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D ouglas.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Four Fragrances.
The four Douglas Hopkins scents
are each imbued with
history, pedigree, romance, and joy.

The collection is offered in a variety of packagings, all
with extended handicraft, for example, individually
inspected, French acid-frost, premium glass, “hip flasks”.
Each scent design entity is delienated by a distinctive
symbol. All are accompanied by the finest of quality
components, user selected screw caps and pumps, melded
with minimalist packaging, and ranging in spirit from
whimsical to utilitarian. Each scent is priced with flask
variations from the exclusively affordable to ultra-luxury
exotic. All are visually arresting. A retail presence is
powerfully secured through the combined display of
the alluring, limted editions, togther with the basic and
affordable “daily ware” hip flasks.

In the following pages we are pleased to present a
sampling of each of the four fragances, with snapshots of the
Purveyors of fine royal, ancient, international press and fashion editorial they have garnered.
or lost apothecarial discoveries.
“Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart.” Proverbs 27:9

New York City
 212.327.2020
A royal formula, commissioned by The Sun King, Louis XIV, dated 1682.
Italy Declares The four fragrances are enriched by this remarkable 17th century tome Douglas Hopkins found in the private castle library of Maria
Douglas Hopkins Theresa. The forgotten secrets revealed therein from the Louis XIV period -- the height of the perfuming arts -- were considered long
lost. This extraordinary muse has elevated the creations of Douglas Hopkins through the Golden Age of Perfume’s unparalleled formu-

the Fragrance las and methods. Below, too, his modern muse, Mrs. Oksana Katsuro-Hopkins, attending the gala launch of a new Saks Fifth Avenue,
featuring her husband’s full fragrance & treatment lines.

Design Winner
“The Geometry of Aromas
from A to Z.”
“In spirit of the new age, in the name of the
letter or the mathematic formula, in clear
or colored bottles, here is the essence of

From A to Z. The words in essence is what
goes deep in the soul a game of
recalling sensations. He began from A
(pronounced oh-say), the perfume of
Douglas Hopkins, to the arrival of Z of
Zazou. A sweet touch accented by the
freshest notes imaginable.”
Prastara was first formulated by the Court Chemist to Louis XIV of France in 1682 (the year the Palace
of Versailles was completed). Through extreme simplicity the highly layered ingredients reflect great
ingeniousness using indigenous botanicals, these known to have been available in the renowned Ver-
sailles gardens. It is a citrus “splash”, meant to be renewed through the day, due to the high oxidation
rate of citrus oils.

The Sun King brought on a renaissance in the arts and sciences, a period considered to have produced
the peak of perfumery. Few, if any, formulas exist from this infancy of scent. Shortly after WWII, a
Latin manuscript was re-discovered in the attic of an 800 year old Polish soap factory in Lodz. This
might originate from the fact that Louis’ mistress, who later became his last wife, was of Polish royalty.
The cologne was the leading men’s fragrance in the former USSR for more than forty years.

A high note of blended citrus emanates from a base of fourteen essential oils blended and filled entirely
Quiet dazzle. Prastara Blue.
by hand. Certain rare ingredients are sourced from remote parts of former Eastern Bloc countries (Bul-
garia, for example). Here the herbs and flowers are pressed and extracted by manual methods refined
through the centuries, untouched by modern automation. The resulting depth is a complex, almost “Women love this!” says Vogue magazine. The fragrance is spicy, hints of citrus and fruit with a founda-
mystical fusion of scent layering. tion of complex metallic warmth. Fruit sweetness countered with lemon and filtered through floral with a
woody sunshine. It has an unusually low lift, not intrusive; well modulated. This men’s fragrance defies
The limited edition bottle is entirely wrapped in a meticulous hand-woven protective willow wicker, traditional fragrance classification and becomes indelible to the memory of your beholders.
echoing an age when glass was rare and precious. Filled by funnel, each has an individually applied Each handcrafted, limited edition bottle of Prastara Blue is tied and knotted for closure, hand embossed
wax seal, impressed with the Sun King’s emblem, completing the entirely by hand production. A with real sealing wax. The royal mark of Prastara Blue on each bottle is the Sun King’s emblem, over three
portable version is available with premium components of a French glass hip flask, with a user selec- hundred years old. Long a stand-by in the men’s department of Bergdorf Goodman, in 1999 it was selected to
tion of pour or pump.The subtle, refreshing aura won’t over-power either room or partner. Paradoxi- be the only American product in the première edition of Europe’s Villeroy & Boch luxury goods catalogue.
cally, whilst women elect Prastara their fragrance, rejecting designer name concoctions of synthetic,
mass-produced theatricals, it nevertheless retains a gentleman’s message of calm, of confidence. Its
four citrus top notes lend a fresh zip to the day and can be renewed with no fear of broadcasting your
goodwill. It is an excellent finale to your daily exercise routine.

Mademoiselle magazine
extolls the Prastara pedigree.
An American in royal Europe.
Prastara Blue featured full-page back cover, the only U.S. product
included in the premiere luxury merchandise catalogue of Europe’s
400 year old Villeroy & Boch.

Bergdorf Goodman. “Timely/Timeless....”
Spring catalogue 1998.

American Vogue: “Get This. Made for a king, but women love it...”
November 1997
British Vogue
awards three positions

Day use safe. on the prime “Players” list!

You’re too young to w ear this!

W ho but ZAZOU could be so light-hearted and complex???

The beholder is held captive on elegant ethers censed smoothly teasing with whimsy as the
precocious fragrance intertwines its opening layer of berry-inspired reverie into a gauze-thin
quiescence of sensuality. Time is at your side as this blend of essential oils, in their natural
and varied oxidation rates, transforms from Red Currant, Blackberry & White Peach into a lingering
transparency of Parma Violet, Pear Leaf, Sheer Jasmine, Madagascar Clear Vanilla, and Sandalwood.
The faithful forgo the superfluous gold, silver and cellophane enticements, rewarded instead with a
Persian miniature of complex, layered, olfactory images. Pursued beyond the cover.

Un corked!
The behelden are m oved on the notes of an iconoclastic scent infused w ith rom ance and tradi�
tion, encased in m aterials chosen by the finest ecological and esthetic standards, y et forever
defying conventional classification.

This delectable frag in a flask sinks a hoop to lasting quality in the fine, oh yes
so fine, I am here now experience, the imprint of one man’s passionate commitment to
perfume as an intimate messenger of personal radianting joy.
Take it home, Zaz, it’s yours.
“What woman wouldn’t want D ouglas.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

a perfume named after her?”

The limited edition purse flask.
Douglas Hopkins extracted his first women’s scent right from romance.
Fastidious CARE was taken, with two years in the making.
FLUX is the scent of Åse: sophistication taunted by liberation; a cool refinement punc-
tuated by undercurrents of sensuality so pervasive as to be UNCONTROLLABLE. A
rare and fertile rose attar evokes provocatively redolent feminine warmth discreetly
veiled by cool top notes of VIRGIN gold spice. It is civilized self-confidence tempered A miniature fragrance flask of fine Chinese porcelain & handcast, solid
by earthly obsession. NOW YOU TAKE CARE: removing the stopper of this delicate silver fittings in limited, numbered edition of five hundred worldwide.
cordial yields no symmetry, no obvious answer; only a cloaking of purpose. Available in the two sublime Douglas Hopkins exclusive fragrances.
Balance and abandon are uneasily poised
as essence grazes a woman’s pulse point. Åse & Zazou
One-half ounce purse dimensions with three-quarter ounce refill.
Flask design inspried from a 350 year old Chinese export perfume container.
Enrobed in velvet, silk-lined pouch. Numbered edition each of Åse & Zazou is 750.
Twenty percent extrait distillation. In pure silver: $736. In Russian red gold: $1640.

Purveyors of fine royal, ancient,
or lost apothecarial discoveries.
Simply put, Douglas Hopkins is not a likely candidate to
be the founder of a luxury fragrance and personal treatment
company. Creating for more than a decade, this unlikely
perfumer discovered his passion for the language of fragrance
The Founder. almost accidentally. Twelve years ago, while traveling
Douglas Hopkins through the former Soviet Union, Hopkins fell in love with an
ancient, Louis XIV provenanced fragrance called “Prastara”,
meaning “ancient” in Russian. A well-kept secret of the cold
war era, it had been the leading men’s cologne in that part
of the world for over forty years. So moved by the fragrance
he bought the world rights and set to work developing it for
Western appreciation. Today, with the addition of three
supremely singular fragrances and a seventy-piece, meticu-
lously produced treatment line, Douglas Hopkins finds himself
the object of a seriously devout following.
Artisan creators of luxury.
Curious as it may seem, Hopkins began his career as far away from the world of beauty as one can be. A volcanologist for NASA at
For over fifteen years Douglas Hopkins & Co. has developed, manufactured, and internationally
MIT, Hopkins spent his early years traveling the world climbing active volcanoes to measure first-hand the often violent eruptions. distributed fine fragrances, personal treatment products and fashion accessories of distinctive qual-
His expeditions with NASA across the globe brought an incidental familiarity with the powers and effectiveness of geothermal based ity to a narrow selection the leading luxury retailers of the world, including Bergdorf Goodman,
spa compounds, as they are often found in volcanically active regions, such as central Italy. Unbeknownst to Hopkins at the time, this Barneys, Galerie Lafayette - Paris, and Space NK - London.
scientific endeavor would prove instrumental in formulating his innovative personal treatment products.
In a focused commitment to its discerning customers, the company acquired its prestigious reputa-
After a few years of hazardous hangouts on the peaks of exploding volcanoes, Hopkins came to the realization that his true calling
came in a leap from the empirical to the creative. Upon publication of one of his volcano explosion images as a magazine cover, tion through superior formulation, distinctive minimilist design, and exceptional quality control.
he began pursuing his lifelong love of photography in earnest. After classical apprenticeship with Ansel Adams and MIT professor The fragrances and formulas have built a loyal following of repeat sales. The company’s founda-
Minor White, Hopkins spent 15 years as a successful fashion photographer before he discovered the beloved fragrance that would tion in modern science and technology assure maximum perfuming efficacy while preserving Old
ultimately bend the course of his life and career one more time. World sensibilities. This is reflected in the European atelier style of manufacturing combining
hand-craft with high-tech methods for limited edition production.
The seemingly unrelated experience Hopkins gained from the conjunction of two radically differing lines of work, art and science,
became the platform vaulting his point of view into the competitive world of beauty. His experience in the precise requirements of
science contributes to products with meticulous standards for both content and efficacy. His publishing experience in the ephemeral The company was founded in 1989 with the purchase by Mr. Hopkins of the leading Soviet men’s
abstractions of fashion and beauty, coupled with passionate artistic drive, allows him to conceptualize packaging that is at once cologne, Prastara. This fresh citrus splash, one of the oldest known royal formulas, commissioned
fresh and unfettered, yet deeply personal, retaining a distinctive “irreverent elegance”, an anti-chic pragmatism. To this day, by The Sun King, Louis XIV, dates back to 1682. The company’s portfolio of fragrances has grown
Hopkins both designs and maintains a careful, atelier scale of manufacture for all products bearing his name, assuring that the by demand over the years to include three additional enduring classics: Åse, Zazou, and Prastara
medium of his communication with the customer is of the purest quality. In fragrance romance is his signature; in treatment, science Blue; those for women are imbued with romantic inspiration while remaining highly distinctive,
his content. This is evidenced by both his exotic group of luxury scents, each bearing intimacies layered by real life, and with his
and all four are infused with historical reference and royal pedigree.
Geothermology collection of mineral-rich treatments for the age-added and environmentally abused of us.

Portraits & covers by Douglas Hopkins. Above: Sharon Stone. Below (second): Phoebe Cates

In the company of distinctive taste.
Fragrance Notes Fragrance Notes
Royal Prastara Åse
Pronounced. “PRAH-star-ah”. Means “ancient” or “venerable” in Russian.
“Crafted in Tears for a Princess of Myth.”
Description. Complex 4-citrus high notes with rapid transition to a friendly, slightly sensual background. An
established men’s classic, appropriate both for casual, sport, after-exercise, summer refreshment as well as Pronounced. “OH-seh” or “OH-say” as in “Oh say can you see....”
conservative office and evening use. Majority of purchasers are women. Initial two-lemon, lime and orange top is
a mood replenisher; lingering middle tones are yang sensuality. Translation. In Scandinavian mythology means “Princess”.
Background. Commissioned by the French monarch, Louis XIV, “The Sun King”, in 1682, the year Versailles was Fragrance Image. Spicy floral on warm velvet powder base. Extremely high lift in spray, a scintillating
completed and a period considered the peak of perfumery. (Louis’ mistress was Polish royalty. She evidently kept and pervasive diffusion. The flagship essence is-in technical French terms-an “extrait”; a category
the home fires burning.) Was the number one fragrance in the old USSR; produced in Europe since 1848 and higher than perfume concnetration, over 30º%. Aspects of scent derived from 1699 French perfumer’s
Poland since WWII. Made entirely by hand, each wicker bottle filled by funnel in a turn of the century in the
shadow of the Carpathanian Mountains.

Fragrance Image. The subtle redolence a 1950’s, bowler-hatted English gentleman leaves in the elevator cabin. Background. Simple, generic packaging follows the myth of a Swedish warrior wrapping a baby in his
The light, citrus top note keeps its strength no more than a few hours and is customarily renewed periodically gold royal cloak and placing her in a plain wooden box which he casts upon the sea for protection
for full effect. This fragrance is classified in the “splash” category: a refreshing dose starts your day with the from certain death by invaders. She drifts to a shore in Norway where the old King discovers her.
established psychological effect of “citrus uplift”. In public it keeps the tasteful “arm’s length boundary”; no He adopts her as his daughter to become Princess of the land. It is the only fragrance of this decade
commercial-strength broadcast radiating to the corners of the office. No offensive residue from your business inspired by an actual romance.
handshake. The subtle, refreshing aura won’t over-power either room or partner. Paradoxically, whilst women
elect Prastara their fragrance, rejecting designer name concoctions of synthetic, mass-produced theatricals, it Fragrance Summary. Orange Flower, Peach, Plum, Cassis, Mint, Honeysuckle, Rose, Jasmine, Orchid,
nevertheless retains a gentleman’s message of calm, of confidence. Its four citrus top notes lend a fresh zip to Tuberose, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Amber Sandalwood, Lily of the Valley, Vetiver, Musk, Oak-
the day and can be renewed with no fear of broadcasting your goodwill. It is an excellent finale to your daily moss.
exercise routine or after the beach.
Package. The flagship bottle is a handblown, glass flask with all glass stopper; no plastic. Hand
Fragrance Summary. Citral, Bergamot, Bulgarian Rose, Lemon, Orange, Lime, Musk, Cardamon, Bulgarian Lavender,
Rosemary. sealed with golden wire. Sprays recommended for purse. Ground-glass stopper may loosen and is
intended for dresser use only. Concentration of Extrait is 33%º, Perfume 18º%, Eau Delicate 10%. Most
Package. The bottle is distinctively hand-woven in willow wicker sealed at the cap with the Sun King’s royal symbol impressed are boxed in lasting, reusable, “plain brown” boxes. Extrait swaddled in a custom golden fabric from
in authentic sealing wax. The accompanying After-Shave Balm is one of the best men’s post-razor treatments to be found,
with a silky dry-down, no oil or shine, topped with menthol and oil of Melissa for effective healing. Newly available in the India hand-tied with silver cord, packed with handmade papers. Body Delicate is an organic botanical
“Sportsware” line, a French glass, frosted hip-flask, with optional European spray pump and pour capacity. moisturizer based on Lindenflower.

Prastara Blue Zazou
Pronounced “PRAH-star-ah.” Means “ancient” or “venerable” in Russian.
“You’re too young to wear this.”
Description. Spicy, hint of citrus fruit with a foundation of complex metallic warmth. Fruit sweetness filtered
through floral with a classic woody sunshine. A mellowed man’s territory. Low lift, not intrusive. Defies Fragrance Description. Red Currant, Blackberry, White Peach, Parma Violet, Pear leaf, Sheer Jasmine,
traditional fragrance category classification. Sandalwood.

Background. The original, classic men’s Prastara cologne citrus theme transformed from day wear to evening. Background. Over the ether Internet romance, no language in common, love and words binds the
Flagship bottle in an eclectic corked and hand-sealed cobalt-blue bottle. A fragrance unto its own category relationship. Youthful insouciance, breezy intelligence.
created by Douglas Hopkins. An untamed statement of 1960’s Southern California: the surfing, the hippie life,
the sunshine, the life of languid freedom. And a flashback to the warm, crafted wood and metal of the 1932 Pan Fragrance Image. Young. Trend setter. A lingering transparency. A subtle “On My Own”. Day
Am Clipper winging to the Orient. and Night. A touch zany.
Fragrance Image. Secure, iconoclastic, tailored and savored. Chairman of the Board on the factory floor. In
another life would be found on the 1934 Pan Am Clipper bound for Hong Kong. Highly individual.
Fragrance Summary. “The California scent with hints of sanity.” “Day Use Safe.” The faithful forgo
the superfluous gold, silver and cellophane enticements, rewarded instead with a Persian miniature of
Fragrance Summary. Top - Pineapple, Coconut, Plum, Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Neroli, Lavender, Fir, Spices. Middle - complex, layered, olfactory images.
Cyclamen, Geranium, Jasmine, Carnation, Heliotrope, Cinnamon. Base - Vanilla, Patchouli, Amber, Cedarwood, Sandalwood,
Oakmoss, Musk.
Package. The flagship bottle is a handblown, glass flask with all glass stopper; no plastic. Hand
Package. Flagship bottle secured with traditional European “cork knot” cord tie, a specially prepared premium Portuguese cork sealed with golden wire. Sprays recommended for purse. Ground-glass stoppers may loosen, intended
and fanciful red cap (6 ounce size). The old Boston mill, 1940’s high-quality war-surplus cotton cord encircles the neck, for dresser use only. Concentration of Extrait is 33%º, Perfume 18º%, Eau Delicate 10%. Most boxed in
drawn down under the label then hand-stamped with an authentic sealing wax impression of exceptional depth. This ancient
and traditional signature of royal authority is executed with imported Gutenberg German wax in a custom shade of forest heavy duty reusable boxes.
green laced with flecks of rare metals.

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