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Crystal Reiki Master Certification Manual

Lisa Powers
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

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Author’s Note

Please keep in mind that the information and techniques in this book do not constitute medical
advice. Seeking medical advice from a qualified doctor in the case of serious illness is always
recommended. The information is this manual is provided with the highest intentions however, the
author cannot accept responsibility for any illness that occurs as a result of the reader not seeking
medical advice from a qualified doctor.


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Table of Contents
Course Introduction .................................................................................................................................. 5
Introduction to Crystal Reiki ..................................................................................................................... 6
What is Crystal Reiki? ................................................................................................................................ 8
How Crystal Reiki Works ......................................................................................................................... 10
The History of Crystals Used in Healing .................................................................................................. 11
Benefits of Crystal Reiki........................................................................................................................... 12
Section 1 Learning Activity ...................................................................................................................... 14
The different structures of crystals ......................................................................................................... 15
How to Select Your Crystals .................................................................................................................... 23
Crystals You Will Want to Be Cautious With ........................................................................................... 26
Using color as a guide to choosing crystals ............................................................................................. 29
How to cleanse your crystals .................................................................................................................. 35
How to store your crystals ...................................................................................................................... 36
How to charge your crystals .................................................................................................................... 37
How to Program Your Crystals ................................................................................................................ 37
Section 2 Learning Activity: Selecting Crystals to Address Your Intentions ............................................ 38
Ethics, diagnosing and Prescribing .......................................................................................................... 39
Preparing to perform Crystal Reiki.......................................................................................................... 40
Performing Crystal Reiki Self-Treatments ............................................................................................... 41
How crystals can be a part of your Reiki session .................................................................................... 42
Crystal Reiki and the Reiki Principles ...................................................................................................... 44
Crystal Reiki Symbols .............................................................................................................................. 50
Reiki Crystal Grids.................................................................................................................................... 58
How to create Reiki Crystal Grids ............................................................................................................ 58
Selecting stones for your Reiki grid ......................................................................................................... 59
Additional Grid Elements ........................................................................................................................ 61
Receiving Your Crystal Reiki Attunements .............................................................................................. 61
Assignment: My Attunement Experience ............................................................................................... 63
Teaching crystal reiki ............................................................................................................................... 64
How to Perform Crystal Reiki Attunements ............................................................................................ 65
Using Crystals to Clear the Chakras......................................................................................................... 66
Using Crystal Reiki in the Home .............................................................................................................. 72
Using Crystal Reiki with Pets ................................................................................................................... 74


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Using Crystals to Enhance your Career ................................................................................................... 74

Using Crystals for Safety and Peace ........................................................................................................ 75
Crystal layouts for various imbalances.................................................................................................... 77
Assignment: My Crystal Reiki Session Case Study .................................................................................. 84
Course Quiz ............................................................................................................................................. 85
Course Completion.................................................................................................................................. 85


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Course Introduction

Welcome to the course! I am so happy you decided to take

this step. Crystal Reiki will add such a beautiful and elegant
aspect not only to your Reiki practice, but your life as well.
I think you will find this course special in that it combines
the scientific and technical aspects of Crystal Reiki with the
more mysterious metaphysical side of this work. In other
courses, there tends to be an imbalance one way or the
other with the course either falling on the colder side with
no exploration beyond the physical plane or solely working
with the esoteric aspect of the work with no background
information to support it.

There are no specific crystal supplies needed at the beginning of this course but you will be wanting
to purchase crystals as you work through the course based on the needs you identify within yourself
as well as crystals you think will be beneficial in your work with others. It is important that you are
coming into this course with previous experience with Reiki and ideally you have completed Reiki
Levels I and II to ensure you have a solid understanding of Reiki energy and your role as the
practitioner. If you are new to Reiki, please explore the Reiki courses on this platform and find one
that resonates with you. Please make sure you watch the entirety of each lecture to ensure that it is
marked as complete.

In Level I we will focus on the technical aspects of Crystal Reiki. This will ensure that you understand
why this work is powerful and help you explain to clients why you're doing what you are doing in
their sessions. If you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed with the technical jargon, keep
pushing through and know that you can revisit the lectures whenever you wish. As you become more
familiar with crystals and experience sessions, the technical aspects of the work will make more
sense to you. In the learning activity at the end of this level you will be asked to consider how you
want to use Crystal Reiki to address any imbalances in your body and life.

In Level II we will focus on the practical aspects of performing Crystal Reiki. You need to dive in here
and practice, practice, practice. Because Crystal Reiki adds a whole new dimension to your Reiki
sessions, your intuition will play a larger role. Let it run free and know that there is no right or wrong
way to perform Crystal Reiki. In the learning activity at the end of this level you will take what you
have learned in the course so far and perform a Crystal Reiki session on yourself with the intention of
working with one of the imbalances you highlighted in Level I.

In the Master Level you will explore how your chosen combination of the crystals can have an impact
on their combined resonance and learn how to use Crystal Reiki symbols as templates for those
layouts. You will also receive your Crystal Reiki attunement at this stage in the course. After your


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

attunement ceremony, you will have the option to share your experience with the class. Many
students find connecting with others around their experience to be meaningful and add clarity so be
sure to explore this optional assignment.

In the final section of this course, we will explore some of the many ways Crystal Reiki can be used to
address a variety of imbalances so you can begin your practice with confidence. At the end of this
section you will have another optional assignment where you will submit your notes from one of your
Crystal Reiki sessions. This case study can be with yourself or another person and you have the option
to share with the class or solely myself, your Instructor. It is so important that you make this an
experiential journey so you will want to begin performing sessions before you finish the course. That
way if anything comes up that you would like to share, the class and I are here for you to do so.

If you have a question, you are welcome to ask it in the questions and answer area in the course. If
you have a private question you wish to ask, you can do so by messaging me privately from the
browser version (not app) within Udemy.

Please be sure to check the resources section of each lecture as you work your way through. There is
a course manual in the following lecture you can download and use.

Just as with all of my other courses, there is no time limit so you can take the time you need to
absorb the material. Even once you have completed the course, you are welcome to come back and
revisit it. I do add to and update the course so please make sure you are checking back in for new
information. If there is something you would like to see added to or modified in the course, please do
not hesitate to let me know.

At the end of the course you will complete a short quiz that will help you demonstrate your
understanding of the course material. You will then also receive an electronic pdf of your traditional
Crystal Reiki certificate that you can use for display purposes etc.

I hope you are excited to get started. I am truly looking forward to working with you.

Introduction to Crystal Reiki

Up until this point, Reiki Masters have informally

combined the use of Reiki and Crystals, integrating their
own personal experiences with crystals and including
them in their sessions. With this certification, you will
have a structured way to teach others how to perform
and attune others to the Master Level within the system
of Crystal Reiki.

This is exciting because as the numbers of Crystal Reiki

Practitioners and Masters grow around the world, so will


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

the profound effects felt as a result of tapping into these powerful frequencies.
You may be wondering, how is this different from using crystals without Reiki and vice versa. Crystal
Reiki combines the intentions inherent in the properties of crystals and the energy of Reiki, the
universal life force to create a powerful and refined energetic conduit you can use to help yourself
and others balance on all levels.

The Traditional system of Reiki is extremely powerful and effective and I am honored to teach it and
include in my life each day. The Reiki energy you will be working with in this course is the same
energy, but you will be releasing any conditioning you have had around the possibilities of working
with the universal life force.

I encounter Masters today who are still unsure of the ability of Reiki energy to be transmitted across
time and space through sessions and attunements. We are all working with the same energy, but
their practice is limited by their false assumptions about Reiki energy. In this course we will take
things to a higher level through science so that you can ensure you are using Reiki energy without any
limiting beliefs that are constraining your efforts.

Just as we now understand the classical atomic model no longer applies at the most fundamental
level of matter, we are moving towards accepting that our reality exists in a state of flux where what
our limited perception perceives as a constant is actually blinking in and out of existence according to
our presence as the observer.

What we had always assumed was solid fixed matter, is actually

99.9999 energy with 0.000001 percent matter. In that quantum
reality, everything exists as waves of probability that we collapse into
reality with our awareness.

So why on a quantum level does matter behave differently than on a

larger scale? Why do we have constants such as gravity when an
electron does not adhere to any linear model? As a collective society,
we have agreed upon a set of rules and guidelines in an attempt to
maintain order and some amount of control. These rules and
guidelines adhered to by so many observers create a consensus reality that the world on a large scale
adhere to.

An interesting study in July of 2000 was conducted by Leonard Leibovici. This study was double-blind
meaning the participants and researchers were not aware of the specific individuals that were
receiving treatment in comparison to those who were not and consisted of 3,393 hospital patients
that were suffering from infection known as sepsis. Leibovici split the patients into two groups-one
that were recipients of prayer from a distance and the control group who received no intervention.
The results that were measured included the length of the fever, hospital stay and death as a result
of the infection.

Because of your previous work with Reiki, it will come as no surprise that the group that received
prayer from a distance experienced significantly shorter times with fever and hospitalization and the
mortality rate within the prayed for group was less although not considered scientifically significant.


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

What is interesting to note is that the individuals in the year 2000 who were conducting the prayers,
were praying for patients who had been hospitalized from 1990 to 1996. The patients four to ten
years earlier received significant benefits from prayers that were conducted after their illness in the
future. Our intentions impact not only our present and future, but the past as well.

The key to note here is that although it appear that the rules of the game are set, we have the ability
to circumvent them. As we release our "world is flat" mentality and open ourselves up to the infinite
possibilities that are waiting for us, everything becomes possible.

The information in this course resonates at a higher frequency and you have been drawn to work
with it for a reason. In turn, you will attract those who are also ready to work with Crystal Reiki to
help improve their bodies, minds and lives.

Our work as a collective is important and I am excited for us to get started.

What is Crystal Reiki?

Crystals have been used for centuries as tools for healing and
increasing levels of awareness with each stone being specially
selected for specific frequencies and properties. Although
combining Reiki with the use of crystals is relatively new, this
branch of Reiki has the potential to not only transform your
current Reiki practice, but our world as well.
Crystal Reiki utilizes the frequencies that reside within the earth
and amplifies them through the power of Reiki energy. By
infusing these powerful vibrations with the consciousness of
Reiki energy, the shifts can be targeted and profound.

The earth vibrates at a specific frequency known as the

Schumann resonance. Traditionally this resonance is thought to
hover around 7.8 Hz though it varies from region to region. Since the 1980's however this frequency
has been thought to be rising. This is interesting because science is beginning to understand that we
are impacted deeply by the earth's resonance and as it increases, the dissonance between our own
frequency and that of the earth is felt deeply on all levels. These frequencies are thought to impact
our autonomic nervous system, brain and cardiovascular system.

In your life and the world around you, you may be noticing that things are getting more polarized.
People are gravitating towards the ends of the spectrum with regard to emotions and consciousness.
As the frequency of our planet increases, we are given a choice to either raise our own awareness
and frequency so that we will feel resonance with earth or to resist it and feel the effects of physical
imbalance as well as mental/emotional chaos.


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

These shifts in the earth's geomagnetic activity are correlated with hospital admissions, death from
heart attacks and strokes, as well as many other physical imbalances such as depression, fatigue,
mental confusion, and even the number of traffic accidents that occur. Our body’s ability to maintain
balance is greatly impacted by the shifts in frequency of the earth. Studies have even connected
major political and social events to the earth's energetic activity such as solar flares. In one study,
80% of the most significant events occurred when solar activity was at its peak.

On the flip side, it is thought that just as the frequencies of the earth impact us, our collective
frequencies also have a dramatic effect on our planet. There have been studies that show when a
group of individuals unite in a state of awareness, the randomness in their environment is reduced.

A study that examined the ability of an individual to

affect the DNA of an individual was conducted by
cellular biologist Glen Rein. The individual's studied
were trained to elicit specific emotions such as love
and appreciation and then hold a test tube of DNA.
When tested, there was no significant change in the
test tube samples.

Rein then had a second group of trained individuals

create not only the positive emotions, but also hold
an intention which in this study was to either wind
or unwind the strands of DNA in the sample they were holding. In this group there were significant
changes in the DNA with some samples being wound or unwound as much as 25%.

The third group of participants were asked to hold only the intention without a positive emotional
state and the samples with this group experienced no change.

In this study, the combination of the intention of the practitioner with their own state of presence
elicited significant change. Just as thought needs the catalyst of presence to be effective, crystals
need the energetic infusion of universal life force to transmit their balancing properties. The
combination of Reiki and the crystals you use will create a unique electromagnetic signature that will
send a specific signal out into the field and draw in the information needed to fulfill the set

Crystal Reiki has the potential to connect you with the rising consciousness around you and help you
align with it and use it to help yourself and others. As we connect and in a state of presence use Reiki
energy to amplify the energy of the crystals we work with, that energy can in turn positively impact
the earth so that a symbiotic relationship can be created.

One study demonstrated that even a group of 2,500 individuals taking time to be present through
meditation elicited a 25% reduction in crime rates in a population of one and a half million. In your
Crystal Reiki sessions you will not only be in a state of heightened awareness, but you will be
harnessing the universal life force energy and using crystals to focus and refine that frequency.
As Aristotle noted, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Together, within the specific energy
field of our work, miracles can occur with the individuals we work with and with our world.


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Additional Resources: Global Coherence Initiative: http://www.item- (handout)

How Crystal Reiki Works

In a Crystal Reiki session, you will use specifically selected

crystals and place them in a specific layout around and on
the recipient and then allow Reiki energy to flow through
you into the crystals and then the recipient. Just as
sunlight shining through a crystal prism creates facets of
light, Reiki energy passing through the crystals will create
a specific energetic resonance within the recipient that
their body will then use to address specific imbalances.

The presence of Reiki energy amplifies the energy of the

crystals and helps the bodymind of the recipient focus on
specific areas of the body, conditions or levels of awareness that are ready to heal.
In a Crystal Reiki session, Reiki energy is coming from above through the crown chakra while the
crystals used in the session bring in a grounding energy from the earth. Together these energies work

Crystals are solid symmetrical structures with regularly ordered atoms and molecules that are packed
in repeating patterns which extend in all three dimensions of space. The shape and atomic structure
of a crystal define it. The defects within a crystal can also define its healing properties and rather than
being seen as irregularities, can be intuitively used with powerful effects.

Although crystals are considered a part of the mineral kingdom, minerals are less transparent than
crystals and darker in color with a consistent chemical structure. Minerals are thought to strengthen
the physical aspects of the body such as bones, tissue etc. Both minerals and crystals can be used to
help balance the recipient in a Crystal Reiki session.
Similarities can be found in the structures of a crystal and our own DNA with dodecahedrons and
icosahedrons found in both.

The healing properties of each crystal can be associated with the way in which it was formed. Much
of the earth's crystals were formed millions of years ago. Crystals are formed in liquid such as magma
or water as well as gas that is pushed up from the earth. As the liquid evaporates, the minerals within
that liquid bond. The harder crystals are formed within higher temperatures.

The geopathic stress that is present as a crystal is formed also has an impact on its healing properties,
with enhanced properties present. You will find that the same type of crystal found in different areas
with different geopathic stresses will hold different resonances.
Regardless of form, crystals have the ability to absorb, channel, focus and emit energy. The energy of
Reiki will infuse the intentions of the practitioner and recipient as well as the energetic properties of
the crystal to create a unique high frequency.


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Crystals can generate energy through a process known as the Piezoelectric effect. This effect occurs
when pressure is applied to the crystal which then generates energy. In the same way, if a voltage is
applied to a crystal such as quartz, it will bend or slightly change its shape. We all consist of
electromagnetic energy. When holding a crystal, your frequency interacts with the crystal, creating a
similar type of Piezoelectric effect. The crystal vibrates and the energy it creates can be transmitted
to your own internal energy pathways.

One key factor that separates Crystal Reiki from general Crystal Healing is the foundational principles
of Reiki. As Reiki practitioners, we understand that our role is to be the observer that holds space for
the healing within the recipient to occur. We do
not diagnose or prescribe and allow the recipient's
body to be the active participant in their healing.
We are also detached from the outcome. Although
we set intentions at the start of a Crystal Reiki
session and use our intuition as well as our
understanding of crystals to focus the energy of
the session, we understand that the session will
proceed exactly as the recipient's body needs it to
and for the highest good of all concerned. With no
expectations, we also do not use our own personal
energy in the session. Crystal Reiki sessions instead
are an energizing and healing experience for both the recipient and practitioner because Reiki energy
is the amplifier in the session. Continued work with Crystal Reiki helps the practitioner to raise and
balance their own awareness which extends to all areas of their life and helps to be a healing force in
the lives of everyone they touch.

A Crystal Reiki practitioner uses Reiki energy to create a state of presence that is focused and
accesses a higher level of consciousness. This presence holds the space for Reiki energy to activate
and amplify the crystal energy for a specific purpose so that the desired outcome can be achieved.

The History of Crystals Used in Healing

Even the earliest civilizations have used crystals as a part of

healing therapies. Crystals have been used to generate energy
and enhance communication as well as talismans for peace and
well-being. The use of crystals are included in stories and
cultural traditions throughout history around the world.
One of the most popular legends associated with the use of
crystals is connected with Atlantis, a civilization written about by
Plato in 360 BC. It is thought that this civilization used crystals
and their frequencies as a part of extremely advanced
technologies. The demise of this civilization was associated with
a misuse of earth energy and crystal power but some modern
day theorists believe that a volcanic eruption destroyed the island.


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Ancient Sumerians left reference that crystals were used in the rituals while ancient Egyptians used
crystals in their jewelry and armor for protection. In ancient Greece, crystals were studied and
properties were associated with specific crystals. The work crystal is derived from the Greek word
meaning ice. In ancient China jade crystal was revered and used in instruments as well as burials and
addressing imbalances associated with the kidneys.

Through the renaissance period, crystals were used in conjunction with herbal remedies. It was also
at this time that the notion of clearing crystals began. Some believed that crystals were tainted by the
concept of original sin and needed to be cleansed before use. It was during this period that
investigation into the healing properties of crystals was pursued in more depth.

In Europe in the early 1600's, a German court physician associated the energy some crystals
possessed with positive Angels and others with negative. This type of judgement and fear spread and
the use of crystals began to diminish in popularity. In aboriginal cultures however, the use of crystals
in healing and ritual traditions continued.
It is also interesting to note that the same types of crystals were used across the world for similar
imbalances and purposes even though the societies who used them had no contact with each other.

In the 1980's a resurgence of the use of crystals began with authors writing books based on historic
practices as well as new information learned through experimentation. Skepticism around the use of
crystals continues but studies cited by critics are usually poorly constructed and performed and
represent a very small sample.

Today crystals can be found in the microchips of computers, watches, lasers, ultrasound equipment
and other types of electronic devices. More and more people are seeing the benefits of including
crystals in their lives.

Like the legendary Atlanteans, as we grow in awareness, we are also expending tremendous
resources to fuel technological advancements at the expense of earth energy. Our call to use crystals
may be connected with the subconscious desire to restore the earth and pursue the evolution of our
consciousness rather than external advances.

Benefits of Crystal Reiki

Reiki as a standalone modality is extremely effective even

without the use of crystals. It is likely though that you have been
drawn to Crystal Reiki because you are ready to add the unique
energy it provides to your work.

Performing Crystal Reiki sessions can help you to focus on

specific conditions that clients are eager to have addressed. Not
all of your Reiki sessions have to include crystals and you may
find when working with a client initially that you choose to


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

perform traditional Reiki sessions. As the client's healing progresses, you and they may want to hone
in on the specific issues they are concerned with. Crystal Reiki can provide that focus.

In other cases you may find that a single condition is so pervasive in the client's overall sense of
wellbeing that it needs to be addressed first before balancing on a widespread level can occur. In
these cases you can begin with Crystal Reiki sessions and then use traditional sessions as you feel
called to.

Clients who are not in tune with their energy or the frequencies around them may have a difficult
time perceiving energy in a traditional Reiki session. Crystals are tangible forms of energy. Although
they are beautiful objects that we can hold, they also hold powerful energetic vibrations that can be
sensed. Using crystals can help clients tune into the energetic level which in turn can reassure them
that shifts are happening. This reassurance is what helps them to make the conscious choice to
return for more sessions and healing.

Although in your traditional Reiki sessions you are using your intuition to guide you as you move from
position to position and receive information from the recipient's bodymind, in Crystal Reiki your
playground has more for you to explore. You will use your intuition to help you choose the crystals as
well as the special layout they will be placed in. During the session you can tune into each crystal for
information it may have as well as the combined energies of the crystals as Reiki flows through them.

In your traditional Reiki sessions, you likely included grounding techniques for yourself and your
recipient at the end and/or beginning of your sessions. Crystals naturally provide that energy so your
sessions will be infused with the higher frequency energy of Reiki as well as the centering energy of
the earth.

You may also find working with crystals in your distance Reiki practice very helpful. In place of
performing a traditional Reiki distance session, you can create a crystal grid connected to the
recipient and their needs and allow it to draw in Reiki energy each day.
With the foundation of Traditional Reiki with you, you can use Crystal Reiki to take your practice to
exciting and wondrous new levels.


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Section 1 Learning Activity

In this section you have learned about how combining the use of
crystals with Reiki energy can be an effective way to address
specific imbalances on all levels.

Take some time now and think about areas within your body and
life that you would like to address with Crystal Reiki.

You may find the following questions helpful.

On a physical level the things I would like to shift within my body

With regard to my emotional well-being, I would like to feel more
of this emotion ……and release this emotion….
With regard to my career or life purpose I would like help manifesting this….
With regard to my family and relationships I would like to be more….
With regard to my financial state, I would like to improve my ability to….
Now that you have listed some areas you would like to address within your body and life, order them
in priority from what you would like to address first to last.
Keep your responses handy as you continue to work through the course.


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

The different structures of crystals

Crystals can also be grouped according to their

internal crystalline structures. When connecting
with your crystals, you may find it fairly easy to
distinguish the resonance of one stone from
another. With time, you will be able to feel a
resonance between stones within the same

There are 6 groups that are divided into the

following shapes:

Cubic - the focus of the crystals in this group are

to ground and stabilize energy while releasing tension and cleansing. This group can help to organize
our lives so that we are able to build success on a physical level.

This group of crystals hold an isometric crystal structure and are thought to help improve a situation.
These crystals have harmonic symmetry and can be the building blocks we use to enhance a situation
such as health, wealth, and any other aspect of our body, mind or life we want to see improvement
in. Lapis lazuli, spinel, halite, pyrite, fluorite and garnet are examples of crystals within this category.

Hexagonal - these crystals provide support while organizing and balancing energy. In many cases
these crystals have an external shape that mirrors the internal structure and have points or look
similar to an arrow head. This group of crystals are known as seekers providing direction and focus.
When looking for new opportunities or ways of being, seekers can light your path.

This group of crystals are known for their ability to help one achieve their desires. These crystals can
be effective in helping an individual find what they are seeking or to experience success as they set
out on a new endeavor. This group of crystals can serve as a compass when seeking new ventures,
love, experiences of ways of being. Common crystals in this group include quartz (clear, amethyst and
citrine) as well as agates and jaspers. Morganite, aquamarine, tourmaline, calcite and emerald are
also crystals within the hexagonal group.

Monoclinic - used when the focus is physical in nature and is thought to increase perception and
purification. This group of stones are known as guardians and can be used with homes, possessions
and personally to provide safety. This group of crystals are used to safeguard. The internal structure
of this group consist of parallelograms giving these crystals the resonance to protect on a physical
and spiritual level. These crystals can be used to serve guard over possessions, individuals as well as
helping us to stay true to our ideals and beliefs. Serpentine, mica, gypsum, howlite, diopside,
malachite, azurite and jade are examples of crystals within this category.

Orthorhombic - these stones help the flow of information and energy with a focus on cleansing and
clearing. When you are wanting to release imbalances on a physical, mental/emotional or energetic
level you will find this group of stones helpful. After dispelling the dissonant energy, these crystals


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

will help to bring in resonant energy. Releasing imbalances such as pain, disease, excess fear, worry
and grief. The diamond shape of the crystals in this group help energy to flow outwards. Topaz,
variscite, nuummite, chrysocolla, peridot, bronzite, barite, aragonite, and angelsite are examples of
crystals in this group.

Tetragonal - this group can help to bring resolution to issues by opening and balancing the energy
around the intention. These crystals tend to have a sheen that attracts the eye and are known for
helping individuals attract someone or something. These crystals tend to be used in conjunction with
hexagonal crystals to help you seek and then attract what you desire.
The tetragonal crystals are used in cases where you would like to amplify the strength of the other
crystals you are using in your layout and can be helpful when the intentions we are working with
include making someone or something more attractive. These tetragonal crystals are more effective
when used in combination with other crystals. Rutilated quartz, rutile, chalcopyrite and vesuvianite
are examples of crystals within this group.

Triclinic - these crystals focus on opening up perception to explore additional dimensions. Known for
their strength, these crystals are used for protection as well as seeing through the illusion. Where the
monoclinic crystals can be used to help you safeguard things you value, this group of crystals has an
outward focus, ensuring outer dissonant forces are not attracted to you.
The inner structure of these crystals form a trapezium which provides the crystal with strength in all
directions. Sunstone, kyanite, moonstone, ulexite, labradorite and amazonite are common crystals in
this group.


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Crystals Grouped by Structure

Monoclinic Crystal Group (Protectors) This group of crystals are used to safeguard.
acanthite cryolite kernite pyrophyllite
actinolite datolite laumontite pyrrhotite
aegirine diopside lazulite raspite
annabergite edenite lepidolite realgar
arfvedsonite epidote linarite riebeckite
arsenopyrite erythrite malachite romanechite
augite euclase manganite sanidine
azurite ferberite manganoneptuni scolecite
biotite gibbsite te scorzalite
borax glauberite mesolite serpentine
boulangerite glaucophane metavariscite spodumene
brochantite goosecreekite miargyrite staurolite
calaverite gypsum muscovite stilbite
celsian hastingsite neptunite sylvanite
chamosite hedenbergite omphacite talc
chlorite heulandite orpiment titanite
chondrodite hornblende orthoclase tremolite
clinochlore howlite pararealgar vivianite
clinohumite huebnerite pargasite wolframite
clinozoisite hydrozincite pearceite xanthoconite
coesite jadeite phlogopite
colemanite jamesonite polybasite
cookeite johannsenite psilomelane
crocoite kaolinite pumpellyite


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Isometric Crystal Group (Cubic) Amplifiers

This group of crystals are thought to help improve a situation.

alabandite garnet sal ammoniac

almandine gold schorlomite

analcime grossular silver

andradite halite skutterudite

bixbyite hauyne
bromargyrite iron-nickel
chlorargyrite lazurite
chromite lead
magnesiochromite spinel
magnetite stibiconite
metacinnabar sylvite
nosean tennantite

dravite pentlandite tetrahedrite

fluorite platinum uraninite

franklinite pyrite uvarovite

galena pyrope


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Tetragonal Crystal Group (Charmers) These crystals are more effective when used in
combination with other crystals and can be used when you want to make something more attractive.

anatase luzonite scapolite

apophyllite marialite scheelite

calomel meionite stishovite

carletonite melanophlogite stolzite

cassiterite phosgenite thorite

chalcopyrite powellite thorogummite

cristobalite pyrolusite vesuvianite

hafnon rutile zircon



Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Hexagonal Crystal Group (Explorer)

This group of crystals are known for their ability to help one achieve their desires.

afghanite chabazite greenockite nepheline smithsonite

agate chalcedony hematite nickeline sphaerocobal

amethyst cinnabar ice nitratine
antimony citrine ilmenite otavite
apatite corundum iodargyrite pezzottaite
aquamarine covellite jarosite phenakite
arsenic dioptase jasper proustite
benitoite dolomite liddicoatite pyrargyrite
beryl elbaite magnesite pyromorphite
bismuth emerald millerite quartz
brucite gaspeite mimetite rhodochrosite
buergerite gmelinite molybdenite schorl

calcite graphite natrojarosite siderite


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Orthorhombic Crystal Group (Releasers)

These stones help the flow of information and energy with a focus on cleansing and clearing.

adamite danburite sillimanite

andalusite diaspore stellerite

anglesite dumortierite stephanite

anhydrite enargite stibnite

aragonite enstatite strengite

aurichalcite epsomite strontianite

barite goethite sulfur

bismuthinite hemimorphite tantalite

boehmite humite tephroite

bornite krennerite thenardite

bournonite lawsonite thomsonite

brookite loellingite topaz

celestine marcasite variscite

cerussite natrolite wavellite

cervantite niter witherite

chalcocite norbergite zoisite

chrysoberyl olivine

chrysocolla olmiite

cobaltite prehnite

columbite rammelsbergite

cordierite safflorite

cyanotrichite shattuckite


Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Triclinic Crystal Group (Perimeters) This group of crystals has a warding effect.





















turquoise 22
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

How to Select Your Crystals

It is generally thought that a crystal chooses you but here are

some things you can keep in mind when considering what
crystals you want to use in your practice.

Crystals are usually priced based on a variety of factors such as

weight, the condition of the crystal, how rare the crystal is and
how popular it is. The value of a crystal is also associated with
the vibrancy of its color and how appealing it is to the general

Crystals can be referred to in a few ways. You can use the trade
name for a crystal which is the common name that it goes by. An example of this would be Smoky Topaz
or Ruby. Keep in mind that these common names can be deceiving. For example, smoky topaz is not topaz
at all but is quartz.

The actual mineral name is the more specific name of a crystal. For example, red transparent Corundum is
the actual mineral name for ruby.

There are also some stones that have names that are trademarked. These crystals are sometimes priced
higher because of the trademark, not necessarily the value of the stone.
There are databases online which can help you navigate the actual names of the crystals in comparison to
their trade names and trademarks.

You will notice that you have a choice to purchase crystals that are rough and uneven or that are tumbled
and smoothed out. Some practitioners prefer the stones in their natural state while others do not feel
there is a difference between the energy of a stone that is cut and polished and one that is not. Some feel
that stones cut in a certain way help to focus the energy such as wands.
You will need to get a sense of the differences for yourself. If you do feel that the there are differences,
you can use the more subtle energy stones with those who are very sensitive to energy and may need to
work their way up to interacting with stronger energy.

Regarding safety, the polish of a stone can create a barrier between you and potentially unsafe minerals.
For example in the case of tiger’s eye which can carry small amounts of asbestos, the polished version can
make handling it safer.

You can also choose crystals based on their shape and size. In some cases you may want to place crystals
directly on your recipient so having a stone with a flat base would help the crystal sit in place.

Platonic solids are the building blocks that form sacred geometry. These shapes were indexed by Plato but
these shapes have been noted as far back as over 1,000 years prior. In each of these forms, the angles
between the faces and edges are the same size and the area of each face is the same. Plato produced 23
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

these five forms from three basic forms, the triangle, square and pentagon using mathematics as a way to
explain the universe.

The first shape is the tetrahedron also known as the

triangular pyramid. This shape is associated with the
element fire, the solar plexus chakra, the color yellow as
well as a resonance of cosmic truth, stability and balance.

The hexahedron or cube is known for its grounding

properties, releasing tension as well as refining focus. The
hexahedron represents solidity, strength and order. This
shape is associated with the element earth, the color red
and the root chakra.

The octahedron is formed by placing two square based

triangles together base to base and is associated with the
heart chakra, the color green and the element air. This shape helps us to resonate on a frequency of
compassion and nurturing, allowing us to access our true nature.

The dodecahedron has twelve regular pentagonal faces. This shape is associated with divine will and can
assist in removing any blocks so we can access our creative energy. The throat, third-eye and crown
chakras as well as the color gold and element ether are associated with this shape.

The Icosohedron has 20 faces in the shape of a triangle. This shape is associated with new consciousness,
the element water, and the color blue and sacral chakra. This shape can help to access higher levels of

If any of these shapes resonate, you may choose to find a crystal in the shape you are drawn to and work
with it in your Crystal Reiki sessions.

Crystals can also come in the form of a ball, egg, obelisk and pyramid. Some practitioners like to have the
same stone in various shapes. There is some debate around whether a shape impacts the energy of the
crystal. Some feel that spheres for example have a more calming way of directing the energy. This may
have to do with the collective beliefs connected to the shape. For example, some practitioners feel a
crystal in the shape of a heart emits the energy of the crystal with a loving intent.

It is thought that oval forms of crystals focus on physical needs while teardrop shapes focus on the
unification of the masculine and feminine energies. Round crystals can help to strengthen intuition while
an egg shaped crystal can focus on creating new experiences. A crystal in the shape of a triangle can help
to focus and clarify perception while the pyramid is thought to help manifest by infusing physical matter
with the energy of our higher self. An obelisk is linked with trust and light, a stable guide for the energy.

Other practitioners like to have different stones in the same shape. For example a practitioner may
choose to work with various stones in the form of pyramids. Wands for example are thought to amplify
and direct the energy of the crystal through the point. 24
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

When choosing crystals you may have a specific property that you are
wanting to work with. In this case you will research crystals and select
the types that fit the criteria you have set out. Prior research was
based on experiences and intuition on the part of the researcher.
Now, with tools such as x-ray diffraction, you can see the internal
structures of crystals and the specific energy conduits their atomic
arrangement creates.

Another way to choose the crystals you will work with is through intuition. You will consider what you
want to address in your or another person's body or life and then choose the gemstones you feel guided

The third method involves combining the first two. You would research the best crystals to use based on
the conditions or area of your life you are working with. Then, with that information you would use your
intuition to guide you in selecting the specific stones and placement of them.
When hand-picking stones some practitioners prefer to use their non-dominant hand to connect with the
crystal that is best suited for them.

Remember that crystals hold their own unique frequency and choosing one that resonates with the
intention you are working with is like choosing a friend who will help you achieve your goals.

If you are choosing a crystal in person, before you walk into the store clear yourself. You can do this by
taking a few deep breaths. Then, visualize the colors of your chakras - red, orange, yellow, green, blue,
purple, white. Imagine each color beaming from your body. Then open yourself up to receiving Reiki
energy. When you feel full of Reiki light and love, remind yourself of what intentions you will be focusing
on when you choose your stones.

You may find yourself being called to a certain area in the store. Allow that and follow your intuition.
Once you are in the area that feels right, you can run your hands over the stones to sense the energy. See
if you feel differences in temperatures or messages. Allow your non-dominant hand to pick up what it is
called to. Ask yourself how you are feeling when you hold the stone. If you are unsure you can hold the
crystal for a little while and see if the impression becomes more clear.

Try not to over-analyze your choice and write the names down for each stone you choose so you have a
record of their name.

In some areas crystals are not widely available so shopping online may be a necessity. You can still use
your intuition when choosing your crystals. You can use a list of crystal names and scroll through them
until you feel called to stop on a name. You can browse the images on the website and explore the ones
that you feel drawn to. When you find the type of stone you would like to purchase you will set the
intention that the perfect stone will be delivered to you.
If you are choosing a crystal for someone else, you can clear your mind and visualize the person and set
the intention that you will find the crystal that is best suited for that person.

Like great friends, a crystal can be with you for a reason, a season or a lifetime. If a crystal is misplaced,
trust that it will find its rightful home. You may also feel called to pass a crystal on to someone else, honor 25
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

that inclination. Like all other forms of energy, crystals will come into your life as needed and leave when
their purpose is served. Be open to receiving and releasing. Some crystals will remain with you for your

Crystals You Will Want to Be Cautious With

Crystals are made up of elements from the earth. Our bodies also
consist of these same elements in different quantities. To ensure that in
our Crystal Reiki practice we are not overloading our systems with
specific elements that can be toxic in large amounts, you will want to
have a list of crystals you are cautious with.

There are a couple factors you will want to consider when you are
thinking about working with a crystal that is on your caution list. The
first is: how will you be using the crystal? If you are only handling the
crystal for a brief period of time to place it within a Reiki grid, that is
much different than holding the stone with you or keeping it near you while you sleep. Some crystals have
copper in them for example. In high doses the copper can be toxic but you handling the crystal during
placement for a session should be acceptable.

Under no circumstances do you want to place a crystal in your mouth and crystals on the caution list
should never be used to create what are known as elixirs where crystals are placed in water which is
eventually consumed.

The other factor you will want to consider is the hardness of the crystal. Cinnabar for example is the
mineral Mercury Sulfide and although it can be used to address many imbalances, it is quite soft and can
flake with use. In this case you have a crystal that has the toxic element mercury with the tendency to
release toxins with use. If you do decide to work with crystals like these you will always want to make
sure you wash your hands after handling them.
You will also want to make note that some crystals are artificially radiated and can emit radioactive
energy. Also, some forms of granite emit radon so you will want to be cautious with the time you spend
around those stones.

The message here is not to be fearful, but to respect the properties of each crystal and to remember the
importance of taking your time to familiarize yourself with the crystals you work with. Your crystals are
your tools and you will want to know how to use them not only effectively but safely.

Below is a list you can start with. This list is not exhaustive and I will continue to add to it as I find
additional information. You will want to do the same.

Actinolite May contain asbestos. Not recommended for elixirs

Adamite Contains arsenic and some copper 26
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Ajoite Contains arsenic and some copper

Alexandrite Contains aluminum

Amazonite Contains copper

Atacamite Contains copper

Aquamarine Contains aluminum

Auricalcite Contains zinc and copper

Azurite Contains copper

Beryls Contains aluminum

• Bixbite
• Emerald
• Aquamarine
• Goshenite
• Heliodor
• Morganite

Black Tourmaline Contains aluminum

Boji-stones (Moqui Contains some sulphur, pyrite and/or marcasite
Shaman Stone,
Shamanic Star
Bronchantite Contains copper
Cavansite Contains copper
Celestite Contains strontium
Chalcantite Contains copper
Chalcopyrite Contains copper and sulphur
(peacock stone)
Chrysocolla Contains copper
Cinnabar Contains mercury
Conicalcite Contians copper
Copper Poisonous
Covellite Contains copper and sulphur
Cuprite Contains copper
Dioptase Contains copper 27
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Dumortierite Contains aluminum

Emerald Contains aluminum
Fluorite Contains fluorine
Garnet (Spessartine, Contains aluminum
Gem Silica Contains copper
Galena Contains lead
Garnierite (aka Contains nickel
Hematite May rust, but not toxic
Iolite Contains aluminum
Kunzite Contains aluminum
Labradorite Contains aluminum
Lapis Lazuli Contains pyrite
Lepidolite Contains aluminum
Magnetite May rust, but not toxic
Malachite Contains copper
Markasite Contains sulphur
Mohawkite Contains copper and Arsenic
Moldavite Contains aluminum oxide
Moonstone Contains aluminum
Morganite Contains aluminum
Pietersite Fibrous form contains asbestos
Prehnite Contains aluminum
Psiomelan Contains barium
Realgar Contains sulphur and arsenic
Ruby Contains aluminum
Sapphire Contains aluminum
Selenite Although not toxic, tiny shards may break off in water
Serpentine Fibrous form contains asbestos
Smithsonite May contain copper
Sodalite Contains aluminum
Spinel Contains aluminum
Spodumene (aka Contains aluminum
Staurolite Contains aluminum
Stibnite Contains lead and antimony
Stilbit Contains aluminum
Sugilite Contains aluminum
Sulfur Poisonous
Sunstone Contains aluminum 28
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Tanzanite–Gem Contains aluminum

variety of Zoisite.
Tiger Eye Fibrous form contains asbestos
Topaz Contains aluminum
Torbenite Radioactive
Tourmaline Contains aluminum
Tremolite May contain asbestos
Turquoise Contains copper and aluminum
Vanadinite Contains vanadium
Variscite Contains aluminum
Vesuvianite Contains aluminum
Wavellite Contains aluminum
Wulfenite Contains lead and molybdenum
Zircon Contains zirconium, radioactive
Zoisite Contains aluminum

Some granites emit radon from the decay of uranium. Beware of artificially irradiated crystals. These
include deeply colored:
• topaz
• smokey quartz
• pink or red tourmaline
• kunzite
• some cultured pearls
• colored diamonds

Using color as a guide to choosing crystals

Another way to organize and select your crystals is by color. Each color is associated with various
properties and influences our perception. Our taste of food is influenced by color, stimulants tend to be
red in color, blue tends to be used to calm and so on. Although our perception can vary from person to
person, crystals within the same color family tend to hold similar frequencies that resonate with specific
properties. We will explore the color groups.

White crystals: moonstones, quartz, calcite, selenite, and white forms of lepidolite, topaz, and beryl. 29
Crystal Reiki Master Certification


Innocence Freedom

White Crystals

Purity Hope


Black Crystals: hematite, agate, black tourmaline, and onyx


Protection Security

Release self-

Violet: amethyst, eudialyte 30
Crystal Reiki Master Certification


Purple Trusting

your heart


Indigo: indigo gabbro, sodalite, indigo aura quartz, tanzanite

Indigo Crystals
• Maturity
• Experience
• Judgment
• Long life
• Prestige

Blue Crystals: Blue Tiger's Eye, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, blue calcite, labradorite Throat chakra 31
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Self- Spiritual
assurance cleansing

Blue Maintaining

with Obedience

Order Faith

Red Crystals: Chestnut Jasper, Garnet, Red Tiger's Eye, Red Malachite Root chakra


Self-worth Energy

Red Crystals

Exploration Conviction


Pink: Pink opal, rose quartz, pink tourmaline 32
Crystal Reiki Master Certification




Sensuality Romance

Orange crystals: Carnelian, orange calcite, indian sunset turquoise, sunstone

Orange Crystals
• Celebration
• Joy
• Pleasure
• Sexuality
• Elevating emotions

Yellow crystals: yellow opal, citrine, yellow jasper, honey calcite 33
Crystal Reiki Master Certification


Warmth Optimism


Green crystals: fluorite, chrysoprase, jade, malachite, periodot


Health Growth


beginnings 34
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

How to cleanse your crystals

Just as we can all absorb energy from around us that is not

resonant with our natural frequency, crystals can also absorb
energy. It is important to remember that you are not clearing
negative energy from your crystals, you are releasing energy that is
not aligned with the energy of the crystal. By releasing that
absorbed energy, the crystal will hold a consciousness that is
natural to it.

When you take a crystal home, you will want to clear it. A crystal
passes through many hands and places before it reaches you and can absorb the energy from that
As you work with your crystals and especially if you are using them when performing Crystal Reiki, you
will want to cleanse them often. Just as you maintain the tools you use in your practice such as your
treatment table and linens, you will ensure your crystals are functioning optimally.

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals. You can choose the method that feels best for you.
Smudging using white sage is one way to cleanse your crystals. You can purchase a white sage smudging
stick at most places where crystals are sold. You would like the stick and allow the smoke to flow over the
stones. Please be careful when working with smudging sticks and make sure that it is completely
extinguished when you are finished.

Another method is to use Reiki energy to clear your crystals. You would
do so by drawing Reiki energy into your body until you are beaming it.
You can then hold the crystals and allow them to draw in Reiki energy
with the intention that they are cleared of any energy that is not a part of
its natural state.

You can use sound to cleanse your crystals as well. A crystal singing bowl
can be chimed with your crystals near them to help them clear.

Salt water is another popular way to cleanse your crystals. You would put
sea salt in a bowl of room temperature or cool water (not warm or hot)
and immerse your crystals in them. Please be very careful as some
crystals will be damaged by the salt and/or water.

Examples of crystals that should not be soaked in salt water include crystals that are porous, contain
metal or have a water content. Opal is one example of such stone. Stones and minerals that should be
kept away from salt include but are not limited to Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Selenite, Opal, Halite and Hematite.
You can soak appropriate crystals for around seven hours using spring or distilled water. 35
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

You can also place appropriate crystals directly in sea salt. You would let them sit for seven to eight hours
and then discard the salt when finished. Again, be sure that the crystals you use with this method will not
be damaged by the salt.

Sunlight and Moonlight are other options for cleansing your crystals. You would place your crystals in a
windowsill or outside for a day or two and allow them to absorb the rays. You will not want to leave the
crystals out for too long as stones such as amethyst can discolor over time.

You can also use specific crystals to help cleanse your other crystals. Large amethyst or quartz clusters can
be use by placing the crystals you want to cleanse inside or on top of the quartz or
amethyst. Citrine is also thought to have the ability to self-cleanse and can also be placed near crystals
you want cleansed.

Placing your stones in herbs such as rose petals, sage, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood is another
method some practitioners use. You will want to make sure the crystals are submerged and will need to
leave them for longer than you would with other methods. Crystals can also be placed into the earth. If
they are single terminated you would place them point downwards. You will want to ensure the place you
choose is one where you feel the energy is resonant.
As you can see there are many ways to ensure your crystals are clear and free to resonate at their natural

How to store your crystals

Just as there are many ways to cleanse your crystals,

there are also a variety of options with regard to storing

Some crystals are delicate and would benefit from being

individually stored. You can use a velvet or cloth pouch
to keep them secure.

There is controversy regarding whether crystals should

be stored in natural (wood, metal, glass) or synthetic
(plastic) containers. Some practitioners feel that storing
your crystals in organic materials such as wood etc.
makes them more vulnerable to outside energy. You will
need to see what feels right for you. The original home of the crystal is the earth so I tend to choose
organic containers but see what resonates with you and your stones. Whichever you choose, you will
want to ensure you are clearing your crystals regularly.

Some practitioners like to have their crystals out in the open for display. You need to remember that
some crystals such as amethyst, celestite, opal and turquoise may fade in sunlight.
When displaying your crystals, you may find organizing them in symbols, patterns or grids a beautiful way
to showcase a number of crystals while serving a purpose. We will explore various ways you can organize
your crystals to focus their energy for specific intentions in future lectures. 36
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Regardless of the way you store your crystals, you will want to keep them organized in a way that makes
them easy for you to locate. As your collection grows, you will need to ensure that you are able to
remember the stone's name and uses. You may want to include labels with the crystals.

Generally you will not want to group cut and polished crystals with uncut crystals as the polished stones
could get scratched. As mentioned, you will want to store fragile crystals individually.

If you are using pouches to store your crystals, heavier cloth will be more protective. One drawback to the
pouches is that they are usually opaque and you will not be able to see what crystals are inside but
sunlight will not impact the contents of the pouch.
You may find using a jewellery box with dividers helpful or a wooden box with dividers.

Regardless of how you choose to store your crystals, try to ensure they are in a space of reverence that is
free of clutter.
How to charge your crystals

Once you have cleared your crystals you may wish to charge them. In many cases, the same methods that
you used for clearing such as sunlight, sound and intention can also charge your crystal. There is some
debate around whether this is a necessary step because crystals like us have uninterrupted access to
energy. Regardless of whether it is essential, it is a wonderful way to connect with your crystals.

As mentioned, crystals can be placed in sunlight to recharge. Practitioners also choose placing them close
to a healthy plant helpful.

Some practitioners prefer to hold their crystals and allow them to draw in Reiki energy. You will consider
the properties of the crystal and then allow Reiki energy to be drawn in by the crystals. As you observe
the energy flowing through you can hold the properties of the
crystal in mind and watch the crystal resonate with those

Some crystals such as amethyst, clear quartz and carnelian are

known for their ability to generate energy. You can place your
crystals near a larger cluster of one of these crystals to charge.
Crystals can also be placed in a charging grid with energy
generating stones. For example, you could place a crystal in the
middle of a circle of single terminated clear quartz.

How to Program Your Crystals

You may want to program your crystals according to the specific intentions you would like them to help
you address. 37
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

You can do so by setting your intention. You will want it to be specific. Remember that the universe will
provide you with what you need for the highest good of all concerned so the closer your intention is
aligned to that understanding, the stronger your intention will be.

You will select a crystal that has been cleared and has properties that are aligned with your intention.
First, hold the stone at heart level and feel the frequency of the stone as well as the energy of your

Allow the energy of the crystal as well as Reiki energy flowing through you to align your own frequency
with the intention.

Once you place the stone down, you can hold your hands above the stone and visualize your intention.
How does having that desire fulfilled feel? How does it smell? How does each cell in your body feel with
you having achieved that goal. You can spend time each day with this crystal and focus.

If you are programming a stone for a more general purpose such as emotional healing for example to be
used in your sessions, you would complete the steps
above with the focus being on emotional healing for
the recipient you are working with.
Once you are finished focusing, you can take a few
deep breaths and trust that how your intention is
fulfilled will be determined by universal life force
energy and be open to it.

You will want to keep a programmed stone away

from other stones. Some practitioners choose to
wrap their stone in a white cloth.

With time, you will begin to notice the difference

between a crystal that you have programmed for a specific purpose and one that is clear.

Section 2 Learning Activity: Selecting Crystals to Address Your Intentions

In this section you have learned about the various ways you can select crystals to use in your Crystal Reiki
sessions as well as a how to care for them.

Based on the areas in your body and life that you highlighted as a priority in the previous activity, you will
select some crystals that you will use in your Crystal Reiki sessions to address those areas.

You may find the following questions helpful.

1. Based on your responses from the previous activity, select the top priority that you would like to focus
on in your Crystal Reiki self-treatments. 38
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

2. With that in mind, decide whether you will research the properties of crystals related to your intention
or use your intuition to guide you in selecting the crystal(s) you will use in your self-treatments (or use
a combination of both). Which did you choose?

3. Select your crystal(s) and list them here.

Now that you have selected your crystals, you will learn about the ways you can use them in your Crystal
Reiki sessions.

Keep your responses handy as you continue to work through the next section and course.

Ethics, diagnosing and Prescribing

Just as in a traditional Reiki session, you will use the client intake to
provide you with information about the recipient's current state of well-
being. A detailed client intake will help you not only choose the most
resonant crystals for the session but also help you monitor the client's
progress as they continue their Crystal Reiki sessions.

Try to have the recipient give each symptom they present with a
number. For example, if they have back pain you can ask them to show
you exactly where and associate a number with it - for example 10 is
unbearable and 1 is hardly noticeable. Then at the start of each session, you will review the intake and ask
the client what number they would give their back pain. Usually the client is pleasantly surprised to
realize that the pain has been diminishing. You can do the same for situations in their lives that they are
seeking balance in as well as emotional/mental concerns.

Keep in mind that if a client makes note of headaches, that does not necessarily mean the root of the
imbalance resides in their head so you do not need to have prescriptive hand positions depending on the
condition. Headaches can be a result of so many potential imbalances that by allowing Reiki energy to
flow where needed, the root of the cause will be addressed.

One of the wonderful things about Crystal Reiki is your ability as a practitioner to refine the focus of your
session so that the imbalances the client has highlighted are where the energy is directed. This can ease
our conscious mind that wants to ensure what we feel needs attention receives it.

As a Crystal Reiki practitioner, once you have identified the imbalances the session is focusing on and
selected your crystals as well as symbols and layouts to be used in the session you will then release your
expectations of how the session needs to proceed. 39
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

By releasing your expectations once you begin your session, you allow the bodymind of the recipient to
take the focused energy and use it as intended as well as in ways the bodymind feels is best. In this way
you are accessing the most valuable aspects of Traditional Reiki and Crystal Reiki. You are uniting the
focused energy of the crystals with the universal power of Reiki to address not only the imbalances that
you and your client are aware of but ones that may not have revealed themselves at that time.

During your Crystal Reiki sessions, you may find you receive information about the recipient and their
physical, mental and emotional well-being. You will need to use your discretion if you decide to
communicate this information to the recipient.

Remember that even if you are skilled in intuitive readings that the information you receive is filtered
through your own perception, beliefs, memories and energy and that just as in a Traditional Reiki session,
your imbalances are being highlighted and addressed as the practitioner. By being cautious with regard to
your interpretations of the information, you are ensuring the energetic body of the recipient is free to do
its work without the attachment and interruption from the conscious mind.

You also want to avoid providing any diagnostic information to the recipient because their body is
addressing the imbalance and you reinforcing the idea that something is "wrong" with the client will
unravel the work the bodymind is doing to release the energy/beliefs/memories that are impeding the
balanced functioning of the cells within that area.

If you receive information that you feel would be beneficial for the recipient, try to frame it in a positive
light and convey that the body is working to increase balance and well-being in that area. You want the
recipient leaving the session, confident that their bodymind is moving toward balance, not broken or
dysfunctional in some way.

With regard to prescribing, if a client asks what crystals would be beneficial for them after the session feel
free to provide some suggestions. I find it to be a meaningful gesture to provide the client with one of the
small crystals used in the session as a way for them to connect with the Crystal Reiki energy.

Overall, try to be positive with your communications with your client so that they leave their session
focused on the healing their bodymind is completing.

Preparing to perform Crystal Reiki

If you are performing Crystal Reiki with clients back to back, you will
need to ensure your crystals are organized in a way that makes it easy
for you to select them based on the intake you complete with your

You will also want to make sure you have a fairly rapid method for
clearing your crystals in between sessions. Some practitioners find that
beaming Reiki to the crystals with the intention of clearing them is sufficient. Others like to have clearing
crystals such as amethyst, citrine, carnelian and clear quartz nearby and place the crystals used in the
session there for a period of time afterwards. 40
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

When working with others, you will need to not only describe how Reiki works but also how crystals will
be used in the session. This will help the client to connect with the energy of Reiki as well as the various
frequencies of the stones.

The client will need to understand that the frequency of the crystals will resonate with their intention and
that their bodymind will use that resonance as it sees fit to bring that intention to fruition. Just as in a
traditional Reiki session, nothing is being done to them, rather their body is using the energy of Reiki and
the crystals to bring about change in the manner it sees fit for the highest good of the recipient.

If you will be placing crystals directly on your client you will want to alert them of that so they are not
surprised when you do so. Some practitioners feel that in some places of the body such as the crown and
third-eye chakras that crystals should not be placed directly on those areas and instead just in line with
them. You will need to use your intuition to guide you.

You will want to prepare your client for the various sensations they may experience such as feelings of
heat or cool, tingling in various parts of their body, stomach rumbles, yawning etc. You will also want to
let them know that Reiki and crystal energy exist for the most part outside of our physical senses so if
they do not notice any physical sensations, that is completely acceptable and still means that their body is
working to heal and balance on all levels.

If a client asks you what they should be visualizing during the session, you can ask them to get a clear
picture of what their goal is with regard to their healing and visualize it clearly. They will not only want to
get a specific picture in their mind but also feel the emotions they would like to experience with that goal.
They will want to amplify the emotions they are desiring and truly feel them in each cell of their body.
They will want to be in a state that they could describe to someone specifically and in detail. For example,
if peace is a feeling they are associating with the outcome they are seeking, they will be able to describe
what peace feels like in their body. How does each cell feel when it is at peace? Try to have the client
describe it using texture, color, sound and any other means that feel comfortable for them. Then
throughout the session they can focus on those feelings.

Performing Crystal Reiki Self-Treatments

When performing Crystal Reiki self-treatments, you will select

the crystals with properties that will address your specific focus
for the session. This will be a combination of your intellectual
understanding of the metaphysical properties of each crystal as
well as your intuition.

Once you have your crystals in place in either a grid near you or
on you, you will relax and clear your mind. Take a few deep
breaths and set your intention that the session address your
specific concern for your highest good. Spend a few moments focusing on how your bodymind would feel 41
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

with this issue being healed and balanced. Feel every cell in your body resonate. Allow your body to draw
in Crystal Reiki energy.

Then you will begin your session. You can follow the standard set of hand positions and add any you feel
called to. In some layouts, the crystals will be placed on your body and in those positions you can place
your hands directly on the crystal and allow your bodymind to draw Reiki energy in through the crystals.

When you feel called to move to the next hand position, you may do so feeling the resonance from the
crystals in the areas around your hands.

When your session is complete you can take a few deep breaths and feel gratitude for the session and all
of the possibilities that await you.

How crystals can be a part of your Reiki session

There are a few different ways you can complete a Crystal Reiki session.

Personalized Layout
One way is to lay specific crystals out in a standard grid to address the
imbalances the client has noted in their intake with you. You could do this
before the session begins or at the beginning of the session while you
have the client relax and meditate. Depending on the grid, crystals can be
placed throughout the room, under and on top of the treatment table as
well as on the client.

Intuitive layout
Another method is to select and place the crystals around and on the client as you proceed through the
session. In this case you would use the information you are receiving from the client's bodymind as well
as your intuition to guide you in the stones you select as well as where they are placed.

Standard Layout
Another option is to have a standard grid of crystals that you use with each client and they are cleared
between each session. Grids will be discussed in more detail in future lectures. In this case you would
select a layout and crystals that can address a variety of imbalances.

Just as you would in a traditional Reiki session, you will clear your mind and center yourself. There are a
variety of methods to do this so you can choose the method that resonates with you.
When working with clients in a Crystal Reiki session, you will have the client lie down fully clothed and ask
them to relax.
Depending on the method you have chosen, you will either already have your crystals in place or arrange
them as you proceed through the session. 42
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Just as you are focused on being present and a witness in your Traditional Reiki sessions, once you have
some or all of the crystals in place, your only work is to be present in the session and allow Reiki energy to
be drawn through you and the crystals by the bodymind of the recipient.

The crystals will focus the energy on the intentions set by you and your client so you can release any
efforting or attachment to outcome. Trust that the outcome that is in the highest good of the recipient
will manifest.

Watch the energy flow through your hands and the crystals as they beam the energy through into the
recipient. Notice the differences in the energy they focus with each hand position. If the crystals are not in
direct line with your hand position, you can visualize the energy flowing in a continuous cycle between
you, the crystals and the client.

You can stay in one position for the duration that you feel is necessary and then move to the next. Just as
in a traditional Reiki session, you can add positions as necessary.

When you have completed the session, you will remove any crystals that are placed on or near the client
or are in the path of them rising from their position.
You want to place your crystals in an organized manner so they are tidy when your client rises.

You can then gently let your client know that the session is complete and that they can take a moment to
focus and return to the present. At this time you can give them a few minutes to compose themselves.
Although I find grounding to be less of an issue with Crystal Reiki, you may still find it to be a nice gesture
to get your client a glass of water.

Once they are feeling more alert, you can remind them that their bodymind will continue to work towards
a more balanced state and that they should be open to messages from their external world as guideposts
along the path to their desired goals.

Some practitioners have the client get into their ideal state that they focused on during the session one
more time and then have the client hold a small crystal that resonates with the session intention. The
practitioner then gives the client that crystal to carry with them throughout their day as a reminder of
that state and to periodically hold the crystal and resonate at the desired frequency.

Regarding scheduling additional sessions, you can ask the client if they have a feeling of when they should
return. If they do not, you can let them know that they will be nudged by their higher self when it is time
and to pay attention to that message when it comes. If the client asks you when you feel they should
come back, you can use your intuition as a guide. 43
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Crystal Reiki and the Reiki Principles

With your Reiki practice, you have likely spent much time
meditating on the five Reiki principles. They are:
Just for today I will not worry.
Just for today I will not be angry.
Just for today I will do my work honestly.
Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.
Just for today I will be kind to my neighbour and every living

With your Crystal Reiki practice you will continue to meditate

on the principles but also include specific crystals you can use while focusing on a specific principle and
performing a rapid self-treatment that focuses on the chakra system.

To begin your self-treatment you will place the crystals on or near each position depending on what feels
most comfortable for you. You will spend 3-5 minutes in each of the 5 hand positions in order to have the
self-treatment completed in 15-25 minutes.

Here are some crystals you may find helpful in your self-treatments for each principle. If you cannot find
the crystal specified, use your intuition to guide you to the crystal that would be beneficial for you for that
principle. 44
Crystal Reiki Master Certification 45
Crystal Reiki Master Certification 46
Crystal Reiki Master Certification 47
Crystal Reiki Master Certification 48
Crystal Reiki Master Certification 49
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Crystal Reiki Symbols

In Traditional Reiki, there are symbols used to help focus the universal life force energy. If you have
worked with them for a while, you have seen how their frequency can help to transcend faulty
conditioning that our bodies hold. For example, if you have performed distance work using the Hon Sha
Ze Sho Nen symbol you have an awareness that Reiki is not limited by time or space.

In Crystal Reiki we will also be working with symbols. Just like the traditional symbols, it is the
understanding and awareness of each symbol that illuminates the power it holds. The symbols we will be
working with have been used by countless individuals since ancient civilization was born. Although some
of these symbols may have had or currently hold a religious association by some, their use in your Crystal
Reiki sessions will be focused on their resonance which lies in a plane outside of the physical 3rd
dimension programming. Just as the traditional Reiki symbols are Buddhist in nature, yet you do not have
to adhere to the principles of Buddhism to effectively work with them, you will not be associated to any
religion or spiritual tradition by using these symbols. It is their fundamental structure as it applies to
sacred geometry that makes their resonance so special and why many groups adopted them as sacred
within their specific beliefs.

These symbols can be the base for the crystal grids you will create or you can intertwine them in your
sessions just as you do the Traditional Reiki symbols. 50
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

The first symbol we will explore is the spiral. The spiral forms the basis of many patterns we see
throughout the universe from our DNA to the plant kingdom and the shapes of galaxies. The spiral can
vary in its proportions but regardless it can continue expanding. This symbol can be used when an
individual is also interesting in expanding. This can include expanding their influence, their understanding
or place in this world. This shape can also be used with individuals wanting to expand their understanding
of the natural order of things.

The vesica piscis is a symbol you will want to familiarize yourself with. This shape includes two circles
overlapping with symmetry. The area where the two circles intersect is known as the vesica piscus. This
design is associated with the creation of the universe. This symbol has ancient origins and can be viewed
as a coming together of duality. The connection between above and below, male and female and so on.
This symbol helps us to resonate with the understanding that without one there cannot be the other.
Without darkness, there cannot be light, without the night, there cannot be a day. The focus of this
symbol is on balance and harmony. The vesica piscis is also used when focusing on new endeavors such as
projects, birth and rebirth as well as health. Imbalance within the body occurs when aspects of it are
fragmented and separate from the whole system. The vesica piscus helps to connect and reestablish
communication. This symbol can also be used when an individual is wanting to reconnect with individuals
who have gone astray. 51
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

The Borromean Rings symbol has the energetic connections of three vesicae piscus with a focus of
uniting. This grid can be helpful when a group needs to come together to help achieve a goal. This symbol
is also effective when dealing with family matters. 52
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

The Tripod of Life or Triquetra consists of the center of the Borromean rings or the center pieces of three
vesicae piscus and can be helpful for creative pursuits. Artists, musicians, writers, inventors and
individuals seeking to release any blocks around their work will find this symbol helpful. This symbol can
also be helpful when wanting to create balance in your life. The Tripod of Life can also be used when
starting something new such as a family, job or renovation. This shape is associated with new beginnings. 53
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

The Seed of Life consists of seven overlapping circles with an outer circle. The six outer circles are
associated with harmony, balance and truth. This symbol can be used when wanting to see something
through to successful completion. You can also use the outer circle to create a layer of protection. 54
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

The Star of David is a shape formed from a hexagon and has ancient origins across various cultures. This
pattern consists of two overlapping triangles with one pointing upwards and one down. This pattern is
associated with the heart chakra and can be helpful when there is a need to discern what is for our
highest good. This symbol can be used to help create harmony with our outer world and to release the
clutter in our lives and selves that is preventing us from experiencing balance. This symbol can also be
used to release stress and to connect with your higher self. 55
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Metatrons Cube. Within this shape, all five of the platonic solids can be found and this symbol is
associated with problem solving on all levels of consciousness. There is also a union of masculine and
feminine energy with two triangles, one pointing upwards and one down. This symbol is associated with
the energetic foundation from which all life is created. 56
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

The Flower of Life evolves from the Seed of Life and is composed of 19 complete circles and 36 partial
circles enclosed within one large circle. The earliest example of this symbol in use that modern society has
found is located in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt. These examples of the Flower of Life symbol are
at least 6,000 years old and may date back to 10,500 B.C. or earlier. It appears that the symbols had not
been carved into the granite of the temple and instead may have been burned into the granite or
somehow drawn with laser precision. This symbol can also be found in Phoenician, Assyrian, Indian, Asian,
Middle Eastern, and medieval art.

There are many shapes that can be found within this layout including the Borromean rings, Vesica Piscus,
Seed of Life, Tree of Life and Metatron's cube. Because of the many different configurations that occur
within the Flower of Life, its use requires focus. This grid can be helpful when working with issues around
self. Love of self and self-awareness are deep and complex issues that the Flower of Life can help to work

As your understanding of crystals and their specific frequencies deepens, you may start to feel
connections between the vibrations of a specific symbol and a specific crystal.
Take some time and meditate with each symbol to get a feel of the resonance it holds. If it does not
resonate with you at that time, that is perfectly acceptable and know that the dissonance is not negative.
The vibration of the symbol could be higher than your bodymind is open to working with at this point in
time. You will find that although the symbol may not resonate with you at times, when working with
clients who will respond to the symbol that you will work with it effectively. 57
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Reiki Crystal Grids

It is thought that our world exists in a harmonic

symmetry and continues to evolve according to that
blueprint. This natural order although seemingly
complex, is composed of the basic building blocks
we have explored within crystals as well as symbols.

Sacred geometry is present all around us in nature.

Flowers and plants beautifully display the shapes
that are the blueprint for all of creation in a
language of light and love. These blueprints that
make up our world have been used for centuries as
a way of elevating consciousness.

An effective way to perform Crystal Reiki is by placing your crystals in a grid layout. The grids we will be
working with are based on the harmonic resonance of sacred geometry and are energetic transmitters.
Grids can draw energy in or send it outwards. With these grids we are combining the specific design
elements of creation with the power of crystals and Reiki energy.

Examples of grids used in history include Stonehenge which is a heptagon. Pyramids are grids formed by
octahedrons. Some scientists have applied grids over the earth and highlighted landmarks with
exceptional energetic activity that are in perfect alignment with the gridlines.

The crystals you place in a grid have a specific resonance that is associated with various energetic
properties. The grid will assist in transmitting that energy to the intended recipient for the highest good of
all concerned.

The shapes and patterns we will be using for our Crystal Reiki include the Crystal Reiki symbols we have
explored. They include the spiral, vesica piscus, borromean Rings, Triquetra, Seed of Life, Star of David,
Metatron's cube and Flower of Life. As your practice evolves, you may find you are drawn to additional
symbols and can include those in your practice.

Just remember that the Crystal Reiki symbols are very complex from an energetic perspective. Like a 3D
image, they can seem indiscernible at first, but if you take time to be present with them, their secrets will

How to create Reiki Crystal Grids

First you will set your intention. This will include the recipient as well as the purpose. Examples could
include your home, yourself a client, friend, loved one, animal etc. Recipients can also include situations
such as workplace dynamics, or relationships. Purposes could include (but are not limited to) harmony, 58
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

physical health, cleansing, healing, amplifying etc. Just as with goal setting, you want your intention to be
specific, measurable, attainable and time based.

Once you have specified your intention, you will choose how the crystals will be laid out.
Then based on the recipient and your purpose you will select your crystals to be used.

The location of the grid can be under your treatment table

if you are working with clients or on a table near them. If
your grid is intended for yourself, ensure that it is placed in
an open space where air is circulating freely. Try to ensure
your grid receives light and it can be by a plant or water
source such as a water fountain.

Once you have placed the crystals in their appropriate

places, you will want to take a moment to connect with the
grid to ensure the resonance feels right for the intention.
With time spent working with grids, you will eventually
know if the grid needs to be adjusted. Generally you want
to have a sense that the energy flowing from stone to stone and that the resonance it has is aligned with
the intention.

Now that you have your grid in place and are content with the configuration you will activate it.
The following lecture contains a meditation with the instructions for doing so.
When taking down a grid, you can do so in the same order you assembled it. You will begin by removing
the center stone, then the surrounding stones and intention stones. If you have a perimeter present you
can then remove those stones. If you find yourself consistently using the same grid you can store your
stones together (way with way stones, desire with desire stones and perimeter with perimeter stones).

Selecting stones for your Reiki grid

Placing crystals in a specific formation creates a universal energy field that can enhance the power of the
crystals. Just as individuals working together as a highly functioning team can accomplish amazing things,
using crystal grids can amplify the focus of your intentions and sessions. In most cases, you will use a
geometric layout or one of the symbols we have explored.

You will usually have a center focus stone surrounded by what are called surrounding stones and then
another surrounding layer of intention stones.

The center stone gathers and amplifies the Reiki energy. It usually draws the energy in and then outwards
through the grids. Any crystal can be used as a center stone and you will select this stone based on the
overall intention you are working with. Clear quartz is a common choice for a center stone and you can
choose a different color of quartz depending on your focus. Lighter color stones as center stones can
assist in drawing in energy without overpowering the focus of the grid. 59
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

The surrounding stones that surround the center

stone act as a conduit for the Reiki energy as it travels
along the pathways of the grid. Just as a journey has a
beginning, middle and end, the surrounding stones
represent getting from the starting point or center
stone to the destination. These stones need to be
compatible with the center stone and are usually
smaller in size. These stones can be chosen based on
their resonance and color.

The outer circle of intention stones act to refine the

energy from the center and surrounding stones to
address the specific intentions the grid was created
for. These stones will reflect the end result that the
desire is focused on. These stones collect the energy
from the other stones. These stones will be chosen
based on their properties and specifically focus on the
issue being addressed. Although these stones with their specific purpose could be used on their own to
address the imbalance, having them as a part of the grid utilizing the amplified energy of the other stones
is much more powerful.

The path from the center stone to the surrounding and intention stones is how the energy travels. The
symmetry of sacred geometry uses harmonic resonance to ensure that the energy flow is smooth and

Once you have your Crystal Reiki Grid in place, you will want to activate it. You will do so by centering
yourself and drawing Reiki energy in through your crown chakra and filling yourself up until you feel Reiki
energy beaming from you.

Observe the Reiki energy passing beaming from your hands and being drawn through the center stone.
See the light of Reiki energy illuminating the center stone and then travelling outwards to the surrounding
stones and intention stones. Witness the universal life force illuminating the entire grid.
Be with the active grid until you feel it is activated and ready.

If you are using your crystal grid for personal use, you can keep it in a space that you frequent often
during the day. Spend time aligning your energy with the energy of the grid. You will do so by focusing
your awareness on the intentions and their specific properties in mind.
You may find you are drawing the energy from your Crystal grid in through various chakras at different
times. As you draw the energy in, allow each cell in your body to resonate with the same frequency of the
energy from the Crystal Grid. 60
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Additional Grid Elements

If you are using a Crystal Reiki grid for yourself, you may choose to add elements to the grid to further
refine the focus of the layout.

You can write a positive affirmation and place it on or under your grid. Ensure the affirmation includes the
goal as though you have already achieved it and is specific.

You may also choose to include photographs near your grid. These can be pictures of loved ones, or things
you desire. They may include places you wish to visit or be images that you associate with a specific
feeling such as peace or freedom. Again, if you are including pictures with the intention of achieving a
goal, ensure the image is not of your current state but of the ideal.

You may wish to include symbols in your Crystal Reiki grid such as the Crystal Reiki and traditional Reiki
symbols. You can also include symbols that are meaningful in your life.

If you are creating a grid in an area that you feel has a lower resonance, you may wish to create a
perimeter. This perimeter includes stones from the monoclinic and triclinic group of crystals. These stones
do not need to be placed within or connected to the grid and can be compared to a fence around a home.
The perimeter will help your grid to stay charged and focused for longer periods of time without outside
influence. You can alternate monoclinic and triclinic crystals around the perimeter or use your intuition to
guide your selection.
Receiving Your Crystal Reiki Attunements

Although you have already been attuned in your traditional Reiki courses, in
order to help you align with Crystal Reiki energy, you will also receive
additional attunements.

These attunements will help you connect on a deeper level with the crystals
you are working with as well as the Crystal Reiki symbols you will be using
in your sessions.
These attunements are an additional way you are distinguished from a
general Crystal practitioner. Without the attunements you can still access
Crystal Reiki energy but the attunements help your bodymind to connect on
a deeper level with this special resonance.

You will want to wait until you feel ready to schedule your attunement
ceremony. If you are feeling fear or doubt, honor that and continue on through the course if you feel
called to. The fear and doubt will shift as you continue to spend time learning and practicing with the
frequency of Crystal Reiki energy.

When you feel ready, you will schedule your ceremony by clicking on the online scheduling link in the
resources section of this lecture. 61
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

You should receive a confirmation email once you have scheduled your ceremony and if you do not,
please check the spam folder and ensure you have entered the correct email address in the scheduler.

You are asked to submit a picture as well as any intentions you would like to share for the ceremony. The
picture is optional. I like to see the face of my student but the ceremony can be effectively performed
without one.

We connect on an energetic level so no physical communication is required. You can put away your
phone and computer and relax for around 30 minutes.

During that time, your bodymind is working to clear away dissonant energy that is limiting your access to
Crystal Reiki energy. Like ensuring there are no obstacles between an antenna and the tower it is
communicating with, this clearing will ensure that when you choose, you will have a strong connection
with Crystal Reiki energy.

You have a special energetic signature. This signature can be affected by the energetic storage of your
bodymind. The releases your bodymind is beginning now and will continue to perform with your daily
self-treatments will help your body return to it's natural resonance.

With these attunements you will be able to connect with Crystal Reiki energy which is a combination of
the specific resonance's of the earth as well as Reiki energy. You may notice after the attunements that
your ability to perceive the metaphysical properties of crystals is heightened and your intuition regarding
which crystals you would like to work with is stronger.

These attunements are also showing you how you can align your Crystal Reiki sessions with the symbols
we have explored. These symbols tap into the harmonic resonance of creation at it's most fundamental
level. Your ability to harness this force will be strengthened during your presence with the symbols in your

Once your ceremony is complete, you can resume your daily activities. You will want to make sure you
stay hydrated and begin your daily self-treatments the following day.

Just as these attunements will feel differently than your traditional Reiki attunements, your response
following the ceremony will also likely be different. Although the Reiki energy is the same, Crystal Reiki
energy resonates at a frequency that transmutes the physical so shifts can occur at a quantum level
without needing to adhere to 3 dimensional programming.

In general terms, I find students do not have the "detox" period that is typically associated with
attunements and the comments I have received are that students feel as though their awareness is taken
to a higher level that frees their bodymind of the traditional beliefs that healing needs to be a process.
Instead, with this level of consciousness shifts can be spontaneous. With Crystal Reiki, you are accessing
the infinite field of possibilities where a new way of being can pop into existence with the blink of an eye. 62
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

If you are curious about what the Crystal Reiki attunements entail, you can visit the lecture in the Master
section which outlines how Crystal Reiki attunements are performed. Remember that the ceremony is
performed with the intention of being for your highest good and in light and love.
It is my honor to work with you and I am grateful to be able to perform your Crystal Reiki attunement

In the next lecture, there is an optional assignment you can complete once you have received your
attunements. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to share your experience with your
Instructor and classmates if you choose. I hope you find that space for reflection and connection helpful.

Assignment: My Attunement Experience

Just as with your traditional Reiki attunements, each

person has a unique experience during and after their
Crystal Reiki attunements.

In each case, the experience was exactly as it needed

to be for the recipient and that specific experience was
created by the bodymind of the person receiving the

Many students find it helpful to share their experience

and connect with others around it. Here you can do so.

Please know that sharing your personal experience is optional and you have the choice to share your
response with other students or just myself, your Instructor.

The questions you can respond to in this assignment are:

What preparations did you make for your ceremony? This can include mental preparation, where you
chose to receive your attunements, any crystals you chose to have with you in your ceremony, any music
or scents you used etc. You can insert images of your space in your response if you feel called to.

What did you experience during the ceremony? This can include physical sensations, mental/emotional
experiences as well as any events that occurred in your environment.

How are you going to continue your Reiki practice moving forward? What is your plan for ensuring you
will continue your daily Crystal Reiki self-treatments?

Please remember that there is no right or wrong way to receive your attunements and that your
bodymind was in charge the entire time. 63
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Some students find their pets come into the room to observe the energy while others find a distraction
pops up to keep their conscious mind busy so their energetic body can do the work without being
interfered with.

Some students find they have exciting and thought-provoking images while others fall fast asleep. In all
cases the ceremony was successful and unfolded exactly as it needed to in order to help the bodymind
begin to release anything that is not serving your highest self. With those releases, you will be a more
clear conduit for Crystal Reiki energy.

If you find yourself asking, "did it work?" - this is also common and honor your doubt. Your resistance is
coming up to be balanced so allow it to remain and move forward with your selftreatments each day
trusting Crystal Reiki energy.

If you have had previous attunements, this experience was likely quite different. The reasoning behind
the new experience is that you are working with Crystal Reiki energy which is a combination of the earth's
powerful grounding frequencies as well as universal life force energy. Take time to familiarize yourself
with this new frequency that is rooted in love and creation.

Now that you have taken an energetic experience and put it into conscious thought, can you see any
beliefs/memories or energy that are coming up to be balanced? You can answer that question in the
question box below titled: How Did You Do? In the review section of this assignment
Please note that we all have things we are working on clearing and this is an opportunity for you to gain
some clarity on what your boydmind is working to heal so you can see that you TRULY ARE PERFECT.

You will also have the option to review some of your fellow classmate's experiences in the give feedback
section. You do not have to comment on them if you do not wish to do so, but may find seeing the
experiences of others helpful on your own journey. If you do choose to comment, take a deep breath and
draw in Crystal Reiki energy and come from a place of love and truth.

Please make sure that as you move forward, you keep up your daily self-treatments, stay hydrated and be
kind to yourself. This is an exciting journey so be open to where Crystal Reiki will lead you.

Teaching crystal reiki

If you are feeling called to teach Crystal Reiki, this is an exciting

time to share this gift with others.
Because this branch of Reiki is relatively new, there will not be too
many Crystal Reiki Masters in your area.

People are naturally drawn to Crystals because of their beauty

and energy and teaching Crystal Reiki can be a very meaningful
experience for you and your students.

It is recommended that you teach Crystal Reiki to students who

have already received their Level I and II training in traditional 64
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Reiki. This will ensure that your students are coming to you with experience and an understanding of Reiki
energy and the practitioner's role in a session. I have seen students new to Reiki try to immediately
incorporate crystals into their sessions and limit their access to Reiki energy because of their attachment
to outcome and judgement.
Once a student understands that the bodymind of the recipient knows what is in their best interest, they
can be present and observe that process unfolding in a session. Even with the use of crystals and the
specific intentions that we set out, we still take a step back and serve as the witness rather than an active

If you decide you would like to teach Crystal Reiki, you are welcome to use the manual provided in this
course. Please do not modify the manual and keep the copyright information intact.
You can provide additional information for your students as you see fit, but please ensure that this
information is kept separate from the manual in this course and clearly let your students know that it is
your information being provided.

Some Masters who teach Crystal Reiki in person, create a Crystal Reiki kit for their students and include
the cost of the kit in their course fee. The advantage of this is students can come to your course without
prior experience with crystals and have everything they need to get started as a Crystal Reiki practitioner.

To begin teaching, you will want to have a schedule for your course to ensure that you will cover all of the
concepts in the course. There is a sample outline located in the resources section of this lecture.

Generally speaking you will want to give the students ample practice time with the crystals and to
perform Crystal Reiki sessions. You will also want to allot time for the attunements which will vary
depending on the number of students you are working with.

I would take some time to build your Crystal Reiki practice before teaching so that you can answer
student questions with confidence as well as examples from your practice.
Receiving your crystal Reiki attunements.

How to Perform Crystal Reiki Attunements

The purpose of an attunement is to align the student’s energy level to resonate with their higher self
which will make them a clear channel for Crystal Reiki energy.
The student is attuned to Crystal Reiki energy and the eight symbols – the spiral, Borromean Rings, vesica
piscus, triquetra, seed of life, metatrons cube, star of david and flower of life.

This attunement opens the chakras to access and channel more Crystal Reiki energy which will assist in
aligning the student’s physical body to resonate at their natural frequency. This attunement also helps the
bodymind of the recipient to connect with the Crystal Reiki symbols on an energetic level.

Your Position: Back of Student; Focus – all chakras 65
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

First you will set the intention that this attunement ceremony be for the highest good of the student and
that they draw in the Crystal Reiki energy needed to help them align with their higher self so that they can
be a clear conduit for Crystal Reiki energy.

Stand behind student and place your right hand on student’s shoulder. Connect your energy to the
universal energy source by raising your left arm with hand facing upward (to receive universal energy) and
place your right hand on top of student’s crown

Visualize Reiki energy entering your crown chakra and travelling through your body. Then draw in the
energy from the earth up through your feet and allow the earth energy and Reiki energy to beam from
your hands.

Visualize the the Spiral, Borromean Rings, Vesica Piscus, Triquetra, Seed of life, Metatrons cube, and Star
of David.

See the symbols pass through each chakra from crown to root. Wait until you feel the process is
completed before continuing – use your intuition.

Walk counter-clockwise to the front of the student. Kneel in front of student and place both their hands in
open book position (palms open and facing upward) on their lap. You will visualize the symbols in each
hand separately.

Visualize the symbols penetrating into the hand.

Keep the left palm open and facing upward as you repeat the same procedure for the right hand

Gently close the student’s hands into prayer position. With your hands covering their hands in prayer
position, set the intention that the symbols have been sealed into the hands of the student.
When finished, walk counter-clockwise to back of student, and give a silent prayer of gratitude and set
the intention that the student will go forth as a confident and powerful Crystal Reiki Master.

The resonance of the symbols are then permanently sealed into the student’s hands and energetic body.

Using Crystals to Clear the Chakras

Chakras are energetic centers within the body aligned vertically with the spine close to major nerve
centers in the body. There are seven main chakras and hundreds of minor chakras in the body and they
are thought to take subtle energy and transform it into lower frequency energy for the body to use. Each
chakra is associated with organs, endocrine glands and specific awareness within the body.

When a chakra is not functioning at optimal levels, imbalances on physical and emotional levels can be
seen. In some cases a chakra may be underactive with not enough energy running through it and in others
it can be overactive with too much energy being drawn in. You do not need to focus on how the chakra is
imbalanced, rather just focusing on the chakra itself can be helpful. 66
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

In some cases a chakra may be out of balance to accommodate another chakra that needs to be
addressed. For example, if a heart chakra is underactive, the throat chakra may compensate by being
overactive in an attempt to allow sufficient energy to flow through. Listening to your intuition as you
choose the crystals and layout as well as during the session will ensure that all of the aspects of the
imbalance are addressed.

Crystal Reiki uses specific crystals and grids to address these spinning wheels of energy and can be very

Each chakra has an awareness associated with it and there are crystals that resonate with the healthy
state of being for each chakra. Please download the handout that accompanies this lecture which is also
included in your manual for your use.

Please note that some of the crystals listed below fall in the caution list so you will want to use your own
judgement when choosing which to handle.

Root chakra - I have

Crystals: Agate, bloodstone, hematite, red coral, red garnet, red calcite, red jasper, ruby, black
obsidian, black tourmaline and generally most crystals that are black, grey, brown and red.

Sacral Chakra - I feel

Crystals: Carnelian, coral, gold calcite, moonstone, blood citrine, orange jasper, shiva lingam
and other red, orange and yellow crystals.

Solar Plexus chakra - I can 67
Crystal Reiki Master Certification

Amber, citrine, tiger's eye, topaz, honey calcite, yellow sapphire, sulphur, yellow jasper and
crystals that are orange, yellow and gold.

Heart chakra - I love

Emerald, green adventurine, green jade, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, ruby, kunzite,
watermelon tourmaline and crystals that are pink, red and green.

Throat chakra - I speak

Aquamarine, blue sapphire, chalcedony, turquoise, blue quartz, blue kyanite, angelite, blue
obsidian, apatite, blue tourmaline, azurite, blue calcite, lapis lazuli, sodalite and crystals that are
blue-green and light blue.

Third eye - I see

Azurite, lepidolite, iolite, strawberry quartz, lapis, azurite, sugilite, fluorite, sodalite and crystals
that are clear, dark blue and purple.

Crown -I know

Alexandrite, amethyst, clear quartz, diamond, selenite, herkimer diamond, kundalini quartz,
tiger's eye, amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, tourmalinated quartz and crystals that are white,
clear, lavender and gold.

As you can see there are many crystals to choose from that are associated with each chakra.

Here are some layouts you may find helpful for specific imbalances. You will place the specific
stones along each chakra. 68
Crystal Reiki Master Certification 69
Crystal Reiki Master Certification 70
Crystal Reiki Master Certification 71
Using Crystal Reiki in the Home

Where you spend your time can have a significant impact on your
well-being. Your surroundings absorb not only your energy but the
energy of the interactions that occur within your home. In turn, you
are affected by the energy in your space.

A way to break out of this cycle is to use Crystal Reiki to clear your
home so that you feel resonant frequencies when you enter your

You may notice that in some rooms you feel tired or uneasy while in
others you feel welcome and energized.

Take a moment and think about the following areas in your life:

Power and Wealth - this area represents the level of abundance in your life and the opportunities
that are coming your way.
Fame and Reputation - this area involves how others perceive you and recognize your contributions.
Love and Marriage - this area is about your relationships that are built on trust and unconditional
Family and Children - this area involves your relationships with your children where applicable as well
as your creative abilities.
Health and Well-being - this area is about your physical, mental/emotional health and the balance
you have in your life.
Growth and Knowledge - this area represents your self-mastery, wisdom and personal strength.
Career and Work Success - this area is about your purpose in life and your ability to flow with it.
Travel and Helpful People - this part of your life refers to guidance and support you receive from
those around you. It also refers to releasing those who are not serving your highest good.

Now assign a number to these areas with 10 being exactly as you would like them and 0 being
nowhere near ideal. Write those numbers down on each area in the handout. You may want to pause
this lecture as you do so.

If you are not familiar with the practice called Feng Shui, it is a Chinese method developed and used
over the last thousand years to measure and adjust the energy flowing through a space.

There generally are two schools of thought regarding Feng Shui. One is the classical method. This
method uses a compass and the birth dates of the individuals to determine what directions in a space
are most suitable for the individuals. The second method is called Black Hat Feng Shui and is the
modern approach. For our purposes, we will use the Black Hat method to determine what aspects of
your space would benefit from Crystal Reiki.

If you can, please pause this lecture and print out the Feng Shui handout in the resources section of
this lecture.

With this method, you will imagine you are standing at the front door of your house facing inwards.
You will hold the Feng Shui handout and draw your front door on the handout. The door will be
drawn along the bottom of the chart. Depending on what side of your home the door is located it
could be in the knowledge, career or travel/helpful people sectors.
You will then map out the remainder of your home on the handout. For example, your kitchen may
be located in the children sector and your bedroom in the wealth sector. If your home has more than
one floor, this handout can be copied and you can draw out your second floor.

With your handouts, start at your front door and make note of how you feel in each sector. What
sensations do you receive? Do you feel relaxed? Is the area warm and welcoming?

Now notice the physical state of the sector. Are there parts of the room that are in disrepair? Is there
clutter? What attention does this sector receive in your home? Make any notes on your handout.

Now, compare the notes you made about each area of your home with the satisfaction numbers you
entered in each area of your life. For example, if wealth received a low score, how is that sector of
your home? On the other hand if you rated your knowledge sector high, how is that sector of your

In most cases you will find that the areas of your life that need attention are also areas within your
home that need attention.

We use Traditional Reiki and the symbols to help clear a space but with Crystal Reiki we can not only
clear a space but also program crystals to continue to bring resonant energy in an area.

With the knowledge of what areas in your home and life you would like to address, we will explore
ways you can enhance each sector.

The first thing you will do is clear away any clutter. When you hold on to things that are not
frequently used or poorly organized, the flow of energy stagnates. This energy can be draining and
lower the energy flowing into that area of your life.

This can be a big task so try taking one room at time. If you are unsure if you should keep or discard
an item, hold it and see how you feel when in contact with it. If it brings positive feelings and you will
find use for it, keep it. If it feels negative, trust that it will serve someone else and release it.

With your home organized and free of clutter, you can start using Crystal Reiki to help circulate
energy within each sector.

You can start by placing crystals that feed the energy within each sector. According to Feng Shui,
each sector is associated with a particular element. In your handout there are two elements listed.
The first element is the sector element while the second element feeds the second element sector.
For example in the Wealth sector, wood is the element and water is the element that feeds it so
including crystals associated with the water element will be beneficial in that sector.

Crystals can be associated with each element based on their properties but also color. You will find
examples of crystals you can use in each sector in your handout that accompanies this lecture.

Once you have selected crystals, you can also choose how you will lay them out. You may choose to
display a single crystal or a cluster of them. You may also find placing them in a grid helpful.

Lessons Page 73
Using Crystal Reiki with Pets

Just as we can benefit from the specific resonances of crystals, our beloved animals can as well.
A couple things you will want to keep in mind are that you do not place a crystal that is small enough
for an animal to chew and swallow nearby. Also, if using a crystal near an animal you will want to
make sure that it is not toxic for the animal.

Animals tend to be more sensitive to energy so they may tolerate the use of fewer crystals over a
shorter span of time than you are used to with humans.

You can perform a distance Crystal Reiki session on the

animal using yourself or the animal's guardian as a
surrogate. You can create a Crystal Reiki grid with the
photo of the animal. You can then perform brief distance
Crystal Reiki sessions by allowing the animal to draw in
Crystal Reiki energy through the grid.

As long as there is no risk of the animal eating the crystal,

you can place the crystal either on or near the animal.
Some animals will not want the crystals on them and you will want to trust their guidance. You can
place crystals underneath their bed or food and water bowls (again making sure the animal does not
mistake a crystal for food). You can also sew a crystal into the outside of an animal's collar.

Some practitioners like to have a salt or selenite lamp nearby to help ionize and purify the area
where the animal rests.

The metaphysical properties of crystals apply equally to humans and animals so you can select the
crystals just as you would for a human recipient.

Some crystals with broad healing properties you may find helpful to use when working with your
animals include:
Clear Quartz
Black tourmaline
Depending on the imbalances within the animal, you will select the appropriate crystals accordingly.

Using Crystals to Enhance your Career

When addressing this area in your life or the life of your client's, you will want to remember that just
as in our bodies, one part is not isolated from the whole. Your career is connected to all other aspects
of your life. Why you or your client are in this current situation needs to be examined from a holistic
perspective and then the appropriate crystals and layouts can be chosen.

For example, Jack has a dream of becoming a pilot but because of debts, he is unable to afford the
training required. The way Jack connects with money would need to be explored in his Crystal Reiki

Lessons Page 74
Rosa has been a lawyer for the past 10 years but does not enjoy it and would like to open her own
spa. Her parents do not approve and because of this Rosa is fearful of moving forward. The
relationship Rosa has with her parents as well as her self-confidence would be key considerations
when creating a plan for her Crystal Reiki session.

Emilia had been in an abusive marriage for the last five years and wanted out but in order to do so
she had to find work. First you would want to address the pervading emotions of fear and anger
before helping Emilia build the strength she needs to find a job.

Your Crystal Reiki sessions do not have to be complex, but your understanding that they need to
encompass the experience of the individual is essential.

Some crystals you may find helpful in bringing high resonance energy into the career aspect of life
are listed below.

Hiddenite - encourages growth and is a crystal of renewal. It can help to release deep energetic
trauma and dissonant energy so good fortune can be found.
Eudialyte - can help align with the heart chakra and increase intuition.
Moldavite - can help counteract criticism and encourage self-transformation
Blue-Tiger's Eye - can help to increase psychic perception and inspriational guidance in life.
Rhodonite - can help to release the stress of fearing there is not enough (money, clients etc.) and
promote a sense of ease and calm.
Yellow jasper - help to build self-confidence and release fears of what others are thinking. It
promotes inner strength.
Amber calcite - helps to release feeling of being deprived and bring in motivation to complete goals.
Moonstone is thought to enhance your ability to access your intuition which can be so helpful when
working with your clients. Moonstones are also associated with good fortune, peace and tranquility.

They are available in a variety of colors including blue, grey, white, yellow and what is called rainbow.
If you are wanting to build your confidence and create a warm loving space, you may find keeping
rose quartz nearby helpful. Rose quartz is associated with unconditional love and nurturing of self.
Many of us are working near computers and other electronics. You may find placing a large piece of
fluorite, black tourmaline or smoky quartz near your computer helpful in reducing the EMF of those

Using Crystals for Safety and Peace

Individuals have been using crystals to promote safety and peace for
Using specific crystals as talismans can help you to focus your
awareness and connect you with your environment so that the
action you take is for the highest good of all concerned.
When we are in a state of fear, our energy constricts and our natural
frequency is lowered. Like a magnet, we attract individuals and
events that resonate at that lower frequency which brings us more
fear. This cycle continues until the suffering is great enough that we
seek out another way of being.

If you are feeling the need for safety and peace, perform a Crystal Reiki self-treatment with a focus
on what the resonance of safety and peace feels like within your bodymind. Allow the crystals and
Reiki energy to amplify that energy so that the world you live in becomes one of harmony.
Lessons Page 75
Instead of feeling the need to protect or shield yourself, use crystals as talismans to help you elevate
your resonance so that you are surrounded by high frequency people and situations that bring more
peace, joy and love. Remember that your thoughts and emotions are forms of energy that have a
resonance. By focusing on a fearful resonance, you will attract more events and individuals aligned
with that fear.

With that understanding, there are many different crystals you may find helpful as talismans. You can
use a crystal as a touchstone to carry with you or you can perform complete Crystal Reiki sessions
with one or more crystals. You may find creating a Crystal Reiki grid helpful and spend time with it
each day to bring in harmony and peace.

Keep in mind that this list is a beginning and you can include any other crystals you feel drawn to for
this purpose.

Black Kyanite
Black Onyx
Brown Calcite
Cobaltoan Calcite
Fire Agate
Kiwi Aura Quartz
Lapis Lazuli
Opal Aura Quartz
Rose Elestial Quartz
Spirit Quartz Scheelite
Tiger’s Eye
Yellow Jasper

Lessons Page 76
Crystal layouts for various imbalances

Although each crystal has specific properties that you can use as a guide to decide which is best
suited for each imbalance and intention, there is no right or wrong way to select the crystals you
will use and their layout in a Crystal Reiki session.

If your intuition is guiding you to use a crystal that is seemingly unrelated to what you are working
with in the session, listen to it. The imbalance or intention could have connections to that
unrelated concept and by including that crystal you are addressing the aspect that the bodymind
wants as a focus.

Because there are so many types of crystals and layouts I would like to give you a starting point
with some imbalances and intentions. Again, you can adjust them as you feel called to.

The templates are located below. If you have an imbalance or intention you would like to see
added, please let me know. I will add to this lecture regularly. If you create your own layout and
find you are pleased with it, please share it. It is wonderful to see the amazing things Crystal Reiki
energy can help us with.
Assignment: My Crystal Reiki Session Case Study

For this optional assignment, you will have the opportunity

to share your experience in one of your Crystal Reiki
sessions. Your responses can be from a Crystal Reiki self-
treatment you performed or one that you performed with
someone else in person or from a distance.

This is a great way to share and connect with your

classmates to see what crystals they are working with and
the symbols they are choosing to use in their layouts. Just as with the previous assignment, this is
an optional exercise. You can also choose whether you would like to share your reflection with
the Instructor or class as well.

In your sessions, you are guided by your intuition to proceed as needed for the highest good of
the recipient so there is no "right or wrong" way to perform a session.
The questions you will respond to in this assignment are:

Please provide a brief description of the recipient of the Crystal Reiki session and the
purpose/intention of the session. Please do not include any real names or identifying information
in your responses.

Based on the recipient and purpose of the session, what crystals did you using in your Crystal
Reiki session?

How did you choose to position your crystals during the session? You may include any pictures
here if applicable.

Did you use any additional symbols in your Crystal Reiki session?

Was there anything you noted during the Crystal Reiki session? For example, did the recipient
make any comments or did you notice anything interesting?

What feedback did you receive from the recipient?

Thank-you so much for taking the time to share one of your experiences. Know that every
recipient and session will be different. This is one reason why Crystal Reiki sessions are so
interesting - you never know how things will unfold.

Remember that Crystal Reiki sessions can be performed on people, animals, situations,
relationships, events and objects like your home. There are no limits with regard to what and who
will benefit from Crystal Reiki.

The intentions of a Crystal Reiki session can include any goal or desire the recipient has set out for
the session.

There is no single way to address an imbalance so the Crystal Reiki grid you may choose for one
person with a specific imbalance can be completely different for another person even with the
same symptoms.
Every recipient will experience a Crystal Reiki session differently. This is not a reflection of the
effectiveness of the session but is a representation of the beliefs/memories and energy of the
recipient. Keep trusting Crystal Reiki energy and know that the bodymind of the recipient is in

It is nice to get feedback from the client not only right after a Crystal Reiki session, but also once
some time has passed. Checking in with the recipient a few days after the session and using their
intake to see how things are shifting can provide a more complete picture.

How confident were you during your session? Did you trust Crystal Reiki energy to go where
needed? You can answer that question in the question box below titled: How Did You Do? In the
review section of this assignment.

You will also have the option to review some of your fellow classmate's experiences in the give
feedback section. You do not have to comment on them if you do not wish to do so, but may find
seeing the experiences of others helpful on your own journey. If you do choose to comment, take
a deep breath and draw in Crystal Reiki energy and come from a place of love and truth.

With continued practice your confidence will grow so make sure you are continuing your sessions
both with yourself and others.
Course Quiz

You will now demonstrate your understanding of the course material by completing a short quiz.
The link to the quiz is located in the resources section of this lecture. This quiz is intended to
assist you in your learning process rather than simply take a snapshot of your understanding so
you can use your notes and the manual as you work through the questions. Hopefully you will
pick up a new piece of information when completing the quiz.

You have multiple attempts to complete the quiz and will be alerted regarding what questions
and information you need to review so your success is ensured.

With your passing mark, you will receive your traditional Crystal Reiki certificate that you can
print and use for display purposes.

Course Completion

Congratulations on completing the course! This is just the

beginning of your journey with Crystal Reiki but know that
this course and I are here as you move forward as a certified
Crystal Reiki Master.

You will want to make sure you keep up your daily Crystal
Reiki self-treatments to help not only your work as a
practitioner but your bodymind and life as well.

Once you have completed all of the lectures in the course,

you should see a green trophy at the top or bottom of your
course overview screen. Clicking on that trophy will take you
to your Udemy certificate. Please make sure that your name in your Udemy account profile is
how you would like to see it on your Udemy certificate as the Udemy certificate is automatically
generated using that Udemy username. If you click on the certificate and your name is not as you
would like to see it, you will need to get in touch with Udemy support to have them reset the

If you have watched all of the lectures but your progress is indicating you have incomplete
lectures, you will want to go to the course overview and see what sections are saying there are
incomplete lectures. Then you can click on the section to see which lectures are not marked as
complete. It may be a case of you needing to finish the last few seconds of the video. If for some
reason the entire lecture is not viewed yet you are sure you watched it, you can manually mark
the lecture as complete. There is a tech support article link in the resources section of this lecture
to show you how.

I hope you found this course to be a meaningful addition to your Reiki practice and that you have
deepened your connection with Reiki and Earth energy. We are all connected and the work you
will do with the resonance of Crystal Reiki will impact our world. Thank -you so much for being a

Big hug,