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Volume 52 - Issue 4

September 26, 2018
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RSU board member resigns amid violation Briefs and

Ali Mulji resigned after The Eyeopener discovered he was no longer enrolled at Ryerson
By Nathaniel Crouch
By Kosalan Kathiramalanathan Edmund Sofo, the RSU executive
member who oversees the Student The grossest version of the Wet
A current director on the Ryerson Groups and Course Union Com- Bandits
Students’ Union (RSU) submitted mittee, initially told The Eye that On Sept. 20, an individual in the
an oral resignation after The Eye Mulji’s position on the BoD and the library building was reportedly
discovered he isn’t enrolled at Ryer- committee didn’t violate any bylaws dripping urine onto a community
son—a violation of RSU bylaws. because he was elected into the posi- member one stall over. Despite the
According to his LinkedIn profile, tion when he was a student. nonconsensual golden shower, the
Ali Mulji, a 2018 commerce grad, is “He is within his right to be cur- question remains; did this nasty pee-
currently studying law at Thompson rently sitting as a board member cupping asshole wash their hands or
Rivers University in B.C. His Linke- as well as a committee member just do the classic rub it on the jeans
dIn profile has him listed as a senior and commissioner of both Student move before exiting?
advisor to the president of the RSU, Group and Course Union Commit- Babe Ruth doesn’t have shit on
the commissioner of the Student tee,” Sofo said. Victoria Street local
Groups Committee and the Course He said there is nothing in the Ali Mulji is currently studying law at Thompson Rivers University in B.C. A man was swinging his baseball
Union Committee and a member on bylaws that explicitly bars any indi- | PHOTO COURTESY FACEBOOK bat all around Victoria St. on Sept.
the RSU Board of Directors (BoD). vidual from running for the position 19. There were no damages report-
The RSU bylaws state directors of director or to be elected to a com- to discuss the bylaw violation, Sofo that, at the time of elections [that] ed but the bat was confiscated as it’s
on the BoD must be, “a member of mittee, adding that board members said Mulji decided to resign after the was our interpretation,” he said. still a weapon due to its heavy use in
the students’ union as set forth in do not need to reside in Toronto. issue was brought to light. Sofo said the RSU executive team The Walking Dead.
the letters patent or bylaws of the “At the time of election, you need Sofo said the RSU’s initial inter- spoke to Mulji about the matter and A mini-me, but Lachemi
students’ union at the time of the to be an undergraduate student and pretations deemed that Mulji’s elec- he orally resigned from his position On Sept. 21, a disturbance was re-
April Annual General Meeting and pay full tuition of Ryerson at the tion was valid, but after The Eye ap- on the BoD. ported to security in Kerr Hall West.
throughout their term of office.” time of election. In the bylaws, if I’m proached the RSU, concerns were Mulji has yet to hand in an official A known trespasser was claiming to
The bylaws also emphasize that not mistaken, there’s no stipulation also raised by members of the Stu- resignation and his LinkedIn shows be the president of the university be-
a member of the student union’s that says you cannot be a member of dent Group Committee and Course he is still an employee with the RSU fore he was escorted out of the build-
board is someone who is enrolled the board or a commissioner of any Union Committee. at the time of publication. Sofo said ing. Through hours of research, The
full time at Ryerson. single committee.” “We looked at [bylaw] 1.1, which the RSU will hold a by-election at Eye confirmed that Lachemi did
Mulji did not respond to a request However, approximately one week refers to what a general member of the soonest possible time to replace not appear at the scene to meet his
for comment. later, when The Eye approached Sofo the RSU is. And when we looked at him. doppleganger.

Pakistani Students’ Association reinstated despite misuse of $6.9K last year

By Bryan Meler On Oct. 23, the PSA proposed a cover costs, but they’d soon be met
plan to the RSU to hold a Desi Dha- with a different reality. Since the
If you look across this year’s execu- maka concert in January at the Mat- PSA Formal was in March, and was
tive team of the Pakistani Students’ tamy Athletic Centre (MAC), which scheduled within several weeks of
Association (PSA), you won’t see would cost roughly $15,000 to book. the concert, a lot of students didn’t
any familiar faces. Since the group hadn’t secured any want to buy tickets for both events.
Saying goodbye to last year’s ex- funding yet and had only $532.97 in To create more time for ticket
ecutives was part of a deal the PSA their trust fund, the RSU told them to sales, the PSA moved their Jan. 26
made with the Ryerson Students’ scale back their event. The PSA then concert to Feb. 9. They also received
Union (RSU) in order to be reinstat- found a smaller venue in Vaughan. support from M.I. Associates, a real
ed as an official student group over But Dawn Murray, the RSU’s cam- estate company from Pakistan, who
the summer. The group’s dismem- pus groups coordinator, says the agreed to pay off their entire artist No more concerts for the Pakistani Students’ Association. | PHOTO: DEANNA KRUEGER
berment was the result of the former RSU’s other advice was ignored. deposit fees of $9,300. In exchange,
team failing to inform the RSU about the PSA would need to promote the the remaining $2,315 from their $500 event or a $5,000 event. She
the cancellation of their Desi Dha- “We never got company during the concert. own pockets. also noted that last year, Musi-
maka concert—a South-Asian cultur- around to telling But just three days before the start “There was a lack of communica- cians@Ryerson successfully pulled
al showcase—in the winter of 2018, of the show, the PSA had sold less tion [with the RSU],” Farooqi said. off a concert at the MAC with over
leading to the fraudulent misuse of them” than 100 tickets. The group didn’t “We never got around to telling $25,000 in total expenses.
$6,984.97 in funding. have enough money to pay for the them.” Because of last year’s fiasco, the
Instead of planning another con- The PSA booked Pakistani pop concert, which would have required Murray and the RSU didn’t realize RSU has emphasized group edu-
cert, the PSA will go back to orga- star Bilal Saeed, which would re- another $10,000—in addition to the the event was cancelled until March cation on event planning through
nizing dinners, says their current quire him to fly to the GTA to deposits—to cover the performers 29, when they attended a grant meet- their presentations, despite not
president Zulqarnain Imtiaz. “Their perform. Having him on their bill and over $6,000 for the venue, ac- ing where the PSA mentioned their changing any policies.
expectations were too high last year.” rounded their deposit for artist fees cording to Farooqi. The PSA then failed Desi Dhamaka concert. The The PSA won’t have to worry about
Their dinners will provide an to $9,300, because they also booked decided to cancel the event. RSU later called in the PSA to clari- filling last year’s deficit, but they must
opportunity for the Pakistani com- Sidhu Moose Wala, an up-and- Farooqi made the announcement fy, eventually finding out the group ascribe to four extra amendments,
munity to get together at Ryerson, coming Indian-Canadian artist. over the PSA’s Facebook page on had misused $6,984.97 in funding— which they agreed to in June. The
but they are also what sparked the The artist fee was added to the Feb. 6, but she didn’t inform the money that, along with their $1,000 PSA will have the Student Group
group’s interest and motivation in $1,000 deposit the PSA needed to RSU directly. That same day, the deposit, would never be recuperated. Committee oversee their financial
wanting to do more in the first place. pay for the venue, and the extra $900 PSA received a cheque from the As a result, the RSU stripped the activities and intervene when they
Hirra Farooqi, last year’s PSA required for security. The PSA was RSU trust account for $6,984.97. PSA of student group status. “Look- choose fit. Executives from last year
president, says Ryerson’s Pakistani able to pay the venue deposit, thanks The RSU believed the money would ing back, it was unrealistic to try can’t return as signing officers. And
students wanted to see their commu- to their $2,000 grant from the RSU. be used as a faster way to pay for the and pull off that large of a concert,” the association did not get an office in
nity represented through a concert. That, along with the $5,000 in uni- venue and security. says Farooqi, who adds that “what the Student Campus Centre, but this
Farooqi and Arslan Ahmed, the for- versity funding they received from Without returning the cheque the RSU had to do was fair,” but she has since changed.
mer vice-president of events for the the president’s office, was put in or notifying the RSU, the PSA wished the executives received bet- “We didn’t have the experience”
PSA, followed their wishes. Ahmed their group’s trust account. used it to pay back M.I. Associates. ter training for event planning. says Farooqi. ”We hope other clubs,
did not respond to a request for com- The PSA was planning on selling And because they owed the com- Murray says the union’s guide- and this new team, can learn from
ment in time for publication. around 700 tickets for their event to pany $9,300, Farooqi says they paid lines are adequate for planning a our mistakes.”


Limit yourself at two-to-three hate clicks a month

and transphobic pseudo-facts that
By somehow make it past competent
Jacob editors—it accomplishes two things.
Dubé First of all, everyone with the
same thoughts and ideas feels vali-
dated. They click on the piece, share
I’m going to use this opinion piece it with their weird friends and revel
to talk about opinion pieces. I know, in the fact that someone in a posi-
real galaxy brain stuff. They’ve been tion of power agrees with them.
around for pretty much as long as On the other hand, people who
newspapers, and even before that if disagree with an opinion piece like
you had an uncle who liked to rant. that will also click it, read it and
The purpose of an opinion piece share it—typically with a comment
is simple: to get someone’s opinion refuting the idea.
on something. They typically cover What’s common about both of
something in the news cycle and try these scenarios is that the site gets Just look ahead and walk away when the temptation comes to read a shitty hot take online | PHOTO: SAMANTHA MOYA
to get a searing-hot take on it, bas- the clicks and the shares no matter
ing their piece in fact but peppering what. And news publications know Online Design Director
in some thoughts that you wouldn’t this. It’s a big reason why op-eds Skyler “Chicken Paprik” Ash J.D. “Nice Jacket” Mowat
be able to get in a more objectively- are so often inflammatory and not Bryan “Mount Rushmore” Meler
written news piece. exactly based on solid footing—the Contributors
The reason I’m talking about more it angers the reader, the better. Features Rhea “Two Good To Be True”
opinion pieces—also called op-eds, People are paid to write these Sarah “Here in spirit” Krichel Singh
editorials or columns—is because things, oftentimes paid more than Editor-in-Chief Raviya “Let Me In” Singh
they’re popular. It’s scary how many reporters doing actual important Jacob “King of Salads” Dubé Arts and Life Kiernan “Periwinkle” Green
of them dominate the news cycle work. Once they notice that work Premila “Two-faced” D’Sa Emma “2 Lit 2 Quit” Sandri
and top the highest-performing lists like Kay’s is topping the charts, may- News Isabella “Not Isabelle” Lopes
in the most-read publications. be they’ll be more inclined to up the Emerald “Uncle” Bensadoun Sports Kosalan “Clutch”
Everybody reads them. They’re crazy in their own work. Raneem “Sonder” Alozzi Peter “Johnny C” Ash Kathiramalanathan
basically the reality TV of journal- The point is, before you get sucked Maggie “Cool Mom” Macintosh Christian “Egg-faced friend” Ryan Anika “Off The Record” Tabassum
ism. But it helps to think a little into the endless opinion machine, Jacob “Saweet” Stoller
more critically about what they set think about whether it’s meant to in- Photo Biz and Tech Hayden “I appreciate your time”
out to do. form you, or just piss you off. Samantha “Power pose” Moya Sera “*hacker voice* I’m in” Wong Godfrey
When The National Post publishes Keep reading mine though, I Alanna “It’s uh-LAH-na” Rizza Tom “No problem dude” McCabe
Barbara Kay’s latest column—usu- promise they won’t mess with you Deanna “An HR issue” Krueger Communities Anika “420” Syeda
ally filled with horribly homophobic like the other columns. Lidia “Crabby” Abraha Andrea “By Monday” Josic
Laura “Just do it” Dalton
Fun Sam “Nifty thrifty” Harley
ATTENTION ALL FULL-TIME STUDENTS Nathaniel “I’M CALM” Crouch Valentina “My spirit animal” Passos
Arianna “Stick it to the man”
Time is running out! Media
Parnika “What’s the sitch?” Raj
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Interns sick at this point in the term you could be
The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) provides you extended Gabrielle “Still don’t have my fucked. It is well within the probabilities
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No football team? No problem!

HOCO is coming to Ryerson, courtesy of... the RSU and Toronto Argonauts?

By Isabella Lopes “With football teams at different other schools. While most HOCOS
universities across Ontario, home- revolve around partying and drunk-
Despite not having a football team, coming is a great time for students enly cheering for your school team,
the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) to bring their student pride and get Ryerson’s consisted of alumni lun-
is hosting a homecoming (HOCO) together and have a good time,” cheons, lectures and campus tours.
next month. Abbas said. “Ryerson is known for its boring
The union is teaming up with the Queen’s University and Western homecomings,” reads a story pub-
Toronto Argonauts to host a home- University have notorious HOCOs. lished in The Eye in 2007. “We have
coming football game at BMO Field Ryerson’s Toronto neighbours, the no football game to rally over and
on Oct. 12. University of Toronto and York no alcohol-soaked parties to burn
The Argonauts will represent Ry- University, also host HOCO events. cars at.”
erson University in a regular season That’s something Ryerson students In 2007, homecoming was re-
match on their home turf against the miss out on, Abbas said. branded as “Alumni Weekend.” The
Hamilton Tiger-Cats—their long- That wasn’t always the case word ‘homecoming’ hasn’t been Don’t let the fear of not having a football team keep you from drunkenly
time rivals from Steel City. Students though. The Rams football team mentioned since. cheering at the game | PHOTO: ALANNA RIZZA
are invited to attend a pre-game formed shortly after Ryerson was “It’s about time we finally got
party and watch the match from a founded as the Ryerson Institute something fun,” said Sara Borna, a
seating area designated for Ryerson of Technology in 1948. They com- second-year journalism student.
students and alumni. peted in a homecoming game dur- “Ryerson is really disappointing
“This year the RSU wanted to take ing the team’s short lifespan. For when you compare it to the differ-
a big step in student events and col- the majority of its existence, former ent events other universities get,”
laboration, which we felt was lack- Argonauts player Ted Toogood she said.
ing,” said Edmund Sofo, RSU vice- coached the team. Ammar Al-Hulaibi, a third-year
president student life and events. The team folded in 1965 due to media production student, agreed
The RSU is selling discounted poor tryout turnout and school that Ryerson isn’t known for host-
student tickets for $10 online. Stu- support. Aside from winning the ing fun events.
dents can purchase as many tickets Intermediate Intercollegiate On- “Nobody goes to Ryerson for the
as they want. tario-Quebec Conference Cham- fun school spirit experience, it’s a
Syed Abbas, an account coordina- pionship in 1958, they had a bad commuter school,” said Al-Hulaibi.
tor at Maple Leaf Sports and Enter- track record. “I’m hoping this will give us a bigger
tainment (MLSE) who doubles as a Ryerson continued to host home- sense of school spirit.”
Ryerson business management stu- comings after the team dissolved. The game is at BMO Field on Oct.
dent, reached out to the RSU to set However, these so-called home- 12, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The
up the event. comings never compared to those at pre-game events begin at 4 p.m.

Thanksgiving Lunch with

President Lachemi

Mohamed Lachemi, President and

Vice-Chancellor invites Ryerson students
for a Thanksgiving lunch at the Ryerson
Student Learning Centre Amphitheatre
on Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

Drop in for a free light lunch

from 12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Please email if we need to make any accessibility

or dietary accommodations to ensure your inclusion in this event.

Reclaiming the act

of writing
Many of us have a moment that made us fall in love
with writing. Maybe it was that short story you wrote
about going to space for your third grade English class,

under your bed.

As we grow older, writing transforms from a hobby into

work. We dutifully hand in essay after essay, learn how to
be concise, draw on scholarly research and write objectively.

Some Ryerson students are reclaiming the act of writing to

bring back what it once was—more than just an academic
obligation. Beyond being creative and taking time away

from expressive writing, such as coping with school stress,

cognitive improvement and improving relationships.

We talked to Ryerson students who make time in their

weekly routine for expressive writing—like letters and jour-

from reclaiming the practice from academia’s hands.

The first time sending text messages. he also has to write concisely without Writing a letter may not be as
Aapkaran Sidhu wanted Sidhu’s parents also occasion- losing details. immediate as posting on social me-
to write a letter, he ally write letters to his grandma, Writing letters has helped Sidhu dia, because it requires patience—it
but he’s the most consistent, writ- feel closer to his grandmother, since takes weeks, maybe months for let-
couldn’t even find a piece ing about once a month. He updates it’s his only way to communicate ters to arrive at their final destina-
of paper in his house. his grandma about what he and his with her. tion. Sidhu sometimes has to wait
family have been doing since the last “There’s also something that weeks for his grandmother to an-
For Sidhu, a fourth-year business time he wrote. you just don’t get with email or swer his question, asking for clari-
management student, writing let- A benefit of letter writing is that it texting,” says Kat Akerfeldt, ex- fication on something she wrote in
ters came out of necessity more than forces him to be descriptive, where- ecutive director of Toronto’s First a previous letter.
anything else. as on social media, it’s just easier to Post Office, which also doubles as Still, Sidhu finds writing a nice
His grandmother, who lives in send a photo. When he’s filling her a museum. break from technology, and the
Calgary, has trouble hearing. He in on life events, he has to be cre- Letter writing can be a creative uniqueness of his situation helps
can’t talk to her on the phone, and ative, describe things in detail and outlet because of all of the different him appreciate that break.
given his grandmother’s age, doesn’t avoid online slang. ways to express a thought. Aker- “I don’t know anyone else that’s
see email as an option. Sidhu also has to remember ev- feldt notes that letter writers have actually, on a routine basis, going
A 2008 study on text commu- erything that has happened in his life the freedom to be creative, through to Canada Post and buying postage
nication suggests that deaf people since the last time he wrote, which he things such as handwriting, pen co- stamps anymore,” Sidhu says.
above the age of 70 prefer to write says has helped him recap and sum- lour, stationary and adding doodles But regardless, he will continue to
letters and use email, as opposed marize events. Because his letters are in the margins—which can’t be done buy more stamps to send letters to
to younger groups, who preferred around one to one-and-a-half pages, in a text message. his grandmother.
It was a business course Yu, now in his fourth year, en- sor Colleen Derkatch.
that required Brian Yu joyed the assignment so much that Unlike cellphones, paper can’t
he wanted to take it further than the buzz with notifications. “It’s really
to start journaling. three lines his course required him an opportunity to just be present
to write. He started to elaborate on with yourself,” says Derkatch.
The assignment asked Yu to track what he was grateful for and analyze Yu says writing in his journal is
three things each day that he was how he felt in certain situations. more enjoyable than any writing he
grateful for. He would write about Back in 1986, a study had college does at school. “The way students
how he felt grateful for his mom students who endured traumatic think about writing now is kind It’s kind of like
making him lunch, or someone go- events write about their experi- of portrayed negatively because of you’re having a
ing out of their way to hold open a ences for 15 minutes a day, for four school, because you have to write
door. Three years ago, on his birth- days. Compared with a group who and get graded based on it,” he says. conversation with
day, he bought himself his first jour- wrote about less meaningful topics, Yu says journaling is also a way yourself
nal. He says it was the best present the study found that students who for him to organize his thoughts and
he’s ever given himself. wrote expressively had less visits to prevent overthinking. If someone
He chose a journal that read “You health centres. asks him how he’s feeling about a
can never have too much happy.” “Writing something more com- certain situation, he’s able to share
Anytime he felt hesitant about writ- prehensive like a letter or even a his thoughts and feelings since he’s
ing, the quote was there to encour- diary entry can help you process already worked through them in his
age him to pick up a pen and write bigger picture thoughts, feelings journal.
about whatever he was thinking. and experiences. It’s got a kind of “It’s kind of like you’re having a
“Initially, when I did it, I’d be in a more meditative, reflective aspect conversation with yourself where
better mood for the day,” Yu says. to it,” says Ryerson English profes- you can be completely honest.”

At the bottom of Katie her letters wouldn’t stay private— For Donovan, it simultaneously
Donovan’s sock drawer so she decided to keep hard copies, serves as a getaway. “Writing a let-
avoiding any digital trace of them. ter is a way of filtering out those
sit six yellow envelopes,
Letter writing has served as a way emotions and being able to put my
each a recipient’s name to filter Donovan’s thoughts about a mind at peace for a little while.”
on the back. person or situation without directly Donovan sat on a fuzzy grey car-
speaking to them. Whenever Dono- pet to watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved
The names consist of friends, class- van writes less consistently, she feels Before. She marvelled at the similari-
mates, family members and love her mental health beginning to fog ties between her and the main char-
Writing is a way of interests. up. “I find that when I do write, I acter of the movie, Lara Jean.
putting my mind at Each time Donovan writes a new am in a clearer headspace and more Just weeks before, Donovan was
letter, she holds onto it to decide if positive.” in front of a boy she was seeing,
peace for a while she’ll hand deliver it or have it as a Letter writing has been linked to to whom she handed over a letter,
keepsake. a decrease in feelings of depression. asking for clarification about their
Since she was in high school, In a 2007 study from Kent State ambiguous relationship. As he went
Donovan has been writing and professor Stephen Toepfer, students through it, she could tell which
keeping letters as a way to share wrote one letter a week for three paragraphs he was reading based on
things that she feels too shy to weeks focusing on positive aspects his reactions.
say in person. She still does this of their lives. The study found that When he finished reading the let-
today as a fourth-year photography they had greater happiness and life ter, he said, “You should be a poet,”
student. satisfaction and reported less de- and asked if he could have it as a
In high school, she was worried pressive symptoms. keepsake.

Amanda Chin’s days the unknown.” reduce anxiety. For Chin, she found
were beginning to blur She listed her stressors, then it was exactly what she needed to
together. expressed gratitude for the people avoid the stress taking over.
in her life who were supporting If something happens during
her. Although she was stressed the the day that she wants to journal
The business management student first night she began journaling, about, she notes it down on her
was in the midst of applying for her Chin didn’t only write about phone to write it by hand in her
co-op placement when she began her negative emotions. She also notebook later. In addition to
to feel the days melding into one. underscored the support she was writing about her day, she adds
She was conducting interviews and receiving from her family, friends notes, quotes, tracks the amount Instead of bottling it
meetings with companies to land and boyfriend. of water she drank and movies in like I usually do, at
any job that she could get. The stress Now, almost a year later, she wants to watch. If she misses
was piling up with all the things to Chin writes daily, making time a day, she recaps it in her next least now I have an
do and the amount of time to do it throughout her busy schedule each entry. It’s become part of her daily outlet to write it out
was running out—so she began to day to ensure she expresses herself routine, both writing and reading
journal to cope with the creeping through writing on a regular basis. back old entries to remember past
fear that she wouldn’t find any Expressive writing may be more memories.
placement. beneficial for people naturally “I’m more of an emotional person,
Sitting at her desk with a lamp disposed to share their emotions. A so when I’m getting really worked
on, Chin grabbed a bright yellow 2014 study from the Anxiety, Stress up about things that are going on in
notebook and began to write. In & Coping journal found that for my life, instead of bottling it in like
dark green ink, she began with a individuals who are used to releasing how I used to do, at least now I have
quote: “I do not fear the future, I fear emotions, expressive writing can this outlet to write it out.”

Working overtime
Former Ryerson Rams women’s hockey captain Ailish Forfar is taking on more than the
ordinary student. Sports writer Tom McCabe tells us why she does it
Among the collection of Ailish For- managers reached out to her. season for the Rams as much as her
far’s prized possessions, there’s one On August 21, the Markham schedule permits, something head
that stands out above the rest: her Thunder announced they had signed coach Lisa Haley is thrilled to have.
day planner. Forfar as their second and final pre-
In addition to the full course load draft signee. “I think we aligned a “The more I spent,
that comes with being a third-year lot...and I think they saw me as more
Sport Media student, the former than just a player.” the more committed
Rams winger recently signed her Community is something Forfar I got...
first professional hockey contract
with the Canadian Women’s Hockey
cherishes dearly. Upon her arrival to
Ryerson as a 22-year-old freshman,
I wanted to have a
League’s (CWHL) Markham Thun- she found herself searching for a hand in”
Ailish Forfar has managed to juggle two different jobs, while getting ready to kick off a der. Add on her job as an assistant place to fit in away from the rink. It
professional hockey career | PHOTO: CHRISTIAN BENDER/RYERSON ATHLETICS coach for the Rams women’s hockey turned out that the humanitarian trip “We both agreed that staying
team and a lead organizer for the Ry- was exactly what she was looking for. engaged on a daily basis was
erson Athletics humanitarian trip, “The more I got involved, the more something we both wanted to
and it’s clear that she’s living a pretty time I spent, the more committed I happen and I’m really pleased with
busy life. got, I really realized it was something the way it’s worked out,” said Haley.
When the Rams women’s hockey I wanted to have a hand in.” And while Forfar recently shared
team saw their season end last Febru- Despite knowing that taking on the ice with some of the players
ary, Forfar figured she had seen the all of these tasks could drain her, she now coaches, Haley thinks her
end of her playing career, using up Forfar says that it’s all about having leadership is what allows Forfar to
her five years of eligibility between no regrets. “I’d say at times, I’m make the transition seem easy. “I
the National Collegiate Athletic As- gonna feel a little bit overwhelmed, don’t think they look to her of much
sociation (NCAA) Dartmouth Uni- but I think when I look at all my as a teammate anymore, I do think
versity and the Rams. responsibilities and I prioritize my they look to her as a mentor and
That was, until a phone call came day to day, I know that I’m doing all role model.” As both a professional
from Laurentian Voyageurs head the things I want to be doing with player and a coach, Forfar hopes to
coach Stacey Colarossi in early July. my life right now.” show younger female players that
Colarossi was the coach tasked with She was recognized for her efforts success in hockey can come in a
assembling the U SPORTS all-star last year, receiving the Ontario variety of pathways.
team to participate in Hockey Can- Hockey League (OUA) and U “There was no pro women’s
ada’s Summer Showcase in Calgary. SPORTS Marion Hilliard Award hockey growing up,” said Forfar. “I
Forfar quickly accepted, and after for her academic, athletic and only thought about the Olympics, it
not being on the ice for nearly four community efforts. She was also was almost like if you didn’t make
months, scrambled to get in shape. honoured with the G.L. Dobson the Olympic team were you really a
“I had about five weeks to train... Award from Ryerson for her good women’s hockey player?” She
and while I was doing that I realized contribution to the community. recognizes the opportunity to be
how much I had missed hockey,” she a visible role model for girls in the
explained. “I went to the showcase “I was definitely hockey community, and feels it’s a
and I had a great time. I thought I duty to give back in any way she can.
played well, I was definitely behind behind some of the A student, coach, humanitarian
some of the players who had been players...but the and now professional in her craft,
training all summer, but the feelings
[of excitement] came back.”
feelings came back” Forfar is grateful to have realized
her dream, and now she wants to
Forfar decided to enter her name help others realize theirs.
into the CWHL draft just days be- “I think if you’re not doing
fore boarding the plane to Calgary. It Within the women’s hockey everything you can do to help
just so happened there were CWHL community, her desire to give back is the people around you and
scouts watching her play for the U just as strong. It’s also what inspired yourself, you’re missing valuable
SPORTS squad and shortly after re- her to help coach the team she once opportunities [that] you’ll look back
turning to Ontario, various general played for. She’ll be on the bench this on one day and possibly regret.”


ual Assault Centre in Hamilton

Ryerson women Consent comes last? showed that one in three Canadi-
ans understand what sexual con-
Students are expressing concern regarding new sent means.

ready to take over “dangerous” and “infuriating” Ontario laws

Planned Parenthood uses the ac-
ronym FRIES to define consent as
freely given, reversible, informed,

Parliament Hill enthusiastic and specific. Sexual ac-

tivity without consent is considered
sexual assault.
Ryerson launches Women in the House pilot program to The recent ruling comes after
Ford passed a new sexual education
encourage female participation in Parliament model, based on the 1998 syllabus.
It doesn’t mention consent, same-
sex relationships or non-binary
identities, among other things.
Some students are concerned that
this could pose a threat to future
Consent comes first at Ryerson, but last in Ontario | PHOTO: SAMANTHA MOYA education on consent.
“You’re going to have a lot of
By Arianna Kyriacou toxicated to the point of being un- young girls who simply don’t un-
aware of their actions, it is possible derstand their own rights, and why
The Supreme Court of Ontario has that could be used as a defence for their consent should be valued,”
ruled that intoxication can be used sexual assault. Shafi said.
as a defence in sexual violence cases According to a report conducted In the most recent survey con-
in late August. by Carleton University, over half of ducted by the Canadian Federation
“[This defence] puts so many stu- all post-secondary sexual assaults in- of Students in 2015, women aged
dents at risk and in danger. So many volve drugs or alcohol. 18-24 experience the highest rates
predators and perpetrators will not Hana Shafi, a Ryerson graduate, of sexual assault in Canada, and one
have legal consequences for their ac- led an Art and Consent workshop in five of women experience sexual
tions just because they were intoxi- at Ryerson last week. In an inter- assault while attending a post-sec-
cated,” said Vanessa Quon, editor view, she spoke on the double stan- ondary institution.
of New Wave Magazine, a feminist dards regarding intoxication and Students are encouraged to re-
publication at Ryerson. “It’s really sexual assault. main educated on their rights and
frustrating.” “When a woman says, ‘I was raped be cautious of signs of sexual abuse,
Tracey Raney (left) is a Ryerson Faculty of the Arts professor and coordinated the Justice Nancy Spies presided because I was intoxicated’ people according to Ryerson’s Consent
program with former NDP MP Peggy Nash | PHOTO: ALANNA RIZZA over the defence in a case where a will say that alcohol can’t be used as Comes First campaign. They can
Toronto man, in a drunken state, an excuse. But when a man says, ‘I take action against sexual violence
By Lidia Abraha “I wanted to offer women who sexually assaulted a woman. This did it because I was drunk,’ suddenly by ensuring to “support survivors,
have an interest in politics the op- case set a precedent that if the that’s OK? It’s not OK.” when they disclose, prevent and ad-
Ryerson is launching a new program portunity to meet with people who accused can prove they were in- A report issued by The Sex- dress sexual violence.”
to encourage women to work in [ran for office] and were successful.
Parliament. The pilot program, Ry- [And] show other women that these
erson’s Women in the House, will are real people who have faced chal-
give female-identifying students the lenges, and found the confidence
opportunity to shadow an MP in and the strength to put themselves
Ottawa for a day, tour political sites out there publicly.”
and network with politicians. Tracey Raney, a professor in poli-
Peggy Nash, the coordinator of tics and public admin at Ryerson,
the program and a former MP, has is also coordinating the program.
worked towards empowering fe- Years of running an in-class po-
male politicians for years. She co- litical cabinet simulation seeded the
founded Equal Voice in 2001, an idea for starting the program. In this
organization dedicated to increasing simulation, students volunteered as
female representation in all levels of different ministers—defence minis-
government. ter, health minister, etc.—but Raney
noticed that a female student would
“Women who hold never volunteer as Prime Minister.
When she decided to point this
these positions [in out to the class, she began to see
Parliament] are not a women volunteer for the role. Ac-
different species” cording to Raney, this mimics real-
life situations where women lack
According to Women in the an interest in politics until they are
House, women represent 27 per encouraged to participate in politi-
cent of the seats in Parliament. This cal discourse.
makes Canada 60th in the world for “I wanted to think of a way to en-
their percentage of female represen- gage students who identify as female
tation in federal government. at Ryerson, where it’s not just me
“The women who hold these po- talking in front of a classroom about
sitions [in Parliament] are not a dif- different theories and ideas, but to
ferent species, they’re not some kind actually bring them into the political
of superwomen. They’re regular world,” said Raney.
women who are from all walks of The program is also open to all
life, from all different career back- marginalized women-identifying
grounds, from all different person- participants. You must be an upper-
alities,” said Nash. year undergraduate or master’s stu-
Nash added that she is interested dent enrolled in the Faculty of the
in making women feel confident Arts to apply. No previous politi-
and comfortable enough to run for cal experience is required, and the
political office. deadline is on October 5, 2018.
10 FUN

Does your mom laugh at all your jokes? Do you know a story that could be delivered in a satirical fashion? IT’S SWEATER SEASON, F*CKERS
The Eye is always looking for someone funnier than our current editor and if that might be you,
reach out to us at Forecast calls for pumpkining
as October approaches
New weather reports suggest September will
end. Soon. Eventually. All hail the skeletons.
By Nathaniel Crouch the Greater Toronto Area.
Residents are reminded to prac-
Shifting weather conditions and tice caution in their outift choices as
the changing of seasons are noth- this seasonal shift will result in very
ing new in the world of weather re- low temperatures in the early morn-
porting. Recently that reporting has ing and late evenings, yet scorching
made some breathtaking discoveries temperatures at midday.
as to what lies ahead for Toronto, This phenomenon is called
and Ryerson, in the coming weeks. “Wearing a sweater in the morning
Joseph Seed, the head meteorolo- and complaining about having one
gist at Castform Weather Centre hours later.”
said in an exclusive, “We’re tracking The Castform Weather Centre is
an active weather system that will calling for a spike in infinity scarves
result in increased pumpkin flavours and beanies across the GTA.
around the city.” The Centre also released a state-
The Centre presented us someone ment of what to do should someone
who looked like Sean Bean to tell us be caught up by one of these sys-
“October is coming”, and it will re- tems. “If you’ve got a light jacket,
sult in many Ryerson students using never take that shit off. If you find
the word “spoopy” unironically in yourself in a Starbucks surrounded
conversation. by 20 white women in-between
The currents of air will mean hip- them and their non-fat, triple-no-
sters will have to stay indoors as a foam pumpkin spice latte, don’t
northernly wind will bring a high move at all; their vision is solely
UGG count to every coffee shop in based on movement.”

Sept. 30 Bored.

Oct. 1

Oct. 2
Bonjour! It’s the average fun guy Nathaniel Crouch with this week’s time
waster. A game which I have no doubt you’ll stretch the solving time in
hopes of feeling productive as you procrastinate your real work. Our prize
this week is a $25 Metro gift card. All you have to do to enter is complete
the sudoku challenge and drop it off at The Eyeopener on the second floor of
the SCC, look for the entry box of destiny.





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