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Holiday Trivia

To play Holiday Trivia, first enlarge

this Christmas Tree Gameboard onto
24 Each team has separate questions and
answers. When a team lands on a
posterboard or draw the tree on the numbered space, refer to the corre-
class chalkboard. Next, divide the sponding numbered question. If the
class into two teams, the RED team team answers the question correctly,
and the GREEN team.
23 they may move to the next space.
If the answer is incorrect, they
To start the game, toss a must give up their turn.
coin to see which team will
go first. The object of the game is to
22 21 see which team can get to
the top of the tree first.

18 19
17 14
16 15 13

10 11 12
7 6 5
1 2 3 4

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H o l i d a y Tr i v i a

1. When day is Christmas Day? 1. What happens when you stand under
2. Name the red flower commonly used at
Christmas. 2. Who was chosen to guide Santa on
Christmas Eve?
3. Who were the Magi?
3. What do bad boys and girls get for
4. What is the name of the special candle- Christmas?
stick used during Hanukkah?
4. What is Santa Claus called in England?
5. Name three of Santa’s reindeer.
5. How do you say “Merry Christmas” in
6. What song contains the phrase Mexico?
6. Who’s “nipping at your nose” when you
7. What is the name of the famous singing go outside in winter?
7. What is the date of Christmas Eve?
8. What was Scrooge’s favorite saying in “A
Christmas Carol?” 8. What do Dutch children leave out for
Santa to fill with presents?
9. Name two places where Santa puts
presents for children. 9. Who are Santa’s helpers?
10. In what country would you wish someone 10. How many turtle doves were sent in the
“Joyeux Noel?” song “The Twelve Days of Christmas?”
11. What did Mary ride to the stable where 11. What famous snowman do we sing about
she gave birth to Jesus? at Christmas?
12. What is a creche? 12. Name one of the three spirits who visited
Scrooge on Christmas Eve.
13. In the song “The Twelve Days of Christ-
mas,” what was sent on the eighth day? 13. In what country would you find a piñata
on Christmas Day?
14. What is the Jewish holiday celebrated in
December? 14. Name one ingredient in mince pie.
15. In one holiday song, a boy claims all he 15. Name a food item people often string
wants for Christmas are two things. together to make garlands.
What are they?
16. Who first saw the star of Bethlehem in
16. Name the famous Christmas ballet the Bible story?
enjoyed by children.
17. How many reindeer does Santa have?
17. What are latkes?
18. Who is Kris Kringle?
18. What are the two main Christmas colors?
19. When is the first day of winter?
19. Where does Santa live?
20. In the song about “Rudolph,” what is the
20. In the Bible story about the first Christ- weather like on Christmas Eve?
mas, why did Mary and Joseph go to
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H o l i d a y Tr i v i a

21. What do people hang on their doors at 21. Who is “coming to town” in the popular
Christmas? Christmas carol?
22. What is said that animals do on 22. What is the “top” called that Jewish
Christmas Eve? children play with?
23. What is “roasting on an open fire” in 23. What is the name of the little boy
“The Christmas Song?” in “A Christmas Carol?”
24. Name three words Santa says when he’s 24. Name one of the gifts brought to Jesus by
happy. the Three Wise Men.


1. December 25 1. You get kissed
2. Poinsettia 2. Rudolph
3. The Three Wise Men 3. Coal in their stockings
4. Menorah 4. Father Christmas
5. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet 5. Feliz Navidad
Cupid, Donder, Blitzen and Rudolph 6. Jack Frost
6. “Deck the Halls” 7. December 24
7. Alvin 8. Wooden Shoes
8. “Bah, Humbug!” 9. Elves
9. Under the tree and inside stockings 10. Two turtle doves
10. France 11. Frosty
11. Donkey 12. The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present
12. Replica of the stable where Jesus was and Future
born 13. Mexico
13. Eight maids a-milking 14. Raisins, apples, cinnamon, cloves,
14. Hanukkah nutmeg, sugar, and sometimes meats.
15. Two front teeth 15. Popcorn and cranberries
16. “The Nutcracker” 16. The Three Wise Men
17. Potato pancakes which are made during 17. With Rudolph, nine
Hanukkah 18. Santa Claus
18. Red and Green 19. December 22
19. The North Pole 20. Foggy
20. They went to be counted and to pay taxes 21. Santa Claus
21. Wreaths 22. Dreydl
22. They talk 23. Tiny Tim
23. Chestnuts 24. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
24. “Ho, ho, ho!”

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