah. I just don't want to take any chances around humans.. it shouldn't be long. we'll stop once we get through Wyoming." "Okay. "After we get into Wyoming." I said as I snapped the phone shut. *************************************************************** ************************* The phone buzzed again. "Yes Renesmee?" "Hey Momma.

" I warned her." I hissed."What is it Alice?" I asked. You know. and there's some good shopping. I stepped out of the car." "Fine. and I could see plenty of cattle over the other hills through the trees. we can go shopping after you hunt." I growled through the receiver." "Thank you Bella! You just made my day!" she squealed. and found Edward leaning on my bumper. I won't tell him. he's always saying how he wishes he had the same self-control you have. Renesmee and Rosalie would like that. We were surrounded by trees and hills. I looked in my mirror and saw Edward's puzzled look. and you will go hunting in about ten minutes. fine. to him and he smiled back at me his crooked smile. I mouthed the word Alice. I almost killed a human the last time we were at a gas station. but don't tell Edward that." "I really need to hunt first Alice. The grass was green. "Okay. . so I was wondering if you wanted to go with me. She could probably feel and see my stare because she smiled widely back at me. "Bye. "We're about to go into a city. How about after you hunt. "Bella. I need some new clothes and I know you do too. we're almost through the mountains. We reached our destination then. the one I knew so well because he wore it when he was trying to read my mind. You don't have to be ashamed. "Don't tell him Alice." I said and hung up. he would understand. I glared past the car in front of me into Jasper's rear view mirror and at Alice. I shuddered at the thought of having to resort to cows for a decent meal.

but we should probably go a little farther so we don't disrupt the cattle. "Edward? Edward what's wrong?" I asked in a panicky voice. can Jacob come?" she replied. What did this mean? "Did you cross his path?" Carlisle asked. ''There's another vampire around here." Jacob said. hand-in-hand with Jasper. Just then Jacob stepped through the trees. "That sounds like a good idea." Carlisle said. Alice danced over to me." he said. After he left. I could feel everyone else tense up when I did. but I was surprised to see him in his human form.'' Edward suggested. then sure. "Be right back. but it wasn't an animal. "No." Jacob said as he walked off into a thicker bunch of trees to phase. "Yeah. "If he doesn't feel like finding a fast-food restaurant or a minimart." I said. "Of course. smiling at Jacob when he rolled his eyes. "May we come?" she asked. "What's wrong?" Edward asked before I could. He was hunting too. I nodded and he took my hand and we walked over to Renesmee. ."Ready?" he asked. I looked up at Edward and his eyes were focused on something other than the scenery in front of him. "Do you want to hunt with us Renesmee?" he asked. how about we all hunt. I saw him before I smelled him. in fact.

Alice. We were in a little clearing now. and it was too late to save Mike. . Before anyone could answer the question. Angela. Renesmee. I recognized the face immediately. He stood up and wiped the blood from his lips with his hand. Jasper. his lips at the victim’s neck. Angela. The other three bolted and went back to the house. gesturing to us in groups." he explained. and this is my family. Mike was his victim. Rosalie. Carlisle stepped in front of me and spoke. Edward. They were all here for spring break. Bella. and all I felt like doing was ripping the marble creature in front of me to shreds. Esme. I ran after him." he said. and Jacob. I was horror struck. Ben and Mike. they were visiting Angela's uncle.Edward looked down at me with a horrified expression and bolted into the trees. "I'm Carlisle. and Ben are at that farmhouse we passed. I looked back to view the vampires behind me. "What?" I asked. Jessica. and caught up to him a second later. but I also saw Jacob in his wolf form. This was officially freaking me out. and in the middle was a male vampire cradling a lifeless white body. right next to Renesmee. what's going on?" I demanded. "Who are you?" he asked in a deep voice that was also majestic. The vampire looked up and stared at me for a long moment before turning his gaze to Edward. who was next to me. "It's your friends Jessica." he told me. They went hiking and Mike got caught. "What do you want?" the vampire asked cautiously. "The vampire that Jacob saw. Surely he had never seen a coven this big before or a werewolf either. and Emmett. "Edward.

Did you hope to hunt here?" "Not the humans. "I'm okay." he said sternly to me." the vampire replied in a patronizing tone."We were just passing through. I looked up to where I followed the sweet scent. I am a nomad. "Then what do you hunt?" the vampire asked curiously." I said. "I call it!" I whispered. I stopped in the middle of running. and we both smiled at each other. "Then leave in peace. I'd love to chat. "Animals.'' he said." he said." Carlisle said. After he was gone. "Could you stay away from the ones in the local farmhouse? We know them. Not live stock usually. "No." Carlisle said. "Mine. I looked at Edward. "Let's go hunt. There in the tree was a big mountain lion getting ready to pounce on a deer." Edward interjected. is this land?" Carlisle said peacefully. He turned around and turned in the other direction. "I'm sorry. ." The both of us ran off in the other direction and I could hear Renesmee follow behind with Jacob. why not. Edward pulled me to his side and whispered in my ear." "Well. I was just passing through as well. but there are a few more humans I'd like to get to. "Sure. but we hunt what is available.

and Edward stiffened beside me. The blood filled in my mouth and it eased the burning in my throat. I got behind him and sunk my teeth into his neck. "Mom. I went over to where Edward and Renesmee were standing. It turned around and growled at me while swinging its paws. I looked at him and he glared at me. backing up so that she was between and slightly behind me and Edward. After I was done. It tried to scratch me. I pushed his caucus off the tree limb and it fell to the ground with a thud. I finished the cat in a couple of minutes. "What are you doing here Jane?" he asked . I didn't see Jake anywhere. what's that?" Renesmee asked. He growled at me. I focused on the trees in front of me and saw what had Renesmee slightly worried. A small growl escaped my lips. but kept his voice calm when he spoke.I jumped onto the tree and jumped up on the same branch as the cat. "I called it first. but I was quicker. but I knew he was around here somewhere. Edward had just finished off a small elk. I called it and I got up in the tree faster." he gave in. I jumped down from the tree and looked to my side." I said. "Don't give me that. and Renesmee was finishing another." "Fine.

My shield stretched around the four of us like a rubber band. there was no way that Jane could find a leak through it. I'd never experienced it. I didn't know what she was thinking-only Edward knew that-but I knew from past experiences that I didn't want to find out the hard way.Chapter 9 Jane? What was she doing here? I saw her lurk her way to greet Edward and me. Renesmee. I didn't want to have to watch Edward. or Jacob writher in pain from her talent. but from watching Edward and other vampires. and it felt so strong. . it looked and sounded very painful. She walked straight up to Edward and me-glided was the proper word-with no one at her flanks or behind her. and I instantly wrapped my shield around everybody.

"What brings you here Jane?" Edward asked. but he probably knew that I had my shield around all of us. We still need to see how your daughter is doing in living with our way of life. I'm completely justified in being here. She laughed. Maybe a little scouting. losing his patience. "What do you mean by scouting. "Let me make my point. Alice stopped watching for visits from Italy. or Felix beside you. I had forgotten until now." I hissed at her. ." Jane started. It would be more than she deserved. then wouldn't the rest of the guard come too? Or at least wouldn't Alec. and I let a feral growl escape my lips. keeping calm in a dangerous situation." Edward and I answered at the same time. something I could never do. "Even if that was the case Isabella. But even if that was the case. Jane? Did Aro send you to do some of his dirty work? Or are you acting on your own? It's not very like you not to have Alec. but wouldn't she still see an official command? "Why exactly are you here?" Edward growled. "Just a little vacation. and Demetri be with her? Unless she was acting on her own cause. To see if Renesmee could grow and not be detected by humans. After Edward had talked us out of trouble last winter with the Volturi. "Has your daughter remained undated by the humans?" "Yes." she replied in her high girlish voice. She smiled at Renesmee then." she sneered back. Caius promised that the Volturi would be checking in on us. Felix. I was already ready to rip Jane into little pieces and dance around the place where she burned. but turned her gaze from Renesmee to me. For a minute I wondered why Edward didn't act as defensively as I did.

While you were hunting. I needed to ask him what she was really thinking." Edward answered."So there have been no problems?" Jane asked sweetly. "What?" Alice asked innocently. all seems to be working out. which made me want to rip her to pieces all the more quickly. "Tell you about it later. "None. Alice and Jasper emerged from the bushes in the direction I was facing. There was some other reason why Jane was here. "Carlisle says it's time to get back on the road. but I didn't want to do it with . I could sense that he knew that she was up to something else too. and I tightened my shield. A few seconds later. As Edward ran beside me. I knew it. Edward. I guess I have no work to do. we're coming. unless she didn't mind being ripped to pieces. "Nice seeing you again. I didn't recognize who it was right away. She laughed and backed away from the scene. She smiled at me." I told her. "Well. She wanted to know how many bedrooms to paint." I said in a final tone. What is it?" I asked. you can relax. They ran ahead of us and Renesmee followed before Edward and me. After she was gone. Esme went to the hard wear store to get supplies for restoring the new house for us." "Thanks Alice. "Nothing. "Why so tense?" Jasper asked." I growled at her when she used my full name. and I said five." she said sadly. "What about the shape-shifters?" "The wolves are still are allies. I heard running behind me. so I turned around and sank into a crouch. It was smart of her." Edward hissed. Isabella.

" My mind went blank." he said. "What about her?" I asked hesitantly. and you could see by the brightness of everyone's eyes that they had all taken this opportunity to hunt. We were on the freeway before the insane silence was driving me crazy. It was obvious that he had already asked Edward the same thing. "I want to marry her." ''That’s what he said. I thought that he would have started talking about whatever was bothering him before." "Whatever it is. you have to run it by Edward too. "What is it Jacob?" I asked. but I couldn't take it anymore. I would drag this out of him if I had to. I needed to wait until it was just me and him. but before I could start the engine. We had about a day until we reached the university. I didn't know if Jacob knew this or not. I unlocked the door and he climbed in the seat.Renesmee or anyone else around. "What Jake?" I asked. but was that the reason why Edward was so tense before? Why would he not tell me that Jacob was going to ask me? He probably didn't want me to freak out. we need to talk. I started the car and took off after the people in front of me. Jacob was leaning in through my passenger window. "Let me ride with you. We got back to the cars a second later. "I want permission. so we weren't going to be stopping until we got there. but . We got back in our cars." he muttered." he said. "It's about Renesmee. "What about Renesmee needs our permission?" I asked.

seeming as though he wanted to marry my daughter that he had only known for a few months. but the next morning. Renesmee was supposed to be slowing in her aging. After that. So was I ready for this? More importantly. Jacob saw her with new eyes. Was I ready to let my only child ever to get married? Was I ready to let her go? Chapter 10 Jacob was quiet for the rest of the ride. He didn't complain about food stops or bathroom stops.still. and they spent every moment possible together. He probably didn't want to get on my nerves. She amazes everyone. but she is a force unlike no other. so it really surprised us all when she started growing really fast again. was Renesmee ready for . She was just her normal self when Edward and I put her to bed that night. she woke up and locked like she was seventeen.

" she was saying." "I know. and then talk to her about. "The workers just re-painted and re-furnished everything. We walked beside Alice and Jasper as Carlisle and Esme led the was up the new porch steps. We pulled into the meadow and everything came to a stop. I just don't think she's ready for it.'' "Thanks Bells.this? Jacob was still looking out the window when he finally spoke. "Nothing. Jacob was the first one out of the car. was a light blue color." "Well. and I will talk to Edward. let her go to high school. There is no problem." ." "What's wrong with me and Renesmee?" "Nothing. Edward was already there. I followed the car in front of me into a long drive that looked oddly familiar to the old one. She needs to go to high school. but instead. and when I opened my door to get out. waiting to take mine. holding his hand out. "I've been having this house restored for a while. "What's wrong Bella?" he asked." As I said this. with a yard big enough to put another house in front of the one that was already there. Had Esme done this to make us all feel more at home? It took less than a second to get to the house that I thought was going to be white. The house was three stories. I really do love her. and does she even know about this?" "I hadn't talked to her about it yet. I took his hand and stepped out of the car. with a black tiled roof.

." Esme trailed off.. and on the other end. Edward saw me. From the way the furniture was arranged. It was like the same room that Edward and I had shared when we had our small cottage. it swung all the way open so that the room was entirely visible. I opened the door. Esme probably mailed the workers photos of what the other house looked like. everyone except Renesmee. I looked up at him. and smiled at me with my favorite crooked smile. Edward looked at out of the corner of his eye and I smiled because I could tell what he and what everyone else was thinking. I saw Rosalie and Emmett exchange a glance at each other and watched Alice and Jasper do the same thing. The rooms are in the same place as they were in the old house. It reminded me of mine and Edward's honeymoon." he said. All at once.and feathers. then Edward and I were headed up to the third floor.We were in the front door. to the color and texture of the carpet. He took my hand and we walked to the door. Jacob... It was hardwood floored with a big white bed and canopy. was mine and Edward's room. At the end of the hall was Carlisle's office most likely. wondering who should open it. We were the first ones to the stairs and were all the way up in less than a second. Everything looked very familiar. I couldn't help but smile. Carlisle and Esme raced up the stairs. and everything looked exactly like the old house.. If Esme was right about all the rooms being in the same place as they were in the last house. "Everything should be in order. "Go ahead.. He could read the questions on my face easy enough.

. "About Isle Esme. His hands braided into my hair.Chapter 11 What are you thinking about this time?" he asked. when I felt . because he would have knocked the breath out of me." His lips were suddenly on mine and it was a good thing I didn't need to breathe..and feathers.

''Aro wants her like he wants you. "She does the opposite of what you can do. I turned around to see Alice standing with he mouth open in a gasp. Aro made a decision to act on his own." she said. "Why do they want Renesmee?" Edward asked. "Renesmee." "For what?" I said. "Alice?" I asked. If I was human I would have fainted. I had seen it many times before. only now he just wants Renesmee." . He's coming with Jane. I didn't know who it was. "The Volturi. What good would she do?" he asked." It hit me like a wrecking ball. Aro probably wants her as a trophy. but I turned around to look when Edward lifted his face up. "They're coming. me. so know I was wondering what she was seeing in the future. and she's the only one of her kind that has a special talent.someone standing behind me." I said. There really was no end to it was there? I couldn't understand why te Volturi would still want Renesmee. "What is it Alice?" he asked. "She's rare. and I didn't want it to be that close again. I knew the look in her eyes." "But she can’t do anything that would be helpful in battle. "Who?" Edward and I said at the same time. It was very close to a real war the last time the Volturi came to visit us. and Bella.

" Edward answered. She walked over to me and placed her hand on my cheek. "I'm going to go talk to Carlisle. What do I do? "I need to ask Edward and Jacob about that." He darted out of the room while Renesmee asked me another silent question. "Yes. I would have yelled at her and make her use the door. She never shuddered when she touched one of us or when we touched her-she was so used to the cold temperature of our skin. Allot of questions came out of her mind at the same time. What do we do? "We get prepared." Alice went to the window and jumped. All three of us spun around to see Renesmee wide eyed with a suspicious look on her face. I want Renesmee to stay inside for right now." . I want their opinion. all with confusion. If we weren't in the present situation where everything needed to be done as fast as possible." I answered her." "Do you want me to go get Jacob?" Alice asked. The one question that was the loudest and the mot frequent was what does Aro want? "You. Are we going to be okay? "I hope so."Aro wants what?" another voice asked.

We walked down the stairs. Are they really coming here?" he asked. so why are they coming?" Carlisle asked. "I say we have Alice watch for the Volturi's next move." Horror struck in Jacob's eyes as he heard the whole vision as Alice explained it. "But she can’t do anything in battle. and what they will do." Esme commented. I walked in and found every vampire-except for Alice and my self-seated around the table. so why would they want her?" Jasper added. while Alice keeps watch?" Rosalie snapped. then they must have some reason to come. "So what do we do in the meantime. Alice saw it. "Yes. Rosalie can go to college with Emmett. Alice followed behind me as I walked into the dining room-which was used more as a conference room-to figure out what Edward and Carlisle planned to do with the situation. I let go of Renesmee's hand as she walked over to Jacob to hug him. . don't mess with me. "She hasn't done anything wrong. "Aro wants her like she wants Edward and Alice." I replied. "Bella. and Jacob was waiting at the bottom. Jacob. "I say we go on with the normal charade. To see when they will come." I said. I can keep watch over Renesmee while she goes to high school with Jacob.She removed her hand from my face and switched to my hand. "If they are here because of Renesmee." Edward said. "So what's the plan?" Emmett was saying. discussing the problem at hand.

" "So that means I'm back in high school. "Renesmee's a freshman while the rest of us are sophomores." Edward said. "What rate are you starting out in?" Carlisle asked. Although I knew it was only play fighting. "Fine." we said at the same time." Alice sighed." Esme said. smiling. We all cleared away from the table and Edward walked over to me and took my hands. School starts in two months. "Back to high school."I thought you were going to be enrolled in Dartmouth. "Please guys?" Emmett begged again. It won't kill me. "I'm in high school again. . The fifth time I did that. although the curriculum is probably going to be familiar no matter what school you go to. come on! Jasper's going hunting and I'm bored. want to wrestle?" Emmett called. Bella. whenever Emmett had Edward in a chokehold or head-lock. "It's settled then." he commented. "Renesmee needs protection now. "You're free to go to college. ''Hey. too. I would growl and make him stop. "Oh. The three of us went out back. and I can go to college in a couple of years." I said." he replied. and Emmett was the first one to start the fighting. Bella can referee. "Later Emmett." Edward said." "Since when did I volunteer?" I asked. Edward." Edward muttered.

it was a good place to think. As long as she wanted him. . I rembered all the times Jake and I had together while I was human. It was perfect. This new setting seemed allot like the hold house. it was always too close to call. and decided that he was the exactly right kind of person-well werewolf. while also thinking about when I should talk to Jacob about his upcoming plans for his and Renesmee's futures. I thought about the kind of husband he would make for Renesmee. I went down to the river to watch the water flow. I would be okay. Some of them good. but still-for her. and as long as he was good to her.Emmett had to call Jacob in to take my place. It always gave me some peace. about wanting to marry Renesmee. I laughed every now and then at the playful growls coming from the wrestling in the new back yard. most of them bad. No one ever really won a match. I thought hard. I thought about what Jacob had said. Chapter 12 I watched the river flow peacefully. We were surrounded by forest and there were plenty of land for everyone here.

I could hear the ominous footsteps move thought the last bush behind me. Alec stood there facing me with a perplexed expression on his face. A few more vampires entered the area that I was backed up to. but after seeing the potency of Jane's talent. you referee. and he was not alone. I had a feeling I didn't want to experience it first hand. as if he were waiting for something or someone else. Venom flowed in my mouth as I prepared to defend myself and run if necessary. There were now five vampires on the river bank." Jacob was saying. He turned his head back to me. I spun around and into a defensive crouch. I barley noticed the almost-silent stalking behind me. He looked back into the trees. "Hello." I laughed out loud at the conversation that the play fighting had brought on. you can’t call his side if you’re the referee!" I heard Emmett yell in the distance." he said."Hey. "I can pick sides all I want. I thought about stretching my shield out from myself completely so that I could mentally call for Edward. "If you're upset about it. I tried my best to suppress a growl. not entirely succeeding. hoping if they did. The play fighting continued in the Cullen’s' back yard. Isabella." "Fine! Edward. I had heard these types of movements before. After ruling out calling . so that she was about five feet away from me. and they sounded oddly familiar. The silent creeping got closer to me and all my muscles locked up. but I was also ready to spring at what I knew was coming if an attack was needed-which it probably was. learned to fight to defend myself and my family from them. that it wouldn't be destroyed. and smiled. Carlisle and Esme were deciding whether or not to put a gazebo in the back yard. The vampire took a few more steps forward. Jane came to stand beside her brother with Felix and Demetri flanking both their sides. I could hear Alice and Rosalie discussing wardrobe and make-up with Renesmee. you and I can go.

"Now that you see that the Cullen’s have kept good to their word. and that I am under control. "I also saw him last at my wedding. that my daughter has been maintained. but I heard about the one who killed the human you knew. That was the last time anyone in Forks heard from me. The Volturi guard obviously wanted me. I could see Edward focusing intently on Jane and Felix out of the corner of my right eye. I especially didn't want to involve Edward or Renesmee in this. when I was human." Jane answered in her childlike voice. almost making the words a growl. I wouldn't mind if Emmett or Jasper or Rosalie came to help me. "Aro just wanted to see how you were doing. it was just making me nervous to have to be in this position for so long. "What do you want?" I growled after a few seconds of watching the guard stare at me.for help." "What about your father?" She had me there. I could see Emmett focusing on the other two vampires out of my other eye. too sweet. Bella. "The last time you hunted we ran into each other. "Are you sure that the Cullen’s have remained inconspicuous?" Jane asked. The Volturi were still . I decided it was best not to involve my family in this. why don't you leave?" I asked. I was still crouched in the same position. but I tried not to show it. Edward and Emmett flashed to my sides. I hadn't improved my lying skills after I became immortal. Are you sure he didn't know about your recent changes?'' "The last time I saw him alive was at my wedding." "So then why are you here?" Just at that moment. He sends his regards to all the Cullen’s. It didn't irritate or cause me pain. so right now I hoped Alice saw me in trouble.

I almost waited for the screaming to start. Edward and I were crouched in defensive positions. I felt Edward's hand on my shoulder. with an angel's smile on her face she stared at Emmett intently." Alec said. Jane's serious face went to sweet and angelic. I didn't say anything and neither did Emmett. The Volturi guard turned around and walked-more like glided-away ever so gracefully. "Aro would very much like to see you two again." Emmett said with a grin. Emmett. and I felt the tension in the atmosphere loosen." the three of us said at once. but I remembered the shield around the three of us. I straightened up out of my crouch and breathed again." "We may visit you. "Relocation. It would be interesting to have more than one Cullen in Volterra at one time. "Did your coven expose us?" "No. I didn't try to resist what I felt this time." Edward said from between his teeth.'' "Is that so?" Edward said. but it didn't calm me like it usually did. After a few minutes. Edward. Edward.the only ones standing. I immediately extended my shield around my brother and my husband. Her talent hit my shield like a baseball coming toward it. I let the vicious growl slip between my teeth and rumble in my chest. The smile on Jane's face disappeared and the only expression there was now was clear frustration. but Edward just nodded. It was like swallowing flames. He is especially interested in your daughter. I was about to turn to Edward when I . Edward and Emmett stood up next to me. "I guess we should tell Aro that the Cullen’s have kept their word. Bella. "Yes. Bella. and my eyes were probably a darker gold now. and I was sure they were nowhere near us.

and Carlisle got a job in the nearby hospital. We thought Renesmee's growth was supposed to slow down. and I was in a half crouch when Renesmee and Jacob broke through the trees." Edward answered. Alice. but I felt I needed to sit down. Jacob. Are you guys okay? Was the question that was screaming out of her head? "We're fine. and Jasper were going on to college. coming toward us. I stiffened up again. Like he read my mind. Edward. Renesmee. pulling her to his other side. "What happened?" Renesmee asked. to go on with our normal-however normal we are-lives. I didn't like showing any weakness. I didn't feel like I was going to faint. Rosalie. Emmett. Since we started school in September that would mean Renesmee's birthday was coming up. I burred my face into his chest. and she was going to stop growing after this mark-hopefully. Chapter 13 Edward had made it very clear that the Volturi were not kidding around when they said that Aro wanted one of us." I nodded against his side. and if I was human I would be breaking down. or something. but after a week or so . fear blazing in her eyes and her voice. We made a plan to lie low. she was going to be a year old. Edward put his arm around me and pulled me to his side. This was one of those times when I was glad that I was a vampire-I couldn't cry. and I were going to go back to high school in a month. "We need to watch our backs from now on. right behind Alice. Renesmee walked over to us and put one hand on each of our cheeks. or rest.heard more running.

or the measures Alice would go to make sure I had a good time. it was August twelve. and tomorrow was mine and Edward's oneyear wedding anniversary. Knowing Edward. Now what do you want?" . "I'll make you a deal mom. so I was having Jacob and Edward figure it out for me. "I'll tell you what I want for my birthday. Alice did. thinking of the things Edward would do or get for me. Jacob kept asking her what she wanted although he was annoying her. The only occasion I was planning on celebrating was Renesmee's birthday. But the month wasn't just centered on Renesmee's birthday-however badly I wanted it to be. He had known better than to ask me what I wanted for an anniversary gift. since it was supposed to be a few years before she looked our age. she started growing unexpectedly again. I didn't know what she wanted for her presents. I had become a vampire three days after Renesmee was born. too. Edward and Alice planned to celebrate it the day of my actual human birthday-although I no longer was human. In truth. but in a matter of months." she smiled. But before any of the birthdays could commence. but I knew he was asking everybody what they would think I would like." "Fine. I was nervous the entire month of August." "I'll tell you what I would like if you tell me first. and Edward was keeping tabs on her thoughts. if you tell me what you want for your anniversary." "Your dad put you up to this. she looked old enough to pass for seventeen. it was probably going to be something elaborate like a second honeymoon. I felt cheated. or a new engine boost for my car or something like that. What I want for my birthday is a new laptop. I was going to be a year old.after our encounter with the entire Volturi. didn't he?" "No. I hadn't even thought about the date until Renesmee came up to me and wanted to talk.

"Hey." "Fine." Rose said. "Oh. "What are you guys doing?" "Bella!" they both exclaimed at the same time. "No one ever hears you coming. go report back to your dad. Rose whirled around gracefully and Alice stood up out of her chair. I went up to Alice's room and found Alice and Rosalie playing with Alice's touch screen computers for designing clothes. she'll rip my throat out. "How did you not hear me coming?" I asked." I growled under my breath and decided to let he leave."I don't want anything for my birthday or for my anniversary. "Fine." I sighed. "I'm not telling. and then you can go to the movies. a locket with a picture of you and Jacob on one side and a picture of me and Edward on the other. and then remembered something I wanted to ask her before she got away. "How did you not see me Alice?" I asked. Happy?" "Yes." "Come one. "You made a last minute decision. where I guess was where Edward and his brothers were. She danced out of the room and headed out to the garage." "Thank you!" she squealed. dad won't let me go to the movies with Jake until I completed this mission for him. thank you." she said. what are you doing?" . what are you Aunt Alice getting me?" I asked.

"Edward over heard you talking about a wrestling match." "Just go pick out your first day of school outfit." "Good." "I may not be a good liar. I looked at Edward-more like glared-and growled. "I love you Bella. like Edward."Nothing. And I can bribe Emmett. and Jasper did. now out." Emmett said. I was the only one besides Rosalie who didn't have the abilities to cheat." I said. "What?" I asked suspiciously." "I'm going." "How can you bribe Emmett?" Rosalie asked. and I'm accepting. but I have Edward to answer the questions. He didn't flinch or anything." "I can keep a secret. I left the room at her request and headed down the stairs to find Edward and Emmett at the bottom. he just smiled a huge smile. Rose . "He's been dying for a wrestling partner that doesn't cheat. because he wouldn't last a week with not having someone to fight with who didn't cheat. waiting for me. School starts September first this year. You can't tell her. but you are not scary.'' "We're taking care of Renesmee's birthday gift. "Traitor. It's a back to school dress. I won't bother you for a month. I laughed out loud." Rose said." he said." Emmett pleaded. if you win. Alice. I can make him that offer. but I know you Alice. "Come on Bella.

and Carlisle and Esme were always busy. but the way they moved with mine. later!" I ran in the direction of the house. his lips found mine. He chuckled at the fact that he was able to scare me even now. I'm busy. they felt soft." I agreed. and I didn't hear him. So Emmett always turned to me. Before Emmett could even register that I was ready.never wanted to mess up her hair. They were stone and eager. I ran into my room and to my smaller closet to set aside clothes for the first day of school. and had his arm behind his back. I almost jumped three feet in the air. "Again!" Emmett snarled. I was off the ground. Edward came in behind me. giving up. There was no other happiness in the world to me than being with Edward at these times. then Alice would be pissed for not following her directions when it came to clothes. before either one of them could pounce on me. We went out back again. . "Nope. If I didn't. When his lips were at my neck." Edward called. "Fine. only I was the one to crouch down and get ready to spring. I was in a world of bliss. I turned around and his arms wrapped around me. "Bella wins.

" Alice growled. We were walking at . but Alice wanted me to get him something more then tickets-and because I wanted to be with Edward right now more than here. Today I was supposed to be with Edward all day. "Shopping or my anniversary?" "Both. we left for the local mall at one in the morning. Edward knew that I was gone.Chapter 14 "You are never excited when you should be. but since Alice knew that I needed to go shopping for him." Alice complained. but he didn't know that I was shopping for him. "About what?" I snapped. So I was in a bad mood because Alice wouldn't let me get him something simple like concert tickets-one of our favorite music artists was coming to this town.

He looked at my hands. and the sales man dropped his clipboard and stared at the sight of the two of us. all the human males stared at me. I need tickets for the Debussy concert." I handed him the bill. handing me the tickets. "Hi." Alice gave in. so that I wouldn't sound pissed off or too scary. with their mouths wide open. "How many?" he asked. "Fifty dollars is your total. and his face fell. "I'll feel bad for Renesmee when she starts high school in a few weeks. We reached the ticket counter. they sensed something dangerous about me and Alice. and their eyes on every part of our bodies. my left hand on my right. "Here you go." I told him. "Can I please just get him the concert tickets?" I pleaded. but he tried to hide it. Another reason why I was in a bad mood.a very slow speed-could humans walk any slower?-toward a ticket counter now. and I already had the proper amount ready. The females were the smart ones. "H-h-h-ow can I help you?" he asked. I put both my hands on the counter in front of me. "Fine." I said. But the males just stared at the two of us as we walked around the mall." I said. "Two. I tired to make my voice soft." he said. He turned around and got two tickets out of the drawer and turned back to me. I knew the price. making sure my wedding ring was in clear view. . and walked away before he could give me a receipt. It looked like he was about to fall over the counter.

"Can we go home now?" I pleaded. "Don't you have to get Renesmee a birthday present?" she asked. "No, Edward got her the laptop yesterday; it's hiding under our bed." "Fine." We left the mall and got home in a matter of seconds. I walked up the stairs from the garage and heard Edward playing my lullaby. I walked to him by the black grand piano. It was on a raised platform, so even though he was sitting down, Edward's head was at the same height as mine. I rested my head on his shoulder as I sat next to him and waited for the song to end. i saw him smile out of the corner of my eye, but he didn't stop playing. When the song did end, he turned toward me so that each leg was on one side of the bench. "Welcome home," he said as he kissed me. I kissed him back for a few seconds, but when his lips moved to my neck, I took the opportunity to surprise him. "I have something for you," I said. He stopped kissing me and looked at my face. "You didn't have to get me anything," he said with his crooked smile. "I know, but if you got me something and I didn't get you anything, we would be out of balance." "Fine, I give up." "Good, because I have something you are going to love." "What?" I pulled the concert tickets out of the pocket of my jacket and fanned them in front of our faces.

"Concert tickets?" he asked in a surprised voice. "I knew you wanted to see Debussy-" I started to say, but was interrupted by another kiss. It was a few minutes before he let me breath. "Thank you," he said. "You’re welcome," I told him. "Can I show you your present now?" he pleaded. I sighed; maybe it wouldn't be so bad. "Sure," I allowed. He didn't say anything; he just pulled my hand off of the bench, and walked in the direction of the garage. I had a feeling it had something to do with my car. He still didn't say anything. He dropped my hand and walked over to a few of the cabinets where we kept some money and where Rosalie kept her car tools. He pulled out a big box, and I suddenly felt scared about what was in there. He handed me the box and said, "Happy anniversary." I opened the lid, and there were two books and a smaller box on top of them. The two books were new hard-cover copies of Wuthering Heights and Romeo and Juliet. I pulled out the smaller box and opened it. Sitting on pink lace, was a sliver, heart shaped locket. There was an engraving on the cover that said All In My Heart. I opened the locket, and on the left side was a picture of Jacob and Renesmee, on the right, was a picture pf me and Edward. If I had a breath, I would have been breathless. It was beautiful, and I didn't think I wanted anything for my anniversary. "Do you like it?" Edward asked softly. "I love it. It's so pretty. The books are cool too." "I'm glad." I set the box on the hood of Emmett's jeep and turned to kiss Edward. It was a few minutes, and his arms wrapped around me in a tight hug. I rested my head on his shoulders.

"Thank you," I whispered. "I love you," he whispered back. "I love you too." Perhaps I could learn to like holidays. Especially my anniversary. Nothing could ruined the life I had here with Edward and my family. I was too happy and too content. Everything was perfect.

Chapter 15
Maybe not everything was perfect. I still had high school to attend...again. No one was looking forward to starting school, except for Rosalie. It was her first time at Dartmouth, so she was happy. It was a cloudy Monday morning, and the weather wasn't much different from Forks, Washington. I woke up Renesmee at six after I was already dressed. After I woke her up I went to go hunting. She didn't seem very enthusiastic about it, but I told her to give it a try. She said she would, so I left the house to go hunting. *************************************************************** ************************ Renesmee (p.o.v) "Renesmee. Honey, time to wake up,'' my mom whispered in my ear. I didn't say anything, I just moaned. "Time to get up. Come on, first day of high school." "I don't want to, dad can tutor me," I complained.

I got dressed and after my hair was brushed and my make-up done. I'll be back later. "Your dad wouldn't stop him. and I don't think you want him dragging you out of bed. "Sure. I'm going hunting. while I and Jacob were going to be freshman or freshmeat as he put it. but I wasn't going to ask. Honestly. the rest of the time I preferred the blood of animals.'' She didn't say anything. what do you want?" "Eggs. my breakfast. she just smiled and giggled as she left the room. I just hoped it was appropriate for school. why did I have to go to high school? I already knew almost everything. They were posing as sophomores with Alice. I went downstairs to see my dad. I picked out the outfit that Alice had labeled first day of school." "Can you have dad make me some breakfast?" I asked before she could get out the door. sitting up in bed right away. and a pink. My dad had been through high school lots of times. Yes. I will go get Emmett." she threatened. My parents had said that if I wanted to go to college then I would have to go to high school first. I didn't know what it meant. and this was my moms second time through it. I just shook my head back and forth." she said. "You wouldn't. It sometimes felt weird to be the only one in the house that ate actual food." I said. off the shoulder shirt with spaghetti straps. It wasn't as good as human blood. ruffled mini-skirt."If you don't get up. and it was a white. I got out of bed. and he had his back to me. I was going to wear it. I took it out of the garment bag. but I didn't want . "I'm up. Eggs was the only thing I ate. cooking my breakfast. I went in the kitchen." "Good. and walked over to my closet that my Aunt Alice constantly stocked with new clothes. He was over the stove. Uncle Emmett dragging me out of bed was the last thing I wanted.

or he was too busy cooking. I . He turned around then." "How did you sleep?" he asked as I dug into my breakfast. but since I had been called that since birth-Jake. My dad didn't want to be a monster. made the nickname for me. Alice told me it like ten times. "Good morning. His mouth twitched at the corners. "Fine." he defended himself." he answered with a crooked smile. during our honeymoon. and he followed Carlisle. golden eyes. ''Yeah. and I agreed with him. but I could see it in his liquid. "Force of habit." he said. My dad didn't turn around when I entered the kitchen." was all I could say. I followed after my dad's view of it. Why does mom laugh every time I tell her I want eggs to eat?" I never understood why she smiled whenever I sometimes said that. I was going to see if Jake was awake yet. "She was human when we got married. "Hey dad. I better give up anyway." I finished my breakfast and shoved away from the table. ''Do you know your schedule?" he asked me. "Oh. Carlisle did it because he had a conscience. like he was trying hard not to smile. she ate allot of eggs. "Good. It still didn't stop me from glaring at my father.to be that kind of person. so I guessed he didn't hear me. if not. Nessie. my other half. I didn't like being called that. and he was the one who started the whole idea of a vampire "vegetarian" diet." I said. so I only let him use it-I figured that I'd better give up on changing it. I was going to drag him out of bed. after scooping up the scrambled eggs and putting them on a plate.

along with sixth period P. looking to see if we had any classes together. Jake had both of our schedules in his hands. we got out of the car and joined my parents and Alice while walking onto campus. but they should be ready. some were concrete. because before I could knock on the door. and Edward. and science fifth period. "Ready.was just as strong as he was.'' he said. all seven feet of him. and first period English." he agreed. I ran up the stairs and knocked on his door. she opened it and stepped out. I have to go get Bella. but I guess it's not so bad. chipper voice. ''It was bad enough the first four years and now I have to do it all over again. Alice. I ran downstairs one flight to Alice's room." "Let's go. they loaded into the Volvo while I and Jake went in my camaro. and some were in portable classrooms. Just then the door opened and he was in front of me. "Ready for school?" I asked. "Let's get Bella and Edward. "Yes. She heard me. but she might hear me." “Kay.E. I had history fourth period." After we got my parents. and knocked on the door. for a small-is town. Some of the buildings were brick. She wouldn't see me coming." he said. geometry second period. "Jake. The only classes I had with my parents were my . are you up?" I asked." she said in her high. After he was done looking over our schedules. as long as I have some classes with you. The campus was big. "We have third period Spanish together.

We walked through the door. period. Chapter 16 Renesmee P. he reached out and slapped my butt as I passed him. there was never any sun-the boy next to him snickered at him. I was only scared of two voices when they were furious in this world." the boy stuttered. it was mostly males. "O-o-h-okay. and I will take your entire arm off. since this place was like Forks. and .P. "Sorry. Jake spoke in a voice so low that only me and the boy could hear." he said to me.O. with very few females. "Touch her again. Jake gave him one good. I simply nodded once. or stares from the boys. As I walked passed a boy with black hair and tan skin-which must have been a spray tan. The bell rang and Jacob and I headed to our first period class. and to my astonishment. and charm-thanks to the fact that they were vampires-it was very easy to get the same classes with each other. Jake looked furious. looks. just irritated me. Just then. I rolled my eyes as I walked to my seat. The second it took me to walk in the door. while the boy looked terrified. whether they were glares of jealousy. Since my family had a way with money. long glare. Both Jake and my dad had perfected voices that sounded very threatening and menacing when they spoke while they were pissed off.E." he warned. They had all of their classes together and Alice was with them.V. I could tell it was going to be a long day. their faces inches apart. and we all had lunch the same period. I turned and saw Jacob with one hand on his shoulder. all the eyes in the classroom were on me. I was about to turn around and glare at him-it didn't hurt.

and I already didn't like her.'' We stopped talking because the teacher was about to begin her first day of school lecture.." she said. Great. I noticed I had another class with the boy named Ron. "Are you okay?" Jake whispered in my ear. She started calling roll. and I hated every second of it. "Nessie. and he put the two of us next to each other. Sadly I had to sit next to him. my fourth period history. and I could also sense Jake glaring back too." I replied automatically.. Class passed by very boringly. I might as well get used to it. my teacher had organized a seating chart. Reneesm. I would have to talk to my parents about "home-schooling" me. and I learned that the name of the boy who had hit me was named Ron Green ham. there goes my good day. She came to my name. "Renesmee. Maybe my dad would make an exception to the ." “Kay. just irritated. Renesmee. and the class rules. Just the normal procedure of what we had to expect of the year to come. whose name was Adam. I glared back. "Do you go by something shorter?" she asked. She moved on and finished calling the other students' names. "Re-renees. "Fine. After the first class ended. the rest of the day passed slowly. but she needed help pronouncing it. especially because the other students were snickering because of the complexity it seemed to have. They probably wouldn’t listen though. and the boy named Ron turned to stare at me. Her name was Mrs." I said. He quickly turned his head to the boy sitting next to him. hating to have to say it loud and clear. She told us to get to know one other person in the class. we started walking to the very back of the classroom. Lee.when the teacher came into the room.

"You are to begin . and he will tear your arm off your body. What their name is. I groaned to myself. "Well. I thought this was history. The teacher looked to his seating chart to find my name. Then my teacher. I doubted anyone wanted to know who I really was. Will you listen to the instructions?" he said. "So.. That would take care of the pervert. was the ability to give death glares.'' I also heard him mutter the word damm under his breath-that made me smile. I noticed-said something that made my smile turn into a shocking stare." he explained.Mr. "What do you want?" I snapped. To answer the teacher's question I simply nodded. "How does this relate to history?" I asked. "You will be working with the person I paired you with for the next week for a human studies project. I hoped I wouldn't have to explain anything to him or my mom at lunch next period. what they like. "Is that other guy your boyfriend or something?" he asked. Looking through the eyes of others to check up on me while I was in class. "The instructions are simple. I turned slowly to glare at him. but I swear I saw the boy next to me smile and laugh a little. Haw worth.non-human diet for me.. That assumption brought me to raise my hand.you're Nessie?" he asked. One thing I inherited from my dad. and who they really are. I would scare everyone to death. it was probably the vampire part of me. You are to spend the next week researching the person next to you. I could only imagine my dad." "Oh. "Jacob is my boyfriend." I was now very confused. I really got pissed when he started talking to me though. Miss Cullen. human studies does have a little to do with history. not being careful enough to use a friendly voice with the irritating human.

Good luck. "What is your full name?" he asked. Hopefully this human would leave me alone after this. I didn't want things to get violent. I will give you the rest of the class time to get started. or a simple oral presentation. art. Maybe my human side was becoming more dominant. Film. "This is due a week from today. a task I didn't feel excited to do with my partner." the teacher continued. Why did I have to come to this school? Why are my parents putting me through this? Why did I have to sit next to this annoying human who obviously had a crush on me? A human who didn't rejecter that I was supposed to be dangerous." I said sarcastically. Ten more minutes and I could be with Jake and the ones I loved." I now officially HATED this teacher. Human’s registered that my parents and everyone else in my family-except for Carlisle-were dangerous. You may use any medium of explanation you want for the group presentation. . The rest of the class turned to their partners and started getting to know each other. "So. partner. Just ten more minutes I thought to myself. But this was the first human I met that didn't stare at me like I was a freak. "Do you want me to start?" "Why not. Great.today. he would ask me questions and I would have to answer." the twit in question asked.

V. My middle name is spelled C-a-r-l-i-e. how I pronounced it. I wouldn't need Alice to see him asking that question. People wondered about my name.O.Chapter 17 Renesmee P. How I got it." I answered in a dead voice. the names of my grandfathers. so I acted quickly to answer his question. "Renesmee Carlie Cullen. but I loved it just the same. A mix of Carlisle and Charlie. I could see it on my own. I almost forgot about the human next to me. they're my two grandmother's names mixed together." . It was a unordinary name. "My first name is a mixture of Renee and Esme. "How did you get it?" he asked.

" Jake complained. My dad . he was the only one of us who actually ate human food.'' "You're half human. It meant we were Cullen’s. He took our hands and kissed mine. She always tried to make me feel better. I noticed they weren't wearing their wedding rings. but then I saw the chain around both of their necks. "How was class?" Edward asked. She was the best mom ever. "Let’s go. and I got up before I could answer his question. Our entire conversation was so quiet and fast that no one would be able to hear. We walked to the cafeteria. "I might have to have Jake rip his arms off. you're some-what normal. At least no humans could hear. My mom was also wearing a symbol with a lion under a hand and three clovers." he called as I left the room. I just thought it was weird sometimes." I said as I took Jake's hand. We were a family. Be happy. My parents didn't mind if I called them by their names. they both had their rings on chains." Bella said. "Were you eavesdropping?" I asked. My dad had his arm around my mom's waist and she had her arm around his."Your favorite color?" he asked. "Of course. and got food for the sake of the charade." "Then you know it was terrible and annoying. "See you." I muttered. "I'll tell you tomorrow. so you don't seem as scary. and that symbolized it. Just then the bell rang. I would have to get used to him fast. I'm starving. I had a necklace like it too. All the guys in the family had arm bands and the girls had necklaces. I got out the door and my parents were waiting against the wall with Jacob." I said. "Hey.

I knew that the scent was probably causing him pain. a slight breeze blew by her. She was bone pale. but that wasn't what alerted me. I turned around to wear the smell was coming from. As he said this. "I just wished I couldn't hear some of the vile thoughts of some humans. and Edward. "He didn't tell you?" I said as I nodded toward my dad.'' The three vampires laughed. she picked up her pace. Alice. Contacts. but he was used to vampire scent.'' "I thought it was pretty funny when Jake almost ripped his arm off. a human walked passed our table. He was already finished with his own tray. I felt Jake tense up in his chair. "Oh. As she walked by. but not one I recognized." Edward muttered. It was the scent of a vampire.found us a table on the far side of the building so that no one would bother us. because I knew from the scent and the color of her skin that she was a vampire. and then started walking toward us. Bella. "What were your classes like?" I asked as Jacob had started eating the food I had got for me. he did. "That boring?" I asked. and it wasn't a human scent that I caught. She nodded. and then I saw her. Not that any sane human would come near Alice. She saw me. "How was your first period?" Bella asked. and Bella sitting with me and Jake. Once she saw Edward. "Just one of the times when I wished I could sleep. I just wanted to know what you thought of it." Alice said. with green eyes. .

and Jacob Cullen. She stopped behind Nessie. I saw Jacob tense in his chair. Renesmee.O. I thought I was the only vampire here. "Who are you?" "Bella." Edward answered. "And you?" the stranger asked. and I could see the contacts in her eyes dissolving from the venom.V. Jacob looked surprised that Edward gave him our surname." she said in a voice so low that no human would understand. I could tell that he was reading her mind. Alice. "Wow.Chapter 18 Bella P. The next thing I know is that I smell a vampire that I don't know and she's walking over to us. One thing I known is that I'm holding Edward's hand and we were talking with Nessie about her classes. and Edward's face went blank. .

"It's a good thing we won't be overlapping each other. Do you mind if I join you?" "Sure. hunting animals." Alex had long." "Wow." "Were you guys from?" she asked as she sat between Alice and Nessie.. Into the forest a few miles. I was born human in Ireland. I'm Alexandria. but I was changed in England. and it sort of reminded me of Victoria." "Well." Edward said. slightly cringing away from Jacob's arm over Neisse’s shoulders. and moved here. "Washington."Edward. someone who I hadn't thought about for over a year. Now her green contacts were completely dissolved. That brought me back to the reality of Charlie. what did she want? "Humans were starting to get suspicious. "What are your lands?" Alice asked. "Just west of the river. curly red hair.. But I go by Alex. I still had to call him and tell him we made it alright and that I was in college." Edward said. So why did you move here?" What was she getting at? Why did she sit so comfortably next to three and half vampire strangers and a werewolf? More importantly. "I'm from Europe. I could see her real eye color and it surprised me. "Just south of the docks.. Was she vegetarian too? I immediately thought we should talk to Carlisle. I've been this way for about two . Yours?" Alex said. Then I started my new life. It was a deep gold.

'' Nessie commented. As we entered the classroom." Edward said." I wondered if she thought we looked curious. "She's nice." I said. but I ignored her." "I'll meet you by the gym doors when school is over. we're going to be late for our classes. I was too tensed up. I didn't know this vampire. I was wrong.'' Alex said as she got up from the chair and left the cafeteria. And Alice was going to just invite her over after school like we were bff? I wasn't worried for myself." Alice said. "Why don't you come over when school's over?" Alice suggested. and Edward go up from the table and started walking off to our English class. "After school? What's your last class?" she asked. we went to the very back. After the bell rang. The two of us held hands and Alice walked by me." Jacob muttered. "I will kill you Alice. but Rosalie. "I didn't think the vampire stench could get worse. "Come on. . I will rip you to shreds and burn the pieces." Alice answered. only my half-human daughter. Give her a break. I saw Jacob turn to glare at her.. "Oh. how would the others react? I'm sure Carlisle and Esme would be fine.E.years. But where she was born explained her hair and accent. She seems really nice. She seemed in control at lunch. It was seriously making me nervous. or if she thought about spilling her guts. come on Bella. "We all have it. and Jasper I weren't so sure about. I also wanted to know what Edward had picked out of her head. the teacher started talking. Emmett. Alice. Me. "P. but what about where there were no witnesses? Also.

Chapter 19 .

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