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Intergalactic Turkey Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Ea Ch t Mo ick re en !

As you are sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, take a second to stare out into the deep dark sky. You might see some extraterrestrial life starring back at you. Okay, maybe not, but we are getting steps closer to finding company on other planets. A team of astronomers from the University of California and Carnegie Institute of Washington have announced the discovery of a new planet, Gliese 581g. The big news? This planet may very well have liquid water on its surface, which is of course the most important factor for the support and existence of extraterrestrial life. These brainy astronomers have been able to deduce that Gliese 581g’s surface temperature is similar to Earths. Meaning that some of the water on the planet’s surface has to be in liquid form rather than ice or vapor. At 3 to 4 times the mass of Earth and with an orbit time of just under 37 days, it is also estimated that Gliese 581g has enough gravity to hang onto its own atmosphere. An atmosphere combined with liquid water gives these astronomers the closest discovery to date of a potentially habitable planet. To discover the planet, the team used 238 separate observations of the planet’s star over a period of 11 years. Through their observations they could determine minute changes in the star’s velocity that was occurring from the gravitational pull of the planet, and so on and so on. The real news is that the team at Good News Weekly is investigating how easy it will be to buy and rename the planet to “Good News”. Imagine what it would be like to live a whole year out in just 37 days. That is a lot of happy Good News Years!

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Did You Know?
Thanksgiving Records It wouldn’t be thanksgiving without a few big stories. According to the Guinness Book of World Records the largest pumpkin pie weighed 916.25 kg (2,020 lbs.) and measured 3.7 m (12’1”) long (Ohio, USA). The world's heaviest sweet potato weighed 37 kg (82 lbs.) (Lanzarote, Spain). The heaviest turkey weighed in at 39.09 kg (86 lbs.) (Peterborough, UK). The world’s largest pumpkin weighed 666.32 kg (1,469 lbs.) (Pennsylvania, USA).


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Prepaid Traffic Tickets?

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A California based company called Prepaid Traffic Tickets is now selling pre-paid discount traffic ticket vouchers to Canadian drivers. It seems, this might be your closest shot to a get-out-of-jail-free card. The vouchers, which can be purchased online for a small fee, can be used to pay for future traffic violations. Voucher values range from $50-$150, have an expiry date between 60 and 180 days, and retail anywhere from $14 to $60. Founder Keith Kelly says that the idea came to him while playing a game of monopoly with his kids. "As I picked up a get-out-of-jail-free card, I flashed back to a recent speeding ticket and resulting traffic school. A light bulb came on, the dots connected, and here we are." There are concerns that the vouchers will lead to people purposely breaking the law. However, the good news is… pre-paid vouchers have a tendency to get left in dresser drawers long past their expiry. This leads us to believe that the pre-paid traffic voucher is just another gimmicky stocking stuffer, with a humorous, yet low value appeal to intelligent consumers. Drive safe this holiday weekend!

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Beyond the Vacation
Do you know the Top 10 Do you know the Top 10 Highest Bungee Jumps Highest Bungee Jumps in the world? in the world? We do! We do!

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Commercial Drive Unplugged!

In Vancouver

Celebrating one of British Columbia's favorite fruits, this is a sweet, tasty, and healthy festival! BC is host to a nearly 200 varieties of different apples. Between 11,500 and 13,500 kg of apples are sold to the public each year, making the apple one of the most popular fruits! And where better than to discover and enjoy the local apple market than right here at UBC. There will be many apple-related activities: $3 apple tasting up to 60 different varieties of new and heritage apples, and learn about each in the 'Apple Booklet' Vancouver Island based BC Fruit Testers Association will be on site offering demonstrations of grafting and cider pressing. Bring some apple varieties from your garden, and have them identify the variety or test them just for fun! The Kids will have a blast in the Johnny Appleseed Orchard with great six applecious activities. You can end the day by visiting the Food Fair and enjoying some tasty treats or purchasing one of the many apple trees for sale-perfect for the home garden and patio. Add a little apple to your life and enjoy this great festival When: October, 16-17 2010 Time: 11am-4pm Where: UBC Botanical Gardens

Projects in Place Art Garden Apple Festival UBC Botanical Auction and Wine Tasting

West Coast Chocolate Festival
The saying "chocolate is good for you" is not entirely false...at least in our minds its not..that is why we were particularly drawn to this chocolaty festival. There is an increasing appreciation for the healthy benefits of good chocolate and these festival events, all 160 of them to be exact, will help celebrate the true magic of chocolate. This is a festival for all ages and cultures and aims to educate people about proper chocolate consumption and the lesser known positive benefits of this heavenly delectable treat. The non-for-profit festival is completely volunteer run and dedicated to empowering youth by creating various mentored work experiences for youth in all of the different events. There are events for all ages, including chocolate receptions, galas, and afternoons of chocolate education, entertainment, food, and family fun. For a complete listing of events, please visit: www.chocolatefestival.ca When: October,15- November, 10 2010 Where: Fraser Valley, BC Lower Mainland and beyond!

Boys, want to take out your gal for dinner but worried about finding the right ambience. No need to look any further...than Commercial Drive of course. October is Power Smart Month, and every Wednesday evening during the month, restaurants and cafes on Commercial Drive will turn down their lights and patrons will dine in candlelight and enjoy live acoustic music. Why the romantic vibe? In order to meet the goals of the new clean energy act, BC Hydro Power Smart are partnering with the Commercial Drive Business Society to set forth the initiative of helping businesses use electricity more efficiently! Participating venues will also have a ballot box for you to enter to win a Power Smart Gift Prize package including an acoustic guitar and gift certificates for the Drive. Sounds good to us! Can't wait to support energy conservation and enjoy an evening of fun! When: Wednesdays, Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27 Where: Commercial Drive

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Oct. 8 - Oct. 14, 2010 | Vol 1.17

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No Two Recipes Are Alike
Ah, Thanksgiving - a time for family, friends, drinks, cranberry sauce, turkey, gravy, and of course, the world famous pumpkin pie. It doesn’t get much better than that, or does it? Some Thanksgiving Day Goers think it does. By pushing the boundaries of the traditional meal, these festive enthusiasts bring a whole new world of cooking techniques to our most treasured feasting holiday. Texans have a favorite method for cooking turkey; they deep fry them. By using a giant vat of hot oil, a 15lb. turkey can be fully cooked from frozen in roughly an hour. No basting required!
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The Most Exclusive Whistler Luxury Boutique Hotel Your package Includes: 2 nights in a luxury one-bedroom suite with lake view Breakfast both mornings in the Aura Restaurant Side by side treatments in the Ashram Spa.
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Why not do it like they do in Alberta and stick a beer can up the turkey’s butt. By popping the top and letting the bird rest horizontally, beer slowly steams inside, leaving it oh so succulent. And of course, it wouldn’t be a French Canadian Thanksgiving without a little maple in the mix. Try the famous maple stuffing, traditional ingredients bathed in a half cup of maple syrup. The Haligonian’s (people from Halifax) have reinvented the pumpkin pie with ice cream desert by blending the two and creating a pumpkin ice cream. Vancouverites take the meaning of port city all too seriously with their port infused cranberry sauce recipe. Or why not head down to Colorado, where Christmas comes a little bit early with their eggnog sweet potato recipe. Sound a bit strange? The claim to fame of this recipe is NO leftovers EVER! It seems everyone has their own recipe, so what’s yours? For a copy of these recipes visit goodnewsweekly.ca Turkey Jerky A poultry farmer was experimenting to breed turkeys with more legs for greater profits. Finally, he succeeded. While narrating the results to his friends, he told them, "The turkey I bred had six legs!" His friends who had got quite excited, eagerly asked, "What about the taste of a turkey with 6 legs, is it any better?"

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AKA – “The Baby Maker” Benefits: Ladies, Vitamin B6 has some impressive benefits. Among other things, B6 is a great regulator of estrogen and progesterone which makes it an excellent vitamin for those who are pregnant and/or those trying to get pregnant. Oh ya, it is the baby maker all right. For those not yet looking to

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swings and minimizes the negatives effects of premenstrual and menopause symptoms. Nice!


The father said with a long-drawn face, "Do you think it is so easy to catch it?"

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One snowy night, Sherlock Holmes was in his house sitting by a fire. All of a sudden a snowball came crashing through his window, breaking it. Holmes got up and looked out the window just in time to see three neighborhood kids who were brothers run around a corner. Their names were John Crimson, Mark Crimson and Paul Crimson. The next day Holmes got a note on his door that read "? Crimson. He broke your window." Which of the three Crimson brothers should Sherlock Holmes question about the incident?

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Men, don’t stop reading yet. Vit B6 is loaded with health benefits for you as well. B6 helps break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and turn them into energy. More energy means more exercise, which also means a healthier body and bigger muscles. Who can complain about that?! Sources: Garlic, Tuna, Broccoli, Bananas, Sunflower Seeds, Hazelnuts, Soybeans, Potatoes, Lentils, Salmon, and Shrimp

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Solution:: Mark Crimson. The note reads: "Question Mark Crimson. He Broke your window."

“ We want to know, in looking back, what is your favorite item from the 1990’s? Could be a band, item of clothing, toy/gadget, idea.... anything goes!”