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WARRANT OF ARREST AND DETENTION DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS Dal ice ESS rey w 1D: [Arete ber Suscect [ RANEY gin Doma t DMdemennee Gis nate ofthe State of Texas to ay Shariff or oer Peace Offaw af he dale TORE Greetings: ‘You are hereby commanded to take the body of (@ RAINEY, Lagarias, Donnell tocar othe Set ete: nd him safely keeps that he may be dst wth according aw, edo bold ie accused to answer tothe State of Texas fran offense against he laws ofthe said Sus name (8) Murder 1902.67 tee antes es accss by writen compli, made under cath ih as een rset ome aha is by this refereice incorporated herein fr all purposes © mina es 1876367 Municipal Coun ityof Dallas, Tesas ADMINISTRATIVE DATA ALL BLANKS MUST BE COMPLETED OR INDICATE “ UNKNOWN" “Stic of Tear wa_ | RAINEY, Lagat Ds [aes Sam [Aarge owas TB [asecM DOB: ie [S07 [awe [7 [as Rove [Black | GOES [Bre [7 Resdenve Address (G0) Business Ades [a Bisaess Name] 2 Coppi | Deakin arenes Sern aeesed) | CDE TOTS Pan ‘Ames Warant sued wo: | DPDIDSO (0 Devers Licese Tassie} ~ FEES@5 ~ ARREST. S400 ComMrrMieN’ cant ro Hanp THe 24 savor —AD2 [2 ,andereucdite 24 eayor Sy 08 LE er sesingad dang sve smetandvestcand Fleceee SS hag sy EL ale O59 ‘STATE OFTEXAS | AFFADAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT | COUNTY OF DALLAS — [BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this dey personally appeared the undersigned affant why afer being duly ‘wom by me, on oath sated: My name is E: Montenegro #6991 and ara pee of City of Dallas, Dallas County. ‘Texas, the afin, lave good reson and do believe that on or about the BAB dy of Wo temee, 20 Th one toe oe Suspect) Lazariue Dogme Ralacy did then and there inthe Cty of Dallas Daas County, Texarcommey te ois oo ‘Murer, a violation of Section 19,02 of the Texas Penal Code, a Felony ofthe frst degree Aliant’ belies based upon the following facts and information which Affiant received from: BY Aian’s personal instigation ofthis alleged ofense, 2 fellow peae officer ofthe City of Dallas, Dallas County. Texas, who personaly parcpsted i the investigation ofthis alleged offense, roving this information to Affian, and whose information Afant bereves tebe eaten (,Sertenber 25,2018 a shout 703 pen Dall Foie ofcrs esponded to shooting calla 2610 Marbury Sues, Dale, Texas Dats Pols ofr Arviny #1052 and Oc Ramlow. M673, red wt teen lmao ad er mney el ino wines the dion of uate a the cling deserpion ofthe supe. The upert wn earn decreed eon food. Ofer acted abc male iing ih deergon andr oficer'sprcton hy bE hima anes Phe Oe a ove who wax Inter hetfied as Lagrie Rainy, vebal commands. Hie compli wih the ciety ome ee Dateive Moneneg, "69)ea Supe! Raocys Miranda Waring. He acknow keyed understanding hi rigs and ated to tk vo Desens Momeneyr, Supe Rin) adie tht evs punhing Compliant Jlsnon ho wae cet enn een anagurent bs ws having wih a accuig fx of hdl The complainant beeantosceam fe alp ond eee Wer ad bob lo. Waesh, hm a the boro 1 ke what was going on Suspect Rainey satel ‘hey camera panchny hin adhe fl led for ican ook crs gn sd Bena tng eset Chaney, 7830, terion Wine ROAR ted at she sie complinan being auld and tempted to defend ber that ne Wy me ithe bedroom and the sspec tok ot abun an began sheng wos shot once techs. Jefferson was sot nthe back ada out ofthe bedoom ad clap it te ee x2 ol ured. Compaan Jeon vas vansponel tan ats hospi whereas seuakeh Ge ea An mercy C-Secion was permed on Complainant Jello ad he By wo ved. Wroe ‘a ano Iranspored tan ates bool and m sce capo ‘STATE OF TEXAS | AFFADAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT |~ COUNTY OF DALLAS —] ea {YUEREFORE. a sta aa vara dr Be i Seog Ps ‘SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME onthe tayo ‘MAGISTRATES DETER Ontinhe ___aayor_SEP 24 2018 a9 "hs by acing at ave amined epg ahi dhe demi at protbiecai se er aa ‘an arrest warrant for the tadividual accused therein, 2T. bApan