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Contemporary African Plays ‘The Chattering and the Song Fei Osan ‘The Rise and Shine of Comrade Fiasco Andon Whaley Anows ‘Ama Ate Sido Wora Albert! Pang Meso, Migr Nema and Bar Simon ‘The Other War Alenseed Tesi, rested by Paul Worwic, ‘Sanson Gebrehier and Aloseed Tesi Death and the King’s Horseman Wole Soyinka Bid and inoduced by ‘Marin Bantam and Jane Paste ‘Methuen Drama ‘ie ns tem 89 meet hea eon oy Eterna fe Ea waa tn TERE eee ‘Rac © 199 by Pal Wari Ste Geter ad Abend ‘hn ig Hemant pe 95 by Be Mars La REE seco 81 SP We Sa ect i © 109 Mae Basa oe Pe ‘Tis cease Sprig © 19 Nets Deane ‘Te ates tea rir mr ‘Na cnn el ek le eB ery ‘Dt Dee Lt Mienend, Mee ‘et ant nd in Gat ee by C8 Wha Ll Reting. Bei ‘Aa woos a show py a ey ve Api Trina wa at pfs Fer Ti ny 26 Sg: Ye nian, Jo so, Mie he ey eck a ‘aT et Sif Cs Fn Rd Ae co Ps, ‘igi Wasp Tete Ueno Las Lak [Re dus FO Bo Cita, Comes A Cane, 1 ee Mate an Te Compe FO Bx 8 Yau vino OS epi se ea ee beg opm yb ‘Th pipet i ld ij he mn a al ty vy fade hb a el hed ree ap ea