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Local Program Coordinator Correspondence Leadership Coaches

Date: August 2018

Subject: Leadership Coach Recruitment, Selection, Hiring
Audience: Local Program Coordinators

New Leadership Coach Hiring

All ACSA coaches are trained in a researched-based coaching model, ACSA Leadership
Coaching (ALC) or CLASS, Clear Administrative Credential Program outcomes and tools,
complete a rigorous certification process and are qualified to coach all credential
Coaches who have not earned certification must complete ACSA Leadership Coaching (ALC)
two-day training or ACSA Coach Program Orientation prior to the start of their coaching
assignment, commit to ongoing training and submit an ACSA Leadership Coach Portfolio for
certification prior to the credential candidate completing the credential program. Coaches
must sign 1) Application 2) Code of Ethics 3) Coach Requirement form and keep on file with
the Local Program Office.
Recruitment Information
Local Program Coordinators provide interested coaches with an over view of the
responsibilities and expectations using the following information and forms.
1. Leadership Coach Job Description Responsibilities and Qualifications
2. Clear Administrative Credential Program Outcomes
3. ACSA Leadership Coach Training
i. Initial ACSA Leadership Coach Training includes ACSA Leadership Coach,
Program Orientation and CNET
ii. Ongoing ACSA Leadership Coach Training includes two annual CNET
meetings and four Local Program Meetings
4. Local Program coaching services agreements

*Association of California School Administrators* July 2018

Application Information

Local Program Coordinators initiate the ACSA Leadership Coach Employment Application
process by requesting coaches to complete the following required documents.
1. Leadership Coach Application
2. Leadership Coach Profile located on the ACSA Leadership Coach Application
3. Copy of valid and current Administrative Services Credential

Selection and Hiring Information

Local Program Coordinators interview potential coaches and initiate the hiring and payment
for coaching fees according to the Local Program hiring protocol for the agency they
Local Program Coordinators select and hire coaches based on the following minimum
criteria as established by program standards.
• Demonstrated successful experience as an instructional leader, supervision,
curriculum, instruction, collaboration, and school climate
• Minimum of 4 full school years of administrative experience
• Current Clear California Administrative Services Credential
• Demonstrated commitment to personal professional growth and learning
• Foundational training a research based coaching model (ACSA Leadership Coaching)
• Earn and maintain ACSA Leadership Coach Certification
• Positive candidate evaluation and Local Program Coordinator reviews

Employment Forms

Employment forms are to be completed for each coach hired by the local program
coordinator. Local program coordinators maintain records at the local office. The required
employment forms are

1. Leadership Coach Application

2. Leadership Coach Profile link
3. Resume
4. Leadership Coach Code of Ethics
5. Leadership Coach Responsibilities
6. Others as determined by each local program

*Association of California School Administrators* July 2018

Employment forms required at ACSA office and Local Program office

1. Leadership Coach Application

2. Resume
3. Leadership Coach profile

Additional Employment forms kept at the local program office

1. Valid Clear Administrative Services Credential

2. Coaching Services Agreement for Coaching services
3. Code of Ethics
4. Other employment forms as determined by each local program

*Association of California School Administrators* July 2018