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Inclusion Plan
2012 - 2015
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The Sargents Centre
First Ave, Blacktown
NSW 2148


5Message from the Mayor 15

Blacktown City Council
Access Advisory (Disability)

6Background 15
Community Engagement

8Councils Commitment 16
Evaluation and

9Barriers to Disability Access 16

Disability Standards for
Access to Premises

10 16
Australian Standards
Definition of Disability

11 16
Government Information
What is a Disability Inclusion Plan?
Public Access Act 2009

National Disability Strategy

Council’s Directorates

Guiding Principles

Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

and Acronyms

ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics

ADA Anti Discrimination Act
AS Australian Standards
AUSLAN Australian Sign Language
BCA Building Code of Australia
BCC Blacktown City Council
CA City Assets
COAG Council of Australian Governments
CSD City Strategy and Development
DIP Disability Inclusion Plan
DDA Disability Discrimination Act
DSA NSW Disability Services Act 1993
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
FCS Finance and Corporate Strategy
HREOC Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
LGA Local Government Area
PPIA Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998
SL Sustainable Living

4 Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

from the Mayor

A socially just community is one where

everyone has fair and equal access to
services that are essential to achieving and
maintaining a decent lifestyle. It is important
to acknowledge that some people need
more support than others. People with
disability are recognised by Blacktown City
Council as being in need of this additional
level of support.
This Disability Inclusion Plan has been
developed to make access to Blacktown
City Council’s services and facilities easier
for people with disability (and for their
Blacktown City Council is committed to
making access for people with disability the
same as for people without disability.
Councillor Alan Pendleton Blacktown City Council acknowledges the
Mayor of Blacktown City input from its Access Advisory (Disability)
Sub-Committee in helping to develop this

Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

1. Background

Australia has a population of approximately a) Disability

22.5 million people with nearly 20%
of the population having some form of The estimated total population of people
disability. According to the ABS Survey of with a disability in the Blacktown LGA
Disability, Ageing and Carers 2003, 16.9% was 64,895 persons. The breakdown
of the population reported that they had for Blacktown can be seen below (ABS
difficulty in carrying out every day living Synthetic Estimates of Disability 2003
tasks, education and employment due to Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers
disability. Fifty one percent (51%) of people data).
aged 60 years and over reported having • 15.6% have an estimated profound
a disability. Eighty four percent (84%) of severe disability.
people aged 85 years and over reported a
need for assistance to manage everyday • 8.94% have an estimated moderate
activities. The occurrence of disability in disability.
the population increases with age, people
• 17.91% have an estimated mild
are living longer therefore people with
disability are living longer too. By 2051 the
ABS estimates that 25% of the population • 57.5% have an estimated disability
will be 65 years of age or over. This (any kind).
compares with 12% in 1997.
Blacktown City is a dynamic place where b) Population growth
residents celebrate the history, creativity and change
and achievements of the City and it’s
people. Blacktown is home to 300,000 The total population for the City of
people in 47 suburbs. The people of Blacktown LGA in 2006 was 271,710
Blacktown are recognised as the City’s persons, representing 15.1% of Greater
greatest asset by Blacktown City Council. Western Sydney’s (GWS) population.
Community members are encouraged
This marked a 6.2% increase in Blacktown
and supported to actively participate in
City’s population since 2001, and a 17.4%
civic life at neighbourhood and City levels.
increase in population since 1996.
Their active participation results in well-
coordinated and meaningful planning and This rate is well above the Sydney growth
decision-making for the community. rate of 4.3%.
There was an average annual growth of
1.8% or an increase of approximately 4,011
persons per annum.
Around one (1) in every seventy-three (73)
Australians resides in Blacktown City.

6 Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

c) Age and gender e) Birthplace and language
Blacktown City was youthful, with over half Blacktown’s population was culturally
the population (117,179 persons or 50.5%) and linguistically diverse with over 184
under 30 years of age. Countries and 156 Languages represented
within the community.
In 2006, the most dominant age groups
were 5-9 years (8.4%), 0-4 years (8.2%), Dominant countries of origin in 2006 were
10-14 years (7.9%) and 30-34 years (8.0%), the Philippines (16,129 people, 5.9%), India
accounting for 32.5% of population. (7,255 people, 2.7%), New Zealand (6,651
Compared to age groups in the Sydney people, 2.5%), England (6,238 people,
Statistical District (Sydney SD) and in GWS, 2.3%) and Fiji (5,387 people, 1.9%).
Blacktown City’s LGA had a slightly higher
The main non-English languages spoken
proportion of residents in the age groups of
at home in 2001 were Tagalog (excludes
0-14 years and 25-39 years.
Filipino) (9,812 people, 3.6%), Arabic (8,814
The age group with the largest proportional people, 3.2%), Hindi (7,176 people, 2.6%),
increase was 80-84 years (41.2%, 845 Filipino (excludes Tagalog) (5,641 people,
people), followed by 85 years and over 2.1%)and Chinese languages (5,469
(31.3%, 461 people). people, 2.0%).
Of the total population of 271,709 persons,
49.6% were males and 50.4% were

d) Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islander status
Blacktown City LGA had the largest urban
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
population in NSW with 7,055 people
making up 2.6% of the population. This
compares with 1.4% for GWS and only
1.1% for Sydney SD.
The dominant age groups of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people’s were 5-14
years (2,015, 28.6%), 15-24 years (1,322,
18.7%), 0-4 years (1,010, 14.3%) and 25-
34 years (871, 12.3%).

Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

2. Councils

City Vision - To be a vibrant, healthy and safe City -


a) Blacktown is a practical ‘can do’

City and our Vision is different. Council’s
primary commitment is to achieve
our diverse goals through the delivery
of tangible projects and programs that
will leave a lasting community legacy.
As the City of Blacktown continues to
grow, Council is charged with the task
of guiding future growth and ensuring
the Vision becomes a reality.
Blacktown City Council is committed to
making its services and facilities
accessible for everyone and to give
people with disabilities equal access.
Blacktown City Council is committed to
the principle of developing communities
where everyone has fair and equal
access to services that are essential
to achieving and maintaining a decent
b) Strategy – To be a creative, friendly
and inclusive city.

Strategy Statement
To work with residents, Government
agencies and local communities so that
local communities are welcoming and
inclusive, that individual residents achieve
their potential and that Blacktown is a
centre of inspiration and creativity.

8 Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

3. Barriers
to Access

a) Blacktown City Council recognises d) Blacktown City Council recognises the

that these barriers may be physical, United Nations Convention on the
procedural or social. They include Rights of Persons with Disabilities:
access to buildings, infrastructure,
• Disability results from the interaction
transport and information.
between persons with impairments
An Accessible Community can be and attitudinal and environmental
described as a community that provides barriers that hinders their full and
people with equal opportunities in the effective participation in society on
community to access transportation an equal basis with others.
systems, physical environment,
• Disability issues should be an
communications systems, technological
integral part of relevant strategies of
systems, political, cultural, bureaucratic,
sustainable development.
corporate, social institutions and
employment practices. • Persons with disabilities should be
actively involved in the decision
b) All employees have the right to a
making processes involving them.
workplace that is free from unlawful
discrimination and harassment and have
the responsibility to act to prevent them
from occurring in the workplace.
c) Under the Anti-Discrimination Act
1977, it is against the law in NSW for
any employer, including the
Government, to discriminate against
an employee or job applicant because
of their disability. Council is committed
to the principles of EEO as will be
evidenced in all issues regarding the
employment relationship. Under the
Disability Discrimination Act 1992, it
is unlawful to treat people with disability
differently than people who do not have

Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

4. Definition
of Disability

a) The definition of disability as recorded in

the Disability Discrimination Act 1992
(DDA) includes physical, intellectual,
psychiatric, sensory and neurological
or learning disabilities and refers
to the “malfunction, malformation or
disfigurement of a part of a person’s
body” as constituting a disability and
also the presence of disease causing
organisms. This Act provides the
broadest framework for ensuring that
people with disability are not
discriminated against.
b) The DDA definition includes that a
disability may: presently exist,
previously have existed (but no longer
exists), may exist in the future or is
imputed to a person.
c) Blacktown City Council recognises and
respects the rights of people with
disability not to disclose or discuss the
nature of their disability (according to
the Privacy Act).

10 Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

5. What is a
Disability Inclusion Plan?

a) A Disability Inclusion Plan sets out how

Blacktown City Council proposes to
meet the needs of people with disability
who reside, work or visit the City.
b) It will help Blacktown City Council
comply with the Disability Discrimination
Act (1992) and the Disability Services
Act 1993 and will provide a strategy
for implementation of programs aimed
at removing disability discrimination.
c) It will also provide a policy framework
to enhance accountability for Council
delivering accessible and equitable
services to the Blacktown Community.
d) Play an important role in relation to
how Council delivers service, develops
its facilities and works with its staff.

Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

6. Purpose

The Disability Inclusion Plan (DIP) will

provide a framework to assist people with a
disability to participate fully as members of
the Blacktown Community, to provide them
with the same access to Council facilities
and services as everyone else.

12 Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

7. Methodology

a) This plan has been developed following:

• A Review of BCC current services
and infrastructure for people with
• Research into relevant Acts and
Policies, statistical data and conduct
a literature review of disability
• Consultation with BCC
Directorates, Blacktown Disability
Community, Blacktown Access
Advisory (Disability) Sub-Committee
and support agencies.
• A Public Exhibition of the draft Plan
for feedback.
• The Submission of the final DIP is
for adoption.
b) Following the adaption by Council the
Plan will be:
• Registered with Human Rights and
Equal Opportunity Commission.
• Implemented.

Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

8. Guiding

The following principles underpin this Plan: • Council will continue to educate and
train its staff in the principles of
• Council will ensure all people have
access and equity and social justice.
fair and equitable access to its
economic resources and services
essential to meeting their basic
needs and improving their quality
of life.
• Council will engage with local
communities to understand
their needs and aspirations and to
give people opportunities for
participation and consultation about
the decisions affecting their lives.
• Council recognises the need to
adopt a whole of Council
organisational philosophy where
access is incorporated within
appropriate plans and services.
• Council will focus on strategies that
have a positive impact across the
whole City, geographically and by
social group.
• Council will assume a leadership
and advocacy role in developing
programs that increase access to
services and facilities for people in
the Blacktown LGA.
• Council will work with partners to
promote relationships with
Government, private business and
communities across the Blacktown
• Council will continue to support local
organisations to provide excellent
services to seniors and people with

14 Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

9. Blacktown City Council
Access Advisory (Disability)

a) Formal Committee The Chair of the Sub-Committee is the

Blacktown City Councillor and in their
The Blacktown City Council Access
absence the Chair is elected from the
Advisory (Disability) Sub-Committee is a
members present.
recognised Sub Committee of Council with
its members appointed by Council. d) Community Engagement
The Sub-Committee is open to residents An accessible community is one
of Blacktown and relevant human service where community members can freely
providers and seeks to address the communicate with Council. Blacktown
needs of people with a disability within City Council has a reputation for working
Blacktown Local Government Area. The with communities and stakeholders in the
Sub-Committee provides input to Council development of its policies, plans, and
about these needs and also undertakes services. Our communities are involved
relevant project work from time to time in in many ways – from formal responses to
collaboration with Council’s Community Council plans on exhibition, participating
Access Worker. in Advisory Committees to help us shape
polices, helping us design new facilities or
b) Aims of the Access Advisory
providing customer feedback about our
The aim of the Access Advisory Sub-
In July 2010, Council adopted a
Committee is to make access to services,
Community Engagement Policy which
facilities and opportunities available on an
provides the framework for Council to
equitable basis to Blacktown residents who
consult the community and includes a
have a disability.
Community Engagement Tool Kit and an
c) Committee Structure and Operations Implementation Framework. This Plan has
been developed using the Community
The Sub-Committee consists of twelve Engagement Strategy. Additionally,
(12) members of the community, either community engagement principles will
resident representatives or service underpin the implementation of the Plan.
providers, all of which are to represent
people with a disability. The organisational
representatives are from organisations
that focus on people with a disability and
“access” focussed associations.
The Sub-Committee members represent a
diverse range of disabilities.
One (1) Councillor is nominated as the
Council delegate to the Sub-Committee.

Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

e) Evaluation and Implementation g) The Australian Suite of Standards AS
1428 - Design for Access and Mobility
Whilst the Plan has a ‘whole of Council’
are as follows:
organisational access as its philosophy,
its implementation will be allocated to the • AS 1428.1 general requirements for
appropriate Directorate within Blacktown paths of travel, circulation, amenities
City Council. etc.
DIP Indicators will be included in the Social • AS 1428.2 requirements for
Plan. additional fit out of facilities,
circulation spaces, gradients etc.
The Access Advisory Sub-Committee
(Disability) will monitor progress of the • AS 1428.3 requirements specifically
DIP with the assistance of the Community for children.
Access Worker, who will liaise with
• AS 1428.4 requirements to assist
the appropriate directorate employee
people with vision impairment and
responsible for the required actions. The
includes tactile ground surface
directorate will submit quarterly reports
to be addressed by the Access Advisory
Sub-Committee (Disability) on outstanding • AS 2890 Parking.
issues and progress.
• AS 1735 Lifts.
The DIP will be registered with the Human
Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission • AS 4299 Adaptable Housing.
(HREOC). h) Government Information Public
f) Disability Standards for Access to Access Act 2009
Premises • Public Access to Blacktown City
The Disability (Access to Premises – Council Information.
Buildings) Standards commenced on 1 Our primary aim in implementing the
May 2011. They provide the basis for Government Information Public Access Act
improved arrangements for disability 2009 is to promote a better understanding
access in the Building Code of Australia. of the work of Council in our community.
The Standards cover accessible lifts, One way of achieving this aim will be
stairs, ramps, toilets and corridors and through the improved breadth and depth
include office blocks, shops, hotels motels of the information that we will be making
and publicly accessible buildings. The available to you on our website and at our
Standards may be accessed on www. Blacktown City Information Centre and libraries. We will be actively encouraging
your participation in the periodic review
of our policies and functions. Your are
welcome to give us your comments and

16 Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

suggestions on any of the material that The National Disability Strategy was
we publish. We will consider for possible launched on Friday 18 March 2011 and
inclusion, any public interest issues that covers a long term plan in six priority areas:
you may wish to nominate that are not
Inclusive and accessible communities.
currently published.
Rights, protection, justice and legislation.
Our Community Engagement Strategy
is provided to help you understand how Economic security.
we consult with the community in our
decision making process. We promise Personal and community support.
to deal with your individual requests for Learning and skills.
information courteously and promptly and
to provide you with advice and assistance Health and wellbeing.
if necessary.
Blacktown City Council will participate
For further information please access in strategies to implement the National
Blacktown City Council’s websites: Disability Strategy in co-operation with
local government forums at Regional, State
• and National level.
home.cfm. To access a copy of the strategy or for
more information please visit
questions.cfm. j) Councils Directorates

• The following Council Directorates have

council/documents/online-documents.cfm. responsibility for implementing this Plan:

i) National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 City Strategy and Development –

Oversee planning for the City.
This is an initiative of the Australian Council
of Governments. Finance and Corporate Strategy –
Provide the governance and corporate
The National Disability Strategy sets out business support services.
a ten year National plan for improving
life for Australians with a disability, their Sustainable Living – Provide facilities
families and carers. The Commonwealth, and services for the City.
State and Territory and Local Governments
City Assets – Designs, constructs and
developed the strategy under the Council
maintains the City’s assets.
of Governments (COAG).

Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015


Accessible Monitor accessible Car parks Annually. CA
transport and car spaces in reviewed.
parking car parks across
Blacktown LGA
and ensure
path of travel is
provided to and
within all related
Continue public Forum held and Nov 2012 CA
transport agenda item
forum including included.
transport agenda.
Assessing All bus stops Dec 2012 CA
compliance of assessed
bus stops to and improvement
the requirement identified.
of ‘Disability
Standards for
Accessible Public
Transport (2002).
Accessible Maintain footpaths All footpaths are Annually. CA
environments and kerb ramps inspected in
within Blacktown across Blacktown accordance
LGA LGA. with service level

Blacktown City Access to All new buildings Annually. CA

Council will buildings is are designed to
ensure that all provided beyond satisfy access
new Council the minimum requirements.
assets are requirements of the
designed to be BCA, Australian
accessible Standards and
relevant regulations
and legislation.

18 Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015


Accessible Review and Policy updated June 2012 SL
transport and update policy and adopted by
parking for Blacktown Council.
Accessibility Bus.
Accessible Mobility maps A minimum Annually. SL
environments to be distributed of 200 maps
within Blacktown to Libraries distributed each
LGA and community year.
agencies across
Blacktown LGA A minimum of 30
and displayed on hits to Council
BCC Disability Web website per year.

Accessible Facilities upgraded One facility Annually. SL

Blacktown City to increase upgraded per
Council leased accessibility. year.
Promote The Sensory room Annually. SL
Sargents Centre bookings to
facility and sensory increase to
room to disability accommodate
services. a minimum of
five agencies per
Continually Promote Blacktown Information Annually. SL
expand and City Access stalls held at two
update existing Advisory (Disability) events per year.
range of services Sub Committee.
to assist residents
with disability
Assist people Update Council’s Directory/web Annually. SL
with disability to Disability Web page Updated
access Blacktown Page and Disability each year.
City Council Directory.
Community Access A minimum of Annually. SL
Worker to promote 100 community
BCC services members to use
to disability the Sargents
community. Centre per
Blacktown City Disability Inclusion Disability Action 2015 SL
Council wide Plan adopted by Plan to be
policy for access Council. reviewed every
and equity to all three years.
public external
and internal
Accessible Library Availability of All branch Annually. SL
resources services and libraries include
technologies to resources to
assist people with assist people with
disabilities. disabilities.

Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015


Purchase of books Large print Annually. SL

and other Library and spoken
resources which word resources
are accessible comprise at least
for people with 4% of the total
disabilities. library collection.
Council wide Promote To hold events Annually. SL
framework International Day across Blacktown
to facilitate of People with LGA to increase
participation of Disability. public awareness
residents with and participation
disability of people with
Accessibility, Improved Appropriate Annually. SL
communications accessibility documents to be
and to Council translated into
correspondence publications, Braille.
within Blacktown signage and
City Council and documents.
to the public

20 Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015



Human Review all All appointments Annually. FCS
Resources Recruitment are merit based
Practices and and Selection with no proven
Procedures documentation incidences of
to ensure content discriminatory
does not contain conduct
any discriminatory or content
content. corrections in
relation to the
and selection
Workforce Gather data Annually. FCS
Management relating to number Information
of people with obtained and
disability employed results produced.
at Council.
Appropriate Establish Develop induction 2012 FCS
workplace procedures for checklist to
environments adjustment to include special
for staff with assist new and needs to assist
disability existing staff with people with
disability. disability in
the workplace
Blacktown City Make access Attendance Annually. FCS
Council security awareness of designated
and Blacktown instruction available staff at access
City Information for all security and training.
Centre Information Centre
personnel are staff.
supportive and
of staff and
residents with

Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015

We would like to thank the following
Organisations for their contribution
to the development of the Disability
Inclusion Plan:

Pecky’s Limited Disability Services

Independent Living for the Physically Disabled Inc.
TNC Inc.
Karelle Life Enrichment Service Inc.
Self Advocacy Sydney Inc.
Physical Disability Council of NSW
Blacktown City Council Access Advisory
(Disability) Sub-Committee
The S355 Committee to the Sargents Centre

22 Blacktown City Council Disability Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2015