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Mel Bay’s VOLUME 1 by Mel Bay CLASSIC GUITAR VOLUME 1 MEL BAY This Method has been created for he fulfilment ofa greatneed. That needis a simple direct approach to. good classic guitar playin ‘Aifough the cuthor has been established as a modern guitar stylist he has been associated wih he classic guitar since the age of fourteen when he became o devoted student ofthe music and methods of Carcass, Sor, Aguado, Carulli, farrega, Mertz and many other classic guitar masters The Mel Bay methods for the modern guitar have been received enthusiastically all over the world. Teachers Using these refRods hove noted the volume of classic guitar musle used in those methods he many requests for © classic guitar method carefully graded and easily understood has been the prime reason for the creation of this course of study. 1 CD CONTENTS, 1 Too Up & intodcion (2.25) (I The Bulder/Page 23 (31) Sanoita/Poge 37 (1.0% (FSi atone 1225) {TS Swol chord Ede/Pogo 23 (26) Seno/Page 37 (58, The Td Finer/Poge 13 (49) Bas Sclo/Pope 24 38) dare Page 38 (1.22) The Mary Men /Page 13 38) Ue Winct/Page4 59) ‘The Goichoe/Poge 9 (04 How Gan leave Tee/Pope 17 ($8) esto /Foge 2? (105) [5] A Seronae/Poge £0 20, [€) Andontin/Poge 1758) (2) Dewn/toge 27 (-07) a) Asn yma Foge 128) 2 The Fra Shing Wage 181.08) BB Setecltge 1845), 3) th Fieve Nate/Page 19 (1:53) 2 Say igh Poge28 57) ‘he ia Pne/Pape 2 04) Wola/Poge 31 (1:37 Ebb Henin 21 2) 15) Poyime/ Page 32 (1-4) FE) The Fag, Feany Daw oge 45 (5) U0, Eade Poge 19 (Bj Ballon Nhi/Poge 32 (1:19 Ft) Ate SorFoge 4 48) I] A hy by Agoda Page 20():14) BP Ran Grogs Page 33 [Ey Andow/tage (1.32 (Gfolowtheteser/Pope 21 (131) |B] CrogeSeng/Pope 334 FS) AN in Mae Poge 47138) {1 Alpine Evos/Poge 21 (391 (The Be Tal ry/Pope 34 44) egy hgvodo/Poge (18) {i WaberPoge 21 00, Fi InionAi/Poge 38-23) FB olen €Me/Foge 48 (1.0) {Be i toe 7210 Et} ClomeDone/tope 38 (01 Fs) Conchio/Pge 48 (123) The Chord Wo Poge £3 157) FB A Gong Noe fom e Ar (12) {© 1970.5y HEL BAY PUBLICATIONS, INC. PACIFIC, MO soso, {ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT SECURED. 8 MADE AND PRINTED INUS.A Visit us on the Web at http:/ — E-mail us at 1234567890 For centuries the guitar has been the king of the fretted instruments. At no its history was it as great in prominence as it is today. At no time time in the life of the guitar has there been so many styles played as proficiently as today. We have the moden plectrum, the electric spanish, the country-western, flamenco ond classic. The classic guitar is at the height of its popularity today. The style of instrument, type of music and technique of playing has not changed radically in the past hundred years. The music of Carcassi, Aguado, Carulli, Sor and Tarrega is still tops in literature and is played beautifully by the leading artists today. The greatest difficulty for the beginner has been the lack of an effective approach to that literature. The creation of this method of classic guitar playing has been to make the road to great literature an easy one. Easy Classic Guitar Solos It is essential that you employ the companion folio to this volume. “The Mel Bay Folio of Classic Guitar Solos” and play the designated selections as recom- mended throughout this first volume of the Mel Bay Classic Guitar Method. Copieht 1970 by Mal Bay Pubeatons, In. International Copyright Seated > Pied in USA.