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PTI Election Commission for Overseas Chapters

Ref: PTI EC-OIC/SW/Panel Publication/24-Sep-2018

Subject: Final Panels for Intra-Party Election 2018

This is to notify that the following Panels have been CLEARED by EC to proceed with Intra-Party
Elections 2018.

EC would like to extend congratulations to the panels and contestants for their effort to qualify for
election and looks forward to a positive committed effort from all panels throughout the process. As
announced earlier election will be held on 4th Oct 2018 starting at 12:01 noon time to 5th Oct 2018 up till
12:00 noon time next day (24 hours)

Chapter Panel Name Position Contestants Status

President Syed Muhammad Ali
Vice President Suleman Ahmad
Sweden Ideological panel Cleared
General Secretary Taimoor Abbas
Information Secretary Yawar hadi
President Muhammad Afzal Farooqi
Vice President Amer Nadeem
Sweden PTI Tigers Cleared
General Secretary Aqil Khan
Information Secretary Muzaffar Ali
President Babar Ali
Vice President junaid Khan
Sweden Progressive Panel Cleared
General Secretary Fawad Younis
Information Secretary Fahad Qazi

EC will be validating the profiles and panels declaration till the end of September and may at any point in
time request for further information as required. Any false or mis-Declaration from any panel member/s
may result in disqualification of the whole panel from elections.

For any clarification please contact PTI Election Commission on

PTI Overseas Election Commission

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