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ABSTRACT ‘The present research had as objective to determine thatthe use ofthe Tortugarte ‘cational software develops the capacities ofthe area of mathematis in the students ‘ofthe fourth degree ofthe educational institution "Virgen de la Candelaria” of Poyunte += Celendin, 2014. twas worked with a sample of 36 students of bath sexes, 18 forthe ‘experimental group and 18 students for the control group. The type of research was applied, in the quantitative approach of quasi-experimental design. To test the lnypohesis, atest of knowledge inthe area of Mathematics with pretest and postest ‘was used as instrument, It was determined thatthe use of Tonugate educational ‘oftware significantly influenced 38% in Reasoning and Demonstration ability, 30% in ‘Mathematical Communication and 39% in Problem Salving; This was evidenced by the results obtained inthe Experimental group on Control. Key wor XO Laptop, TortupArte, math Capabilities.