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20 Fig. External lightning protection of a residential building

5.4.2 External lightning protection system for a residential house
Fig. illustrates the design of the external lightning protection system for a residential house with attached garage. Fig. and Table show examples of the components in use today. No account is taken of the measures required for an internal lightning protection system such as lightning equipotential bonding and surge protection (see also Chapter 6). Particular attention is drawn to DEHN’s DEHNsnap and DEHNgrip programme of holders. The DEHNsnap generation of synthetic holders (Fig. is suitable as a basic component (roof and wall). The cap simply snaps in to fix the conductor in the holder while still being loosely guided. The special snap-in technique exerts no mechanical load on the fastening. DEHNgrip (Fig. is a screwless stainless steel system of holders which was put into the programme to supplement the DEHNsnap system of synthetic holders.

DEHNsnap conductor holder

cap base part

DEHNgrip conductor holder

Fig. DEHNsnap und DEHNgrip conductor holders

This screwless system of holders can also be used as both a roof and a wall conductor holder for Ø8 mm conductors. Simply press in the conductors and the conductor is fixed in DEHNgrip (Fig.



Pos. in Fig.

Part description Round conductor Ø8 mm – DEHNALU, medium-hard, soft-twistable

Part No. 840 008 840 018

Pos. in Fig.

Part description Bridging bracket made of aluminium Bridging braid made of aluminium

Part No.

377 006

Steel strip 30 x 3.5 mm – St/tZn 810 335

377 015 480 150 480 175 275 116 275 260

Round conductor Ø10 mm – StSt V4A Roof conductor holders for ridge and hip tiles

860 010

Lead-in earthing rod Ø16 mm complete Rod holder with flange


202 204 204 204 206 206 204 204 202 202 202 206 206

020 109 249 269 109 239 149 179 010 050 080 209 309



Roof conductor holders for conductors within roof surfaces


Parallel connector Cross unit SV clamps made of St/tZn SV clamps made of StSt Rod holder with cleat and flange for heat insulation

305 306 319 308 308

000 020 201 220 229


275 260 273 730


DEHNsnap DEHNgrip conductor holder with cleat and flange for heat insulation Gutter clamp for beads made of stainless steel Single-screw gutter glamp made of stainless steel MV clamp made of Al MV clamp made of StSt Gutter board clamp

204 006 207 009 275 160 273 740 339 339 339 339 050 059 100 109

Number plate for marking isolating points Air-termination rod with forged tab with rounded ends Rod clamp

480 006 480 005


7 8


100 075 483 075 380 020 262 130

390 050 390 059

Rod holder with tip

343 000


Downpipe clamp adjustable for Ø60-150 mm for any cross sections

423 020 423 200

Earth rod St/tZn sectional unit with bolt and hole Impact tip for deep-driven earth rods Connecting clamp for earth rods unilateral for earth rods

620 625 620 625

150 150 151 151

620 001 625 001

KS connector for connecting conductors made of StSt MV clamp

301 000 301 009

620 011 625 011 620 015 625 015


390 051

Table Components for external lightning protection of a residential builiding



5.4.3 Application tips for mounting roof conductor holders
Ridge and hip tiles: Adjust roof conductor holders with adjusting screw to suit the dimension of the ridge tile (Fig.

For dry ridges, the DEHNsnap conductor holder (1) (Fig. is put on the ridge clamp already on the structure (2) and tightened manually (only turn DEHNsnap).

Smooth tiles (Fig.



Fig. Roof conductor holder with preformed brace - Used on smooth tiles, e.g. plain tiles

Fig. Conductor holder with DEHNsnap for ridge tiles

The conductor leading can, in addition, be gradually adjusted by means of conductor holders from the top centre to the bottom side. (conductor holder can be loosened by either turning the holder or opening the fixing screw.) SPANNsnap roof conductor holder with DEHNsnap synthetic conductor holder or DEHNgrip stainless steel conductor holder (Fig.

Slate roofs: When using it on slate roofs, the internal hook system is bent (Fig. or equipped with a supplementary clamp (Part No. 204 089).

Fig. FIRSTsnap for mounting on existing ridge clamps

Grooved pantiles: The roof conductor holder with preformed struts is used for the roof surfaces. The conductor holder is bent by hand before being hooked into the battens. Additionally, it can also be secured with nails (Fig.


angle the inner latching for use on slate roofs

Fig. SPANNsnap with plastic DEHNsnap conductor holder

Fig. Roof conductor holder with preformed brace - Used on slate roofs
angled by hand

Permanent tension due to stainless steel tension spring. Universal tension range from 180-280 mm with laterally adjustable conductor leading for Rd 8 mm conductors. FIRSTsnap conductor holder with DEHNsnap synthetic conductor holder for putting on existing ridge clamps for dry ridges.

Fig. Roof conductor holder with preformed brace - Used on grooved pantiles



Grooved tiles: FLEXIsnap roof conductor holder for grooved tiles, for direct fitting on the groove (Fig.
insert the holder underneath

lift tile

lift tile

Overlapped constructions: In case of overlapped constructions (3) (e. g. slabs and natural slates), DEHNsnap conductor holder (1) (Fig. with clamping terminals (2) is pushed on from the side and secured with a screw driver when the holder is open. For slabs laid on a slant, DEHNsnap can also be turned to allow a plumb conductor leading.

insert the holder underneath

1 2
press tile on it


press tile on it

Fig. Roof conductor holder for hanging into the bottom seam of pantile roofs


Fig. Conductor holder for direct fitting on the seams

The flexible stainless steel strut is pushed between the grooved tiles. By pressing on the top grooved tile, the stainless steel strut is deformed and adapts itself to the shape of the groove. Thus it is fixed tightly under the tile. This application with an aluminium strut makes it easy to adapt to the shape of the groove. A notch is provided for an eventually existing window hook. The strut of the holder can also be nailed down (holes in the strut). Roof conductor holders with preformed strut, for hooking into the bottom groove for pantile roofs (Fig.

Flat tiles or slabs: DEHNsnap conductor holder (1) (Fig. and its clamping device (2) is pushed in between the flat tiles (3) (e. g. plain tile) or slabs and tightened manually (only turn DEHNsnap).

2 Fig. PLATTENsnap roof conductor holder for overlapped constructions

1 2


DEH Nsn ap


Fig. ZIEGELsnap, for fixing between flat tiles or plates



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