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Rated power 15 kW

Rated voltage 460V or 460/230V Dual voltage

Rated frequency 60 Hz
Length (mm) 1360
Overall dimension Width (mm) 1580
Height (mm) 577+210
Weight 780 kg (Without oil and coolant)
Fuel tank capacity 190 L
Fuel consumption 1.5 - 2.5 L/h (Loading reefer container)
Oil tank capacity 8 - 10 L
Coolant volume 8 - 10 L (Including reserve tank)
Operation temperature range -26℃ -
Model V2203-E2BG
Manufacturer KUBOTA
Type Vertical, 4-cycle water-cooled diesel engine
Number Of Cylinder 4
Bore (Mm) 87
Stroke (Mm) 92.4
Total Displacement (L) 2.197
Rated Output (Kw) 24.2
Rated Speed 1800
Air Cleaner Type Heavy-duty oil bath filter air cleaner

Starting System 12VDC-1.4kW Starting motor

Starting Aid 12VDC- 500W Air heater
Charging Generator 12V-40A Charging generator
Model RF-15-CIMC Specific generator
Manufacturer Marathon(China)
Insulation Class F/H
Excitation Method Brushless self-excitation
Control Unit ERS or HGM1750 or HGM1780
Hour meter/Temperature gauge/Oil pressure
gauge/Ammeter/indicator or LCD
Control system Low Oil Pressure,High Coolant Temperature,Low
Protection Feature Coolant Level,
Generator Short Circuit Or Over Load

Generator Set Control ON/OFF switch,PREHEAT/START switch