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Coronado High School

Student Profile for Counselor Letters of Recommendations

Name: Phone:

If you have prepared a word processed resume, please also attach it to this form.

1. List major school activities and sports. Include grade level/length of time/award/leadership positions/offices held:

1. 3. 5.

2. 4. 6.

2. List activities outside of school to include volunteering experiences. Include grade level/length of time/awards/leadership
positions/offices held:

1. 3. 5.

2. 4. 6.

3. List any honors or awards received:

List Multiple Honors Here

4. List work experiences. Name the job position and company, specify the dates of employment and the length of time employed,
and state the hours worked per week.

5. List in order of preference with #1 being your first choice, all the colleges to which you intend to apply or in which you are
1. 3.

2. 4.

II. Future plans: answer the following questions thoroughly.

1. Which college is your 1st choice? Why is this your 1st choice?

2. Do you have a potential college major? If so, what?

3. What are your career goals? (What do you see yourself doing 5 years/ 10 years from now?)

4. List the two ACADEMIC teachers who know your school record best and will be writing your recommendation for your
admission and/or scholarships. Academic teachers from your junior year classes and fall semester of your senior year are usually
the best choice.
1. 2.

Remember to give teachers at least two to three weeks’ notice. A thank-you note is always appreciated.

5. Will you be a first generation college student? (neither of your biological parents completed a four year Bachelor Degree)
Circle the appropriate answer: ☐Yes ☐ No

6. * Optional--Coronado receives a variety of Scholarships that are based on the combined income of parents. Please circle the
income that closely resembles the combined income of your parents.
☐0-25K ☐26K-50K ☐ 51K-60K ☐61K+

III. Complete the statements below to develop a profile of your personal assets.

1. The three personal qualities I like best about myself are….



2. The three personal qualities I think my teachers like best about me are…




3. I have shown leadership skills by…..

4. The accomplishments that I am most proud of are….(Please specify any special talents, interests, or hobbies. Include those things
that you are most “passionate” about.)

5. What inspires you?

6. What are your biggest fears regarding the future?

Thank you for completing this lengthy student profile. The time you spend now writing detailed responses on this profile will greatly
help your counselor write a thorough letter of recommendation for you. PLEASE GIVE THIS PROFILE FORM to your
counselor AT LEAST TWO WEEKS before you need a college or scholarship letter of recommendation sent.