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Wahyuningsih, Dewi. An Analysis of Slang Word Formation in Song Lyrics

Used by “Bruno Mars”University of Kanjuruhan Malang Faculty of Language and Literature
Department of English Education 2018

Key Word : Sociolinguistics, slang word, Bruno mars, lyrics and song

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The study concerned with discussing about slang word used in Bruno Mars lyrics
of song. The research design of this study is descriptive qualitative. In this study, the
theory of word-formation process by GeorgeYule process( 1986) in his book ”the study
of language ” is used to analyze the formation process of each slang word. In detail, this
study statement to answer two research problem: (1) what is the type of slang word used
by Bruno Mars in lyrics, (2) what is the dominant slang word found in Bruno Mars lyrics
of song. The data were thought document analysis, the research tried to find and identity
the slang word in lyrics by marking, finding and analyzing the slang word The result
shows that from 58 data for taken, not all process of slang word-formation appear in the
lyrics. five process of slang-word formation found in this lyrics. on other hand, the
process of slang word formation that are used in the lyrics are clipping ( 140%), blending
( 120%), coinage (113,4%), borrowing (6,7%), and acronym (6,7%). The most dominant
slang word found in Bruno mars lyrics of song is clipping. In this research, the
clipped word that mostly appears in the lyrics is word “cause” or “cuz”, for example a
lyric “Cause you’re fucking crazy rock’n’roll”. The term “Cause” or “Cuz” is considered
as a clipped word because originally it comes from word “Because” which is reduced to a
shorter form “Cuz”. slang word and clip the “g” alphabet in the last word, that is called
“G clipping