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MY PROFILE Solution Report For Thermodynamics- Part 2
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For the cycle shown in the figure the net heat interaction is

a. 6000 kJ
b. 1570.79 kJ
c. 5999.99 kJ
d. 3141.59 kJ

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. d

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Air at 100 kPa and 280 K is compressed steadily to 600 kPa and 400 K. The
mass flow rate of the air 0.02 kg/s and a heat loss of 16 kJ/kg occurs during
the process. The power input to compressor will be?
[Given h@280 K = 280.13 kJ/kg, h@400K = 400.98 kJ/kg]
a. 1.74 kW
b. 2.74 kW
c. 3.74 kW
d. 5.48 kW

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. b

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In case of hydrogen and helium, the maximum inversion temperature is

below the normal ambient temperature. So when the gas is throttled, there
will only be

a. cooling
b. heating
c. no change in temperature
d. a change in enthalpy

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. b

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Which of the following cannot be the exergy of a closed system?

a. 0
b. 10 kJ
c. – 10 kJ
d. None of the above

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. c

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If the actual thermal efficiency is 70% and reversible thermal efficiency is

80% then second law efficiency will be ________ %.

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. 87.50

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A 100 ohm resistor carrying a constant current of 1A is kept at a constant

temperature of 27°C by a stream of cooling water for a time-interval of 1s,
the change in entropy of resistor is________ J/K.

Attempt Incorrect Your Ans. -.33 Correct Ans. 0

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A fan is to accelerate quiescent air to a velocity of 8 m/s at a rate of 9 m3/s.

The density of air is 1.18 kg/m3. The minimum power to be supplied to fan
is ________ W.

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. 339.84 (339 - 340)

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Water is being heated in a closed pan, while being stirred by a paddle wheel.
During the process 40 kJ of heat is added to water and 8 kJ of heat is lost to
surrounding air. The paddle wheel work amounts to be 500 Nm. If the initial
energy is 10 kJ, then final energy will be

a. 32.5 kJ
b. 42.5 kJ
c. 52.5 kJ
d. 62.5 kJ

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. b

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In the vicinity of the triple point the vapour pressures of liquid and solid X
are respectively given by

Where P is in atmospheric and T is in Kelvin. The temperature at the triple

point will be?

a. 656.16 K
b. 65.61 K
c. 300.12 K
d. 30.01 K

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. b

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A gas undergoes a reversible adiabatic compression process in compressor

from 0.5 MPa, 0.2 m3 to 0.05 m3. It follows the law PV1.3 = constant. What
is the change in enthalpy during the process?

a. 223.30 kJ
b. 446.60 kJ
c. 884.30 kJ
d. 1246.30 kJ

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. a

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A reversible engine supplies heat from two constant temperature sources at

800 K and 400 K and rejects heat to a constant temperature sink at 200 K. If
it develops 100 kW and rejects 3500 kJ of heat per minute, then QA and QB


a. QA = 4500 kJ/min, QB = 5000 kJ/min

b. QA = 5000 kJ/min, QB = 5000 kJ/min
c. QA = 2000 kJ/min, QB = 7500 kJ/min

d. QA = 5000 kJ/min, QB = 4500 kJ/min

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. d

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Which among the following statement are true ?

1. Irreversibility is the degradation of energy.
2. All spontaneous processes of system terminate at the dead state.
3. Exergy loss is proportional to the entropy generation.
4. There is no Irreversibility in a duct with friction when an ideal gas flows
through it.

a. 1, 2, 3 only
b. 1, 2 only
c. 1, 2, 3 and 4
d. 1, 3 only

Not Attempt Correct Ans. a

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A 50 kg Iron block at 500 K is thrown into a large lake at a temperature of

285 K. After the block reaches thermal equilibrium with lake, total entropy
change of universe will be ________kJ/K.
[cp block = 0.45 kJ/kgK].

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. 4.32 (4 - 5)

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Consider the expansion of air through a very small constriction in a pipe

from pressure and temperature, respectively of 8 bar and 600 K to pressure
of 1.2 bar. Assume air to be an ideal gas. The temperature of surroundings
is 25°C. Then the Irreversibility associated with the expansion will be
____________ kJ.

Attempt Correct Correct Ans. 162.253 (162 - 163)

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A cyclic heat engine operates between a source temperature of 750°C and a

sink temperature of 50°C. The least rate of heat rejection per kW of net
output of the engine is ________ kW.

Attempt Incorrect Your Ans. 1.46 Correct Ans. 0.46 (0.4 - 0.5)
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At the inlet of a certain nozzle, enthalpy of the fluid passing is 3000 kJ/kg
and velocity is 30 m/s. At the discharge end, enthalpy is 2700 kJ/kg. The
velocity at exit from the nozzle is ____________ m/s.

Attempt Incorrect Your Ans. 548.13 Correct Ans.

775.17 (775 - 776)
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