Experiment 7: • Properties of lipids



• Objective: 1) To determine some of the physical and chemical properties of lipid. 2) To identify the products of hydrolysis.

• Theory: The group of biologically active substances called lipid includes compounds of widely different compositions and structures. They include true fats and fat-like substances. On the basis of their chemical nature, they may be classified in to three group: 1) simple lipids considered as the true fats, 2)compound lipids which contain parts of other biochemical compounds in addition to the glycerol and fatty acid components, and 3) miscellaneous lipids which are the fat like substsnces. True fats or neutral fats are esters of the trihydroxy alcohol, glycerol,and high molecular weight acids of the continuous chain type . they are designated as triglycerides or glyceryl esters. Exampeles of compound lipids are: those with phosphoric acid called phosphatides, those with nitrogenious bases as well as phosphoric acid called phospholipids, those

The miscellaneous lipids are those which do not have the fatty acid radical but have the same solubility properties as the fats. Classified among them are the sterols.describe the result? Some sample change the color to dark violet 4-record results in the table. Salkowski’s Test for Cholesterol 1-Where was the chloroform layer formed? It the bithm of test tube 3. Fat sample Color with sulfuric acid Test result interpretation It contain cholestrol It contain cholestrol It contain cholestrol It doesn’t contain cholestrol 1-butter→colestrol 2-lard→inolin Dark violet Dark violet 3-margarine→ oleic acid Dark violet 4. and those with proteins called lipoproteins.cartenoids. fat soluble vitamins. EXPERIMENTAL F.with carbohydrates called glycolipids.corn oil → olive oil trunsparent .

and 3 which fat sample gave a positive result? Sample 1.2.5describe the result. Nothing happen was cholesterol present in any of the samples? Yes in the sample 1.3 and negative result ? olive oil .2.

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