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Arnulfo Yu Laniba
September 2018

Description of the Present FINANCE System
Finance Department or system is in-charge of capital sourcing, capital build-up,
capital replenishment, as well as the allocation or budgeting of the income and
resources of the enterprise or company.
The Cuarteros Bread and Cakes was fortunate to have started from soft capital
donations from friends and siblings of its founder, Arnulfo Laniba. Soft capital
means there is no strict obligation to pay the donors, but only out of Mr. Laniba’s
free will to return to them the principal or better, a share of the profit.
Mr. Laniba’s pre-occupation with his advocacy and personal ministry has deprived
the family business with an able implementor, so that some 18 years after its
establishment in year 2000, there are plenty of good plans and excellent
strategies that are left unimplemented, thus, the bakery continues to suffer from
weakness and effects from the growing competition by those who are attending
to their bakery business full-time.
As a result, not only was the initial capital depleted, the bakery also suffered
bankuptcy in year 2004, after Mr. Laniba’s defeat in politics, and had to be infused
with new additional capital for new stall and production space.
From Loon, it had to be transferred to Jagna and received capital infusion from
As to CBU or capital built-up from its own net profit or savings, it has been an
impossibility due to the so many expenses and people depending on its small
Depletion of operating capital is frequent so that the business has to resort to
borrowings from local lenders.
This is not healthy in the sense that loans also take some of the % you would have
as your net profit.
But in times of need, management/owners cannot help but resort to these small
loans providers.

 (S) Strengths of the present FINANCE System
Local lending institutions such as ASA, TSKI, Loay MPC, GED Lending, etcetera,
provides the needed capital in times of urgent need, e.g., when the bakery runs
out of money to buy ingredients.
Running out of money to buy ingredients seems to be the frequent reason why
the Bakery resorts to borrow from local lenders.
So, the only strength this present Finance system provides is: temporary support.

 (W) Weaknesses of the present FINANCE System

The enterprise does not generate enough profit to build its own capital. Its
present income or profit is barely enough for its needs.

 (O) Opportunities of the present FINANCE System

The Finance Department is highly aware of great ideas, new integrations, new
strategies, new technologies that can catapult its profitability sky-high at rocket
speed! Problem is: It has to source first the additional capital to finance the ideas
and plans.
The enterprise does not yet seriously consider loans or capital infusion from
potential investors to fund these ideas. Not serious yet.

 (T) Threats or Risks of the present FINANCE System

Problem is: If management is lackadaisical about securement of additional capital
to finance its plans for re-enforcement and expansion and the enterprise might
be overtaken by competitors or by simple atrophy and corrosion.
For if the vehicle or body is not used to the maximum, there is tendency for its
parts to rust or corrode or the body to die from atrophy.
There is indeed a great need to grow and expand. And a strong source of capital
must be established soon and it is either a financing institution like bank or
individuals who would contribution or it has to be generated from within, that is
Capital Built-Up from its own income/ net profit.
The management must be tough along this line.
For the need to produce additional capital from its own pocket or from outside, is
very urgent, if it were to accomplish its vision and plans at the best, or to ward off
the debilitating effects of atrophy and competition, to say the least.

Review and Analysis of the Present FINANCE System


Be it to the small businessman or the small non-business borrower, the
present banking system has proven to be craftily destructive.
Let me start with what happens to the non-business borrower before we
would discuss what also has happened to the businessman borrower.
My Aunt
The case I would like to discuss is that of my aunt. Hence, very real and
am more authoritative to narrate this.
The sorry experience of my aunt affecting her family is very significant
because it is also happening to so many families: being eaten up by the
loan system they resorted to because they first thought it could help them.
Before these bank-affiliated money lenders such as ASA, TSKI, etc., came
to our village, my aunt could only “afford” or have the guts to maintain a
debt in the store at P50.00 to P100.00.
That was only their family debt. A family who lived in farming, with the man
of the family, my uncle, does occasional fishing and daily coconut wine
making as back-up to farming, the main livelihood of the family.
Then, the money lender came with a nice promise: the money would be
their capital to get out of their moneyless (that’s how they defined ‘poverty’)
So, my aunt took the bait.
But the lender fall short in its second promise: To help borrowers make
good in starting and staring their business.
What came to happen was: all lending, no business training.
Result: this easier way to get bigger money (lump sum) became an
addiction as it helps them buy their long-time desires: TV, sound system,
ref, electric fan, etc. or repair of their house.
What my aunt later found out that while it is easier to obtain money via the
lenders, it was actually harder to earn money to pay her loans. My uncle’s
daily income plus what the family can earn did not match – was far too less
than her monthly payables to the lenders.

So what did she do as her husband could not cope up her needed
She went to another lender to join as member to borrow to pay her first
loan in the other lender.
Again, this did not work out as intended: her first loan was indeed paid up
but her overall loans became bigger. So she again moved to join a third
lender and a fourth and a…. until she fell into the most usurious of them
all: our local “Kabaway” which neighbors and relatives organized by
contributing a small amount as capital to be lent at very high rate so they
can get big amount to buy kabaw (carabao) for their yearly annual Catholic
fiesta. This is the way how poor families in poor villages across the country
could afford a very grand fiesta celebration which earn the praises from
other places.
At the end, my aunt’s total loan reached over P70,000.00 which was so big
for a poor family who earned only P50.00 or even less a day.
Worse results:
 Her oldest daughter was forced to go to the capital (Manila) to work
and she was not fortunate because her kitchen work was very
strenuous due to so many employees of her boss to feed, so she
broke her back and suffered first a paralysis, then, she died. That
was mainly because she wanted to help her mother pay their
increasing debt that did not stop growing due to its high interests
and lack of compassion on the part of the lenders!
 Her husband, my uncle, who used to be a happy man, full of
humors, suddenly lost his happy demeanor, became withdrawn and
suffered a stroke, got bed-ridden and that was the cause of his
untimely death.
How many other sufferings resulting from a poverty you create on your
already poor fellowman? What other miseries you add on your already
pitiful fellowman from a system you created because of your greed?
 That oldest daughter died young and she was unable to support her
three younger sisters finish their study;
 The first younger sister (who is the second in the family, they were
all four daughters in the family, no brothers), lost her moorings in life,
got into short-lived relationships with married men, has three sons

from different fathers, none of whom became her husband; she is
now working as maid and left her children to her old mother;
 The third was forced to quit schooling when she was in her third
year, now working as maid too, like her late sister.
 The third or youngest daughter also did not succeed in her marriage
and now is back to her mother’s house with her young children,
whose father is proved to be irresponsible.
 In the ancestral house, there live their old mother and old aunt, who
both take care of the many kids they have left home so they can
work as maids in the far away cities.
I know that there are other families who suffer worse than this family I have
described. But what makes these families similar is that they all are victims
of systems designed by the genius in our society – genius in enriching
themselves out of the sweat, blood and tears of their fellowmen.
Alas, this deceptive lending system is swooping down to the lowest level
where the poorest of women are found and it is sweeping them off like
dusts by broom – to be canceled from their right to live in peace and
Therefore, this loaning-lending system by the banks and their affiliate
lenders at the lower level is more wicked than we have thought of.
Let’s now proceed to the plight of the small businessman in the hands of
this system:
The bank-or-lender-dependent financing system of small businessmen is
self-constraining, hence, harmful. Not the one that can prosper the small
Here is our analysis of the present system that depends on the bank and
its affiliate grass root level lenders -- on the small businessman:


Big amount needed for production, big sales but small margin (little net profit). As

much as 70% of the entire sales of the day goes to suppliers (of gasul, flour, oil,

sugar, etc). The cost of doing business is very high while the net profit is so small

that you have to be careful with your spending and act like an acrobat walking on

a tight rope. The words of a bakery operator says it all: “The big businessmen

hire us to collect the coins from the masses, and then when they become bills,

they’d come to collect them!”


FORCED TO BORROW. This is the economic system or process they

have created for Their purpose: To ensure that (a) less shall go to the

masses, including the small businessmen comprising 95% of the total

population of the country or planet – meaning: for the 95%: poverty,

repeated deficit or bankruptcy and being forced to borrow from their banks

and lenders; and (b) for the remaiing 5%: riches shall go to this few, e.g.,

the richest 13 families in this world and their 300 cohort elite families

scattered all over the nations plus a few assistants. Since they at the top

(the Illuminati group or big Business) who monopolize basic bakery

supplies (ingredients such as lard, margarine, sugar, flour, etc. and inputs

such as gas, electricity, etc) are in control of the prices, they keep the

prices increasing or contents of their gas tank, for example, depleting, so

that the result would be: very little net profit even if the gross sales is sky-

high! Capital, therefore, is repeatedly and regularly depleted so that the

management resorts to borrowing / loans…from their banks and lenders.


MARGIN. The lending-banking system is another quicksand that many

have already succumbed to and sank. And when we say “sank” it means

lots of small pieces of land or properties foreclosed (read: taken) by the

banks as, not just payments, but penalties for defaulting payments (failing

to pay the loans’ principal and interests) on time and fully.

A small bakery owner named Ben, was correct in his observation

regarding the role of small bakeries at the grassroots level, when he said,

“We are just being sort of hired by these big Businessmen to collect the

coins, and when these coins become bills, their collectors arrived to take

them from us (e.g., as payment of our debts or purchases of bakery

supplies). Big sales, may be true at times, big money, yes, but these just

change hands in a twinkle of an eye. Big money just passes through our

palms a few seconds on their way to the Big Businessman. We, the small

businessmen, are used by these big Businessmen as collectors of their

(not ours) wealth. This whole process makes them, not us, wealthy.”

The process has to be changed, the rules of the game have to be

changed, if we want to see the 95% get out of their poverty, enjoy

prosperity, without necessarily taking down the rich 5%; they may remain

rich, if their riches are honest.

To continue to negative impact (bad fruits of the system),
we will do a search in the data bank and pick up the relevant
information here:
“Unlike the worries and difficulties you suffer when you get
capital from a loan (from the bank) which carries three
burdens and fears: the principal, the interests and the risk
of your collateral land being foreclosed!), the free capital
from a family orchard (fruit trees plantation) is a source of
joy and peace: no need to repay the principal, no interest,
no fear of your land/ farm / collateral being foreclosed/
sequestered by the bank! So, why are we not seeing this?”
Source: Orchard (Fruit Trees) Is the Best – Who Can Surpass
“We also must be extra careful of the ongoing banking system and its
lending facilities that are converting our women into big debtors.
“Two or three decades ago, the average housewife, before the bank-
affiliate money lenders came over, could maintain a debt of only P100
in local store. Today, they are borrowers of P10,000.00 or more,
causing a big pressure to their husbands to become stressed and
suicidal in their jobs, how to earn more to pay their wives’ debts.
The present lending systems among our local women are not turning
them into businesswomen, but into big borrowers! Their loans are
ending up as dead expense, not profitable investment. And not just
dead expense, but a live cause of quarrels!
We have to be extra careful in the deceitfulness of bait and hook. They
will give you the bait (good promises, good features) before you will fall
into their hook or traps or financial enslavement.
There is no stable livelihood or business apart from the land wisely
developed as in Permaculture.”
Source: Letter to President Duterte “PRESIDENT DUTERTE TO RELEASE 5 HEC

“These Christian employees are working for companies or

government which practice subtle and legalize “land
grabbing” as in the amoroso system of the government
where a clan loses its inheritance lot using the inheritance

tax law, in one hand, and on the other hand, using the
collateral foreclosure system of the banks, not to mention
the cruel land grabbing thru war;”


In this world, richest families exist. They are 13 families: Rothschild,
Rockefellers, Astor, Bundy, Collins, Du Pont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis,
Russel, Van Duyn, Merovignian.
They mostly belong to the tribe of Esau, twin brother of Jacob (Israel).
But according to one of them, named Doreen Dotan, there are still three
families whom Rothschild obey as bosses, they are Babylonian bosses,
namely, three families: Dangoors, Sasoons, Kadori. At the occult or spiritual
level, I guess.
They are known as: Illuminati but their whole tribe is called in the bible as the
fake Jews (Rev. 3), cabal, dark force, Khazars, and from them came the
Pharisees (parish priests) and Jesuits.
The Illuminati as 13 families are 2,000 members, but have 300 elite national
families ruling over the nations. They own the banks, all central banks,
all big corporations, mass media, schools and all big churches and the two
drug industries: illegal and prescription.
They entered into a pack with Lucifer to serve him in return for the sole
power over money and so they are Satanists and so they are the lords of
money or lords of mammon.
And they own all money printing machines.
They are the ones who finance elections at the national down to the local
levels. So, all your presidents who accepted their funding and also your
village leaders... are not serving your best interest nor the interest of Christ.
They are therefore known as shadow government, or deep state who secretly
controls your leaders and whose will is done, not yours.
They too are the boss of the Mafia, KGB, Yakuza, CIA, etc.
In the Bible, they are also the mysterious Azazel goat or escape goat, in the
ceremony of the Atonement.. who for centuries, succeeded in doing all
wickedness, but blaming them all to God, to the Lamb and His inno-cents. But
in the end, his bigger share of the blame and guilt will be ultimately and
finally be ascribed to him and his cohorts and they will (Rev 6) say to the
rocks and the caves, "Cover us! For we cannot stand the wrath of the lamb
and their wrath."

Source: Facts about World Powers

Note that in most civil wars, including Marcos vs NPAs, Islam vs Christians, at least two
Jesuits, one in each quarreling camp, work to "deliver intrigues and pit one against the
other" -- hence, war. The Jesuits are the war mongers - the war makers of Rothschild,
who descended from Esau.
In almost every country that accepted modern guns. They are the manufacturers of
these guns. Rothschild supplied both loan money and guns to the two groups during the
Sounds like Nuclear War.

Mental trainings and preparation include cockfighting every Sunday, boxing for the big
boys, and dota et al for the young boys! These are schools – hands-on schools on major
subjects of pride, treachery and war. We are in actual training on an almost daily basis!
To be spared, we must obey Revelation 18:4:
4 Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “ ‘Come out of her, my people,’so that
you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues.”
Source: My Way with Niece Kate Tan

“To call the bankers to account. We also must be extra careful of the
ongoing banking system and its lending facilities that are converting our
women into big debtors. The housewife some ten or twenty years ago
could maintain a debt of only P100 in local store. Today, they are borrowers
of P10,000.00 or more, causing a big pressure to their husbands to become
stressed and suicidal in their jobs, how to earn more to pay their wives’
debts. The present lending systems among our local women are not
turning them into businesswomen, but into big borrowers! Their loans are
ending up as dead expense, not profitable investment. And not just dead
expense, but a live cause of quarrels! We have to be extra careful in the
deceitfulness of bait and hook. They will give you the bait (good promises,
good features) before you will fall into their hook or traps or financial

enslavement. I guess, the money is not evil per se. Some succeeded in
using money and have done great benefits. But because most of these
loans by our women were spent on dead expense, e.g., appliances,
gadgets, the loan-money became a trap, a problem to them, so that what
has happened to the great majority of them is this: they went to another
lending investor to borrow new money to pay for their old loans in the first
lenders, so that they loan in order to pay their previous loans, and this
process has become like digging a hole to become their own future grave
that keeps on deeper and deeper every time they loan and increase their
debts! I assess the present banking-lending system as more of a wicked
one than a righteous one, because they are -- have been – secretly in
connivance or employing secret agents to cause people become unable to
pay their loans and them able to foreclose the lands of these poor
borrowers who pawned their farms as guarantee or collateral. The secret
agents and partners of the bankers have been actively working hard to
economically and financially cripple all borrowers so that they will end up
unable to pay their loans and so see their land/ farms taken (foreclosed) by
the banks. And so you see, instead of getting richer and happier, over 90%
of the total number of borrowers have ended up losing their lands/farms
and poorer. What their politicians and lawmakers had done to our land laws
in particular, and how they had manipulated our economy in general, is a
good example of economically crippling a people, so that they are in some
points in their life, forced to go to the banks for help and when they
borrowed from the banks, they would lose further their land to the banks!
Hence, the people become poorer!
What are the disabling tactic of the banks’ agents such as the
schools, to cripple the borrowers and end up unable to pay their loans?
Here are a few of their many lies used to deceive the people:
1. That college education is the hope of their children;
2. That college education of the parents;
3. That college education is the source of wealth;
4. That you are secured with a job/ employment based on college
5. That there is better hope and greener pasture in the city, using
your college education;
6. That college-based employment in their companies or in the
government is better than anything else;
7. That there is no hope for farming;
8. That farming is a diminishing return;
9. That there is not enough land for all;
10. That farming is very expensive, is less profitable than college-
based employment;

11. That there is no retirement insurance for a farmer than a
college-based employment with its SSS/ GSIS;
12. That there is no health insurance for a farmer while a college-
educated employee has PhilHealth;
13. That there is no housing program if you stay as a lonely farmer
compared to the Pag-ibig housing benefits of college-educated employees;
14. Therefore, farming is less stable, less secured, less hope.
15. And college education is more stable, more secure and offers
greater hope.
All of these statements are either half-truth or plain lies or weak
trying hard to surpass the system which is genuine.
God’s land-based living is the genuine one, the more stable one.
Their SSS/GSIS, PhilHealth, Pag-ibig etc etc is a weak copycat of the
security, safety, convenience a land-based living provides. Best of all,
compare the health of the city-based dwellers to the health and lifespan
organic (not chemical) farmers enjoy! The money their SSS/GSIS provides
are now like particles of dust being swallowed up by an electric duster.
Their Pag-ibig house or Camella home is like the house of a ghost that
quickly disappear and gets lost when the life of the city demands that it be
sold to support the chemo or dialysis of a family member! City systems
developers, your SSS/GSIS, Pag-ibig, Camella home, Philhealth or Medicare
and systems are like sand castles before the waves! The truth is: A farm-
land is only frustrating if it is
(a) not sufficient in size;
(b) going a diminishing return because of chemicals, that is,
decreasing produce, increasing cost.
And that there is no livelihood or business more stable and more
secured and more profitable apart from the land which is
(a) enough in size, e.g., 5 hectares for every family, and
(b) not left idle but wisely developed as in Permaculture Food Forest,
integrated farm,
(c) cultivated and managed after the mandates of God in Genesis 1,
which are:
[1] replenish the lost nutrients of the earth (soil), hence, recycling
system of the Ecosystem;
[2] manage not your fellowman, but the flora and fauna and the

Children and grandchildren left the farm/ land only

(a) because their clan land is decreasing in size per recipient (that is,
increasing number of heirs to divide the small land of their grandfather –
result: not enough quantity and quality to feed the new family!) and
(b) because of the lure of college education and the city.

Now, many have already done that. At least two generations. We are
now in a position where we can make comparison of the farmland-based
life of our grandparents and our city-employment-based life. Which is
Employment abroad such as of our seamen, OFWs or employment in
government and business companies are not secured because of the
following reasons:
1. the retirement benefits are only in the form of pension (SSS/ GSIS)
and health insurance (Philhealth);
2. it is not secured by fresh air, fresh water, chemical-free organic
vegetables and fruits;
3. not secured by a healing and health-creating environment which
can only be had by an organic farm;
4. only land-farm-based livelihood, provided it is organic and
chemical-free, can give you at least 10 more years of happy and illness-
free retirement;
5. SSS/GSIS-PhilHealth-based retirement confines you to the cities or
downtowns where the air, water, food, drinks are chemicals-filled, thus,
you are exposed to cancer, diabetes, and all kinds of diseases which would
make your retirement years full of pains, aches, and diseases, instead of
peace and happiness!
Yes, you can have both organic farm and SSS/GSIS/ Philhealth, if you
please, but the present system is not designed to have both. For you will
receive your lump sum SSS/GSIS money at age 65, uhm, may not too late
to buy land, but too late to create a health-giving farm, full of delicious
healing and health-giving fruits.
Owning and living on a farm should be done not later than at age
35, to stop the influx of disease-causing chemicals inside our body! We
have to go back to a chemical-free farm. We have to make our land and
DEVELOPMENT OF HIS/HER OWN TALENTS!!! That’s the life God intend us
to have! That we will not be troubled with making a living 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, but have enough time – plenty of time to develop our

talents and enjoy the life of making people happy by our talents! That’s
the life!”
Source: Letter to President Duterte
“So, our free 5 hectares of land for each family is God’s will.
Our Organic Integrated Farm as an option and replacement for
employment is God’s will.
Our move to develop our talents and the talents of our children is in
accordance to God’s will.
If we do these things gaw, we are opening the PROPHESIED 1,000-YEAR
Which will not occur or come if we do not do our part… because to
God, we reap what we sow… If we sow the things that will feature or compose
God’s kingdom on earth, then, that Kingdom will come or will occur on
earth… just as it was our decisions, our words and actions that created
today’s human kingdom government which we do not like!
Full of corruption, full of diseases, full of bankruptcies, full of poverty,
full of sufferings, full of miseries, full of calamities… yes even those mega
quakes and mega storms… these are all man-made… our disconnection from
God and His ways has allowed the group of Esau-Edom (now named Khazars,
Jesuits, Illuminati, Black Nobility, the 13 richest families on earth, as money
gods) – this group has become our gods, our masters, our bosses and they
own money and all banks, they supply the local banks with money to be lent
and from lending, they got our lands as collaterals, a legal way of
landgrabbing… and they own the manuFactories which use more than 15,000
toxic chemicals to sow the seeds of illnesses in our bodies… and they own
the Pharmaceuticals that harvest that diseases… this is the worldly kingdom
gaw, which we help or cooperated to create and hopefully the “Thy Kingdom
come Thy will be done” will happen very soon to save us from the pains of
this Esau Illuminati kingdom whose religion is Satanism and who worship
Lucifer, not Christ.
All Christians and their churches are slaves of this system. This system
which uses money, their own invention, God did not invent money, as the
main tool of oppression and exploitation to make the few rich and the
majority poor.
A growing voices are calling and echoing God’s purpose: “I created
Man after my character qualities and to function like Me”
To “Have dominion, not over their own fellowmen, but over the
resources I have given them…”
Not to manage people but to manage resources… not to be PEOPLE

Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so
that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the
livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along
the ground.”
As image or replicas, we are to cease from being masters or rulers or
managers over people… we must shift to become Ecosystem Managers and
Environment Architects…and managers of our own talents…
That is what God wanted us and planned us to be…
The ongoing enslavement system which includes financial or economic
slavery especially to the banks or money lenders – this shall be stopped!”
Source: My Way with Agaw Lolong – The Vision of Freedom


CAUSES: The cause can be the absence of public bank which means the

monopoly of profit-pursuing, unforgiving, greed-motivated private bankers. We

list as many YouTube videos in this section dealing with the problem of having no

pro-poor public banks and the disadvantages of private banks monopolizing the

supply and circulation of money. We will also download these videos and folder

them for easy reference. Public banks are owned by the people through its

government. Public banks can give soft loans. Soft loans are where:

 The return of the principal is optional or voluntary on the part of the


 the interest is small;

 the unpaid balance of the principal and interest at maturity date

can be restructured;

 no collateral would be foreclosed in case of non-payment or

inability to pay, or payment default; hence, the borrower is

protected from bankruptcy or poverty.

Public banks can also and do give grants. Grants are:

 the principal would not be returned - free;

 of course, no interest.

Public banks are financed by the taxes of the people. If the elected

president and lower leaders are true to their vow to serve the people, then, the

public or government banks will serve for the financial emancipation of the

people and will accompany them like crutch or better: like jet-fuel, towards their

dreamed prosperity.

In the USA, virtually there is no public banks. That is sad. It may be good

for resilient and healthy people but now that the Americans are losing strengths

and are now plagued with cancers, diabetes, and plenty of mental illnesses, as

much as 10% of the total poor in the world are Americans!

These poor are just fortunate if they would or could move to the

Philippines or other countries where their few dollars can still mean thousands in

the third world countries where they go or have gone. Or they are part of the 10%

poor Americans still living in the USA.

In the end, In the Philippines, we are losing our public banks. They are

gradually privatized; sold to private businessmen. United Coconut Planters’ Bank

(UCPB) appeared to be the first to be privatized. The National Bank was the

second to get privatized. It seems the Land Bank is the only public (people’s

bank) left but set to be privatized too.

At this point, it is important that you will be presented of a list of YouTube

videos exposing the fraud of private banking and exulting the advantages of

public banks owned by the people, run by a government loyal to the people and

to God.

Here is the list of YOUTUBE VIDEOS ON BANKING:

1. “Doreen Dotan – Babylonians above Rothschilds – Dangoors, Sasoons,

Kadori” – this video reveals that the master bankers, the Rothschilds, are

after all under the influence of the Babylonians who use witchcraft,

sorcery, black magic as the source of their powers to create things and



3. “Bankers Creating Problems to Common People _ Facts About Indian

Banks _ Telugu _ The Truth”

4. “Corporation's & Private Banks are not good for people, Corporations,

Governments, Legal Tender”

5. “Fed's Policies Impoverishes 80% 90% of People Alasdair MacLeod”

6. “Great Minds_ Ellen Brown - Why Public Banks Make More Sense”

7. “How the central banking system turned people into debt slaves”

8. “How The Federal Reserve Is Turning Money Into Debt – Truthloader”

9. “Public Banks Power Local Renewable Energy” – this video shows that

government or public banks can more easily help us towards good

projects that are beneficial to the people, whereas private banks do not

finance or grant loan if your projects can enrich the people

10. “Public or Private Ownership of Banks_ Which is More Efficient”

11. “Richard Werner_ Debt Free & Interest Free Money” – this video gives us

the thought that cannot come from privatized banks – that no privately

owned banks will give you grant or free loan!

12. “TalkingStickTV - Ellen Brown - Public Banks and Why We Need Them”

13. “TOP - Exposing Bank Mortgage Fraud and the Slavery System”

14. “'We're being robbed!' 12yo girl exposes Canada banking flaws”

15. “What's wrong with the money multiplier_ - Banking 101 (Part 2 of 6)”

16. “Why Banks Target Only Common People_ __ Story Board __ Part 2 __


17. “Why is public banking important for social change”

18. “Why the Occult Banking System Must be Dismantled” – this is what

started as money changing business by the Pharisees and friends which

got the Lord’s harshest rebuke when they used the ground of the Temple

of Jerusalem as transaction venue of their profiteering business, the origin

of what would become in the last days as the worldwide banking system.

19. “How Banks Create Money out of Thin Air” – and then they got our real

property (lands) as collaterals in exchange for figures merely typed on

computer and/or printed using paper, or merely making use of people’s

cash deposits! Worse will happen when the computerized cashless

system will get implemented.

20. “Doreen Dotan – Meet the Rothschilds Bosses 1” - Rothschild is the boss

in the banking industry, but he has bosses above him, namely: the

Babylonian families of Dagoors, Sasoons and Kadori, the least mentioned

family names in the 13-family Illuminati.

21. “Doreen Dotan – Meet the Rothschilds Bosses 2” – Rothschild is the boss

in the banking industry, but he has bosses above him, namely: the

Babylonian families of Dagoors, Sasoons and Kadori, the least mentioned

family names in the 13-family Illuminati.

22. “Doreen Dotan – Babylonians above Rothschilds – Dagoors, Sasoons,

Kadori” – in other words, Babylonian system based on child sacrifice, is

the basis of this banking system which is rightly termed in one video

“Occult Banking System”

23. “All Wars are Bankers’ Wars”

24. “Central Banks and War”

25. “The Truth about Banks part 1 [Wars & Corruption]



27. “How U.S. Companies Profit from War”

28. “Rothschild funded both sides of the war”

29. “Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks”

30. “The Bankers & The Staged World Wars”

31. “Knights Templars Created Our Modern Banking System” – remember the

money changers (bankers) at the Temple of Jerusalem whom Jesus

scolded and drove off? These were the ones!


33. “Eustace Mullins – The Rothschilds & The Two World Wars”

Okay, we have to stop listing, this is getting very exhausting every time we

read a new title which makes us sicker by the minute.

Let’s go to give our remarks:

I am not saying you would not view these videos yourselves – you must!

That is why you are given this list to serve as your guide which videos you should

educate yourselves. But even though you would not view them now, it is

significant to note that by the video titles themselves, it is enough to deduce that



I am pleased to read the video title “Public Banks Power Local Renewable

Energy” because private banks which are owned or controlled by the

international banking conglomerate of the Illuminati Rothschild and Rockefeller,

would unlikely fund a project (renewable energy such as solar power, electric

cars, electro-magnetic car, and the likes) because that would harm their gasoline-

fueled, cars, machines and system!

So, our immediate aim is: freedom from the financial trap of the private

international bankers. That’s our immediate lower aim.

But we are still aiming for the much higher level of freedom: freedom from

money and from those who control (print, mint, allocate) them.

Our ultimate aim is to be like the rest of the billions of planets, moons and

stars whose people use no money to run their economy. It is all based on the

Ecosystem God installed to bring food that does not run out, prosperity that does

not end!

This was our first state, in father Adam’s time: it was a moneyless society. To that

we shall return! Paradise restored.



From the initiative of government leaders, the solution to debts and loans

is to get out of the control of private banks. The Central Bank of the Philippines is

not a government bank. It is a private bank, privately owned by the Rothschild

bankers’ group of Europe (Germany).

All central banks in the world are branches owned by Rothschild and

company. As private bank whose interest is personal (vested interest), the

welfare of the borrower/ people is not in their agenda.

It is their system of interest and collateral foreclosure that has

impoverished the peoples all over the world.

Only two countries do not have a central bank: North Korea and Cuba.

That is why Rothschild has pressed the USA et al to war or persecute these two

nations until they have a change of leadership who favors the establishment of a

central bank.

US president George Bush invaded Iraq, one of the last 3 without central

bank. After Saddam Hussein was defeated, a new central bank was established

in Iraq.

When Libyan prime minister Muammar Al Gathafi (Gaddafi) was said to be

destroyed by the US Obama administration due to his initiative to divorce from

the control of German Rothschild – US Rockefeller banking conglomerate.

Only the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa) are

difficult for the Rothschild group to destroy, no matter how much they tried.

BRICS is now operating its own banking system based on Chinese yuan.

The BRICS banking system is said to be humanitarian, and it is this

system assisting the rehabilitation of African countries. Its loans are geared

towards the restoration of solid economic bases such as the organic agriculture

of a nation.

Recipient countries of the BRICS loans and projects are winning against

poverty. The focus of BRICS is the construction of infrastructures to serve as

solid basis for economic take off and sustainable development of the recipient

country or individual.



Here is the story on how our righteous leaders attempted to get out of the

tight grip of the wicked bankers. Here is the story:

Let’s review what happened (unknown mostly to the people). Let us start

with recent history: with our late President Marcos.

Unknown to the Filipino people, especially the present

generation, was a stroke of genius and compassion by the
president for his people: He decided to print the Asian dollar,
owned and printed by the Philippines.
Why is this small nation called Philippines – why was its little
president – brave enough and had the nerve before other Asian
nations who are far more powerful and stronger than her? Like
Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan – these are riches
and more powerful nations that the Philippines – so why this small
nation called Philippines under the leadership of its small
president, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos – had the pulse to create her
own money and call it Asian dollar?
And why is this small nation from the Far East led by her
small president named Marcos has the courage to tell the USA
and the UN (United Nations) – announce before the UN, in the
presence of the nations including the USA who owns the US dollar
What made the Philippines brave?
Answer: Because the monetary system of the world was
based on the most precious metal/ mineral in this world: gold.
And because 90% of the world’s gold is from the Philippines!
o The gold of King Solomon came from the Philippines
o The shiploads of gold that Hitler stole from the
nations and tried to ferret to Egypt at the height of
the WW II but was diverted to the Philippines when
the Allied Forces discovered the escaping ships –
were also Philippine gold!
o The tons of gold that Japan collected and later
became known as the Yamashita gold were also
Philippine gold!

o And the gold that the World Bank and IMP are using
as capital is also owned by the Philippines under
the stewardship of the Maharlikan royal family (who
collected the gold from the natives and in addition,
ordered the natives to mine some more of them –
the resulting bulk which exceed 720 million metric
tons! – a portion of it is what the USA borrowed or
leased to establish – read: build! – the World Bank
and IMF! And take note of this: The two
representatives from the Philippines who served as
signatories and lawyer before the leaser, are: Jose
Rizal and Atty. Ferdinand E. Marcos! Each of them
has: 15% of the total gold as commission for their
services. Total of their commission: 30%.
o And when in his very old age, Dr. Rizal died, he left
his 15% to Marcos. Rizal left word to Marcos: “Use it
for the emancipation and prosperity of our people.”
When Marcos became president of the country, he
had all the information and the wealth to turn this
impoverished/ suppressed people a great nation.
o One of his strategies: To beget as many children as
possible to, hopefully, help him fulfill the vision of a
free and prosperous nation. Aside from the
legitimate sons and daughters, it is circulating from
the grapevines, at times direct from first or second-
hand witnesses, that Marcos sired unknown
numbers of sons and daughters, from many
different women of whatever station in life, e.g., his
maids, etc.
o Now, aside from that and aside from the many
development projects, e.g., roads, bridges, schools,
markets, farms, one of the key move towards
ultimate liberation from the grips of these
International Bankers, was and still is and will be:
TO HAVE OUR OWN MONEY, not the peso printed
and controlled by Illuminati-Rothschild’s Central
Bank of the Philippines. (Note: “of” should be
changed to “in” because it is not owned by the
Philippines, it is owned by Rothschild group of
international bankers, but it is located “in” the

Philippines. Therefore, Central Bank in the
Philippines, not Central Bank of the Philippines.
When Pres Marcos announced the plan to divorce from the
Lucifer-worshipping, blood drinking (vampire) and eaters of
organs of children Rothschild-Rockefeller who own the present
banking system, the international bankers led by Rothschild
demolished him. And the Filipino people clapped their hands
praising the enemies of Marcos. Huh!
How did they do it?
This ultra-capitalist of the world named Rothschild financed
the Communists to destroy Marcos. The communist spokesman
confessed (see YouTube video) that it was they, the communist,
and not Pres. Marcos, who bombed Plaza Miranda so Marcos
would be blamed, be led to declare Martial Law, be forced to fight
using their rules and their guns and when his attention is
consumed in focus on war, and he would be diverted from his
development plans and projects for the Filipino nation, and
ultimately be trapped in conflict while the Rothschild-led
international economists caused the inflation which was the worst
for the country at that time, hence, leading the Filipino people to
lose trust on Pres Marcos...until he was driven from power, having
no support from the people and their military anymore.
Tay Digong must be extra careful. They are using the same
strategy (shake the economy: create the worst inflation!) to make
the people distrust the president and make him busy with fighting
them, to have no more time for the development of the nation.
Tay Digong, be extra careful. We pray for you. And we
support you. We trust you. We love you.
Although a son of Great Britain’s prince Tallano, twin brother
of Queen Victoria (whom Queen Elizabeth succeeded), Jose Rizal
did not know that he was a royal son, for he was adopted by the
Alonzo family, grew ignorant of his true identity, became
incensed when his “father” Francisco was oppressed by the friars,
who leased to them an hacienda, experienced personally the
woes of oppression of the Filipino people, wrote the El
Filibusterismo (novel of the rebel), had to be exiled in Dapitan,
and the night before execution day, Rizal wrote the most
touching and the best poem ever written on love of country, My
Last Farewell, only to be suddenly extracted from the execution
site hours before he would be shot by the Spanish firing squad!

In an instant, the pro-poor Jose was transformed into an
“aristocrat” after being briefed of his real origin.
We later came to know that the oppressed Germany
rebelled against the pressures of the Powers That Be. Under the
leadership of Hitler who must be at that time advised by his true
father whom he did not know for years, Jose Rizal, Germany was
set to get out of the control of the Illuminati, was set to print its
own money!
But as soon as the Illuminati-bankers knew that, they,
through the wicked Jesuit war agents, they orchestrated the
Second World War to demolish Hitler and thereby prevent him
from setting the example of free economy through free money,
free capital for the citizens.
During the WW II, Rizal was at the Vatican. Rome (Italy) was
part of the triumvirate Rome-Berlin-Tokyo axis which they called
evil axis.
But who of us know that in the heart of the adviser named
Jose Rizal is still the heart that loves the poor?
When Japan led the war in the Far East under the leadership
of General Yamasita, who could know that being a son of Jose
Rizal by the empress of Japan, and being the grandson of the
emperor – who would know the heart of General Yamashita that
Who can rewrite history and present Jose the father and his
two sons, Adolf Hitler and Yamashita, as the real heroes instead of
as the antagonists? That had they won the WW II, the Philippines
for one, would be enjoying a free economy not controlled by cold,
beast-like bosses? That like Germany’s plan, the Philippines would
be enjoying free capitals for her people?
Whatever is the truth, it will emerge, as the Lord said,
“Nothing hidden that will not be publicized. For whatever was
whispered in secret or done in the dark shall be shouted
announced at the rooftop.”
“Freedom from mammon” – “freedom from the power of
money” – this is the issue here.
Mammon or money became evil when it was used as
instrument of greed of the few, e.g., requiring that the principal

be returned, and interest be paid (mostly at usurious rate) and
forcing the borrowers to put their lands as guarantee (collateral)
which is taken in the case of payment delay or payment failure.
We do not need piles of evidence – all we better do is see
the overall effects of this banking system: bankruptcy, poverty
and impoverishment of the people – read: landlessness first,
then, being force-led to employment by these bankers and their
companies (which is modern slavery), their lands becoming under
the control of these bankers and their cohorts, and to end up
being fed with poisoned vegetables, poisoned fish, poisoned
meat, poisoned milk, poisoned rice, poisoned wheat, poisoned
bread and cakes, etc., and when they got cancer as a result of
too much poisons, they are given by the pharmaceuticals of these
evil Illuminati who owns the pharmaceutical industry, poisonous
To those who have eyes to see, it is clear to see: That their
ManuFactories or Manufacturing Industry is the one sowing the
seeds of illness (chemicals are seeds of illness) while their
Pharmaceutical Industry does the harvesting – first of millions of
money from the hands of the families whose members suffer
these man-made cancers, etc. It is their medications especially
the chemotherapy that bankrupted over 60% of the families in
the USA!
And the shock does not stop reverberating with the latest
release of news from US scientists: That of the total death of
cancers in the USA, slightly over 50% or half of them are killed by
the chemo chemicals, not by cancer. It was the chemical who got
it first, before the cancer could kill the victims!
Also: of all cancer sufferers who used chemo, 97% of them
died sooner than those who did not use chemo.
In short: Chemo does not work and not only that: it is
extorting them their lifetime savings, stealing their hard-earned
wealth, putting them in abject poverty after cancer-chemo has
bankrupted them!
So, it is all about money.

The Lord’s warning some over 2,000 years ago still applies
to the world, thus: “Be careful that you do not raise the value of
mammon (money) to the level that you have two gods.”


We have two recommendations:

First, self-initiative. To pursue the original plan of late President Marcos

which was to print our own Asian dollar (Philippine money) free from the control

of selfish greedy banking conglomerate of Rothschild and Rockefeller.

This is tough because being alone, it is easy for the enemy to destroy our

country or our leaders who initiate this solution. Like Marcos, they may also

demolish our president.

Second, we may join the BRICS countries and banking system. This the

USA who does the will of Rothschild cannot militarily and/ or economically

destroy us. They cannot easily do to us what they had done to Iraq and Libya,



It is interesting to post here the recent news about this topic: Pres Duterte

making gains towards the removal of the Rothschild group from the country. Let

us quote the news in the internet:

President Duterte Kicks Rothschilds Out

Of Philippines
April 27, 2017 Baxter Dmitry News, World 257

President Duterte has vowed to “eradicate all traces of

Rothschild financial criminality” from the Philippines,
announcing that he will no longer respond to pressure or
financial blackmail from the US government or Rothschild-
controlled global banking institutions.

The president, who claims to have killed cartel bosses with his own hands, is not
one to be bullied, and he has now set his sights on cleaning up the financial
corruption in his country, promising to “drive them out like the
scavengers they are.“

Before Rodrigo Duterte assumed the office of president, the Philippines was
suffering from the effects of IMF/World Bank-imposed austerity and privatization
that exploited its people and resources. It was also one of Asia’s most corrupt and
troubled nations.

Though the Filipino people, through strong showings of popular resistance over a
period of years, were able to curb some of the most rampant crony corruption,
many of the shackles imposed by these Rothschild-controlled institutions

President Duterte rode into power campaigning on a ticket of major change, but
unlike Western politicians who pay lip service to change before letting down their
supporters, the Philippines president has delivered on his promises – in spades.

During the election campaign Duterte urged the people to kill him if he
failed to resolve crime and corruption in the country during the first six months of
his term.
Over one year into his term and he has delivered on his promises. He’s now
famous for more than calling President Obama a “son of a whore” at a

regional summit in Laos last year. Much to the Rothschild-controlled
international community’s outrage, Duterte is shooting from the hip, and cleaning
up his country.
In 2016, after warning those involved in the narcotics trade that “it’s either
you kill me or I kill you“, an astonishing 1,007,153 narcotics criminals
surrended to government, and 73 government officials were arrested for
involvement in the illegal drug trade.

Billions of dollars worth of narcotics were seized, showing what can be done in a
short timeframe if the problem is tackled seriously.

Now the president is going after tax-dodging oligarchs and

multination corporations who haven’t paid a cent for decades. The elites and
their media empires held former regimes to ransom. But they have no power over
Duterte. And they are actually paying up.
How does Duterte get away with taking on the rich and powerful? It’s simple. He
boasts a massive 83% popular approval rating across the country. The
oligarchs cannot use the mainstream media to destroy him because the people
don’t trust what the media says anymore.

The people trust Duterte because unlike generations of politicians who came
before him, he actually does what he says. His plain speaking enrages the powers
that be in the West, who have waged war against him through their propaganda
channels in the media.

But whose judgement should we trust – the global cabal, or his own people?

Duterte delivers
When he says he will “eradicate all traces of Rothschild financial
criminality” from his country, there is no question he will follow through,
despite the inherent risks.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and US-dominated World Bank have been
major players in the global economic landscape ever since their creation in 1944.

These international banking organizations, which are privately controlled by the

notorious Rothschild banking family, first pressure nations to deregulate their
financial sector, allowing private banks to loot their economies.

Once the governments are forced to bail-out their deregulated financial sector,
the IMF or World Bank sets up a loan package written in secret by central bankers
and finance ministers that undermine their national sovereignty and force them
to adopt policies of austerity that harm workers, families, and the environment.

The Philippines have become the first Asian country to grow wise to the ruse. They
have worked hard to gain financial independence and are now in the process of
kicking the Rothschild controlled banks out of their country.

The Philippines transformation under Duterte proves that any nation, no matter
how impoverished and troubled, can throw off the shackles imposed by
international bankers and return the power to the people.

Source: YourNewsWire




Until now, the Central Bank of the Philippines, a branch of
Rothschild's chain of central banks, is printing our money.
We, our government and people, cannot print extra money
to pay our national loans, and to distribute to our citizens to pay
their debts and capitalize their businesses without requiring them
to pay both the principal and interest.
We also need enough money to supply our citizens with the
needed capital enough times, including the initial failures and
bankruptcies before they would succeed.

It was Pres Marcos who decided to disconnect from the
control of Rothschild and to print our own money.


TASKS T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7

Philippines to consider at least 2

options, at best 3:
1. Join the BRICS and make it
2. Go alone as a free sovereign
nation under God and before
brother nations and print her
own dollar
3. Also return everything to non-
monetary acquisition as it was in
ancient time. That is, help the
people and individuals cancel
money in many instances and
cases and directly acquire a
particular need, (e.g., clothing,
shelter, food, water, electricity,
education, medication, etc.)
DIRECT from Source or Nature
and not thru money or
businessman/ enterprise.
Because, money means
someone not god can enslave/
control you.

No. 3 means either making the land

without human owners and/or
granting everyone with an equal
portion of the land for stewardship1


Granting land to each family shall be an independent task, not to wait for any other condition or
requirement. This is Top Priority # 1. The sooner this is done, the faster people or families can return to
the former state where needs are obtained directly from God and His Creation/Nature, without need of
money, persons, or corruporation. If there would be a wise use of money, it would be very much limited
and surely, it would not become like today’s Lord Mammon or God Money

Prints own money3

For the bakery enterprise: CBU4

To help CBU: Bakery austerity plans,

e.g., cost cutting to save and net
profit maximization


T1 = Time # 1 in sequence.
Note: Tasks are real and valuable. This is real plan. We are also doing our best to
put time in correct sequence to the best of our mind.
But the actual implementation will determine their final sequence.

BRICS membership should occur first to the decision to print our own money so we will have the BRICS
countries as our allies and protection against the opposition of the Illuminati/Federal Reserve/ Rothchilds-
Rockefeller banking conglomerate
It is wise to follow this task after the Philippines has joined the BRICS, so that its joining BRICS can serve
as her strong protection against the brutal opposition of the international bankers led by Rothschild. Note
that joining the BRICS does not prevent the Philippines from printing her own money but instead, it
facilitates/ hastens.
With or without the first tasks, that is, free land distribution or none, BRICS or no, free money or none,
the bakery has to go on its own initiative to succeed at building her own capital out of her pocket to
finance its own plans and ideas. This is task priority # 1 of the Finance department and shall be focused on