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CHARGE OF DISCRIMINATION ~~] charge Presented To: Agency(ies) Charge No(s): emgeiinnceranaasin, Sareea Fara | eecc na BE ‘Name (incioate Mi, Ma, As.) ~ Tome Phone het Won Gass) [neo ih Ms. Karen Ward (212) 257-6800 12/3111969 ‘Beets Civ, Sie sa Coss clo Wigdor LLP, 85 Fifth Avenue, Fifth Floor, New York, New York 10003 ‘Named is the Employer, aber Organization, Gaployinent Agenoy, Apprenticeship Garwmltea, or State ot Local Government Agency That | Balowe Dlecrminatod Againet He or Others mare than two st unger PARTICULARS below) Nine ‘eens wants | Prana, ances fa Coe Ernst & Young LLP 260,000+ (212) 773-3000 Sreathaoeee Cis Sate wes BP Cate 5 Times Square New York, NY 10036 Tio Graasen Narean | Phone inaae Aa Gea) rea names Gin Sala wa BP Coe ‘DSERWNATION BASED ON (Chao ono bes) ‘DRTE(SJOISCRIMNATION TOOK PLACE mice cour LX] sx [E] ratio [7] nano omens 2013 X] nerauarion noe Jasin [Jeane erormation one oe [Be] corm ronen TE FARTS AE WTO RTH RT SD SEE ATTACHED COMPLAINT cy Vln OTT ay EH YORI ORE Cay Trans Ghage Hoan ho EEOO a Se oT Ags any 1] NOTA Wi cio WS AGP RTT site ha merce change yas one reer ‘ooperae fy wy tem nthe pososeng of my chage ls accrdance wl ha prosoowes, | Tawesr arafrn that Thave read the above charge snd that ie the beet of mv knonladae information and bel WANS awn Se fal jd fon (h 4 mele ok itn cle tain 97 Comerariems 9 1305 Amp bntl § § EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION KAREN WARD, EEOC No.: Claimant, SUPPLEMENT TO CHARGE OF DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION ERNST & YOUNG GLOBAL LIMITED, Respondent. xX Claimant Karen Ward brings this Charge of Discrimination and Retaliation against Est & Young LLP (“EY” or the “Firm”), and hereby alleges as follows: INTRODUCTION 1, Women at BY are underpaid, under-promoted and subjected to sexual harassment and all forms of disparate treatment. 2. When women at EY complain about this discriminatory treatment, and ask to be treated with dignity and respect, they are retaliated against and marginalized even further. Theit opportunities to succeed are systematically eliminated, and EY actively ensures that these ‘women are unable to meet their performance goals. Then EY tums around and fires these women for purportedly failing to perform. This is wrong, and it is unlawful. Karen Ward, a former Principal (Partner) at EY, has experienced the misogyny that permeates EY firsthand. A. Transaction Advisory Services 4. Ms, Ward was hired into the Transaction Real Estate (“TRE”) group within EY’s Transaction Advisory Services (“TAS”) division. 5. Atthe time she was hired, none of TRE’s 10 Principals/Partners were women, and only four out of the 42 members of TRE’s management-level employees (less than 10%) w women 6. Itis no coincidence that virtually every leadership position within TRE is held by a man, as this discriminatory hierarchy is simply par for the course in TAS and at EY generally. 7. Only one of the 25 members of TAS’s “Leadership” (4%) is a woman. 8. Of the 18 members of EY’s “Global Executive.” only four (22%) are womes hitps://, than 20% of EY’s Partn sw 9. According to reports, as of 2016 fe € women, See / partners-at-pwe-kpmg-ey-and-deloitte-20161118-zsspq9. 10. While employed in TAS, Ms. Ward was subjected to discriminatory sexual harassment and a hostile work environment at the hands of, among others: (i) Ms. Wards first supervisor at EY, Principal Michael McNamara; (ii) Mr. McNamara’s boss, Michael Straneva, a current EY Partner and the current Head of TRE; and (iii) Charlie Kaloesay, an Executive Director in TRE. By way of example only: * Male leadership in TRE, including Mr. Straneva, Mr. McNamara, and Mr. Kalocsay regularly entertained clients (and themselves) at bars and / or strip clubs, which of course acted to ensure that women would be excluded from important client outings. They frequently included men from TRE such as Brendan Sparrough and Brian Tress on these outings * Mr. McNamara regularly discussed these trips to strip clubs and frequently suggested that Ms. Ward should go out with him to “titty bars.” © Mr, McNamara often told Ms. Ward that he loved her “great big round boobs” and that she “has a * Mr, McNamara would regularly use the term “douchebag.”