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Fraser Island Recreation Area map

Great Sandy National Park

zone 9
* Sandy Cape Survive your drive
All road rules apply. Conditions change.
Speed limits:
30km/h inland roads
No vehicle zone: Beach driving is 40km/h beach pedestrian areas
not permitted from Towoi Creek to Diray—zone 9 80km/h Eastern beach
Sandy Cape Lighthouse gate 50km/h Hook Point inland road

Rooney Point South

Be croc wise
Pacific Estuarine crocodile sightings have been
Great Sandy Marine Park Ocean
reported on the west coast of Fraser
Island and the Great Sandy Strait.
The Fraser Island Section of Great Sandy • Camp at least 50 metres from the water’s edge.
National Park is surrounded by Great Ngkala Rocks • Never clean fish or discard fish or food scraps
Sandy Marine Park. Visit < Duling—zone 8 near the water’s edge, campsites or boat ramps.
.au/parks/great-sandy-marine> for further
Ocean Lake
Orange Creek • Take care when launching or retrieving your boat.
information. Platypus Bay Ocean Lake—zone 8
Marloo—zone 8 Orchid Beach
Caution: Moon Point to Towoi Creek— Teebing Waddy Point WARNING
(Wathumba spit) fenced fenced Look and listen for aircraft
soft boggy sand and deep creek
Middle Rocks landing and taking off along
crossings; potentially dangerous. Wathumba * the eastern beach.

Marine stingers are present Towoi Creek Indian Head Caution: Soft boggy sand on
in the ocean, especially in the the Indian Head bypass track.
Bowal Creek
summer months. Swimming Corroboree Beach
is not recommended.
Burad—zone 7
Awinya Creek

Bowarrady Creek Wungul Wyuna—zone 7

Great Sandy Sandblow Red Dundubara
Woralie Creek Lake Canyon
Marine Park Bowarrady fenced fenced

Coongul Creek
Guruman—zone 6
Cathedrals on Fraser (private) Legend
Lake Recreation area
Yurru—zone 6
Moon Point Boomerang Allom fenced

Lakes K’gari (private) Other lands

Eugarie—zone 6
Moon Point * Lake 4WD track
Coomboo The Pinnacles fenced

Knifeblade Walking track

Wahba—zone 5
Sandblow No vehicle zone −
Maheno Wreck hazardous beach
Maheno—zone 5
Yidney Scrub Eli Creek Caution: Deep wash-outs at
Hervey Bay mouth of Eli Creek. Beach passable
Lake Eli—zone 4

© State of Queensland. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing. MA250 December 2017
Garawongera 2 hours either side of low tide. Central Lakes scenic drive
Kingfisher Bay
Urang Guluri—zone 4 Southern Lakes scenic drive
Creek Happy Valley Lake Garawongera scenic drive
Yidney Rocks
Lake McKenzie Northern Forests scenic drive
Kirrar Sandblow
Winnam—zone 3 Beach camping area
Poyungan—zone 3
River Distance (kilometres)
Poyungan Rocks
Heads Great!Walk
Gabala—zone 2 QWPS Information Centre
Wanggoolba Creek A detailed Fraser Island Great!Walk
Cornwells—zone 2 Ranger station
Lake Wabby topographic map can be purchased
4WD tent camping
Central Station Lake One Tree Rocks—zone 2 online, over the counter or by phone
Birrabeen Boat access camping
fenced fenced
Eurong QPWS office
great-walks/topographic-maps Walk-in camping
Benaroon Wongai— 4WD camper trailer
zone 1 Eurong
Private accomodation
Shop, gas, ice
Govi—zone 1
Boomanjin Dilli Village (private)
Be Dingo-Safe! Fuel
Garrys Anchorage Toilets
fenced fenced • NEVER feed dingoes. Waste transfer station
18km beach access ramp • Always stay within arm’s reach of Picnic table

children, even small teenagers. Sheltered picnic table

• Walk in groups. Telephone

Hook Point 11km beach access ramp • Do not run. Running or jogging can Lookout
inland road
trigger a negative dingo interaction. Walking track
dy S

• Camp in fenced areas when Barge landing

Caution: Beach is only

No vehicle zone: Beach possible. Police station

driving is not permitted passable at low tide.

from Coolooloi Creek • Lock up food stores and iceboxes Ambulance

to Moon Point. (even on a boat).
Hook Point Wreck
Coolooloi • Never store food or food containers
Creek Inskip Point Sandy Cape lighthouse
in tents. Dishwashing area
• Secure all rubbish, fish and bait. Portable toilet waste
disposal facility
Follow dingo safety advice provided with Water−treat before drinking
permits and on signs throughout the island. No camper trailers
Do not swim in the ocean
0 5 10 15 20km Rainbow Beach

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