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Dash Bubble Tea has arrived in yaletown!

Single Women and the Smell of Attraction
Forget that Ferrari, and high paying executive job, women are actually attracted to smell. According to a recent survey of women’s dating preferences, how a man smells is the #1 factor guiding her level of attraction. But buyer beware, it isn’t expensive colognes that are making her hot. According to the women in the survey it is the scent of coffee, baked goods, and even freshly cut grass that drive them wild with desire. Lucky for me I am sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on wheat grass, while snacking on a freshly baked muffin. According to dating and relationship expert Ian Karner, women want a man that reminds them of fond childhood memories. "You grow up surrounded by various scents and smells, and they make you feel comfortable or they bring up positive associations." There is one scent that men should avoid, according to Karner. “Women do not like men who smell like their dads.” Although, if the popular sitcom Two and a Half Men has taught us anything, this could be a false assumption. Starting next week, Good News Weekly will be launching an all-inone brand of cologne designed to give you that coffee-muffingrassy-esque smell. Expected sales will be in the trillions, so be sure to place your order in advance.

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Hottest Pepper on Earth If you think that Tabasco sauce is hot, then you ain't tasted nothing yet! The Naba Jolokia pepper, is the world's hottest pepper (recorded by the Guinness Book in 2007). These babies are so hot that people actually smear them on fence posts to fend off animals! On the Scoville scale (used to measure spiciness) the Naba Jolokia pepper rates 855,000 to 1,075,000 heat units. That means eating one of these peppers equals chomping down on somewhere between 106 and 430 jalapeno peppers. As Mark Messier used to say, I bet you can’t eat just one!

3D Camcorders Hit the Streets

The world’s first consumer 3D camcorder is on the market! Panasonic’s latest technological breakthrough is a new 3D conversion lens, which allows the owner to film whatever they like in 3D. The SDT750 (the complex and sophisticated name for the camcorder) provides users with the ability to attach a 3D lens that can create 3D images resembling that of a Hollywood movie. So for those keeping score at home, you’re only a few Pandorans away from turning Avatar into your own personal home movie. The SDT750 comes with a special 3D conversion lens that records right and left eye images simultaneously through its two lenses. But buyer beware, the 3D lens measures in at a whopping 88x56x73mm, which is nearly the size of the camcorder itself! So don’t forget to hit the gym before buying this new technological marvel. According to Chris Jager, “the Panasonic HDC-SDT750 is a bold step forwards into 3D videography”. Early adopters have already rushed to purchase the newest wave in film technology, which is sure to take home videos to another level. Whether or not 3D cameras are indeed the future or just a gimmick remains to be seen, but as of right now, we can’t wait to try it!

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Beyond the Vacation Vaca
Do you know the Top 10 Biggest Waves Ever Surfed ? We do!

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Catapulting viewers into the future while also immersing them in the past, the latest exhibition, ‘Fifteen,’ at the Douglas Reynold’s Gallery celebrates historical First Nation pieces while showcasing the works of modern North-West coast native artists. Celebrating the galleries inception 15 years ago, the owner Douglas Reynolds has brought together 30 talented artists including some of the best professionals and up and comers. Most of the artworks have never been shown to the public before and include varied art styles from different historical periods. First Nation art is being shown in a different light and is capturing recognition from businesses, interior designers, and on the international front For more information visit: http://www.douglasreynoldsgallery.com/Fifteen Where: Douglas Reynolds Gallery 2333 Granville Street When: open seven days, view website for times

Projects Transcending Time and Wine Fifteen: in Place Art Auction Through Tasting Vancouver International Improv Festival the Works of First Nations Artists

Vancouver International Film Festival
Do you love films? Do you enjoy creative, thought provoking, and culturally diverse pieces of work? The Vancouver Film Festival is a tribute to all you film lovers and the amazing talented people who make them. There are 359 films being screened this year and over a quarter are Canadian. Check out some great hot films including Mammalian a documentary about a 2000 kilometer Arctic canoe trip and the Good News Weekly Pick: Amazon Falls. The festival is among the five largest film festivals in North America and presents films from 80 countries on ten screens! Not only featuring one of the biggest showcases of Canadian talent, there are many other genres including a 'Dragons and Tigers' genre with a wide variety of Eastern Asian films such as 'Uncle Boonmee who can Recall his Past Lives.' Other categories of films include, Africa Today, Ecologies of Mind, Arts & Letters, Audience Award Winners, Films for youth under 18, Nonfiction Features (Docs), and more!! Come view the films picked as the world's best and enjoy!! There are so many to choose from and tons of local talent! Visit http://www.viff.org/festival/ for ticket purchases + show info or visit the International Film Centre (Seymour & Davie). When: September 30 - October 15,2010 Where: Various Venues, see website

This may be the fun-nest and funniest festival of all! Bringing the world's best improvisers to Vancouver for a week of shows and workshops. The twenty live performances during the week will be created on the spot using the audience' s suggestions and the ingenuity and creativity on part of the performers. In collaboration with the Vancouver International Film Festival, there will be various public and performer workshops. Featuring the best talent from as far a New York, and also new this year, the first Annual Cascades Ensemble. The ensemble consists of the best and brightest, and most intriguing improvisers from across the lower mainland and greater northwest area. Don't miss their improv show on Oct.7. Visit: http://vancouverimprovfest.com/ for all the show info and ticket information. Watch all 20 shows for $40! That's a great deal! When: Oct. 5-10, 2010 Where: Performance Works on Granville Island

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Oct. 1 - Oct. 7, 2010 | Vol 1.16

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Top 5 Inventions of 2010 - You May Not Have Heard About
We are only 13 weekends away from the end of 2010! So as we look back on the year that’s been, we decided to look at some of the coolest inventions of 2010.

It’s All Relative

Inexpensive Portable Ventilator What it is: Using only a $10 pressure sensor to help pump air into the chest of a patient, this is taking medicine to a whole new level. Why it’s cool: Hospital ventilators can cost upwards of $30,000.00 each. With this invention, all patients can have access to a ventilator during a crisis situation. Electronic Stethoscope What it is: An electronic stethoscope that records the patient’s heartbeat, transmits the sounds to a PC in real-time, and attaches straight to their medical records! Why it’s cool: See above! EverTune What it is: A guitar tuner that allows for guitar players to only tune their guitar once for optimal sound. Why it’s cool: Any guitar player will tell you that the one thing they hate is constantly having to tune their guitar. This is an invention that musicians have been waiting for!. Electronic Eyeball What it is: A microchip that enables a visually impaired person to recognize faces and navigate a room without assistance. Why it’s cool: Essentially it helps the visually impaired regain some of their lost vision. Plus, users get to wear cool set of glasses to go along with the microchip. Robotic Skateboard What it is: An electric skateboard that allows the user to control the speed of the board by using their own body weight. Why it’s cool: The board can go up to approx 40km/hr which can lead to excessively big air when used on a ramp. Craving more information? Want to see these inventions in action? Visit goodnewsweekly.ca for videos, links, and detailed info about each of these inventions.

The Most Exclusive Whistler Luxury Boutique Hotel Your package Includes: 2 nights in a luxury one-bedroom suite with lake view Breakfast both mornings in the Aura Restaurant Side by side treatments in the Ashram Spa.
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Calcium Many years ago... a young boy AKA – “The Weight Regulator” walked alone through a forest not more then 10 minutes outside of town. Benefits: So we all know that
Alone in the mist he wondered, with no particular place to go. It was then that an angel, a spirit, or maybe even a ghost, swooped down from the heavens above. In a booming voice the spirit spoke, “I give to you the power of the golden pen, use it wisely forever more.” It was on that day in the misty forest that Good News Weekly was born.
-Ok, not really, but man that would have made for a great story!

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calcium is great for maintaining healthy bones, but did you know that maintaining a regular supply of calcium can also help you lose weight? Low calcium levels encourage the body to release a hormone called parathyroid. Parathyroid helps regulate calcium levels in the body by breaking down bone and releasing the stored calcium when needed. The problem is that parathyroid also stimulates the production of fat and actually prevents it’s breakdown – not good! So if you don’t want to have weak bones and a flabby mid-section, make sure you have plenty of calcium in your daily diet. Sources: Some great sources of calcium actually come from vegetables. For example: broccoli, kale, spinach, oranges, and green peas.

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A Wealthy Dispute The Old Professor (TM, dammit!) poses the following problem to one of his classes: “A wealthy man dies and leaves ten million dollars. One-fifth is to go to his daughter, one-fifth is to go to his son, one-sixth to his brother, and the rest to his wife. Now, what does each get?” After a very long silence in the classroom, Little Pauly raises his hand and says, “A lawyer?”

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