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Principal Office

nanoproofed® Illing GbR

Am Schmiedeberg 1 b
D-23701 Süsel OT Gothendorf
Phone: (+)49 - 45 21 77 66 66
Fax: (+)49 - 45 21 77 66 11

Contact Person Contact Person

Mr. Alexander ILLING (junior) Mr. Dieter ILLING (senior)
Manager for Sales and Marketing Manager for Coating and Presentation
Phone: (+)49 - 45 21 77 66 10 Phone: (+)49 - 45 21 77 66 66
Fax: (+)49 - 45 21 77 66 11 Fax: (+)49 - 45 21 77 66 11
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nanoproofed® GbR is a company producing nanotechnical coatings. We are merchandising, ap-

plying and offering service functioning of nanotechnical coating products throughout Germany.
Our aim is to find individual solutions for every customer, who uses special coatings. In coopera-
tion with our laboratories, we are capable to additionally develop non-standard products for spe-
cial surfaces. Under our name of the registered trade-mark “nanoproofed®” we have partnership
distributors all over Germany. General importers in several foreign countries are our representa-
tives for our international sales. We are supporting not only industry, trade and craftsmenship but
also -through our sales partners- private customers with long-lasting nanotechnical surface seal-
ings of completely variable materials. As experts in our field and as international traders of
nanotechnical sealings, we are concentrating on these fields of activity:
• We are offering consulting for exploiting all products’ application possibilities.
• We are supporting the product choice procedure to find your individual sealing.
• We are supporting you integrating the sealing technology into your production process.
• We are offering to sell our products for your own use.
• We are constantly recruiting sales partners worldwide.

Our product range encloses the products offered in the shop for final consumers as well as seal-
ing products who are conceived by a little more complex application (as for example thermal
fixation) especially for industrial use. These products are extremely loadable and show the opti-
mum of that what is available today in the nanotechnical sealing. Appeal to us, we consult you
with pleasure.

nanoproofed® has ordered from safety standards authority Thüringen (Germany TÜV) a study,
with which under scientific conditions of independent, skilled place the effectiveness ours nano-
proofed® protection glass and ceramics sealing was tested. The result is exceedingly positive and
unequivocal - nanoproofed® protection glass and ceramics sealing is convincing on whole line
and now wears officially the " certificated effectiveness proof " of safety standards authority
Thüringen (Germany TÜV).
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